He\'s up to something!

Me and my date

Fresh pan-fried prawn

Ooooh, delightful!

Le Foie Gras!

And served on a warm brioche with sliced cherries

Marty G. gives the foie the thumbs up

Tagliatelle and minced home made sausage

Scallop-topped scrapple?

Stuffed pigs head and spaetzle

Stuffed pig\'s head on spaezle

No official word on this year’s Comic Con line-up yet, but I hear that there will be both a Stargate: Continuum and Stargate: Atlantis panel. The former should include writer-executive producer Brad Wright, director Martin Wood, and Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder and, if the rumors are true, one Richard Dean Anderson. The latter will be moderated by writer-executive producer Martin Gero and should include Jewel Staite, Bob Picardo, and, in all probability, Joe Flanigan. I, alas, will miss out on this year’s festivities and am, of course, bummed because it means I’ll have to come up with something else to blog about that weekend.

Hey, I headed over to Fuel the other night with Marty G. and his gal Stephanie. We were supposed to be a foursome but the guys were still working on the hardwood flooring and Fondy elected to stay home and watch. Her absence was felt by all – but we persevered and enjoyed yet another incredible meal: fresh prawn, an enormous lobe of foie gras served with sliced cherries and brioche, pasta 3-ways including a revelatory tagliatelle with minced house pork sausage, what in hindsight may well have been scrapple served atop a bed of peas and topped with a grilled scallop (try getting that in Pennsylvania), salmon, sablefish, and the piece de resistance: the stuffed pig’s head and spaetzle!

Hmmm. I knew this would happen. I was motoring along on my Remnants rewrite and then got detoured by Wednesday’s quadruple episode screening. Nothing ruins the rhythm of a rewrite like a day off not writing. Hopefully I’ll be able to recapture the magic this weekend as I want to get this script out to the network before the end of next week. I have a couple of books to get around to (Almost finished Ursula K. LeGuin’s Lathe of Heaven. A great book and a quick read. Highly recommended!), and an opportunity has presented itself that I would be foolish to pass up. More on this in the weeks to come. Hopefully.

Well, still no new phone as I’ve been too busy to shop around. I’ve been making due with my old Motorola that, while not quite serviceable is, I suppose, one step better than two tin cans connected by a piece of string. The phone rings and I can see the caller’s number, but I am unable to hear them if I answer. I am, strangely enough, able to hear them if I call however. So all I have to do if anyone calls is get the number, hang up on them, press re-dial, and voila! I’m in business! Still, at the end of the day, I like the convenience of being able to answer my phone.

Today’s pics: Dinner at Fuel – Stephanie, Marty G., me, and my invisible date.


Portland writes: “Do you watch your show with everyone else on fridays at 10pm?”

Answer: Nope. Unfortunately, we don’t get SciFi here in Canada.

Warmbeachbrat writes: “Will Dr. Lee be appearing in season 5?”

Answer: He will be putting in an appearance.

Warmbeachbrat writes: “I see you’re reading Orphans of Chaos (as am I)–how are you liking it?”

Answer: Well, I was reading it and was enjoying it but, alas, I only have the online version and I much prefer to have a real book in my hands. I’ve set Orphans of Chaos aside for now but have ordered up a copy. Once it arrives, I’ll resume reading.

Sue writes: “What kinda prepping will go on during hiatus for “prodigal” and when do you start filming the eps?”

Answer: Prodigal has already been prepped. However, our costume and construction departments will be working a week or two during the hiatus to make sure the episode is ready to shoot when we return in mid-July.

1norriski writes: “In Shepard’s video he makes a statement about not knowing if Col Sumner (I know I’m spelling that wrong, sorry) even has a family, then states some of us don’t. At that time in the series I took that statement to imply that Shepard’s character did not have any living family back on earth…”

Answer: Another interpretation could be that, figuratively speaking, he had not family back on Earth because of the fallout he had with his father.

Muddypiddypop writes: “When a script goes t the netwok, is it completed or still a work in progress?”

Answer: It is still very much a work in progress.

ZeroPointBatteries writes: “In rising, the water is being held back by a thin shield against the buildings which seems to have various seperate sections preventing a total failure at one instant, however in First Strike when the city is once again submerged we see the “normal” or “main” shield holding back the water which allows Weir to walk out onto the balcony without a problem.”

Answer: I’ve always operated under the assumption that Atlantis could do both: initiate the shield so that it covers the whole of the city (in a bubble) or, if necessary, adjust the shield to cover only sections of the city as either a bubble or skintight shield.

The Teslan writes: “How are pugs as far as shedding?”

Answer: Fawn pugs shed quite a bit in the Spring.

David writes: “Hey Joe, I’m gonna be in Vancouver around July 25/26 (I think those are the days), any chance you’d say hello if I were to be standing outside the Bridge Studios gates?”

Answer: Hey, David. Would love to come out and say hi but we’ll be off the Thursday and Friday of that week for Comic Con.

Snake writes: “So your shooting schedule does not necessarily coinside with the episodes in numeric order? Aproximately what is the time frame from completed script to shooting and from completed shooting to air date?”

Answer: The shooting order and the air date order don’t always line up as actor availability or production concerns (“When the hell is that set going to be ready?!”) may necessitate our rearranging the production schedule. As for the time frame – about five months from first day of principal photography to when you see it on SciFi.

Ascended Tauri writes: “1. How many times do you (typically) view an episode before it airs?

