Maximus isn\'t fat.  He\'s big boned.

What the fuck YOU looking at?!!


...for Greek food.

They all are.

Bubba likes beef jerky because it helps him take the edge off.

Jelly\'s bad hips limit the amount of motoring she can do.

And we\'re off!

And, through the magic of editing, we\'ve arrived!

Hey, mac, spare some change for the cab fare to Peloponnesus?

Check out the size of my broadsword!

Hail Sparta and short shorts!

Red Rover Red Rover we call Constantine over!

I\'m not Greek so I have no explanation for this.

Working the grill

Store mascot

\"As Greek as an elf on stilts\" as they say.


Seriously, let\'s hit the road. 

I took in the Greek Day festivities with Lulu this evening. Now lest I be accused of playing favorites, there’s a very good reason why I chose Lulu to be my date:

Jelly, as I’ve already made mention, suffers from a hip condition that makes extended walks problematic. She’s good for approximately a half a block before she’ll seek out the shadiest spot and plunk herself down, declaring the outing over in her own incomparable way. As a result, I’m usually carrying her back the rest of the way like a six month old baby, much to the delight of one of my elderly neighbors who thinks it’s just the most adorable thing she‘s ever seen. If I had brought Jelly to Greek Day, there’s no doubt I’d be wandering through the crowd, a souvlaki in one hand, and pug in the other, wishing I had a third hand for a drink. Scratch Jelly for Greek Day.

Maximus, pictured in my banner, is the most outgoing of the gang. He’s never met a lap he hasn’t liked. Unfortunately, he’s also the most out-of-shape of the gang. A three block stroll in the hot sun and he’s panting like a Saharan survivor on his last legs. He’s also an incredibly stubborn dog, often taking great offense at anyone trying to set the pace of his walkies. If you speed up to match him, he’ll slow down. If you slow down, he’ll stop. Stop and he’ll break into a sprint. Want to go left? He’ll want to go right. Want to cross the street? He’d rather turn around and head back the way he came. His contrarian stylings – another source of infinite amusement for my neighbor – can get real frustrating real fast, especially on those longer promenades. And given his chunky physique, there’s always the fear that he may just keel over. Scratch Maximus for Greek Day.

Bubba is undoubtedly the most athletic of the pugs and the perfect candidate for those extended walks. Unfortunately, he’s also the most high-strung of the bunch, easily freaked out by loud noises, loud people, kids, other dogs, anything on wheels, garage entranceways, and, on one memorable occasion, some poor girl dong a cartwheel in the park. Simply put, he’s not wholly comfortable in social settings. Scratch Bubba for Greek Day.

Fondy, my wife, would have been my first choice. She’s sociable, enjoys longs walks, and is a better candidate for splitting an order of those Greek style doughnuts with me. Unfortunately, she was working today. Scratch Fondy for Greek Day.

And so, Lulu and I headed over to Greek Day on West Broadway late this afternoon. She, of course, commanded an enormous amount of attention, stopping to let interested parties pet her, crossing in front of disinterested parties so that they would have no choice but to stop and pay attention to her.

To be honest, this one-day event is fine, but the two week long Greek Festival held in the parking lot of that church in Burnaby blows it out of the water. Sure, the West Broadway event had a bare-chested Spartan and some woman dressed as an elf walking around on stilts, but the Burnaby event has spit-roast lamb. Lamb tops elves any day.

We dropped by Fondy’s shop where we split a pork souvlaki and I had some loukoumades (those Greek mini doughnuts I was talking about). By 8:00 p.m., Lulu was sprawled out on the floor, throwing me the same look my sister and I would give our parents three hours into our visit with Auntie Jeanette. Time to hit the road.

So, here you go. Enjoy the pics of my Greek Day with Lulu.

Looking ahead to this week: finishing up the Remnants rewrite, pulling the trigger on our Winter trip to Hong Kong and Shanghai, watching Machine Girl, announcing next month’s Book of the Month Club selections, and, of course, catching up on all that reading. Another gentle reminder: Book of the Month Club discussions upcoming:

In the Garden of Iden, Kage Baker.
Discussion the week of June 30th, with author Kage Baker.

The Etched City, K.J. Bishop.
Discussion the week of July 7th.

Unwelcome Bodies, Jennifer Pelland.
Discussion the week of July 14th, with author Jennifer Pelland.



