Stephie C. and Marty G.

tournedos of scallops wrapped in duck ham, choucroute confit of cepes with a sherry vinegar beurre noisette

Heidi Noble

Coq au Vin using Polderside Farm Redbro Chicken, with cippolini onions and hedgehog mushrooms

Kasey Wilson and Betty Verkuil

Poplar Grove Tiger Blue in Three textures, Poached Lapin Cherries, Venturi Schultz Balsamic Gel

Virginia Jacobsen and Chef Jeff Van Geest

pear and yogurt ‘Charlotte’ with Okanagan spirits Poire Williams, spiced granola and micro basil

Andrew Morrison

Fuel’s Tom Doughty 

Last night, we attended the Chef’s Table Society of B.C. Fundraising Dinner at Yaletown’s Elixir. And by we, I mean Marty G., his lovely gal Stephanie C., and myself. We arrived at about 6:15 p.m. to a fairly full house, fashionably late for the speeches but unbearably early for dinner. While Martin and Steph eyed one of the items up for grabs at the silent auction (a cooking course for two, those hopeless romantics!) I cornered the nearest server (who turned out to be my buddy Tomo from Yuji’s Japanese Tapas – 2059 W. Fourth Ave, 604-734-4990. Do a blog search. I’ve written it up numerous times.) and helped myself to a couple of “Battera” Saba wrapped in Kelp Paper with “Shoyuzuke” Salmon Caviar and a Vinegar Chaser. Loved the saba, but I needed a chaser for the Vinegar Chaser. Of course Yuji himself was also in attendance, along with the Chairman of the Chef’s Table Society and owner of Bob Picardo’s favorite Vancouver restaurant, Vij’s (1480 11 Avenue West, 604-736-6664 – Do another blog search. I’ve written it up as well.), Vikram Vij. Vikram was working the room with his pre-dinner contribution: Beer Spiked Indian Street Nuts. I got a chance to say a quick hello to the owners one of my favorite dining destinations, Fuel (1944 West 4th Ave, 604-288-7905, yet another blog search will turn up plenty of info for those interested.), Tom Doughty and Chef Rob Belcham. And also, finally, got to meet my editor and Vancouver food critic Andrew Morrison who just returned from a Mexican getaway looking, if not tanned in body, then certainly so in spirit.

We were seated banquet style. Joining us at our table were: Heidi Noble & Michael Dinn of Joie Wines, Virginia Jacobsen of Polderside Farms Inc., Kasey Wilson, the food editor of Wine Access, Betty Verkuil, the Director of Development and Communications for the Vancouver International Film Festival & Centre, and Jeff Van Geest, head chef at Aurora Bistro (2420 Main, 604-873-9944). As I took my seat directly across from Chef Geest, I felt the blood rush to my head. Oh, shit. Aurora Bistro. The last time I’d visited the restaurant, my experience had been less than satisfying – a so-so meal during the 2007 Dine Out Vancouver Event. In all fairness, Dine Out Vancouver is challenging couple of weeks for all participants, so a poor performance during DOV isn‘t indicative of a restaurant‘s overall quality. Still, the soup WAS cold and the dessert mighty weak. For the life of me, however, I couldn’t remember whether I’d actually written up a review or not. I confided in Martin who suggested I remove my name tag. Yeah, not a bad idea.  As I reached for it – “Hey…you’re that guy who writes that blog,”said Chef Geest, the penny dropping. I cast my mind back. HAD I written a review? Well, it certainly sounds like something I would do. Rather than throttle me, however, Chef Geest turned out to be an affable dinner companion – although his suggestion that I join him and his friends for their weekly ball hockey match did give me pause.  I promised to swing by next week and check out Aurora on a non-DOV night. Marty G. was, as usual, the life of the party, talking food with Chef Geest, politics with Michael Dinn, and indie film with Betty Verkuil. Virginia Jacobsen seemed particularly charmed by our Mr. Gero, remarking how much he reminded her of her own son. “He’s about your age,”she told him. “43.” Ouch! I ended up talking wines with Heidi, feeling very much out of my element, like some Afghani tribal elder discussing the merits of Tivo.