2. With you on hiatus now, how often does Fondy have off from her work?

3. Will the infamous blue jello be making a triumphant comeback in Season 5?

4. Will the Rodneyana Valosa (dare I hope so) be making an even greater triumphant comeback in Season 5?”

Answer: 1. If you include dailies as one long screening, then I’d say about six times. 2. I may be on holiday, but Fondy is still at work. 3. We’re still in negotiations with blue jello’s agent. Stay tuned. 4. We’ve sent a script out to the Rodneyana Valosa. It has promised to get back to us.

Sector24 writes: “When you look back, is there some storyline and path you wish you wouldn’t have taken?”

Answer: Not really. Some episodes didn’t work as well as others and, sure, there were certain scenes or casting decisions I’d love a second crack at but, at the end of the day, the show did go 10 seasons.

Eugene from Aus writes: “I’ll probably borrow some Harlan Ellison, Arthur C. Clarke
and Isaac Asimov books soon, any suggestions(titles and perhaps other authors)?

Any plans to come down to Australia anytime soon?(or for the first time, a search of the blog seemed fruitless)

Did you know there’s a place in Australia called Richmond?

Have you tried any Australian food recently/are there any Australian style restaurants in your vicinity in Canada?”

Answers: I just recommended John Varley’s The Opiuchi Hotline to Brad.

No plans to visit Australia anytime soon but we will be visiting Shanghai and I hear there’s an excellent Aussie restaurant near our hotel.

O6untouchable writes: “1) In your mind, who takes over from Colonel Chekov after the Korolev is destroyed?

2) Now more countries are part of the Atlantis program, does the IOA consist of any representatives other than America, Russia, China, France and Britain? Are there any plans for us to encounter those other nation people?

3) We’ve spotted a few members of the Atlantis’ Security detail who are members of other militaries – a German in Rising, a South African who cropped up a few times in Season 1, etc. However, we haven’t really seen any foreign military characters developed, given lines, or a name for that matter. Are there any plans to throw that sort of thing in, or are you trying to avoid repeating the “Russian team” stuff from SG-1?”

Answers: 1) In my mind – no idea. 2) IOA is made up of the various countries participating in the Atlantis expedition, but their council is made up of the big 7. 3) Eventually, it would be nice to expand our character base to include a variety of nationalities.

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “How go the thoughts/ideas for Episode 100?”

Answer: Very well. We were in the office today spinning.

Terry writes: “Your stash of books seems to have many ‘classics’ in it. Are these books that you’ve actually read before or are these the ones you feel you should read but just have never had the chance?”

Answer: Some I read ages ago, others I have yet to read.

Terry also writes: “Did you ever read James Tiptree Jr. (aka Alice Sheldon)?”

Answer: Yep. Read Ten Thousand Light Years from Home a couple of weeks ago.

Cathy writes: “will Amanda Tapping be able to be in any episodes in the last part of season 5? If so, how many? If you cannot answer this yet, would you be able to in the near future?”

Answer: Again, it’s all dependent on Amanda’s availability. And we won’t know about that for at least another month.

DasNDanger writes: “ 1. In your mind, do you think Todd ‘tastes’ Sheppard (in his memory) every time they meet? Not suggesting anything perverted here, but more like how we might remember the taste of a yummy meal every time we are reminded of it.

2. This one is REALLY bugging me – when Todd returned to the hive in BAMSR, did he get a chance to feed? I’m thinking his quick change of subject when Sheppard asked if there was anything else that happened while they were unconscious means that yes, he did (I’m also thinking this is why they were stunned, so that he was free to feed without their interference). It would make sense, since he was returning with the humans and had no guarantee that they wouldn’t lock him up and starve him again, but I could be waaaay off.”

Answers: 1) I’m sure Todd has happy memories of the meal they shared. 2) I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to? Are you asking whether Todd fed on our team while they were unconscious? If so, then the answer is no.

Mahoney writes: “More Daniel in season 6 would be great; but, would he get to interact with folks other than just Rodney if that happened? Hopefully maybe?”

Answer: Ideally, yes.

Arctic Goddess writes: “So, to continue this interesting discussion, have you ever eaten bugs as part of a meal?”

Answer: Not intentionally.

Disgruntled writes: “You people will never learn, will you?”

Answer: Nay. Teach us Oh Enlightened One! We are but mere empty vessels waiting to be filled from thine decanter of truthfulness and know-it-allness!

Laura writes: “I have just been told that the 1ep has been leaked on to the net if this is true does TPTB know how it happened ?”

Answer: Hundreds of copies of the premiere were sent out to various media outlets for review so I’m not surprised. 

Pandora writes: “Anything to say on the subject? Comments? Rants or raves?”

Answer: It’s tough to keep a lid on things when you’re sending out so many copies for review.  The best we can do is keep an eye on the sites and, at the very least, take comfort in the fact that it wasn’t an unfinished episode with temp VFX.

90 thoughts on “June 20, 2008: Comic Con update, dinner at Fuel, and yet another chunky mailbag

  1. Damn i hate hearing about conventions cause I CAN NEVER GO!! Hope its a good time though. Can definately understand why you’re bummed.

    So how often do the writers as a collective usually have to look back at an episode, transcript or otherwise when writing an episode? Or is it usually done on memory cause you know it so well?

  2. Someone in the room usually knows. And no one does, we can always refer to the library of scripts in the Hall of Records (aka Paul’s office).

