The cannon.  What\'d you think it was?

The Bunmaster 3000

The engine room

Look familiar?

Guess the episode. 

“Hey, wanna go check out a cannon?”Marty G. asked as me I strolled by his office this morning. Would I?! Faced with the unappealing option of resuming work on my beat sheet, I happily took him up on his offer and joined him in heading over to Stage 1 where we wandered amongst the various goodies in the works. The cannon. An entranceway. The engine room.

“Recognize your well?” Production Designer James Robbins motioned to the oven (which he has affectionately coined the Bunmaster 3000) over to my left. I’d given it a glance walking by but, upon scrutiny, identified the familiar “stone work” and finish that had eluded me the first time. My well! My precious, creepy, so-heavy-they-needed-a-forklift-to-move-it-during-the-Whispers-shoot well was no more! Damn. I’d kind of had my eye on it in the unlikely event production on the series eventually wrapped. It would have looked great in my backyard. Or the upstairs guest room.

Ah well. Plenty more mementos to choose from. Over Stargate’s 12+ year run, the franchise has amassed a vast inventory of props, costumes, and set dec. Weapons, alien devices, an assortment of colorfully garish hats, and a half-dozen phone booths were just some of the items we came across that afternoon we toured the Stargate storehouse. And, as we wandered by the goa’uld architectural pieces and matching peacock light fixtures, I made a mental note of the things I would love to lay claim to once the series does end. It’s a list I’m constantly revising but, at present, consists of:

1. The Carmen Miranda headdress worn by the goa’uld Zipacna in the episode Pretense, an item that was put up for auction on eBay several years ago and managed all of zero bids.

2. One of the serpent guard helmets worn by the Jaffa during SG-1’s early run – oversized, unwieldy things that offered little visibility and led to many hilarious outtakes of top-heavy extras stumbling about in the forest.

3. Chris Judge, whose cheerful personality and loquacious nature is a far cry from the stoic character he played on SG-1; a great addition to any party you happen to be planning.

4. The creepy, eyeless wooden doll that James Robbins created for Whispers – the perfect gift for an impressionable young nephew.

5. The Rodneyana Villosa seen in Quarantine (the, uh, all grown up version). A real conversation piece.

6. Tyre’s sword from Broken Ties. I’ll never understand why the sword-as-accessory went out of style. I’m bringing it back.

7. The U-shaped devices that villagers in Revisions attached to their temples. I’d wear it everywhere and, in the event I ever got stuck talking to someone, I could just tap the device and say “I’ve got to take this call.”, start talking to myself and walk off. Modern technology. What will they think of next?!

8. The “alien” glassware used in Beneath the Surface – the most bizarre, counter-intuitive drinking vessels ever committed tofilm.

9. The wrist device from Tracker (I’m hoping it’ll be operational by the time production winds down).

10. The box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts I gave Carl Binder on his first day on job which has sat, unopened, in his office for the last three years.

A reminder to all that our next Book of the Month Club discussions are fast approaching. Author Joe Abercrombie will be dropping in the week of May 19th to discuss The Blade Itself, the first book in his First Law series (and our fantasy selection for May). Then, the week of May 26th will Stargate fave John Scalzi stopping by to field your questions and comments about The Android’s Dream (our scifi selection for May). And, finally, the week of June 2nd, we’ll be discussing John Shirley’s Crawlers (which looks to be equal parts science fiction and horror).


Delaynie writes: “Anyway, my question dear sir is what are the possibilities of getting some DeLuise love for Atlantis?”

Answer: No chance. Sorry. Peter isn’t working on Stargate: Atlantis.

Carol Z writes: “1) I thought writing was highly collaborative on SGA? Why only one writer credit per episode? 2) Is it unusual to have all the writers also be the producers? Or is this commonplace in TV-land? 3) Why do some of the episode titles change so often?”

Answers: 1) Even though all of the writers take part in helping to shape the script, only one writer actually sits down and writes it. 2) This is not unusual in television. 3) There are many, many reasons why a title may change from a shift in the content of a given script to personal preference.

PG15 writes: “1. Is Outsiders the name for Alan’s “location episode”?

2. So I see that Tracker is again listed below The Queen. So is Tracker now 509, and The Queen 508?

3. Are these wonderful pics of Todd and the badass Wraith from The Queen?

4. With Martin Gero coming up with this great idea, does that mean that Hexed is dead? Could it be moved to a potential Season 6?

5. Episode 519 is written and directed by Robert Cooper; am I right?”

Answers: 1) Yes. 2) At this particular moment – yes. 3) Yes. 4) Not necessarily. It’s possible. 5) That’s the plan.

