The following email went out to Charles Saludo who contacted Baron Destructo about a hard-to-pass-up-on business proposal to the tune of $25.5 million dollars: 

“Dear Suitable Candidate,

Congratulations. $25.5 million dollars should just about cover your basic processing fee for consideration as a new member of The League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil. Please be sure to forward us your resumé at your earliest convenience. It should include details of your past nefarious transgressions (listed in either ascending scopal order from regional to cosmic, or descending sociopathic order from verbally abusive behavior to mass murder), any and all supra-human abilities possessed through means natural, supernatural, extra-natural, or otherwise, your hopes and dreams for a bleaker, more unnerving future (in 250 words or less), and at least two references from established individuals in the field of diabolism and general mayhem. A recent photo would also be nice.

Take note. The lack of superpowers abilities should not discourage participation in the selection process (or your making that $25.5 million dollar wire transfer to our moonbase headquarters). Occasionally, in the case of a truly exceptional and promising candidate, this requisite can be overlooked, albeit temporarily. If the individual makes the cut and is admitted to the League as a provisional member, he/she then submits to a simple procedure that will involve a run-of-the-mill total-body exsanguination after which the candidate’s blood will be bombarded by a combination of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X, and Mongo radiation, Isotope TXRX, and fermented orange juice before being transferred back into the host body (I‘ll be honest with you. It‘ll smart a bit.). This treatment has yielded impressive results in the past with over 65% of test subjects not only surviving the ordeal with minimal horrifying side-effects, but coming away with confirmed supra-human abilities. Given the correct circumstances, your experience should prove just as spectacular, hopefully more along the lines of a Commander Brainwave or a Fission Magician rather than, say, a Professor Gorilla Toes or a Princess Chap Lip.

Once your candidacy has been vetted and voted upon by our standing council, you will be contacted by us in the form of either an official couriered document welcoming you to the guild as a provisional member, or a well-timed hit that will remove any trace of your pathetic existence and your tenuous link to our organization. Provisional membership includes a swearing-in ceremony and initiation (involving a blood sacrifice, a baptism in the Fires of Lumos, and a half-can of Fanta), full access to the moonbase headquarters facilities (no horseplay in the pool area!), and a completely fab makeover compliments of the League’s very own Evil Eye for the Straight Guy (or Gal – or Other, as the case may be) team.

Once the probationary period has passed and the candidate has proven him or herself a coincidentally dependable and deplorable member in good standing, they will be granted full membership. Full members will be permitted a nation of their own choosing for the Post-Day of Reckoning Festivities (admittedly, all of the really good ones have already been taken, but there are still some underrated little gems up for grabs including Tuvalu, Liechtenstein, and Kyrgyzstan) as well as a say in the League’s annual group vacation destination. Given that we spend so much time in our moonbase headquarters, we’re looking to go somewhere sunny and hot this year. With an oxygenated atmosphere. We were thinking either Hawaii or Ventarex Prime. We would prefer Hawaii as it’s a shorter trip (an hour by scramjet as opposed to a day and a half at FTL travel), but are having trouble securing a group rate because the only time our schedules line-up is during the high season. Would you happen to have any connections at the Halekulani? If so, that would be a tremendous help to us and could certainly bode well for your candidacy. If not, no big deal. Vorzik the Planet Squisher has family in the Soldarri Sector. We could always stay with them.

Well, best of luck to you. Stay positive but be warned… The admissions process can be very competitive. Even some of the most propitious of pernicious, vile, and indecent aspirants have failed to make the recent cuts – Michael Vick, Sharon Stone, and Barney the Dinosaur among them!

Looking forward to receiving your application and cashing your check,

Baron Destructo

Cc: Calamitous Jane, Glaxnor the Miscreant, Sinderella Washington, Xxxaptak’qul, Dr. Catastro, Dr. Disastro, Dr. Quinn Meddlesome Woman, Ray Mephistopheles, Archfiend Animus, Brutus Badly, the Plague Zombies, Vorzik the Planet Squisher, the Malevolater, Count Sinister, Kugal Baruth, Death Knell, Star Father Celestio, Shatterdam, Princess Arcana, the Mystifier, the Procrastinator, the Soul Emancipator, Quickstrike, Professor Frosty, Flamer the Flaming Man, the Pummeler, the Purple Lamprey, and John Tesh.”