60 thoughts on “June 22, 2008: Lulu and I hit Greek Day

  1. hi, joe,

    will any episodes in season 6 explain what sam’s up to after atlantis?

    sally =)

  2. Oh Joe, So cute… Lulu Rocks. Thanks for the detailed outing! I am glad you and Lulu had fun!

    and the shortie short guy is cute too!


  3. That’s no Elf…she’s a fairy on stilts. Did Lulu get to sample any kleftiko ? I love Greek food…!!

    Hey Joe…bear with me, I am blonde after all. I’ve been watching my SGA season 1 DVDs (sad creature that I am, I need a fix of SGA almost every week!)…going back to “Before I Sleep” and Elizabeth’s list of five ZPM planets…you only ever explored the one (“the Brotherhood”)?

    What happened to the other four ZPM planets, or am I really that much of an airhead that I blinked & missed ’em?

    blondly yours,

  4. Awwwwww, she looks so happy for having gone out for the day. And also remarkably like a soft toy.
    Choosing one dog over the other for an outing is heart wrenching and the guilt that you feel lasts for weeks.

    I think I may have found your Gremlin problem. My Mum has had a gremlin living with her for the last 8 years. Seen anything like this around the place?
    Let it be a lesson kiddies to not feed your Gremlins/Gran’s dog after midnight.

  5. I have to say that Bubba sounds like my grandparents’ dog Abigail. Abby is scared of everything. She growls at my brother, only responds to me when I call her Scaredy Cat, and she has more toys than my mom and uncle had in their entire childhood. If I’m over at their house I have to bribe her with treats to play with me. My grandma takes Abby when she goes anywhere around people and we always tell people that that will scare the crap out of her. We don’t know what the people that has Abby’s mom and dad because Abigail didn’t leave her kennel for the first two weeks that my grandparents got her. She seems to be getting better, but not as much as she should in my opinion. She’ll run away from you if you have any type of bag or luggage. She growls at the luggage. It’s so funny to watch.

  6. So I saw Fahrenheit 451 in your pile of books from a few days back, and I just wanted to let you know that it’s my favorite book. Ever. Make sure to let us know what you think of it once you read it!

  7. First, congratulations to Jens and Ytimynona on their wins. I hope they won’t forget to keep posting in their excitement. Second, Shiningwit, who needs a vorpal blade when they can obtain a spare naqueda generator or two from work? generator overloads are much more interesting than an oversized ginzu knife.
    to Mr. M. Absolutely too adorable. I’d not considered the hazards of owning multiple dogs and trying to decide which to take on specific outings. I’m also a bit suprised you elected to go with one. I’ve known some multi-pet households where singling out one of the dogs leads to grief from the ones not permitted to go along. So your dogs are not only cute but socially better adjusted than some humans I know.
    As for yourself, were the souvlaki and loukoumides sufficient for you? I think we’ve grown acustomed to your reports on multiple dishes, and it just seems strange that you only mentioned a couple. And odder still that no lamb was available, even for a single day event. It sounds like a reasonably relaxing week, and I look forward to the next BotM club selections. Still waiting for Etched city to reappear so I can finish it, and I’m going to have to type up my review of Unwelcome Bodies in advance. I’ll be on the road that week, and I can’t be sure on how reliable my internet connections will be. Thanks for all the great picture, and as always enjoy the coming week.

  8. Opa!

    Loved the tidbits of info about your dogs. And wife. The pictures of Lulu sitting in the passenger seat of your car are soooo cute. Love the seat belt.

    With the exception of cars, my sister’s dog also hates anything on wheels. Especially skateboards and electric wheelchairs. But she’s a 2.5 pound yorkie…the sight of her running and barking at something scares approximately…no one.

    Do you often get stopped so people can pet and ooh and ahh over Lulu when you take her out for a walk? If so, does this ever annoy you when all you want to be able to do is have an uninterrupted walk with your dog? How often are you, yourself, recognized when you’re out and about?

  9. Hey Joe. Greek Day sounds like fun!

    Joe, is there an e-mail address I can get you at so I can ask you a question (I don’t want it displayed), and that you could get back to me quickly?

    Thanks Joe!

  10. Great pictures. It sounds like your pick of the litter was the correct one. I’d say my chocolate lab is closer to Maximus. He’s very outgoing, almost too much so for social settings. Too much puppy still left in him. Not that I consider that a bad thing. It’s just not a large party kind of thing.

