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I was awakened at about 5:00 a.m. by the sound of one of my pugs, Maximus, in the throes of a major upchuck. GAK-GAK-GAK! In a flash, I was up and scrambling, motivated by concern, compassion, and the fact that he was on the bed. I scanned my surroundings for the nearest handy barf-catcher – a copy of Scientific American, my Easy Japanese instructional, Fondy’s latest issue of Flare. I didn’t even hesitate, grabbing Flare and moving to position it under Max before – GWAARK! Too late. Damn! By the time I returned to from the bathroom, toilet paper in hand, he had already repositioned himself well away from the mess and nodded off to sleep. Fortunately, he’d been lying at the foot of the bed. I cleaned up before he inevitably returned to eat his meal for a second time, then crawled back under the sheets. Two and a half hours later, I was awakened again by Maximus gnawing on my elbow (as is his early morning custom). Evidently, he was hungry. And why wouldn’t he be? He’d been robbed of half his dinner!

Well, there was no going back to sleep. I let the dogs out, fed them, and then, motivated by the results of my inner scan (q.v. last issue, ed.), hit the weights for an hour. I followed up with a protein shake, a shower, a look at the comments posted by you, dear readers, and then it was off to our couples massage.

Yes, in celebration of our ten year wedding anniversary (for those who don’t know, each wedding anniversary is associated with a traditional gift. For instance, 6 years is iron, 7 is copper, 8 is electrical appliances, 9 is pottery, and 10, apparently, is massage oil and not, as I erroneously assumed, shrapnel). Anyway, we headed over to the spa where we were shown to our massage room. Within minutes, we were lying down on some uncomfortable straw mattresses, faces resting in what I suspect were plush toilet seats fastened to the ends of the massage table. I must admit, this experience wasn’t quite as horrific as the last one (read all of the terrifying details here: although my masseuse did seem to take a sadistic pleasure in really working my right shoulder. Despite this, I nodded off three times before waking up the third and final time with the massage ended and my right shoulder incredibly sore and stiff.

We had lunch at Fortune Garden where we enjoyed some truly awesome prawn in house sauce, gai-lan with oyster sauce, and pan-fried turnip cake (Sorry, no pics. I forgot my camera. But we’ll be back).

We returned home for exactly 2:00 p.m., perfectly timed to coincide with the hour at which the plumber said he’d stop by. When the plumber did finally arrive at approximately 3:45 p.m., we brought him downstairs to check out the tiny room that houses our water heater. Like parsley and those art galleries found in certain hotels, it’s a room that is mostly ignored unless something is amiss – like, say, water damage caused by a leaky pipe. Apparently, there are two outlets for the system in the event of an overflow and, normally, they should plumb directly into the drain at the heart of the room. In our case, however, both outlets simply deposited the water directly onto the floor. “Ohhhh,”our plumber shook his head as he inspected the water damage. “Your house inspector should have caught this.” Pulling out his handy PFD, he scanned the walls. Beep-beep-beep. “Ohhh. Looks like the moisture made it into the walls.” And later, once the trim was removed. “Ohhh. That’s mold.” When all is said and done, it’ll cost about $2000 to dig out the mold, dry the walls, and replace the trim. I can’t help but think that if we lived in igloos like most of our Canadian neighbors (a_frayn who admonished me for yesterday’s entry and suggested I “show some Canadian respect”, please take note), this wouldn’t have been an issue.

The rest of the day was spent reading and watching the dogs sunbathe. It was 29 degrees Celsius today which is (correctly me if I’m wrong) approximately 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot!

Tomorrow = more of the same. Except without the massage, the visit by our tardy plumber, and the dog vomit.

Today’s entry is dedicated to the real life Dr. Beckett and to birthday boy Nathaniel.  Also, my right shoulder.

94 thoughts on “May 17, 2008: Now with 100% more dog vomit!

  1. You know, for a holiday weekend, you sure fill in a lot of stuff!

    My husband once had a shiatsu massage, then tried to ride his motorcycle back home. The poor guy damn near crashed before he made it back to the house. Good thing he was only a few blocks away when he got the muscle wobbles. 😛

    And it’s never good when the repairman starts most his conversations with head shaking or making that ’tisk tisk’ noise. Luckily my father-in-law is pretty darn handy when it comes to fixing things. Saves a lot o’ cash on the repair bills.

    Personally, my tool kit comprises of a butter knife (the perfect flat screwdriver and bread crust remover in one), a coffee mug (great for hammering things … or for a tasty beverage), and a cellphone (for calling the above mentioned father-in-law).

    Maybe a nap tomorrow?

    – Nika

  2. Our rescued beagle, Bess, threw up every time we fed her table scraps (yes, we feed our dogs table scraps… it’s easier than throwing it all away, and less wasteful, too!) so I know how you feel!!! I must have had to clean up at least 20 doggie puke messes until we decided not to feed her any more leftovers (now our dachshund, Hershey Kisses, gets them 😉

    GAH!!! 29 degrees centigrade is about 83 degrees Fahrenheit…. which is SOOO hot!!! The temperature fluctuations in Vancouver must somewhat mimic those found in Cleveland, then, eh? I remember one friday it was so hot we were all wearing shorts, but by Sunday it was snowing!!!!

  3. okay so since there was no mailbag(Happy anniversary by the way 😉 )

    again my qotd- Are we going to(or can you tell us) what Maj. Lorne’s degree is in? Pretty please???? 😀

    A couple of us are thinking Geology thanks to his original appearance in “Enemy Mine” but we weren’t sure, and are therefore curious.

  4. Alas, you remind me of what I don’t miss about having dogs. But thanks anyway, because it keeps things in perspective whenever I start thinking about puppy-shopping.

    Which reminds me: will the Mallozzi canines ever appear in Atlantis?

