One of my alternate yahoo accounts received an email from a Hajia Mariam, the widow of a Nigerian General, who was looking to for help in accessing the $12.6 million dollars her husband had left behind. Well, this was just the kind of offer Aloysius P. Hazzencockle was waiting for…

“Dear Hajia,

You have perfect timing! Due to some mysterious delays and unforeseen complications, I’ve been unable to access monies owed from my various lucrative side projects (my Irish Lottery winnings, my U.K. National Lottery winnings, my Ocean Blu Lottery winnings, my cut of a cash transfer from a bank in Burkina Faso, my cut of another cash transfer from another bank in Burkina Faso, my cut of a different cash transfer from a different bank – also in Burkina Faso, my Lottery Board winnings, my inheritances from several dying individuals who contacted me via the internet in their final days, my British National Lottery winnings, and, of course, the handsome sum I’ve been promised for helping a deposed Nigerian Prince relocate to Scottsbluff, Nebraska) and, in the interim, have fallen behind on my payments on the Orphan Castle/Cheap Labor Factory I operate. For the children of course. The money you are offering would go a long way toward ensuring the little tykes continue to have a roof over their heads, considerably less balsa wood shavings in their meatloaf supreme, and actual working respirators for those pesky asbestos clean-ups. It would also, incidentally, help me afford the onyx and pearl-inlaid gold-trimmed backgammon set I’ve been eyeing, as well as that new 2009 Ford Excessive (seats 12 and comes with a picnic table and a hibachi grill in the back!).

Get back to me!


Aloysius P. Hazzencockle”

Well, received a little bad news from the Art Department on the Whispers front. Apparently, the flare sequence may not fly. The flares they tested were problematic in that they released an unmanageable amount of smoke and dripped a substance that could effectively burn through clothes. I wanted to suggest the crew just suck it up on the day (not literally of course because it turns out the flares are also highly toxic), but relented and suggested we look into alternatives. James is off to brainstorm with the model shop and hopefully come up with something less deadly but just as visually satisfying. Failing that, I’ll have to cut what is a very cool, exceptionally creepy sequence. Ah, the harsh realities of television production.

Speaking of Whispers – I got a call from Paul McGillion yesterday who touched base to thank us for The Seed and tell me how much he’s looking forward to Whispers. Of course he says that now but his upbeat tune could change once those smog machines start running overtime.

In other production news – Will Waring is working on his director’s cut of The Seed, Broken Ties is shooting the Solen scene, looks like the Visual Effects department is going to have their hands full with The Daedalus Variations, Carl just put out the blue pages on Ghost in the Machine, Brad and I await the network/studio notes on The Shrine of Talus and Whispers, Carl continues work on Tracker, Alan has gone to script on The Queen, while Marty G. hammers away at the still untitled mid-season two-parter.

Finally, I was giving our book of the month club some thought and wanted to show my appreciation to those taking part. So I went through the previous BOTM club discussion and gathered up the names of those who participated in last month’s chat (including multiple entries for those who commented on more than one of the titles), rolled my twenty-sided die, slew an ogre and came up with a winner. I did the same for the previous BOTM discussions as well. Congratulations to Iamza and Thornyrose! Send me your addresses (moorsyum@yahoo.com) and your prizes will be on their way.

Today’s pics: Oh, this and that.

Okay, I seem to have fallen a little behind on the mailbag. Let’s see what I can do about rectifying that…

mom2398 writes: “Did you say, in an earlier post, that Michael Shanks will make two appearances in Season Five?”

Answer: Michael is presently scheduled to appear in our mid-season two-parter.

Squeakiep writes: “Any chance we can get a scene by scene on The Last Man???”

Answer: Sorry. That was Paul’s script.

Billy Rencich writes: “Was catching up online and came across Cooper’s new interview. So SciFi made you guys add Ben Browder, eh?”

Answer: Nope. SciFi was certainly supportive of the decision and we knew they would get behind Browder from their very positive experience working with him on Farscape, but the decision to cast him came from the production. In fact, I remember being in Hong Kong when the casting discussions were going down, and emailing them the suggestion to go after Ben from my room at The Peninsula.

Majorsal writes: “Do you consider resolving a relationship to be closing a storyline?”

Answer: That depends on the characters involved. In the case of Rodney and Katie Brown, it certainly closed that storyline.

Kelly writes: “That said, we’ve a specific question about Sam’s death: did the transporter actually fail?”

Answer: Yes, it did.

