This year\'s selection...

The Gathering

Debbie and the ladies.

Alan always ready for a photo op.

Janina and Angelo

Christina, Stuart, and John

Ted and Ena

The Kitchen Wizards

The Kitchen Wizards

Roasted and ready!

Chef Rob

Ducks ready for crisping.

Duc and Ted

Alex and Lawren headline.

The two Martins


Manjeeta snaps a pic.

Wild Stinging Nettle Soup

Steve samples the soup.


Kabocha Squash & Cured Coppa Salad

The crispy duck

Whole Confit Polderside Duck

Roasted suckling

Roasted suckling pig & foie gras




Martine\'s Chocolates

Wen Chocolates

Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel

Donnelly Chocolates

Jean-Paul Hevin

Jean-Paul Hevin


Amedei (my favorite chocolate bars)

Zotter and Dagoba


Teresa and Alan

Kathy and Janina

Richart Chocolates

DC Duby

DC Duby

La Maison du Chocolat\'s Coffret Habanera (dark chocolate and vine peach/milk chocolate and mirabelle plum)

La Maison du Chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat

The Williamsburg Chocolatier



Vosges\' applewood smoked bacon truffles

Vosges Peanut Butter Bonbons



Dark chcoolate fountain

Milk chocolate fountain






Jin Patisserie

Rococo\'s chocolate ravioli

Jin Patisserie

Michel Cluizel chocolate-dusted cocoa nibs

Christopher Norman\'s Swirling Dervishes

Christopher Norman\'s Luxury Tea Collection

Christopher Norman\'s Grand Mosaic Box

Hillary and Rob

Karen and Carl

The dinner crowd


Christopher Norman\'s Baroque Brownies

Vosges\' paprika-dusted truffles

Wen Chocolates

Hitting the bar.

Martin Gero Presents...

DC Duby

DC Duby

Marty G. says \

Carl all chocolated out.

Janina hits La Maison du Chocolat while Christina discovers her fave Dagoba Xocolatl bar.

Martin Wood prepares to hit the road.

The night winds down for some.  Others are just wound up.

Guests preparing their \

“The Best Chocolate Party Ever!” was the presumptuous title of the thread that had got me going. The Best Chocolate Party EVER?! I was incensed! Forget THAT chocolate party. The chocolate party I was about to throw would be The Best Chocolate Party Ever! Never mind the fact that there is no standard against which to measure the relative “bestest“ of a given party. Or the fact that I was actually doing something as silly as entering into a Chocolate Party Throwdown. Or the fact that “The Best Chocolate Party Ever!” cited in that thread was a reference to my own chocolate party that I hosted last year. No, this one would be bigger. And better!

I’d sent out the invitations a couple of weeks ago listing the place (Fuel Restaurant), the time (April 26th, 2008), and included a little message/warning (“If you’re coming for dinner, be there at 7:00 p.m. otherwise I’ll be eating without you!”), received timely shipments from 13 of the 15 chocolatiers I’d ordered from (alas, Debauve & Gallas and Christopher Elbow did not make it in time), organized my chocolates on the day,then dropped them off that afternoon. By the time we got to the restaurant at about 6:45 p.m., I was feeling nice and relaxed; extremely thankful that I had turned the hosting duties over to the gang at Fuel. They would be the ones to feed my guests. They would be the ones to lay out and display the chocolates. And, best of all, they would be the ones to clean up afterwards.

John Lenic, Stuart, and Lawren were already there when we walked in. We ordered cocktails while we waited for everyone else to show. I deferred to the waitress who served me a Campari and soda. Gah! If one to imagine the taste of poison, Campari would pretty much be it. Carl had a sip and displayed the same face he made that time we slipped him some 100% dark chocolate. Brutal.

The rest of the party arrived soon after, about forty guests in all. Dinner, as expected, was amazing. Our first course was a wild stinging nettle soup with slow cooked garlic and nice, meaty humpback shrimp. A gorgeous green, hearty soup with tremendous garlic flavor. This was my first time eating nettles and it was a surprisingly positive experience. Chef Rob assures me they’re much tastier than, say, poison ivy.

For our second course, we were served a kabocha squash and cured coppa salad with peppercress, manchego cheese, and hazelnuts. One of Marty G.’s favorites.

Our third course was the whole confit Polderside duck served with ramps, spaetzle, and grainy mustard. This was the dish that really blew the first-timers away and had the people who’d opted for the risotto and fish alternate menu sincerely regretting their decision. Crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside; deboned and delicious. I remember being one of the first people to try this dish late last year when they were considering putting on the menu. My mother was visiting at the time and, for someone who generally turns her nose up at restaurant food, she was mightily impressed.

Our fourth and final course was the roasted suckling and foie gras, served with spring peas, fingerling potatoes, and foie gras jus. Crispy skinned, mouth melting perfection.

A little chat. A bit of chat. And, finally, it was time for the chocolates. The selection ran the length of the bar and a couple of tables.

My buddy Chef Will Poole from Colorado’s Wen Chocolates wowed ’em again with his truffle collection. I learned my lesson at my last chocolate party and, this time, ordered about 50 of his Bananas Foster truffles. And they still went fast.