  5. You have my condolences on the dog vomit, but not for the leaky pipes, because that just happened to me and it was a horrible experience. What can I say, misery loves company. Especially if said company is a TV Executive.

    Actually, we had it worse than you. We live in an apartment, and instead of the walls of the ignored room needing a fix, it was the walls of our bathroom. This was made worse by the fact that it were the walls right beside the toilet and the bathtub, with the result being that we were unable to use the facilities in our own apartment, and had to go downstairs and use the building’s.

    The building is very creepy at night, I’ll tell you that.

    After a few days, the toilet was fixed, but the bathtub was still out of commission. Mom and Dad used the downstairs showers, but me, with my laziness and disdain for “roughing it” gave up showering for a week. It wasn’t fun. I was finally forced into it when I realized that I had to return to school for a final time the next day for my last Final, and I wasn’t about to give my friends an Olfactory experience of a lifetime and make it the last memory of me before Summer Break.

    The shower downstairs didn’t go, since the water never bothered to heat up. I had to use our…get this…neighbour’s shower. Good thing we’re all good friends.

    That shower robbed me of probably 5 pounds due to the awkwardness of the shower head and the balancing act I had to perform in the tiny bathroom to make sure I don’t fallover a few dozen times.

    So yeah…quit your complaining! 😛

    And now…questions!

    1. Will Shep’s Ancient gene be important to the story again this season, like it was in Travelers?

    2. Will the Genii appear this season?

    3. Will we learn anything new about the Ancient-Wraith war of 10000 year ago this season?

    4. Any new, cryptic hints on the 100th episode you’d like to share?

  6. Call me a sap, but I love the dog pics. I also read the barfing portion of your post out loud to the family. There’s nothing better than a good barf story, you know!

    I added an item to my “Things I Learned at the Police Station” list this week: It’s a bad idea to have a hobby involving explosives if you are on oxygen. Yeah, it was as bad as it sounds. You might want to pass this one on to Marty G., just to be on the safe side.

    I really, really miss Friday nights with Atlantis! After a fairly traumatic week, which included a whole shift supervising the world’s most incompetent trainee, I was forced to make do with eating chocolate frosting with a spoon for my Friday stress relief instead of Atlantis and wine! The wine was there, but it just doesn’t go with frosting.

  7. Congrats on 10 years Joe and Fondy!

    It was a pretty morning here in Columbus as well (but went to kinda crappy this afternoon then back to nice this evening)l. We had the Susan G Koman Race for the Cure today and I saw many dogs with their humans. I saw an adorable pug and thought of you immediately.

    Well, I hope tomorrow will start off better for you (and the dog)! I do have to say, all this dog talk (vomit and all) makes me miss mine more than ever!

  8. Better dog barf than the human kind…I notice no mention of reading.That pile of books won’t just disappear. Happy anniversery, and thanks for the pics of the “kids”. Now, an appearance by Cookie Monster and the Baron, and I think you will have achieved perfection in blogging over the weekend. Carpe Canem and enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

  9. Hey Joe…so much for sleeping in:)

    I was watching SGA’a season 3 Irresponsible last night, and I wanted to know is there any chance of seeing Lucius again? He is probably one of the funnest guest stars you guys have had on!

    Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend…I sure am!

  10. I woke up to kitty vomit on my living room carpet! We are the same! Bad day for bellies I suppose.

    It sucks that you had bad massage experiences. I’ve only had one my whole life a few months ago and it was amazzzing. It required three z’s to convey the amazingness. Better luck next time!

  11. I feel for you with the massage. I went to a jimjilbang/spa in Korea once and opted for a massage.

    “This will be great!” I thought. “Just what I need! A nice, relaxing massage.”

    It started out with what I thought at the moment was a facial, which I later learned was an innocuous method of covering my eyes so I wouldn’t be able to view the employment of torture that was soon to follow.

    After having the top 8,000 layers of skin scrubbed off my body, I was summarily beaten with what felt like crowbars, but which, I suppose, could have been forearms made of plywood. Old Korean lady packed quite the punch.

    After successfully suppressing my screams of anguish for 30 minutes (thank God I didn’t opt for the full hour), I was hosed down and given a smile of goodbye.

    I had a fun time discovering all my bruises the next day. What kind of person enjoys this type of massage, I ask???

  12. Happy Deci-versery!

    The SciFi Channel just confirmed the July 11 premiere date for SGA s5
    Perfect reason to get the s4 box set on the 8th.

  13. Oh yes… I second an an appearance by Cookie Monster and the Baron!

    I know… the cookie monster and Baron describe their experiences with a massage technican!!!

    Happy Anniversay!!! Thanks for the pic’s of the puppies… adorable!!!

    Cheers mate!


  14. Love the dogs shots. I’ll take your 29 C over the snow still hovering on the Hudson Bay. Although the polar bear I saw the other day doesn’t seem to mind that it’s still snowing. Us humans on the other hand…maybe I should move to Vancouver.

  15. As you swelter in the Vancouver heat, take heart in knowing that it’s even *hotter* here in LA. 95 today, and me with no AC. So your colleagues who headed south didn’t avoid the heat!

    Sympathies on the early morning doggie-barf call. I know that sound well with my kitties but I have to be honest – I just push them off the bed, and clean it up when I get up. There tends to be less of it I suspect.

  16. Happy Anniversary. What, no large pieces of expensive jewelry? Actually, I got a trip to Kona for my 20th, so I can’t complain. Too much. Hubby is romantic, for our 11th he got me a diamond anniversary band and hid it in my drink under the ice. That very nearly turned out badly. Very badly.

    My elderly Japanese neighbor used to give us shiatsu on the neck and shoulders as her way of thanking hubby for handyman chores. Itai!!!!

