Extreme Makeover Wraith Edition

Todd rehearses for the all-wraith production of The Merry Wives of Windsor

One bad-ass wraith 

Martin almost had himself a new story today. I say almost because, after spinning out what he felt was a wonderfully exciting idea, Martin returned to his office and, in the process of writing it up, came to the conclusion that, hey, this concept has the potential to go wrong in so many different ways. So, he’s back at Square #1. On the brighter side, both Alan and Carl have episode titles for their scripts. Outsiders will be Alan’s follow-up to The Queen, while Carl’s script, formerly titled The Red Shirt Diaries before being re-titled to First Day, has become Prodigal. Skip over that big, blank space at the #15 slot and you come to my final episode of the season, tentatively titled Remnants. A little more progress today which took the form of my promising to have a beat sheet ready for Monday. I guess there’s nothing left to do now but write the damn thing.

Well, hey. Marty G. just dropped by to pitch out his new, wonderfully exciting idea for Episode #15. We all love it. I suggested he rush back to his office and write it up before he changes his mind. Again.

I was at post today to approve that insert for Broken Ties and, on my way out, poked my head in on the Whispers assembly. It’s looking veeeeery, creepy and presently running about four and a half minutes long. Will, busy on location shooting Tracker, will work on it this weekend. I hope to see a cut by Monday.

For those of you wondering who is writing and directing what this season, here’s how the first half of the season breaks down. Note, these aren‘t the official credits (ie. “Written by me“ will not appear in the Whispers opening).

Search and Rescue: Written by Martin Gero, Directed by Andy Mikita

The Seed: Written by Paul Mullie, Directed by Will Waring

Broken Ties: Written by me, Directed by Ken Girotti

The Daedalus Variations: Written by Alan McCullough, Directed by Andy Mikita

Ghost in the Machine: Written by Carl Binder, Directed by Ken Girotti

The Shrine: Written by Brad Wright, Directed by Andy Mikita

Whispers: Written by me, Directed by Will Waring

The Queen: Written by Alan McCullough, Directed by Brenton Spencer

Tracker: Written by Carl Binder, Directed by Will Waring

First Contact/The Lost Tribe: Written by Martin Gero, Directed by Andy Mikita

Finally, some possibly sad news on the local culinary scene. Fondy walked by our favorite Greek restaurant, Ouzerie, the other day, and reports it appears to be closed. Closed! First our favorite schnitzel place, The Budapest, shuts down, and now our favorite hang-out for lamb looks to have closed up shop. My mother will be devastated!

A belated blog dedication to Susan W. Best of luck on that job interview.


Linburk writes: “I was wondering what would be the best way to email you or get into contact with you. I am starting a blog in which I review scifi/fantasy books. I would like some input on what would be the best books to read.”

Answer: You can try me at moorsyum@yahoo.com or check out any of the following books: The First Law series (Joe Abercrombie), Consider Phlebas, Use of Weapons, The Player of Games (Iain M. Banks), The Martian Chronicles (Ray Bradbury), Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card), Stories of Your Life and Others (Ted Chiang), Childhood’s End (Arthur C. Clarke), Camp Concentration (Thomas M. Disch), The Empire of Ice Cream (Jeffrey Ford), Smoke and Mirrors (Neil Gaiman), The Princess Bride (William Goldman), The Forever War (Joe Haldeman), The Lies of Locke Lamorra (Scott Lynch), A Feast for Crows, A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords (George R. R. Martin), The Scar (China Mieville), The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss), Old Man’s War (John Scalzi), Armor (John Steakley), City of Pearl (Karen Traviss), The Keep (F. Paul Wilson), Lord of Light (Roger Zelazny), SFWA European Hall of Fame. Start with those.

Bailey writes: “Do the other writers get to be on set when their episodes are being shot?”

Answer: They can swing by the set whenever they like. All of the show’s writers are also producers.

Barbara writes: “ive noticed the last few seasons rodney and lots of water
will be treated to another wet and soaked epp?”

Answer: Yes, in the front half of the season you’ll be treated to a very soppy sequence.

Terry writes: “Will you see the new “Iron Man” film?”

Answer: When it comes out on dvd, sure.

Samanta writes: “I’m currently working on a research paper, for my english class, on the mental and physical process of creating a script. I have a few question’s I’d like to ask you, and if you are able to free some time up for me, is there an email address I can send my questions to?”

Answer: Check out my answer to the first question.

Melissa writes: “Will you be taking any pictures of Joe Flanigan for your blog soon?”

Answer: Nope. Sorry.

GoSpikey writes: “Is there any chance of seeing Connor Trinneer in more than one episode next season?”

Answer: Chances are good.

Gatelady writes: “There have been previous insinuations that Radek is a bit of a perv, with the “he sniffs my hair” etc. comments from Keller and Carter. Now you have him working alone with a 15 year old girl? Dudes! this is just sick. Seriously, what are you thinking?!?!?”

Answer: The bigger question is – What the hell are YOU thinking?!?!?

Eva K. writes: “Just wondering… why was it prolonged so late?”

