Given Iron Man’s projected $175 000 000+ domestic two-week take, it’s safe to assume that the superhero genre is alive and well in Hollywood. In fact, just last week, Marvel announced a development slate that includes the following feature film projects: Ant-Man, Captain America, Thor, and The Avengers. Meanwhile, The Punisher and The Hulk are returning to the big screen (hopefully with a better effort than the first go-round), while Wolverine gets his very own solo adventure. On the DC Comics side, we can look forward to the upcoming Dark Knight while development continues on Shazam and The Justice League. And then there’s the hotly anticipated Watchmen, movie. Yep, life is good for superheroes (though much less so for anime heroes. Sorry, Speed Racer) and I couldn’t be happier. As someone who grew up reading comic books, it’s great to see the characters whose adventures I so enjoyed following those many years ago (approximately three if I’m doing the math right) finally come to life. Of course, for every Iron Man, Spiderman, and Batman Begins, there’s a Daredevil, Elektra, Ghost Rider, and Fantastic Four. You can’t expect them all to be winners (case in point: Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, and – Lord have mercy on our souls! – Howard the Duck), but a fan can dream. And this particular fan looks forward to the day that some of his favorite comic book characters (perhaps lesser known but no less entertaining) get the big screen treatment as well.

Deathlock the Demolisher: Following an injury that nearly claims his life, Colonel Luthor Manning awakens to find himself wholly transformed. Now a cyborg living in a post-apocalyptic future, his every day is a fight for survival and a struggle to hold onto what tiny shred of humanity that still resides within him.

Dr. Midnite: After being blinded in an underworld attack, surgeon Charles McNider discovers he actually possesses the ability to see in perfect darkness. Armed with black-out bombs (designed to blind his opponents and give him the edge) and assisted by, appropriately enough, an owl, he fights crime as Dr. Midnite.

Green Lantern: When test pilot Hal Jordan investigates the wreckage of an alien spaceship, he comes across the craft’s injured pilot, Abin Sur. Mortally wounded, the dying alien gives Hal his power ring and battery, passing on the mantel of Green Lantern.

Hawkeye: Circus performer Clint Barton is a crack shot with a bow and arrow, but his unwitting association with some criminal elements puts him on the run. Alone with only his circus skills to rely on, Clint assumes the persona of the trick-shot shooting superhero Hawkeye in a desperate bid to clear his name.

Hourman: While experimenting as part of his research position at Bannermain Chemicals, scientist Rex Tyler discovers a “vitamin” that grants him superhuman abilities for a limited amount of time (approximately one hour). Dubbing his discovery “Miraclo”, Rex uses it to transform himself into a formidable crime fighter – and, in time, an addict to the very pill that grants him his powers.

The Vision: Created by the robot Ultron as a weapon against The Mighty Avengers, the synthezoid Vision boasts optic heat beams, flight, and the ability to control his density, capable of shifting his body from diamond hard to intangible with the merest thought. Possessed of the synthetic brain patterns of deceased former hero Simon Williams (aka Wonder Man), however, Vision turns against his creator. Ultimately, he must learn to adjust to his new life as a hero.

Those were some of my favorites. So what about yours?  Who do you want to see get the big screen treatment?  Brother Voodoo?  Matter Eater Lad?  Infectious Lass?

96 thoughts on “May 10, 2008: Superheroes in need of the big screen treatment

  1. Who would I like to see get the big screen treatment? My first choice would be Michael the Wraith. My second choice would be Jelly, Maximus and Bubba the pugs and Lulu the french dog.

  2. I have no iea how they are going to make “Watchman” into a film, we’ll see what happens in the transformation to the big screen.

    Are they using the Kevin Smith screen play for “Green Lantern”? I can’t recall.

    I heard a rumor about a “Preacher” mini-series on HBO but I still don’t know how that would work. Though I’d like to see “Sandman” come to screen.

    “100 Bullets” would be very tough to do.

  3. My favorite superhero currently is Pneumonia-nator. This superhero possesses the ability to completely rid one’s body of that nasty bacterial infection. I need him to come visit me post haste, as I leave for my cruise tomorrow.

    I am certain you’ll miss me. I’ll think fondly of you as I snorkel the waters off the coast of Belize.

    I’ll catch you in a week!

  4. The Tick! And Freakazoid top my list! Okay, cartoon characters, sure…but superheros none-the-less. 😛

    Maybe a good version of Wonderwoman?

    I speak for Allie when I say, “DARKPOOL RULES!” I think that’s her pick. 😉

    The Punisher was filmed in Tampa! GO TAMPA! See, Tampa can make movies, too! I hear they were thinking of making the second Punisher here, too. If they do Allie and I have vowed to try to be extras this time around.

    And thanks for putting *Howard the Duck* back into my head. It took me YEARS to forget him and now all of that is undone. *sigh*


  5. I thought I heard through the grapevine somewhere that they were already starting to develope a Green Lantern Movie/TV show. If I could have my pick of superhero movies, it would be a better version of Supergirl. However, Justice League would also be a great comic to be turned into a Movie. I can just see all the sequels now. The Flash would be pretty good too.

  6. What was wrong with Batman? I think it holds up pretty well even with it’s eccentricities. It proved Batman was more than zap, pow, bam.

  7. (I sure hope I’m not multiple-posting the same post…things are screwy here tonight…

    …screwier than usual, that is 😉 … )

    Ah, a topic after my own heart (well, one of my hearts)…

    I’m a real Wolverine whore, so I’m all in for his solo movie, though I’m feeling the same way about it right now as I’m feeling about the fate of the Wraith/Todd in S5. It’s a feeling of…

    Sheer and utter dread. 😛

    I want it to be perfect, exactly what I’m looking for, but scared to death it will only disappoint. I’m not too worried about it deviating from the comic since I understand that some things need to change in the transition to film. What I am worried about is poor direction, crappy acting, a muddled plot…that sort of thing. I’m pretty forgiving (hey, I liked Ghost Rider :mrgreen: !! ), but there are some things I just must have if a film is to work for me.

    For instance, I didn’t care for Batman Begins. I guess the film was okay, but I just wasn’t able to sympathize with Bale’s Batman. I tried, really – but Bale’s acting feel flat for me, and I couldn’t connect with the character…I just didn’t give a damn about him, even though I usually really like Batman. Weird, eh? I can feel for creepy green guys with no eyebrows and extra nostrils on their face, but can’t get into a handsome rich dude in a cool car.

    Go figger. 🙄

    On the other hand, I watched X-Men, determined to hate Jackman’s Wolverine. But damned if that guy didn’t totally pulled me into the character – and he did so with two little words: “Every time.” That entire scene (in the truck) was perfect…there was so much expression in his face, his body language, his voice…it just made the character ‘real’ to me and, from that point on, I cared what happened to him. That’s the most important thing for me, caring about what happens to the people on the screen. I can like a bad movie, or hate a good one, all based on whether or not I find that connection with the characters.