    My cats barf often. They’re cats. On the bed, mostly. But if they hit the floor, I have to hustle with the paper towel and clean it up before the dog eats it. Then she pukes. Oh yeah, joy joy. It gets nastier, but even I draw the TMI line now and then.

    Our water heater is in a super-secret room, there’s no door. You have to unscrew six screws which hold a wall in place in the basement bathroom. The water heater only takes up half the space, so we have a hidey-hole for rum runners and moonshiners, illicit poker games, or an opium den. I’m holding out for the opium. The dog votes poker.

  17. You’ve done it again! You’ve written Mat as your title instead of May! Sheesh I would think as an avid reader and a writer that you would take more care in making sure your spelling is in top shape! Sorry but I’m very picky about these things.

    Vomit. Ew. My dog does that too, she threw up on my bed once and boy was I grossed out, I mean come on! She could have done it on the floor. So now whenever she starts coughing like she has a hairball stuck in her throat I kick her off my bed and/or put her outside just to be on the safe side.

    I’ve never had a massage before, I’m not sure if I would like it but if you fell asleep it couldn’t have been too bad. Also 29 degrees Celsius is actually 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides that’s not so hot, here in Australia last summer (around November-ish) we had something like 40 degrees Celsius, and even with the air conditioner on it is still too hot.

    Looking forward to your next blog entry! (and no more dog vomit!)

  18. Was it really 29 today? It felt a lot hotter to me but I never knew exactly how hot it got. I was in the sun all day 🙁 Got some bad sun burn on my face to boot, not to mention I was rather Dehydrated. I hope it cools off soon, because I can’t take this heat much longer, but I’ve heard it’s going to rain which will be for once a welcome change. Have a good long weekend 😀

  19. Hi Joe, Happy anniversary.
    just a question on Atlantis personnel. Would Australians be there as military personnel or would they be there as part of the scientific contingent. Sorry if you’ve been asked this before but I’m pretty new to your blog.

  20. It took me a while to look up how hot 29 degrees celsius is in fahrenheit (forgive me, I’m American and failed the celsius to fahrenheit conversion in school. I never could understand that math). From the chart I found it sounds like it was only around 86 degrees fahrenheit in Vancouver. That’s it? 86 degrees is nice compared to Bishop today. Today it got to about 98 degrees (and it’s a dry heat) and it’s only supposed to get hotter. Now I’ll give you the fact that Vancouver I know gets a whole lot more rain than Bishop and so the humidity adds to the heat there. The last time Bishop got any rain worth mentioning was back in January. We got more than our yearly average rainfall in about 10 hours… 5 inches. The weather-people have projected that Bishop will be about 100 degrees with clouds on Monday and I’m going to be working alone at Baskin Robbins until 30 minutes before my shift is up. I’ll let you know if I survive.

  21. Joe…

    PG15 mentioned yesterday that it would be interesting (and fun) to see Todd and Rodney trapped alone somewhere…just the two of them…both hungry…both cranky… 😀

    Would love to see something like that, but even if we don’t get it, will we at least have some amusing moments in The Queen with (from what I understand) Ronon, Rodney and Shep hanging out on a hive ship while Todd’s off with Teyla, or is it all going to be deadly serious?


  22. P.S.

    Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. And I know the trouble with dog puke. Try having your baby cousin, the cat, AND the dog puke at the same time.

  23. Sorry for the double post, but I couldn’t seem to post earlier – the page kept going wonky – and this post seems to have been lost…(if it’s a dup, just ignore it, delete it…whatever)

    Wow…doggy puke stories are just like kitty puke stories. 😛

    The pictures are ADORABLE!! *squishes ’em all* Thanks for sharing!!

    Congrats on your anniversary! Hubby and I celebrated our 18th back on March 31st. We don’t do anything traditional – except a nice dinner out with family (this year we went here:

    Unfortunately, we’ve been too busy to have our ‘just the two of us’ anniversary dinner where we go every year: But we will, we will…as soon as that government stimulus check rolls in… 😀

    But I did – just today – finish my ‘anniversary gift’ for both of us – a little Japanese tea garden on the side of our house. Done on a buget, but it came out really nice. I did it all myself – started over the winter with the stones and rocks, then installed bamboo fencing last week (over existing ugly fence), and today adding the finishing touch – a water feature. I couldn’t find an acceptable water basin, so created a pond (more like a puddle) with a small trickle, but eventually I want to find a nice bamboo water pipe, or a small deer chaser – but that’s for later – for now, it’s done. Most expensive thing I had to buy for it was a yukimi lantern, but it was worth it. I hope that, in a couple of years when everything settles and the moss is fully established, it will look like it’s been there for a hundred years.


  24. (Will…try…again. For some reason, the site keeps rejecting this post, I think it might have been because of a restaurant link in it, which I took out…see if it works THIS time! )

    Wow…doggy puke stories are just like kitty puke stories. 😛

    The pictures are ADORABLE!! *squishes ’em all* Thanks for sharing!!

    Congrats on your anniversary! Hubby and I celebrated our 18th back on March 31st. We never do anything traditional – only a nice dinner out with family (this year we went to Moonfish Grill in Cape May). Unfortunately, we’ve been too busy to have our ‘just the two of us’ anniversary dinner at the Washington Inn, but we will, we will…as soon as that government stimulus check rolls in… 😀

    But I did – just today – finish my ‘anniversary gift’ for both of us – a little Japanese tea garden on the side of our house. Done on a buget, but it came out really nice. I did it all myself – started over the winter with the stones and rocks, then installed bamboo fencing last week (over existing ugly fence), and today adding the finishing touch – a water feature. I couldn’t find an acceptable water basin, so created a pond (more like a puddle) with a small trickle, but eventually I want to find a nice bamboo water pipe, or a small deer chaser – but that’s for later – for now, it’s done. Most expensive thing I had to buy for it was a yukimi lantern, but it was worth it. I hope that, in a couple of years when everything settles and the moss is fully established, it will look like it’s been there for a hundred years.