Answer: There are times when the schedule is so tight, that we may drop scenes to make our day. And, usually, the scenes to be dropped are what we refer to as “inserts”, quickie shots of someone holding up a photograph or drawing a sword from a scabbard – essentially, a shot that can be picked up at a later date because it doesn’t involve a specific actor. In the case of the insert shot I referred to in my last entry, it was shot but I asked for a re-shoot because I felt that the angle might confuse viewers as to who, exactly, was pulling their sword.

Thornyrose writes: “Is there some particular reason that Broken Ties is not further along the production process, or are things about status quo?”

Answer: The later addition of the insert in no way delayed post-production on Broken Ties.

Thornyrose also writes: “And when is episode 16 scheduled to start filming?”

Answer: Last time I checked, some time in late July.

Paloosa writes: “Do you still break it down into the more traditional three acts like a screenplay, and use the plot points for the commercial breaks? Or is there a completely different format for TV?”

Answer: The Stargate structure = a tease and five acts.

Mercie writes: “Just wondering, have you ever read Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer?”

Answer: I haven’t, although I did read (and enjoyed) Hominids.

Wraithbones writes: “I just noticed that on your previously read list there was a book called ‘The Name of the Wind’ […] Did you think it was a good book?”

Answer: I thought it was a great book.

Lynn08 writes: ““Are there no prisons?” in Atlantis? Being such an insulated community, I would think the Atlantis base would have its share of crime.”

Answer: There are cells (used for temporary confinement), but no prisons. If any member of the expedition actually commits a crime while on Atlantis, he/she will be immediately shipped back to Earth.

Sherwood Forest Maiden writes: “Hi Joe, could I have blog dedication for Sunday 11th May??”

Answer: Sure, birthday girl, so long as you remind me on the day.

84 thoughts on “May 8, 2008: Production Update

  1. FIRST though probably not. I have enjoyed reading your blog immensely ever since i stumbled up on it when it was still over at blogspot. Anyway, my question dear sir is what are the possibilities of getting some DeLuise love for Atlantis? I love all the work that you and the rest of the writers do (you all AMAZE ME) and feel that DeLuise could only ADD to that. So yeah, that’s my question and thanks for all the updates, show and food wise. One of these days when I get a chance to travel to Vancouver, I’ll be stopping by all these places. I just have to finish grad school first

  2. So Joe, from reading the episode writer/director lineup you provided above:
    1) I thought writing was highly collaborative on SGA? Why only one writer credit per episode?
    2) Is it unusual to have all the writers also be the producers? Or is this commonplace in TV-land?
    3) Why do some of the episode titles change so often?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Am I the first to comment? Gee…

    Peace Joe,

    Carol Z
    Waiting for the torrential rainfall to begin in NJ

  3. Hi Joe, Will this season end with a cliffhanger? Is there any chance whatsoever that we will see Ford in Season 5? Thanks

  4. Hi Joe, If you get 6th season do you think Carson will be back full time and the one thing I would love to see more than anything is the whole SG-1 team coming over for a mission and it would be a bonus if O’Neill was there too, is there any chance of that if you get picked up???? Thanks

  5. Since people are requesting pictures…

    Will you be taking pictures of your big toe anytime soon? Or maybe your thumb?

    Forgive me, it’s been a long day, and I’m slightly loopy. ^_^

  6. Wow, that was a work out. Once more, I love these Production Updates entries, just because I get to update almost 10 Gateworld forum episode threads. It’s fun! And confusing sometimes!

    Watching “Fire and Water”, “Hathor”, and “Singularity” today. Mini reviews coming up. Meanwhile, some questions…

    1. Is Outsiders the name for Alan’s “location episode”?

    2. So I see that Tracker is again listed below The Queen. So is Tracker now 509, and The Queen 508?

    3. Are these wonderful pics of Todd and the badass Wraith from The Queen?

    4. With Martin Gero coming up with this great idea, does that mean that Hexed is dead? Could it be moved to a potential Season 6?

    5. Episode 519 is written and directed by Robert Cooper; am I right?

    Thanks in advanced for any answers you can provide! I’m trying to really organize the hints you drop every once in a while.

  7. That’s a bummer about some of your favorite food places. But at least they weren’t closed for health violations, er, right?

  8. thanks for the info on season 5, Joe. I’m looking forward to The Queen so Outsiders should be interesting too. and since you mentioned Michael in the mailbag, could he appear in this ep? Remnants sounds as if someone needs closure. there has been some speculation that Sam will appear in the season finale but if she doesn’t then this might be it in my opinion. of course the title could also refer to Michael. oh what about Woolsey, maybe it’s about the IOA. hm you’re going to change the title anyway right? LOL

    I’m sure you’re aware of the possible actors strike this summer. obviously this would affect the schedule if as you say you’re planning on shooting episode #16 in late july. hopefully they’ll find a way to avoid this.

    thanks for the pics! who’s the person/Wraith in #3?

  9. Hello there, Mr. M.

    Quite the blog tonight; mapping out the first half of the season and all. I always look forward to coming here. Not as much lately, because of the lack of JF pics. I’m guessing there is a good reason for that? Hehe, one that you probably don’t wish to share… Either way, I still enjoy looking at everything from a production point of view, it’s just I am still a fangirl so I ask that you forgive my pesterings. (is that a word? hmm..)

    Anyways, I’ve got a big test tomorrow (AP Euro) that I will more than likely fail, but I’m looking forward to getting it over with. My hand is going to want to fall off after writing three essays. But we’re gunna do it, Joe. We’re gunna do it!