    So, I kinda sorta trust Jackman’s handling of the character, but I’ve seen actors screw up a character they’ve portrayed before…so…yeah, I’m worried.

    As for other heroes…

    Luke Cage and Iron Fist, definitely – with the right actors, it could be a blast! (As long as it doesn’t fall prey to the cheese-factor.) And speaking of cheese, a GOOD Nick Fury treatment would be nice, too…only this time with Ultimate Fury. 😀 And, although I tend to dislike female characters with a passion – for some GODAWFUL reason – I really like Emma Frost. I don’t think the character could support a solo film, but dang if she still wouldn’t be a hoot up on the screen!

    That’s all for now – I’m really tired, but if I think of any more tomorrow, I’ll definitely post them…with better explanations as to why I’d like to see the characters on the screen. Right now, though…totally falling asleep on my keyboard… *bonk*…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


  8. Sazoria said:

    I love riddles, so for no particular reason here’s one-

    A woman is reading a book before she goes to bed, she gets tired so she brushes her teeth, washes her face, turns out the light and goes to bed. The next morning she is reading the news paper when she sees an article about a disaster that happened the night before where three seperate unrelated ships sank. She is horrified and immediately throws herself out of the window and to her death. Why?

    SPOILER – answer below

    She was the lighthouse keeper.

    Cheers, Chev

  9. I like the X-men in particular Gambit, Rachel Summers Phoenix, and Rogue. i hated the anna Paquin rogue in the live action movies. I wish they would bring back the cartoons again.

  10. Have you considered having Rodney visit his sister in Vancouver and take her to Fuel for dinner? Followed by some great adventure of course including special guest star Joseph Mallozzi who just happens to also be dining at Fuel when something happens.
    I think that would be a great episode.

  11. Oh, a Deathlok movie would be neat. Shang Chi, master of Kung Fu would be one I’d like to see. There was a writer/artist team whose name escapes me that really brought that comic to life for me. My other guilty pleasure would be Ka Zar. Admittedly the character started as a pulp hero, but who could resist a companion saber-tooth tiger? And going into a tangent, it would be nice to both Doc Savage and The Shadow get another chance at the big screen, given the right script and casting. As a final offering there is the Phantom Stranger from the DC universe. Though I don’t know well he would translate into a movie version. On that note I’m off to cry for all the comics I’ve lost in moves, loans, and stolen by gremlins over the years.

  12. Okay, I know I’m a day late and a topic short but I have to ask. You listed Tyre’s sword from Broken Ties as a prop you’d like to keep. But I thought you’d already promised it to an enthusiastic Jason Momoa in exchange for keeping some of your favorite apppendages in tact. Did I misunderstand which sword he wanted? Or did you actually find a safe way to take Jason’s new toy away from him?

  13. Not many, I wasn’t much of a comics child. I liked the X-Men films though. Didnt care much for Ghost Rider Fantastic Four film was ok – I’m doing it backwards, aren’t I?! Though I think its time Baron Destructo got a movie, don’t you?

  14. I’m a lifelong Green Lantern fan. It’s tied with Stargate to me (no offense, I hope!). Are you up to date with what is going on right now?

  15. I would love to see Thor and Green Lantern my 2 favorites as for villians Victor Van Doom, aka(Dr. Doom, The Joker, Venom…and some more. These villians you dont want them killed off they must stay alive to be a pain in the ass to the super heroes.

  16. This has nothing to do with anything – but I’m researching a paper I’m writing on the Beat Movement and I found a reference to poet Diane Di Prima’s grandfather – whose name was Domeinico Mallozzi – any relation?

  17. Joe, is there any reason there are not pic’s off Joe Flanigan? Can you tell us what the Shep whump ep will be about? Please tell me you didn’t toss the Ep. I’m sooooo excited for it. Please any tid bit’s on Sheppard in season 5? Thanks again, Nicole.

  18. “Watchmen” is going to be really cool. From what I’ve seen and heard, Zack and the producers are taking their time and making things right. Here’s an excerpt of what one of the producers, Herb Gains, said about the production:

    “I think back to January 2007 when I first met Zack and he walked me through his drawings for the title sequence. I remember my initial reaction was, How can we shoot all of it? Why do we have to shoot all that? And if we do, how do we shoot all of it? We spent the next two months scouting, researching and budgeting locations all over the world, including Australia, London, Prague, Spain — at one point we even considered New York — and, of course, Los Angeles.

    I now sit in my Vancouver hotel room one year later, and guess what? We did shoot all of it — every frame of it, and not just the title sequence drawings but all of Zack’s drawings are now committed to film.”

    The whole thing is very exciting, so as the behind-the-scenes production videos, that are going to come out every month until the release date in 2009.
    More here –

    PS. I saw “Scanners 2: The New Order” (1991) today and I was actually surprised that David Hewlett was in it. I saw the movie before, in my teen years, but didn’t know who David was back then. He’s younger, with longer hair and it’s nice to see his previous work.

  19. I was never a fan of comic books, and I never really got attached to any superheroes since most of them didn’t seem to have to work to get their powers, it’s usually just an accident (spider bite, experiment gone wrong, etc. etc.) and I don’t like that. Of course, that doesn’t apply to every one of them.

    I wonder why they don’t make movies based on Supervillains. I think Baron Destructo should get his own movie, don’t you? 😉

  20. dasNdanger

    For instance, I didn’t care for Batman Begins. I guess the film was okay, but I just wasn’t able to sympathize with Bale’s Batman. I tried, really – but Bale’s acting feel flat for me, and I couldn’t connect with the character…I just didn’t give a damn about him, even though I usually really like Batman. Weird, eh? I can feel for creepy green guys with no eyebrows and extra nostrils on their face, but can’t get into a handsome rich dude in a cool car.

    That’s interesting ‘cos I loved it. Not many actors can pull off both Bruce Wayne and Batman but Christian was excellent. My fave Batman is Michael Keaton. His portrayal was dark and brooding and Christian Bale brought that back. I also loved him in The Prestige.

    Cheers, Chev

  21. OK, stretching this thread to cartoons I would love to see a Pinky and the Brain movie.

    Pinky: Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
    The Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over the world.

    Cheers, Chev

  22. I am also a comic book fan, mainly Batman though. Iron Man, Batman Begins, and Spiderman, and Superman are classic examples of getting it right and the spirit.

    I so want a Green Lantern movie to happen. I think it would make a great sci-fi epic. It better be Hal though.

    Have you heard about the proposed Green Arrow script, Super Max? It sounds great in my opinion. David Goyer wants to go ahead with it. Meant to be gritty as well. From the Total Film website:

    “The film will open with the Arrow – AKA Oliver Queen (or Connor Hawke if they’re using the later incumbent) fighting evil but framed for a crime he didn’t commit. He ends up stripped of his powers and thrown into a special prison for criminal super-types (hence the title – Super Maximum security). Problem is, most of the villains he’s brought to justice are already in there and when he’s not fighting for his life, he’ll have to find a way to work with some of them to secure his release and clear his name. ”

    Imagine the cameos. They’ve been talking about it though for over a year. Hope it comes to fruition.

