A little sneak peek at The Queen

Teresa and Carl

Milling about

The crispy duck!

Chef Belcham and I check out the selection.

Vosges chocolates

Chocolate fountain and dunkables.

Wen Chocolates

Getting started.

Checking out the selection.

Guests helping themselves

John Lenic looks on as Will Waring samples the spicy chocolate ravioli

Lawren\'s first plate

You know you’re up early when the dogs don’t even bother following you downstairs for breakfast. It was about 5:30 a.m. when I got up, brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, and beckoned the dogs. No go. I tried the usually reliable “Poopoo Peepee!” and, when that didn’t work, went with the can’t fail “Who’s hungry?!” All four of them remained sprawled out on the bed, fast asleep. “TreatTreat?!!” Lulu snarfled and opened one eye, throwing me a look as if to say “Seriously, dude. It’s freakin’ five thirty!”

I rolled into work just as they were about to block the first scene up: a six character extravaganza that, between the master and the coverage, took about four hours to shoot. I pointed out that once the second scene (the catacomb walk and talk) had been completed, they would have a whopping 2/8th pages in the can. That’s 2/8th pages and not ¼ page. The schedules break the scenes down into 1/8th pages, so a glance at today’s schedule will yield something like this:

“62 INT. CATACOMBS Day (They hear distant scampering) 4/8 pages”

Again, not ½ page, but 4/8 pages. Interesting, huh? No, didn’t think so either.

No fog effects today so, after checking in, I headed upstairs to the office where I read Martin’s first draft of “The Lost Tribe”, applied some eye drops, and then opened up a shipment from Kansas chocolatier Christopher Elbow (http://www.elbowchocolates.com/chocolates) that arrived too late for my chocolate party but in plenty of time for lunch. A striking collection highlighted by the Caramel with Fleur de Sel.

Next to thinking up with episode titles, coming up with names for aliens and off-world villagers is one of the most challenging aspects of this job. In preparation for an upcoming script, we recently set aside time to brainstorm some terrific names. So far, we’ve got: Philip Seymour Hoffan, Felicity Hoffan, Carey the story’s pariah (aka Pariah Carey), and, my favorite, David Hassel the Hoffan (aka David Hassel Hoffan). An entire afternoon well spent.

Big day tomorrow as we fog up the FX Stage for Day 6 of Whispers. Beckett on the run, Teldy’s grim encounter, and the higher ground takedown.

Thanks to Evie for the Dagoba shipment!

Today’s pics: A little something from the Art Department – and awesome Chocolate Party spillover photography compliments of Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.


Loserexresol writes: “What was the wackiest combination of the night?”

Answer: Probably the extra virgin olive oil and dried kalamata olive white chocolate truffle from Vosges.

Thornyrose writes: “If the eye is still bothering you, perhaps you should tear yourself away from the filming to get checked out?”

Answer: I was going to get it checked out today, but it seems to be improving so I’ve decided to wait and (hopefully) see.

Hleigh writes: “Any particular reason you don’t mix fruit and dessert?”

Answer: For the most part, I consider fruit a necessary evil.

Deeinsouthafrica writes: “I know that most chocolate places refuse to ship unless its by courier, but did you have any problems getting things in?”

Answer: My biggest problem was convincing some of these chocolatiers to ship to Canada. Most did. Some (Kee’s in New York and Recchiuti in San Francisco) did not. But I encountered no problems with customs.

Montrealer writes: “I see the girls from the Whisper episode got invited to the chocolate orgy (ahem) fest. Let’s hope Christina and Janina didn’t binge on too many calorie. Did the girls get to attend the chocolate fest as a fringe benefit?”

Answer: Since they were flying solo in Vancouver for the weekend, I thought it would be nice to extend the invitation. Nicole wasn’t able to attend, but Christina and Janina did bring her a doggy bag.

Cathie writes: “Is there going to be any episodes in season that will have Teal’c or any of the SG1 characters in it?”

Answer: Daniel Jackson will be putting in an appearance in our mid-season two-parter (First Contact and The Lost Tribe).

Cathie also writes: “Also! Is there going to be any back stories on Zelenka? For example family etc…? Same with Beckett?”

Answer: No on the former. I’d say no on the latter as well, but there is a little conversation in Whispers that does shed some light on his Carson’s post-return home life.
Cathie also writes: “Also! Is there going to be more human replicators?”

Answer: Stay tuned.

shiningwit writes: “I must admit to being very unadventurous with chocolate, I’m a ‘give it to me straight’ kinda chap. What would you suggest as a good kick off point with regards to different varieties/combinations?”

Answer: If you’re unadventurous but want to sample some fine chocolate, check out the Michel Cluizel line of chocolate bars. Their 45% milk chocolate bar is my wife’s favorite.

Anais33 a ecrit: “1)A force de manger du chocolat, vous n’avez jamais été malade?
2)Vous n’avez jamais pensée qu’un wraith pourrait faire l’ascension?”

Reponses: 1) Oui. Aussi récemment que dimanche matin. 2) Non.

Translation: 1) I have made myself sick eating chocolate. As recently as Sunday morning. 2) I don’t think a wraith can ascend.

Sis writes: “Uhm… could the leftovers be shipped to your dear mother and appreciative sister within the next couple of days?”

Answer: You missed your chance. Now you’ll have to wait until next year. Lots of gristly leftovers that Aspen and Roxy would’ve enjoyed.

Danielforever writes: “Since this is the week of the 28th, do you know yet which day Rob will be stopping by your blog?”

Answer: Not yet. I’ll make an announcement in the next few days.

Joesmom writes: “Only 5 episodes of Carson? How many times will we be brutally subjected to Keller’s boring, whiney nonsense?”

Answer: Because you asked so nicely…15.
Hope writes: “I would like to know whether Teyla will be more involved with the different storylines in the coming Season 5?”

Answer: We’ll certainly see more of Teyla than we did in season four. As a fan of the character, you’ll no doubt love Search and Rescue, Broken Ties, and The Queen, and no doubt enjoy The Daedalus Variations, Ghost in the Machine, and The Shrine.

The first lily writes: “Any pics of Mr. Flanigan, please?”

Answer: Alas, no. Sorry.

David writes: “Do you guys have anything to do with Stargate Infinity? If not, have you ever watched it?”

Answers: Nope and nope.

