Kung Fu Scotsman!

Furious Monkey stance

Carson Beckett M.D. - Mighty Debonair

The doctor is in.

Paul practices his new dance moves on Kerry

So which one do we feed to the wraith?

I realize this may sound a tad crazy, but I actually believe I’m being harassed by gremlins. Last month, it was the water damage in the furnace room. Weeks later, my satellite stops working. The other day, my cell phone dies on me. This morning, I go to turn on the t.v. and am greeted by a loud pop not unlike a balloon bursting. Suddenly, my plasma has been transformed into the world’s most expensive radio. I can hear the broadcast but the screen is dark. I hop in the car to run some errands and – PING! – a little orange light on my dashboard informs me that my right brake light needs servicing.

One, two, maybe even three of these things happening to me within a one-month period I could chalk up to coincidence. But five?! No, the only logical explanation is gremlins. Well, gremlins or some sort of curse.

I’m kind of bummed because there was a masseuse that used to come by the production offices a couple of years ago who, beside offering massages, also offered psychic services. It said so right on her card: Masseuse, Healer, Psychic. If I remember correctly, she also sold Mangosteen juice out of the back of a van. Unfortunately, I threw away her card ages ago thinking “Hey, when the hell am I ever going to need a psychic?”. And now look at me. Okay, granted, a psychic probably wouldn’t be able to help me with the gremlin/curse problem, but she probably could have put me in touch with a good exorcist or carpenter. I understand they all hang in the same circles.

Of course, far be it for me to make fun of psychics. Someone I know actually swears by them. They even played me a recording from their last visit to demonstrate the clairvoyant’s uncanny abilities. The sessions go something like:

Psychic: I’m seeing the letter L. L as in Larry. Leo. Lawrence. Lex. Lana. Lacey. Laura.

Friend: I have an Aunt Lori.

Psychic: Has she been sick?

Friend: No. She’s as strong as an ox.

Psychic: Tell her to bundle up this Winter. I see possible pneumonia in her future.

Friend: Oh, dear.

Psychic: I’m also seeing a man whose name starts with the letter P. Peter. Paul. Perry. Friend: Pat?

Psychic: Yes, Pat! You shouldn’t trust him.

Friend: He’s my neighbor. He borrowed my trowel last week.

Psychic: You should get it back. Also, he covets your azalea.

Friend: I knew it!

So, are there any bona fide psychics out there who could pinpoint the source of these supernatural afflictions and help rid me of their nefarious machinations. Or, at the very least, take a look at my picture tube?


Hey, what’s everybody reading? I hope it’s Kage Baker’s In the Garden of Iden because it is July’s SF Book of the Month Club selection and, in a little over a week, Kage will be dropping by to answer your comments and queries about the book. So finish up and start composing your thoughts for the discussion which begins the week of June 30th. And if you haven’t started…What are you waiting for?!

Congratulations go out to the randomly selected winners of the previous BOTMC discussions (The Blade Itself/The Android’s Dream/Crawlers): Jens and Ytimynona! I’ve sent you both emails regarding the prize so get back to me!

Today’s pics: Kung Fu Scotsman and such.

98 thoughts on “June 21, 2008: Gremlins, Curses, Psychics, BOTMC Winners, and Kung Fu Scotsman!

  1. Hey! Just dropping by to leave a QOTD as I run out the door!

    So there are several of us who are rather curious as to 1_ when we might(or if we will) see a full bird promotion for Sheppard. 2) Will we ever see Major Lorne become “Lt. Colonel Lorne”?

    There are a few of us who feel he should be about due for at least a promotion review board even if he had JUST become a Major in “Enemy Mine”

  2. No scifi reading here. I’m currently reading ‘The Fate of Liberty’. It’s a nonfiction book about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.

    I just have a tough time reading scifi stuff. I can watch it easy enough, but reading it just doesn’t click for some reason. *sigh*

  3. Hey Joe,

    Your description of the strange popping noise from your tv sounds strangely familiar. My 61 inch did that a while ago, however in my case the tv is a DLP and the bulb exploded when I turned it on, thankfully all it required was a replacement.

    Hope everything gets fixed easilly and nothing else breaks-


  4. ive had that happen to my tv…it was during a gaelic football match so i knew the ball was going somewhere just couldnt actually see where!!!

    if there was one type of dish that everyone should try at least once in their life what would it be and why??????

    hahaha savage pics..

    i can see it now

    crouching tiger…hidden scotsman

  5. I knew it! You don’t love me any more! :sob: I guess I won’t be getting that Keeper of the Hall of Records job after all.

    Anne Teldy

  6. Errrm. Are you sure that’s not actually vodka in that water bottle Paul’s holding? 😆

  7. Sorry about your bad luck.

    My next door neighbour is a Sangoma.
    He refers to himself as a Traditional Healer but roughly translated Sangoma = Witchdoctor.

    Needless to say, NO ONE $#@% with Doctor Lubo.

    You want me to go and ask him what you should do? It may take a chicken sacrifice or two but it could be worth it.

    …and no, I’m not kidding.

  8. Excellent pictures. I really think Kung-Fu Scotsman has potential if Dr. Beckett stories dry up.

    Good luck with the repairs to everything. I’d say it’s just a coincidence (and an unfortunate one at that). Personally I try not to be superstitious, it usually ends up leading to paranoia in extreme cases. I’d recommend vulcan logic.