Local chocolatier, Themis Velgis of Chocoatl (1127 Mainland St., Vancouver, 604-676-9977), supplied the milk and dark chocolate fountain, dunkables, and some of his own signature handmade creations.

Also representing Vancouver was DC Duby ( with their multisensory mélanges of taste and texture like Pinot Noir with strawberry and licorice, or rhubarb stilton emulsion and port wine reduction.

The Marie Belle chocolates ( chocolates were so beautiful, the guests were actually reluctant to eat them. They had no such problems, however, with the Marie Belle chocolate bars, especially the croquettes, a heavenly combination and milk and dark chocolate and buttery cookies.

Donnelly Chocolates ( made it’s first appearance at one of my chocolate soirees and, judging from the positive response to their award-winning, handmade creations, they’ll no doubt be making a return appearance next year.

The prize for the most impressive presentation goes to Paris’s Jean-Paul Hevin ( for his cave a chocolat, a beautiful briefcase of chocolate. These were the first I sampled and were among my favorites of the night.

Also from Paris, La Maison du Chocolat ( represented big time with a large assortment including an unbelievably good dark chocolate ganache with vine peaches, and an equally outstanding milk chocolate ganache with Mirabelle plums. I know, I know. As a rule, I don’t mix fruit and dessert (especially chocolate), but I was happy to make an exception for these.

Another Parisian entry, Richart, really impressed with perhaps the most delightfully intense flavors of the evening.

And speaking of intense – Rococo Chocolates ( chili chocolate raviolis delivered the heat! The chocolate bars, meanwhile, won a lot of fans. The milk chocolate with sea salt was a huge favorite with many while I consider its dark chocolate with Arabian spices among my very favorite bars.

New York’s Martine’s Chocolates ( made their second chocolate party appearance. And, like last year, they were Fondy’s favorite.

Vosges Chocolates ( did Chicago proud with some eclectic truffle collections that included Taleggio cheese with organic walnuts and Tahitian vanilla beans, wild tuscan fennel pollen and dark chocolate, 12 year old Balsamic vinegar with dark chocolate and Sicilian hazenuts, and an applewood smoked bacon and with smoked sea salt and deep milk chocolate truffle that amazed a lot of skeptics. But it was Vosges’ peanut butter bonbons (a delectable marriage of organic peanut butter and milk chocolate topped with Himalayan sea salt) that proved the overall favorite. Despite the fact that I had ordered two boxes, they were the first to go.

New York’s Christopher Norman ( made its third chocolate party appearance in as many years and had the room abuzz with its gorgeous hand painted collections like the Grand Mosaic Box and, or course, the stunning luxury tea collection (comprised of Lapsang Souchong, China Rose, Green Tea, and tropical Mango). They never fail to impress. The decadent Baroque Brownies and signature Swirling Dervishes also drew a lingering crowd.

Last year, I tried to convince Jin’s Patisserie ( to ship to Canada but they refused for fear any delay caused by customs could result in an unfair representation of their product. But this year, after some convincing, they agreed to ship – and, boy, were we glad they did. Their gorgeous collection of chocolates and bars had no less than Chef Rob Belcham agog. According to Chef Rob, Jin’s salted caramels were the best he’s ever tasted while another (off-duty) chef simply marveled over the subtle flavors and beautiful presentation.

A surprise addition to the line-up was a selection from The Williamsburg Chocolatier ( which arrived, compliments of blog regular Thornyrose, just in time for the festivities.  Thanks, Thornyrose.

As I said last year, the great thing about a chocolate party is that your guests crash about a half an hour into the tasting, so you’re always assured an earl night. By 10:00 p.m., I was ready for bed. I urged the guests and staff at Fuel (who were fantastic) to take home as much chocolate as they could carry. And yet, in spite of their best efforts, there were a good dozen boxes waiting for the following morning.

I spent Sunday relaxing, going through my photos, and driving around looking for a clinic so I could get my eye checked (No such luck. Apparently, you can’t get sick on a Sunday in Vancouver). I’m exhausted, but look forward to a nice, relaxing day on set tomorrow for Day 5 of Whispers.

A huge thank you to Tom, Tim, Chef Rob, and the rest of the gang at Fuel for an amazing evening. It’s going to be very, very tough to top next year.

But we will.

Long overdue mailbag:

1norriski writes: “Speaking of Paul/Carson have the odds of him being back for more than 5 episodes increased yet as the back half of the season continues to be discussed? Or will that depend on the fan reaction to having Carson back?”

Answer: The number of Carson appearances will be totally story dependent. At present, 5 seems about right.

Bex writes: “Have you ever come to Al Porto Ristorante on water street to eat?”

Answer: I haven’t. Next time I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll certainly stop by.

Shadow Step writes: “Some posters expressed the opinion that they found it statistically unlikely that such a group of women would chose to join the army – a reflection on looks not ability.”

Answer: Huh? Are they saying that it’s statistically unlikely that there would be four attractive women serving in the army at any given time?