110 thoughts on “April 28, 2008: Whispers Day 5

  1. I was curious if we’ll get to see nominees for this next batch of book club books. Or maybe you could just say what the books will be? I have had problems getting ahold of them on time so I was wondering if you could let us know about these ones sooner. Thank You!

  2. “How many times will we be brutally subjected to Keller’s boring, whiney nonsense?”

    I don’t know why, but I like Keller…. I think I find it easy to relate with her for some inexplicable reason (and I also don’t feel betrayed by her presence, either… I didn’t discover Stargate until December ’07, so Keller was the first Atlantis doctor I met… Beckett was already dead).

  3. Are there any plans to incorporate those guest stars of “Whispers,” who manage to survive, into the second half of the season?

  4. Hi Joe,

    Will we get a chance to see Ronon, John, and Rodney taking care of Teyla’s baby? How about a ceremony where Teyla says that they are family?


  5. Holy smokes, you guys ALL get up early!!!
    I know you’ve mentioned this in the past, but for some reason I still have this idea in my head that actors and actresses live the good life–sleeping in, eating well, never worrying about where their next meal will come from or who will pay the bills if they get sick. I guess it’s not a perfect world for them, either (at least, not the sleeping in part!!!!!) I wonder how any of them find time to go to those late-night parties always featured prominently in the American media???

  6. Those rare mornings when I get to sleep in, the dogs jump up at the crack of dawn, ready for the day. However, when I had to get up at 6 a.m. Saturday morning for a training seminar, neither dog so much as twitched. Okay, Spock did thump his tail on the bed a couple of times, but he didn’t even raise his head off the mattress.

  7. Have you been setting up any of the backstory for the new series in the new season? Or is the show still too much in the background to be in SG:A?

  8. Your talk of character names reminded me of my favorite “power couple” nickname, ala Bennifer and Brangelina: Filliam H. Muffman.

    Fwiw, I also vote for David Hassel the Hoffan.

  9. Keller in 15 eps?! Yikes and Oi Vey!
    Hate to say that as I adore EVERY OTHER character in SGA.
    But I’m sure, give this much time, you writers can come up with the most wonderful, absolutely heart-rending, soul-searing, powerful and sorrowful death scene ever filmed!

  10. I love Michel Cluizel chocolate. Somebody game some to my dad and We all found it absolutely delicious. It was amazing.

  11. I have to agree with your stance. I have never considered fruit “dessert”. However, the staff here does. It seems to have to do with something called ‘nutrition’. The concept of ‘nutrition’ is apparently defined as “when food is good for you but does not taste good”. They cooks here excel at nutrition.

    Anne Teldy (née Kelly Hurt)
    aka Prisoner #127

  12. Hey Joe!

    You’re torturing us with all of those chocolate pictures, lol. 😀

    Sounds like the dogs are the real masters of the house, hope they eventually did get their food/bathroom time. Also, you should get the eye checked out nonetheless, even though it may seem like it’s improving. Better safe than sorry. 🙂

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  13. One last thing Joe, forgot to include this in my initial comment,

    I will be away for a week (long-required vacation after a year of university :P), so I unfortunately won’t be able to keep up on your blog. I’ll make sure to catch up when I return though!

    Enjoying your taping of “Whispers”, and have an excellent week! 😀

    – Enzo Aquarius…again. 😛

  14. Wooooo!!! I’m done with my 3rd year at UBC, Joe! Now I can spend more time here annoying you! Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    Those pics of the chocolates yesterday were mouthwatering and…strange (I saw one that looked like a marble…as in, those that you roll and hit other marbles with. It was green). The ones from Mariebelle were practically works of art. I wish I could just reach into my computer screen, then into those photos and grab some.

    So what do we need to do to get invited to next year’s chocolate party? 😉

    Oh, and I also got my Ark of Truth Soundtrack (with Joel Goldsmith’s autograph!!) in the mail today. I’m currently listening to it and it’s…So. Freaking. Good.

    Seriously Joe, I don’t care what you have to do, who you have to fire, but DON’T LET JOEL GO. EVER.

    Question: How’s Hexed doing? Is it still on the bubble?

  15. Do you get just the movement of the eyeballs from the collective furries while you step around them pre-dawn?

    To Arbed: Anyone that has worked on stage or screen has a horrible thing called MAKEUP! I use capitals because that is how it is usually said for you to get your arse into your designated chair.

    You may not have to perform for 3 hours but there’s a looooooooooong time sitting in a seat as you are prodded, painted, eyelashed, teased and then sprayed.

  16. 4/8ths hmm? I hope that the filming is moving according to schedule. That doesn’t seem like a lot of footage.. but then, this particular story seems to have a lot of creeping about in spooky surroundings. And now you’re teasing us with props from The Queen? Life is good..glad to hear the eye is getting better. Speaking of which, you could have WARNED us/me that in the movie The Audition there is a scene involving eyes…I HATE eye injuries. I’ll do every other body function and form of damage, but eyes creep me out. But despite that one scene the movie was as good as advertised by those who have mentioned it here. Thanks for the pics today as well as the recommendation on that particular movie.

  17. Congratulations on what sounds like another great party. Just reading about all the sweats gave me a sugar headache. I don’t know how you manage to survive them but they sure sound like fun.

    I do have a few questions I hope you can answer,
    1) You’ve mentioned the season 4 outtakes, so is it safe to assume they’ll make it into the season 4 DVDs? 2) Is there any change of release season 1-3’s outtakes? 3) you’ve mentioned the ‘directors’ cut of the episodes. Any chance they’d be released as a separate set of DVDs?


  18. Hey Joe,

    So I guess my dogs are the complete opposite of yours. My problem is they expect to go out EVERY TIME I get up. Sebastian is a 10 year old Great Pyr and Annabelle is a 3 year old Great Pyr/Golden mix. I have the problem of getting them back IN as well. Maybe it’s me they don’t like? Hmmmm…they do tend to favor the back yard now that I think about it. Great, now I’m depressed.

    @Chev: No probs on not knowing what a whovian is. You are certainly not alone. Even my sister asked me to which I replied, “You’re a whovian.” I know. I’m mean. But she’s my OLDER sister and it’s my job to annoy her. 😉


  19. An old-fashioned recipe for eye irritation is to place a tea bag (after it has been used to make tea)over the eye. Leave it there for as long as you can stand it. This usually helps to “draw out” whatever is irritating your eye. (Where I live, we call them “styes”.)Let me know if that works for you!