The meal was prepared by the sous-chefs of various high-profile restaurants – and all did a terrific job.  The menu was comprised of: a homemade sunchoke beer with a sweet miso jelly, pickled vegetables and enoki mushroom tempura from Bishop‘s, tournedos of scallops wrapped in duck ham, choucroute confit of cepes with a sherry vinegar beurre noisette from Parkside, a Coq au Vin using Polderside Farm Redbro Chicken, with cippolini onions and hedgehog mushrooms from Aurora Bistro, Fraser Valley venison wrapped in Holstein speck served in a fermented oat & barley consommé from Elixir, a cheese plate made up of Poplar Grove Tiger Blue in Three textures, Poached Lapin Cherries, Venturi Schultz Balsamic Gel from C Restaurant, a pear and yogurt ‘Charlotte’ with Okanagan spirits Poire Williams, spiced granola and micro basil from The Pear Tree, and Thomas Haas Petit Fours to finish.

I’m pleased to report that Marty G. and Steph won the auction item they were bidding on.

We left a little after 9:30 p.m., stepping outside and handing our valet ticket to, I kid you not, a former minor system lord. While we waited for the keys, a portly transient staggered up to us and snarled: “You guys are a bunch of wise guys!” I sighed and donned my leather gloves, reasoning it would allow me to avoid getting my knuckles all cut up on his teeth. Martin, however, immediately defused the situation with his trademark wit and charm, crossing his arms, adopting an impish smirk and asking: “Are we?” Beat. “Nah, just kidding!”said the guy, smiling hugely. “Hey, you got a quarter for cigarettes?” Steph dug out about a dollar’s worth of change and sent him on his way. The guy ambled off, making it very clear to Martin and I that she was his favorite.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Anne who will be off-line for the next couple of weeks. Get well soon and get back soon, Anne. Major Teldy awaits your return! Go Purple Aces!

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  1. After watching SciFi’s airing of “Window of Opportunity” today, I would like to know: Are you planning on writing a follow up to “Latin for the Novice” or will you be putting that in audiobook format?

  2. It really looks like you had an amazing night. I take it from the fan fare that you’ll be making this an annual tradition. Don’t feel bad about the bums, I get asked to light cigarettes on the streets in Harlem all the time (even though I don’t smoke and don’t own a lighter).

    I’m always amazed at the ability some people have to completely freak out total strangers like you and me and not feel weird about it. That takes guts…or lot’s of gin, whatever.

    Will you be doing any more Ark of Truth commentary with Rob this week in honor of the wide-release of the movie? I noticed you both have a few good video featurettes on MGMs website.

  3. Joe, your dinner read like it was great and looked like it was…interesting… in the bits that I saw on my mad dash to the comment button.

    I’m literally less than a minute out of watching the Ark of Truth, and I’m sure by now you have a million of these comments waiting to be approved, but I just have to say I found it utterly fantastic in every way I could have possibly imagined. It had everything that makes a stellar episode times…well, if you want to get literal, about one and half, a little more than 2 if you take out commercials (math jokes, gotta love ’em), but it felt like a billion.

    It was so good that I no longer mind that I bought it twice. Once through an Amazon order and again today at Wal-Mart when I realized my ordered copy wouldn’t get here for another week. Now I can spread the love and send the extra copy to my dad and sister.

    I can’t wait for Continuum. And now I’m off to check out special features.

  4. Hi Joe,

    Just saw Ark of Truth! I loved it. I thought that the background visuals were just incredible. All of the shots of Odyssey just took my breath away. Some of the plot elements I felt were a little too convenient, but I didn’t feel that they took anything away from the story. I especially loved the scene between Teal’c and Tomin. There were other parts that I loved, but I don’t want to give anything away.