Thornyrose writes: “Thanks to Mr. Ford for taking the time to answer our questions.”

Answer: And thanks to you for the chocolates.

Tiger’s Eye writes: “Joe, a really big “thank you” again for setting all this up – the BOTM club and everything that goes with it: blog-reader analyses, author Q&A’s, and anything else that pops up along the way.”

Answer: It has been a lot of fun. And, best of all, it’s been a great way to discover new authors. Like you, I’ve already ordered more of Jeffrey Ford.

Shiloh writes: “I’m also a football fan (a female who follows football, go figure) – did you watch the NFL draft today? Woo woo – 4 of my trojans in the first round!”

Answer: You sound like our own USC alum Carl Binder.

Chevron7 writes: “What do you think of bringing family members onto your show Joe? Fantastic idea, problematic or it depends if they’re right for the role?”

Answer: While I won’t give someone a role sight unseen, I have absolutely no problem bringing anyone in to audition for a role. At the end of the day, it’s their performance that will decide whether they get the job or not.

92 thoughts on “April 27, 2008: The Best Chocolate Party Ever!

  1. Holy cow, that’s a lot of chocolate! And after a full Fuel dinner too! You’re a braver man than I sir..

  2. Oh chocolate goodness, you rule the universe!

    Joe the photos are fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I almost had a sugar-flashback at the shots of the fountains. I’ve enjoyed them before but I’m betting they didn’t hold a candle to the truffles!

    I think my fave pic has to be Carl all chocolated out. He def. looks like a guy in need of some nice herbal tea at that point.


  3. hey Joe,

    OH MY GOD!!!! I can’t believe you posted 86 (?) pics of chocolate and people enjoying it! I’m sooooo jealous 🙂 also good to see Martin Wood again, thanks for the pics 😉

    I’m really looking forward to the Carson eps, especially Whispers. 5 episodes is ok, hopefully he’ll return for more in s6 (yes I think there’ll be a s6 :D). and I’m still very optimistic for some more episodes with Sam

  4. That’s what I call a party. Thanks for the abundance of pictures… although you made me green with envy with just about every single one of them. And thank you for the links as well. I’m going to check some of them out for sure.

  5. Have you ever read anything by David Weber? I’ve enjoyed what he’s written, but found him at times over-verbose.

  6. Oh golly. The thought of all that chocolate has my mouth watering, though, I would never expect to try half the flavors mentioned. (Or think to mix half the mentioned ingredients with chocolate)
    What was the wackiest combination of the night? Were there any chocolates that didn’t impress? And What are you gonna do with those two shipments when they arrive?

    With all the chocolate around the house, have the dogs ever gotten into it? That spells trouble realllll fast.

    On the SGA front:

    Its funny how many people are getting fussy over casting choices for the four women. I bet if any of them had been ugly or average looking, than there would have been complaints as well, guaranteed. Have people even given thought that maybe they should see how the gals act before they judge? Or is asking people to think too much?
    If they are so dang smart, maybe they should produce and write their own show and see how it goes.

  7. That’s is ONE GINNORMUS amount of chocolate!!

    I’m not sure where everyone put all that dinner and then all that chocolate. If I wake up with another migrane tommrow I’m blaming the pictures for making me go for chocolate (for which any time I eat chocolate I get migrane) NOT FAIR!!!

    Looks like a lovely time was had by all.

    I was worried about you and your eye, I hope you have time to get it checked out tommrow and it’s nothing like the last time. No eye flippy out…makes my eyes water every time I read your blog entry describing your last eye ordeal.

  8. Wow talking about a chocolate overdose! The main course doesn’t sound bad either 🙂 How does one become invited (an invitee?) to this party?

  9. The Best Chocolate Party Ever is clearly one where I’m at – and Nerus.

    I’ll drive.

  10. Awesome job on the chocolate party. It looks like everybody really enjoyed themselves. I can’t imagine how much time you put into selecting the menu and making all the arrangements. Good call hosting it with the help of Fuel. It’s one thing to have a great party, but it’s a whole other thing to clean up afterwards.

    I particularly love the picture of Martin Gero looking like he’s having a chocolate-induced heart attack.

  11. How in the world did you manage room for the chocolates after that meal? And what an amazing spread! The chocolate order arriving for the party was serendipity; they were simply a token of thanks foryour kindness to myself and others whom you’ve rewarded simply for being here. If the eye is still bothering you, perhaps you should tear yourself away from the filming to get checked out? However dashing you might look in an eyepatch, we fans would worry about its effect on your ability to keep up your regular blogging.

  12. Your chocolate party looks like a lot of fun – glad it went well. I’ve had my very own chocolate party here this morning at work – a whole box of Belgian Chocolate Seashells to myself (a birthday present from a colleague).. and now I feel a bit sick 🙁

  13. That looks fantastic! I sure hope you had fun 🙂 I agree with Charles–Martin looks like he needs to sit down!


  14. The chocolate fountains look simply heavenly!!!
    And I LOVE the pix!!!! Once again thank you for sharing the insight into your life (well, into your party anyways!!!) with us!!!