  25. Early-morning dog vomit on your bed is better than early- morning child vomit on your bed.


  26. Pft. It was 104F here today (39ish give or take in Celcius). I finally caved in and had to turn on the A/C.

  27. Happy Anniversary! First and foremost. 🙂

    LOL @ the dog pics….what a crew! They are so cute. 🙂 Good thing they’re cute, too, or antics like Maximus’ today would have them in the…errr…proverbial ‘dog house.’ (And no, I did NOT take all day to think that one up.)

    I’m bad at telling which one is which, tho’, except for Lulu since those French Bulldog ears are a dead giveaway. 😉 Which one is the one by the planter? LOL what a pose!

    How’s the outline comin’?

  28. I am quite familiar with the choking, gagging sound that announces the dog vomit. Cole’s favorite time is between 2 and 3 am right outside my bedroom door.

    I feel quite proud of the fact that I have managed to control my on gag reflex when having to clean it up. Being a large dog (chow/lab mix) it is NOT a little bitty mess.

    Just writing about it makes me have to fight the gagging reflex so I’ll end the topic now.

  29. Happy anniversary, Joe. Great pictures of the pooches.

    Berkeley, California got down to about 83F (29C) and it was a great relief. Compared to 100F (38C) it was just balmy. Our heat wave hasn’t really broken, but it has cracked.

  30. 1st a Belated Happy Anniversary! (I’ve been wanting a message for a long time… I really should treat myself) too bad you didn’t really enjoy it.

    2nd – it’s 9:30 pm where I am and it’s still 86 degrees I believe we had a high of about 102 today and it’s not even summer! I know that where you are thinking the mid 80’s is hot is common but where I come from that’s gravy…

    3rd – As for dog vomit, I use to have a basset hound when I was in high school and college and she’d have vomiting issues every-time she got hold of the oleander bushes. Yes I know that they are not to eat them but every once in a while she’s get hold of a leave and yes just like you I’d awake to that ungodly sound, but it usually resulted in my need to strip the bed completely, many times in the middle of the night, before getting back to sleep, while the dog just looked at me like I was crazy for making her get down while I cleaned up the bed.

  31. Crazymom
    I really, really miss Friday nights with Atlantis! After a fairly traumatic week, which included a whole shift supervising the world’s most incompetent trainee, I was forced to make do with eating chocolate frosting with a spoon for my Friday stress relief instead of Atlantis and wine! The wine was there, but it just doesn’t go with frosting.

    How amazing is it that I was doing the chocolate frosting eating myself! My trauma involved getting a new upgrade on the phone system at work in the middle of the day which involved invalid extensions, lost voicemail and changed phone numbers to further ingratiate our customers to us. My manager would not let me throw the phone at the phone people so I had to settle for chocolate frosting.

  32. Thanks Joe!!!

    Congrats on the ten years. 🙂

    You planning on being a guest at the vancouver con?

  33. I can’t help myself. I have to ask. Are you going to have the water heater earthquake proofed? Please?

    Here’s how:

    It was 107 degrees in Tarzana today, and a practically artic 96 where I live. I think I’m one of the few people who come up to Vancouver for the cold and rain.

    Glad to hear that Maximus is okay, and the pups look spring doped…in a good way.

  34. Happy anniversary! How very exciting–10 years! Even if the day wasn’t quite the perfection I’m sure you hoped it would be. Good luck with those pipes!

  35. Ah, that’s what I call the Urk-Urk-Urk noise. I usually sleep like the dead, but that noise will wake me every time. My feet will hit the floor before my eyes are even open.

    Beautiful weather here in Denver, too!

  36. I can relate to the early morning vomit wake-up call, except mine involved a cat, a hairball, and being closer to me than the foot of the bed.

    Your dogs are adorable. They look totally blissed out.

    Happy anniversary. Congrats on ten years (I’d have thought shrapnel for that long as well…learn something new every day).

  37. Hi Joe,
    Happy anniversary! Hope you both had a lovely day!

    Cool! More cute piccies of your dogs!

    Take care & happiness always!


  38. One of my kitties upchucks regularly, and usually manages to do it on the carpeting or Native American rugs. So one of the best presents anyone has ever given me is my Bissell Automatic SpotBot. Otherwise, the little brat….

    And if I were to try to put paper where he was aiming, he’d just bounce off to a new place and continue to upchuck there. You can’t win with them, you can only figure out ways to control the damage.

  39. Ugh…any kind of barf. Your descriptive 100% more just reinforced the shudders at the word vomit.

    The entire west seems to be in a heat wave..and looking forward to some relief. I really have a problem with some people who have a very central and selfish pronouncement about air conditioning. When I moved to coastal central Calif I was told, “…AC?; you don’t need AC. So you have to depend on nature to cool; BUT…they do allow you to have heat. wheeee. Then without the environmental controls you are at the mercy of the people with the grills and gallons of lighter fluid; smokers; and when they fertilize the fields…lovely aromas….NOT! Thank you for the opportunity to vent.

    Wonderful to see the bow wows again. And, now I can compare ears. Maximus, looks like a barrel of muscle and relaxed ears. Lulu is a bundle of energy and the alert ears. Thanks for the close up to see the tatoo which is not visible should the ears be relaxed.

    Nice combo to have the 4 day break and the anniversary together. Your meal sounded great.
    Hope the remainder of the weekend is good; along with continued celebration – yeah, more feedings. Plus you always seem to have great stories.

    We need to incorporate Lord Froodock celebrations into our big calendar.