  11. So, sounds like you and your ‘date’ had a good day at the Greek festivus.

    Had a long and rather interesting day. Worked a (mundane) shift at the animal shelter’s spay and neuter clinic. Came home hung out with the toddler until she retired, and did some chores.

    I’d settled in to watch Kavan’s {smith} new movie and was 3/4’s of the way through when the family came in FREAKING out. Okay, okay, I’ll get up, what is it?

    So they’d gone out to feed the wee goats their last bottle and one was hobbling around with 3 count them 3 legs. So what do they do? They assume that said goat has accidentally dismembered itself and that they MUST freak out.

    I walk outside spend a moment and a half checking the area, NOPE! No leg. Okay onto the goat. Hmm thats rather odd, has there ALWAYS been a foot where your left ear belongs? No? Okay! So pick the wee kid up, gently remove the leg from its position across the back of her neck, and VOILA! a 4 legged goat. *shakes head* Family! Never did see the end of the movie, maybe later.

    Okay onto my QOTD. Its the same mostly as yesterday with a slight twist.

    So after much research and debate several of us are curious as to when we might see Lorne’s character promoted. We’d LOVE to have more opportunity to see him in his dress blues.

    See, we *cough*me*cough* did some digging into promotion’s and the Air Force. Seems that a Captain, is eligible to become a Major after 9-11 cumulative years in service. A major is then eligible to be promoted to Lt. Colonel after an additional 2-5 years as a Major(13-16 years cumulative service).

    Now we are assuming that Lorne became a Major shortly before “Enemy Mine”. Say he was on the ‘low end’ of the range so, 9 years of service. He transfered out to Pegasus and Atlantis back in 2005, with 11 years of service under his belt. Lorne’s now been stationed on Atlantis for 3 years(or so), thus bringing his total years of service as an officer to 15. See our logic?

  12. oy vay, i meant in s5! where’s the bloody edit button when you need it!

    k.. will any episodes in season 5 explain what sam’s up to after atlantis?

    sally =)

  13. You definitely picked the right partner for Greek Day. Looks like lovely weather up there! And it doesn’t look like evening, but now I remember it gets dark so late in Vancouver in summer!

    I have a friend who knows Shanghai very well, if you have any particular questions. I’m sure you’ve got it all scoped out though!

  14. I’ll confess that I, also, downloaded the torrent file of S&R and watched it. It is SO good. Now using my ‘insider knowledge’ to tease even MORE people into watching. Already got 3 new fans lined up for the Annual Season Premiere / Watch It Live! event.

    Also, so glad to hear that you enjoy Greek food. My mum’s side of the family boasts a Greek immigrant (my grandfather) and we make traditional items every chance we get.

    Hope you & Lulu had time to rest up. Good luck on the writing for this week.

  15. Awww…Lulu is the perfect date! That little face is just sooo adorable, I wanna smush ‘er!! Too cute. And speaking of faces…

    1. For some reason, Marty in this pic: reminds me of Maximus (in the header banner up above)…must be those puppy dog eyes.

    2. I find it disturbing that you took so many pictures of a near-naked man in a red cape…not to mention your fascination with his sword.

    3. Strange that every time another foot washes up on the beach, you have equipment failure. Maybe there’s a connection.

    4. Speaking of feet – and this is a serious question – have you ever considered basing stories on current events? Not like Star Trek, which touched on social issues in general, but more like Law and Order, and other shows that rip their stories from the headlines.

    For instance (and only using this as an example – NOT suggesting this as an actual story), we often hear about a person going berserk and shooting up public place, sometimes taking hostages. Would you ever consider doing a show like that – where one of the inhabitants of Atlantis (instead of an enemy) snaps and goes on a rampage (perhaps also addressing the reasons why – PTSD, bullying, etc). Or do you feel that such stories are basically ‘cheating’ since the plot is already written by actual events?

    5. I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I absolutely LOVE the pop culture references in SGA. It’s one reason I like NCIS, too – they often weave references to comics, tv shows, and movies (among other things) into their episodes. One of my favorite episodes for this is Condemned – Rodney’s ‘Braveheart’ reference just makes me laugh out loud every time (this is one of my all-time favorite episodes. First, as a Wraith fan, it’s one of the few with a ‘happy’ ending. But I love the humor in it, too – both the light, and the dark). I think these reference help make a connection between the audience and the characters, as well as giving the show a sense of realism.