Marty G. and I received a fantastic box of chocolates compliments of Clementine. Merci, Clementine. Les chocolats étaient délicieux.

And thanks to all who asked. Fondy is feeling much better.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Paula the birthday gal. Happy 40th.

Today’s pics: Mom’s new dog Felix, les chocolats, Marty G.’s upcoming project, director Ken Girotti, Sorry ladies you just missed him.

86 thoughts on “March 12, 2008: Who Wants to be a Supervillain?

  1. ARGH!! You posted early today!! now what am I supposed to read as a bedtime story??

  2. Huh, Ancient bathtubs aren’t very roomy, are they?

    Hello Felix, welcome to the madness!

  3. “John Tesh.”

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That made it all worth it!

    Pup is adorable!

    CHOCOLATES!!!! (is Rodney fashioned after you, by any chance… 😉 )


  4. Oh go on… admit it, you really just bathed that cute little, very clean, Felix in that bath.

  5. Just missed him…darn… *mutter, mumble, mutter*

    Thanks for the pics again! Try to do better next time though and catch David in the bath…!!! *grin*

    Leesa Perrie

  6. My cheque for $25.5million is in the post, when do I get my welcome pack? Its been a while since I attended a good Initiation Ceremony with blood sacrifices and stuff although I might draw the line at the half can of Fanta, that shit’ll rot your teeth and make your hair fall out!

  7. Hey Joe – Just writing here to see if you got my e-mail last week. I’d send a follow-up to ask but if they’re going to your junk mail it wouldn’t do any good. Hope you’re well!

    ~ Kellie

  8. Joe,
    Given your love of chocolate, have you ever tried a German brand named “Ritter Sport.” I tried it 8 years ago when I was in Germany and loved it. When I came home and found that it wasn’t sold in the States I was devastated and rationed what I had brought home. A few months ago I found it for sale, ironically enough, in a Target store. Just as good as I remember. If you ever get a chance to try it, do. I like the plain milk chocolate, I’m not one for fancy stuff, but there are all different kinds.

    So how’s that Rodney whump coming along? Please tell us Shep doesn’t hog all the (physical) whump again this year.


  9. G’day Joe,
    Just wanted who will we see in the tub.
    Hopes for Sam and Jack.
    If not S/J how about Ronon and Jennifer.
    Felix is so cute.


  10. Huh, we had triangular tubs like that in my dorm in college. Okay, not that fancy, but still.

    They held a keg quite nicely, but could be a pain to get comfortable in.

  11. Dear Lord of All Things Stargate and/or Baron Babycakes (*snickers*),

    Please be informed that Dr. Quinn, Meddlesome Woman has agreed to get her pointy nose and bony arse out of LAME’s business, and yield her position to someone far more qualified (not to mention much younger, therefore saving LAME bigtime buckos for botox injections, facelifts, etc.) – namely, me.

    Forbid that you should find the 411 flawed. Still, lest further flippant fraudulence be forgot, be forewarned that we have formidable friends on both Ventarex Prime and all eight major Hawaiian Fielands. (International maritime law re: anchoring yachts, rafts, habitable whales, or any other type of temporary or permanent residence within our 1000-mile territorial waters limit, is strictly enforced by Surfer Dudes for Peace, LLC.)

    Trusting that you will find this missive adequate for the dispensing of further formalities,

    Euphonically yours,

    Fusion Flower, BScht, More Scht, and voted by Fissicists of Fantasyland as Most Likely To Go Supernova if She Doesn’t Get Her Way

    PS to Mr. Mallozzi: I’m laughing my freakin’ head off over your blog entry. Thank you SO much for the hilarity – will send you the bill for getting the coffee cleaned from my keyboard. . . . Glad to hear that Fondy’s better, and loving the pic of cutie Felix, as well as the pics of Martin, Ken, and the nifty concept art. – And it looks like you guys scored some more choco-delicacies. 😀

  12. “Sorry ladies you just missed him”. Oh gods, perfect final line after an entertaining Baron Destructo post.We’ve had food, torturous teasers(the Shep whump pic), and now the Baron. A nice long mailbag and the universe will be in perfect harmony for a full five minutes…(well, ok, that won’t happen till Anne Teldy is out of the hospital; we’re still thinking of you girl), but as close as one could hope for in a world not actually following a script written by our favorite sci fi writers…

  13. Shiningwit: About the Fanta, quick, patent your idea – you may have found the real key to male-pattern baldness!

  14. League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil (LAME) – I love it! That’s one of my favourite types of joke.