77 thoughts on “March 13, 2008: Hazzencockle’s hard times and the trouble with flares

  1. Hi Joe,

    So you suggested Browder to be the star of SG-1 and it’s new commanding officer? And I thought you liked Amanda/Sam. Could you share why you thought Sam should be replaced, then?

  2. Hi Joe:

    Thumbs up for Fondy. Glad she is on the mend. Isn’t it amazing how often air travelers seem to be felled by some mysterious virus or other? I’ve concluded by my not so scientific observations, that airplanes are a health hazard and should come with a health warning like the ones on cigarette packages.

    There is a rumor afoot that you like to torment some of your blog readers, friends, associates, the general public… What would you say in your defense if Martin Gero snitched on you, had you arrested, and counseled for the prosecution?

    Thanks for putting up with some of my odd questions, Joe.


  3. So…this little teaser of Sheppard trapped in that concept art and now these two pics…could you perhaps indulge us with what episode we may see these come to fruitation???

    chokolaj 🙂

  4. Good luck with the flare-alternative situation. I hope it all works out there Joe, sounds like it could be really cool (ok, well my imagination makes it seem cool and I trust that it would be because it’s you).

    Congratulations to Iamza and Thornyrose, how exciting for you. I enjoyed reading both your comments during the last discussion.

  5. Oh yeah, Joe, I wanted to ask you, what happened to cause the chaos in those last two pictures? Was it just someone having a really bad day in the office?

  6. Hi Joe~
    I loved all of season 4 and can’t wait for season five. I do have two questions, however. I think I remember once that you posted a art department layout of McKay’s quarters. Were they ever built/used, or did that scene end up getting cut? It just popped into my head and I wanted to figure out the answer. Also, you had a whole thing about Major Lorne’s first name finally being used, yet when I watched all the episodes with him in it, it’s never used, and in The Last Man it only says E.Lorne on the plaque, and is never said outloud. Was that another script edit? Thank you!!!!

  7. Thank you yet again. For the pictures, for the mailbag, and most especially for slaying the ogre(though I know it was really an Uruk-Hai)and coming up with my name as one of the winners. The only thing that could top the day would be for Anne Teldy to be able to post. Hopefully we won’t have long to wait before we can harrass her once more.
    Just one question for the day(may as well push my luck). Are we looking at a three-part story line ala Allies/No Man’s Land/Misbegotten and the season 3/4 transition? Or will Search and Rescue be the second of a two parter and The Seed be a separate story? I’m just wondering how long we’re going to have to wait to see Teyla back on Atlantis.

  8. Flares, huh? You need to contact the Burning Man pyrotechnicians and assorted geeks ASAP, or ask on eplaya. We have many knowledgeable quasi-professionals who know how to set things on fire and blow things up safely. I mean, Dance Dance Immolation? No, really, the dance game with flame effects and NoMax suits. Flame effects are art, flame throwers are weapons. Flame effects pointed at the dancers. Safely. Srsly.

    Even our little regional burn has a Dangerous Art Coordinator, Smoky Mike. Heck, I’m on fire safety myself, but only flaming white fuel toys, not flares. I mean, we know how to do fun crap like… um, maybe I’d best not be too specific. Boomy burny things. Flares would be ten kinds of cake.

    And why can’t the crew just suck it up? What’s a few second degree burns among friends?

  9. Hi, Joe!

    Thank you so much for the photos, the mailbag…oh, yeah, the writing/producing/showrunning.

    Instead of flares, could you use those glow stick thingies? I’ve noticed they’re making those suckers BIGGER and brighter.

    LOVED the Ark of Truth! Woo-hoo!

    Best wishes, Morjana

  10. Wait a minute…maybe it’s jet lag…but I think I know the answer to my own question there – Search & Rescue…makes sense…. But knowing how tricky you can be, who knows!

  11. So we get the joy of reading the books and the possibility of a prize if we participate in the discussion? Cool.

    I’m curious how many episodes in Season 5 are dedicated to wrapping up the arc of Teyla’s baby and Michael’s evil overlord aspriations?

  12. Thanks ever so much for all the wonderful pictures and episode hints!

    I’m really looking forward to season 5. But is there any way you can give us a hint which of the first half episodes will feature the character of Sheppard?


  13. The flares they tested were problematic in that they released an unmanageable amount of smoke and dripped a substance that could effectively burn through clothes.

    Sounds like they used ingredients quite similar to the sauce for the Thai spring rolls I had last night. Still, they tasted very good, and my husband agrees that my laryngitis is a small price to pay for what was an excellent dinner.