    Annnnd… sorry about your restaurant closing. I hate it when that happens.

    Finally, I’m dying from lack of SGA. I’m just looking forward to whenever the first promos come out. I know, still a ways off, but it’s the first step. I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of a bloody Shep *crosses fingers*

    Alrighty. You have a wonderful night and Friday!


  10. (ie. “Written by me“ will not appear in the Whispers opening).


    I guess only the blog readers will smile if it did appear..

    Also I hate when nice places close down, why can’t we all have nice things forever?

  11. “Note, these aren‘t the official credits (ie. “Written by me“ will not appear in the Whispers opening).”

    I’d give five dollars if it did. Ten if it was written in crayon.

  12. Love the pictures, great to finally see a Wraith (Todd) have a prominent role. The second one looks like he could be the Sateda super Wraith’s brother! :p

  13. Haven’t been by your blog for a while – work has kept me constantly on the go, road, etc. etc.

    So just noticing your new header image of your sweet pug. The photo is soooo cute….I just want to hug him, squeeze and call him George. (I can’t remember what movie/tv show/cartoon I heard that from, but try saying it in a small kid’s voice…and there you have it). Such a cute little pugsy…wugsy! 🙂 Ok, I’ve officially lost my mind. LOL

  14. Joe,

    How many episodes in Season 5, thus far,would you say are team-centric episodes? Thanks.

  15. So, is Todd reading in Wraith or Lantean? Hurrah for more Michael. How do you decide who directs each episode?

    I was looking at your book recommendations in some of your posts and noticed there was no mention of Michael Crichton. Not a big fan of his or just haven’t read anything by him lately?

  16. Hey, Sherwood Forest Maiden! We’re birthday buddies! I’m thinking of celebrating with cheese. After all, it’s not every day you turn 37. (And of course, I’ll be calling my ma.)

    Joe, I love the new layout. I made an embarrassingly girly ‘awww’ noise when the header photo appeared. It’s a good thing I’m actually a girl, or it would have been even more embarrassing.

    I hope this comment actually makes sense. I’ve been running a fever for the last few days, and I’m not really sure.

  17. Also:

    Melissa writes: “Will you be taking any pictures of Joe Flanigan for your blog soon?”

    Answer: Nope. Sorry.

    Is it because the more the ask, the less you want to?

  18. a bald wraith… huh! that’s quite the little tease you’ve got there.

    so how far in advance do we have to subtly ask you for a birthday dedication? my birthday is on the 25th. 😉

    I look forward to seeing what you’ll be up to now that Whispers is no longer shooting.

  19. Wow! Thanks for all the great info! I am practically drooling for S5.

    Did you catch Kavan and Craig Veroni on Supernatural last night? There was a whole lotta Stargate in that opening.

  20. Joe!

    Love the blog! Daily reader!

    Can you please tell us, because I know I’m not the only one who wants to know, why you won’t/can’t take pictures of Joe F. for your blog?



  21. Looks like things are going along well! Now, I have to ask, though I don’t know if you can (legally) comment. Most shows, due to the writer’s strike, were cut down in total episode number for this past/current season. If there’s an actors strike, will the same thing happen to SGA? Or might it be a split season (not unlike the massive gap in American viewing of season 3 and 10 of SGA/SG1)?

    And next, I noticed you mentioned Arthur C Clarke’s Childhood’s End. I just finished this book myself and am curious if you’ve ever done an actual review of it?

    Thanks, Joe!

  22. Ahh, very cool update! 😀 And nifty Wraith pics. 😉 Who’s playing Bald Wraith up there…? *points up at pic* All I can say is they must have the patience of a saint to hold still long enough for all the makeup. LOL

    YAY for Marty G. for striking inspiration twice. Hopefully strike #2 will pan out to gold. 🙂

    Hope Fondy and the pups are well, too!

  23. Since you can’t take his picture for the blog-for what ever reason-can we still assume that Mr. Flanigan is still a part of SGA???

  24. Another restaurant closed down!? That’s so sad!

    Finals week is next week. So if I were a really good student, you wouldn’t get many comments from me until I’m finished with them. But we’ll see. 🙂

  25. Pity me. I have pneumonia (the atypical/walking kind). I work the next two days and then leave for Florida to catch my cruise ship on Sunday. I don’t have time to be sick. Isn’t there some gadget in your props department that has some healing effect in the sci-fi world? If I click my heels together three times and say, “There’s no place like home,” will its effects crossover into the real world and help me?

    Please advise.

  26. Very nice pictures. I am very interested on seeing how matters develop with the Wraith, and with Todd in particular. It sounds like several episodes this coming season will address their fate. It’s good to see that the last half of the season is moving along even as the first half works its way through production. No questions today, just a thank you for your steadfast dedication to your blog.

  27. Hey Joe. My first question is have you ever watched “The Border”? I bought the first 3 episodes on iTunes last night and really enjoyed the show!…..now I need to get another iTunes card so I can watch the rest of the series.

    My second question…do you know why is Stargate Atlantis not available on iTunes?

    Cool pictures…Wraith episodes are my favorites!