  15. Joe,

    What a wonderful blog!

    Quick question: Did you say, in an earlier post, that Michael Shanks will make two appearances in Season Five? If so, is this still correct? First half or last half of the season?

    Sorry, if I’m being greedy. I need something to take my mind off of Totally Useless “High Stakes” Standardized Testing.

    MA Milan

  16. Is that a Rorschach(sp) test or something? – cause I see sexy things going on in that test gate….

  17. Joe, I have to say, I don’t think there’s a single other writer/producer who loves his fangirls (and boys?) and much as you do.

    I’m very excited for McKay’s tub.

    Also, very excited for David, that he managed to convince you to let him get naked in Atlantis. Truth is, with his track record, it was only a matter of time, but still….

  18. We missed him? No, you were there too late to make the photo of David INSIDE that bathtub, or you were just far too respectful! 😀 😉

    Thanks for the great pic – made my day! Can’t wait to see that scene!

    And now excuse me while I try to fish my mind out of the gutter… 😀

  19. Okay, completely off-topic question,but seeing as you are in the TV business I can’t think of anyone better to ask…
    Is there some unwritten rule that gay men can’t be action heroes? The only shows with gay main characters seem to be comedies, and they’re full of stereotypes. Granted, there’s Torchwood, but it’s British, and the Brits are more open minded, so it’s no surprise. Do you know why there are no North American television shows that have gay main heroes? Do the networks not allow it?

  20. Does Ken get to keep his chair? What a cute puppy!, thanks for sharing. Ahh, too many bubbles in the tub,,lol, he could still be there?? And you have such a great complexion it must not be true they say about chocolate. Enjoy the blog, thanks.

  21. We just missed him? Darn!!!!!

    Thanks for the pic anyway.

    I guess I’ll just have to rely on my fertile imagination to get my through until July.

  22. girly_curl_3 said….How much convincing will it take to get Hewlett naked for us?

    I think we should all have a quick whip round and the money sent as an incentive (*cough*) for Joe to write the McKay gets naked scene.

    Purely to drive the story forward you understand. I for one will put £1.50 yes the entire sum of 150 pence into an off shore account to start the ball rolling.

    Joe can if he wishes put the money towards his goal of $25.5 million dollars processing fee to become a new member of The League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil.

    So Joe if we raise enough money do we get to chose you’re LAME name and M.O.
    How about?

    The Chocolate Enforcer…brown cape, silver spandex leotard, kills by smothering his victims in warm chocolate. What a way to go!

    The Great Mephistophelean…wears a cape and a Tux, sort of an evil 007

    The Pug Master …surrounded by Pugs, even sleeps with them (sound familiar) commands them to do his evil bidding.

    The Black Soufflé… the most nefarious of all, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kitchen (cue Jaws music).

    Who is John Tesh????

  23. Hi Joe,
    With all this talk of McKay’s tub, I just hope that someone will have him actually IN the tub on screen. Because otherwise all this would be just cruel, teasing us like that!


  24. girl_curly_3 said: How much convincing will it take to get Hewlett naked for us?

    For movie/tv audiences? He’s the Canadian Ewen McGregor with slightly more modesty; fairly good odds there. For fangirls? Chloroform.

    Glad to hear that Fondy is well and if you’re reading this, all the best to Anne Teldy.

  25. The bathtub! Are those special special-effects-type bubbles? Standard bubble bath suds are never that fluffy and long-lasting. I’m so looking forward to seeing The Hew in this episode. He seems to like being nekkid on screen, doesn’t he? Don’t answer that.

  26. So, Joe. I’m sitting in Teen Movie Night watching Serenity. Last week the kids picked School for Scoundrels. I count myself fortunate that they finally picked something worthwhile.

    Felix is adorable, by the way. And Rodney’s tub is v. Ancient looking. I guess those pleas from fans to see Atlantis’ bathrooms finally paid off? Now for Rodney to be in the tub…

  27. *chokes down shriek of laughter*

    I thought you were KIDDING about the bathtub!

    Please, please, please make sure the man has a towel or ten when he’s in front of the cameras. Insist if you have to!


    At least please tell me when to cover my eyes who don’t like seeing nekkid people on the TV. 🙂

    Sending warm thoughts to our Maj. Anne Teldy.