  20. “Poopoo Peepee”? Seriously? Have you tried simply asking them if they want to go outside? Not only is this effective (once they learn it, of course), but it has the added benefit of allowing you to retain your dignity.

    Love the names. I think my favorite is Phillip Seymore Hoffan.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been woken up by dogs (discounting the occasions when one of our shepherds gets into my room and sticks his nose in my face, which isn’t often, as I’m not living with said dog at the moment), but I have learned the dubious pleasure of being woken by two kittens running across my bed, and occasionally my face, as they play. I think one scratched me today as he tried to jump onto the bed, not apparently noticing that my head happened to be at the edge of it at the time. Which is, you know, annoying, but when they finish playing and curl up next to me, purring like crazy…well, that still keeps me awake, but it’s a heck of a lot cuter.

  21. Ahhhh….15 episodes of Keller! (that was a bad “Ahh”)

    Umm…I can’t think of a question today for some reason. Oh, I know……..

    Q: In your opinion, why do you think a lot of fans dislike Keller?

    Q2: Say hypothetically, if a ton of fans disliked a certain character, would that influence how long she stays…or he?

  22. Hey there! I have been quiet for awhile, working on some cool stuff for you guys (hopefully)…will shoot you some links when we are moving on it.

    I have been on an SGA watching-marathon, prepping for some DVD viral activities we are creating for the S4 DVD release. So, I decided to go all the way back to the beginning for fun and was watching The Runner last night with my husband, who is a World History teacher. He caught something I feel like an IDIOT for not catching before (as a film/TV major and a Japanese History & Japanese film afficianado, especially).

    This has probably been asked before and I am so sorry if I did not catch it over the past few years on your blog…

    Is “Ronon” a play on the Japanese “47 Ronin”?

    So many parallels as soon as my husband pointed it out! I love the definition:
    A ronin was a samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period (1185–1868) of Japan. A samurai became masterless from the ruin or fall of his master (as in the case of death in a war), or after the loss of his master’s favor or privilege.

    Jenny S.

  23. Joesmom writes: “How many times will we be brutally subjected to Keller’s boring, whiney nonsense?”

    Answer: Because you asked so nicely…15.

    And how many episodes of articulate compassionate eloquence?

  24. Thanks for the pics, Joe. Can’t wait to see The Queen.

    The first lily writes: “Any pics of Mr. Flanigan, please?”
    Answer: Alas, no. Sorry.

    Thanks for replying. Not exactly the answer I would’ve liked to read, but it’s better to know there won’t be pics of him, rather than keep waiting for them 🙂

    Some time ago you said something about posting old concept art stuff. So this is your reminder 😀 Looking forward to any SGA stuff. Any chance of getting some concept art of the city, gate, etc? I suppose they went through several stages before s1 began shooting…

  25. I’ve been trying to be good recently. Going to 3 martial arts classes a night, eating salads and fresh fruit and veg.

    Why I think it’s a good idea to still read your blogs is beyond me! You’re KILLING me!

    Whispers sounds very interesting indeed, it’s right up there with ‘The Shrine’ in eps I just can’t wait to see :-)!

    And I think some people need to learn to give Keller some slack. One of my best mates is a Scottish med student (doc in 2 months). His name is Carl Beckett and he’s a SGA fan. Now if a Scottish (almost) Dr. Beckett can grow to accept and like Keller then I think others should follow suit!

    DEAL WITH IT!!! Beckett’s back – that’s insane (though great) enough! lol

    With all your fancy chocolate I must admit, personally I think it’d be hard to beat a nice bit of Lindt chocolate, milk or dark – it’s all good! *drool*.

  26. Wow!! So much Choccie I actually had to go suck a lemon to conteract all the “eye candy”!!

    Whats wrong with Keller?? I think she fits nicely in the misfit gang myself.

    Question. What are your thoughts on Frank Herbert?

    Question 2. Anyone else here going to the SciFi expo in Orlando May 16 -18 th?? I finally get to meet SOMEONE from Atlantis!!! (looks out her front window to see if yes indeed the devil is in fact pushing a snowblower.) Yes it’s happened before When Tampa Bay won the Superbowl and the Tampa Lightning won the Stanley cup within a one year period. Scary stuff!!

  27. so joe, im wondering if what happened to us today will be anything like the season opener search and rescue!! I work for my local fire department, and we got toned out for a 2 year old that was missing for about 30 min. so we all met at the fire department and gathered together and decided we needed to get the map and head up to the area he went missing. We get to our local church and start getting the teams together. by this time the local sherriffs have been dispatched and the tv crews are starting to arrive! all of the community wanted to help, so of course we let them! one of our teams was in the trailor park behind the house he dissapeared from, and they kept hearing a child crying! they couldn’t see the child though! they came over the radio telling the command unit that they heard a child so that team and the sherriffs went to the area! and we FOUND him!!!!! He was about a quarter mile away from his house back in the woods by a little pond!!! We got him checked out by the medics and he was quickly returned to his mommy and daddy!!! he was gone for about 4 hours!! so thanks to the community of brookside, the jefferson county sherriffs and the brookside fire and rescue we found the little boy!!! thanks for listening!!!

  28. Ah! Thanks for The Queen sneak peeks! AAAAHH! That sword is soooo cool!! Good for slicin’ and dicin’ – like a Wraith Ginsu Knife! Me wants! 😀 The pendant is nice, too…any chance that’ll show up in the MGM store? Really need some Wraithy goods for sale…Todd’s knife, queen’s pendant…ya know, stuff to make me go broke… 😛

    Now, about Wraith, and ascension…

    Why not? I mean, why can’t they desire to attain to something higher? They are sentient, evolving, and seem to have a spiritual awareness (or, at the very least, they are a meditative and ‘patient species’). And, seeing that someone like Todd has it in him to do ‘good’ ( TLM ), I see no reason why – eventually – a Wraith couldn’t ascend (well, besides the whole ‘TPTB don’t want them to’ thing). It would be a very interesting development, though – for one to rise above its inherent anger and aggression to reach the point of ascension. What would he (or she) have to sacrifice – or shed – to reach that state? What would it mean for the rest of its kind?

    Of course, I’d just prefer them to continue to live forever in their current form – with continued development – but I doubt that’ll happen. Which makes me wonder – is there anyone on the creative team who actually likes the Wraith, and would like to see them continue to exist and develop, or are you all just antsin’ to kill ’em off, and move on?