    Good luck with your home fixing adventures. Hope it does not become too painful in the head or pocket.

  40. I wish I had your 29°C. I’m currently living with 38°C or 100°F temps in far too sunny So. California.

    Also, I swear your black pug looks like a rabbit.

    Will you be attending Comic Con this year?

  41. 29 degrees. meh.
    That ain’t hot Joe!!

    I’m just relieved that summer is finally over here in Australia and I can finally look forward to some rain (rain?! whats that again??) and daily temps below 25… yeah winter!!

  42. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. I think that too often these days we hear about the sadness of failed marriages. It’s heartwarming to be reminded that love is the norm.

    Your puppies are just so adorable in those pictures. I truly love the 2nd from the bottom one – Max, right? – which should be subtitled, “Go away, mister, you’re bothering me.” I miss having an animal or three around the house. Maybe, again, someday. But then again, no animal in the house means not having barf emergencies. Such a quandry.

    As for your lunch, I’d just like to state my opinion that gai-lan is the most wonderful vegetable on the planet, and gai-lan with oyster sauce is so yummy I’m drooling right now. Dammit, and I’m out, which means I’m going to have to brave tomorrow’s rainy 13C weather to go to the big Chinese grocery store to buy a nice big bag full. Mmmmmm. (Or I could go get dim sum, but that would be doing it the easy way.)

  43. Coucou Joseph!! =D Ahhh j’adore vos journée! elle sont tellement passionnante!! Je ne sais pas comment vous faites pour vous réveillez aussi tôt!..
    Vos chien son vraiment adorable! 29 degrés pas mal, moi qui croyer qu’il faisait toujours frois au Canada^^!

    ♥♥JOyeux 10iem anniversaire de Mariage♥♥

    Alala c’est beau l’amour^^! Moi,mais parent vont fêtaient leurs 19 ans.

    Yéé!! jadore les massage,je trouve sa génial!!

    Bon aller Gros Bisou! je vous adore fort!!!^^!!!

  44. Hi, I tried that bacon chocolate and salty chocolate that you had at your chocolate party–my sister and some friends and I liked them, but some other people made faces….:( Also, a question: What do Wraith find tastier, an elderly person, or some young twenty-ish person, or someone in the middle?
    Have a nice, relaxing weekend, by the way! 🙂

  45. Sorry, I forgot to ask this also: how exactly does the Book of the Month thing work? When do we get to ask questions of the authors???

  46. I know exactly what you mean about Maximus. My chocolate lab has an upset stomach at least twice a week (I keep telling him dirt isn’t for eating). His whole body ripples from front to back when he starts gakking. Then I have to heave him away from the inevitable mess before he “eats his meal for a second time”. It’s kind of funny…but mostly gross. I don’t know whether to laugh or throw up myself.

  47. Eww, eww, eww, eww, eww!!!

    I started to read the comments but couldn’t – too many vomit stories. Ugh!

    Re: massage – I couldn’t think of anything worse someone could give me for a present.

    Sorry about your water heater problems. I just got a new gas hot water system. I went several weeks without hot water while I shopped for one and organised installation. I was boiling water for lukewarm baths etc – not fun at all.

    Happy anniversary to you and Fondy. Did you know that 11 years anniversary is electronic gadgets? It’s not, but try that one on Fondy 🙂 Best wishes.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. I’ve always wondered, is the control room in the tallest spire on Atlantis?

    Cheers, Chev

  48. Sylvia (aka skgraff) has done it again! Mere days after the July BOMC selections were announced, a box from arrived bringing me copies of all three. Thank you, Sylvia! You are just too kind!

    Anne Teldy

  49. Didn’t take my advice on getting her that piece of tin? Well, be it on your head if things go sour. I personally would have been touched if my husband presented me with a piece of the garage. My heart is a flutter with the thought.

    Amongst all of that was a big CONGRATULATIONS! 10 years in this day and age is the equivalent of what, 30,000 years of marriage in our Grandparents day? (I used the same unit of measurement as what you did converting Celsius to Fahrenheit)

    Doggie vomit is only called vomit if you have to clean it up, otherwise it is dinner… again. Worse still, Dog A vomits, Dog B says “mmmmbrunch”.

    29 degrees still isn’t bikini weather here (but what I wouldn’t do for 29 right now). Aaaaand now I have the mental picture of you in a bikini… with a beach ball … *slap* … that’s better.

    Being a dancer (retired) I used to get a massage every week. I came across this one masseuse who apparently was part psychic. He said that my soul was old and this would be my last life. Thanks for the pep talk buddy!

    Anyway, enough of my ramblings.

    Have a great anniversary night together 🙂
    Best Wishes.

  50. Hi Joe,
    I don’t often comment although I usually read all your entries (and drool at the yummy food !). That said I’m a pile of nerves as on Friday I’m off to Italy! This is my first trip to Europe, and also my first trip to a country in which English is not the spoken language…. Hard to believe I know, but when you live in NZ it’s a long way to everywhere. In any case, in between a healthy dose of fear/paranoia (pickpockets in Rome, my luggage getting mis-routed at Heathrow etc etc) I need some advice on what foods to try while I’m there. I’ll be north of Lucca (work conference), the Cinque Terre and Rome. Any suggestions of special places to go/foods to try?

  51. Hi Joe.

    You have icky dogs, i’m glad ours were outside mutts.
    Wow, ten years huh. Just think, only forty more to go before you make it to the golden anniversary.
    29 is not hot you big wuss.

    You responded! Yay! Now i’m kicking myself i didn’t include pregnant women in the question. (Thinks of Todd saying Teyla would make a tasty meal) love his humour.

    Todd and Rodney stuck together in a room for an extended period would be hilarious.

    More info on faced wraith reproduction please.