    One question however that is spoilerish that I have to ask is whether or not you think that Morgan died at the end. I’m hoping that whatever we saw was not her dying but kind of a fade away after victory. For some reason, I really liked that character, and just once I would like to see an Ancient that helped us not get killed, or became an amnesiac child, or locked in combat for eternity with a quasi Gu’oald/Ancient, or lost in Daniel’s mind (not hard to do I imagine)… I could go on, but I think I’ll stop.

    Anyway, kudos to everyone that worked on it. Can’t wait for the next one!

  5. we just watched the movie- The Ark of Truth—plain and simple–we loved it. We’re going to have to watch it a few more times. Thanks to all!

  6. See, Joe? Entries like this are exactly why you would be perfect as a judge on Iron Chef America. It could be you and Ted Allen against Jeffrey Steingarten!

    I would even sit through a Cat Cora episode just to watch you judge. That’s saying something, let me tell ya.

  7. Anne Teldy,

    If in a couple of weeks you have internet access again, and read this far back in Joe’s blog, I’d just like to let you know that you will have been in my thoughts every day, and that I strongly hope for the best of all possible outcomes for you. I’ve enjoyed your humor so much, and wish I’d said so before. – Here’s to having you back as soon as possible. And while it’s a ways off, I’ll very much look forward to hearing your take on Atlantis’s sure-to-be-awesome Maj. Anne Teldy. It’s great to think that people all over the world who watch SGA will associate your name with a woman who doubtless will display both incredible smarts and great courage under fire. Take care –

    Amelia T.

  8. hello, hello anybody here? I know I’m not the first, never have been and never will be — no comments yet? well I’m very happy you had an enjoyable evening and a big thank you for a fantastic season of stargate atlantis.

  9. Former minor system lord? Aw, poor actors. Which one? Did you at least say something pleasant to him? Or even better, make an inappropriate yet terribly clever joke at his expense?

    So, picked up my copy of Ark of Truth today. I really don’t think I’ll be able to wait until this weekend to watch it. I might just put it in after I get home at 2:30 this morning.

  10. Good evening Joe,

    I’m so thrilled that you had a wonderfull time at the fundrasier.

    I was very thrilled to arrive at home to see that my very own copy of “Ark of Truth” in my mail box 🙂

    One question why is it duing the first credits Micheal Shanks’s name appears last with “and”… I think you might have mentioned this but just wondering if you could give a quick explination again?? No worries though.

    Have a great night and I’ll let you know tommrow how much I LOVED the movie 🙂


  11. I’ll save my condolences and best wishes for Major/AnneTeldy for when she is back to read them for herself. Meantime, wow. If those dishes taste and/or smell half as good as they look, I’d go bankrupt in a week eating out in Vancouver. My sympathies to Mr. G. I’d have not put him a day over 41… so, how long will it be before he can live that little comment by Ms. Jacobson? And may we have a Fondy update? For her sake and yours I hope she’s not caught the seasonal creepy-crud.

  12. Just got done watching Ark of Truth!! Absolutely loved it!! I was on the edge of my seat wanting to peek inside the Ark.

    Oh and a huge THANK YOU!!! I can’t stop Squeeing. Well, none of us whumpers can. It’s all because of that GREAT pix you posted yesterday of Shep in a dire condition. Talk about whump heaven!! I hope it’s real and something we’ll actually get to see in an upcoming ep. If it’s a prank, I’ll hate you forever. Well, OK, not hate, but I will be sorely disappointed that my emotions can be toyed with like that. I know, my own fault for getting into a frenzy…but really. With a pix like that?? What Shep whumper wouldn’t?? Here’s hoping you post more!! We’ll send chocolate!!

  13. Disappointed that the Aussie contingent have to wait another MONTH for AoT…not happy, Jan.

    Still, I’m trying to maintain a positive outlook. My life being insane at the moment (thwarted possibly hopeless love, pressure at work, not having seen episodes 11- TLM yet due to lack of SciFi/downloads) but I’m looking for positives where everything seems to be “oh look it’s Dana – no happiness for her”…So one month’s wait is not extravagant.