    6. What is a ‘poor girl dong’?

    @ Sulien – No worries. I’m not a ship fan, nor a slash fan. My fanciful speculations on elf/wraith cross-breeding are limited to 1. Wraith absorbing elf DNA through feeding (just as they did with humans), and/or 2. scientific experimentation – everything done in a lab with samples and test tubes and freaky Dr. Frankenstein stuff. That sort of thing I find intriguing since it requires more imagination, whereas the idea of two males getting down and dirty is a bit overdone now and has no appeal to me whatsoever.

    Yes, I am both a pervert, AND a prude.

    Guess that makes me a prudvert.


  16. ahhh the many personalities of dogs. I’m actually a cat person myself, but don’t get me wrong, dogs amuse me in the best possible ways :).

    I had a Greek Aural Skills teacher in New York this past year. (I’m a classical piano major at the Manhattan School of Music .. aural skills is, for example, hearing a melody and being able to write it down on paper). He was alllllways talking about his Greek culture. It was quite fascinating really. I bet the food was great!

  17. Hi Joe,

    I really like the pic’s of Lulu at the Greek Day! I’m sure she had a great time!

    Take Care & happiness always!


  18. Coucou Joseph *=)

    Sa va bien?
    Waou vous avez passer une trés bonne journée^^!! Lulu aussi on dirait =D!! Ahhhhh voir plein d’homme en jupe romaine j’en rêve ♥_♥

    Donc voila, je vous réconte un peu ce que j’ai fait ce week end! =)

    Tout d’abord mon cheri ma fait visiter la Paris. J’ai vu la Tour Eiffel, l’arc de trionhe et pour finir j’ai manger italien sur les champ Elysée..=D

    Le lendemain nous étions a Bruxelles, j’ai manger des moules frite sur la grande place, nous avons vue aussi le Maken pis
    et nous avons manger des gauffre belge! Waou vraiment trés bonne:,e26c4f5adda3899ae457cbd67a749647.jpg.html

    Celle la est au chocolat,chantilly,fraise,banane et glace a la vanille =)

    Bon j’y vais, gros bisou, je vous adore!! a demain ^^♥

  19. Awwww Joe, Lulu looks so cute, how could anyone NOT want to pet her? Glad you had a good day out.

  20. Hey, Joe – thank’s for answering my questions the other day!

    I just got asked something by one of my other friends. Now that the Ori are out of the way, the SGC can presumably turn on the Asgard core again, and start rifling through the database. Presumably it contains ‘gate addresses, and information on races the Asgard have encountered and such. Does that mean that the SGC could just open up the index on the F page, and find out all about the Furlings, get in contact, etc? Or is there some sneaky little complication that prevents that from happening?

  21. You think you’re so open-minded and adventurous for attending greek day, but I bet you would never go to the gay pride parade.

  22. Hey Joe!

    The Tampa area has a great Greek festival. It’s over in Tarpon Springs. Before my little blonde haired, blue eyed child was born, we took my older daughter, Allie. All three of us have really curly brown hair. Um, everyone thought we were greek. We fit right in!

    The curly hair is great for some things! Plus my nose came in handy, too. 😉

    One chef insisted he knew us; that we were family and therefore we had to be served before the other 100 people in line in front of us. 😯 We didn’t argue.

    But there were no elves on stilts. Or guys in strange garb carrying parrots. And certainly no Lulu. Or you.

    There was lamb, though! Lots and lots of excellent lamb!



  23. OMG!!!

    Mackenzies momma: I just read your three legged goat story.

    PRICELESS!!!! 😆 😀 😆

    @das: You could be a pervude. 😉 I’ve told EVERYONE in my family about your wraith/elf theory for Hellboy II.

    My mom is now insisting that’s who that guy in Hellboy II is: Todd who’s fed on Legolas.

    You are totally on to something here!

    And for those Legolas fans out there (hey! I’m one of them) just remember: He’s an ELF! He can handle someone suckin’ a little bit of his life force. Legolas is OK. That’s WHY Todd feeding on him would change Todd into some sort of wraith/elf halfbreed thing.

    Das, you are brilliant. 😀 Not only have you NOW connected Hellboy to SGA, but also to LOTRs. I’m going to be in HEAVEN when I watch this movie!


  24. Lovely Paul pix yesterday! but what the hell is he wearing, is that the official Clone Uniform, no color code and NO patches? Atlantis Clone Leisure Suit?