    Das said
    Would love to see…….some amusing moments in The Queen with (from what I understand) Ronon, Rodney and Shep hanging out on a hive ship while Todd’s off with Teyla, or is it all going to be deadly serious?

    Thinks of the little drabble you wrote *evil grin* hopes for comedy or some wraith info not just a lot of standing around. Will we get to see the wraith technicians doing some work instead of Rodney?

    Das said
    I asked Bam Bam about the ‘half-naked’ thing…only I said ’shirtless’… *wonders what gutter BlueJay’s mind is in…*
    I’m thinking along the lines of old kung fu movies, with the fighter stripped to the waist, long hair flowing as he moves. It’s just a stunning visual. We’ve never seen a shirtless Wraith before. Who knows, maybe they have six nipples, or something…

    I meant shirtless (but pantless would also be exceptable).
    With the discussion recently about male lactation they very well could have six nipples, (hopes it isn’t true). I unfortunately conjured up the image of them with long flowing chest hair done in plaits, ‘Where’s the wax!”
    And Das others are here on the ‘save the wraith campaign’, we’re just not as eloquent as you, so you do the serious talking.

    I’m putting this here again as i have no idea if you read every post or just skim them,
    You should read this, it’s funny and you’re in it. It’ll take all of five minutes so give it a go.
    (if you really want to embarrass wraithie who wrote it, print out a copy and give it to Chris H. to read when he’s on break. Perhaps just the last part.)

    Tell us if you read it so i can pass it on. Other people as well if they want.

    and i’ve hogged the page again, bad me!


    (are wraith green all over)

  52. My condolences on the heat wave. Ironic that I live in the armpit of the US (Atlanta) and we’re cooler than you are! I am sure, however, that it is on its way to make me want to emigrate to Canada, as I do every summer. 🙂

    Belated anniversary wishes to you and Fondy. I’m impressed she’s put up with you this long!

    Oh, dog barf. Always fun. Love and appreciate your small dogs. For you haven’t lived until you’ve seen what a 100-pound dog can produce!

  53. Thanks for the dedication to Carl! I’m phoning him RIGHT now :-D. I’m sure that’ll put even more pressure on him to not mess up his practical on Friday…or he’ll not be a doc!!! lol

    Continue to enjoy your weekend and I hope the good weather keeps up :-).

  54. Happy Anniversary, Joe! It sounds like you had quite an eventful day and not necessarily in an entirely good way, but look on the bright side: at least the mold hasn’t spread very far. $2,000 is relatively cheap in comparison to some folks I know who had to pay to get the sheet rock and insulation torn out and replaced in 3 rooms, as well as having to replace the bad siding on the outside of their house (quality control issue rather than plumbing leak).

    Regarding the weather, I’m ready for it to go back to the Pacific Northwest coast stereotype of cool, overcast and drizzly. :-p Seriously, if I’d wanted this sort of heat, I’d have moved back to Southern California.

  55. Why are you vomiting around with the dogs? Shouldn’t you be in Cannes? 🙂

  56. After reading what happen to you i took a look at my water heater and lord behold the overflow pvc pipes point directley to the floor!!! I am redoing them to go directley to the drain..thanks Joe sorry about your

  57. Happy Anniversary Joe and Fondy! Any words of wisdom on relationships?

    I’ve had my fair share of uncomfortable massages including a very public shiatsu massage in a Vancouver shopping centre when I was there a few years ago – hey I was a budget traveller.. Last year though I tried a new masseuse who finished the hour off with what I can only describe as a playful spanking. I was mortified. Humiliated even.. but so shocked I couldn’t bring myself to say WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING MAN!

  58. Happy Anniversary! Every anniversary seems to be steel for me. Our first anniversary, I gave my husband a sword that looks like the one from the Highlander tv series. He now has a few Lord of the Rings swords, and this year he’ll get the second of a pair modeled after his favorite fantasy character’s swords.

  59. Hey, happy anniversary to you and Fondy, Joe. Maybe the vomit was Maximus’ present to you.

    Your water problem reminded me of our latest water issue. About a month ago my sister and I were in the downstairs part of our house rewatching Alias when we heard this dripping. It started really slow, about once a minute, but started to speed up after ten minutes and got really fast. We went over to where the sound was coming from and noticed drops of water forming along the wall. Then realised our housemates were having a shower in the en suite directly above us. After going up to try and let them know, then coming back down, the leak had progressed to a miniature waterfall, almost attacking my nice pile of books and some electrical cables. The entire downstairs section almost flooded from a fifteen minute shower. Luckily for us it was just the seals that needed fixing.

    At least you didn’t have an indoor waterfall. While I’m sure it would be a fashionable feature somewhere, it gets old once you realise you could probably manage indoor sailing as well!

  60. Joe, Joe, Joe, 29C is not hot silly bean! 😛

    Maybe you shouldn’t come to Tampa. I think it was 96F here yesterday. But that’s not the worst part. It’s all about the humidty…and I think we get about 1000% humidity here. On a good day.

    You MIGHT be OK coming to Tampa in the middle of February. It can get cold then. I think. Let me get back to you on that. 😉

    About sick dogs: My dogs ALWAYS choose to get sick when I’m not home and when they can be on the area rugs, carpet, or any stuffed animal that has the misfortune of being on the floor. They never think to get sick on the tile or wood. Since they are pyrenees, it’s disgusting cleaning up after them. That’s all I will say because anything more is TMI.

    Couples massage? I doubt I could ever talk Jeremy into doing that. But it would be fun!