    Of course, you seem to like Todd and have done a nice job with him, and in bringing a little more depth to the Wraith throughout the last two seasons (with Michael, as well). Thanks much for that. But we Wraith fans still fear they’re just another doomed Stargate species, especially since…you know…you guys like killin’ things. (Ronons, the lot o’ ya!) 😉

    Anyway…thanks for letting me ramble…appreciate it.


  29. Wow – lots and lots and lots of chocolate! Yum! I hope you didn’t make yourself too sick trying to eat it all.

    Since this episode seems to hardly have David Hewlett at all – will we get any interaction at all between him and Joe Flanigan? Please?

  30. My Fat Old Dog responds to “piddle?” She then does the piddle dance indicating she does indeed want to go out. She piddles. We forget she’s out front in the unfenced yard, but she doesn’t go anywhere. She knocks on the door to come in, really, she knocks. Then she does the wiggle butt dance in hopes of earning a biscuit.

    Anne, have you considered that “nutrition” may also be called “food fight ammunition” or “ambush surprise”?

    amac 251: you said “teabag.” Heeheeheee. Seriously, I’m a filthy old lady. Teabag, heeeee.

    Another sword, more lusting after inanimate objects. Oh. Wait a minute. That makes me sound even filthier. Sorry.

  31. I gotta say, I adore Keller, so I’m excited that she’s going to be in 15 episodes!

    Hope your eye gets better soon. Funny enough, after you finished posting about your eye & Glenn, I wiped eye make up off and some got into my left eye and irritated it. I thought it was infected (I’ve had pink eye before and it felt exactly like that)… but it was fine the next day!

    I’m jetting off to England and Ireland soon (Wed)… so I won’t be around. Well, I’ll probably come online when I’m jet lagged at four in the morning. Still not sure about that trip to HK in December yet though…

  32. Any first words pop to mind after reading ‘The Lost Tribe’? How about your impression on the mid-season 2 parter as a whole?

  33. I hope you keep David Hassel the Hoffan. You had me in giggles when I read that. Maybe you could even get David Hasselhoff to play the character?

  34. Keller for 15 episodes?
    Say it ain’t so Joe, Please???????????????????
    Oh God I have tried so hard to like that character but by season 4 end I gave up. I’m not sure that I can even garner enough interest in her to try again in Season 5, more likely I’ll just FF the DVD recording during her appearances. This intense dislike is almost physically painful and it is definitely emotionally upsetting as SGA is my favorite show.

  35. I am happy to see as much of Keller as you will give us. As a series regular shouldn’t she be in all 20 episodes instead of just 15?

  36. If it weren’t for dessert, my fruit consumption would plummet. That’s why pies and cobblers were invented.

    You guys come up with the prettiest weaponry. I myself am deeply jealous.

    @anneteldy…The problem with most of those places is they mistakenly think that “flavor” is another word for “calories”. Get them a dictionary and a thesaurus. Highlight the words. Ease their minds. 😉

    @maggiemayday…I’m so glad I’m not the only filthy mind here. I blame my friends. They were bad influences on me.

  37. Joe, something I’ve wondered about: I’ve noticed that Hewlett and Flanigan and even some of the recurring actors like Nykl and McGillion sport five o’clock shadows in most of the episodes they are in. Yet many times the guest actors are clean shaven. Is this on purpose – as in wanting a “rugged male” look for the main actors on the show – or is it just a factor of the actors working long days and not wanting to try to stay clean shaven for each shot throughout the day? I like the five o’clock shadow look – just wondering if it was by design.

  38. Me three or four…happy to read your reply that Keller will be in many more episodes. I just love the show and all the character interactions. So please bring them on!
    Having a choco overload drooling over the choc photos. There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many.
    Now to be content with a local Nestle’s choc with Caramel after seeing Nivana and beyond.

  39. Hi Joe,

    Your chocolate party looked so fantastic, I had an idea…how about the four millionth (by this time next year it should be about that) visitor to your website get an invite to your chocolate party?!? We’ll get there somehow! That would be exciting!

  40. I think it might be one of those smaller dog things. I have a German Sheperd and a Staffy, the big dog is ALWAYS ready to go out and always ready to say good morning while the little dog just breaks into the spare bedroom and makes herself comfortable, sometimes she even deigns to move before I get downstairs but then its just back into her cage to curl up and go back to sleep until a more civilised hour like say lunch time. Like now for instance, big dog is guarding the front door, awaiting the mail man somewhat nonplussed because the mail no longer comes in through the letter box, (I got fed up with having to piece together important letters and trying to explain teeth marks was getting too embarrassing so I got an outside mailbox)the smaller dog is still asleep, guess what I’m coming back as?
    Thanks for the choccie tip, going to track some down today.

  41. Hey Joe,

    Any chance you could dedicate tomorrow’s blog to me since it will be my birthday?

  42. I don’t normally go where I shouldn’t, but today was miserably hot and after a not small lunch, I was staggering back to work and caught a cold blast of air from a stage. I was lured in like a frog to pond. While cooling off, I happened to notice how short the interior sets were. Then I remembered that sets use to be built to 7/8th’s scale, although this one seemed substantially less tall (shorter actors are cheaper?).

    The Whispers set looks amazingly huge. What scale do you usually build most interior/exterior sets to?

  43. Salut =) Waou encore une journée intéréssante!

    Merci pour ces photos =) Je suis impatiente de voir beckett dans cette épisode et encore plus Teyla dans cette saison 5

    Merci de m’avoir répondu =D c’est gentil!!

    Même si le chocolat est bon pour la santer notament au niveau du coeur il ne faut pas trop en abuser^^! Jespert que vous vous santez mieux qu’hier.

    Moi je trouve que sa serait cool un wraith qui fait l’ascension…


    1)Aimez vous la cuisine qui mélange le sucré et le salé?
    2)Es’que l’un des nouveaux personnages féminin d’atlantis posséde le gêne des anciens?

    Voila =) merci beaucou^! Gros Bisou! Passer une bonne journée! je vous adore♥

  44. Hi Joe,

    Hope your eye continues to improve! I have a couple of questions to take your mind off it 🙂

    Have you ever considered having someone with a physical disability such as a wheelchair user on Atlantis, as a scientist for example?

    Was there big discussion going way back to SG1 season 6 as to whether to go down the Earth ship route or did all the writers feel it was a natural progression? It did change the nature of the show somewhat after all.