  15. Great Quetzlcoatl, that’s a lot of yummy-looking chocolate! I got a sugar buzz just looking at the pictures.

    I was sorry to miss the Q&As with Jeffrey Ford and F. Paul Wilson. They made interesting reads, though, so thanks.

  16. Sounds and looks like a fantastic party. Any particular reason you don’t mix fruit and dessert?

  17. Wow. Okay. Jealous now. Why doesn’t anyone I know throw extravagant chocolate parties?

    Although I might have to see about ordering from some of those places in the future.

  18. Aww Joe… Leftover chocolate and you’re not sharing any with your loyal readers and loving fans?

  19. Hey Joe!

    There’s only one thing I can say in reply to this blog entry: HOLY COW THAT IS A LOT OF CHOCOLATE! Definitely looks like a great time!

    Also, have you ever tried the restaurant chain called Moxie’s? Their White Chocolate Brownie dessert is amazing! 😀

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  20. 1. I am SO jealous!!! Mmmmmm….chocolate! *nibbles on a 70% something or other*

    2. Dagoba’s Xocolatl bar is one of my favorites! So nice and spicy and deliciously warm! Wonderful with a good Zin. Dang, now I’m hungry. AND thirsty…

    3. Crappy dial-up won’t load the pics, so I have to wait ’til tomorrow. 🙁

    Thanks for sharing! And lookie-lookie! I didn’t even mention the ‘W’ or the ‘T’ words. Do I get a chocolate-covered cookie for that??! 😀

    Thornyrose writes: “Thanks to Mr. Ford for taking the time to answer our questions.”

    Answer: And thanks to you for the chocolates.

    OOOOH! I see how it is, now. Bribery, eh? Okay, okay…next time I need to ask a ‘W’ or a ‘T’ question, I’ll send chocolates, first. 😉


  21. OMG! Death by chocolate! A fantastic party by the look of it! No disrespect to Chef Belcham, but on such a night full of chocolate, how could you possibly eat such a wonderful meal AND all the chocolate too?! I would have had to save up all day to fit it all in!

    Now, I have a wonderful list of chocolate to search for and try! Perhaps one day I will be bold enough to host my own chocolate party, but one could only hope to achieve the “bestest” chocolate party ever title, which you now hold….


  22. Gah! Here I was, enjoying the chocolate pictures and thinking, “I wonder who I’d have to kill to get an invite to a party like that?” when all of a sudden the answer hit me – it’s not who, but what … PIGGIES! Oh, Joe, so many poor piggies. And the many, many photos of said poor piggies quite ruined my appetite for chocolate.

    While I’m here, I’d like to ask the question which I’m sure is foremost in the minds of many of your readers: Was Martin Wood wearing shorts at the chocolate party? (I swear I’ve never seen a picture of him in trousers.)

  23. That, there, is a lot of chocolate! I think that all of those chocolate choices would paralyze me. I had a hard enough time figuring what to put on my plate at the Indian buffet I went to for lunch this afternoon.

    But those chocolates were absolutely beautiful. I think I’d have a hard time eating some of them, as well…it’d be like destroying art! Tasty art…

  24. Hey Joe-

    I seem to remember hearing (reading?) something about a mid-July premier for SGA’s season five. I’m getting married on July 15th and was wondering if you could confirm the date or not so that, if I have to, I can mentally prepare myself to miss it — since I’ll be honeymooning away from the TV and the internet.

    The chocolate party looks amazing. While I highly doubt it, do you have any idea of any of the chocolates are Kosher?



  25. I know that most chocolate places refuse to ship unless its by courier, but did you have any problems getting things in?

    Any delays, horrendous customs duty to be paid or bribes necessary?

    I know here in South Africa customs can take up to 5 days to release things – (even to such super efficient people such as FedEx) – and that delay would be disasterous for the chocolates, especially in the South African heat.

  26. I see the girls from the Whisper episode got invited to the chocolate orgy (ahem) fest. Let’s hope Christina and Janina didn’t binge on too many calorie. Did the girls get to attend the chocolate fest as a fringe benefit? Could not imagine there is still 2 more delay chocolate shipments coming. Maybe Mr. M will pass it along to the rest of the cast & crew.

  27. Hi Joe,
    I know now what a am going to do for my birthday next year a Chocolate/Stargate party! How cool is that! Oh Yeah! I am going to the chocolate bar this week to check it out! Thopse pic’s of your chocolate party look brilliant!
    I met Chris Judge last week at a con here in Sydney! He is such a lovable very funny & down to Earth man!
    He said that working on the set with the cast & crew of Stargate you are like one very large family! He spoke of how he loves working with all you guys!
    Thanks for putting up the great pic’s of your awesome chocolate party!
    He said that there is probably going to be another Stargate movie! I am very excited about that! “Indeed”
    Is there going to be any episodes in season that will have Teal’c or any of the SG1 characters in it?
    Also! Is there going to be any back stories on Zelenka? For example family etc…? Same with Beckett?
    Also! Is there going to be more human replicators?

    Take Care & happiness always!