  28. That’s an evil dog-picture. Thx for the update.

    My second question…do you know why is Stargate Atlantis not available on iTunes?
    I just looked, all seasons of both Stargates are available in the USA. Sorry dunno about elsewhere.

    Speaking of DVD, was not fond of Cloverfield. Two words: Blair Monster.

  29. Ahhhh…more Todd!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! But…Merry Wives of Windsor??! 😕 😆 Poor Todd, he’d have to suck on the whole of Atlantis if he’s to fill out Falstaff’s waistcoat.

    Speaking of sucking…looks like a bit of detail on his ‘handgina’ thingy (what a terrible name!)…does that mean we might get to see Todd feast again?? (yeah…I love to see him eat, sicko that I am…though his table manners are not much better than Ronon’s. )

    Badass Wraith looks fantastic!! But I know what you guys are trying to do…take away their lovely hair, and we won’t love them anymore…but you’re wrong!! We love them regardless (this one is SO gonna be named Jean-Luc). Besides, we can always photoshop hair onto ’em in pinch… 😀

    Question – you said before that Todd was in ‘3 episodes so far’ – any change in that yet?


  30. Thanks very much for the new Todd pics! (This means I’ll have more icons of him for when I’m roleplaying him on insanejournal! MWAAHAHAHAH! Now to think of captions ….)

  31. David – “My second question…do you know why is Stargate Atlantis not available on iTunes?”

    It is in the States. I’ve got 11 eps on my Ipod. 🙂

    Joe – Thanks for the update! S5 is sounding great! I can’t wait until SiFi starts with the teaser adds.

  32. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    Speaking of credits… have you ever thought of putting weird things in the credits to see if anyone is paying attention?

    Years ago I laughed myself silly seeing a recipe for “Hot Sticky Buns” in the credits of the comedy spoof movie “Top Secret” with Val Kilmer. Maybe a recipe for Human stew… a al Todd the Wraith as the Chef!!! Or maybe Dr. Rodney McKay’s recipe for Hypochondriac Soup!

    Just a thought!!!


  33. Wow. I have just finished watching Season 3 of SG Atlantis. I am absolutely heartbroken over the fact that Dr. Beckett was killed off. I think I cried all through Submersion. It almost makes me not want to continue watching the rest. That was so heartwrenching. I appreciate the difficulty you and your team must have in developing plotlines and story arcs, but come on! This is so much more permanent than Daniel in SG-1 ascending. At least with that, there was hope. I’ve read that he comes back as a clone, but that seems like a sloppy fix. *sniff*

    Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us who have become obsessed with all things Stargate series.


  34. I don’t suppose you or Martin would care to share with us what his failed idea was and why he decided not to use it? I’m just curious. Part of the process and all that.

  35. Don’t you all realize that if Joe told you why he can’t take pictures of JF, he’d have to kill you? And I don’t think he has that much ammo stashed.

  36. Patricia Lee – ….Todd the Wraith as the Chef!!!

    Oh, great. Now all I can imagine is Todd as ‘Chef’ (Brit comedy starring Lenny Henry)!!!!

    Chef Todd, to Ronon: “Let me explain the order of things for you. There’s the Wraith, the upper class, middle class, working class, dumb animals, waiters, creeping things, head lice, people who eat packet soup, and then you.”

    Or, better yet!

    Chef Todd (to Shep, RE: Kavenagh): “The human I want is one which has eaten wild food and lived a wild life, has struggled, hoped and dreamed, has sown wild oats, has tasted the bitter disappointment of middle age, and knows what it is to eyeball The Grim Reaper in the watches of the night; the human sunk in the veil of years, with all the flavors of its rich eventful life captured in its texture, its juice, its very flesh. I do not want this callow, milk-fed, adolescent, uncouth, undeveloped wodge of protein. I don’t believe in eating virgins!”

    😆 (all quotes are from Chef!, slightly altered to fit)


  37. Stacy:….I just want to hug him, squeeze and call him George. (I can’t remember what movie/tv show/cartoon I heard that from, but try saying it in a small kid’s voice…

    That would be the Abomnible Snowman from Looney Tunes Squeezing the life out of Daffy Duck dressed in a rabbit outfit. If this explanation didn’t scream “I don’t have a life outside of my house!!” nothing will :D.

    TY TY TY for the Todd piccies. I have to agree with a fellow commented here. That last one did look like a sick Teal’c. Could be interesting to ponder. lol

    Have an awesome day!!

  38. Just wondering two things.

    1. Will we still see the Phoenix in regular time since it will soon be up to when it was up to when Carter got command of it in the ‘Last Man’ timeline.

    2. And will we ever see a ship named after the late commander of the Prometheus, Colonel Lionel Pendergast?

  39. Hey Joe, Long time no speak….

    Ok, let me get this straight – if you have Episode 16 and Rob Cooper has “CSI Atlantis” after that…. are you implying that the season finale will have a three part lead up like Season 4 did? I seem to be missing what the ideas for episodes 18 and 19 are…

  40. Haven’t mentioned this is a while so:



  41. Ok, minireviews…

    Fire and Water: A nice episode. Nothing remarkable, but I did like the teams’ reactions to Danny dying. Though, upon reflecton, were they sad and angry at Danny’s supposed death, or at the confusion at whether Danny was dead (or not) in the first place? The delving into Babylonian culture was facinating, and Danny’s frustration was well-done as well. Overall though, there just didn’t seem to be much stuff happening.