  3. Amazing layout of food as usual, you’re as dashingly as handsome as normal, and Mr. G. is looking great. Give him kudos on his progress with his diet. Or has running from torch carrying fundies angry at his movie kept him in such good trim? Reference to DasNDanger’s question about Todd, I think Das was asking if Todd fed on some “provisions” stored on the Wraith Hive, not if he’d munched on our heroes. I always assumed Todd did so anyways; he had no guarantee if and when he’d be able to return back to the Wraith, nor that the humans could arrange a feeding as they did in Miller’s Crossing.
    Comic Con’s loss is our gain, at least those of us unable to make it there. We’ll hold you to extra entertaining posts to console us for missing out on all the fun. We would consider rewarding you with chocolate offerings of course, if we can find some of sufficient quality to appeal to you…
    Oh, thanks for contributing to my deliquency. I’ve lost the better part of the day reading Old Man’s War, having it picked up yesterday, and making the mistake of reading the opening chapter. I can see why this book ranks so highly. I was caught off guard by the strength of my reaction to the final sentences. kudos to Mr. Scalzi for a fantastic job, and thank you for pointing it out. Again, enjoy the hiatus, as it ticks ever so slowly away…

  4. First, thanks for attempting to answer my questions…lol.

    I meant did Todd feed on a human in storage aboard the hive, not on one of the team. 🙄 Obviously, you’re still having trouble following my line of reasoning… 😉

    (now – quick – edit your reply before you forget!!!)

    And I gotta say – you eat some really weird sh…stuff.


  5. Fantastic!!!! I’m so glad to hear that there will be a “Continuum” panel. And the possibility of Rick on stage with Michael, Amanda, Chris and Ben……..



  6. Good Lord, you and your ‘Date’ look awesome together. XP
    I know, I must by now be trampling immensely on your nerves, but how many of the 20 Eps. of Season 5 will Mr. K. Smith be in? *does puppy eyes and tramples some more*

    P.S.: Picture #8 from above scares me. D:

  7. Oh, and kick Martin G. for me, so he won’t shake the Cam again when capturing you next Time, it’s a Sacrilege and my eyes are burning from all the ‘bluriness’ in your holy Face!

  8. das I’m glad you mentioned the baby with Legolas. Was watching Allies last night and after the retro-virus did its work on the Wraith I was thinking “Don’t feed on Haldir!”

  9. Sorry Joe, I’ve been a Pennsylvanian all my life (PA Dutch country, no less) and I won’t touch anything that looks even remotely like scrapple with a ten foot pole. The marrow out of a piece of ham, now that’s totally different and veeery edible. Yum.

  10. joe/Answer: Again, it’s all dependent on Amanda’s availability. And we won’t know about that for at least another month.

    thanks for answering, joe. =)

    i asked you one time that if there was an s6, might sam be in an ep or two. you answered ‘sure’ i think. but i’m asking again, just incase the answer has changed. i still love seeing ‘sam’…

    sally =)

  11. Hey Joe,

    It seems that with your floors you are experiencing what we call around our house as “tradie time”.

    Hubby is a tradie so you get to understand the normal time:tradie time ratio. I believe it is about 3:1.

    So, if he says it will be ready in three days, I know to automatically times it by 3.

    Microsoft also have their own version of time, as do my travel agent and car repairer.

    Good luck with the phone and have a great weekend.

  12. Who are the big 7? US, UK, France, Russia, China,____ , ___?

    Also, have the Powers That Be (Brad Wright and continuum co) considered making an Indiana Jones type movie for Stargate? Personally, I think it would be much better, now that the major loose ends of the Ori and Baal have been tied up, to get back to the original themes of the movie- that being archaeology. Maybe discovering something new.

  13. Since it seems that you are at Fuel on a regular basis, do they have a chair with your name on it yet or at least a table permanently reserved for you?

  14. Also, the entire Russian-US SG program tensions were refreshing to the SG-1, grounding it more in reality. And interestingly, we have seen no Russians, that I know of, in Atlantis. With the IOA council being made up of the “Big Four” plus China, is it possible to see more Russian, UK, French , and Chinese personnel (military)? Also, will we see much more of a military comamnd structure similar to the earlier seasons of Sg-1? Atlantis needs more SG-team colonels. That really helped Sg-1 early on.

  15. Once an episode is done do you have a final copy of the script without little notations and such so it’s not confusing to look at, for this little archive?

  16. I just saw a torrent of S5E1 can be downloaded.
    Seriously who release it to the Internet?
    Has the show’s rating become affected?

  17. In the episode Quarantine, Keller reveals some of her past to Ronon. Is there any chance that season five will delve deeper into her back story?

  18. okay i get it your ignoring me now because I’m sick 😉 😛 Well I’ll have you know that I am now fully recovered and have moved onto trial runs with various forms of Jell-O madness. Today for instance I am making a cherry berry(red ontop of Blue) two layer creation. Hopefully by the 4th of July i’ll have this down and be able to create rainbow wonders.

    No QOTD from me, as I’m a wee bit hot, from all the running around I did this morning in town.

  19. I am so wrecked from martial arts grading this morning..

    Only just had enough energy to crawl to my PC, press the power button and get to your blog.. phew.. close call.

  20. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: French food is weird. Just looked up the definition of foie gras and… hmm. I guess I could eat *that* ’cause I like pate and that sounds like pate to the nth degree. But I draw the line at pigs’ heads. Correction, change ‘line’ to ‘trench’. Eeeeuuw!!!