  28. Holy cow, that isn’t merely death by chocolate! Oh no. You’ve managed to go one better and create genocide by chocolate! I got hyperglycaemic while the pictures were loading up and by the time they’d all finished loading I was in a diabetic coma. A little warning next time please.
    Looks like a fantastic night but who’d a thunk to put all those weird ingredients together with chocolate?
    I must admit to being very unadventurous with chocolate, I’m a ‘give it to me straight’ kinda chap. What would you suggest as a good kick off point with regards to different varieties/combinations?

  29. Joe:

    That looks like a fantastic party!

    I’m a dark chocolate kind of girl myself. The darker the better, too. I must agree some of those looked too pretty to eat!

    Woo Hoo! Return of mailbag! *does happy dance*

    I hope the eye is better soon. I hate to sound like my mom (a former nurse) but you should really get it checked out. I know you know this but I just can’t help myself. Plus I worry. A lot.

    I think you aren’t allowed to get sick on Sundays in Tampa, either. Unless you are slicing a bagel and somehow miss it and get your thumb instead. Tampa has ERs for that kind of injury. Still, Jeremy has claimed the job of Official Bagel Slicer in our house. And I am not allowed near the really big knives anymore. All the fun injuries happen on Sundays, it seems. 😀


  30. Oh you are evil showing us ALL that yummy chocolate! I SO want to go to one of your chocolate parties one of these years. Looks heavenly and you totally outdid yourself! Now I just have to get some kind of job on SGA! *wink*

    I can’t wait til season 5 airs. I have been watching reruns and they are so good! I recently saw The Game again. It’s too bad Baden’s part was a one time thing. David Dayan Fisher is really hot! I love his accent and the intense looks he gives with his gorgeous eyes. *big sigh*


  31. *drools* That chocolate looks just mouth watering! I really want some chocolate now! Great Pics.

  32. Hello Joseph =) Sa va ?

    Bizzarement a chaque fois que je vois du chocolat sa me dégoute…Mais dés que ces merveille touche le bout de mes lêvres je ne peut m’arrêter de les savourés^^!

    Dire que mon papa fait lui même son chocolat a son travail^^!Oui je sais j’ai de la chance.

    Ahhhhhh fontaine au chocolat O_O suis-je au paradis?

    Lol non il n’y a pas qu’a Vancouver que l’on ne peut pas trouver de médecin le Dimanche , car ici aussi..enfaite la seul chose ouvert le dimanche ces l’église et l’hopital^^!


    1)A force de manger du chocolat, vous n’avez jamais été malade?
    2)Vous n’avez jamais pensée qu’un wraith pourrait faire l’ascension?

    Voila =) Passer une bonne journée, kisou, je vous adore♥♥

  33. Hi, Joe.

    Thank you so much for ALL the lovely, delicious and beautiful photos from your Chocolate Party. Oh, and the pictures of all the food and the chocolate were nice too!


    Joe, I was so surprised today — I saw a Stargate SG-1 episode I hadn’t seen before! “Talion” premiered in US Syndication, and as it began, I realized I had never seen this episode before. (When it premiered on the SciFi Channel, I had just become briefly homeless for a while, and missed it.) Somehow…it slipped from my memory that I HAD missed seeing it!

    Excellent episode — Christopher Judge and Tony Amendola are a powerful combination. What a great character Bra’tac is.

    Hope your eye is better by the time you read this.

    Best wishes (and hi to Fondy, Lulu and all the kids), Morjana

  34. You just make me want to have my own chocolate party. Which is a good thing, I suppose.

  35. Thank you. My office mates and I now have our list for the upcoming year. We’ll be working our way through, now. 🙂

  36. Oh goodness…Adding my exclamation of surprise to the many already here…what a HECK’VE a lotta Chocolate!! LOL Jealousy abounds here in PA as well. 😉 LOL Looks like fun was had by all…

    Today’s my wedding anniversary (18 years) and we just spent a lovely overnight away with wine and a Jacuzzi figuring into the picture. Perhaps today will see some chocolates along the way. 😉

    Hope the eye’s doin’ better!

  37. AWW-MAZING!!! What can I say, that duck looks delicious,,ummm ummm good, and of course everything also, those chocolates!!! and such a wonderful idea, to-go boxes! Have you gone to Paris and the other choices to try the chocolates or are these sight and taste unseen? You are such a great host, feeding them all a delicious dinner b4. And I must say Fondy is such a lovely lady. Thank you muchly(is that a word) for the terrific pictures, looks good enough to reach out and grab some of that food and chocolate!! Hope the eye is better soon, a chocolate compress will probably help if you have any left.. 😀

  38. I concur with everyone. HOLY COW INDEED! I don’t think I’ve seen this much chocolate.

    Chevron7 writes: “What do you think of bringing family members onto your show Joe? Fantastic idea, problematic or it depends if they’re right for the role?”

    Answer: While I won’t give someone a role sight unseen, I have absolutely no problem bringing anyone in to audition for a role. At the end of the day, it’s their performance that will decide whether they get the job or not.

    Sounds fair enough to me. So Lulu isn’t a shoo-in for a role in Season 5? 🙂

    Do you carry a notebook/pda with you all the time to jot down great ideas, lines?