    If Aloysius will send me a mere $2500 USD plus a gift certificate for unlimited MP3 downloads at Amazon, I will be happy to provide instruction for him in how to manage his finances wisely and turn a blind eye to outlandish internet schemes. Otherwise, it sounds like he’s up “no facilities on Atlantis” creek without the proverbial paddle. – And, you never know when the Baron will check up on those to whom he sends copies of his correspondence. Uh-oh.

  14. So what if the flares burn through flesh and cause premature death due to their toxicity? People are desperate to work in the tv industry so just think of this as culling the herd to open new positions up for those with clothing made of stronger material, and for those whose lungs are still pink, healthy and actually able to draw breath. It’s about the end product, and if there are a few deaths along the way, well, if you’re not willing to throw yourself on the odd hand grenade, or toxic flare, then you shouldn’t be in the industry in the first place. (Get Extras to hold them, they’re pretty much front line fodder.)

    Looking at the photos

  15. Just wanted to let you know I loved The Ark of Truth! I had to go to 3 stores on 3/11 before I was finally able to buy a copy – the first 2 were sold out and I bought the LAST copy at Best Buy! Granted I don’t know how many copies each of the stores had to sell, but I was really impressed (although frustrated with the extra travel time and a bit paniced…I hate to think what would have happened if I hadn’t found a copy…), even the sales guy at Best Buy commented on how many copies they had sold. I was determined to get a copy on the first day of release, even if I had to visit another 10 stores until I found one! The movie was well worth it!

    There is a piece of music that is played at the end of Death Knell (Jack/Sam sitting and Teal’c standing over the dead super soldier), I know I have heard it in episodes from previous seasons as well. Has it ever been released on any soundtracks? Are there any plans for soundtracks to be released, either from the movie or series?

    Thank you for answering the question as to whether or not the transports failed or Sam sacrificed herself to take out the 3 ships – my boyfriend and I have been debating it since we watched the episode last week. Too bad my boyfriend won.
    Thanks Again!

  16. Joe,

    Thanks for answering my question!

    Not liking the pics of the rubble, though. There is entirely too much blood! Each time you post something like this, I really want Season 5 to start. It doesn’t have to be the whole season, at this point, just Part II…sigh.

    Sorry, I know that I’m far too impatient.

    Thanks again for answering my question!

    MA Milan

  17. So far in writing season 5 has there been any headbutting between Woolsey and the rest of the Atlantis team?

    Also in Season 5, will we see more of Caldwell?

  18. Can you tell us if Rob Cooper and MGM are happy with the sales of the Ark of Truth DVD in Region 1, versus expectations? It’s still #1 at Amazon.com (for the 3rd day at least) and there are reports of stores running out of them!

  19. Shiningwit, it was with some dismay that I read your reference to those who forget to toss the Fanta out of the can before using the can as part of Initiation. After all we’re talking about the nation that gave the world the Magna Carta as well as Blackadder. (I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that Rowan Atkinson has changed the world.)

    Would you care to comment on the tradition of some of your fellow Brits of having a yearly Boxing Day Vindaloo Orgy and Pub Crawl? This practice reminds me very much of typical initiation/hazing ceremonies, with the exception that it seems to be open to almost anyone who’s old enough (or young enough to hold both a fork and a pint glass, and to be safe out of their nappies. I’ve heard the ritual described in some detail by a yearly participant, and am bemused that time after time, Englishmen adopt the storied stiff upper lip and go once more into the breach (despite the fact that fighting rarely seems to be involved, which of course for many of my fellow Americans [i.e., me and my cuzzins] would be the main attraction.)

    Eagerly awaiting your response.

  20. Hey Joe,

    Just got done watching Quest Part 2 and Line in the Sand from Season 10 and I have to say I’m floored… they get better everytime I watch them. Line in the Sand is easily becoming one of my favorite episodes and reaffirms my love for Season 10.

    Any idea what they’re going to do w/ all those Ori ships/priors now after the events of Ark of Truth have played out? Seems like a nice way to segway some of that technology into Atlantis ;).

  21. OOOOh! Looks like Baron Destructo might have found a suitable candidate for The League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil!!


  22. Thanks for the pics! I find that I come to this site every day, something that just seemed to happen, so I want to compliment you on your blog, the best thing is that it is coherent. I don’t know how much info you get on release dates for dvds and such,but if you do find out about the ark of truth soundtrack or season four dvds, please let us know! I’m also very curious as to what sort of scene would require a bathtub. best wishes for Fondy’s recovery!

  23. Those last two pictures have traumatized me even further! I twitch in dismay!

    Ha. You know what would be funny, if you saved some of Sheppard’s gore in a jar and then held some sort of contest for a fan to win said gore. It can be labeled ‘To ____, with love’. I’m sure the whumpers would LOVE that.