  61. Je voudrais vous posez une question:

    Allons nous voir Ford dans la saison 5? Si la réponse est “NON”, pourquoi l’avoir “tuer” de cette façon en nous laissant un espoir de le revoir?

    oui c’est vraiment nul, pour des milliers de personnes il n’est pas mort! Je pense que beaucoup de gens seraient content de le revoir et de savoir se qu’il c’est passer dans l’éxplosion, alors pourquoi ne pas le faire revenir?

  62. Wow, 83 degrees! That would be a nice balmy day in Palm Springs. Yesterday it was around 110 degrees (and the interior of my car registered 121 degrees – ouch)!

    My cat is 17 years old this month, and for the past week has been ill with stomach issues – so I know all about animals vomiting. When her sister was alive, they used to leave little “gifts” all over the house – including mommy’s shoes! Now, my baby always seems to pick the carpet to throw up on – rarely the tile (and the house is 90% tile)!

  63. Happy 10th Anniversary Joe and Fondy! 🙂

    Those pics of your dogs are adorable but the lovely Vomit story has preceeded to make ME feel quite queasy. 😕

  64. At last, some track information for Stargate fans for Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year (August 29th-Sept 1st):

    I’ve lived near Atlanta over 17 yrs and this is the first time I plan on going – mostly because of Stargate Atlantis. They already have several SG people confirmed to attend including David Nykl, Robert Picardo and Jewell Staite. I hope more Atlantis people will come too.

    My water leak saga from last week continued as it did turn out to be a pipe in the wall rather than just the refrigerator line (which was a minute drip). I currently have a large hole cut in the living room wall and had to spend 4 nights at my brother’s house before the pipe could be patched on Saturday. Fortunately my Dad and my brother are handy at these things and I only have to pay for materials – unfortunately I have to wait to they get the regular clients work done during the week.

  65. Happy anniversary! And wishes for cool breezes to sunbathing doggies 🙂

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the entertaining writing and pictures. I’m a big Stargate fan (all of it – movies, shows, trading card game, soon to be mmo, though not the anime…) and I appreciate hearing about the behind the scene workings and the videos and photos. Thank you very much an I look forward to reading more.

    Also, I have a question. Why do two part episodes only fall on the mid or season finale? I’m not talking about the ongoing story arcs that last for episodes but the bona fide two parter with the first part ending in “To be continued…” Is this a writer/producer decision or is the network calling for it? I watch Doctor Who and Torchwood and it seems those two parters get thrown in anywhere. Of course, I know their seasons (series) are different and I am watching them on ‘Merican TV so that might be the reason.

    And, as a kind of follow up to that – if you got to call the shots as a writer/director/producer, would you do more two parters?

    Many thanks,

  66. Happy anniversary to you and Fondy.

    My cat does the barfing thing after bringing home a dead bird which she eats leaving feathers and unmentionable stuff everywhere. Beware the early morning with bare feet. Strange thing is she eats virtually every part of a mouse except the nose with the whiskers and the little tiny stomach. Very picky.

  67. Hi Joe~~~
    Congratulations on you 10 year anniversary!
    I have to deal with kitty puking all the time as I have 2 long-haired cats…so I feel for you…lol….btw…Did you happen to catch the season finale of MOONLIGHT??….Claudia Black played a vampire ” CLEANER”..( group of vamps that erases any signs of vampire activity; so that their society stays hidden from mortal humans..)..I have to say she looked awesome!…Vala was my favorite character on SG-1….I hope she comes back in the next season(MOONLIGHT)….would really like to see her on Atlantis…….:-)
    ****Theresa from Baltimore, Maryland)*****

  68. Regarder moi ce chef d’oeuvre! Une belle video avec plein de scéne des serie se science fiction qui ce passe dans l’é je ne vous parle même pas de la musique lol, je vous laisse admirez^^

    Enfin un qui est d’accord avec moi sur ce nous faut pleins de Frenchi pour tuer les méchants lol XD

  69. Hey, Joe, just wanted to swing in real quick and wish you and Fondy a very Happy 10th Anniversary. Sounds like you had a ‘memorable’ one.

    Thanks for the awesome doggy pics. Looks like they’re really enjoying the nice weather.


  70. Joe

    All your doggies look very very plump.. I really think they have made it to doggie heaven…


  71. have just completed watching S4 of sga. (you made some money, i paid for it off amazon download). i loved the reference to ’42’ being the meaning of life. miss doug adams. science fiction and humor. hard to do, even harder to do well. he did.

  72. Happy 10th Anniversary – hubby and me celebrated our tenth earlier this year – nothing big; he brought me flowers, I brought him some nice red wine and we went to a nice resturant. Nice though.

    Love the pics of the dogs – though when hubby saw them he said I should tell you to mow the lawn – as if you have time to do that what with everything else! It’s not like the grass was all that long anyway!

    Didn’t get that hot where I live today – nice at one point and then the breeze started up and it went a bit chilly. But I did get some nice pics of the hawthorn in flower and ducks and swans on a pond (little lake) near my parents’ house.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing four of my pics here:

    Hawthorn (the white flowers)

    Swan (flapping wings)

    Mallard ducks (three males and a female)

    The local pond (local to my parents)


  73. Congratulations on 10 years to Fondy and Joe!! Wishes for many many more!! Loved the pup pictures, they are just so photogenic, and must hate to have their pictures taken(not).
    Nothing I like more, than waiting on a repairperson/or anyone to finally get to my home to do something…and then are there about 5 seconds it seems, and a bundle of money later… I live in Florida and alot of the attitude here is slow down, don’t get in a hurry…
    Amazing how fast dogs can feel better and want more food. I might not recoup so fast. Finished Androids Dream, good read, hope I can come up with good conversation about it,,,. Enjoy the rest of your time off. 😀

  74. Hi Joe, Happy Anniversary to you and Fondy.

    Hmmm?? Major Lorne’s degree?? – Bachelor of Fine Arts maybe??