  23. hello Joe, back again.

    -don’t worry, i doubt i’ll become one of your regulars. Time.

    LOVED the TODD pics! Yummy. He looks like he’s dropping off in one though. That other wraith does look creepy, i hope it’s the other commander and not Kenny. Not sure about the bald look. I prefer my lads with lucious locks. There has been some bad looking wigs used on wraith in s4, earlier wraith always had such nice hair. Thankfully Todds doesn’t look like a mop in those pics so that’s good and i’ve gone off on a bloody tangent.

    Since everyone is laying claim to stuff i’d take off with Steves coat, gotta have a wraith coat.

    I’d give you some macadamias, no chocolate though, if it meant i was spared the hours it’s going to take to crack the damn things, three large buckets and counting.

    Not into comics so no comment there, but i will see Wolverine.

    Could you give us a Yay or a Nay if you read that little fic starring you, and if you passed it on. Everybodies curious to know.


  24. Umm..I would like to see Dr. McKay on the big screen trying to stop an alien invasion like in the movie invasion of the body snatchers…

    also off topic this question has been bothering me for quite sometime…

    Will Torri ever come back to Stargate Atlantis?I kinda really liked her as the team leader, she’s what got me into the show to begin with.

  25. To be honest, not a big comic (or anime/manga) fan. My favorite superhero has already hit the big screen (brilliantly) several times, supposedly, they’re already working on the next movie, and has even been on the small screen (less brilliantly). Whom might that be? Why, Superman, of course!

    Green Lantern does sound cool, though. Deathlock however sounds like the male form of Bionic Woman (the most recent version). Hmmm.

    I am very excited for The Justice League movie.

    And to cmdragonia who said they’d like to see Supergirl, she might not be on the big screen soon, but there’s at least one person out there who wants to make a pilot about her. If his pilot goes through, I can only imagine it would be an interesting show.

  26. I was not all that excited about Ironman and only went to see it after all my friends literally blackmailed and bribed me to do it.

    But Oh My… Was that a great movie… It’s good to see that Hollywood finally learned how to make superheroes movies… I dont think I could stand another Fantastic Four…

  27. I would love to see Y: The Last Man in movie form – it’s not a super-hero comic but it’s super! (yeah, I know, pretty lame.)

  28. Hello Joe,

    Speaking of Green Lantern, do you read the comics? The recent story arcs in Green Lantern are really cool so was wondering.

    Oh and Atlantis related question, will there be anymore appearances of the Asuran Replicators beyond “Ghost in the Machine” or will that arc be resolved there?

    Anyway, take care Joe!

  29. I have to agree with you on wanting to see Dr. Midnight, Hawkeye, Hourman and The Vision on the big screen. But I slightly disagree with you on the first three Batman movies, Ghost Rider and The Fantastic Four. I found them very good – not great – but still very enjoyable. Also, the Punisher (Tthe director’s cut is especially good. Of course, my boyfriend and I have known Tim Bradstreet for a long time – in my boyfriend’s case about 26 years – as we are from the same town he is, so we’re a bit biased.) As for what comics would I (and my boyfriend) like to see a movie made out of…okay, you asked Joe:

    The Authority, Rising Stars, Midnight Nation, Challengers of the Unknown, The Suicide Squad, The Metal Men, Teen Titans, Mandrake the Magician, Fathom, Checkmate, S.H.I.E.L.D., Alpha Force, Doctor Strange, Doctor Fate, Hero Bear and the Kid, Liberty Meadows (just for the fun of it!), Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, The Spirit, and John Carter Warlord of Mars (either from the books or comics would be fun).

    We actually thought of more, but didn’t write them all down. Sorry the list is so long.

  30. I’m less concerned with which series will be brought out next then how they will treat the ones they are working on now. Who they cast says a lot about how much respect they actually have for the characters vs how much money they are hoping to rake in with “name” casting.

  31. ANT-MAN?! Seriously, there is an Ant-Man? I did not know that, and I’m slightly disturbed by the thought to be honest.

    Iron Man seems to be doing well here too. I managed to get in to see it on the fourth day of its release here, and to my knowledge all the sessions prior to that were booked out. My friends tell me this week has been packed as well, so even in Brisbane (which is a smallish city) it’s doing really well.

    I haven’t come across many comic-based films I like, although I will admit I’m fond of The Phantom and now Iron Man (only had a brief phase of reading Iron Man comics though).

    As for which superhero I would like to see get a movie…How about to balance it out we go for an anti-hero type? What about Baron Destructo, Joe?

    I think the Baron’s cool, collected wit and sincere descriptions of his intended actions towards potential allies and enemies would make for some great entertainment. Not to mention how many people might then start walking around as one of his L.A.M.E. associates!

  32. I’d love to see a Witchblade and The Darkness movies. The Witchblade TV series was pretty good if short lived.

    As someone who actually paid full price to see Elecktra (small college town, nuff said) I am incredibly gun shy of any superhero movie. I still haven’t gotten around to seeing Spiderman 3 and honestly I don’t really want to. I’m not particularly excited about Ironman even though everyone says it is amazing. I guess if the ratio of good to bad movies increases my feelings may change, but I know I’m in the minority on this.

  33. What I’d really like to see is a complete redo of X-Men III, hopefully with some resemblance to the actual Phoenix story line.

    In the middle of reading Joss Whedon’s Fray, which is turning out pretty good and I think would translate well onto the big screen.

  34. Uhh. Mr. M, I heard they “table” the Justice League project according to e!Online

    My favorite Marvel character is Deadpool like Trish’s daughter Allie.

    All future Super Hero projects from the Marvel Comics are funded and control by Marvel Studios. A division of Marvel Entertainment. Guess the bigwigs at Marvel is tired of Hollywood damaging their BRAND.

    Did you see the Easter Egg Scene after the credits in the Iron Man movie when Tony Stark meets a special guest. Oh, search IMDb site with key words “Nick Fury”. Hehe. Also check out the projected releases from Marvel for 2010-11 on link below.

    Am I the only one who like the Howard the Duck movie. Mind you, I think the comic version was better.

  35. Happy Day all you mothers!

    Must beg to differ on opinion, these were decent movies: Batman- Jack’s Joker was definitive, to me- I’ve heard Hedger took it in a different direction. Surprisingly, Bana’s Hulk- it was the CGI story I had a problem with but I liked the “24” shooting style. Fantastic Four 2 was MUCH better than 1. Batman Forever- loved the references to the TV show. Jim Carrey’s Riddler is his 2nd best role to date.