    Joe – one teeny question – how many chocolates will it take to guarantee excellent Shep whump? We’re organising a chocolate posse.

  14. All the best Anne. Sending positive vibes your way and I’m on the streets asking for positive vibe donations, but mostly just receiving strange looks. Selfish damn people! Aaaaanyway, a big mwah and virtual hug.
    Take Care.

    ~ Narelle from Aus

  15. I now have a mental picture of the System Lord working as a valet in his full System Lord outfit. It’s fabulous.

  16. Hi Joe –

    Do you plan on watching the new season of ‘Top Chef’ that starts Wednesday? I have to admit, I’m hooked on the show! It’s always fun to watch, not in the least because there always happens to be one or two contestants that have huge egos and mediocre ability…

    Also – since I know you are a ‘Survivor’ fan – what do you think of the season so far? You weren’t too enthused about it before it began. Me either, but I think it is really starting to shape up to be a good season.

  17. Question – Do the waiters/waitresses at any of these restaurants every look at you funny when you are taking pictures of the food? hehe
    Just got my copy of The Empire of Ice Cream in the mail and I am digging right in. Hopefully I won’t forget everything I’ve read by April 21st.

  18. Hi Joe!

    Wow, that food looks incredible! Especially that meat dish with the noodles (pic #4). Congrats to Martin and Stephanie on winning their auction item.

    Just finished watching The Ark of Truth. *applause* Wow! *applause* My hub gave it a very good rating by his exclamation, “I was entertained!” We would love to see it on a movie screen!

    Ark of Truth: Money and time well spent. 🙂 🙂


  19. Wow!!!! AoT was frigging amazing!!!! I loved it so much. One of the best. Top notch!
    Can’t wait for Continuum to come out. Only four months to go!!

  20. Hello,
    You haven’t heard from me in a while, what with moving and all. Just wanted to say, I loved the last few episodes of season 4. Also, have a random question, if you had a cast member in trouble with the media for doing something illegal, what would you do? For example, what if David Hewlett became tabloid fodder?

  21. Just finished the Ark of Truth and yes, it is just as amazing as you could have imagined. I won’t spoil anything for anyone, so here are some other impressions.
    I really liked the music throughout the movie. The theme seemed to be a variant from the original feature film. Does anyone know when/if the soundtrack for Ark is coming on CD?
    Poor Mitchell. Did someone at the production meeting say “I have a great idea. Everything that we have ever imagined that could happen to a person, let’s do it to Mitchell!”
    Wow, is Amanda hotter than ever or what!
    The only thing I felt was a little stupid was putting Col. Ellis’ name at the bottom of the monitor when he was talking to Landry. Did someone thing the General would forget who he is talking to?
    Bring on Continuum!!!

  22. My copy arrived today, and as soon as I could get it into the player – feet up and comfy. It was a FANTASTIC ride. No spoilers…
    It was extremely DELIGHTFUL to watch the entire dvd without commercials and for longer than 1 hour (the typical episode with commercials).
    Can’t wait for Continuum!

    and oh yes, enquiring minds want to know…
    which minor system lord?

  23. For Anne: I’m sending you very positive thoughts and prayers. Hoping for the best for you.

    Joe, your story about poor Martin and the age reference reminds me of the time my brother was mistakenly thought to be my father. While we have a half brother old enough to be my father, the brother in question is only six years older than me and as you can guess, the comment “So, Roy’s your father” did NOT go over well with him at all. I, myself, thought it was very funny.