    Moving on… I also prefer Real books to E books, my boxes and boxes of them in the basement will attest to that. I’m a voracious reader (Android’s Dream took me 7 hours, Harry Potter #7 took just under 8, and the latest Torchwood novel = 3.5)

    No Hewlett at ComicCon – ?! That’s unthinkable! Not that I can afford to go but I hate to see others deprived.

    And, lastly, you said: “at the end of the day, the show did go 10 seasons.”

    Does that mean you have no issues in regard to Atlantis?… that it was only SG-1 that gave you the wistful’s in retrospect?

  21. Hey Joe!

    You always amaze me when you go to Fuel. I’ve read your many reports about Fuel, but it is different each and every time, and always makes me drool. The food always looks amazing, and there’s always something new. Love it! 😀

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  22. I was glad to see you recommend a classic like Lathe of Heaven. Was this a first read for you or a re-read? While ‘Lathe’ is very good, I think LeGuin’s greatest was Left Hand of Darkness, ever read it? Having an anthro degreee, I’m a sucker for S.F. with good world/culture building–one thing that attracts me to S.G.– and Ursula is one of the two best IM humble O. Though, she does have something of and unfair advantage.

  23. Have you ever had soup buns? (Mmmm. Soup buns.) My Chinese ex-workers used to say that the Shanghai style ones were the best — please try some when you go to Shanghai and report back. Thank you! 🙂

    Now for my question: on a research expedition, you’d think Atlantis would bring along a librarian or archivist or two. Do you think this is likely? (I think it’s likely! Maybe you can kill one off in the back half of S5…?)

  24. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    Thanks for answering my question about pugs.

    You mentioned awhile back that you were planning on reading Poul Anderson’s Tau Zero. I’ve just borrowed a few of his works, but couldn’t find that one. Would you recommend it?

  25. When someone posts to your blog who have clearly gotten their virtual mits on some virtual property they aren’t legally allowed to play with, do you feel the urge to call in some cyber cops?

  26. I’m sure Todd has happy memories of the meal they shared.

    There’s something pretty hysterical and somewhat disturbing about that thought. And now my mind is going all kinds of weird places.

    Yeah, I imagine it must be hard to keep things from getting out. The screener for True Blood’s been going around (I was impressed; I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on that show when it airs), as have screeners for other new fall shows. But as you say, such version aren’t complete, so hopefully it will only encourage people to watch the finished version.

    Oh, and two more things:
    — That second picture is positively adorable. You were going for adorable, right?
    — Pig’s head? Please tell me that’s some cruel joke.

  27. Nay. Teach us Oh Enlightened One! We are but mere empty vessels waiting to be filled from thine decanter of truthfulness and know-it-allness!

    You have found a new fan in my friend who doth bows down to your arte of sarcasm-ness.

    Subtle aren’t ya. <—- sarcasm, but not as arty as yours.

  28. josephmallozzi said:

    Someone in the room usually knows. And no one does, we can always refer to the library of scripts in the Hall of Records (aka Paul’s office).

    Ooh, can I work in that library? Pretty please?

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Joe, before I start harassing the post office, could you please confirm that you haven’t received my parcel? I sent it at the end of May. It was coming from Australia and was addressed to yourself and Kavan at Bridge Studios – I got the address from your blog and confirmed the address online. Thanks!

  29. Joe, I just heard that the first episode of season five has been leaked. What is going on? Are we getting a repeat of season four leaks?

    Geez, I’d love to see it, but damn…I hate it when this crap happens, too.

  30. Again, I must ask, when lighting a scene, do you use the Par Cans, fresnels, or E (EEK! LIGHTING JUST HIT MY NEIGHBORS YARD! OO! SCARY THUNDER!) Elipticals?

    Also, I know from experiance when I write something, either on stage or for film, I can never watch it besides the premier, and even then I can’t stand it. Is it the same for you, or can you sit down and watch the eps you write like everyone else.

    (AH! MORE LIGHTING! I don’t like this!)

  31. Thornyrose wrote: “…I think Das was asking if Todd fed on some “provisions” stored on the Wraith Hive, not if he’d munched on our heroes.”

    Yeah, that. I just assumed he did, too. I’m kinda amazed when people act all shocked that Todd is still feeding. To me, that’s what makes him so great…he’s still out there sucking on people, but then can put on his ‘human’ face and be all palsy with Shep & Co. So, right now he IS having his cake and eating it too! It’s a beautiful thing.

    @ Narelle – 😆 @ the Haldir thing!

    You know – it’s kinda weird. I saw the LOTR trilogy, but Legolas & Co. didn’t do a thing for me. Maybe they were just too nice, or something. Oh, wait. They had eyebrows. Ruins the whole look. 😉

    Shawna wrote: “There’s something pretty hysterical and somewhat disturbing about that thought. And now my mind is going all kinds of weird places.”

    Here’s what I wanna know. When Todd looks at Shep, does his hand start drooling? Does that enzyme sac start throbbing – kind of like Wraith hunger pains? I mean, Todd obviously enjoys his food – and to have the ‘leftovers’ standing right there in front of you – it must be torture. In that one scene in CG he was kinda ‘purring’ as he looked over Sheppard, right before saying how ‘strong’ he was…so, you get the idea that he really liked the Shep du jour. I almost expected him to say, ‘it was good for me. Was it good for you?’