Rose writes: “How many episodes in Season 5, thus far,would you say are team-centric episodes?”

Answer: Sorry. Can’t answer that one because what constitutes a “team-centric” episode is all too often a matter of opinion.

The Teslan writes: “I was looking at your book recommendations in some of your posts and noticed there was no mention of Michael Crichton.”

Answer: I haven’t read Crichton.

Sammie writes: “Any chance we’ll see Jack in season 5?”

Answer: No chance. Sorry.

Nodaskip writes: “1. Will we still see the Phoenix in regular time since it will soon be up to when it was up to when Carter got command of it in the ‘Last Man’ timeline.

2. And will we ever see a ship named after the late commander of the Prometheus, Colonel Lionel Pendergast?”

Answers: 1) Eventually. 2) Nope.

PG15 also writes: “Is 519 “CSI Atlantis”?”

Answer: Yes, it is.

AMZ writes: “I was wondering, roughly how long does it take to edit an episode of Stargate Atlantis?”

Answer: The editor starts assembling his cut after the first day of production. Once his cut is complete, the director will go in and work on his cut for a couple of days, then output a director’s cut. The producer will then go in and, over the next couple of days, fashion a producer’s cut. The network and studio will watch the producer’s cut, provide notes, and it’s back to the editing room for the producer who will incorporate said notes and then lock the cut.

Tim the Technician writes: “Just like you’re the “Ties” man (With The Ties That Bind, Family Ties and Broken Ties under your belt) I just noticed that Alan McCullough wrote ‘Insiders’ for SG:1 Season 10, and (if the title sticks), ‘Outsiders’ for SG:A Season 5. Have you noticed any other trends like that in the Stargate writing crew?”

Answer: Yeah. Carl seems to be our ghost guy: Phantoms, Echoes, Ghost in the Machine.

Chevron7 writes: “Joe, I see that Brenton Spencer has directed one other episode of Atlantis (Submersion). Would he have had to go through a ‘Stargate 101′ (say watch a few eps) so he knows the general style of the show or would he just do his own thing?”

Answer: Brenton was a director of photography on the franchise for quite some time, so he knows the show very well.

Farscapefan writes: “Could you tell me whether Rob Cooper did already his Ark of Truth entry and Q&A session about it? If not yet, when it’s gonna take place?”

Answer: Rob will be dropping by to do an Ark of Truth Q&A in a couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to make an announcement closer to the date.

Boomer Goodheart writes: “I know that TV (just like the movies) is shot out of sequence. My question is whether you shoot all of one episode, then start on another or are they all kind of mixed up together?”

Answer: Ideally, and schedule permitting, we prefer to shoot our episodes one at a time.

71 thoughts on “May 9, 2008: My Stargate Memento Wish-List

  1. Thank you very much for your reply, I appreciate it. 🙂 I did have another question and was wondering if we’re going to get more Lorne and Radek in the second half of the season as well as Chuck. I know the shows tend to focus on the main group but there’s something to be said about the love some fans feel for the secondary characters like Radek, Lorne and Chuck etc.

    I think I want to take your cannon above in the picture and use it when I teach warfare during World History next year. Thanks for keeping me sane with the awesomeness that is Atlantis and I really want it to be July now 😀

  2. The Stargate storehouse. I may have convulsions at the thought of all that loot.

    What did you people DO to R2D2???!!!!!


    I didn’t know artificial creamer came in tubs that size!

  3. I thought the ebay auction you did for charity (the atlantis bags, etc.) was the first eBay auction backed by Stargate and Rob/Brad’s production company.

    Speaking of which, are you technically an employee of their production company, or an employee of Stargate Atlantis the show?

  4. Thank you so much for answering my load of questions, Joe! I didn’t expect you to, but, well…there you go. Thanks again.

    So that’s one episode left that you’ve yet to reveal…or maybe I just forgot about it. It’d be either 517 or 518. One of them being Martin Gero’s directorial debut, as I recall. Hmmm…

    Sorry about the creepy Well being broken down in the name of progress. Still, that oven looks nice. It may not be creepy, but since you’re a foodie, its presence in your house should definitely generate some talk and entertainment. Something to break the ice, you know? “Hey! What’s that thing?” Your guest would say, “Oh, it’s just my Ye Olde Oven. I remember this time I used it to cookith my flour…” you’d say, and so forth. Isn’t it excellent?

    Just watched Singularity: the interaction between Sam and Cassandra was very sweet, but I’m not too keen on stories revolving around children, so even though I enjoyed it, I didn’t think it was spectacular. Good effort though. I still didn’t get why the breakdown of the fatty tissue in that device in Cassie’s lungs didn’t generate a huge explosion, as shown when Naquadah and Potassium touched in the lab.