  24. Thanks for another fabulous food breakdown (always inspiring, and fun just to virtually enjoy) and the great pics. I love the one of Martin and Stephanie. Ms. Jacobsen needs glasses, though – she’s off by, what, ten years? (Which aren’t in evidence on Marty’s face, certainly.) And that gives MG plenty of time to decide whether, when the time comes, he’ll give 43 a spin, or slide right on through to 44. I gather not everyone has that long to ponder the matter. (“But the days grow short / When you reach September. . . . “) 😉

    Leather gloves = good thinking, and I’ll have some ready the next time I have to break a beer bottle over the edge of a bar. But of course, better still that Marty G. astutely diffused the situation. I’m very glad to hear that the guy turned out to be harmless – at least for you three.

    Rather than throttle me, however, Chef Geest turned out to be an affable dinner companion – although his suggestion that I join him and his friends for their weekly ball hockey match did give me pause. – D’OH!! Hope his staff doesn’t come to your door that night anyway (“We really need a defenseman”) with that look some Canadians tend to get when it’s hockey night, and they know someone who just happens to be from Montreal.

  25. Hey Anne – I’m really going to miss your Teldyisms!

    Be well soon. Your troops await you!

  26. Best wishes, Anne.

    Hi Joe:

    I am setting up a web site that will, eventually, when I am a senior citizen, accept credit cards. Seriously, the ability to pay for products on line is a huge business now-a-days. So, I, poor, dumb, wet behind the ears, me, thought that all I’d have to do is apply. The internet credit card people would tell me how to set it up, and, voila, I’d be all set to make my first million dollars. Not so. It seems that these companies treat the ability to accept credit cards on line like they are actually loaning you money. Therefore, they need to know intimate details such as your credit rating, how long you have owned your business, which bank you deal with, your blood type, which finger you are prepared to lose if they don’t like you…stuff like that. Once you have filled out the appropriate paperwork which was responsible for the death of a significant portion of the B.C. rain forest, they promise to let you know if they will accept you as one of the few, the brave, the credit card acceptors. At this point, I’m wondering what companies like and have that I don’t have. But, my never say die attitude will serve me well, and I will persevere. Meanwhile,’s promise that they will do it all for me for a nominal fee, is looking rather attractive. That is, if they will actually get back to me before I’m too old to even remember who they are. Hmmm, I think I’m back where I started.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Could I borrow Ronon, Sheppard and Lorne to explain a few things to a certain company or two?

    Patricia (AG)

  27. Howdy, Ark of Truth was pretty darn entertaining. Wow, I really miss that show. And Browder was great. Not to be spoilery so if you want to be a virgin don’t read this but:

    what is up with Replicators, I mean, again? why?

    Other than that very very cool. Just a few months til Continuum and then…..? Any word on more SG1 films?

  28. It feels as if I’m waaaaay behind but TLM has only just aired here.
    I’m stunned. Great, just really great Joe. Love time travel stories with the endless possibilities. Loved the flash backs with the ‘what has/will happen’ scenarios. The scene where Sheppard runs through Atlantis to the hologram room was really atmospheric. Loved the McKay voice over. Excellent scene with Ronon and Todd. You just have to love Todd!
    The building collapsing at the end with all the team inside and then? ‘To be continued’ ……..aargh – that’s cruel. Onwards and upwards to Season 5 Yay!
    Er just noticed I have given you a lot of love here –
    hope you can handle it:)

  29. Becky S. said…

    Joe, your story about poor Martin and the age reference reminds me of the time my brother was mistakenly thought to be my father. While we have a half brother old enough to be my father, the brother in question is only six years older than me and as you can guess, the comment “So, Roy’s your father” did NOT go over well with him at all. I, myself, thought it was very funny.

    At least it was just your brother. My cousin has on occasion been mistaken for his wife’s father…and she’s only four years younger than him…and he’s only 26.

  30. Hi,

    I was watching The Last Man on Sky One last night, and I was just wondering what happened to the Time Travelling Puddle Jumper from Moebius. I could have sworn in an earlier blog entry from months ago you said that we would see the Time Travelling Jumper again, but I must be wrong.

    Thanks anyway.