    Speaking of which, do you have any thoughts on the upcoming Trek movie. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things, but being a sci-fi professional what are your thoughts?

  9. If it’s a gremlin problem I would think that a coordinated psychic blast from your loyal followers here will send the critters running. Though I think you’re beyond gremlins. Gremlins just do little things like hide books and car keys(right now I’m waiting for them to return The Etched City; I was only a couple of chapters away from finishing it when it disappeared). No, you are pestered by something worse. Bandersnatches. Given their propensity to attack electronics, at least they’re of the non frumious variety. Again, a psychic blast can deal with them. So everyone, let’s say tomorrow night at 1700 hours zulu time?
    Very, very lovely pictures. Always a blast to see Mr. McGillion mugging it up. Thank you for sharing, and causing more than a few folks here to go into a near swoon.
    As for reading, I went ahead and polished off The Ghost Brigades today, seeing as how my part time job was kind enough to pay me to do so without requiring me to do anything else for most of the day. I am most definitely looking forward to getting my hands on The Last Colony. Meantime, I;ll look over my own backlogged pile for something to keep me busy till Etched City shows up.
    Hope the hiatus is going well other than the annoying run of luck with the various malfunctions. And that the dogs are letting you sleep in a little later.

  10. LOL. McG’s kind of a dork, isn’t he? (Bearing in mind that I think all the coolest people are dorks.)

    I hate gremlins. Whenever anything like that happens, I’m sure to place the blame squarely on their knobby little shoulders.

  11. So Joe,
    I see you now answering Q’s in the form of posting… Soooooooo How about answering this one… PLEASE!!!

    How does it work? Does SciFi channel go after the poster of S&R on Youtube or do Brad and Rob go after the poster? Or not? If it is illegal to post the episodes, shouldn’t someone do something to discourage these guys? Also, do they go after just the poster of the illegal postings or do you go after the viewers too? Inquiring minds want to know!



  12. This is the first time I’m participating in your BOTMC and I just finished In the Garden of Iden today. I can’t wait for discussion to begin! Now I’m off to do some shopping before the stores close, but I’ll be starting The Etched City tomorrow.

    Thanks for the pictures of Paul, I love the third one!

  13. Ok, totally off topic of today’s post ….

    I have got to say that you have me intrigued by your proposed “oh, shit” Shepherd moment in ‘Remmants’.

    The first episode we see the character he shoot his commanding officer (albeit with good reason) and in a later episode, he not only conceives of the idea of presenting the possibility of being a wraith’s dinner to someone, but actually carries it out.

    The proposed one is bigger than those? Yikes!

    If the network kills the idea, you just have to tell us what it was when the time comes.

    As to today’s topic …

    Have to considered it may not be gremlins, but that you simply have a personal magnetism that reacts badly with things mechanical?

  14. I’m a trained massage therapist; I am not however psychic. I did have an unusual (and a bit annoying) conversation with the mother of a child who wanted to transfer into my class. The mother went to great length explaining that her daughter is an ‘indigo child’ and needed “to be treated with respect and allowed to follow her own path as determined by her guiding angels.”

    I suggested homeschooling.

    My grandmother had a statue of St. Anthony that would stand on the window sill looking out at the garden–until something went wrong and then she’d stick him in the freezer ’till her prayers were answered.

  15. hmmm maybe you should have the pugs on gremlin patrol …just in case :):):):):)

  16. That is quite a funny thought- one of the pugs running by chasing one of the small green troublemakers across the room, great idea tina. You should get the pugs right on that and all your troubles will quickly go away.


  17. Hey Joe!

    Who’s the gal in the images with Paul McGillion? Can’t help but notice that she has a Communism-related shirt, what’s the story with that? 🙂 Nonetheless, she’s definitely going to have all the female McGillion fans jealous. 😛

    Thanks as always, and best of luck in getting those problems solved!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  18. Sorry to hear about your TV I just had to buy a new TV but because the UK is going digital I decided to get a digital box which meant getting a new aerial just after getting everything set up we had a little earthquake and the part of the chimney that the aerial was attached to fell off the roof and now I have to find £200 to put the Ariel back up. But I have to find a new Job first.

  19. Hmm, I think you’ve got a case of Bad Electronic Karma. Your electronic devices are telling you that you’ve wronged them in some way. I used to see it all the time in a law office I worked at. People who treated the copier nice, spoke gently to it, got their stuff copied without drama. If you cursed at it and slammed its lid, paper jam hell for you.

    As far as the tv is concerned – no idea. I’ve had two TV die on me in 2 years. My external hard drive with all my Tivo stuff on it died a couple of weeks ago. Did you send your gremlins to me?

  20. Hey Joe. Since there is no mailbag today, I’ll ask the same questions as yesterday:

    1) Will you be in Vancouver around the 23/25th of July? It would be really cool to meet you on person!

    2) Since SGA is filmed in Canada, why does it not appear on the Space Channel? Or can you only sell the show to one network?

    Thanks Joe.

    One more thing, I think with all the problems and renovations your having with your house, you should just sell and buy a new house!:)

  21. I love the pictures and the captions! Can’t wait for more Beckett!!

    I’ve read the first three Earthsea books by Le Guin, and recently discovered that there were actually 2 more, so I’ll be reading those soon. I’ve also read several “Foundation” books, but I don’t remember which ones. Just about everything by Asimov is amazing. I noticed that you’ve read a lot of Terry Pratchett. I just got 2 more- “Mort” and “The Last Continent.” So far my favorite of his are “Thud!” and “Equal Rites.”