    And another question. If I’m pushing my luck with my question alottment this…month, then feel free to not answer it:

    Will the character of Ladon Radim be in the 5th season of Atlantis?

  5. Thanks for answering yesterday’s queries!
    Oh, Joe…
    I’m sorry that your well was re-dressed, but look at it this way, once the S5 DVDs hit, we’ll have everlasting memories of it, in all it’s creepy glory.
    And it’s a good re-use of materials, no? Waste not, want not. Wow, that just gave away my age.

    Um-m, I wouldn’t lust after those 3 year old box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. How good could they still be? Sealed or not, oily nuts go bad, don’t they?

    Off to pre-order Continuum!

    Carol Z
    Damp, yet not down, in rain-soaked NJ… Ahoy! There floats a Mini Cooper down the parkway…

  6. Any chance we will ever get an inside into Teyla’s family history? How she became the Athosian’s leader for example (other than having the gift like it’s mentioned in the episode The Gift in season 1)? What happened to her mother? Does she have/had any siblings?

    Background sorta thing… ?


    *curls up & goes to sleep*

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh don’t taunt me with the idea of bringing home Chris Judge. 😉 The more I learn about that man, the more I adore him!

    CANNON! That looks like fun.

  8. …the network and studio will watch the producer’s cut…

    Do they have any talent or just money? 😉

  9. I would love to see you model that Zipacna headdress, Joe.

    Thanks for the information on editing. I figured it was a long process, but I keep forgetting how many different people need to see it, make notes etc etc. Roughly how many days of editing go into a director’s and producer’s cuts?

  10. The marathon continues…

    Cor-Ai: Wow…what a surprise here. I don’t remember liking the episode when I first watched it, and I typically like courtroom drama episodes less than others, but this one blew me away. Teal’c’s steadfast conviction was some really powerful stuff, and just reinforces the man of honor he’s been portrayed as so far, which, as I said, has impressed me the most out of these early episodes. The moral ambiguity was also very well written; I certainly can’t decide either way. It’s true that, whatever good Teal’c did/is doing/will do doesn’t change what he’s done in the past, but…surely they mean *something*? This reminds me of that scene that occured 10 years later, onboard an Earth ship. I think you may know what I mean. I won’t go further, since it’s spoilerish, I think.

    What also impressed me was the passion shown in this episode from Jack and Hammond. Specifically, the scene between Jack and Teal’c when the latter cites his reasons for doing what he was doing. The way RDA portrayed it made it clear that it cut into Jack’s core beliefs, and made him wonder about them. Same thing with Hammond later on. Incredible stuff. This episode was certainly a gem.

  11. I bet your pups would have liked the Bunmaster, looks quite like a fancy doghouse. 🙂
    Could one reason for splitting “the team” up in many of the episodes (team to me meaning Shep, McKay, Teyla, Ronon), be that you can shoot two episodes simultaneously, cutting down the time necessary to complete the season and possibly saving costs? Seems more efficient from a time management standpoint. Although I must say that I prefer the eps where all 4 are together, at least at some point.
    If we read The Blade Itself and also its’ sequal Before they are hanged, can we comment on the second one too, or would you prefer the discussion limited to the initial book?
    Joe, Thanks so much for your blog, it is one of the highlights of my day.
    PG15, you are a champ!

  12. 10. The box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts I gave Carl Binder on his first day on job which has sat, unopened, in his office for the last three years.

    Personally it would be difficult to ignore the little inside voice telling me to go in, break the nuts out, and reseal the box with something else inside. Dried lima beans? Or maybe a dye pack they put in money bags so it would blast open and cover his hands in permanent pink ink! That way you’d be sure to know exactly when he did decide finally fulfill a macadamia-fix.

    The storehouse sounds like it must be pretty freekin big by now! I’m picturing the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. 😛

    The photos are awesome – the cannon looks more like something from a live-action Calivn and Hobbes though. Or something from a circus act! Who are you firing out the end? The Mr. Clean wraith?

    – Nika

  13. Has Joe Flanigan asked for privacy, and that’s why you don’t post his picture on your blog?

    Will the Chucknician be in any S5 episodes?

  14. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you for the updates and the great photos!

    The Austin (TX) Wind Symphony is offering a FREE concert on June 6, and event features ‘Adventures in Film Music.’

    Featuring Selections from:

    Indiana Jones
    Stargate SG-1
    Battlestar Galactica
    Star Wars: The Asteroid Field

    and more!