  31. amelia t. Said:
    “Anne Teldy,

    If in a couple of weeks you have internet access again, and read this far back in Joe’s blog, I’d just like to let you know that you will have been in my thoughts every day, and that I strongly hope for the best of all possible outcomes for you. I’ve enjoyed your humor so much, and wish I’d said so before….”

    very well put Amelia, You speak for many of us in the Anne Teldy Appreciation Society. Best of luck Anne, we’re going to miss you so Hurry back and get well soon. XXX

  32. Wow. I am so depressed. Everyone but me seems to be getting their copies of Ark of Truth! (Here’s where you feel very sad for me.)

    No worries. I didn’t have time, anyway.

    So can I pimp for a blog dedication to honor my 40th birthday, tomorrow? I could be Martin’s little sister. 🙂


  33. Just wanted to wish Anne Teldy all the best. My thoughts are with you, Anne. Get well soon! 🙂

    I hope Fondy is feeling better? What a shame to miss all that lovely food.

    I’m still in total shock over that Shep artwork you posted yesterday. Shocked in a VERY good way. My husband thinks I’m nuts…nothing new there. I want it to be July now!

    I popped over to my parents to watch TLM in HD last night. I’m pleased to report the oldies loved it. Though my father was annoyed at how long he’ll have to wait to find out what has happened to our hereos. I didn’t tell him about the concept art you posted. I thought it best to keep that to myself, though my mother noticed the gleam in my eye, and asked if I thought Sheppard would be alright, to which I answered, “Um, maybe not!” I found it incredibly hard not to jump up and down on the spot and totally humiliate myself in the process, and just smiled maniacally as I left for home!

    Is It July yet? 😉

  34. Hi Joe,
    AoT…. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! Loved it! Nuff said… period.

    I’ve been lurking for a while now, and feel rather odd posting a comment among all of these very eloquent writers that comment here, but i just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

    I’m from the deep south, and I have to say(no offense intended), y’all eat some weird stuff in Canada – what IS that soapy looking stuff?? (and hold the comments on ‘possum, i have never and will never eat ‘possum – they say it’s greasy and you have to actually keep it alive and feed it grain for a while to “clean it out”….uuuggg, it’s a rat).

    If you ever decide to take a trip down south, you’re personally invited to my home and I will cook you some real food… bacon wrapped vinison backstrap with a soy/brown sugar marinade, dried beans cooked with salt pork, corn bread, fried potatoes with onions, green beans (and not those hard steamed things you get at a resturant), and simple peach cobbler for desert. I’LL even give you more than a spoonfull of everything – how do people live on such a small amount of food i’ll never understand, there’s more plate than food!

    You won’t be able to stand up when you’re finished because it’s so heavy, but you’ll never look at food the same. I’m just sayin’… 🙂

  35. My husband and I got our copy of Ark of Truth yesterday…it was fabulous! The visual effects were quite stunning, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. 🙂

    After we watched the movie, I had a couple of questions: why didn’t the Ori have anyone guarding the super gate? Am I correct in understanding that Daniel knew the location of the Ori home world from the time he spent as a Prior? Or, why didn’t WE guard it, for that matter?

    Again, congratulations to everyone who worked on Ark of Truth. It was great!




    I’m new to your blog. So much info so little time. Wow is all I have to say. I’ll make my question short

    when is season 4 going to be released on DVD.
    WE on Vancouver Island do not have the
    privilege of getting SciFi Channel.

  37. Lovely food pics Joe.. gosh I’d love to try that sort of food just once!

    Best wishes Anne Teldy!! xxx

  38. I went to check the mail last night and discovered AOT had arrived. I let out a little sguee and then realized I wasn’t alone in the mailroom. I then turned, smiled and said “my package came.” I then ran out of the room and upstairs to my apartment. SGUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to thank you and everyone involved for an awesome movie. Give everyone a big hug for me. : )
    I really shouldn’t have watched it so close to bedtime. It took forever for me to fall asleep.