    Thanks for the yummy pics….oh and the photos of chocolate too 😀 Couldn’t resist. Both Martins are looking fine!

    Cheers, Chev

  39. Suckling pig, suckling pig! As much as I am a chocoholic from way back the sight of those two little piggies resting on the platter really made my mouth water. When I was a child my dad did the whole pig roast thing. There is nothing in the world like crackling pig skin still warm from the fire. Ahh! and then to top it all off with every type of chocolate you can think of. I am so jealous! Thanks for all the photos, it feels like you included us in your festivities. I’m so excited about Whispers! Can’t wait for Season 5 to begin!

  40. Hey Joe!

    I must say that the pictures of the chocolates look lovely! And that’s saying a lot, because I’m from Belgium! Hmmm. Chocolate.

    I have a question for you again, today.

    In ‘Instinct’, the 6 year old Ellia appeared to have a tattoo on her cheek, when that guy rolled her unconscious body over? But later on, teenage Ellia didn’t have one.

    In ‘Allies’, we saw a Queen with the biggest tattoo we’ve ever seen, so far. It ran all the way from her cheek to her, well, let’s just say into her blouse. In ‘No Man’s Land’, the same Queen was seen, without the tattoo.

    Now my question to you. Were both tattoos forgotten about? Or was it a conscious decision to get ‘rid’ of them? (Are they washable? *gasp*) Or even, when Wraith feed, can they choose to let the tattoo go away? (Regenerate their skin).

    And another tattoo-related question. Will Teyla have a tattoo? (is it decided yet?) Most Queens, if not all, seem to have one. Is it a sign of status, or is it more of a conscious choice, to show off, boost their appearance with?

    Will we be seeing Queen!Teyla pictures in a few weeks? I sure hope so! We’re all very curious about the ep! Is it September yet? 😛

    Thanks so much for coming up with the idea for such an ep, as it’ll show us a lot about the Wraith again! (Yes, DasNdanger isn’t the only one that likes to know more about them! She’s just the most vocal one! :D)

    Hopefully my questions will see an answer this time, as I haven’t been very successful yet!

    Thanks for reading!


  41. Uhm… could the leftovers be shipped to your dear mother and appreciative sister within the next couple of days?

  42. Hi Mr M

    Greetings from Tipperary once more!
    Wow, great to see Fuel in the pics once more! Terrific spread of chocolate, and the meal looked superb, up to the usual Fuel standard, though I didn’t spy Chef Belcham there toiling away (?)
    Also, in the fashion stakes, very nice tie on Marty G., and do I spy some SG1 cufflinks?
    And finally, is this the first photo of Mr Woods NOT in shorts??? Call Guinness Records up immediately, for a new line under the SG1 World Record!!!
    Take care Mr M., oh and great to see a snap of Fondy on the blog, my warmest regards to your fair lady!


  43. WOW!!!! That is definitely a lot of chocolate. You sure know how to throw an excellent party, Joe. I’m just glad that you can’t gain weight by looking at pictures; otherwise, my diet would be completely blown.

    My husband and I are, also, celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary today. It seems like just yesterday that we were married. IMO life really does go by too fast.

    I hope that your eye is much better today. If not, hopefully you can get into the doctor asap. Eye infections are ‘definitely’ not any fun.

    Since this is the week of the 28th, do you know yet which day Rob will be stopping by your blog?


  44. Only 5 episodes of Carson? How many times will we be brutally subjected to Keller’s boring, whiney nonsense? Can we switch the number of appearances between these two, please???

  45. WOW. All you can eat chocolate. The Mariebelle chocolates are indeed beautiful works of art. Too good to eat? Nooo I don’t think so. 🙂

  46. OMG, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen so much chocolate in all my life! 😮

    I’m now insanely jealous of everyone who attended your party but I’m pleased that you all had a great time.

    I hope your eye’s not too bad now Joe. Have fun on Day 5 of “Whispers”! 🙂

  47. Oh my god….
    Joe, I have never seen so much chocolate in one place in my entire life. Seriously, my mouth was watering looking at those pictures. It makes the stash under my bed look miniscule.
    I haven’t posted here in ages… I blame Gateworld… but thank you for the spoilers. I can’t wait for Whispers, Search and Rescue, The Shrine, and The Queen.

  48. I love Campari and soda! It’s an acquired taste, which I acquired in Milan. 🙂 I’d rather drink Campari than eat a baby pig with the head still on it. Sorry!

    The chocolates were just too beautiful, as were the people who attended. Well done, Joe and Fondy. You’ll sleep in October.

  49. Looks like Kansas City got our Glenn Dorsey from LSU. To bad for Sedrick Ellis from USC landing in New Orleans, but then again it is USC and not LSU!!

  50. A whole new meaning to the word “sinful”
    Oh my gosh this chocoholic is going through some serious withdrawal.
    What a wonderful idea, glad it was a grand time for you. I wouldn’t suggest a weight-in for a few days though. ;~)

    Take Care
    Jean :~)

  51. I’m getting a contact sugar buzzz … and I think I know how I’m going to spend my tax rebate check … on chocolates. Stimulate the economy my tailbone, I’m going to bathe in freakin’ chocolate. maybe set up a chocolate fountain and jump right in. This will involve a kiddie pool fer shure.