    As for 29 degress – that would be heavenly right now as the temps here struggle to make it to double digits 🙂

  75. [i]Joe said (2 days ago…) TBA writes: “Is the extreme Sheppard-whumpage episode still scheduled for season 5?”

    Answer: It’s still floating around.[/i]

    OH NO!! Poor sheppard!! I’ll do a stock take on the massage oils, aromatherapy candles and chocolates … Belgian I think. All that whump calls for the good stuff.

  76. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    LH said…
    What do Wraith find tastier, an elderly person, or some young twenty-ish person, or someone in the middle?

    I imagine they have Wraith dinner parties where exceptionally strong Wraith waiters in tuxes walk around with people on silver trays. “Geriatric? Can I interest any one in a small child?”. It’s all very civilised, except for, you know, the bit where they’re killing people.

  77. Hey Joe!

    Poor Maximus had a little upset tummy, did you figure out why he got sick though? Hopefully he’s fine. 🙂 I do love the photos of the pugs today too!

    So it’s hot in British Columbia today? It’s pretty cold in Ontario. Seems like whenever it’s hot in eastern Canada, it’s cold in western Canada and vice-versa. Ah well, weather is supposed to get warm again here anyways. 😀

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  78. I rewatched Missing today to see if I had judged Dr. Keller too harshly on the first viewing. Sadly, no. I still can’t stomach her.
    Wil her 14 scheduled episodes be along the line of Carter’s (barely there) or will we be seeing a lot more of Dr. Keller next season? I’m hoping for the former. I was really hoping the Bolakai would get her.

    If we are going to see a lot more of Keller, will she be written the same way, or will we get a more mature version?

    Teyla’s scenes were great. I loved seeing her in action. I’m worried that the baby will prevent her taking part in missions. Are there any episodes next season where Teyla will be prevented from participating due to childcare issues?

    Whose idea was it to give Teyla a retroactive boyfriend? Will we get an explanation for why she felt the need to keep him a secret?


  79. Only 200 more pages to go and I will have The Blade Itself complete…I am in love with the UK authors…there is just something about their writing that is lyrically fantastic unlike my favorite US authors. Well I am off to finish my reading. Congrats on the anniversary!

  80. Oh my, Joe! what a morning. However, you don’t corner the market on having fun….

    REAL fun is being woken up to the sound of the cat hacking up a furball, then leaping out of bed (with a 50/50 chance of landing on the dog), then having a mad dash with aforementioned dog to see who can get to the barf first – with said dog trying his best to trip you up at every step. If the dog wins, it’s a tossup as to whether he rolls on it or eats it (yum!) You win only if you haven’t managed to break your neck on the stairs …

  81. Hey Joe,

    I hope your start to the day was a little nicer today. I don’t know what’s worse – hearing them do that and knowing they’re on your bed, or walking to the washroom after your alarm clock blasts you out of sleep, only to unsuspectingly step in it! eeeeeew. I still miss my kitties – they’re at my parents place…..Riley is just over a year now and is 17 -18 lbs!!! (and none of it is fat, he’s just big)

    Hope you’re enjoying the wonderful weather this weekend……hehe the good weather started on my birthday (thursday) so its all this sun is my fault 😛

    Happy Anniversary!


    ps- i’ll have some more neat shots soon like that one on the card you liked.

  82. Several questions. 1. Is anything going to happen in season 5 with the Ronon/Keller relationship? 2. Is Kolya ever coming back? 3. Is clone Beckett going to function as the real Beckett did in terms of relationships and things like that? 4. Have you read “American Gods” or “Anansi Boys” by Neil Gaiman? If not, you should.

  83. You know, if people barfed as much as dogs and cats seem to, they’d be taken to the emergency room. And then admitted to hospital for tests to see what is so wrong. Wonder why the critters evolved that way? Or is it because we feed them all this canned and processed cr*p?

  84. Hi Joe!

    Very Very Happy 10th Anniversary to you and Fondy!!!!! 😀

    Adorable dog pics – #3 could be titled “Typical Male.” 🙂

    Ahhh…pet vomit. I’ve been there and cleaned that up. It’s one reason we pulled up all of our carpet. A second reason was pet pee, but that’s off-topic today. I usually use Petzyme or a similar product to get the stain/odor/germs off of the violated surface.

    Big suckage about your water damage. I’m glad you’re getting it done, despite the (yikes!) price, cuz it’ll only have cost more if you’d let it go. (Hee hee, the plumber used a “Plot Forwarding Device” or a “Price Fixing Device?”)

    29C, aka 5kF 😉 can be quite warm – it’s all relative. It depends upon how hot it’s been, how hot is normal, personal preference, etc. It was in the 80sF here today, and felt quite warm when riding in the Jeep with the top down (stopped at the light or stuck in traffic outside the big flea market we didn’t know was there). Later this summer when 90s are the norm, I would be thrilled to get 80F temps.

    I hope your shoulder feels better and you have a good week!

    eddy 🙂

  85. “The rest of the day was spent reading and watching the dogs sunbathe. It was 29 degrees Celsius today which is (correctly me if I’m wrong) approximately 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot!”

    LOL! It has been about 33c-36c for the past, oh, few weeks here. Tomorrow is expected to be 36c again 🙁 Summer never leaves us it seems. For snowbirds those temperatures would probably be a little too warm. AZ has some hot temperatures but luckily for them they have dry heat, whereas San Antonio it can get as hot as 44c with humidity…that is not so cool.

  86. Happy Anniversary!!!

    The rest of the day was spent reading and watching the dogs sunbathe. It was 29 degrees Celsius today which is (correctly me if I’m wrong) approximately 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot!

    You big wuss. Try 43 C last Christmas!

    Yup us Aussies can take the heat..(or not . I had aircon )

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