  39. Salut Joseph =) ahhh je suis morte de fatigue, je vient d’avoir 2 heures de musculation, je ne sens même plus mes bras. Cool les photo *=) Vous avez des gants de cuire?? yéé le style 😉

    Bon je ne sais pas trop quoi vous dire, apart que je vous aime trés trés fort!!!!!

    Je repasserais ! Kisssss!

  40. Anne: Thoughts and prayers are with you! Hope you are able to return soon.

    Joe: Ooh, looks like a fun night. 🙂 And a minor System Lord to boot! 😉 All roads lead back to…

    Congrats to Marty G. and Steph gettin’ winning their item. 🙂

    Since there was no mailbag, I’ll pitch my question again: From first script draft to final post-production touches, what’s the average amount of time put into a single episode of SGA, rough estimate?

  41. It’s entries like this that make me wish I lived in Vancouver… or Australia, but that’s just because there’s no snow there (I’m ever so slowly turning into one of those people in that commercial who start crying because of the winter weather).

    On the bright side, I now have this fabulous image of Anubis, all Grim Reaper-ed up, taking keys. Awesome.

    Oh, and speaking of awesome, Ark of Truth? –well, yeah, awesome. Quite enjoyable- very funny, quite exciting, impressive amount of whumpage and spiffy special effects. Kudos to all involved! I’m all a-squee about the whole thing. 😀

    Oh, and hugs to Marty G on the age thing. My boyfriend had a similar experience- a few years back, he was mistaken to be the father of his 18 year old brother. He was 23 at the time.



  42. Hey I could even understand some of the ingredients in your food, pickled vegetables, something to do with chicken and I think scallops were mentioned somewhere in there LOL. Oh yeah I got the cheese too 😛

    On a countdown now to taking my cat to the vets, fingers crossed its nothing serious.

  43. Just finished Ark of Truth. It was simply marvelous. What a wonderful wrap-up to the Ori storyline. Everyone and everything about this movie was fantastic. I thought the Ori thing was handled really well, and not just here, but in how it had been from the beginning. Because there’s such potential for people to interpret the big bad Ori as a negative allegory pointing at Christianity (because of the whole faith vs. science/proof thing), but there have been a few things, bits of dialogue, etc. which make it clear that that’s not the intent, which I for one appreciate. Notably, in this movie, the fire vs. light effects and the line, “I was blind but now I see” (which is, of course, a direct quote from the Bible). Not out of place or going too far the other direction, but making it clear that it’s sci-fi and not, well, Phillip Pullman. (And that line in one of the 9th season eps I think, where Landry(?) says, “Proof of powerful beings is not proof of god,” or something to that effect, which I liked a lot. And for that matter, the whole, immaculate conception, “Have you ever heard of anything like this?” and they’re all thinking different things was pretty hysterical.) And showing that it’s not faith itself, but ruthless, blind, extremist faith that’s dangerous, which, unfortunately, does exist in the world and has for pretty much ever. Overall, very well played. You know, I think Stargate may have just surpassed Star Trek in my mind when it comes to handling such “relevant to modern-day” issues in an intelligent, subtle, and entertaining manner. Compared to a lot of what Stargate’s been doing, Star Trek’s starting to look pretty heavy-handed. (And bear in mind, I’m a lifelong Trekkie.)

    But I will say that the one element of this film that stood out to me beyond all the others was Tomin. He was good before, but I thought he was just great here. What a wonderful, wonderful character (it’s very late/early, so you must forgive my lack of variety in my adjectives). Loved his storyline and I kinda wish we could see more of him in the future somehow.

  44. Hi again Mr M
    Greetings from Tipperary…..T-19 days to Vancouver Expedition.
    Your dinner looked good! any news on Mr G’s new film/censorship thing/…Did he get a chance to talk with the BC Film Festival lady about same? Any news on its release date for Europe??