    I’m going to have to read “Brave New World” over the summer for my English class next year. Have you read it? It makes me really happy that they’re letting us read science fiction in a literature class.

    Two questions. 1. I was wondering if there had been more “With a Little Stargate, Anything is Possible” commericals, what would the ones for Daniel, Mitchell, Vala, Teyla, and Ronon have been about? 2. If you could write a crossover episode with either SG-1 or Atlantis and another show, which other show would it be? I ask because I’ve been reading a lot of fanfictions and there was a really good SG-1/NCIS and SG-1/The Sentinel crossover.

  22. Gotta watch out for those gremlins.

    I’ve found they usually happen in groups of either 3, 5, or 7. I hope this is the last one.

    V 🙂

  23. Joe,

    Your problems are explainable, astrologically speaking. We are at the tail end of a Mercury retrograde. They affect communications and cars and other stuff. Go to a reputable astroloy site and check it out. I’m not that knowlegeable, I just read Georgia Nicols (georgianicols.com) every day and she made me aware of (and wary of) them. Also, you might just email Georgia, she’s pretty nice about answering.


  24. I know what you mean about the gremlins. I believe I am being harrassed myself. My computer’ processor went this week and so I am borrowing a computer to keep up with the happenings online.

    My question is: If you weren’t writing for Stargate Atlantis anymore and could write for any other show, which would you want to write for?


  25. Sadly I couldn’t find any of the BOTMs locally but am keeping my eye open for the future. I did start The Host by Stephanie Meyer yesterday and so far so good. It has an iteresting concept.

    It’s about a human girl named Melanie Stryder who’s body has been given to a “host” named Wanderer. The human is supposed to fade away once the host takes control of the body, but Melanie refuses to leave. Wanderer tries to find where the whereabouts of the human resistance by searching through Melanie’s thoughts, but Melanie shows Wanderer images of the man she loves and was taken from. Because their two minds are together and Wanderer can’t seperate herself from Melanie she begins yearning for a man she had been asked by The Seeker to find. Melanie and Wanderer become unwilling allies and begin a dangerous and uncertain journey to find the man they both love.

    I’ll let you know what I think once I’m done reading it.

  26. Is this a coincidence? Both earth class battleships are named after someone who deals with fire…daedalus (created wings to fly closer to the sun) and prometheus (gave man fire)…and now the phoenix.

  27. Hm. I’m seeing this in a different way. The common denominator in all of your troubles is YOU — maybe you should see someone in case you’re turning into a gremlin and inadvertently short-circuiting your electronics?


    Ok, ok, I joke. But still, how’s that go? Don’t eat after midnight and don’t ever, ever, touch water? So showers and baths are out. As is washing hands. I think you’re going to be pretty popular in about a week or so…

  28. Poor Joe!

    I am completely sympathetic about your television problems, and I hope they don’t rub off on me. We just got a new HDTV and it took us a few days to work out the kinks and get it up and running and I would hate for it to mess up now!

    As a side thought, I finished The Garden of Iden, but for the life of me I can’t find anywhere to get the other two books! My problem is mostly that I’m looking for one to borrow and read, I’ll only buy it if I like it. I waste (or rather, spend) hundreds of dollars every year on books, I’ve got four bookcases in my room alone and still have at least four boxes filled with books waiting for bookcase space. So I’m thinking I should cut down on the book buying for the time being. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be fab! (I just realized I don’t know anyone who still says fab, but then, I don’t really care!)

    Rice Time Yell

  29. Maybe instead of gremlins, someone is “actually” secretly coming into your home and changing the shoe size of your favourite slippers for a really really small size; or is removing the tap heads in your washroom sink and replacing them with ones that don’t turn anything on; or is changing the knobs on your front door so you pull instead of push, so much so that your hand goes flying backward and hits you in the eye…just like in Amelie. Maybe that’s what happening to you. Have you thought of that?

    On the work front, do all the actors skip and dance and laugh and generally play grab yer bum on off moments? Are they always so “on” or is this for our benefit? I wanna* see more grumpy pants Harrison Fords. Hmmm maybe that’s why I like the wraith…

    BTW, I love Beckett. One of my favourite characters.
    *Hopefully, I’m not looked to to write in perfect English here. 🙁 This is conversational English anyway, not as many rules apply.


  30. You didn’t not approve my comment? You still love me? Oops!

    Anne Teldy ( 😳 frantically racing around the internet deleting Mallozzi-related posts 😳 )

  31. So sorry about your old Plasma now new insanely expensive radio! But hey look at it this way… at least it was the brake light and not the brake fluid line or god forbid the brakes them selves! Sending good Juju your way! Oh and thanks so much for the Pug info! They are now on my list to further research!

  32. Poor Joe!

    I’ve been cursed by gremlins before, too.

    Here is my tale of woe:

    Brand new microwave freaks out and actually gives us the message: Call for service. 😯

    Yeah… that’ll put the fear of God in ya when your microwave is telling you it’s so bad that you need to call a professional.

    Then our 60″ DLP tv in the family room stopped working.

    THEN or plasma in the bedroom stopped working.

    It might not seem like a huge deal, but in the Myers household, it was TOTAL crisis time.