    Ghost Rider was one of my all-time fave comics as a kid (ie the kind you had to hide from Mom), and I was pretty happy with the movie. But then, I like Nick anyway, such a huge comics fan himself he named his son Kal-El. But I was glad Green Goblin went to Dafoe instead, not sure Nick coulda done as well.

    Ant-Man, Captain America, Thor, and The Avengers – Watchmen, Shazam and The Justice League -Honestly, NOT interested. I think Hollywood needs to do some research before committing and make sure there’s an audience- I’m pretty picky about my comic books and those were never on my lists. Also, can’t get the 70’s outta my head 🙂
    I’m not crazy about Bale’s Batman, but will watch.
    Ditto any movie Superman after Chris R, but Smallville has been decent overall and that Lex, terrific.
    Yup I was hanging around when The Punisher was filmed, but I wasn’t happy with the result. Also not a comic I read.

    Still left to do? The Green Hornet. Who else thought Bruce Lee kicked MAJOR ass as Kato?? I always thought Jackie Chan was gonna get the movie remake job. Then, as time wore on, Jet Li (Black Mask). One of the reasons I love the Pink Panther is Cato in that.

    I will have interest in a Wolverine movie, Jackman sold me with X-Men 1 & 2 (the 3rd movie was a disaster).

    LOL I can’t call Speed Racer anime. I’m going to see the movie because 1) it was one of my fave “Japanese cartoons” as a kid- I LOVED the car and 2) my boys LOVE NASCAR.
    More fave “Japanese cartoons”: Marine Boy, Star Blazers, and Battle of the Planets, to name a few.

  36. re: comment from maggiemayday yesterday
    I got to admit that I forgot to mention that the filled mushrooms are not from the Mexican cook book. They just seemed to fit so I made them.
    Then I have to say that my Mexican food is not anything like vegetarian tofu chilli con carne but independent from meat created stuff. So no meat meals switched to vegetarian with tofu as meat replacement. I didn’t use any tofu.
    Feta: For me, that’s cheese made out of sheep’s milk. I used Greek one. The one you were talking about, was that Mexican sheep’s cheese? Never heard of it what is it 😮
    And to prove that it was Mexican indeed: the main ingredient of quesadillas as well as enchiladas are Tortillas!
    I admit that there was barely any rice involved besides the coco rice (rice cooked in cocos milk) but there was loads of chilli and hot stuff :o)

    So today I had my big day. I started at about 8:30 in the kitchen and was done by about 14:00.

    My father never missed the meat. My grandmother usually doesn’t eat that much in three days(!) My sister usually eyeing everything she doesn’t know like a piece of vermin ate everything with relish too! My mother was simply blown away.

    In the end I decided to go first as planned with the vitamin salad, then serve the quesadillas, then the filled mushrooms, then the enchiladas and finally the cocos rice.
    It was the perfect order :o)

    I served the first course at 12 o’clock and the 5th course at 14:30

    Even my father who usually looks like he’s able to eat half a cow each lunch was full and looked like he wouldn’t be eating for days :o)

    I took some pics and hope to be able to give you the link some time today if you’d like a glipse :o)

  37. I guess I’m one of the few people that liked Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. However, I’ll agree that Elektra sucked.

    Green Lantern would be good, but what actor would you pick to fill the role? Either Hal Jordan, Kyle Raynor, or John Stewart.

  38. How about the greatest anti hero ever, the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool ? We know that he’ll be appearing on the upcoming Worlverine.
    On the other side, I don’t think translating to the big screen a witty, cynical, metareferencing and face ravaged hero would do well in box office unfortunately. The usual superhero movie audience ain’t ready for that.

  39. “Iron Man” was easily in the top three of super hero films. Well, at least I liked it a whole lot better than any of the last few I’ve seen. I was hesitant when Robert Downey, Jr. was cast, but he really pulled it off. My one complaint was that the villain was a bit too cliche for my taste (even given that it is based off a comic book).

    If they do a Green Lantern movie they should start with Hal Jordan. I like the later GLs too, so hopefully if the first one is a success the others will get a shot on the big screen too.

    As for Crichton, I would give him a chance, he’s not bad at all, just very detailed. I’m working through his stuff faster than I expected.

  40. I loved Aquaman. As a kid I loved the idea of people who lived underwater. That would make a great movie. I liked Submariner, too for the same reason. Plus he had a constant bad attitude. But Green Lantern would be a great movie too – just cuz his costume was cool.

  41. I didn’t have any superheroes growing up. I know! Horrible!

    But I was recently (as in, this year) introduced to Batman! I saw Batman Begins. I enjoyed it. Am looking forward to Dark Knight.

    And then I watched… the rest of the Batman movies….. and I wonder how fans could stick around long enough for something good. o_O

  42. Well unfortunately I never really got in to comic books but I did watch a few animated series when I was younger, the X-men one was very good. How about a defenders of the earth film, I loved that when I was a kid, or captain planet. If all else fails I guess ther’s always Earthworm Jim to fall back on!

    Chevron7 you are absoloutly right, well done.

  43. Hello Joe,

    I have a weird idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to have one of the cast have a dream where the team enacts a ‘Fantastic Four’ episode?! It should probably be Sheppard since he is in to comics more than the others. I know it sounds alittle corny, but hey, SG1 had their share of cornball episodes.

  44. Blatent suck up move but how about Baron Destructo? Could be a small indy flick and be a lot of fun to see in theaters. Maybe figure out if we could get John Tesh to cameo as “himself” like Neal Patrick Harris has in the Harold and Kumar Movies..

  45. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this! 😀 (Even if I could still have kids, I don’t think I’d have the guts to do so, so you’re all superheroes in my book!)

    Funny you should post about this, Joe — I just saw Iron man on Friday (and loved it, BTW), and after all the superhero trailers there were before it, I was remarking to my friends that this should officially be considered the Summer of the Superheroes …

    I actually thought Howard the Duck was fun — of course, I was something like 9 years old at the time. Still, I think even now HtD would be far better than most of the Sci Fi channel’s “movie of the week” …

    Oh, do you not include The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on the “bad” list? I was pretty throroughly disappointed by it, although I did like the costumes and sets — and Stuart Townsend. 😉

    I’ve never really been an Avengers fan, but after seeing Iron Man (and I was never really a big fan of that character either), I definitley want to see that movie too. And I hope Hawkeye has a prominent role in it.

    I have to admit, I’m actually tempted to see The Incredible Hulk, simply because Edward Norton is in it, and I think he’s one of the best actors out there. The animation still looks gods-awful, though, and I still refuse to see the first one.

    I’m not sure if I want to see Captain America — never cared much at all for the character, but the older movie, the one from the early ninties, wasn’t all that bad, I thought. A little campy, yes, but I liked the actor in the role and thought that beneath the hokiness was decent characterisation and a decent story. (Of course, it’s been years since I’ve seen it, so who knows if I would *still* think it was any good.)