  28. Damn! Just missed The Hew in all his glory. Cannot wait to see this!

    Glad to hear that Fondy is feeling better.

  29. So it looks like we can expect some more of the nerds and the gate promos this year! They were a hoot last year and I’m glad to see them up on the MGM website to revisit. I did like the one in the pool hall however and it’s not there. “Now, go get the girl!” Seems like such a Shep line!
    ANy chance we can get a scene by scene on The Last Man???

  30. C’mon, McKay’s skin would be much too sensitive for bubble bath! He’d definitely have to have some kind of moisturizer or bath oil instead of bubbles. Of course, that doesn’t work so well on camera, at least not on a family show, so I’ll let that one go.

  31. Well… you never answered my question about bathrooms in Atlantis, but I think that this pic has finally put my wonders at ease. 🙂 Although, if that’s a bathtub, how do you fit in it? Or is it a sink?

  32. On March 12, 2008 at 3:41 pm Slian Martreb Said:
    I’m very excited for McKay’s tub.

    Also, very excited for David, that he managed to convince you to let him get naked in Atlantis. Truth is, with his track record, it was only a matter of time, but still….

    I believe several thousand fan(girls?) got excited about McKay’s tub! Although the sketch made it look like it would fit 3 comfortably.

    It is amazing that a man with supposed naked body issues exposes himself so often in the name of his ‘art’. Century Hotel, (rats can’t think of the title of the other one but he’s young and dressed -somewhat- as cupid, ADB, and now Atlantis.

    How much chocolate do we have to send to have him stand up with only ‘strategic bubble placement’?

    Seriously, how much?

    Glad Fondy is feeling better. Who was more excited she’s home – you or the Pugs?

  33. Hi Joe,

    Was catching up online and came across Cooper’s new interview. So SciFi made you guys add Ben Browder, eh? Is that why the command thing got all hinky?

  34. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Ark of Truth yet…did anyone even watch it?? I know you weren’t a big part of the project…but you’ve seen it. I loved the beginning. It wasn’t until I put it in that I realized how long it’s been since I seen new SG-1. But Daniel and Vala got you right back into it with their famous banter…and I was laughing through the opening shots because it looked like Lord of the Rings..

    Oh, and loved that the classic Stargate music was used…original stuff from the movie…or did I hear it wrong? Anyway, loved it.

  35. Thanks for the scetch (spelling) my great down fall, of shep, was just wondering if you have given anymore thought to posting some sneak peaks of the filming going on right now?? REALLY REALLY want some good shep whump this year. It seems rodneys always with him when he’s whump except when he was with Todd in the prison and the bug, but other than that it’s always a huge helping of Mckay whumpage and not so much with sheppard. Even when he lost his hearing, he was effected first with a headache and then recovered first. Throw us shep whump lovers a bone and serve up a healthy side of major, shep whumpage. If that scetch is any idea I don’t know how I’ll beable to hold off until the premeir. AAAhhh spelling. Thanks so much for a great show. Here’s to at least 10 more season’s. Oh yes can you give us an email address or address that fans can send letters and emails to letting mgm and or sci fi know we want this show to continue and diffenantly have a season 6. I figure if fans send an email once a week each they may get the hint and have no choice but to reniew with no delay. Thanks again. Nicole.

  36. Ok I can’t spell, thanks GOD for spell checkers or I may never get my not even close to done book published.
    ^ ^
    >> @ @ <<

  37. So we really do get to see Atlantis bathrooms? Cooool! But do we get to see the toilets? haha. 🙂

    Adorable dog!

  38. I know that at then end of ark of truth there were a lot of ori ships. you think probably earth might have gotten a few ships after the war for there own use?

  39. hi, joe,

    i don’t remember what brought this on, but last night (and just a moment before this), i revisted my youth by googling a bunch of television show theme songs. i listened to the themes from ‘vega$’, ‘swat’, ‘matt houston’, ‘buck rogers’, ‘starsky and hunch’, ‘the streets of san francisco’, ‘hunter’, and emergency’. it was the first three that i had the most fun with. it was definitely going down memory lane. but what surprised me the most was some of these themes were actually really good! 😛

    i’m thinking you’re from around my era (born in ’63), so i just thought i’d pass along some fun time. that is, if you get the chance to squeeze it into the other million things you do. 😛

    sally 🙂

  40. McKay naked!! What is the world coming too?? Guess Shepard cant hve all the ‘fun’!!

    Felix is beautiful, is he Bichon Frise or poodle cross (with Maltese maybe??)