    How on earth can I function with no microwave AND no big screen tv’s???

    It’s amazing I didn’t eat my young. It’s even more amazing they didn’t kill me while I slept. I had to learn how to boil water on a cook top. And how to bake chicken nuggets (Princess Erin’s staple food) in an oven that’s NOT a microwave. Life was rough.

    To make matters even worse, my big comfy leather sectional in the family room (the one that I told Jeremy I’d marry because it was so fantastic) broke, too!

    For the sofa: Jeremy was sitting next to me and we were both on our laptops (no tv to watch) and all of a sudden we heard a loud snapping sound.

    We both looked at each other and said, “Uh-oh! That can’t be good!”

    And then Jeremy dropped about three inches! It was like the sectional was going to eat him. I had to help PULL him out of it. *sigh*

    At that point it was either laugh or cry. I chose the former.

    So here’s what we did: We called Kitchen Aid because our microwave was still under warranty. They came and had to give us a brand new one. Something about *arky sparky* and *being dangerous and liable to kill everyone in the house*. I swear that’s what the repair guy said. He had me at *kill*. Microwaves might *ruin* a good meal. But I draw the line at *killing*. I’m funny that way.

    We called Vizio for the plasma in the bedroom. They said the tv was probably fried and to call Costco to see what Costco could do for us because Vizio would take at least three weeks to get us a tv. Costco gave us a new plasma the next day. Plus a $600 gift card since we returned the old tv and bought it’s twin brother (sister?) who now cost $600 less.

    Then we called Best Buy and they sent a repair guy out to look at the DLP. It, too, was fried and they had to give us a new DLP. Funny thing was, they had to give us a tv *of equal value*. Well, it was almost four years old. Poor Jeremy had to pick out a tv that cost the same as ours but four years newer. Can you say upgrade? Best Buy made it sound like it was a *bad* thing that we had to get a tv *equal* to what we spent on our old one. Idiots.

    Finally, we called Macy’s about the sofa. Turns out they used a bad piece of wood to frame the couch. They couldn’t fix it at all. (Here is where I shed some tears.)Jeremy searched all over the Tampa/St. Pete area and had Macy’s looking, too. We found the ONLY sectional exactly like ours left in Florida. Probably ALL of the eastern seaboard. And that’s what I’m sitting on right now. Yes, I’d marry this one, too. Shhh… don’t tell the other one. May God rest it’s soul.

    My whole point is, gremlins and curses are a part of life.

    That’s why I make sure I have warranties. 😀

    So call whomever made your tv. If they won’t deal with you because it’s past the warranty, see if where you bought if from will help you out.

    Good luck! 🙂


    P.S. Great pics of Paul, btw. Thanks for those gems. 😀

  33. Ah, gremlins eh? I have a gremlin, a car gremlin.

    So last year I had parked my car in a lot and somebody backed into it didn’t leave a note or anything(it didn’t really look all that damaged), and since my insurance company at the time sucked, I didn’t report it(all that was visible was a paint scratch).

    A couple weeks later I was out for lunch with some friends was driving home with the baby in the car, when I noticed my hood rattling a bit. I planned on pulling off at the next road to fix it. Finally got to about 500 feet away, when I heard a loud POP! next thing I know my hood is HURTLING through the air, toward my windshield and slams into it. THANKFULLY I remembered the whole ‘look through the crack between the hood, and the car’ thing from drivers ed, and was in the right lane, able to pull onto the shoulder. I got out, flipped the hood down drove to the next road, pulled off into a lot and called my dad who’d also been in the same area.

    He’d actually already gotten most of the way home so had to turn around and come back to help me. So I’m sitting there, and sitting there and sitting there when suddenly this RANDOM! person pulls over and is all ‘are you okay?!’ it was all WOAH! Finally my dad arrived we tied the hood down, went on our way home, and that was the end of that car.

    A couple weeks later I had to take the baby into Seattle for a minor surgery, and while there I got a flat tire. Then in September I backed into a tail light, and in January got hit by someone with no insurance. Of course you can’t forget the crazy driver who I *ALMOST* creamed in Vancouver on the way to the Fuel Dinner. So yes i have a car gremlin.

  34. First…LOVED the photos. Someone had a thought regard a backup story line – Kung Fu Scotsman…coool. The only thing missing was the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Scotsman) drum theme.

    It is so classy of the cast and crew and staff and writers – everyone connected to the production, who pose or ham it up for your camera. And, we are the beneficiaries…LOVE IT!

    You need a Kahuna to ward off the evil or unfriendly stuff. Get some Hawaiian Ti Leave plants for the house. These help to protect too.

    That is sooo cool when you interjected into the comments. Do you have control to put a comment into the sequence? Or, is it the randomness of when you post it is the last post?

    Now back to reading for the book report days.

  35. Joe,

    I take back my previous plea for a blog post dedication. I won the Joe Flanigan auction after all. I’m now 1 for 1 in displays of shameless yearning.



  36. Judging from the amount of spoilers that have been coming in since the leak, I’m reading all sorts of stuff about the Season 5 premiere.

    One thing peaked my interest the most though, A appearance of a certain young Leuitenant.

    Is this going to be a one time thing, Or are we being set up for more appearances by this individual?

  37. Rose wrote:


    I take back my previous plea for a blog post dedication. I won the Joe Flanigan auction after all. I’m now 1 for 1 in displays of shameless yearning.

    What did you win?