  15. Hey Joe,

    I could only but wonder how many props and neat things you have in the storage areas of the the studio. Clothes galore and tons of random props, that would be neat to rummage through. I’m sure you should have no problem getting items you want…you’re a Stargate writer nonetheless. 😛

    Sorry to hear your well got changed, but it looks great as a fireplace. You should take it anyways. 😀

    Thanks as always,

    Enzo Aquarius

  16. I must say that the picture of Maximus is the cutest ever! Such big puppy dog eyes. Approximately how old was he when this picture was taken?

  17. We get two more authors participating? Outstanding. Been a busy week but I should finish up my reading with time to spare. Almost time for the next selections. Your descriptions of items you’d like to collect makes me drool. I can imagine showing up with some big rigs and a 24 hour pass to remove whatever I can haul away….of course the security costs would be prohibitive. Just imagine the fans lining up to lay claim to bits and pieces. And if you start throwing in the actors and actresses….at least they’d end up in good homes…. if the feeding frenzy got that bad I suspect writers, producers, and assorted stunt coordinators would be in danger too. Thanks for a nice mailbag and enjoy the weekend.

  18. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,

    Hm, so never read Crichton. I was hoping you might have a few recommendations, since I’ve just borrowed a huge stack of his stuff from a friend, but guess I’ll just see how it goes.

    I second PG-15’s query about the return of Ladon, and would broaden it to the Genii as a whole in Season 5. Will they play a part at all since we haven’t heard much mention about them for a while?

  19. I was just wondering…? What exactly happens to all the stuff that ends up on the cutting room floor??

    The only Stargate momento I would wish to have is the Eye of Ra pendant Katherine eventually gave to Daniel. I happen to love Jewlery and anything to do with ancient egyptians and Stargate. It’s the perfect momento for me at least. Now if only to have Stargate novelties made out of Chocolate we’d be onto something really special :D.

  20. Joe –

    I think I may have solved your holiday shopping problems for this year!

    Think of it – you could send all those hated multicolored script pages in and have them turned into unique works of art for gift giving! You’d even be reducing your carbon footprint by recycling. How much better can it get?

  21. I would love one of those bluetooth-esque pieces from Revisions – those things are sweet. Personally the one thing I’d love to swipe from the set given the chance would be a sarcophagus…hmmm…that wouldn’t be too noticeable, would it?

    Oooh, the glassware you’re talking about; do you mean those backward-glasses from The Other Side? Damn, they’d make interesting additions to a party once the guests have had a few. Entertainment value would be through the roof! =P

    Anyway, my irritating-ness aside, wish me luck! Tomorrow afternoon is my university graduation, and chances are I’ll end up tripping over the end of my gown as I prance across the stage. O.o

  22. Hi Joe!

    I’m a bit confused. Doesn’t every Canadian family get a Chris Judge to delight them through the cold winter nights? I’d rather insist on one, eh? 😉

    The cannon is OK, but the oven rocks! 🙂

    If I knew about Zipacna’s headdress, I would’ve bid on it! I’ve seen that actor recently kicking serious tail on LOST. (Right?)

    Also, I think the U-shaped thingies from Revisions were pretty cool too. I hope you get one – someday!

    Don’t wish too hard for the creepy eyeless doll from Whispers. Y’know some dark and stormy night you’re going to wake up with it sitting all-too-heavily on your chest, gasping and rasping some terrible curse on you. Nothing against creepy eyeless dolls, but seriously? Y’know it’s going to happen, right?

    On that happy note, I hope you have a good night and pleasant dreams! 🙂


  23. “1. The Carmen Miranda headdress worn by the goa’uld Zipacna in the episode Pretense, an item that was put up for auction on eBay several years ago and managed all of zero bids.”

    I find it hard to belive that no one would want a Carmen Miranda headdress. They brighten up any outfit or living room.

    And that cannon would look good in my yard. I’ve been declined the plastic pink flamingo. A cannon might go over better.

  24. I know you must have heard this question a lot recently, but what news is there on the third Stargate series: Universes? Will you be involved with it’s production?

  25. “3. Chris Judge, whose cheerful personality and loquacious nature is a far cry from the stoic character he played on SG-1; a great addition to any party you happen to be planning.”

    You keep him in storage?

  26. Um, im not entirely sure where to ask questions, so im going to do it here. Im REALLY REALLY sorry if its supposed to be somewhere else…

    I would really like to know what the power source is for the off world Stargate. Is it like a ZPM that doesnt run out, or does the gate get its power for the wormhole itslef? If its like a ZPM, does it run out like a car battery after a while, or it its like never ending?

    im really sorry if this is a STUPID question, but i cant seem to remember if its said on the show, and i cant seem to fine an answer on the internet.