    I saw Fantastic Four on TV a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised — putting aside the fact that the casting for Sue and Johnny was all wrong if you want to stay true to the comics, they actually weren’t that bad as characters, and the movie, while not what I would call great, still wasn’t unwatchable. I might even watch Rise of the Silver Surfer now.

    I’m of mixed feelings on Wolverine. I live the character, I love Hugh Jackman, and I loved the first two X-Men films, but I really, really *despised* the third X-Men film. And I’m bitterly disappointed that Josh Holloway is no longer going to play Gambit, who is my very fave Marvel character — personally, I considered Holloway born to play the role. I would have liked to have seen him and Rogue (played someone other than Anna Paquin) in their own movie.

    Despite my uncertainty on Reynolds in the role (not *against* it, mind, just taking a wait-and-see attitude) I look forward to Deadpool, and hope it does well. I consider him, alongside Gambit, to be one of Marvel’s most underappreciated characters — and one of their best. At least when Joe Kelly is writing him. That ish where he went back in time with Blind Al and pretended to be Peter Paker, in kind of a “Trouble with Tribbles” DS9 “let’s revisit a classic story and insert ourselves in it” sort of thing? Sheer genius.

    I’m really looking forward to The Dark Night — I thought Batman Begins was brilliant! Truth be told, I liked the first three Batman films too, actually, though I will agree that the fourth was horrifically bad. And this is just a personal thing, but if I had my druthers? I would have Halle Berrie banned from all superhero films. She was freakin *terrible* as Storm, IMNSHO, and I refuse to see her Catwoman (I wish they had done a Catwoman film with Pfieffer, way back when).

    I watched the original Superman movies when I was younger, but I have grown up to pretty much loathe the character (even though I watched Lois and Clark and watch Smallville now, I don’t really watch for Superman, ya know?), and can’t seem to bring myself to watch the latest film, despite how good my friends assure me it is. Hell, I’d rather see another Supergirl movie.

    I’m a bit worried about Wonder Woman, with all it’s production problems. I;m kind of hoping there will be a Green Arrow movie, after the poularity of the character on Smallville. And I’m a sucker for archers. I liked Firestar, the girl on Spidey & His Amazing Friends, and Firestorm, guy on Superfriends, when I was a kid — I’d like to see them make an appearance in something.

    I’d like an Amethyst movie, too. I miss that comic.

    I enjoyed the first Hellboy, and am looking forward to the second.

    I’d love to see films of Skeleton Key (the andy Watson comic about a girl who uses a skeleton costume and key to travel to other dimensions with her best friends, a kitsune) and Courtney Crumrin (about a scarcastic girl who studies magic with her Uncle Aloysius, a wizard of questionable morals, and deals with all sorts of nasty creatures of the dark).

    I’m a big TMNT fan, and while the second film was a dog, I really enjoyed the first, and third wasn’t bad. But the latest, the animated one? That was *awesome*!! Well, save for the villain’s plot being ridiculous. But the characterisation was fan*tas*tic!! I really, really hope they do another!

    There had been talk once, a long time ago, of Disney doing a live-action Sailor Moon with Sarah Michelle Gellar playing Usagi — I would have liked to have seen that. Then again, as you pointed out, anime-to-live-action generally doesn’t generally work too well, so maybe it’s better than it didn’t. But I am curious about the adaptation of Parasyte.

    My number one comic that I want to see go to film is Elfquest, which I’ve been a fan of since I was seven — it’s what really got me into comics and made me want to be both an artist and a writer. The Pinis have been struggling with movie rights and finding a proper studio for it for many years, alas ….

  46. Stares groggily at the screen. Comic books? I grew up snitching my brother’s underground comix. I don’t think Mr. Natural and the Fabulous Flying Freak Brothers are going to star in anything soon. Or Cheech Wizard. Or Cherry Poptart.

    Went to the opera last night, Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Wonderful. Involved eccentric evening clothes, wine and cheese, and my hubby in tails and his new black kilt getting hit on by women. Young attractive women at that. I am amused. Wish I’d gotten pictures of the four of us all dressed up.

    Going to the Renn Faire today. Will get pictures. I am such a nerd.

    MS … quesa fresca is the standard Mexican cheese, something between American cream cheese and creme fraiche. Cow’s milk, not sheep. The meal does sound yummy!

  47. Salut Joseph =) Me revoila!!

    j’ai passer 2 jours génial!! En plus il faisait trés chaud!!
    Ont n’a été a la plage, ont à manger plein de Chichi, gouter plein de vin rouge, visiter des chais,parier au course a chevaux et on a super bien rigoler =) !!

    Jespert que vous aussi, ces 2 derniers jours se sont bien passés.

    Gros Bisouuuu!! a demain Joseph♥

  48. @ Trish ~ Ghost Rider was actually good? I stayed away because Nick Cage really grates on me. I do like the character, though. PS, it’s Deadpool, dear. 😉 Or just ‘Pool. I know Allie knows that it’s Deadpool, though. 😀

    I kinda like Death’s Head, and Cloak & Dagger too — wouldn’t mind seeing them have cameos in something.

    My dad loved the Dolph Ludgren Punisher, but I am utterly uninterested in the character, so I haven’t seen that *or* the newer one.

    I liked The Rocketeer pretty well, although it’s been so long since I’ve scene it that I don’t really remember it. Never got around to The Shadow or The Phantom — the previews looked too hokey for both. I did love the animated Phantom 2040 series, though — maybe a movie based on that would be good. Then again, the people who did that series were the same people who did Aeon Flux, and I hear the film adaptation of that *wasn’t* so good, so maybe not ….

    Never got around to Tank Girl — people I know seem to adore or hate that one. I refuse to see Judge Dredd. I would like to see a Tick movie, though.

    I really hope they make another Spider-Man — adored the three that have been done (well, *liked* the second, anyway, but not as much as the first and third, even if everybody else seems to like it best), but I would hate for the series to end with such a downer as that final scene in III …

    @sector24 ~ You saw Scanners II?? I’ve been dying to see the entire thing, as opposed to just the little clips on youtube! 😀 Did you rent it, or was it on TV?

  49. Those were some of my favorites. So what about yours? Who do you want to see get the big screen treatment?

    Not exactly a superhero but one comic book character I would love to see on the big screen would be Halo Jones. Alan Moore’s The Ballad of Halo Jones appeared in 2000 AD and was not only a brilliant futuristic story full of strong female characters but also featured the most amazing artwork by Ian Gibson. I’d love to see movie pick up where the (sadly unfinished) saga left off.

  50. Hey Joe, I was hoping you could wish me luck for my maths exam tomorrow? I have a feeling I’m going to need it. =S


  51. Tried sending a comment earlier, but it either didn’t get through due to some screwyness, or it did go through but wasn’t approved. In any case, here’s a superhero movie I’d like to see:

    S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Carol Danvers pursues terrorist/mad scientist organization Advanced Idea Mechanics when intelligence suggests they may have gotten their hands on some advanced, possibly alien technology. A raid on one of their labs goes wrong, an alien device explodes, and Carol wakes up with super strength, flight, and energy projection abilities. A.I.M., meanwhile, turns one of their own into MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) to help defend their bases. Instead, he declares himself leader of A.I.M., removes any opposition, and goes on a rampage. Carol, alias Ms. Marvel, uses her powers to stop them. Or something.