    Anne Teldy (preparing to be absolutely green with envy)

  38. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you for the lovely photos of Paul and Kerry!


    Hmmm…is it feed gremlins, or starve a poltergeist? I can never remember (the same with fever and cold).

    Maybe…it’s a case of “Il Malocchio.” You haven’t ticked off your the neighbors who live behind you inadvertently, have you? Borrowing from Stargate mythology, perhaps you should display the The Eye of Horus around your home for awhile.

    In any case…wishing you better luck in the future with your appliances!


  39. I’m reading “Unwelcome Bodies” by Jennifer Pelland right now because I want to read it twice before it’s time for discussion. Honors English made me a paranoid, semi-literate person.

    Speaking of reading, Joe, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my black, stone heart for bringing John Scalzi to my attention. The overall positive discussion of “Android’s Dream” led to me reading it and shortly after finishing it, I bought “Old Man’s War”. I finished it yesterday. I’m now on the prowl for the rest of his books. I’m hooked. Thanks for my new addiction.

    As for the gremlin problem, I’m at a loss as to what to do about your TV. The only dealings I ever had with plasma TVs were getting them down from bins and carrying them to people’s cars. And the psychics in my family only specialize in predicting pregnancies, deaths, and what episode of The Simpsons is going to be on. Sorry.

    I could service your brake light, though.

  40. Hi Joe,
    Sorry to hear about your plasma TV. I’m not sure if my family should get one or not. We have some newer television sets, but upstairs, there’s a nice old TV with a dial to change the stations and a dial to change the volume. I’ve been able to MacGyver it a bit to get cable, and watch Atlantis on there though!
    Thanks for the pictures of Paul, but it seems a little more like he’s dancing to Thriller instead of kung fu.
    What happened to those ingenious and equivicol post titles? I thought I was going to be reading about a new ice cream of the week, but to my surprise, the post was on Gremlins, Curses, Psychics, BOTMC Winners, and a Kung Fu Scotsman!
    Right now, I’m reading Time Twisters, an anthology of 17 time travel, parallel universes, and alternate history stories, edited by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenburg. Also read Old Man’s War recently. I was wondering – have you read The Last Colony by John Scalzi, and if so, is it worth it?

  41. You know the old saying “things always happen in three” I guess in your case five . Great blog Joe , always enjoy reading it . Keep up the good work in The most Beautiful Place on Earth .
    I don’t know any clairvoyant people but do know a great carpenter if that helps.


  42. RE: Enzo Aquarius’ Question: Can’t help but notice that she has a Communism-related shirt, what’s the story with that?

    It’s a shirt from Threadless.com called “The Communist Party”.
    I know this mostly because I own it and it’s one of my favourite shirts so I may of squee’d a bit to see it in the pics.

    Joe, I have always found with gremlins that a combination of well laid glue traps (baited with fried chicken) and fire has always been the answer in my case. Although in your case you would have to watch your traps for the dogs. Because, trust me that glue is hard to get off a family pet. *eyes her cats bald spots*

  43. Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck there, Joe. Hopefully your plasma screen is still under warranty. At any rate, I think that’s more than enough bad luck for one person in so short a period of time, so hopefully that’ll be the end of it!

    Also, thanks for today’s pics. Paul McGillion really looks like he’s having fun being back on the Atlantis set and I hope he returns for season six. *crossing everything that will do so that there is a season six*

    @ Das and Narelle o_0 Y’all are seriously freakin’ me out talking about Wraith and Elves crossbreeding. I looked at that photo and kind of see your point, but still…. *shudders and grabs Haldir to protect him*

  44. hi, joe,

    i’m reposting cathy’s question, because i’d love to have this answered too.

    cathy said:
    “Thanks, Joe, for answering the question about Amanda Tapping in season 5. Here is another related question. Given that you are not sure about her availability for the last part of the season at this time, how do you handle this uncertainty in those last few scripts of season 5? Do you write Sam in for now, and thus assume that AT will be available for several episodes, or do you not write Sam in at this point, but have a plan ready to write Sam in once you know in a month about AT’s availability? How does a writer handle this type of uncertain situation?”

    please answer.

    sally =)

  45. Hey Joe, Very interesting post and sorry to hear about your Gremlin’s. You may need to stay away from electronic’s for awhile. It may not even be Gremlin’s but a sign you’re buying the wrong products. Good luck, sending you some good karma….

  46. Hey Joe! I’m back a day early! I just finished reading the entries I’ve missed and it’s good to know you haven’t lost your touch while I was out of town.

    Nothing more to say here; just thought I drop a word at the blog of my favorite Exectutive Producer of Stargate Atlantis.

    Well, tied for favorite, anyway. 😉

  47. 1. Will the 100th episode be comedically-styled or just really epic?
    2. Have you ever watched Arrested Development? If so, then you’ll agree with me in saying that David Cross is brilliant in it–I think you should try and get him on Atlantis

  48. Hi Joe:

    Re: The gremlins around your house:

    Your general detractors might say it was bad karma from them for ditching their favorite characters. But no one could ever be THAT powerful. Freud would say that your subconscious is making you sabotage yourself by causing your appliances to stop working. Then, you forget about what you did, so that it’s really all your fault. But I think Freud was an idiot. Then there are your dogs who may be smarter than you think and are messing with your head. But, I would never want you to look at your dogs suspiciously every moment for the rest of their lives, so, ignore that theory. Finally, we come to Fondy. She’s been eating those Peak Frean’s Lifestyle Selections cookies that have reminded her that they are, “So good, you don’t have to be.” Fondy has been playing practical jokes on you, Joe. Either that, or it was all the other women in the neighborhood who have been eating Peak Frean’s cookies and are now after you.