  45. Chocolate covered Raviolis?? How many different flavors do these Chocolite Raviolis come in???

  46. Hi Joe,
    Thanks heaps for answering my questions! I can’t wait to see whispers it sound awesome! Joe you wrote stay tuned! So I can take that as a maybe then?
    Oh cool! Daniel Jackson is gonna be in an episode!

    Love the pic’s! More choccie! mmmm. Yummy!

    Have you had Australian Chocolate?

    Take care & happiness always!

  47. Hey Joe,

    Any episodes that the IOA feature in? Speaking of the IOA, will there be any episodes that have the team returning to Earth?

    Take care Joe!

  48. Joe, The choclate looked great.How do you decide which chocolates get the honor?

  49. Ah, you have to love those early mornings. There’s nothing like getting up pre-dawn for an early start to the working day. I used to do it a lot when I worked at the radio. But hey, at least it’s heading into the warmer months there, while I freeze my feet every morning in the cold of autumn.

    Hmm, actually Joe, how would you feel about being usurped some time?

    I’ve been looking forward to your chocolate party photos and recount for almost two days, and I have to say I’m very impressed. If only I could get my hands on some decent chocolate in Brisbane…

  50. Joe, I was watched Conversion on TV yesterday. The opening credits were shortened, and didn’t include the characters only the title. Why is that changed? More commercial time?

  51. Keller seemed to change character with each episode. Sadly, I never saw one I could relate to.

    Jewel can act. She was great in Firefly. Is there any hope that she’ll be written better in the coming season?
    Maybe a more mature 25? Some warmth and compassion as a doctor? Less insecure? She comes off to much like a lost little girl for my taste.

  52. Hi Joe,

    Your chocolate party looked like a sublime experience (and the pictures are so not helping me through my diet);) Very excited about season 5 and especially in regards to Daniel coming to Atlantis for The First Contact and the Lost Tribe, can you share any more interesting tidbits abouts those episodes? 😀

  53. David said:

    Q: In your opinion, why do you think a lot of fans dislike Keller?

    It’s not a lot, its only about 10 (if you can prove me wrong, feel free to do so)

    Q2: Say hypothetically, if a ton of fans disliked a certain character, would that influence how long she stays…or he?

    If the network dislikes a character that character will never return as a regular.

  54. I was watching old SG1 this weekend and my eyes caught Christina Cox as a guest star. I assume this is the same Christina?

    I enjoy it when you bring back somebody after many years to play somebody radically different. I’ll usually not notice until maybe the last 5 minutes and then spend an hour trying to remember which episode it was until I break down and look it up.

  55. 5:30?! That’s nothing. Try getting up at 4am every day!

    Of course, that means I also go to bed at 8pm, so there’s a trade-off.

  56. I like Keller, but then I never warmed up to Beckett. I thought he was sort of spineless and milquetoast. So I am very very happy to hear that Keller gets 15 eps and hopefully appearances along with Becketts 5 eps to make them more bearable.

    I think Keller fits with the main characters a lot better than Beckett ever did. She has some of the same type of personality issues.

  57. OMG those chocolate pic’s are drool worthy. Now if only I hadn’t eaten all the choc’s I squirrelled away in the crisper. (Got to hide them somewhere, and since no one else in my house eats veggies, hiding it under the lettuce is the perfect spot!)

    How many times will we be brutally subjected to Keller’s boring, whiney nonsense?”

    Answer: Because you asked so nicely…15.

    This totally made me laugh out loud – good thing my family already thinks I’m insane.

    I’ve been re-watching the first three seasons and just finished all of S1. I have to say, Carson sure as hell did his share of whining in S1, especially when it came to using the Ancient gene – flying the jumper, sitting in the chair – rewatch the episodes sometimes, folks!

    I’m looking forward to all 15 episodes o’ Keller, Joe!

    And speaking of all those episodes, I’m curious as to how long Jason M needs to get the dreads reattached every day? I’ve read as many as 5 hours and as few as 1. I totally agree Ronon needs the hair – it’s the one thing that sets him apart visually (besides his size) from the “earthlings”. It must take a lot of continuity people to get through your episodes – and some very detailed scheduling.


  58. S’funny you should mention the Hoffans, the second time they were mentioned in Atlantis I had a brain freeze and was expecting Hasselhoffs fan club or maybe clones. great minds and all that.

  59. Answer: “Not yet. I’ll make an announcement in the next few days.”

    Thanks, Joe. I appreciate Rob doing this for the fans, and I’m really looking forward to it.

    Thanks again for all of the pictures, especially from the Art Department. I always enjoy those.

    Glad your eye is improving. Hopefully you won’t have to make that trip to the Doctor after all.


  60. I think a great many people dislike Keller, though I’m not sure if they post often in this blog, but I can’t prove my assumption any more than the arbitrary number of 10 selected by someone in an earlier post can be proven!

    I liked Carson but I wasn’t out there lobbying for his return. I find Keller’s antics and behavior unbelievable, unprofessional and immature for a woman in her position.

    I’m sure there are lots of fans who find the Keller character enjoyable and realistic and that’s terrific.

    For me Keller just doesn’t work. She seems intrusive in a way that Beckett never did. Sorry!

  61. Hi !
    Hey where I live the DVD of Tha Ark of Truth was finally released and I saw it. This is not too soon lol. It was great I loved it, a great SG1 as always. Thank you so much and congratulations to all the people concerned.
    And thank you too for these great news about Teyla. As a Teyla fan is really nice to know that she will be more invested (sorry I’m not english and I don’t always know which word to use and when lol) I’m really glad and with the news of nice team moments (a lot I hope lol) Thank you a lot.
    Bye and have a good day