    Time to make truffles; I want to try new combos. Although not with the bathing chocolate.

    Campari and soda? Not a favorite, but I can handle it; try absinthe, now there’s a taste bud stomparama.

  52. I’m experiencing a massive dose of chocolate envy right now. Yummo! as Rachael Ray would say.
    Seriously, what do you do with leftovers? How do you store the chocolates?

  53. Hi!

    Who normally sits with whome at your large group meals….. are there little ganges of people that always sit togther (the cool kids and the geeks)? or do people tend to move around and socialise with everyone. Have there ever been any fights about who sits where……… possibly they wouldn’t want to sit next to you if they were hungry, as you have said in previouse blogs you like to sample other peoples food!


  54. oh! also, Martin Wood looks great in the photos, has he just come back off holiday? Thought he would be too busy with Sanctuarry to have holidays?

  55. Hello, Mr. Mallozzi!

    I would like to know whether Teyla will be more involved with the different storylines in the coming Season 5? I understand that Rachel’s pregnancy limited her role in Season 4. However, I am really hoping to see more of her than we have gotten from the previous four seasons as a whole. Her screen time has been sorely lacking compare with some of the other characters. I am really hoping the lack of spoilers for Teyla for Season 5 is a good thing and not the same status quo.

    Also, will the history of her family be address this coming season or there any plans to address that eventually?

  56. Joe,
    I think I gained 50 lbs. just looking at the pics of your party.

    Haven’t posted in a while. Real life has been quite busy. Additionally, I’m trying to avoid spoilers (most of the time) and don’t have time to read the BOTM. (Timescape is still in the Amazon box it was shipped in).


  57. Now I NEED some chocolate *pouts*
    Was Martin Wood wearing trousers or shorts? Inquiring minds want to know 😀

    I would’ve loved to see Carson in more than 5 episodes, but I like Jennifer Keller a lot too, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

    Any pics of Mr. Flanigan, please? (you know I couldn’t post a new comment without asking…)

  58. Bon je vais au lit…pouff je suis fatiguer..j’ai du rendre 700 commentaire aujourd’hui.

    Passez une bonne fin de journée et bonne nuit d’avance. Impatiente d’être a demain pour savoir comment votre journée c’est passer.


  59. Bex writes: “Have you ever come to Al Porto Ristorante on water street to eat?”

    Answer: I haven’t. Next time I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll certainly stop by.

    make it tomorrow (ie tuesday) or fridays and saturdays and i will be the one to seat you!

  60. Any episodes in the grim style of ‘Heroes part 2’ in s5? I’ve just rewatched it and I think it’s one of the best episodes so far!

  61. Wow, Joe. It all looks utterly amazing. The chocolates, the fountain you obviously decided yes on. the cream puffs (my sin of choice), the Fuel food…did anyone spontaneously combust from sheer joy and massive amounts of food? Thanks for sharing the pictures–and the links!

  62. Hey Joe,

    Looks like the party was a success – Haza!!
    Talk about a migraine in a blog post. I’m reaching for the Mersyndol just reading it.
    As a few other fellow posters here, I get affected by chocolate, so as much as it is usually a big Joe no-no to mix chocolate and fruit, it is one way I can still enjoy chocolate without some serious and extremely painful consequences.

    So for the migrainers out there, on a really warm Summers’ night, sitting out on the deck, break up and heat one full Toblerone, mix in some cream and a splash of Baileys, serve warm and then dip banana, pineapple, apple, cherries and grapes. Mmmmmmfondueonthedecking.

    While I’m sympathetic to the issue of Lulu being your breathing alarm clock I’d like to paint a slightly different picture of the alternative.

    Try getting woken up by this.
    And his method of waking you up:
    1. Walk up to the bed – he’s so tall there’s no jumping
    2. Lobs his head on top of your head (it’s heavy, and it’s hard)
    3. Starts high-pitched crying – continues high-pitched crying
    4. If you have not responded accordingly and in a timely manner he decides to give you a doggy facial
    5. Once sufficiently covered in slobber he lobs his head back on your head – not gently
    6. Starts high-pitched crying – rinse and repeat.

    You can only ignore that for so long. So sleep, WHAT THE HELL IS SLEEP?

    Look after yourself. When is your next holiday planned for?

  63. I hope those folks gave you a discount with all the advertising you’re doing 😉
    hope your stomach managed all the chocolate! it’s certainly looks yummy!

  64. 😯 I’ve never seen so much chocolate! 😯

    Boy, am I jealous! I’m eating lousy institution food and you’ve got a wondrous assortment of chocolate to top a terrific meal. I hope it ‘fuels’ a great idea for an episode.

    Thanks again to all the regulars sending cards and letters. It really brightens my day when the staffer brings those little reminders that somebody out there likes me.