    Trust me. I’m on to something. I stopped cooking with cheese and my 20 something kids finally left home.

    Patricia (AG)

  49. Nope, no gremlins. In your case I’d say you are a classic X file case. You could seek advise in either Paul McGillion, Jewel Staite or Amanda Tapping.

    It’s all your fault. No new episodes yet (cannot watch Atlantis in a continous loop. I am already at a point where I can speak the dialogue for all of them), Continuum not out yet. I am rewatching 9 seasons of the X Files. And look who’s all in it. Points finger to first paragraph.

    Every now and then I go, no way that is……

    Love the Vancouver produced shows.

    Good luck with your electronics. I remember you talked badly about them a couple of months back, at least it was, I think, your mobile flying out the window. It’s the revenge of the bits and bytes now. Believe me it’ll pass.


  50. Joe,
    Bummer about all your gremlins… as for reading, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to pleasure read, I currently just try to keep up with whatever text I have for my Master’s program, right now it’s something “English immersion”..

    Oh and thank you kindly for the lovely pic’s of our favorite Doctor.

  51. Thanks for those great Paul pics :o)

    But I have to ask:
    Who’s driving that car in the background, that wonderful volkswagen, the lovely Golf1 cabrio?

    I’ve got a golf 2 and I just love that car.

    Oh and another question:

    How do I make a pic appear in the right upper corner of my entry. Shall I call it an avatar? *lol*
    No really, how can I add one?

  52. Hey! Don’t worry about approving this, this is a personal message to you. I saw the leaked premiere of Search and Rescue (fear not… I have a nielson box and will still watch it when it airs, as always), and I was BLOWN AWAY. The production was nuts! It was shot so theatrically… I could not be happier of the direction the show is going. I’ve always been a fan of everything Stargate, but you may now classify me as a “devotee”. Lol.

    Oh! I do have a question. I’ll post it separately so that you have the option to approve it so others can see it.

  53. There are many fake psychics, but yet… Imagine someone who doesn’t know about Stargate and says something like: “Hmm, there is a man you are often with. His name begins with a J, such as John, James, Jack… He lives in a great house near the sea and travels a lot”.

    It happened to me once. A psychic found out the name of the main character a fiction I write, exactly the way I had built it up. So even if we can make fun of fake psychics like the one with your friend, there definitely are unexplained things out there.

    By the way, thanks for the nice pictures; it will be great to see Beckett again. And good luck to get rid of the gremlins. 😉

  54. I have three questions for you Joe;
    1. Will we see a Michael/Todd showdown in season 5?
    2. Was Michael an of average intelligence wraith compared to other wraith?
    3.Would that mean that Todd is one of the smarter ones?

  55. Hi Joe, my last book was Tobruk by Peter Fitzsimon. It’s about the Rats of Tobruk (mainly Australians) and the eight month seige when they held out the Germans in WW2. I’m on a bit of a Non fiction kick at the moment.

  56. Thornyrose, I don’t know about those in-frumious bandersnatches, they always seem to get the blame but personally I think those borogroves are just WAY too mimzy for their own good and the mome raths are always outgrabing so I’d be looking at them as the source of Joe’s electrical malfunctions and all round bad luck. That or he’s premenstrual, that always seemed to bring the electrical bogarts out of their lurkdom;)

    I can’t wait to get back into the BOTM discussions, I just haven’t had time to read anything longer than washing instructions of late, kinda up to my eyes in wedding prep and so forth so I think my brain has OD’d on saccharine and vomit inducing mushy crap so I’m really looking forward to getting back to unreality asap!

  57. Not to give anything away, but awesome cameo at the start of Search & Rescue. Great episode too. Felt very epic.

    That said, and I know Vega and her team will get a fuller intro later on, but she just kinda popped out of nowhere in this ep.

    Anyway, can’t wait for the Season to start proper, but it’s off to a fantastic start!! 🙂

  58. This morning, I go to turn on the t.v. and am greeted by a loud pop not unlike a balloon bursting. Suddenly, my plasma has been transformed into the world’s most expensive radio. I can hear the broadcast but the screen is dark.

    Ouch! My dollar is on it being a board problem. I’d say something on it has blown. Good luck with that one. I just had to get my tv fixed. It took 11 days for a technician to even look at it. Very annoying!

    I hadn’t realised how accustomed I had become to widescreen and 100Hz refresh rate, until I watched a borrowed tv.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Paul’s hair gets higher and higher every time a see a photo of him. 😀 At least the colour is better though.

  59. Do the actors buy their own bottled water? If it is supplied by the studio would it not be much cheaper to top up the bottles with tap water and chill overnight in a fridge?

    You would be able to spend the money saved on making Atlantis an even better programme – if that is possible.

    Of course – Scottish tap water is like pure nectar. Not sure about the Canadian supply.


  60. I just finished “My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding” and “My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon”, both edited by P. N. Elrod. I picked up both books for the Dresden Files short stories in each, and now I have a few more authors to look into. The book I just started is Terry Pratchett’s “The Colour of Magic.” Very odd writing style that I keep comparing to Douglas Adams. I’m not sure if I’ll keep reading the series, but I’ll reserve judgement until I finish at least this book, and possibly the other book I borrowed from the library.