  24. Hi Joe!

    Very cute white puppy. 🙂 Hope he’s happy!

    Y’know, Hazzencockle probably would’ve gotten paid quicker from the Nigerian prince if he’d been moved to Sidney, NE. No Nigerian prince I know can resist “hunting” at Cabela’s! (Cabela’s = camping/hunting store w/ taxidermied animal displays.)

    Congrats to Iamza and Thornyrose for your prize-winning discussions! Also, prayers and good vibes to Major Anne!

    Hey Joe, in those two rubble pics, that looks like more than blood. I think I see GOO! Do I really see goo, Joe? Do I?

    I’m going back and watching S4 again – up through Reunion. Man, a whole heckuva a lot happened this season, eh? The early eps have a very different feel than the end ones.

    Also, after seeing The Ark of Truth, seeing Sam’s goodbye to Teal’c in Reunion was even more touching. Ahhhh….

    I hope you don’t have to cut the “very cool, exceptionally creepy sequence!”


  25. Mr. Mallozzi,

    I was wondering which is bigger: Atlantis or a Wraith Hive Ship?

    An Aurora class battle ship or an Ori Battleship?

    By the way, Great season for Atlantis I was very happy and satisfied with everything. My only regret is the wait for Season 5 premiere on July. I really hope we get to see more space battles in season 5 and cool special effects. Thanks again

  26. I just have to make a comment regarding Ben Browder’s addition to the last two seasons of SG-1. In a roundabout way, I owe my discovery of SGA to Mr. Browder. I must admit I didn’t watch the first 8 seasons of SG-1 when they originally aired. I might step on some toes here, but I just couldn’t get over the fact that the “Macgyver guy” was on the show. (I used to roll my eyes when my husband watched Macgyver.) I was, however, a huge fan of Farscape (and Ben Browder)and very disappointed when it was cancelled. Then I heard that Ben Browder was joining the cast of SG-1. Well, I just had to check it out. And I thought: “Hey, this is a good show. Why have I not been watching it?” Since Atlantis came on right after SG-1, naturally I watched it, too. And discovered I liked it even more. Then I started watching reruns of seasons 1-8 of SG-1, and I discovered that Richard Dean Anderson was great in this show. (Still can’t get over that mullet in Macgyver.)

    So I, for one, am very grateful to whomever made the decision to bring Mr. Browder into the Stargate universe.



  27. I am glad to hear Fondy is feeling better. Those were truely disturbing and unfair, but can we have some more.

  28. Great pictures!!! Any hints to whose they may be??? Would love to see some shots of season five with the actors? Two questions for you. 1. Do you have any idea when season five will air and 2. Is there an email and or address fans can send letters to for season six? I want to make sure they get the picture the fans want more seasons of stargate atlantis. Koodoos on the show, thanks for reading all of our post’s. Nicole.

  29. I am curious if you will know before we do how the Ark or Truth is doing in sales. If so, maybe you could tell us. I bought it, and I’m just curious how many people out there were immersed enough in that storyline to get it. It was on the whole a movie for the fans to close up that one major ark. Thank you so much for taking questions! (even thought none of mine have been answered)

  30. Dear Joe,

    I wanna firstly congratulate you and your fellow producers on an excellent and greatly entertaining Atlantis season, I think its the best one yet. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask a couple of questions regarding season 5 Atlantis.
    1. After seeing the Ark of Truth, I would imagine that Earth and the Tauri are in somewhat good terms if not in the good side of the priors and the Ori galaxy citizens. They have 11 powerful ships at their disposal, why couldn’t they lend a hand against the evil wraith in the pegasus galaxy? I mean now that the Asgard are gone, they might as well become our strongest ally.
    2. I figured from a recurring pattern in the past seasons that in the first half of the season that is the first 10 episodes there is always a tech savy episode with cool visual effects involving either space fights or ancient technology in general. In season 4 it was travellers, in season 3 progeny, in season 2 it was Aurora and in season 1 it was the pilot episode rising. Might I be somewhat close to say Daedalus Variation is the one for season 5?
    3. My last question sir well it is pretty straight forward, Is season 5 Atlantis the season where we will finally see the Furlings?

    Thanks Joe and long life to you and SGA

  31. Wow.. that blood looks real. Not often fake blood looks real.

    It IS fake isn’t it???


  32. Hello,
    How are the selling numbers for Ark of the Truth going? Is it meeting or exceeding expectations? I bought mine at my Wal-Mart in Virginia and there were only four left on the shelf on Tuesday night.