    Hathor: This episode could’ve been so much better, or at least different. In fact, it’s my least favorite thus far. It had a different overall feel to it, a lot more “funny” and “erotic”, if you will. A little change up is nice once in a while, but it was just…soooo different from what came before. Jack suddenly became superwacky, for instance. Jokes were flying everywhere. It was kind of like Irresponsible following a string of Scorched Earth’s. I’m sure you know how that feels like.

    And while I didn’t HATE this episode (I never do), and loved the Egyption culture built into the story (having just taken a course on Egyptian religion, it was fun knowing all the references), along with Hathor herself, the unexplained problems just overrode that. Nobody saw the pink mist? How did Hathor get “attracted” to the Stargate? What was up with the end? How did that tank burst into flames and how did Hathor teleport herself to in front of the gate? So many questions, so little of them answered, for me.

    Singularity will have to wait for tomorrow.

    Oh, and I wanted to add that the scores have majorly improved during the last 6 episodes or so. It suddenly became very iconic (the music in Thor’s Hammer and The Nox, especially).

    Meanwhile, I noticed a flaw with my earlier questions, specifically question 5. I just want to make sure that, in the case you answer “yes”, you don’t mean “CSI Atlantis”. So…

    5a. If you answer yes to question 5: Is 519 “CSI Atlantis”? Or is Rob Cooper writing/directing 2 episodes this year (CSI Atlantis and 519)?

  42. Salut Joseph =)

    me voila =), Merci pour ces photos de wraith! =D trés cool!

    Oui, moi aussi j’ai été trop triste qu’en mon Kebab préféré a férmer..C’est quelque chose qu’il faut surmonter..

    Quoi, mais quesque vous avez réaliser ou écrit O_O?

    Bon on va dire que vous avez écrit sur mon coeur ma passion pour vous..enfaite c’est moi qui l’est écrit mais vous m’avez fortment inspirer .Oh croyez moi sa vaut tout les épisodes du monde sa =D

    Snif moi j’ai arrêter de vous envoyez des email, vous ne répondiez pas =(
    J’ai envoyer un message 1 fois a Martin et en plus c’était en drôle d’anglais et il ma répondu…..

    Vous savez quoi???

    Roulement de tamboure……. ….tatat…tatatat…tatatatatta

    MON BLog a dépassait la barre des 80000 commentaire!! Historique dans les blog de stargate, c’est magnifique!

    Vous pouvez me laisser un petit commentaire? sa me ferais tellement plaisir…

    Il faut simplement cliker sur “ajouter un commentaire” et méttre votre “nom” et votre trop “texte”, C’est simple =)

    je ne serais pas la car je vois de la famille alors, énorme bisou, je vous adore fort♥ A bientot *=)

  43. For the love of god, people, PLEASE stop asking about Joe Flanigan photos. They will probably return at some point. He is not dead, he is not off the show, and I’ll bet he even has the same hair. Asking repeatedly will not make him suddenly appear.

    And frankly, if his picture *didn’t* pop up again, I don’t think the reasons would be any of our business. I look at set photos as a happy addition, not a requirement.

  44. Thanks for the run down of what’s happening production wise at the moment. And I’m really excited by the look of the first half. Hmm is it strange that I’m more interested in who’s writing and directing episodes than what actually happens?

    I was wondering, roughly how long does it take to edit an episode of Stargate Atlantis? Not including visual effects etc.

  45. drldeboer wrote: My second question…do you know why is Stargate Atlantis not available on iTunes? I just looked, all seasons of both Stargates are available in the USA. Sorry dunno about elsewhere.

    Sorry to let you know that the Stargate series on Apple iTunes and Amazon Unbox video downloads are only available in the US.

    I deferred getting a iPod video player until I can downloaded my favorite TV show. Something about who own the local video/DVD/download rights to various shows. Due to distribution deals done before the avant of digital downloads by the production companies.

    In the case of here in Canada where the Stargate show is filmed. We have no legal download option. And the current Stargate series is available only on a satellite TV network limiting the audience. By the time it rebroadcast on the Canadian Space channel a year later, you could get the DVD boxset cheap on eBay instead. My preference.

    Mr. M cannot answer this question on distribution. You should direct your queries to MGM.

  46. Hi Joe!

    Is Hexed still a possibility? And are Colonel’s Caldwell and Ellis going to be in any S5 episodes?

    Thanx for the info about the follow up to The Queen! My Teyla loving friends will be very happy 😀

    Cazz x

  47. We can usually count on David Hewlett getting soaked in at least one episode. But it’s been a while since he’s been hung upside down.

    Any options to work that one in this season? ::evil grin::

  48. Hey Joe

    Just like you’re the “Ties” man (With The Ties That Bind, Family Ties and Broken Ties under your belt) I just noticed that Alan McCullough wrote ‘Insiders’ for SG:1 Season 10, and (if the title sticks), ‘Outsiders’ for SG:A Season 5. Have you noticed any other trends like that in the Stargate writing crew?

    Hope everything is well with you and your family. 🙂


  49. lis said:

    so how far in advance do we have to subtly ask you for a birthday dedication? my birthday is on the 25th. 😉

    May 25th is my birthday too! That’s 16 more sleeps. I don’t think Joe would remember that far away. Most people seem to ask a day ahead.