  27. I’d love to torture myself with a look in the Stargate storehouse. Like I need more junk.

    I’m having a hard time paying attention while reading The Blade Itself- its like watching an episode of BSG- lotta detail, little substance. But, like BSG, I’ll continue because the detail has given me this curious morbid need to find out where its going.

    I’m also having a hard time mustering up any enthusiasm for the upcoming Geriatric Jones movie. 1) The Indy story started and ended perfectly as a trilogy. 2) Crystal Skull? as far as I’m concerned, Nick Ballard cornered that. Whatever happened to grandpa anyway? a shame that story was never revisited.

  28. As always, love the blog, keep up the good work.

    Was just thinking about uniforms and whatnot today and had a few questions.

    Chucknician – what’s Chuck’s status? I believe Weir called him Sargeant in Poisoning the Well, but Chuck doesn’t wear the black uniform panels seen on most military – his are green. So, a few questions: 1) What’s green mean? Some sort of Administrative thing? and 2) Is Chuck in the military, and is he a Sargeant? And if so, why’s he wearing the green panels instead of the black? 3) Are there any other colors beyond Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green? If so, what department do they represent?

  29. Hi. It’s offically my birthday now, so I was wondering if we are gonna get any good keller episodes in the new season? Any romance, backstory, anything?

    Bowing down to the stargate greatness,

  30. Hi, Joe.


    The SciFi Channel (US) has revised their May schedule, and have now replaced the reruns of the SGA season four episodes on Tuesday with reruns of Stargate SG-1 season eight and nine episodes, beginning May 13.

    We get:

    May 13 –


    May 20, we get one SG1 episode at 7pm:


    Mau 27th



  31. You’re trying to sell stuff you’ve used on Stargate sometimes? Or regularly? *lol*

    Here in Germany tomorrow is the mothgers day. As it has become some kind of tradition I’m going to cook for my mum, my acting-as-my-mum dad and his mother. Quite a lot of mums there to cook for ;o)
    Well, I don’t know anyone who has done or enjoyed a good 5-course meal but that’s what I want to do. I’d love you’re opinion about what I’m planning to do (assuming that I get the cooking right ;o)).
    I’ll start with a vitamin salad with some fruit and veggies. The next course will be mushrooms filled with feta cheese and herbs. Third course will be Enchiladas with mushrooms and onions. fourth Quesadillas with Feta. And last Peaches on cocos rice.
    Yes, it’s all vegetarian being a veggi myself and my mum doesn’ crave meat much either. My dad has to live with it :-D. And I chose those recipes from a mexican cookbook. I thought it might be nice to have a theme.
    But I’m still ansure about the 3 middle courses. I don’t want to drop any of them but 2 courses with mushrooms and two with feta…. it seems not right. I might fill those mushrooms with something else but I not sure about that…

    I’d love your opinion

  32. My Stargate Wish List – my birthday is coming up in 15 days 🙂

    1. The Stargate – could you imagine what the shipping would be to get it to Australia? Then I’d have to decide whether I wanted the old-school or disco gate. Hmmm, I think I’d go old-school.

    2. Joe Flanigan – hey if you can have Chris then I can have Joe. His family can come to Australia too – I’m not mean.

    3. A replicator bug. Not just a block, I want a whole bug.

    4. Atlantis control chair – imagine watching Stargate while sitting in “the chair”. Although, how comfortable is it? Might need a cupholder (the Ancients missed the boat on that one)

    5. Shep’s watch, although I’d probably have to pry it off Joe’s wrist :-). If not, then maybe his leather jacket, he doesn’t seem to wear it that much anyway.

    6. Zat’ni’katel. No-one would mess with me.

    7. O’Neill’s sunglasses. Very cool.

    8. Eye of Ra amulet.

    9. Horus guard headpiece. Maybe I’d need to redecorate the house.

    10. Ba’al clone. We could wreak havoc Pinky and the Brain style.

    11. Ancient long-range communicator. It’s purple, purple, purple.

    12. Teyla’s fighting sticks.

    13. Shep’s guitar, then I’ll have to learn to play 🙂

    I could go on but I won’t. Maybe I could just borrow the Atlantis crew to build me an Atlantis house. The lounge room could be the Atlantis Chair room, the bedroom could be decorated like Shep’s room, the kitchen – the mess hall etc.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Cheers, Chev

  33. “Answer: I haven’t read Crichton.”

    Question: any reason why you haven’t? ‘Sphere’ and ‘Andromeda Strain’ are both brilliant. I think I was 8 when I read Sphere the first time – and I know I read it in one sitting.