    Great. Now my mind is going in all kinds of weird places, too. ACK!!! And Woolsey just jumped in there with ’em!!! *flails arms and runs in circles* AAAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    ugh. It’s gonna be a loooong night.


  32. Hi Joe,

    I haven’t posted in a while just trolling, but you might want to know that the first episode of season 5 pre-air is available to download on torrent sites. Have they found out who leaked the Ark Of Truth to the internet?

  33. Oops – missed one…

    @ cyn – Thanks for posting that pic – I hadn’t seen that one. It’s exactly what BlueJay and I have wanted to see with the Wraith – a shirtless fight, a la Bruce Lee, or a similar style. I just think it would be a great look – shirtless, shoeless…just white hair and that lovely key lime pie green skin. Almost makes you wanna eat THEM, eh?

    Well…maybe not. But you get the idea…


  34. So was Fondy staying home to “watch the guys” laying the floors or was she just supervising just in case? LOL!

    Cheers, Chev

  35. Just curious, but do you read any of the Fandemonium Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis books?

  36. Went to Chevron 7 last weekend and a friend told Michael the lovely comments that you and David have made on their blogs…he managed to not look too embarrassed…all I can say about Daniel being on Atlantis is…. yes please!

    One question – Were any official photos taken of Daniel whilst filming? and will they be released?

    Kriss aka Dankriss 🙂

  37. If you’re free the weekend of July 11-13, you could always help Rachel with her luggage when she goes to Polaris22 in Toronto… Then you can spend ComicCon weekend enlightening us all with your tales of adventure!

    Granted, Toronto is *not* SD, but the crowds will be more manageable and no hassles of having to go through Customs!

  38. My cell phone battery has been held on for the last month by a rubber band. It’s amazing what one can adapt to.

    My contract is up, so I can go get a new phone, I’m just too busy. Plus, it works, you know? Also, I’ve started calling it ‘Rubber Band Phone’ and it’s kind of endeared itself to me, moreso than when the battery stayed on all on it’s own.

    Go figure.

  39. GAHHH, so the premiere was leaked…. I wanted to avoid any spoilers like the plague from people that have seen it, but the first link on Gateworld I follow starts with the announcement of a certain unexpected character return!!! FRAK!!

    Do continue your negotiations with Rodneyana Valosa. I’d say a ratings bump of 1 to 2 points would be in the near future.

    I love LeGuin’s work. In the past two years, my college literature courses have had a few offerings of hers. Very intriguing writing style.

  40. Hi joe,
    Your pic’s are making me hungry! Heading out soon for some gourmet pizza. *Yummy* What! You had an invisible date? You poor thing! Was she the invisible woman? What was Marty G upto in that pic?
    Hope you get a new phone soon!

    Take care & happiness always!


  41. It was great seeing some of the promos for Atlantis tonight on SciFi Channel, but I would be happier seeing them during episodes of Season 4, rather than SG1 episodes.

    Do you know why SciFic isn’t airing Atlantis episodes? Will they at least show the last two that would be leading up to Season 5?

  42. Some of that food is so appetizing and some most definitely not. But on days like this, I am always left hungry when reading your blog.

    When I saw the posts about the episode being leaked and I looked at some of the torrent sites. But it is sort of lame. Why would people want to watch it so early? Its just going to make it that much longer until they see the second episode. They might as well wait.


    P.S. I too am bummed about ComicCon as I can’t go. Especially if Rick is there. I’ve loved him since I was 9 and saw my first episode of MacGyver!

  43. “piece de resistance: the stuffed pig’s head”

    As much as that sounds good-just looking at that would turn me off.

  44. Joe,
    I just finally had a chance to watch Ark of Truth, (which I know was mainly Rob’s baby & yes I know what the heck took so long).. but nice tie up of the season 9/10 Ori arc. I can’t wait to see the next one. While I love SGA, watching Ark of Truth made me realize how much I missed SG1, what are the chances that we’ll see yet more SG1 movies in the future? How bout SGA or would that be more like what happened with SG1 something that would come after the series has ended it’s official run on TV.

    Also on a side note dealing with SGA I noticed (in the commentary and in the extra feature from comic con) mention of the fan outcry for Rob’s issues with doctors (and as he put it Scottish people). Which brings me to the question which killed off Doctor (Janet or Carson) caused the most fan reaction?

  45. Why is it better that the leaked episode is finished? More favorable first impressions of the new season? If it wasn’t finished, wouldn’t it be more of deterrent to downloading?

  46. das wrote…

    Great. Now my mind is going in all kinds of weird places, too. ACK!!! And Woolsey just jumped in there with ‘em!!! *flails arms and runs in circles* AAAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    And now you’ve made it worse. Because now I’m thinking that I’d pay good money to see Woolsey get life-sucked by Michael, and then have Todd standing there to life-suck Michael (which raises the question, now that Michael’s partially human, can he be life-sucked?) and give it back to Woolsey. Like some kind of horrifying Three Stooges routine.

  47. Okay. I admit it. I was weak. It was dangled in front of me and I caved. I’m a weak, weak, bad fangirl.

    But, on the other hand, I just have to say: Search and Rescue is absolutely freaking BRILLIANT! Quite possibly my favourite episode yet. Every single damn thing about it rocks. Kudos to each and every one of the cast and crew and writers and oooooh everyone!