  62. These are the reasons I have seen offered for disliking the Keller character. If you like her, you will most likely disagree. And no offense to JS, she is an excellent actor.
    1. Keller is far too young and immature to be CMO (even with the child genius explanation)
    2. She replaced a beloved figure (Beckett)that many feel should never have been removed, in a direct swap of positions. Engendering feelings similar to a child hating the new step-mom.
    3. A strong woman character (Wier) was removed from the show and a weak one (Keller) took the “female” spot. It appears to be a case of wanting the blonde eye candy for the young male audience. This is annoying to many women.
    4. She insulted another favorite character in Trio – Zelenka, insinuating that he was a pervert.
    5. She puts even other favorites in a bad light.
    a. Ronon looks out of character when he puts up with her complaining about not partying, when he has lost his entire civilization.
    b. It seemed that Rodney gave up searching for Shep in TLM due to her giving up and leaving Pegasus when she couldn’t get what she wanted. That made her look childish and unprofessional. It took Rodney way out of character, as he would never give up looking for a way to save his friend. He knew Shep was not dead. Also, the maturity difference in the characters of Keller and McKay makes some uncomfortable, it is almost bordering on father/daughter type ickyness.
    6. Focusing on Keller takes away time that could have been written for other favorites. Teyla seemed very underused last season (yes I know why), but that lack of screen time reinforced how much we want more of her character explored. In addition characters like Zelenka, Lorne, Chuck, Todd, Cadman, Kate (dead, I know), are available to be explored in greater detail without bringing in a new shiny toy. There is so much potential with these others, it seems like a lost opportunity.
    7.Some think she is too whiny and never gets called on it, as opposed to Beckett and McKay who are always getting yelled/told to “buck up” at for whinging. Double standard to the McKay and Carson fans.
    8. The family of characters that was created in the first seasons of SGA has been demolished, scattered to the wind. It’s like there has been a death or divorce in the family. It is jarring and a time of mourning could have been observed. Almost like parents saying “well, your brother just died in a horrible car accident yesterday so today we went out and found you a new one at the “dime a dozen sibling store” to take his place – LOVE HIM or else!”
    9.Keller comes across as one of those girls the other women love to hate – she puts on the cutesy and vulnerable for the boys to get what she wants, perhaps not consiously. It seems to be a thing the guys love and fall for, and since the writers and PTB of the show are men, perhaps they don’t see it either. They unconsiously write her this way and feel it’s a good thing.
    OK, those are the reasons I have and that I have seen.
    I hope that the show will continue to be good next season though, and I will just have to tolerate the bad with the good.

  63. Hey Joe!

    Same questions. 😛

    In ‘Instinct’, the 6 year old Ellia appeared to have a tattoo on her cheek, when that guy rolled her unconscious body over? But later on, teenage Ellia didn’t have one.

    In ‘Allies’, we saw a Queen with the biggest tattoo we’ve ever seen, so far. It ran all the way from her cheek to her, well, let’s just say into her blouse. In ‘No Man’s Land’, the same Queen was seen, without the tattoo.

    Now my question to you. Were both tattoos forgotten about? Or was it a conscious decision to get ‘rid’ of them? (Are they washable? *gasp*) Or even, when Wraith feed, can they choose to let the tattoo go away? (Regenerate their skin).

    And another tattoo-related question. Will Teyla have a tattoo? (is it decided yet?) Most Queens, if not all, seem to have one. Is it a sign of status, or is it more of a conscious choice, to show off, boost their appearance with?

    Will we be seeing Queen!Teyla pictures in a few weeks? I sure hope so! We’re all very curious about the ep! Is it September yet? 😛

    Hopefully my questions will see an answer this time, as I haven’t been very successful yet!

    Thanks for reading!


  64. I just read part one of your interview with Sharon Gosling at the MGM Official site, and you mentioned the 100th episode:

    “Then there’s the fact that we have episode 100 coming up, which will be funny. Robert Cooper actually came in and he pitched an idea for episodes 19 and 20, which we thought was great, so we know what we’re working towards.”


    Does this mean you’ve changed your minds about the 100th episode? Before, you had said, “Since it will be the season-ender, it will not be comical.” (October 27, 2007)

  65. 1)Are there any major secrets kept this year amongst the team?

    2)Will there be any undermining(intentional or otherwise)of Woolsey’s authority?

  66. Great news! Allie’s trip to the ortho this morning was a success! Allie is now free of braces. HURRAY! Her teeth look beauiful. I took her out to buy swedish fish, gum and everything else she’s been unable to eat the last two years of her life. 😀

    I just had to share.

    (aka proud mama)

  67. Coucou
    est ce que vous savez, avec tous les épisodes écrits, dans combien d’épisodes on pourra voir le major Lorne
    merci bien.

    bonne fin de journée (si il fait encore jour au Canada, je ne sais pas trop)
    et j’espère que ces personnages auront de très horribles noms, pire que ceux que vous avez déjà trouvé lol.
    Et ces chocolats m’ont l’air délicieux, j’ose à peine imaginer quel goût ils peuvent bien avoir…miam ^^

  68. Hey Joe I have some results of a tourny we were playing on GW for season 9

    1st Place: Avalon, Part 2
    2nd Place: The Powers That Be
    3rd Place: Camelot
    4th Place: Crusade
    5th Place: Ripple Effect
    6th Place: The Ties That Bind
    7th Place: Beachhead
    8th Place: Arthur’s Mantle
    9th Place: Origin
    10th Place: Prototype
    11th Place: Avalon, Part 1
    12th Place: Collateral Damage
    13th Place: Stronghold
    14th Place: Ethon
    15th Place: Babylon
    16th Place: Off the Grid
    17th Place: The Fourth Horseman, Part 2
    18th Place: The Scourge
    19th Place: The Fourth Horseman, Part 1
    20th Place: Ex Deus Machina

    Here’s a link to the game if you want to see how it went down


    We just started season 10 so here’s a link


    I will post the final results if I remember 😛

    Are there any emotional moments between Ronon & Teyla in season 5 to look forward to you were right about BAMS’R I loved it.

    My dogs are the same way if it is early I have to say “OH MY GOD!” to get my dogs to move they have to think something is wrong Dogs are funny.

  69. Oh please please have a character called David Hassel the Hoffan, as that name just had me in fits of giggles when I read it! 😀

    Thanks as always for the pics Joe.

  70. “How many times will we be brutally subjected to Keller’s boring, whiney nonsense?”

    Wow. That’s kinda harsh. Although I’m sure it’s not the worst comment you’ve recieved about Keller. I’m a die-hard fan of Beckett/Paul McGillion and I miss him terribly when I watch the show. But I’m very fond of Keller. I don’t understand why so many people don’t seem to be willing to even give her a chance.

    By the way, I’ve never posted a comment before on here. Horrible person that I am, since I’ve been reading your blog for a year. You just make my day sometimes. Your sense of humor is right up my alley. I know you’re extremely busy and I just wanted to say thank you, Mr. Mallozzi, for taking the time to give news and tidbits of gossip to the fans. It’s certainly not required of you, but it’s definitely appreciated.