  41. I had a two part question.

    In the Last Man ep we hear future Mckay telling Lorne that “You saw what happened in Pegasus; you know what’s happening here. ” What is happening in our Galaxy? The Ori are gone by then so has Michael come over to our side of the playground?

    And the Earth ship names seem to be a little bland. How come its not like the Navy where they are named after people or places?

  42. Seems that people are forgetting that DAvid gets nekkie in ‘A Dog’s breakfast’ although this spa/bathtub is a lot nicer than the one in ADB.

    What’s with the picture frame ? Is it broken???

    Glad Fondy’s feeling better.

    Gonna buy some dark chocolate .. it’s recommended for people as it dilates the blood vessels and is fantastic for people with high blood pressure. One small square a day should do it! A nice way to have dessert yes??

  43. Hey Joe!

    That Ancient tub looks fantastic! I’m sure you guys will now have a favorite room on the set. 😛

    Those pictures of the stunt gate sure look intriguing. I’m greatly interested in finding out what it’s used for!

    Thanks as always,

    – Enzo Aquarius

  44. Yay, bathtub!! 😀 Too bad we missed The Hewlett, but I think most of us squirrels have a copy of A Dog’s Breakfast, if we want to see our Lord and Master in a bathtub. As if we needed an excuse to break that out. 😉

    I too want to know what’s the story with that broken frame and the Carson sign …

    ZOMG, now that we have Direct TV, I apparently can watch Swatt Kats and Thundarr the Barbarian on Boomerang!! Man, havn’t seen Thundarr since I was about seven years old …

  45. hi, joe,

    do you consider resolving a relationship to be closing a storyline?

    my answer is it’s closing one chapter (the will they/won’t they) to opening a new chapter. the new chapter will be seeing how they are as a couple. and it that area, the places to go are limitless.

    what’s your take on this?

    sally 🙂

  46. This is late, but I wanted to say like everyone else how much I loved “The Last Man”. It was so smart and well thought out on so many different levels, and with just that perfect touch of witty character humor. I really appreciate these more dramatic episodes and hope there will be more like them in Season 5.

  47. Glad Fondy is felling much bettah!

    Okay – I am VERY disturbed by the pleas to see McKay naked. Very. I may even have nightmares over it. Not that I don’t love the guy…but…pasty-white McKAY?! *shudder* Wouldn’t it be better to see Todd nekkid…ya know…just to see if he’s really green all over…? 😉

    (jk, of course – we all know that it’s the clothes that make the Wraith.)

    But speaking of bathrooms…inquiring Wraith fans want to know…

    Since Wraith seem to be rather vain creatures, it’s likely they’d view personal hygiene in high regard. So – do they have ‘bathrooms’ on hive ships? How do the writers/creators imagine they ‘bathe’? The hives seem damp and cool, so is it just assumed they’re cleansed by the constant moisture in the air, or something else?

    And do they have need for…erm…toilet facilities. I mean, Todd and Steve were both kept in that little cell for weeks, with nary a bucket in sight. So, is it safe to assume that they have no need for elimination (unless, of course, they choose to appreciate the ‘finer things’, and actually eat real food…)? And if so, does this mean they don’t even need to drink water, something that’s a necessity for living things?

    Yes, yes…all VERY important questions!


  48. I noticed you posted blueprints of the TV Promo stunt gate. I saw it on the Vancouver 2007 NORCO set tours and they explained it was for a promo and I kept looking for it to air on U.S. TV but it never did. Is it still going to be aired?


  49. “Sorry ladies you just missed him.”

    Darn it all!!!!
    Now if you had of recieved one of those scooter gifts from a while back you could have scootered down there and made it in time! XD

  50. tiger’s eyes Said:
    Shiningwit: About the Fanta, quick, patent your idea – you may have found the real key to male-pattern baldness!

    Oh I TOTALLY agree with you there. The problem being that most men wouldn’t know a decent and proper Initiation if it bit them in the ass and they usually get the ingredients wrong anyways, I tell ’em they have to throw the Fanta OUT OF the can but they just don’t listen:P

  51. Anne ,

    If you are still reading, supply a temporary address & I’d love to send you a postcard , or something.