  61. Speaking of psychics: Please tell Ms. DeBoer that I’m disappointed to see “The Dead Zone” end but looking forward to her SGA appearances.


  62. I for one would like to applaud Gremlins and their kind for keeping abreast of all the new technology as they quite obviously have. It’s hard to imagine the same little guys that would loosen the screws on a horse and carriage would within a few generations be tampering with the inner workings of airplanes. They’re dedication and likely countless hours of community college night school (to keep up on the finer points of new technology and electronics) is a testament to their work ethic. No doubt the moment a new device like an Iphone is announced there’s a handful of Gremlin’s hard at work learning how to sabotage said device. Throwing out their sabos for soldering irons and high powered magnets.

    So feel honored, because your misfortune is a monument to the Gremlin’s fight to not become obsolete themselves, replaced by the more practical wailing apparition or house zombie.

  63. Why has there never been a US Coast Guard character on Stargate (either one)? Every other branch has been represented. I would REALLY like to know the answer! You don’t have to have small boat station Atlantis or anything; there are USCG people who are pilots, doctors, cooks, engineers, mechanics, EVERYTHING!

    If there is a good reason, I’m willing to accept it!

    A Coastie Brat (who will keep asking this question until it is answered!!!)

  64. Perhaps you aren’t being effected by gremlins but mischievous faeries. Its the right time of year, Summer Solstice and all. I’d suggest leaving presents of bread and honey or apple juice in your house to appease them. Or douse everything in a layer of wasp spray, that works too ;D

    I would be reading the Garden of Iden if the post hadn’t lost the book. I contacted the seller and they sent me a new copy priority mail so hopefully I will have time to get it read. I am however filling my bus riding time with Unwelcome Bodies (perfect for those 15 minute trips). Its already giving me funky dreams, so it promises to be good.

    I hope everything works out ok.

  65. Hi Joe!

    Love the Paul pics! Rockin’! 🙂

    Not reading any books right now. So busy I can barely keep up with your blog!

    Bummer about your gremlins. Could it be rogue NID, pissed cuz they weren’t brought over to SGA? (They can be like that, I hear.)

    @ Stephanie – Don’t forget Mitch Pileggi!

    @ SF Maiden – 1. Hope I got your name right. Two, you’re the one reading Bernard Cornwell? Excellent! Great writer.

    Best to all!


  66. Thanks Joe.

    It has taken some time but I have finally gotten back into the habit of reading. I have read three books in the past five weeks. That is a record for me. : )

    Unfortunately the local library is not being very cooperative. They either don’t have your July BOTM or their a long waiting list.

    How far in advance do you post your BOTM? I was thinking if I knew what was coming up for Sept/Oct I can go in now and reguest it. So hopefully I will be able to get a copy and have it read in time for the discussions.

    Any chance we might see Jack in Atlantis in S6?
    His appearance with Woolsey last time was a lot of fun to watch. I would love to see him interact with the whole team especially Rodney.

  67. 9 josephmallozzi

    Does he know anything about t.v. repair?

    Not a thing.

    So I asked my brother who runs a TV repair shop.

    He rolled his eyes and gently explained that the average expected lifetime of a TV is roughly one week beyond its guarantee.

    He recommends that you call in a repairman for advice. 🙂

  68. shiningwit: I bow to your superior knowledge. borogroves it is. Which means if Mr. M. removes any Tumtum trees in the neighborhood, it should slow down or eliminate any further problems.

  69. @Karen MT…I felt the same way when I read “The Colour of Magic”. However, when I started the next book in the series, I think it’s “The Light Fantastic”, everything clicked and I got hooked. Discworld takes a little getting used to. 😉

  70. “Kung Fu Scotsman” – hahahahaha…love it! 😆

    I sympathise with you Joe, in regards to the Gremlin situation – we’ve had constant problems at times with various pieces of technology, including TV, Microwave, Computer etc… 😕

    Maybe hanging some Good Luck Charms around the house would do the trick?

  71. Salut Joseph!!!!!

    Me revoila!!!!

    J’ai passer un week end génial!!!!! Je suis trés fatiguer et j’ai pleins ampoule pied mais peu importe j’ai adoré la ville de bruxelles! J’ai même manger sur la grande place …enfin je vous racontrez ça demain, merci pour ces supers photos de Paul!!

    Big Kiss! Je vous adore!!♥ A demain!!

  72. After this Wednesday–summer is here. Two months off, so lots of readin’ lots of sleepin’ (hopefully traveling to Netherlands–definite trip to Vancouver and camping in Algonqin) and lots of bla bla BLABBIN’! No work and lots a wraith!! Yea wraith!!!! Think you’ll ever let Chris Heyerdahl do a Q & A here?


  73. Thornyrose, he had better be sure to use his vorpal blade to snicker-snak those Tumtum trees or it wont work.

    Mr M/Yoda I have a question regarding whether or not you find your background and in fact your work actually inhibits your enjoyment of TV shows, movies etc? Does it come as a very pleasant surprise when you do watch something that doesn’t awaken your inner critic? If so could you share with us what in your opinion are some fine examples of writing other than of course the interstellar Atlantis?