    Boy, that pitch sucks.

  52. Iron Man is one of my favourite super heroes. Batman too. They didn’t have super powers, only their intellect (wait… could their massive intellect be considered a super power?)… and billions at their disposal. As for villains, my top three are; The Joker, along with Catwoman (what guy doesn’t), and then the Riddler. Though once we see the Baron Destructo feature film I may have to bump one of them.

    Also, there’s a question I wanted to ask: Have you ever thought of doing a musical episode of SGA?

  53. I was so happy to see Iron Man and will probably go again tomorrow. It was fun to see part of the Owens Valley in there posing as Afganastan and the dessert area around Edwards Air Force Base (which it really is). They filmed almost all of the dessert scenes just south of my home town. It was a big deal when they were filming it up here. It doesn’t happen very often anymore.

    I couldn’t read comic books when I was a kid, so my brother would read them and tell me the stories. Now that I look back I think my dyslexia had something to do with the fact that I found comic books hard to follow. I now own quite a few of the movies made from the stories I enjoyed my brother explaining to me. My favorite is still the X-Men Trilogy, even though the last one was kind of a disappointment. As for which one I’m looking forward to next, that question would be better for my brother to answer, but I am looking forward to Captain America and The Avengers.

  54. Wow! There are so many out there that it makes it hard to chose just a couple. I really would like to see Cpt. America on the big screen. I know that Wonder Woman had a television series but it still would be nice to see the character in a movie. Last but not least, Im not sure if there was ever a comic book based on them but I know that they were a television show way back when….The ThunderCats.

  55. I also want to see The Tick on the big screen. But only the animated version, unless they can do a very good CGI for Chairface Chippendale.

    I’ve got a personal grudge on Marvel.

  56. [rambling post]

    You know – I’ve been off on such a Wraith-rant lately I’ve missed a lot of stuff….

    1. Stuff found in food: Used band-aid in my salad. 😕 AFTER I had eaten most of the salad… *shudder*

    2. Stuff I’d take from SGA: Todd’s knife & Common Ground coat, Steve’s hair and finger-thingys…and his James Bondish blow-’em-up watch 😆 , an entire Athosian dwelling, complete with utensils, furnishings, handcrafts and art, a Wraith stunner, Condemned Wraith’s goblet, Bob’s entire outfit, and The Hive’s ‘Edward Sleazyhands’ (yeah, the whole guy…he’s just got ‘boy toy’ written ALL over him… 😀 )

    @ Chev – I have TRIED to like Bale, really. I watched The Prestige in hopes that it would soften me towards the guy, but it did the opposite.

    I’m totally a fan of characters, not actors. So, if the actor portraying the character doesn’t do the job I want, then it really screws it all up for me. I’ve only liked 5 actors in my life – meaning I like every character they’ve portrayed, good or bad, and admire their work no matter what: Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Johnny Depp. In most cases, however, I just like the character, and pay no mind to the actor. For instance, I love Mad Max, but don’t care for most of Gibson’s other roles. Same with Jackman – loved his Wolverine, but he’s not my cuppa otherwise. But Bale has yet to give me even one character I can actually like…and he nearly ruined Batman for me, though I will go see the new movie in hopes it will change my opinion.

    There is just something unapproachable about Bale – I can’t seem to warm to him on the screen (might be the nicest guy in RL). I would actually like him much better as a villain, like Willem Dafoe – that’s how he comes across to me, that sort of actor.

    Ack…rambling…sorrysorrysorry…but more to say…

    @ BlueJay – Your tangents pale in comparison to mine… 😳 (Todd’s not sleeping…he’s hiding, from us! Poor, poor Chris…I wonder if he knows what he’s gone and gotten himself into… )

    @ Montrealer – oh, yes – saw the scene after the credits!! If you read Ultimate Marvel, you will totally understand the casting choice there…it was PERFECT!

    @ Karen MT – I really liked Daredevil – but the director’s cut (never saw the theatrical release). It was really good (except the playground scene, which was kinda hokey). Like Ghost Rider, I liked both Fantastic Four movies well enough, and for what they were. They entertained me, even if they were not perfect. But I’m not really into those characters all that much, so maybe I was a bit more forgiving. I’m mostly a Wolverine fan, though I started getting into Iron Man end of 2006, but he still hasn’t totally won me over. And I like Spidey well enough, and a few others. I’m really VERY picky about who I like, and why, and right now I just love Wolverine so much that it’s hard for me to make room for others.

    RE: X-Men 3 – Again, I like this one well enough. I didn’t care about the messy plot so much, but I did feel the scenes were too choppy, and the characterizations a bit off, with little time allowed in the scenes for fleshing them out. This was my biggest complaint, but – overall – it was still entertaining to me.

    [/rambling post]


  57. Well everyone, to be honest, I never read comic books for the stories as a kid, I was always more interested in trying to copy the style of the artist. I couldn’t tell you what any of them were about. My early years were all art-focused. I actually fancied myself a cartoonist as an adult.

    Those days are long gone and I find myself writing (technical-pharmaceutical) for a living with a bit of graphic design thrown in.

    I have seen Spiderman 1, the first two Superman films with Christopher Reeve, two Batman films and one X-Men film. None greatly impressed me for story lines, acting or directing but most had good FX and cinematography. At least I didn’t regret paying for the ticket or DVD rental afterwards, so that’s something.

    Who or what would I like seen made into a superhero film?
    Nada, sorry.

    Let’s have more SG-1 and perhaps SGA films too! Huzzah!

    Carol Z
    in New Jersey…

  58. Hi Joe!

    No input from me on comic book characters going to the movies. I have read a few comics – borrowed from friends – but I couldn’t ever get into them. I recognize why people like comics and I respect the artform, but I just don’t like comics.

    Picked up The Android’s Dream today. Hope to be ready for the comments at the end of the month! 🙂


  59. Why don’t we all club together and make a film? I am sure that between us we would manage.

    If David H could make ADB then we could make a superhero film.

    We would need to have a search around for some props – maybe start at the Stargate storehouse – maybe one of our baddies could wear the Carmen Miranda headdress. 🙂

    I am off to think this through – maybe we could get an Oscar for this film. I don’t think that I have ever won anything before.

    As our superhero I think that we shold have Paul McGllion and if he is busy then George Clooney.


  60. Deathlock!?! The Vision!?! Oh, man, you just raised yourself to godhood. Those were two of my favorites. I always thought Moon Knight or Mr. Miracle would make cool movies, too, and from what I’ve seen of production stills for the Watchmen movie, it looks like they may do it some justice.