    If this is any indication of the standard of eps in Season 5 then we are in for an AWESOME season! 😀

  48. Thanks, Joe, for answering the question about Amanda Tapping in season 5. Here is another related question. Given that you are not sure about her availability for the last part of the season at this time, how do you handle this uncertainty in those last few scripts of season 5? Do you write Sam in for now, and thus assume that AT will be available for several episodes, or do you not write Sam in at this point, but have a plan ready to write Sam in once you know in a month about AT’s availability? How does a writer handle this type of uncertain situation?

  49. Hey Joe,

    Soooo I asked yesterday what the wraith are doing in Hellboy II.

    Then Das suggested that Steve and Legolas had a baby. Um… I must admit, that sounds like a plausible explanation.

    So I withdraw my question.

    @Das: The more I think about this, the more I know you are soooo right. It’s a wraith/elf hybrid.

    Oh let the fanfincs go wild about this one! 😆

    Trish 😀

    P.S. Joe, are the wood floors done NOW? For your sake, I truly hope so! Good luck. 🙂

  50. With this talk of script drafts would it be possible for you to post the first draft of some of your episodes?

    It would be great to compare the first draft and the finished product.

  51. Wow, if all those people are gonna be at Comic Con, it’ll be fantastic! 😀

    Damn my complete lack of money! 🙁

  52. Try your speaker phone and see if it has the same problem with sound. If you have a sim card in your phone (the chip in the back) then it might be it going bad and not the phone if you are able to get sound going out but not coming in. <—I work for a cell phone company in tech care.

  53. Shawna Buchanan wrote: And now you’ve made it worse. Because now I’m thinking that I’d pay good money to see Woolsey get life-sucked by Michael, and then have Todd standing there to life-suck Michael (which raises the question, now that Michael’s partially human, can he be life-sucked?) and give it back to Woolsey. Like some kind of horrifying Three Stooges routine.

    Todd (after restoring Woolsey’s life): “Hey, Wooly. Mind if I call you Woo-woo-woo-Wooly?! Gave ya your life back – now ya owe me one! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!”

    Narelle wrote:
    Hello. My name is Narelle from Aus and my husband listens to Cindy Lauper on a Saturday night…

    I feel your pain. (oh, and hello. My name is das…rhymes with ass. 😛 )

    @ whovian – Could be a Wraith sucked on an elf, absorbed elf dna, grew pointy ears, and the rest is history. No icky species cross-breeding necessary.

    Or…we can just let the fan fickers imaginations go wild!

    @ JM – Just wanted to add something to the question you didn’t understand. The writing of that scene (Todd’s return to the hive to negotiate/waking up the crew in the jumper) leaves it open to the possibility that Todd fed on a captive human while aboard the hive. There is something very eerie about it all, as if something happened that is left unsaid (Shep asking if anything else happened, Todd changing the subject). Of course, it’s all up to our own imaginations, but it just seems that it was purposely left up to our imaginations. Was that the intention… to give the suggestion that Todd – free of Lantean interference – took the opportunity to raid the hive’s refrigerator for some leftover humanloaf and lifeforce juice? Of so, it was very clever because it allows sickies like me to believe he did, while those who wish to think Todd above that now can take the scene at face value.


  54. Sent you an e-mail about getting you a replacement phone…. Let me know if I can be of assistance.


  55. So as I watched my favorite shows, I’ve noticed some big differences: the amount of episodes that make up a season. Dr. Who has 13, Monk about 16, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis 20 and House has topped out at 24 (except for this past season). What is the reason for that? Is the the writers, the producers, the station? Also if you have any other applicable information on how this works, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks! 🙂

  56. dear joe,

    What is going on in this world….. there is another episode leaked in the internet according to sources in gateworld. Rumour has it that it is Search and rescue that is leaked. Please let us know if you guys will take care of the culprits in this matter….. some one is trying really hard to bring the show down


    and by the way bonne fete de St, Jean Babtist

  57. Stuffed pig’s head? That’s it! No more mousing over images for me so I know what I’m looking at.

    Just a few weeks ago, I attended a bbq at work where they were serving hamburgers, chicken, sausage and veggie burgers. I asked for a veggie burger with cheese. These people have served food before. I trusted them.

    I sat down with some friends and started to eat, not really paying attention to what I was eating. (shame on me) About 1/2 way into the burger, I realized that the taste was familiar but not one I’d had recently. I took a look and realized I had a cheeseburger in my hand. Oh my god, I’d eaten hamburger! The horror.

    Mind you, I hadn’t eaten red meat in at least five years.

    I felt unclean. I felt a need to purge. Luckily, I did not get sick. And I resisted the urge to purge.

    But pig’s head? That I would have to purge.

    I won’t deny it tasted good. But I won’t ever knowingly return to it, not unless I’m starving (which I trust won’t be an experience I’ll ever have).

  58. Ooo Ooo I’m coming late to the party again! 🙁 I just got a copy of Spore and I’m off to make some crabby monsters. Perhaps like what Robin Williams did at the E3 conference when it was launched. If my memory serves me correctly, I think Williams created a monster that could bite it’s own arse. Ha ha ha ha. Anyhow, I do have a question for you–and your food photography is lovely as usual.
    Todd’s relationship with Rodney and Sheppard:
    It appears to me, especially after BAMSR and Miller’s Crossing that Todd has a “collegial” respect for Rodney, but he has this inexplicable affection for Sheppard.

    I’d almost call it a love, not a respect necessarily, though he is definitely aware of Sheppard’s dangerousness, and not quite an admiration, but more of an affection/love.