  34. Hello again Mr M

    Greetings from Tipperary! Interesting take on the items from the SG Franchise you would like to hang on to!
    Given the oppportunity I would have to include:
    Upgrades Wrist Bands
    O’ Neill’s Fishing Rod
    Red Phone in Hammond’s Office
    Foothold Mimic Device
    P90 (+ Ammo)
    And since you include people, (ie Mr Judge) may I include a character? : Harry Maybourne! A fab addition to any party also!!!

    And remember Vote Kinsey ’08!!


  35. I think its really cool that all these writers are wanting/willing to stop by and talk to us about their books on your blog. Thanks to all of them!

    Do you think you will ever have chocolate makers stopping by to talk about their favourite creations and what inspired them?

    What is the difference between a green screen and a blue screen in special/visual effects? (just wanted to know)

  36. I third PG15’s question about Ladon and the Genii and would love to see them again in an episode. They were a formidable enemy in seaon 1, not because of their all-powerfull weapons and technology like many other enemies, but because of their ‘I’ll step out of the dark and stab you in the back’ style. That changed in season 2 where they became the ‘grey’ ally of the expedition, but I was a little dissapointed with Kolya’s death in season 3. He could’ve had more than that, imo. Anyway, it’s time for a new Genii story.

  37. Ohhh, actual Stargate props get sold off on e-bay?

    Have any of Daniels various notebooks ever make it to places like e-bay? (like the one were we see Daniel writing in when Vala runs up to him at the beginning of Dominion? or the Clava Thesourus Infintus (sp) book we saw him showing Mitchell in Momento Mori?)
    I know they probably arn’t proper books full of information but still one of them would be a cool thing to own and desplay. 🙂

  38. The folks over at SciFi often post your entire BLOG entry instead of just the highlights and link. I think it steps over the line as far as copyright and respect as it probably keeps people from clicking here. But that’s just me. Does it bother you when sites do that?

  39. Testing…….. My oldest son is home from college and decided to work on my computer (to make it better) so I’m hoping this post works. Anyway………….

    If I could have anything from the SG1 set my choices would be:

    1. Thor – complete with the yellow ones

    2. All of the items that Katherine’s niece sent to Daniel (yes, I know that’s a lot)

    3. The flag that Daniel wore in “Threads” *ahem*

    4. Michael and Chris for a day. I’ve heard that the two of them are a lot of fun together.

    Thanks for all of the updates for season 5 and pictures that you’ve been posting.


  40. Love your Stargate memento list Joe. 🙂

    Quick question: Any chance of a Teyla/Sheppard sparring session in Season 5? Pretty please?

  41. I think my fandoms are starting to interfere with my life…

    On comic book Wednesday, after picking up my stack of Marvel comics at the shop, I went down to the local with my husband, and ordered a ‘Chicken Quesada’…instead of ‘Quesadilla’. See, Joe Quesada is the editor for Marvel, and I kinda got things turned around. 😳

    Friday morning, at breakfast with my husband, I was talking about rugby, which I get on Setanta Sports. Only, I kept saying ‘Sateda Sports’…until my husband gave me a ‘whatthehellareyoutalkingabout’ look, and I realized my mistake. 😳

    But both pale in comparison to the time when we were in a discussion – at church – about God’s wrath as portrayed in the Bible. Only…I said God’s wraith…in church. Twice. 😳 😳

    Yup, I’m going straight to hell. 😛


  42. Hmmm…what would I like to have that’s been used on set?

    Joe’s claimed Chris Judge.

    Can’t claim Don Davis…want to stay on good terms with Ruby.

    Already have a “Top Secret” folder from Paul Brown’s Legends Memorabilia.

    Held both Hathor’s Wig and Teal’c’s jacket for a year, then donated them to con auctions.

    Come to think of it, that BDU bomber jacket was perfect for San Antonio weather…just a little too big for me. Maybe Browder’s would fit…hmmm…

    Wonder if any of the more elegant female costumes would fit?

  43. So, wish lists hmmm?

    Daniel Jackson. I’m not greedy.

    The beta Stargate so I can take it to Burning Man.

    Maybe a ZPM or staff weapon.

    Blades .. I’m not choosy.

    A wraith coat, it would fit my hubbers nicely.

    Geek that I am, I snagged one of the framed hieroglyph panels from the Goa’uld ships when they went up on ebay. Glad I did, the price on them has shot through the ceiling.

    Congrats Alanna, hope it went trippingly! Hugs!

    Meatless Mexican food? Um, not partial to it, most dishes don’t make the meatless switch well. And mushrooms? In Mexican food? And feta not quesa fresca? No frijoles and tortillas? No rice? Are you quite certain that’s Mexican food you’re making? I know, I sound snotty, apologies, but I love authentic Mexican, not new-fangled fusion or fast Tex-Mex.