    Anne Teldy (née Kelly Hurt)
    for those who asked again: address here

  65. 1)Is there any one particular mystery or story arc that spans dominantly over a good chunk of the season?

    2)Will the darkness of man show itself in Season Five?

  66. See, “Best Chocolate party ever!” should be a yearly (or however long it is between parties) competition, so that every single one of your chocolate parties can be the best chocolate party ever!
    And I cannot see how some of those chocolates could possibly be eaten; there’s tons I’d rather just frame….
    Always wondered what would happen if you ate poison ivy…. Do they have a soup for that also?

  67. “Shadow Step writes: “Some posters expressed the opinion that they found it statistically unlikely that such a group of women would chose to join the army – a reflection on looks not ability.”

    Answer: Huh? Are they saying that it’s statistically unlikely that there would be four attractive women serving in the army at any given time?”

    May I chime in and add, wouldn’t it make -more- sense that a female team like this would be— I’m not saying models, necessarily, but at least— good looking? It seems to me that offworld adventuring has this tendency to get strenuous. Military standards for fitness notwithstanding, it would make sense that most members of offworld teams would be in fairly good shape. And most people look at least halfway decent at that point. Plus, women do tend to put a little more effort into said decency. All together, I don’t find the premise that unlikely.

  68. Wow…thats a lot of chocolate!

    My question today is……..

    Do you guys have anything to do with Stargate Infinity? If not, have you ever watched it?

    I thought it was quite…..childish.

  69. Mmm…chocolate, and yet not even phased by the amount. Must be because I’m Belgian and have a Chocolatier in the family. I always have a steady stream of the dark variety within reach. Mmm… chocolate, the darker, the better.

    Anyway, what I was coming over for… I wish to show my support to Hope. As a fellow Teyla/Rachel-fan, I too would like to know whether season 5 will see more of Teyla than we have seen so far over the span of 4 seasons. I’d like to be able to blink and not have to worry I missed Teyla (exagerating a little, but not by much). I wish for her to have more to do than a token episode. I wish for her to be the heroine (and not just something big in a token episode). I’d like to get to know her better, her background maybe.
    Or am I asking too much already?


    Heightmeyer’s Lemming
    (orphaned in one univers, loved in another)

  70. Answer: Huh? Are they saying that it’s statistically unlikely that there would be four attractive women serving in the army at any given time?

    Well, I wouldn’t presume to speculate … actually yes I would. Perhaps they feel the ratio of fictional representations of ridiculously attractive people in absurd situations as opposed to less so in less so is higher than what they feel comfortable with.

    I couldn’t possibly comment.

  71. Wow! Stinging Nettle soup?? Are you serious? I get a serious case of blisters that lasts for weeks when my skin comes in contact with the stuff. I sure can’t imagine eating it and what would happen to me! so was it really good?

    Geez! What a hell of a chocolate party. Never having been invited to any such type of elaborate fanfare, from the pictures it looks like it wnet off without a hitch and fun was had by all. What do you consider the most important factor in having a successful event like this?

  72. (sorry, posted originally to the wrong date)
    Are any of the female soldiers,kick-ass and beautiful as they may be, representing a country other than the US? I like the “international expedition” theme that you had going in the show, but it seems recently there have been mostly Americans front and foremost.
    PS – have you come down from your chocolate high? I’m enjoying a Butterfinger bar at the moment, not exactly in your league!!!!!

  73. Why is Martin Wood eating alone? (Or at least appearing to be eating alone?)


    Is it possible for me to gain 10 pounds just looking at your pictures and reading about the “feast” you provided for your guests?

  74. Narelle from Aus Said:

    Chev, forgot to say thanks for the ebook links earlier!

    No problemo, happy to help.

    Re: your dog. That’s a rather unpleasant way to wake up. Doggie morning breath too. Eww! When my sister’s cat was a kitten and I was looking after her she would lick my eyelids to get me to wake up. That grossed me out.

    Cheers, Chev

  75. Joe,

    Wow! That is a lot of chocolate. I recently found out that my hometown is headquarters to DeBrand Chocolatier. Have you ever had anything from them? I’m planning a trip to my hometown (the first in many years) and have been wondering if I should make a stop at DeBrand.

    Also, I missed the post that stated the “statistical improbability” of four attractive women bing in the military…Thank you for setting those who doubt straight. As a former US Army soldier, I like to think I’m not a total dog and I believe that most of the females I served with were attractive. Think about it: when you’re in the military, you’re exercizing all the time. Female servicemembers are as attractive as their male counterparts on any given day.

    Thanks again for the blog and I’m looking forward to more insight about “Whispers”.


  76. Shadow Step Said:

    Perhaps they feel the ratio of fictional representations of ridiculously attractive people in absurd situations as opposed to less so in less so is higher than what they feel comfortable with.

    Now say it with a Derek Zoolander accent. LOL!

    Cheers, Chev

  77. Oh I want to be part of that next year! Check out mine at – handmade truffles and caramels galore!

  78. You think Campari and soda is bad? Try neat campari, it’s one of the foulest tasting things imaginable

    I knew it was Fuel before you mentioned it, I recognise the kitchen in picture eight

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