  71. I am looking forward to all 15 Keller episodes. I really like Jewel Staite, especially as a huge Firefly fan. I thought she was great when she guest starred and have enjoyed her performance as Dr. Keller. I have in fact liked all of the cast changes. I can’t wait to see what Woosley has in store for the team. Not that my positive opinion has any more meaning than others negative opinions. Just felt like sharing.

    Hope the eye clears up soon.

  72. Ok Joe, I really, REALLY need a clarification. MGM just published part 1 of your “Season 5 Preview” thing, and there was this curious little snippet:

    Then there’s the fact that we have episode 100 coming up, which will be funny. Robert Cooper actually came in and he pitched an idea for episodes 19 and 20, which we thought was great, so we know what we’re working towards.

    The “which will be funny” part is what I’m getting at. Perhaps I’m reading too much into that, but it made it sound like episode 100 will be another “funny episode” like Wormhole Xtreme! and 200, which you’ve denied in the past.

    What’s the truth in all of this, Joe? Is it a typo (they misplaced a “not” in there)? Has plans changed? Or is it just badly phrased?

  73. Well Keller in 15 episodes. Mmmm, going to be a short season for me then!

    You like her, that’s what counts. If people don’t like her (like me) then don’t watch the shows she’s in, it’s that simple, that’s what I’ll do and watch the ones she’s not in, then everyones happy

  74. I’m curious how you personally feel about the character Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell? Would you ever have him on Atlantis if Ben Browder were available and willing?

  75. On the Keller issue I think it depends on how she is written. During the first half of season 4 I could not stand her, too wooden and annoying. Towards the end of season 4 she was given a little more depth. For example the first half of “Trio” she was her typical whiny self but then developed some spunk and pizazz towards the last half of the eppy. Then we saw more layers to her in “The Last Man”. I think if the writer’s can keep breathing life into her character things will be fine. She just hasn’t had a chance to have many scenes where she can show off her caring and compassionate side.

    Jewel can act, it just depends on the material. I just hope Jewel learned how to do CPR during her off time. Any actor who’s worth their salt and knows they’re going to be portraying a physician should at least learn something so basic.

  76. Quick question – is Dan Payne under the Wraith-up in Broken Ties? (Just ignore this if it’s any sort of spoiler.)



  77. Trish (aka whovian) Said:

    Great news! Allie’s trip to the ortho this morning was a success! Allie is now free of braces. HURRAY! Her teeth look beauiful. I took her out to buy swedish fish, gum and everything else she’s been unable to eat the last two years of her life. 😀

    I just had to share.

    (aka proud mama)

    That’s fantastic. I remember how ecstatic I was to get mine off. No more pain from getting them tightened.

    Cheers, Chev

  78. Mickey Rooney Said:

    No one likes Cam. Everyone likes O’neill. Do the math.

    I love O’Neill but I also like Mitchell and I know some people that have Cam as their fave SG1 character. I don’t think you can say no-one likes him because they actually do. I think he’d be great to hang out with.

    Cheers, Chev

  79. Hi again I was thinking about other tournies I was playing Atlantis ones we have done and are doing here is season 1 already done

    The Eye – 1st Place
    The Siege, part 2 – 2nd Place
    Letters From Pegasus – 3rd Place
    Rising, part 2 – 4th Place
    The Storm – 5th Place
    Rising, part 1 – 6th Place
    Before I Sleep – 7th Place
    Thirty-Eight Minutes – 8th Place
    The Defiant One – 9th Place
    The Siege, part 1 – 10th Place
    Hot Zone – 11th Place
    Home – 12th Place
    The Brotherhood – 13th Place
    Underground – 14th Place
    Poisoning the Well – 15th Place
    The Gift – 16th Place
    Hide and Seek – 17th Place
    Sanctuary – 18th Place
    Suspicion – 19th Place
    Childhood’s End – 20th Place

    Here’s a link to see how it went down


    and here’s links for season 2 which we are still playing


    and season 3 we are still playing


    again if I remember I will post the final results from these games I don’t know if we are doing season 4 I think so but I don’t run these tournies

  80. Don’t have time to go through all the comments today (my fault for getting behind *sigh*) – but I did want to say ‘oh wow, what a lot of chocolate’ re: yesterday and today’s entries! Good job I don’t like it, or else I’d be craving some right now!!

    Hmm, funny how the dogs won’t get up early for you but are quite happy to get you up early for them – and people say cats are ‘self-centred’!!! *grins*

    Hope the eye is still getting better – and looking forward to more pics!

    Leesa Perrie

  81. freidag Said:

    I think a great many people dislike Keller, though I’m not sure if they post often in this blog, but I can’t prove my assumption any more than the arbitrary number of 10 selected by someone in an earlier post can be proven!

    Indeed – arbitrary – some people here (and all over the world in general) seem to think that because *they* feel a certain way then most everybody else must also agree, which is clearly not the case. Some show up here and hate a character to the point of irrationality (and perhaps should seek some professional help) and think everybody else agrees, its only the people who run the show who for some reason disagree – which of course isn’t the case.

    Mickey Rooney Said:

    No one likes Cam.

    I do.

    Everyone likes O’neill.

    I wasn’t too keen.

    Do the math.

    Your math or real world math? 😉

  82. Jason Said:

    Will Walter make an appearance next season?

    Sure. Walters younger sister falls for Woolseys younger brother and plan a big wedding. Walter and Woolsey are not amused, and try to derail it. Wackiness ensues. 😉

  83. Its a shame to see so many people with a dislike for Keller when she had impossibly large shoes to fill, I say lets give the girl a chance to settle in and find her feet, remember she’s the newbie and so of course the character is going to feel awkward as she hasn’t worked out her place in the dynamics of the Atlantis crew, Imagine how any of us would feel to be there, completely out of our depth and wading into well established social dynamics and having to find her own place in amongst it all

  84. Quinn: To compare the Beckett/Keller situation to being told your brother has just died in a car crash – wow – speechless to that comparison.

    I know you were going for an emotive response, but really? Maybe compare it to your favourite dish no longer being on a menu, it’s disappointing, but not life changing! Unless you really like that dish… …and have some kind of allergic reaction to every other food… but usually not life changing!

    Keller isn’t my favourite character, but when a new character is introduced I like to try and see the situation from their viewpoint to better appreciate their reactions to situations/people.