    I’ve written it down so I’ll try to remember to wish you a great birthday on the day, which I may or may not get right depending on the timezone.

    drldeboer said:

    I just looked, all seasons of both Stargates are available in the USA. Sorry dunno about elsewhere.

    It’s not available in the Australian iTunes store. If it was I would buy the whole season. Of course I can’t get it at Amazon either. No wonder Australians are some of the biggest downloaders of TV shows (not that I would do that, I wait for the DVDs). I wish they could come to some sort of agreement over this. It’s so frustrating.

    Joe, I see that Brenton Spencer has directed one other episode of Atlantis (Submersion). Would he have had to go through a ‘Stargate 101’ (say watch a few eps) so he knows the general style of the show or would he just do his own thing? Usually you seem to work with the same directors.

    Cheers, Chev

  50. riley wrote

    Is it because the more the ask, the less you want to?

    It’s because Joe hates us 😉

  51. It’s been a while since I commented, but as usual I continue to enjoy your posts!

    I know you’ve been to Japan before, and I wanted to ask some travel advice. I am planning to spend a week on an island there for a workshop, but after that I’d like to do some travel on my own. Right now, I’m thinking of going to Kyoto and possibly to Osaka (to see the Kishiwada Danjiri, “The Fighting Festival”). Did you have any recommendations about either what to see in those cities or where to go in Japan in general?

  52. I really like the new format for your blog. Really clean and I especially love seeing the adorable dog every day when I open it up. Even prettier than the food!

  53. A si, vous avez écrit quélque épisode..^^! oh mais bon ne gachon pas la belle phrase que j’ai dit tout a l’heure=)

    Tient vous avez valider vos commantaires, cela veut dire que vous vous êtes réveiler, cool….

    Mais bon je pense que j’ai toute autant de chance de voir un wraith qui dans le ballet de “Casse noisette” en tutu, que vous qui me mêttiez un commentaire sur mon blog, non?

    Bon, bah bonne journée, Gros Bisou.♥

  54. Hey Joe!

    Speaking of funny credits, I’m a Matt Groening fan and would love it if the credits for “Whispers” were done all spooky-like the way Matt and his crew do it for the Tree House of Horror epis! You could be something like “Joe ‘Eat-Your-Heart-Out’ Mallozzi” and so on.

    Just a thought. 😉

    And also, Radek is NOT a perv! Just for the record he can sniff my hair anytime. 😛


  55. Woo, Todd pictures! Out of curiosity, is that Christopher Heyerdahl, or the stand-in Todd?

  56. Are there contingency plans/scripts in place in case of a SAG or AFTRA strike this July? Would you run clip episodes or Behind the Scenes “Making of”s? Or focus on other aspects of SGA like Wraith culture? Or just shut down production temporarily and hope the strike is short? That would involve quite a few peoples’ livelihoods unfortunately.

  57. Hey Joe!

    Love the new look of your blog, it’s much easier on the eyes.

    Can you give us any general idea of the nature of the creative SNAFU (I think that’s how you put it) that may get Hexed shelved? Is it a location that you can’t get? A particular actor you have in mind that isn’t available? Or maybe a spectacular special effects extravaganza that can’t be pulled off (or at least not easily/cheapy – since your FX guys have done some amazing stuff recently)? Something else?

    Thanks for all the production details and behind-the-scenes glimpses!


  58. Hi Joe

    Just wanted to thank you for your committment to your blogging. I look forward to reading it daily (I lead such an exciting life lol). At first it was to keep up to date with the whole SGA info, but now I look forward to the witty overall comments about everything going on around you.


  59. Hi Joe!

    I wanted to thank you for the great Wraith pictures, especially Todd of course 🙂 Is it Kenny in the last picture? Bald? I guess we really don’t know much about the Wraith…

    I wonder (actually not only me) if you took any photos of Andee Frizzell on the set?

    Have a nice weekend 🙂


  60. Any chance we get to see some Genii eps, possibly featuring Robert Davi or Ryan Robbins?

  61. Ive seen David Hewlett in other shows and he is very good at playing the creepy serial killer type of role. Is there any chance of seeing him doing something like that on Stargate Atlantis?

  62. Thanks for the update on the writing process and future episode ideas. Looks like Martin was given both the season opener and both mid-season parts! Wow.

    I’d be curious as to his new idea. We all know he writes the best Rodney and the mid-season epic will be heavy McKay and Daniel, I would love to see him use his talents on some of the other characters besides the ‘geeks’ 😀

    Random questions:

    How’s Fondy’s pet business going now that its getting close to its first full year being open.

    What does Paul Mullie do? I know he likes to stay away form the spotlight, but his day just like yours since you both showrun, or does he handle aspects that you don’t?

    Are we going to get any eppys where the Team doesn’t wear their normal uniform? Like civilian clothes or something else?

    Will there be any eppys where the Team’s personalties are diff/altered like we saw in “Irresponsible” ,”Phantoms”, “McKay and Mrs Miller” (Rod). “Dopleganger” I like seeing the actors playing odd aspects of their characters.

    Thank you.