    Good Luck


  33. Those pics are frightenly realistic…and so’s the blood. The main cast did sign on for a FULL season, didn’t they?

  34. Mr M!

    Thank you for the pretty pics!

    I never was much good at math, but with the Sheppard concept art and those pics with oodles of blood, I am putting two and two together, please tell me my maths has improved (my mum would be so proud.

    I see multiple squeeing in my future, but I am at work (in a library), I must be quiet (not easy on a good day for me unfortunately.

    Thank you for making my Friday hyper


  35. Dear Baron Destructo,

    I really must congratulate you on the excellently-realised fake personae that you create to baffle spammers and other hapless mortals. By far the most convincing fake persona is the “Joe Mallozzi” one. You really have done an excellent job in convincing readers of this blog that someone called Joe Mallozzi really exists, and is a regular guy, fond of food and dogs, and involved in a show called Stargate Atlantis. It was a very clever trick to give him dogs, rather than a white cat, by the way.

    But not clever enough. In recent weeks, the “Joe Malozzi” persona has shown distinct Evil Overlord tendencies. In particular, he has taken to leaking teasing pictures that imply whumped Sheppards and naked-in-the-bath Rodneys, and the like. We, the astute readers, can positively hear the Evil Overlord-style cackling behind these pictures. Your cover is blown. “Joe Mallozzi” is just the front for you, the Evil Overlord in your subterranean lair. Clearly you intend to reduce humanity to a defenceless state of squee-overload, and to render them so drained by speculation that you can complete your takeover of the world the day before the next season airs.

    Well, it won’t work, I tell you. It won’t. It… won’t…

    Hang on. I’ll just look at that concept art again. Just one more time. One… more… time…

    No. Must. Resist. Evil. Overlord’s. Merciless. Toying.




  36. Hello Joe,

    First off my compliments on a very Brilliantly written season finally, your best work to date (that i’ve seen).
    I know you get alot of comments and questions so i don’t expect an answer at all but if you can find a shred of time for my 2 questions, the would be greatly apprciated.

    Question 1: In the Last Man, you introduced the Phoenix, will we get to see more of it, possibly assigned to Atlantis permanently (not back and forth like Daedalus and Apollo)?

    Question 2: Why Woolsey? don’t get me wrong, i’m sure he’ll act as a great administrator, but there were more people better suited for the task, i’d say Daniel Jackson but i’m sure Michael Shanks turned it down…

  37. Naughty McKay bathtub trying to distract me from the Ark of Truth?! Too late!!
    Bought it & saw it three times for good measure.
    Filmography/score = A
    Story = B-
    DVD extras = B

    For me, not enough Ori/Alteran/Ancient questions answered and the whole thing on the Odyssey was not needed. The upcoming interview with Robert C. Cooper is going to answer some more of those questions, but my argument is that the movie should have & not waste half its time on tin bugs. Also, where are the deleted scenes?? c’mon there HAD to be some!

    On to Continuum!! Can’t wait, and hopefully I will like that story better. Its got Jack so my household will be happier with it too. I was one of those who disagreed with addition of Ben & Claudia to SG-1.

    I consider it quality entertainment & am glad to $$ support Stargate, besides TV I’d like to continue to be able to buy new Stargate media offerings like these movies.

  38. Flares huh? Pesky things kept getting caught in my bike chain the last time they were in fashion, resulting in more parental bollockings than enough and trademark grease stains in 8″ cog patterns along the bottom of the right or was it left pants leg.

    tiger’s eyes Said:
    “Shiningwit, it was with some dismay that I read your reference to those who forget to toss the Fanta out of the can before using the can as part of Initiation. After all we’re talking about the nation that gave the world the Magna Carta as well as Blackadder. (I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that Rowan Atkinson has changed the world.)

    Would you care to comment on the tradition of some of your fellow Brits of having a yearly Boxing Day Vindaloo Orgy and Pub Crawl? This practice reminds me very much of typical initiation/hazing ceremonies, with the exception that it seems to be open to almost anyone who’s old enough (or young enough to hold both a fork and a pint glass, and to be safe out of their nappies. I’ve heard the ritual described in some detail by a yearly participant, and am bemused that time after time, Englishmen adopt the storied stiff upper lip and go once more into the breach (despite the fact that fighting rarely seems to be involved, which of course for many of my fellow Americans [i.e., me and my cuzzins] would be the main attraction.)

    Eagerly awaiting your response.”