    How difficult would it be to walk into somewhere like Atlantis and take over from a much respected original member of the expedition team in the circumstances that Keller did? She’s not stupid and she would be fully aware of the situation. She’s not going to be running around punching the air shouting “Woohoo! In your face Beckett! I’m now CMO of Atlantis!”.

    Sometimes when put in a new situation you aren’t too sure about (and she did express that from the beginning) you don’t always act yourself and try to be what you think people will want, with not always the results you had hoped for. Give the character a chance to show her true self.

  85. Joe,

    There is a rumor about that MGM is consider a theatrical third stargate movie with Richard Dean Anderson as the lead. Is this accurate? And if so, when might it be made?

    Thank you,

    Phillip Krachikov

  86. Give the character (of Keller) a chance to show her true self?

    If I’m not mistaken the character had all of season four to do just that and in my opinion she absolutely succeeded! As someone earlier posted Keller proved she is “unbelievable, unprofessional and immature”.

    Sorry, but I’m not a Keller fan. On the other hand I like both Jack and Cameron. 🙂

  87. Are there any plans to bring Ford back, either in season 5 or possibly next season?

  88. hi, joe,

    just so you know, the s/j shippers BIG word is no longer ‘resolution’, but ‘confirmation’. many shippers feel that sam and jack are already together, so we’re just hoping/waiting for the verification of it.

    just sayin’. 😛

    sally =)

  89. In “Reunion” before Carter leaves Earth, how come you choose Teal’c to say goodbye to her instead of Daniel or all of SG-1?

  90. Awwwww…Keller is okay – and this from a gal who usually hates female characters… *rrrreeeooww! fftt! fftt! hiss!*

    It is true that Carson was a bit whiny/wimpy – but he had that great accent to compensate for it 😉 …give the same sort of character boobs and a skirt and suddenly what was once endearing can be a bit annoying. However…I don’t mind Keller’s scared rabbit routine (kinda reminds me of Rogue in the X-Men movies). I know a doctor much like her – local gal, not real secure with herself – so that makes it easy for me to believe Keller’s character. Also, Jewel does a fine job, she’s a good little actor and doesn’t deserve all the flack. And, as far as the writing goes, one thing I have learned from watching SGA is that – when they want to develop a character, they DO develop the character, but not necessarily overnight. It takes time…lay the groundwork, then move the character in new and unexpected directions.

    I have hopes that Keller will develop into someone special on the show, just as Ronon has (another non-original cast member). But I also understand the whining on both the part of fans, and non-fans, alike. I tend to whine, too…but about different characters… 😳 I think that’s just part of human nature – even though it’s just a tv show, it’s a show we like, and want to continue to watch, and enjoy.

    I think folks need to give the gal a break. Remember, Jewel is a real person, with feelings and all. The character might not have real feelings, but Jewel does…so, ya know…show a little kindness…


  91. I don’t hate Cam, and I love Ben Browder. BUT. I think the Mitchell character brings out the worst in SG-1 as a tv show. All of the nuance and subtlety that was there before seems to be completely gone when Cam is involved with the others. I think he’s great on his own like with the friend in Stronghold or in the woods in Uninvited. But I think he brings out the worst in the other characters, like Vala in Bounty, Teal’c in Company of Thieves. And I think he’s made Sam a bad character, now that she has lost all her commands and is now really just a scientist and not a soldier anymore. JMO

  92. To Narelle: Emotional responses to loss do not necessarily correspond to the objective reality of that loss. Psychologically and physiologically many of the same processes are experienced. While the comparison of loosing the TV family we loved to the loss of a sibling is extreme, I grant that, the base reaction and response to a loss is the same. There are stages of grief which many are familiar with, and they progress in a similar fashion for losses big and small. Also, people’s emotional connection to film, tv shows and entertainment vary widely, some people get VERY emotional while watching, others are more detached. I find it very hard to cry over a TV show myself.

  93. Hey Joe,

    I think you might have to kill off Keller and bring Carson back full-time. Since all the people on Gateworld think she whines too much and is too young to be CMO. Yup, the people on GW count for all the fans who watch the show. I tell ya, some of the stuff said is just so over the top. I think having both Carson and Keller is going to be a winning combination. It makes sense that Keller is in more eps. She is still the CMO next season right? Can you tell us what kind of position Carson will be in next season? My guess is some kind of research department? I figured with Michael’s recent activity, Carson is the best canidate to research what he did.



  94. I missed a day or so (whee, health hell) so am just now seeing all your stuff about your chocolate party. Thanks for letting us know all the places info for where stuff came from. I’m sure I’m not the only one drooling over the chocolate pictures.

    Speaking of photography, I noticed in your last post that you continue to have some strange photographic karma with Mr. Wood. I’m fast becoming convinced that you are using some kind of electronic device on him and taking pictures of the results.

    As for the person who asked you about Stargate:Infinity – It’s probably good that you’ve never seen it. I haven’t either, but I’ve heard it gives the urge to stick a spork in one’s eyes.

  95. Wow, that looks like quite a party, Joe! Thanks once again for all of those fabulous pics. It looks like an amazing selection of chocolates.
    I was wondering – how many episodes so far this season would you consider “stand alone” eps?

  96. If the third Stargate series goes ahead (and assuming they’ll have you), will you stay on as a producer/writer, or look to try something different?

    And as a follow up to that, what if you wanted to stay and Paul wanted to leave, or vice versa?

  97. Squall78 Said:

    I think you might have to kill off Keller and bring Carson back full-time. Since all the people on Gateworld think she whines too much and is too young to be CMO.

    That would be a lie.

    Yup, the people on GW count for all the fans who watch the show.

    Ah, you know its nonsense. Ok then.

    MizMoose Said:

    As for the person who asked you about Stargate:Infinity – It’s probably good that you’ve never seen it. I haven’t either, but I’ve heard it gives the urge to stick a spork in one’s eyes.

    Indeed, saw a bit of it – terrible *g*

  98. Hey Joe,

    I was just wondering if Christina Cox was filming today noon-ish? I could swear I saw her in Yaletown, but didn’t get a chance to go and say hi. Thanks!

  99. Hi

    The news in my town right now is all about doom and gloom coming out of the SAG talks, although it sounds like SAG is scaling back some of its demands. The news analysts are saying that SAG is asking for a lot more than the WGA.

    Are you able to you about what the impact would be of a strike?

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