  63. With so many of you writing scripts…do you ever have the issue of someone writing a character a little different than another writer writes the character? Or do you all just think the same? And great blog and I CAN’T WAIT FOR JULY!!! 😀

  64. Hey again, Joe!

    Thank you soooooooo much for those wonderful Todd pictures! And we even got one of another Wraith, too! 😛

    Now of course that only leaves the question of which one it is. Kenny, or the Wraith Commander of the other Queen. 😀

    I saw his picture very late last ‘night’, or let’s call it 2.30 in the morning, and again after I got up, and then I suddenly thought he kind of looks like Mr. Clean. Maybe he’s the maid?

    *Shudders what it must be like to have to clean a Hive Ship.*


    You wouldn’t by any chance have some Rachel and Andee game face pictures on that camera of yours, right? 😛

    Thanks again for the great update!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  65. Oh, and I forgot to ask if you have made some nice plans for the weekend?

    A walk with the dogs and wife?


  66. Hi Joe,

    haven’t been here for a while, so could you tell me whether Rob Cooper did already his Ark of Truth entry and Q&A session about it? If not yet, when it’s gonna take place?

  67. Konichiwa tenmongaku-san,

    Kyoto is so full of wonderful things that any reliable guide book will give you brilliant ideas. I’ve not been to Osaka, although that festival sounds intriguing. Basically, you can’t go too wrong in Japan.

    Which island?

  68. It’s Friday, and I have too much time on my hands, soooo…

    My fantasy Wraith rugby team…

    #1 – Loosehead Prop – Masked Warrior
    #2 – Hooker – Superwraith – Sateda
    #3 – Tighthead Prop – Masked Warrior
    #4 – Lock – ‘Greg’ – The Defiant One
    #5 – Lock – ‘Rhys’ – Broken Ties
    #6 – Blindside Flanker – Masked Warrior
    #7 – Openside Flanker – Masked Warrior
    #8 – Number 8 – ‘Jean-Luc’ – The Queen
    #9 – Scrum Half – Todd – Captain, and playmaker
    #10 – Fly Half – ‘Erik’ – Allies ‘ Scientist
    #11 – Wing – ‘Shawn’ – Condemned
    #12 – Inside Center – Bob
    #13 – Outside Center – ‘Edward Sleazyhands’ – The Hive
    #14 – Wing – Keeper – The Rising
    #15 – Full(sexy)back – Steve

    Todd’s a perfect fit for scrum half, though a tad too tall. But he has great vision, and is always right in the thick of things, so scrum half he is. Besides, he’s not afraid to rat out the other team. 😉 Had a tough time deciding the fly half – I was torn between Bob, ‘Shawn’ and ‘Erik’ for the position – but went with ‘Erik’ because he’s cool under pressure, is deceptive in his moves, and doesn’t drool (which could make for a greasy ball). Put ‘Shawn’ on wing since he’s pretty good at evading opponents, and Bob as inside center where his creativity could come in handy. Steve is fast and has excellent attacking skills, so he takes fullback. Forward pack is pretty self-explanatory, with ‘Greg’ as a lock because of his strong standing jump, necessary in the line-out. Taking wild guesses on the two rookies we have yet to officially meet. And ‘Edward’ from The Hive makes it just because every team needs a bad boy.

    S4’s Penny Wraith and his buddy seem a bit too cerebral for rugby, so they didn’t make the cut as players, but Penny Wraith – with his experience as midwife – is on hand as team doctor.

    Allies’ Queen takes the helm as coach. You lose the match, and she sucks the life right out of you.

    Sheppard would be on hand as referee, with Lorne and Teyla as touch judges.

    McKay and Zelenka, of course, would be the commentators.

    And Ronon? He’d be the drunk who jumps out of the stands and streaks buck nekkid across the pitch, tackled mid-field by half a dozen security guards, and a waterboy. Naturally.

    As for Michael, seems he left the sport and now plays football for Chelsea …: roll:



  69. Shadow Step said:

    It’s because Joe hates us 😉

    Perhaps Shep suffers a deep gash on his face in Search and Rescue. They suture it but he is left with a big ol’ scar.

    Or because of a head injury they had to shave his head. **shock horror**

    Maybe he’s had an accident where he becomes invisible under light. You take a photo, the flash goes off and you can’t see him.

    Hey I should jest about these things, might give Joe some ideas.

    Maybe it could be like Where’s Wally/Waldo? I’ve had a look to see if he’s lurking in the background somewhere. He he. I love that book.

    Cheers, Chev

  70. Re: dasNdanger’s fantasy Wraith rugby team…

    The NZ ‘All Blacks’ wouldn’t even last through the haka. Thanks for the entertaining post (even if I don’t know much about rugby).

    Cheers, Chev

  71. Hi, Joe!

    I have a question, and please forgive me if it’s been covered in some fashion before.

    I know that TV (just like the movies) is shot out of sequence. My question is whether you shoot all of one episode, then start on another or are they all kind of mixed up together?


  72. Mr. Clean of the Wraith

    Okay that totally made me burst out laughing!

    The wraith always seem to have such lovely flowing hair. I originally thought it must be a specific conditioner they use. Perhaps something with aloe?

    Now having seen that photo, I’ve been trying to remember if I’ve ever seen another Wraith… without hair?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    – Nika

  73. @ Chev – it was just a bit of silliness – kinda to make up for my overall douchebaggery lately.