    Ah Tiger’s Eyes, you brought a tear of nostalgic reverence with your comment re: the Magna Carter and blackadder, certainly my forefathers were men of a certain calibre who would have shaken their bearded heads in dismay at your casual mention of the Boxing Day Vindaloo and Beer binges inherent today, “forsooth,” they might say, “Thou hast sullied that most staple of British customs the Piss-up.” unless of course it was done with hand over heart and looking reverentially at the toilet bowl.
    Certainly there are many breeches breached when the annual Boxing day piss-up is embarked upon resulting in population explosions some nine months down the line. Alas to say that the Grand Annual Sponsored Piss-up ( or GASP) as it is affectionately referred to, is no longer held in high regard by recent generations who would much rather take themselves abroad in numbers that would make the Mongolian Hordes tremble, as ambassadors of British Sobriety ;P and Riots.
    In fact it is oft remembered by my peers as the glory days before parenthood or possibly the glory days that led to parenthood with a tear in the eye, lump in the throat and slap to the back of the head.

    Happy Days!

  39. Also congrats to IAMZA & THORNYROSE, your discussions were enlightened especially to those of us without the temporal opportunities to read the BOTM selections.

    *looks at pile of unread books then list of chores outstanding with dismay*

  40. Hey Joe,

    I have some questions:
    1) Will we see any of those other Humanized Wraith besides Michael or are they all dead?
    2) I was watching Predator and wondered if we will ever see something like that with the Wraith on Atlantis; I mean like a lone hunting Wraith trying to take out the team and doing somewhat a good job at it. Any chance?
    3) Who do you think would win in a chess match, if they knew how to play; Baal or Todd?

    Take care Joe!

  41. WOW! Those pics are impressive!! Can’t wait to see the actual episode.
    Thank you so much!!

  42. Erm, thank you very much and squeeeeeee? 😉

    I have an awful head cold and those two rubble piccies REALLY cheered me up this morning, so thank you for giving this whumped whumper some comfort! 😆

  43. from my earlier comment and to clarify that this was all done in the name of charity back in the day!
    “Alas to say that the Grand Annual Sponsored Piss-up ( or GASP) “

  44. On March 12, 2008 at 10:01 pm dasNdanger Said:
    So – do they have ‘bathrooms’ on hive ships? […]And do they have need for…erm…toilet facilities.[…] And if so, does this mean they don’t even need to drink water, something that’s a necessity for living things?

    Even if I’m becoming the smart-ass of the year: yes – the Wraith must have toilets, or at least buckets. 😉 Every living being has metabolism and the hence resulting harmful substances must be transported out of the body – in case of the Wraith I guess the egesta will be liquid. Whether they drink or absorb body fluid from their food, I don’t know but water is necessary for every live we know.
    And showers? Well, I guess yes, because even if the Wraith may not have perspiratory glands they will get dirty. Furthermore every living being practices body care so I think the Wraith will, too. Maybe they have a shower that is working with supersonic?

  45. I came across this blurb on the back of a book at work, and thought of Stargate.

    “Alan Hyatt could do his job in his sleep, and when the Goddard Project sends him to investigate a case of high-tech espionage in the Vancouver film industry, he finds a perfect reason to work in bed. But sizzling actress Jillian Carlyle also happens to be his landlady, and she’s got a…rule that keeps her from dating her renters. While Alan’s cover as a reporter gets him close to all the suspects on the set of Jillian’s sci-fi show, playing a background actor at her suggestion to get his story? Well, that’s something else–but he’s not about to turn down a red-hot redhead, even if she keeps throwing him curves…”

    Sounds like great literature, huh? Not so much. Definitely not on my to-read list. But the description made me laugh.

    Take care.

  46. It’s great to hear about Vfx production. Most of the time every body is so focused on the actors, they forget about everybody that’s behind the camera.

    In reference to the Sam-death, I thought Amanda did a perfect job of portraying the character staring down the barrel of imminent demise. It was exactly what “Sam” would do/look like when she knew she was done for. Perfect dignity and final resolve. Very cool. It will be fun to see her in future SG1 movies (and maybe a guest Atlantis appearance).

    Which reminds me of how awesome it will be to see Michael Shanks on screen again this coming season.