    Deathlock … man, I haven’t thought about him in years. I think we even have the first issue somewhere in the attic.

  61. Hi Joe
    No superhero input from me as I was never a big fan of comics (unless you count Corto Maltese and Asterix ).
    A saturday paper run a 2 page spread on Vancouver and recomended as places to eat Terra Breads Bakery&Cafe and Bin941 for light meals and tapas, West for regional cuisine, Il Giardino for Italian and Blue water Cafe and Raw Bar for seafood. Alas no Fuel but I wondered if you had heard of or eaten in any of them and what you think of the selection.

  62. I’m still awaiting with baited breath on the Elfquest movie, but I’m pretty much despairing on that ever coming through.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing a movie made about Alpha Flight. But like another of your respondees, I cringe at the thought of how that could be mangled for the big screen.
    I’ll stick with SGA and its lusciousness, thanks. 😀

  63. I never really read any superhero comic books as a kid. My comic books were more of the “girly” variety, like Blondie and Betty Boop. However, I did watch the original Superman T.V. series (in glorious black and white) and the original Batman T.V. series (very campy).

    I guess my favorite superhero, however, was Popeye! What! You mean he’s not really a superhero! He sure became a superhero to me after eating that spinach and saving the day (and Olive Oil) every time.

  64. @ linkburn ~ actualy, Marvel’s Star Comics line had Thundercats comics, and a bit more recently, DCs WIldstorm imprint did a “Return of the Thundercats” line. Wilykat is my fave, and they gave him a juicy plot with he and his sister aged up, in the “Dogs of War” arc ….

    @ maggiemayday ~ OMG, Cherry Poptart!!! I loved those back during my college days! XD

    The Dick Tracy movie wasn’t so hot, but the novelisation of it, by Max Alan Collins, was great! And Road to Perdituon, based on the graphic novel by Collins, was really good.

    Looking forward to the GI Joe movie, but also a bit wary. They cast Ray Parks as my fave Joe, Snake-Eyes (I am decidedly not a Parks fan), and the gal cast as my other fave, Scarlett, doesn’t really fit my mental image of her. I really hipe Timber is in it, and that they have at least *some* romance/angst between Snake and Scarlett.

    See what a can of worms you opened by talking about comics, Joe? ;D It seems I can’t shut up!! XD

  65. Could you please clarify something for me? I read in the latest issue of TV Zone that in the episode Outcast, Sheppards ex-wife Nancy is a replicator. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get that when I watched it, but it has been a couple of months since I saw it. Are they crazy or am I?

    @dasNdanger – completely agree with your assessment of X-Men 3, it was okay but could have been much better.

    Looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie, loved the series even without the Nazi element. Joss Whedon is doing that, right? Love him!

  66. Hey Joe, Being a huge Stargate fan, I usually lurk on your thread but now I find that I need some really good advice on the joys of chocolate!

    I am very active volunteering in a youth program. The Leadership team is planning a year end (program works on school year calender) celebration – it has been a particularly brutal year for the team – We decided to have a chocolate tasting party as a way to end the year for us.
    I checked out the links on one of your earlier posts and there are just so many choices. As a major chocolate lover, I find it difficult to choose just one company to pick something from to bring to this year end celebration.
    What would you recommend – we will all be bringing something chocolate, there is 7 of us so samples from each company are not practical from a cost standpoint, though I know no one would have problems taking leftovers home.

    Oh and superhero’s, what superhero would I like to see, oh, lets see, hummmmm …..there’s the Geek God, The Sheppard Herder, The Winged Pegasus………

  67. Quite right. I’d say that the majors are probably going to get their live-action day in the sun before lesser (but no less interesting) characters get the big screen treatment. I’d say that Green Lantern will get the big screen next (after all the other annouced movies are finished).

    What I’d really like to see (but will never happen) would be a cartoon series that follows the major storylines more closesly (Civil War, Infinite Crisis, House of M, Blackest Night).

    I’ve seen a lot about the GI Joe movie in other people’s comments, and I think that it’ll be pretty neat too. Most of the guys at NYCC like Tim Seeley (Devil’s Due publishing and GI Joe the comic) as well as Larry Hama (GI Joe creator) all mentioned similar optimism at the GI Joe project.

  68. drldeboer mentioned Battle of the Planets. The non-Japanese version I loved. Had my first crush on Mark. My brother used to find me hugging the TV. I was six. I’m going now.

  69. @ K Ryan – I bought the X-Men: The Last Stand novel (by Chris Claremont) so I could fill in some of the gaps. It REALLY helped me enjoy the movie so much better! It explains what happens to Scott (white hot room stuff), and does all the fleshing out that the movie skipped – such as adding lots of sexual tension between Storm and Logan in a scene or two. Of course, with my crappy ADD, I never finished it, but used it more like a reference book, just looking up the scenes that I needed a better explanation on. I don’t think the movie ‘needs’ the book to be enjoyable, but if you want to fill out the experience, it’s worth it.

    On a Mother’s Day side note, I have no kids, only cats (4 lazy bums inside, and 2-3 neutered/spayed ferals that we feed/shelter outside). Anyway, on Friday I lent my lawn mower to my neighbor lady, and when she returned it, she gave me a Mother’s Day card, which reads:

    Haiku, from the Cat:

    Nice lady pets me
    Scoops the poop out of my box
    I call her mommy


    First time I ever felt a part of this day… 😀


  70. I like Blade and Spawn, and as a kid I was a huge fan of Conan the Barbarian in comix. But I think the stink of the campy version has too long a half-life to ever allow for a truly dark and gory Conan movie. No matter, I find the Reacher character in Lee Child’s series of books to be a satisfying subsitute for Conan’s lone hero comix. And I hope Hollywood has learned that you have to treat comix seriously and with the same respect that the fans do, otherwise fans will stay away. The PTB seem to think they don’t need a good script when they are shooting a comic book; they buy the rights first, hire the actors then slap together a script.

  71. dasNdanger that was so nice of your cats (I mean neighbour) to buy you a card. That was so sweet.

    My cats are my babies too – much nicer than mere human babies.

    I am not sure when Mother’s day is in the UK. But I got a barfed up hairball 🙁 gifted to me this morning – so maybe that is my present.


  72. K Ryan said…</b
    Could you please clarify something for me? I read in the latest issue of TV Zone that in the episode Outcast, Sheppards ex-wife Nancy is a replicator. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get that when I watched it, but it has been a couple of months since I saw it. Are they crazy or am I?

    It’s the magazine being not so much crazy as dumb – and they made that mistake twice in their review. Which convinced me, after flicking through the magazine in the store, not to waste my money on it if their reviewers don’t even watch the episode they are reviewing closely enough to catch the rather major plot points!! (What really made me laugh – with derision, you understand – was that their review rather slated JF’s acting skills for Sheppard’s lack of reaction to his ex-wife being revealed as a replicator. Hmm. If you think that one through there’s a pretty good – and obvious – reason for Sheppard to not have much reaction… *lol*)

  73. Gack. Darn it. We need an edit function in here.

    Um. Can ya maybe close the tag properly for me on my preceding post Joe? Cheers! 😀

  74. The Punisher is an excellent example of what a shitty script can do to a good actor (or actors). Seriously, how did that go so bloody wrong?