    All Blacks are my favorites – just love ’em! But now you’ve gone an put a crazy idea in my head – a Wraith haka…lolol…

    Slap the hand against the chest!
    Suck the human!
    It is death, it is death,
    It is life, it is life!

    Yeah, for everyone’s sake, I think I’ll stop there… 😛

    @ Nika – Yes, the ‘Superwraith’ in Sateda was bald, save for one long scalplock of hair. Pretty cool, actually…although I must admit to being partial to the longer hair like Steve’s.


  74. I’m looking forward to seeing Todd again, he’s a very interesting character. My one-year-old son has a baby doll who is named Todd after everyone’s favourite Wraith. My daughter (who is 3) has expanded on this and his full name around here is now Todd Awah. Having heard people use the word ‘toddler’ to describe her newly mobible brother, she made the assumption that the baby doll was called that too 🙂

  75. @ jade – that is too cute!! I love kids – they’re such good judges of character!! 😀

    @ JM – – I’m hiding this here so as not to interfere with your current blog entry…please read it, it explains much better what I’ve been trying to say recently…

    Over on Gateworld, expendable_crewman posted this: “Can I just add that I don’t have a problem with the argument the Wraith are more than they seem? I’m a world-builder. From a world-building standpoint, the Wraith have to be more than they seem. They could not build hyper-drives or escape the gravity well unless they had evolved into a highly complex, layered civilization that had solved its basic survival needs, i.e., food, water, shelter, and safety. I wish with all my heart to see their complexity, wisdom, and history seep into the series, if only because I know it has to be there. But this depth and history is not present in canon, and making the humans into villains doesn’t fill the vacuum I sense when I view this more or less one-dimensional portrayal of a sentient, space-faring species.

    I think this is exactly where I am at as a fan. Like I said in one of my previous comments, I watch spaced-based sci fi for the aliens – If you are going to explore fictional space, then explore, in depth, what we don’t know – explore the alien races that are being created for our entertainment, and fully develop them in every facet of their existence, and then show me how this effects the way they interact and deal with humans (and visa versa). That is what makes sci fi interesting to me – show me what I do NOT know, not what I already know too much about (i.e. human nature and conduct).

    In part, this has been done, but many a great opportunity has still been missed. Now, I DO understand that your primary goal is to develop the ‘heroes’, and that the Wraith play a relatively minor role (in comparison to the main characters) in the overall purpose of the show. Heh – for what I really want, you’d have to have a Wraith-based spin-off, which isn’t going to happen. There is also the danger of making the show too much about the Wraith. Doing so would hinder the development of other alien races/enemies, which I also want to see (but not if it means eliminating the Wraith altogether). It also lessens their impact if they are ineffectually overused, which is exactly what happened with Wolverine in comic books. So, I appreciate the fact that there is a fine line between handling your main characters properly, and effectively developing your main alien species-cum-foe.

    As far as the Wraith are concerned, praise is to be given in the way Todd has been so wonderfully developed thus far. The sheer number of fans (worshippers 😉 … ) he’s amassed in such a short period of time is certainly proof of that. But it still does not address the overall development of the Wraith as a whole, and that’s why I quoted the above from Gateworld, because I think it concisely sums up what so many fans (of the show, not just the Wraith) have been asking for.

    I would also like to explain why I view the Wraith as I do (just so I don’t come off as a total nutcase). Since they are not real, and I have no fear of them sucking the life out of me or mine, I can stand on their side of the fence, so to speak, and view their situation through their superior yellow eyes. Yeah, empathy can be a bad thing sometimes. 😕

    But from their standpoint – with their food fighting back and facing death by starvation – I totally understand why they are doing what they do. If suddenly all the fruits and veggies and food animals – AND the chocolate (especially the chocolate) – started fighting against me, preventing me from eating, then I would do everything in my power, even dirty, underhanded things, to defeat them and save myself from starvation. So I see the Wraith as much the victim as the human characters perceive themselves as victims. It’s a bit hard for most people to get their heads around that, I suppose – but since this is a totally fictional scenario, I have no problem viewing it from the Wraith’s standpoint. I believe many fans do, and it’s why we sympathize with them and hope they (via the creators) can find some way to save themselves, even though they are supposed to be the ‘villains’ of the show. I hate using that word – from where I stand they are not villains, they are a species fighting for survival, with some individuals within acting more treacherously than others. A few villains within is fine, but not the entire species.

    The solution is in your hands (TPTB), not ours…but we would hope that your imaginations can come up with an answer that would please both Wraith fans, and non, alike.

    I hope that explains things a bit better. Thank you SO much for allowing me to express all of that here in your space, on your ‘dime’.

    das ~ Deirdre

  76. @ jade – kids are cute! Watch out they don’t start calling their teddy bears Todd though… O.O

    @ JM – Does Todd survive the two-parter? I’m getting worried about him now he’s apprently decided to stand up to the ‘Lanteans… :S

  77. D’aww birthday dedications, that’s so sweet of you!
    Love you, love your work, love your blog, enjoying a lot…

    … my birthday’s on May 28th.

  78. Oh, kudos on Pratchett too, ahah, didn’t notice!
    Small Gods just rocks, but then again, everything Pratchett rock. With rocks in.

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