    Nice Spartan. But lamb beats that too. We live pretty close to a Greek community, Tarpon Springs FL, and have been quite spoiled by the cuisine over the years.

    Reading Garden (book made from Tor PDF!), picking up Etched City from the library today. Sorry to say, going to have to skip Bodies.

    Glad that s5 is progressing nicely, we have a party planned for July 11. Two party weekends in a row!

  25. hi joe! this greek day seems to be very funny !

    i have three questions :

    1. how many times the daedelus and the appolo will appear in season 5 ?

    2. Why the ancients did they leave the milky way ?

    and the most important question :
    3. How do you react about the fact that the first episode “search and rescue” is already airing in internet on P2P?

  26. Cute dogs. I have this fascination with pugs that you would not believe.

    Well, I’m gonna keep up my promise that’d I’d keep posting my questions until I realized I had no life….that time hasn’t come yet:

    1. What happened to Hermiod?

    2. Are there any plans you can speak of where he comes back?

    3. Is the alien race appearing in season 5 primitive, moderate like the Genii, or advanced like the Travelers or the Ancients? You probably can’t answer that question…but I had to ask.

  27. I love the pictures, thanks, and thanks for the colorful characters at the event, elf, broadsword guy,parrotman,lol.. I went online and looked at recipes for the donuts, looks easy, maybe even I can do this.
    The harness is a great idea, I should have used it on my dogs, they liked to be right in your face(on your lap) when driving., and they were bigger than pugs.
    I have to go now, got some reading to do(gentle reminder). 😀 Enjoy your day!

  28. Hmm, looks like my comment got eaten by wordpress. A pity really as I’m sure it contained much noteworthy speculation and intelligent discourse, was witty and incisive and would have had everyone marvelling ……or not.
    Anyway I’m on my third nervous breakdown of the day, the first being when I realised I had forgotten to order the champagne for the reception, though why they couldn’t have pear cider is beyond me, that stuff is like nectar unlike champers which always tastes previously digested to me but what do I know maybe thats how its supposed to taste and I’m just the weird one. The second was when I realised (its been one of those days up to now) that the MOT was due on my car soon then found out it was on saturday, so I’m stuck at home till tomorrow when I take it in and hope for the best that it isn’t going to cost the other arm and/or leg at such an expensive time.
    Is it bedtime yet?

  29. my brain is obviously fired as I’ve just totally misread the bit at the bottom as : Theme: Mistylook by SadFish. shoot me now!

  30. As we Lebanese say: ‘Greek food is just bad Lebanese food.’

    Except for feta. Feta is the $hit.

  31. Hey I have a question, if you don’t mind! I was wondering if Teyla’s reference to ‘Tagan’ from Rising was as her father or her mother? I was realizing the other day that I don’t believe it was stated either way, and assuming it was her father was quite sexist of me! An answer one way or another would be fabulous.

    *shifty eyes*


    ps. I know next to nothing about dogs and had been meaning to ask this for a while, so please forgive my selfishness in not being on topic! Reading about your dogs (typo’d that backwards there at first, oops) always makes me miss my childhood pets; it’s nice to get to see them, though. Hubby is allergic.

  32. Lucky Lulu! Sounds like you both had a great time. Your dogs are such sweeties. Our neighbor just added another dog to their family; unfortunately, they decided to purchase “Cujo”. What use to be a leisurely stroll to the mailbox has now turned into a life or death outing. *sigh*

    It always puts a smile on my face when you post pictures of your dogs. Thanks, Joe.


  33. hi joe

    I think u have a leak again.i was just looking for the latest BSG torrent( yes i’m a pirate), and i found a SGA preair 501.haven’t watch it so i don’t know the quality…are you trying to find out who was responsible for the last two leaks?


  34. Just wanted to say, as someone who hasn’t been fond of the Keller character, I was very pleasantly surpirsed by her in S&R. Whatever it was last year that annoyed me just wasn’t there. Won’t say more now till the ep officially airs, but wanted you to know cause I was shocked at my turnabout!

  35. Greek Day looks fun – thanks for sharing with us Joe.

    Lulu looks adorable as ever. 🙂

  36. Mr. M wrote:

    some poor girl dong

    😯 I think I would freak too seeing that in the park! 😯

    Lt.Col.Errandboy wrote:

    …going back to “Before I Sleep” and Elizabeth’s list of five ZPM planets…you only ever explored the one (”the Brotherhood”)?