  44. Love the pics! But you want us to guess the ep? Hmm, well, I’d say Daedalus Variations, but I’ll probably be wrong…

    My wish list (in no particular order) – and assuming I have plenty of space and a garage (which I don’t) and could have whatever I wanted:

    a) A puddle jumper – ‘cos how cool would it be to have one of them in the garage?
    b) A Pegasus DHD and stargate – again, for the cool factor.
    c) The painting from ‘Harmony’ – ‘cos it’s sooo funny! (Rambo Rodney, snerk!!)
    d) Rodney’s boxers from ‘Sateda’ – hmm, no comment! *wicked grin*
    e) Ronon’s gun – sooo coooool!
    f) Elizabeth’s urn from ‘Before I Sleep’ and the bowl with the sitting figures in her office (before Rodney nicks one of the figures for Madison) – ‘cos I really like them.
    g) The carved Pegasus logo in Elizabeth’s/Carter’s office – again, really, really like it.
    h) The Wraith Queen’s necklace from ‘The Queen’ – so that I could give it to my good friend, Jayne.
    i) A Goa’uld healing device – they looked cool.
    j) That Latin book in ‘Window of Opportunity’ by a certain Joseph Mallozzi, Ph.D.
    k) Action figures for Carl, Marty G and yourself!

    I’m sure there’s loads more stuff I’d want, especially Atlantis props, but I’ll just have to make do with the DVDs, books and other not too expensive merchandise!

    Well, back to watching the birds in the back garden – no babies seen yet, but some parent birds (starlings, sparrows, blackbirds) are taking food away, so hopefully not long now… Got my new camera ready and the camcorder too!

  45. A half a dozen phone booths?
    Were any of them perchance blue with a nifty flashing light on top? 🙂

    Can you please fix the typo in BOTM Club Selection

    Look below:

    The Adroid’s Dream, John Scalzi.
    Discussion the week of May 26th, with author John Scalzi.

  46. Were the actors allowed to take home any mementos at the end of SG-1’s run? You could have an awesome yard sale with all the stuff from the warehouse. Imagine what you could raise for charity……people could bid online for items. Just a thought. I’d scoop up Daniel’s glasses or one of his coffee mugs.

  47. Hi Joe, I gotta say I really enjoy Atlantis. It’s an hour of “proper” television that isn’t riddled with any of the current reality tv rubbish of late. So thank you!

    My question is:

    Is there going to be a different Opening Sequence this year? Since it’s reinstatement in mid-Season Two it has seemed too dark / (black and white?) compared to the Season One Sequence that had as good an action sequence but with a bit more colour and vibrance. I felt it really complemented Joel Goldsmith’ music.

    Thanks again for a fantastic show, hope it goes on for as long as SG-1.

  48. Well, if we’re talking about stargate momento’s you really can’t go wrong with a ribbon device, “what, you don’t like my the way i’m dressed? here, have an aneurysm!” From atlantis I think i’d like Teyla’s wraith transmitter neclace or maybe a control crystal, Of coure a ZPM would come in useful in a black out.

    I love riddles, so for no particular reason here’s one-

    A woman is reading a book before she goes to bed, she gets tired so she brushes her teeth, washes her face, turns out the light and goes to bed. The next morning she is reading the news paper when she sees an article about a disaster that happened the night before where three seperate unrelated ships sank. She is horrified and immediately throws herself out of the window and to her death. Why?

    If anyone else has some good riddles i’d love to hear them.

  49. With the exception of the nuts, I remember most of the artifacts you’ve described, which is saying something considering I never thought of myself as a “diehard” fan of the show but I guess I was, after all.

    I’m totally jealous of your job! And your puppy! So cute.

  50. Guess what I did today and it is all your fault. ; )

    I went to the library and actually took out two books. I haven’t done that in ages. Unfortunately the novels by Abercrombie and Scalzi were checked out. So instead I picked up a non fiction book by Anne Lamont called “Grace, Eventually”. I loved her interview on the Steven Colbert show so I had to pick up her latest book.

    Two questions:

    1.) Do you ever read Non Fiction books?

    2. ) Have you ever watched the Steven Colbert show?
    It is brilliant. : )

  51. 1)Will any unknown fears or memories be brought up in the coming year?

    2)Do any of the team make any costly mistakes this season, something that haunts them through multiple episodes?

  52. Is there any chance of us getting some insight into Teyla’s past..i.e. What happened to her parents…Does/did she have any brothers or sisters..How she became the leader of the Athosians…We don’t really know that much about her and it’d be good to get some background about Teyla!