    It also seems to me that this weirds John out. He’s a military man who likes to think in a linear fashion, but Todd seems to mix up the established wraith/human dynamic in John world view.

    So questions: Can you confirm this…not out right of course. Or maybe, a “possibly/probably” answer? Uggg! I want to know, I really do…maybe you can give me a wink. Or blink twice for yes and once for perhaps?



  59. Okay, Mr. M. I have successfully fought the temptation to watch the illegally available Season 5 premiere. (I did see a still, but it was the still of a concept drawing you posted eons ago, so I still know nothing new.)

    To reward me for my willpower, please answer the following question: why wasn’t my last comment okayed? Don’t you love me any more? 😥 Or are you actually considering my bribe to be Keeper of the Hall of Records?

    Patricia Lee wrote:

    Hey Anne T. How are you doin’? Good?

    Thanks for asking. I’d say I’m so-so. I’m infection free — for the moment — but my red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, iron and B12 are all well below normal levels which, I’m told, explains why I’m tired all the time. They’ve changed my pain medicine, so I’m hoping I’ll finally be able to sleep through the night. I’m still an emotional wreck and my memory is still shot, but I’m hanging in there.

    Anne Teldy
    Neatly End

  60. O.

    😆 Chevron 7: I will FOREVER think of myself as:

    drum roll please…..

    A Creamy Spirit 😯

    How funny is that? It jumped out at me of the looong list of anagrams. That’s my full first and last name. Awesome.

    @Narelle: My husband works for Microsoft. I say it’s about a 4 to 1 ratio. Worse than tradie time. 😉


    Trish… Now with more creamy spirit! 😀

  61. Dude…

    Another season, Another leak 🙁

    You guys should really request Bridge Studios to up their security. Make them hire some Wraith muscle or something, Or at least give them some P90’s to scare off those vultures.

  62. Answer: Hundreds of copies of the premiere were sent out to various media outlets for review so I’m not surprised.

    Could you please email me an email address for someone at Scifi that I can talk to about those? Not sure if they’d send them to bloggers, but it can’t hurt to ask.


  63. Joe, Can you explain why you don’t read fan fic. Is it a guild rule, because you are under contract to SGA, or you don’t want the possibility of taking ideas from someone not under contract?

  64. ok, so I know it is totally against the rules to download an episode that hasn’t aired yet…. but OMG!!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loved everything about it!

    The sets were fantastic, They all seem so much bigger! there were loads of cool space battle bits! The cast were fantastic, and i loved all the team bits and the character moments. JUST FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of it!!!! I loved the darker feel lighting, and how it just looked like it was filmed slightly different (I don’t know anything about TV so I’m not sure how it was different, but whatever it was, was great!)


    I cant wait for the rest of the season!


  65. Also.. just to add to the previouse comment……. I know it is agains the rules to download anything (not just unaired) but i am unable to get Atlantis on normal tv (i am not in a cable area, and my flat managment does not allow satalite dishes on the building.. grrr) so i don’t have much choise but to download…….. I do however always buy the DVDs as soon as they come out. Which i know doesn’t make it ok…. but it makes me feel slightly better!

    Thanks again!

  66. Well, Mr. Mallozzi, I, too, am weak-willed and saw S&R before I was supposed to, but…

    OMG!!!! Fantastic! Really good stuff. I saw Adrift & LL early, too, but watched them live anyway, as I will S&R and all subsequent episodes. While it’s unfortunate that these leaks happen, but it certainly whets my appetite for the rest of the season.

    Without giving anything plot-wise away, I love the look & feel of this episode, as well as last season. The team!love was awesome. Please, tell Rachel that she was wonderful and I look forward to seeing more of her this season.

  67. @ skyislander- I also really enjoyed the Left Hand of Darkness, even went so far as to hunt down a particular copy to buy after I read it from the library. I loved the cover from that particular edition and had to own it. It was a bit difficult to hunt down, but well worth it!

    Counting down the days till July 11th!

    Rice Time Yell

    My favourite!

  68. Hey Joe,

    Thanks so much for the answer to my question, its sooo cool just knowing that I “talked” to you. 🙂

    a big fan always-

  69. Today I was thinking about your ice cream that you posted the other day and I was wondering have you ever attempted to make your own marshmallow? I don’t know where that question came from but I thought I’d ask since I just finished making some.

  70. I’m a daily youtube.com atlantis music video lurker. I saw the leaked premier links pop up today. NOOOOOO!. That is so wrong. I promise I will not watch until it airs on SciFi but you early reviewers are killing me.

  71. Hi JM!

    Just got to wondering, do you watch Hell’s Kitchen? I’m not sure if it airs in Canada or not. In that case how about Kitchen Nightmares? Don’t know if it airs in Canada either…

    My husband and I have gotten hooked on it. For me, it’s like a train wreck that you just can’t look away from. I’m almost constantly amazed at both how easy and how hard cooking in a restaurant can be all at the same time. I think for my husband though, he likes to watch it to see the chefs being yelled at for a change, since he was a waiter that got yelled at by chefs all those many years ago.


  72. Trish (aka whovian)

    G. 😆 Chevron 7: I will FOREVER think of myself as:

    drum roll please…..

    A Creamy Spirit 😯

    How funny is that? It jumped out at me of the looong list of anagrams. That’s my full first and last name. Awesome.

    LOL! I love it Trish or should I say A creamy spirit?