  52. Rodney’s bathtub… hmmm
    Does this mean we are going to get the ‘privilege’ of seeing the Atlantis version of David Hewlett’s bath scene from ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’.
    While I’m sure David is a good looking guy, I think I’ve seen about as much of him as I’d wish too :S

  53. I’m two days behind – are the pics from March 10 posting from Search and Rescue or Broken Ties (since you were blogging about Broken Ties script, I wasn’t sure). Just wanted to know when and how often we’d be seeing Michael again.

    PS Love the new dog – what a cutie!!!

  54. I too would love to send the great Anne Teldy a postcard/get well soon/happy christmas/easter/august bank boxing friday card! Anyone know how we can do that?

  55. Ooh ooh I got a theory about the lack of bathing facilities in the pegasus galaxy and the now excellent opportunities for C.O.R.G.I registered Plumbers in that vicinity. you see my theory is that by the time the Ancients acheived Ancientdom they had totally dispensed with the need for bathrooms, I mean they are SO far advanced they obviously have none of the shit we unenlightened lifeforms have to deal with thus no bathrooms, has anyone else noticed the lack of kitchens? see without one you don’t need the other. hence why we only ever seem to see our guys eating prepacked sandwiches or bloody rabbit food because the Ancients didn’t do kitchens either being far too busy working out this Ascension business to bother with mundane crap like food and bodily functions.
    (Hey I’m just saying the Ancients we’ve seen up to now seemed above taking a dump which probably explains why they were so easily defeated by the replicators, its not easy to fight with your butt cheeks so tightly clenched!)

    *thinks: the medication stopped working….*

  56. Hi Joe,

    I was wondering if we will ever find out anything about Arthur and his knights setting off for the Sangraal. The way it was setup with Daniel/Merlin saying that Mitchell did actually look like the person Merlin called him in Quest 2 made me think that something would be made of Arthur’s quest.


  57. Hi Joe,
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed all of season 4 up until The Last Man. I just found it unrealistic the way the entire galaxy, from what we saw of it, went to pot. The rest of the series was epic though, the episodes at the beginning of the season were really nice and the most recent episodes like Outcast and Harmony were brilliant.

    But why I’m here, please can at some point some of these storylines please be addressed:

    Season 1:
    – Anymore of the black cloud from ‘Hide and Seek’
    – An Ancient Transport ship from ‘Before I Sleep’
    – The ZPM from ‘The Brotherhood’
    – The Pegasus Alpha-site mentioned in ‘Seige 1’, we’ve hardly heard anything about it, let alone seen it.

    Season 2:
    – Some more of the city. At the end of ‘The Intruder’ Zelenka said that so many new systems had come online since putting in the ZPM. We never really saw many of these new systems.
    – More of the city-ship from ‘The Tower’, even just for spare parts.

    Season 3:
    – Something about the people and technology from ‘The Ark’
    – Some of the technology from ‘The Game’, even if it was just the systems holding the satellites in orbit being used on satellites on Earth.
    – Something about Lucius Lavin, I couldn’t stand him, but there were definitely a couple of storylines that could be retrieved from there.

    Season 4:
    – Something to do with The Travellers. We’ve hardly seen them. I know they have just been introduced, but it would be quite cool to have an episode where there is an exchange, Expedition people onboard their ancient ship, and Travellers in Atlantis or on a 304.

    I know this is all going to get ignored, but I thought I’d try anyway.

  58. Late again. Really enjoyed The Last Man. Though, I felt like there was a trick in there so I didn’t completely trust what I was seeing. When the warehouse collapsed, I thought “no way did that happen to our people”. So, I’ll have to wait until Search and Rescue to find out, huh?

    I know you guys (and gals) work very hard, but it looks like you have a good time and pretty much enjoy everyone’s company. Like you’re in it together…a special Stargate bond?

    What episode is the hot tub for? Can you say who will be using it?

  59. That interview with Rob was, um,interesting. Thanks to whoever posted it. I always suspected the network was a problem.

  60. On March 13, 2008 at 1:12 am AmmoMonkey Said:
    Rodney’s bathtub… hmmm
    Does this mean we are going to get the ‘privilege’ of seeing the Atlantis version of David Hewlett’s bath scene from ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’.
    While I’m sure David is a good looking guy, I think I’ve seen about as much of him as I’d wish too :S

    Hush your mouth AmmoMonkey!!! LOL

  61. I’m happy you enjoyed chocolates.Did not they too much suffer from the journey??? I was pleasantly surprised by looking at your blog today.
    Thank you again !!!!!