  47. Thank you Joe sooooo much for the two pics of rubble! Who would have thought that pictures of rubble (with blood) would make so many people so very happy!!!! 😉

    I am so excited now about Search and Rescue my little Shep whumper heart is all of a flutter. 🙂


  48. Answer: “Michael is presently scheduled to appear in our mid-season two-parter.”

    I can’t wait to find out what name Martin Gero decides on for the two-parter. I know you’ll let us know as soon as it’s decided. I’m still crossing my fingers that Daniel and Sam can both be brought back for an episode (together) in the back half of season 5. I’d love to see the ‘science twins’ working together with the cast of Atlantis. I know that will be difficult considering Amanda’s filming “Sanctuary”
    and (according to Chris) “Rage of Angels” may go before cameras in June and Chris has said that Michael is starring alongside him. I’m still hopeful though, Joe. Especially since Daniel didn’t get to visit in season 4 while Sam was still there.

    I forgot to mention the other day when I commented on the “Ark of Truth” how much I enjoyed the special features. Especially the interviews with Rob, Amanda, Michael and Chris. I hope we get interviews like that with “Continuum” too.


  49. Salut =) Sa va?? AHhh enfin le week end^^!!!!
    Je suis contente j’ai eu un 16 sur 20 a mon control de comptabilité^^! trop génial! Je vais enfin pouvoir me reposer ! Cool les photo =)

    Mckay & Brown Finit?? ..se qui donne toute la place a un petit Mcler de ce développer?? Yééé =D

    Je vient de faire un sondage sur mon blog.

    qu’elle est pour vous le couple le plus improbable??


    Rodney/Teyla: 9
    Sam/ Teyla:
    Sam/Ronon: 4
    Keller/Woolsey : 3
    Sheppard /Lorne :1

    Bon aller Bisou, je vous adore fort♥♥ =)

  50. OUCH! I may need to sell one or two of my kids, I got my cat back from the vets today and had to be revived when they gave me the £292.00 bill.

    Oh no I feel another faint spell coming on. *passes out again*

  51. Hi Joe,

    Well you’ve done it again…You’ve gone and reduced the whumpers to a state of squuee overload…and all I can say is…THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  52. Okay – finally able to see the pictures…and that IS a lot of blood! I hope they didn’t have to amputate a limb to get someone out of the rubble… :s

    Noir Said: Even if I’m becoming the smart-ass of the year: yes – the Wraith must have toilets, or at least buckets. Every living being has metabolism and the hence resulting harmful substances must be transported out of the body – in case of the Wraith I guess the egesta will be liquid. Whether they drink or absorb body fluid from their food, I don’t know but water is necessary for every live we know.

    Maybe they just sweat it out (they do seem rather…’moist’…don’t they)? But if they do drink fluids, and need to eliminate said fluids, then…


    I’m thinking way too much about this. But if they do have toilets, I betcha they’re scarier than any public restroom I’ve ever been in… 😛

    RE: Bathing. From what SGA has shown, Wraith are rather vain. Like insects, they probably groom themselves constantly, and take pride in their appearance. They’re very fastidious …well, except for The Defiant One…he was straight out of Road Warrior…and then there’s Todd with his kabuki hair. 😉

    Prior_of_the_Ori Said:

    2) I was watching Predator and wondered if we will ever see something like that with the Wraith on Atlantis; I mean like a lone hunting Wraith trying to take out the team and doing somewhat a good job at it. Any chance?

    Great idea! Would love to see it… (but only if the Wraith gets away at the end, which we know won’t happen and then I’ll be bummed. 🙁 )

    Okay – thinking about this idea….

    If we think of the Wraith as any other preditor, then what happens when you cage the tiger (Todd, for instance), train the tiger, feed the tiger (Wallace!), perform shows with the tiger (missions) – and then, out of instinct, the tiger suddenly lunges at you and bites? Do you accept the tiger’s nature and forgive it (Siegfried and Roy), or do you kill it (San Fran zoo)??

    Personally, I’m a rather forgiving sort… 😉


  53. Congrats on Season 4. The show just gets better and better– albeit, I would have done a few things differently (wouldn’t have off-ed Weir; would’ve made Reunion a two-parter so it didn’t feel so rushed).
    My favourite episodes would have to be Doppelganger (evil-Sheppard vs. good-Sheppard was strangely … interesting), Tabula Rasa (Radek was great!), Miller’s Crossing (Yes, I’m a McShep fan, and I loved this episode), Be All My Sins Remember’d (loved seeing human ships and Wraith ships fighting together. The 302s and Darts in the same formation was just cool), Trio (the humour was great, and it was nice to see Rodney be the hero at the end), Midway (the Ronon-Teal’c thing was hilarious), The Kindred Part II (Carson … need I say more), and The Last Man (Ronon and Todd going out as heroes was nice. It showed a lot about both of those characters).
    A runner-up would be Quarantine. I hated Katie Brown, but everyone else was awesome, especially Radek in those vents. Although I’d still like to know what happened with the Jennifer/Ronon thing. They seemed very close at the end of the episode, but then it was like someone hit the reset button by the beginning of the next.
    Anyway. Great season, can’t wait for season 5.