    What happened to the other four ZPM planets, or am I really that much of an airhead that I blinked & missed ‘em?

    Since one of the other four was the planet from “Childhood’s End” (the one with all the kids), there are only three on the list not specifically detailed for us.

    shiningwit wrote:

    Hmm, looks like my comment got eaten by wordpress.

    One of mine too. Must be cyberdogs eating our homework.

    shiningwit wrote:

    my brain is obviously fired

    What did you hire to replace it? 😆 Try to get some rest, honey. You obviously are working on this way too hard.

    Anne Teldy

  37. Hey Joe!

    Looking at the 4th last photo, looks like Lulu had a fun day! The images show that too, glad you had a great time. 🙂

    I am curious. Do you have a recipe to make those loukoumades? They look very good and I love donuts. I think many of us are wondering how you make them and what’s in them. 😛

    Thanks as always, and I’m glad to see that you and Lulu had a fun-filled day!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  38. @ Trish – I can just hear Todd now, waking up after a long hibernation and looking into the mirror for the first time since feasting on elves…”Pointy ears?!? Impossible! I was sucking for eyebrows!” 😛

    Now – to totally blow your mind…I present The Defiant One‘s less-attractive brother – a.k.a. Uber-Morlock from The Time Machine (2002):



  39. Two quick comments:

    1) Someone mentioned something recently about the premiere of season 5 being leaked. Naturally, I’m sure that this is a great source of distress for everyone associated, but I was wondering: do you find that a leaked episode actually hurts rating or (in the long run, I guess) DVD sales? Did, for example, last year’s leaked episode (I think it was Doppleganger?) not do as well in ratings as the rest of the season?

    Or, is it just the principal of the matter that bothers you?

    2) I also really just wanted to say thank you to you and the cast and the other producers and writers and special effects guys and costume department and stunts and- well. Everyone. I’m quite in love with the show and the way that it’s been going (although if the ‘prophet will be born’ line from the trailer is to be taken at face value, I’m about to get very nervous).

    So. Yeah. Loving it.


  40. Hahhh Lulu !! elle est toujours mimi comme tout ! Mon petit Bouledogue Charly va bientôt avoir 1 an ( le mois prochain). Il commence seulement à lever la patte… mais il a du mal, il se déséquilibre assez facilement ! mais il est magnifique, je ne suis peut être pas objective, certes mais il est trop beau.
    D’ailleur il attend toujours une réponse pour savoir, si il aura la chance de demander la patte de votre chienne !

    Bonne journée M. Mallozzi,


  41. @das: How could I forget that guy from The Time Machine??? 😕

    Now I’m totally confused. Is it a wraith? Is it an elf/wraith hybrid? No! It’s an UBERMORLOCK! 😯 Flesh eating, too, I presume?

    @GoSpikey: But I was already under the assumtion that the Hoff is a wraith. 😉

  42. G’day Joe
    A bare-chested Spartan wins over any sort of food. Thanks for the pics.


  43. This may not be a fave comment, and honestly, it’s not personal. 🙂 I swear it, but here are my thoughts on season 5:

    It’s been my perception from season 3 that the producers of SGA have been moving toward a Sheppard/Teyla type of relationship. I was happy (read: Delirious) with season 4 – one of the finest seasons, btw, because you handled Rachel’s pregnancy so well. But now – now the word is pretty hot and heavy that you’re moving toward A) Teyla/John and B)Rodney/Keller with a triangle including Ronon.

    I know viewers all want different things and there’s no way possible to make us all happy, right? The bane of producing a show. BUT, honestly, there really is a way to give all your viewers and their various mental pairings what they want: It’s called imagination. Don’t go overt. Leave options open. Give us episodes that concentrate on all the various friendships while blowing up things and shooting and having fun. Give us friendship moments between men and women. Rodney and Ronon, two very different men. Rodney and John, equally different and yet, they work. Teyla and Ronon, and Keller and Radek. Explore the friendships within the tight group you’ve created. Spotlight the ones that really work. BUT leave anything beyond friendship – to our imaginations. Let all of us be happy. Please?

    Stargate Atlantis is a great show and, in my opinion, better than SG1 (and I was a MAJOR fan) – but it’s better because for 4 seasons, you left romance out of the equation. It was friendship, friendship, friendship. It was about bonding under conditions that were impossible to conceive of in a normal world. Keep that up – and you will make us all happy.