    Stay out of the comments section at the news articles at Gateworld. There are a bunch of folks really laying into Mitchell and Ben Browder about MGMs Ark of Truth poster. Or, if you like, head on over and give ’em what for. Ben is the star and I don’t know why so many folks don’t like him, he is fantastic!

  63. *waves*

    I got my voice back! 😀


    The drawing you gave the whumpers of shep,
    could very well be the bestest whump yet.
    As he’s lying in rubble, all broken in two,
    will we see it all in it’s glory, in Search and rescue?
    All those cuts and the tears,
    just makes me want to squee,
    but will we get to see shep in the infirmary?

    You know we love our comfort,
    and how it makes us feel,
    and just seeing a glimpse of that pic,
    just makes this all surreal.
    Sheppy D has been so patient,
    for that one important scene,
    of seeing Shep intubated, will she finally get her dream?

    Or if I can be so selfish,
    will I finally get to see,
    a lot of chesty peeakage,
    I may just have to squee.
    For it’s been the longest journey to see John’s Sheppard’s chest,
    You know i’m always willing though, to start another quest. 😉


    Thanks so much for posting that pic, who was the artist? Also, you know you said you had lots of pics? 😉 😉 *nudge nudge, wink wink*

    Oh I was going to ask you if ‘The Seed’ was a continuation of S&R or if it was a stand alone?

    Hope Fondy is feeling better, and your mom’s dog looks lovely. How’s he getting on with the pugs and Lulu? Is Lulu all better now after her trauma?

    Thanks for the yummies Mr M you’re as always a very wise and kind man, and we’re still squeeing. 😀


    Before I go this is for Anne Teldy. Just wanted to say try not to worry, my mom was in hospital for 2 years, then a nursing home and back and forth to the hospital for the last year and a bit. I finally had news today that she’s coming home soon. 😀 So I understand what you’re going through, as my mom had/has those same fears, she’s only young at 55 to. So chin up, it won’t be long until you get to come home and try and keep in touch as much as you can.

    Hope everything goes how you want it to. Take care.


  64. What a cutie Felix is!!! Possibly a Maltese?

    Speaking of Marty G., has he picked a name yet for his mid-season 2-parter? Also, as far as Daniel, you said 2 episodes ‘so far’. Is it possible that Daniel will be brought back for a 3rd episode in season 5?


    PS: Glad Fondy is feeling better.

  65. Sorry there Shelby, but those guys are right. The poster is heinous. Ben and Mitchell aren’t the star of SG-1, no matter how often Ben’s six fans try and convince everyone else.

  66. Oooooh meant to say about the bath tub. 😉 I think that Shep needs to use it before Rodney especially as he’d have been all dirty and bloody lying there for so long in all that rubble? What do you say Mr M? We’ve already seen Rodney’s butt in Duet!! Sooo, turnabout is fair play after all. 😉


  67. 1)Can we expect some harsh judgement passed down by Woolsey in Season 5?

    2)Will Michael begin to be revered by some in the Pegasus Galaxy?

  68. Hey Joe! *waves*

    Ummm……can’t do any better than what Cheeky Lil Devil posted! *waves to the Cheeky One* I’d be vedddddy happy with the whumpage and chest peekage for Shep also.

    Glad Fondy is better!

  69. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I was wondering which is bigger: Atlantis or a Wraith Hive Ship?

    An Aurora class battle ship or an Ori Battleship?

    By the way, Great season for Atlantis I was very happy and satisfied with everything. My only regret is the wait for Season 5 premiere on July. I really hope we get to see more space battles in season 5 and cool special effects. Thanks again

  70. Hi Joe:

    Thumbs up for Fondy. Glad she is on the mend. Isn’t it amazing how often air travelers seem to be felled by some mysterious virus or other? I’ve concluded by my not so scientific observations, that airplanes are a health hazard and should come with a health warning like the ones on cigarette packages.

    There is a rumor afoot that you like to torment some of your blog readers, friends, associates, the general public… What would you say in your defense if Martin Gero snitched on you, had you arrested, and counseled for the prosecution?

    Thanks for putting up with some of my odd questions, Joe.


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