  74. Petite question….

    Le premier épisode de la saison 5 et deja sur Youtube..pourquoi? comment est t’il arriver là alors qu’il n’a pas été diffusé?

  75. Hello Joe.
    Getting really excited now about the start of the new season, dying to know they make it our of that pile of rubble!

    Is there any chance that Rainbow Sun Francks might reprise his role as Aiden Ford any time this season?

  76. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the great pictures of Paul! Really enjoyed seeing Paul having a good time in front of your camera. He’s such a sweetie.
    I’m sorry to say but I just HAD to watch first episode of Stargate Atlantis that is out there. I tried and tried to resist, but alas, were SA is concerned, I have no will power! But of course I will see it live on Scifi when it premieres and plan to download it from Amazon as soon as it is availble. Just wanted to say that I loved it!! Great job by all involved! And I just had to mention that David Hewlett’s arms are to die for!! You have got to have an episode just featuring his arms, chest, and shoulders! Of course still attached to the rest of him!
    Thanks for the pics and hope to many more!


  77. Yay, congrats to the winners!

    I’m still waiting for my shipment of Baker and Bishop books. I read Unwelcome Bodies in a single day, though! I’m really looking forward to discussion on that.

    Thanks for the silly and great pictures of Paul!

  78. Hey Joe!

    I’m currently watching “Avalon Part I,” and I noticed a name being mentioned in it.

    At the specific time, Mitchell was in hospital because he had to make an emergency landing with his X-302 earlier on, and there’s flashes of people appearing in front of him.

    Airman: “Ltd Adam Banks’ body was recovered at 0843 this morning.”

    So my question to you is: Is this Adam Banks related to the Amelia Banks we’re going to see in season 5?


  79. Oh thanks so much for the terrific pictures, Paul is so kind to pose for you and Kerry too.
    The tv troubles,car,etc, maybe those darn sun spots are at it again. Have they been sending objects into space?, that always seem to play havoc with things. A large dose of good luck speeding your direction as we speak!! Maybe someone else saved the massage lady’s card, you could check the bulletin board, if you really wanted to…
    And I thought maybe mercury retrograde was like read carefully any paper work that comes in front of you,,b4 signing.. but I am not sure..
    anyway, good luck 😉

  80. Hi Joe,

    Great pic’s there of Paul McGillion! He is such a card!

    Gotta run!

    Take care & happiness always!


  81. Gremlins or a curse…Joe you haven’t by any chance been mentioning That Shakespearean Scottish Play in theatres have you? Because I know how to shake off that mortal curse.

    My reading lately has included Joe Abercrombie’s Before They Are Hanged, K.J. Bishop’s The Etched City and spec fic anthology Live Without a Net, edited by Lou Anders. Can you see how you’ve influenced my reading?

  82. Gremlins, huh? My cell phone had one a few weeks ago. When I was at home, it wouldn’t turn on most of the time, and when I could get it on, it acted weird. Turns out when I dropped it in the driveway, something was jarred loose. Hopefully, you’ll get your problem figured out. If that were happening with me, I’d be calling a paranormal investigating to check out my house. 🙂

    As for what I’m reading – a lot of educational material for work. *laughs* Hopefully someday I won’t be so busy and will be able to read an actual book again. 😉

    Wonderful pictures of Paul. He’s so adorable. 😀

  83. …… has Paul lost weight? He looks good!

    Also, I don’t have cable and have been watching SGA by buying it from Amazon Unbox and boxed Seasons. When determining whether or not to renew a tv series, does the Sci-fi Channel count those purchases?

  84. Love the pics of Paul, he is such a ham!
    Sorry about your gremlins. Whatever you do don’t feed them!
    As for yesterdays blog…….whaaaaaaaaaa why do I live so far away from ComicCon?!?!?!
    Can they just have it in Texas this time?

  85. Hey Joe.
    Late post tonight… did the gremlins get you Laptop today too???

    Hope not!


  86. Hey there Joe,

    So, I watched the leaked copy of 5×01. (Well, it won’t air here for another year and a half, not that I have a Neilsen box anyway. And I always buy the DVDs.) Can I just say: BEST.TEASE.EVER. The effects were awesome, and as for that suprise appearance!!! VERY cool. I won’t say more as I don’t want to spoil, but I enjoyed it very much. (The rest of the episode was good, too ;-))

  87. Hey Joe…

    I’m really not trying to be one of “those” people… and you know what I mean… but I couldn’t let this one go… Without spoiling overly much, Teyla’s father was named “Tagan” – which is canon now, since Teyla first introduced herself as “Teyla Emmagan, daughter of Tagan” in the very first episode… so why, why, WHY does she (in Search and Rescue) tell Sheppard that her father’s name is “Torran?”

    That was a rather glaring…um… “oversight” – for lack of a better word. I really tried to be a bigger person and not bring it up, but what can I say? I’m sooooo weak!

  88. Ha ha, love the Kungfu Scotsman pictures; personifies Paul to a tee.

    And a multi-talented masseuse? Wow, that woman must have serious skills.

  89. “80 Anais33

    Petite question….

    Le premier épisode de la saison 5 et deja sur Youtube..pourquoi? comment est t’il arriver là alors qu’il n’a pas été diffusé?”

    Cher M Mallozzi,

    Le premier SGA de la saison cinq et deja sur Youtube???? Est-ce que c’est vrai ? Si oui, en fait partie l’épisode ou tout cela?


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