    I know I’m just a fan, but I do have some experience in the business (relatives were 50’s actors, Alexis Smith and Craig Stevens) and the one thing you can do for any audience is to not underestimate us or our intelligence. Give us the chance to use our imaginations, take us places of wonder, give us episodes that sometimes show us more of a beloved character, keep blowing things up (but don’t get too expensive, we wouldn’t want SciFi to dump you) and giving us great suspense and we’ll be happy, I swear it.

    Thank you for listening (or should I say, reading)


    aly (yes, I wish I were a guy – aged 21 – so my words would have more impact, but alas, I am a mere female *grin*)

  44. @ Trish – Easy, Uber-Morlock is The Defiant One‘s retro-virus’d brother. He was rejected by the hive, found his way to the MW galaxy, and the rest is history.


  45. Isn’t “hot sun” an oxymoron when applied to Vancouver?

    Yesterday’s high temps:

    Vancouver: 66 F / 19 C

    San Antonio: 99 F / 37 C

    How about bagging some of that cool air and mailing it here?

  46. aly french said: “BUT leave anything beyond friendship – to our imaginations. Let all of us be happy. Please?”

    except for the ones that actually like shippy relationships???

    i’ve heard the arguments before, and they almost always come off selfish. 99.9 percent of the time, someone wants a/b but another wants a/c, so the a/b’s have to do without so the a/c’s can fantasize that they go together. bleh.

    sally :#

  47. @Anne Teldy. Upon further reflection I find I have been functioning without a brain for some time, it quit years ago PMSL

  48. *Cough*. Gee, Joe, there are season 5 promo shots out there (a fan posted them to LJ). Is there some reason why the cast must always be photoshopped, sometimes badly?

  49. Thanks for the lovely pictures of your dogs. How are your dogs when they are in the car. Are they excited or afraid or somewhere in between?

  50. I was rewatching the first season of SGA while recovering from surgery and a question arose I was watching who directed what or wrote what. I know that Peter D. had more than several cameos in SG1 plus some awesome bits but I hadn’t really noticed him in Atlantis…Am I compeletly blind? Was Dagwood not in Atlantis at all? It could be that I am completely missing him.

  51. Thank you Joe for the cute pics of Lulu:-)
    Also thank you for the teasers you offer about SGA too !!

  52. Just a quickie (for me) about romance on the show…

    I’m not a voyeur type – I wouldn’t peek in my neighbor’s windows to watch them doing stuff, and so I don’t care to watch actors doing stuff, either. It’s not that I’m prudish, it’s just that love scenes totally screw with my suspension of disbelief, and I sit there thinking, “Ugh. Actor-so-and-so is doing it all wrong! His butt’s too high!! OMG, and STOP talking!! Who wrote this stuff?? Okay…now they’re totally creepin’ me out…and WHAT??! THAT is physically impossible, even for skinny people!!!!” Yeah. Love scenes just aren’t my cuppa. 😛

    HOWEVER…I love sexual tension (growing up on a diet of classic movies from the 30s-40s is probably the reason for this). For instance, I loved that scene between Teyla and John in…ugh – forget the name of it – when he was turning into the bug. Good stuff. I’d love to see a bit more of that between characters next season, without resulting actual hook-ups. And I love when characters are jealous, or in competion over the same person…but again, I prefer not seeing the end result. Always a fan of that sort of thing – the stuff that makes the CHARACTERS squirmy, but not ME (if that makes any sense).


  53. Trish

    Sucking the life out of Legolas? Can’t be done – he’s immortal! Wouldn’t Todd just feel like he’s gorged on a Sizzler’s buffet?

  54. Hi
    Just saw S & R. Was a great ep. I loved it.
    All except for one little bit….
    The way that Carter got the shaft!
    It just seemed like she was told to “Bugger off! You are no longer required around here!!!” It was harsh!
    After such a great ep it was strange that I came away from it feeling depressed. All because of the way she was TOLD to go.

  55. aly french said: “BUT leave anything beyond friendship – to our imaginations. Let all of us be happy. Please?”

    then majorsal said: “except for the ones that actually like shippy relationships???”

    while *I* am over here going: “What happened to the hints last year that there’s a gay or bisexual character already in the show?!”

    There, you see? You really CAN’T please everyone all the time…

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