    I just typed in Joe Flanigan it’s Go Ninja Flea, David Hewlett is That Devil Wed. 😀

    Cheers, Chev
    only manages grin

  73. Hey Joe.

    Since SGA is filmed in Canada, why doesn’t any of the newer seasons appear on the Space channel? Or can you only sell the show to one network?

    Thanks Joe.

  74. Hey Joe…one more thing.

    When you said you’d be off due to comic-con on the Thursday and Friday (25/26), what about 23/24 of July?

    Thanks Joe…It would be cool to meet you in person!!

  75. I gave in and watched S&R too. I can’t wait to talk about it publicly! It was great, and the production values and effects rocked. I would love to say more, but mum’s the word. Zip it!

  76. @das – I thought the elves got weaker as the series progressed. But I still loved them. I’m always fascinated by a species that have lived for so long and possess so much knowledge. So yes, I am a Wraith fan 🙂

    Chev re the bagpipes. Coming from a Scottish family I hear them and automatically feel miserable. Even at weddings … maybe it’s the actual bagpipes then?

    Narelle from Aus
    Llama Surfer One (I feel like I need to say Roger Out after that one)

  77. So Joe,
    How does it work? Does SciFi channel go after the poster of S&R on Youtube or do Brad and Rob go after the poster? Or not? If it is illegal to post the episodes, shouldn’t someone do something to discourage these guys? Also, do they go after just the poster of the illegal postings or do you go after the viewers too? Inquiring minds want to know!



  78. Two questions:

    1. Why the leaks only since you and Mr Mullie took over the show? I don’t remember episodes being leaked before then. No offence, but it’s starting to look a little suspicious. I mean, come on, is this your way of trying to generate interest?

    2. The Sheyla. Did you really have to? You’ll find the majority of fans aren’t interested in romance on the show, especially featuring the main characters. Rodney and Katie? Fine, because she wasn’t in it most of the time, so we weren’t hit over the head with it. The Sheppard/Teyla business? Honestly, he looks bored with her most of the time. They have more of a brother sister thing going on. Or a boss/subordinate. The Rodney/Keller/Ronon triangle? What is this? A soap? BSG? Do you really think a chick who’s into someone as wild looking as Ronon would also be into someone as nerdy and up himself as Rodney? Not going to happen. You talk about realism on the show, but these romances are about as unrealistic as you can get.

    Again, not offence intended, just an honest opinion. If the ‘romance’ continues in the way it was in S&R, I and most of the other no-romance people I know will be tuning out for good.

  79. Oh, and another thing.

    Can someone tell Scifi NOT to use Torri in its promo ads for the show? It’s misleading, it’s an insult to her fans to try to lure them in, only to have them disappointed again.

    You don’t seem to think the online fans are ‘real’ fans, and you care so much about casual fans. Show them a bit of respect and courtesy, and tell Scifi to quit lying to them.

    Also, is there any hope in the future of Torri coming back in any capacity, or have you and her burned that bridge completely? I’m still stunned that you didn’t’ think she was an asset and were content to lose her fans. Most shows like to build on their popular people and use them to draw in more fans. I will never, ever understand the logic behind that decision. To me, there was none.

  80. There’s a restaurant that I know in Pennsylvania that is ready for a Duel any time!!!

    As for me, I’m enjoying home made Foie Gras this weekend, just bread will do, there are no words on how good it is….

    As for the iPhone vs Blackberry, I have or had both, it depends the usage, I like them both but at different days of my life.

    – Blackberry: It’s great for work, meaning answering back to emails or sending emails, you have the company’s corporate directory so don’t need to have everybody’s phone number with you all the time, the pearl for example, is very ergonomic and if you don’t have big fingers, you can do everything with just one hand. So for calls and emails 10/10. What it doesn’t have is, what the iPhone has…

    – iPhone: To be able to be lost in a town in pennsylvania and just say to your iPhone, give me driving directions from where I am (only the iPhone knew where) to a Lake that I had previously googled the address and then from the Lake to home… priceless, or to know if I had to get my luggage up in the cabin on an airplane I just checked last minute if there was anybody sitting next to me on my phone… or to go to hertz.com and change the time of my reservation so they wouldn’t give away my car after they realized that I was arriving late and I had not made it in the first flight… plus I can upload pictures in Facebook, I know you hate it… check out the latest crazy video in Youtube, check what the weather is going to be when we are planning a picnic at a restaurant, as far as email goes… the writing drives me so crazy that I’m less email dependant, while with the blackberry I was on BB crack!

    Bottom line, when it’s a hard day at work, I wish I still had my iPhone with me, but otherwise, iPhone is perfect…

  81. Hi Mr M!

    Greetings from overcast Tipperary!

    Thank you for responding re: Episode 100, I look forward to it when it will air!

    Glad to see Fuel pics again, and the redoubtable Mr G and Stephanie. Any word on the European release date for YPF?

    Thanks again

    Also: am intrigued re: “….an opportunity has presented itself…” Is this travel orientated?

    Thanks again


  82. SInce I can’t tell whether or not you ever answered my other question here it is again—why won;t you guys reinstate Paul McGillion aka Carson Beckett as a full cast member again? You KNOW how badly his fans want him back! Only FIVE episodes?

    C’mon now! It apparently didn’t take you that long to decide to KILL him off! And you say you didn’t know how popular Carson Beckett was! Why did you promote him to full cast after the first season and then proceed to give him less and less episodes until you finally did the dirty deed?

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