  53. The Teslan writes: “I was looking at your book recommendations in some of your posts and noticed there was no mention of Michael Crichton.”

    Answer: I haven’t read Crichton.

    When I think of SciFi books, I think of Michael Crichton… the two are synonymous in my mind!!! Any chance we could get a Crichton book into the BOTM club sometime in the fall??? (Since I’m not gonna be around during the summer!) I’ve read most of his stuff, and I can recommend some good ones if you like!

  54. Hmmm. I am guessing the episode is Whispers…
    and I think I have a similiar looking cannon at my house, go figure…but mine maybe hasn’t been assembled completly yet. I seem to have all the parts though. 😉
    And I would love to have “Asgard beaming technology” if you are giving things away. thanks..
    Enjoy the day!!

  55. I had to say up until 1:30am last night to finish the SG1 episodes that I had scheduled for that day, but it was worth it:

    1. Enigma – Definitely a setup episodes; 2 very important players were introduced in this one, for one (Tollans and Maybourne). Overall, it was enjoyable enough, though I rarely like romance episodes, so the Sam/Narim thing didn’t do much for me. Omoc was infuriating at the beginning, but at the end I thought he redeemed himself by accepting Daniel. And of course, having Lya come back and PWN the Earth forces was awesome.

    2. Solitudes – Great episode; again, it was hard watching O’Neill act so different from his usual snarky, confident self, and the ending made my teary eyed, just at the hopelessness of the situation between Jack and Sam. The other side of the story, the Danny, Teal’c, Hammond side, was awesome as well, and the revelation of the 2nd Stargate at the end was done expertly. I was actually cheering when it happened.

    3. Tin Man – Suddenly switching from the angst of Solitudes to the humor of this episode was hard to do, but once I got into it, I loved it. Solitudes and this episode was on par in quality, I think, but for very different reasons. Harlan was hilarious, as was SG1 interacting with him; I guess I just have a soft spot for these bubbling comic relief characters that everyone else seem to hate. Oh well. The ending was rather sad though, knowing that the duplicate SG1 is now trapped with no real hope for a future (or so we thought).

    Onward to the season finale!

  56. Hi !

    I just saw agains the 22nd episode of SG-1’s Season 5, “Revelations”, where we see an “ancestor Asgard”, more “humanoid”.

    Do you think that, a day, thez were like Humans, physically ?
    And, if yes, what do you think about the theory that Asgards and Ancients were the same race a long long long time ago ? After all, they both come from Ida galaxy.


  57. Hi Joe!

    I know this is probably ancient history (lol…no pun intended…:P), and you’ve said you have nothing to do with the commentary on the DVDs…but do you have any recollection of why Threads had no commentary? Seeing how it was such an important episode, tying up so many storylines, it just seemed to be begging for some discussion. I’d really be curious as to why it was omitted.


  58. Carl’s had a box of chocolate covered macademia nuts in his office for three years? I think the rules on chocolate state that if the gift is not consumed within a reasonable period of time (two weeks max) it becomes community property.

  59. Joe,

    Thanks a lot for responding to my question. The reason I asked about team-centric episodes is that as much as I love the stories that focus on just one team member, I also love the episodes where the members of Sheppard’s team work and interact together to solve a problem. Some of my favorite episodes are what I would consider team episodes – Vengeance, Phantoms, This Mortal Coil and The Kindred, for example. But you’re right – it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Thanks again.

  60. Hey Joe!

    Why don’t your read Crichton? Just never got around to one of his books or do you avoid them on purpose?

    And you can’t have Chris Judge because he’s ALL MINE! MINE I SAY! 😛

    Trish 😀

  61. I’m reading The Android’s Dream and loving it so far. (That’s got to be one of the greatest opening lines for a book. I was immediately hooked.) That little contraction at the beginning of the book got me thinking though. There’s some pretty cool, crazy, off-the-wall technology and gadgets in sci-fi. For someone who’s read a ton of science fiction, what’s your favorite or coolest or most bizarre technology that you’ve come across in your reading/watching/writing?

  62. Hey Joe! Would you or MGM ever consider donating/loaning some Stargate stuff to the Sci-Fi Muesum in Seattle? We’d love to see the show represented!!

  63. Well I’m not picking I’d be happy with any token from Stargate that you want to be rid off.

    But if I had to pick it would be the necklace worn by Harmony in “Harmony”

    Wishing you a happy weekend


  64. Hi Joe.

    Thank you for the Todd pictures and, the bald Wraith. Will Sheppard be naming him Kenny?. If he doesn’t have an name maybe Fester would be a good name because, he reminds me of Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. Anyway, enjoy the weekend.

    Take Care:


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