    P.S. Has anyone else noticed the similarities between some Stargate: Atlantis stuff and the videogame Halo? It makes great crossover material.

  54. Almost forgot to ask.

    Since the ‘Save Carson Beckett’ campaign was successful, if someone were to organize a McShep campaign, would you consider at least hinting at something between the two characters?

  55. Hey, Joe. Do you know if the soundtrack for The Ark of Truth will ever be released? Part of what made the movie for me was definitely the score, as well as the slightly-different look of the movie, e.g. the shot angles and whatnot. Kudos to all of the people involved. Here’s to hoping more movies will get the go-ahead!

  56. Happy Pi Day!

    I’m sure the Atlantis Science Dept. is celebrating in style!

    Here’s some fun Pi facts to ponder:

    1.Pi occurs in hundreds of equations in many sciences including those describing the DNA double helix, a rainbow, ripples spreading from where a raindrop fell into water, general relativity, geometry problems, waves, etc.

    2. The sequences of digits in Pi have so far passed all known tests for randomness.

    3. The Pi memory champion is Hiroyoki Gotu, who memorized an amazing 42,000 digits.

    4. Write the letters of the English alphabet, in capitals, clockwise around a circle, and cross out the letters that have right-left symmetry, A, H, I, M, etc. The letters that remain group themselves in sets of 3, 1, 4, 1, 6″

    These and many more facts can be found at:

  57. Oh, and everyone memorize this line, “It was on fire when I got here.”

    That could be a very useful line in many situations! Maggiemayday, I have to tell you this: one of my coworkers passed out in our office and they called the paramedics, who came in, undid her uniform shirt and hooked her up to a heart monitor. She was conscious by then and was quite annoyed and embarrassed (there were three paramedics, two firemen and three police officers gathered around), so to make her feel better I said loudly, “Well, at least you aren’t wearing that scarlet lingerie we talked about.” That did actually make her feel better, because just about everyone in the room turned to look at me (instead of her) to explain that comment!

  58. Hey, Joe-

    Just wondering if we can expect a kind of ‘pointless’ episode in season 5 of Atlantis. I feel like all the episodes so far have had a doomsday/apocalypse approach to them (o noes! the wraith! o noes! the replicators! o noes! the shields are failing!)

    I think that at some point we deserve to have a (mostly) ‘stressless’ episode, like we had Window of Opportunity or 1969 or Urgo or the episode with young O’Neill (title escapes me. I’m sorry).


  59. Just wanted to say that Currie Graham was a GREAT choice! He did an amazing job.

  60. Hi Joe!

    I can’t wait to see what happened to Shep (that IS his blood, right? RIGHT?). Is there any way we can get S-5 moved up to, oh, I don’t know…..APRIL?

    Have a g reat weekend!

  61. *sigh*

    The reality that S4 has finished just finally hit me. Here I was going ‘oo oo Atlantis ep day today’ and then…”wait…..it’s finished”

    AGH… what to do????

    I suppose watching the season all over again ..

  62. Pauline Said:
    Happy Pi Day!

    Okay now I’m freaked.

    Am I your Doppelganger or are you mine?

    Only if you’re really skinny and have a rich husband do you fancy a swap?


  63. I find that shot of Sheppard among the rubble
    interesting to say the least…. I have just read a lengthy piece of ff call ~~Devil You Know~~ which fits that shot perfectly..
    Sheppard and Rodney are in a compartment. They
    are somehow separated when a Wraith dart
    hits Atlantis and it just so happens to strike the
    compartment where Sheppard is located. A piece of the bulkhead pins Sheppard against the hatch…However, his problems are just starting; the Wraith in the cockpit of the dart is NOT dead…….

  64. I just wanted to thank you for three great seasons of Stargate Atlantis, particularly season one.

    Season four was a huge disappointment for me. Too much focus on Rodney Mckay and his love life. I found both Keller and Carter to be completely uninteresting, while the only decent female character left on the show was relegated to angsting over her pregnancy and missing boyfriend, who came out of nowhere. Many of the episodes seemed choppy and lacking in plot. And the humor, that I so appreciated in prior seasons, was lacking this season.

    I don’t think I’ll be sticking around for another season, unless I get desperate to see Joe Flanagan.
    Stargate Atlantis has changed too much. It’s no longer the show I enjoyed. But thanks for three good seasons.

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