    I keep waiting for the much anticipated Wonder Woman movie to come out. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting for a while still.
    Till then, I’ll have to be content with dressing up once a year at GenCon and acting like the geek-at-heart that I am.

  75. May I add that Iron Man’s gung-ho, kill terrorists, America can do anything attitude is in Stark contrast to the recent spate of box-office flops with a sniveling, hug terrorists, America is always wrong attitude – like War Inc, Redacted, Stop Loss (15 million loss in box office, losses ain’t stopping lol!) etc.

    Iron Man Review: No Apologies in Killing Terrorists

    The conclusion: Make Captain America and other heroes wimpy new age guys, and no one will be watching your films.

  76. As a huge comic fan I’m thrilled that so many comics movies are in the works..but I’m also nervous to the extreme.
    SO much potential for badness.
    For example:
    I love Captain America, but I’m terrified that some idiot is going to base the movie on the Ultimates version of the character cause it’s “kewl” and ‘socially relevant’. Barf.

    As for what movies that I would like to see, did anyone here ever read CrossGen?
    They were an Indie company that went bust after about 4 yrs amid a lot of lawsuits and bad press, but they had some awesome non traditional stories. I would LOVE to see something like Scion, Meridian or Sigil put on the big screen or a TV series of Ruse, Negation or The First.
    It will never, ever happen due to the rights being tied up in lawsuits and the fact that the audience just isn’t there.
    But the chance to see any of these books done in modern CGI would literally a dream come true.

  77. @ susanthetartanturtle – Ah, the hairball. A couple nights ago, just as I was falling asleep, my one cat gifted me a hairball…on the rug, of course, and not the hardwood floor riiiiight next to it. The next morn, just as the sun was peeking over the horizon, another cat woke me up with a similar gift…on the rug, of course, and not the hardwood floor riiiiight next to it.

    Still love ’em, though…couldn’t imagine my house without them. Well, except for the part where I’d have cleaner rugs. 😛


  78. If they can be done right, I would love to see movies for Green Lantern, The Flash, Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America.

    Oh, and Wonder Woman of course.

  79. Agree with the Hourman idea. It’s important for our heroes to be flawed. Coming from England, can I put in a plug for Captain Britain? A kind of a modern-day Arthurian legend dude, given his powers by no less than Merlin?

  80. Deadpool, though they’ll probably spit him out looking like Tommy Lee-Jones’ Two-face. -.-;

  81. It will never be made because there are not enough “In the Know” fans. I would love a Big Screen adaption of The Blue Beetle (Ted Kord’s version thank you very much. Although Jaime Reyes has grown on me.) and Booster Gold. Whether as separate movies or a buddy movie I care not.

    Also, The Authority because to see the Anti-Batman and Superman (Aka The Midnighter and Apollo) as a mainstream film would be amazing.

  82. Major superhero fan here, Joe. Thundarr the Barbarian…would love to see that on the big screen. It’s a fave.

    Others I’d like to see…

    Bravestarr, Aquaman, He-Man, Wonderbug, Herculoids, Johnny Quest and a few others that I can’t think of right now.

    With some good ones to come out soon, I’m hoping some of my personal favorites make it to the big screen eventually.

  83. Hmm, I don’t know what’s going on with comics books nowadays. Back in the day (like the Silver Age!) I liked superhero teams – JLA, Teen Titans, the Legion of Superheroes. For individuals I remember liking Thor and Daredevil. Ah, if my father hadn’t thrown out all my comic books…

    I’d really like to see Metal Men made into a movie. I read up on them at wikipedia and they went thru a lot of crap after I stopped reading the book. I’d like the original group and not the various later incarnations. I don’t think they’re dark enough for today’s audience, though.

  84. I personally would love to see Green Arrow make it to the big screen, but the Connor Hawke (buddhist monk) incarnation rather than Ollie Queen. And of course if Connor’s up there ont he big screen, then we’d need Kyle Raynor, Green Lantern, to back him up…

  85. Comics I would like to see a film treatment on, in no particular order:

    The Goon – I think this could be what “Hellboy” should have been.

    Y: The Last Man: Well written and interesting.

    DMZ: Hits many current topics.

    Fables: Love this series, you should pick it up if you have not, can you imagine it on the screen?

    100 Bullets: Would be interesting to see this done by a set of film making brothers. Either set.

    The Walking Dead: Cause it’s more about the inhumanity of people in the face of the fall of civilizations – the zombies just are the backdrop.

  86. Matter Eater Lad has my vote. Probably cast Michael Moore for the role.

    And darn about Speed Racer. I’m a big anime fan, I wanted to see that happen. Oh well–here’s hoping Steven Spielberg can do better with Detective Batou and Ghost in the Shell.

  87. It seems to me that the whole super hero film franchise is a sink or swim business. On one hand you have the Spider-Man, Blade and X-Men trilogies and on the other you have Elektra, Daredevil and Catwoman, all of which took a flying leap out a 50 story building and did a big fat belly flop on the grainy cement below. While you still have the greats like the Superman and Batman series. Other like The Punisher, Hellboy, Crow (original with Brandan Lee) not huge hits but enjoyable. Albeit crow does have a bit of a cult classic thing going for it. Now the one superhero film I can not even stomach is Hulk… I grew up watching Bill Bixby spontaneously transform from Dr. David Bruce Banner into a very green Lou Ferrigno. Hulk (2003) is just complete crap in my eyes. Now from what I hear of Ironman, I will see it with an open mind. You see, When I think of a superhero, Robert Downey Jr. Is the farthest from my mind. So it’s a little hard for me to embrace him asa superhero. But I will give it a try. My personal favorite superhero is Batman. Whose yours?

  88. I’d like to see a Ms Marvel and a Luke Cage (Powerman?) movie. The Punisher movie was good, the newer one not the old version with sleepy Dolph.

  89. Speak for yourself BlueJay, and don’t forget the nice little message I had Todd deliver to you on my behalf! (smirk)

    As for mementos…well, I don’t think I’m allowed to have CH so….:-( On the other hand, I’ve always been partial to swords clad in nice black leather. A Wraith sword sounds like a good addition to my arsenal. (I live less than 1 mile from the county jail, the local state prison and the work release camp. I can’t afford higher rent.)

  90. I can’t be the only one who’s all fanboy/girl giddy about Hellboy 2 (which, I’ll readily admit, has much more to do with Guillermo Del Toro than the comics themselves)!! Someone? Anyone?

    And am I imagining things or did I hear something about some optioning of the Sandman series?

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