    The title while prevocative reminds me of a famous Irish Cinema Billboard incident. A number of years ago there was a (truly dreadful) film with (the rather excellent) Robbie Coltrane (of Hagrid fame). It’s title : The Pope Must Die. At the same time, there was a rather questionable “behind the scenes/sheets” look into touring with Madonna, the title “In Bed with Madonna”. Now, a rather bored College Kid in charge of putting up the film titles in a multi-plex theatre in Cork, mishievously placed the two titles side by side, leading to the “THE POPE MUST DIE IN BED WITH MADONNA”, causing a national laugh out loud moment, and a rush to the cinemas…
    Any-hoo, best regards to Maj Anne Teldy!

    Packing recommencing,


  45. Hey Joe!

    Now that sounds like an amazing dinner, glad you enjoyed it and didn’t have any issues with the head chef from Aurora. 🙂

    But the question is, did you bid on anything at the silent auction? 😉

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  46. Well, I watched “The Last Man” the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was completely entertained watching Sheppard battle his way through the cornmeal and ground oatmeal (aka sand). Loved the McKay “didn’t think of that” bits. Great season finale! (Except, of course, for the TBC at the end. Need more. NOW! Ack! The withdrawals have begun! 😯 )

    Spoilery type pic from March 10. Ohhh, “Crunch ‘n Munch”! I guess having a building fall on you would do that kind of thing. Can’t wait. 😈

    And . . . with respect to my comment on February 8, 2008, to all you naysayers and others who said I was nuts, I give you all a great big fat HAH! I TOLD YOU SO! 😛 Did I not say they were going to kill Teyla? And what did they do in TLM? They killed Teyla!!! Am I prescient or what? (*Don’t answer that*)

    Okay, so the Atlantis folks are working on fixing that little detail, but it doesn’t change the fact that TPTB did do her in, just like they did in Carson (to which I might add I still haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer about how he managed to blow up in the first place ).

    And, all right, they did move it up into the Season 4 finale (probably just to make it look like I wasn’t right), but anyway.

    Come to think of it, my Gate shut off question is still out there in the ether somewhere, too. Hmmmm.

    Best wishes to “Major” Teldy. The Carnivorous Mutant Space Cows eagerly await your return. (*Cue ominous Space Cow music*)

  47. Nothing wrong with being in your 40’s. When you are 60 or 70 you will look back on those years with fondness.

  48. Oh, yeah, one more thing:

    How does the paradox get dealt with/explained? If Sheppard was sent 48,000 years into the future and, as a result of his absence, everything “went to hell in a handbasket”. McKay successfully getting him back to Atlantis only 12 days after he “disappeared” alters the timeline.

    So, if the original timeline doesn’t happen because Sheppard reappears, that means McKay doesn’t spend 25 years trying to get him back, which then leads to: If McKay doesn’t spend the 25 years to get Sheppard back, then Sheppard can’t return, and the original timeline reasserts itself and everything goes to hell in a handbasket, making McKay spend the 25 years, etc., etc., etc.

    Does this not mean that Sheppard actually reappears in an alternate timeline that is created when McKay successfully returns him to the past, and he never returns to the original timeline, which carries on to its ultimate conclusion without him? If not, the paradox exists and time ends up circling itself (“If time is a circle, then in a circling of time”) as the events play out and keep repeating.

  49. I watched the Ark of Truth yesterday and thought it was great. The musical score was fantastic and visually effects totally rocked. The Human Skeleton Replicater was awesome and the Flaming Adrian as the supper Ori was terrifying looking while beautiful. I loved the over all story line and thought the ending was great. I cannot wait till the next move comes out. So nice job all around.

  50. Anne Teldy: Bit late, but if you do read this, I hope all works out well. Will pray that it does.

    Joe M: Stop posting food photos – you’re making me hungry again!!

    Seriously though, it looks like you had a good time.

    Hope Fondy is feeling better.

    Leesa Perrie

  51. Joe,
    Add my voice, text, whatever, to the LOUD APPLAUSE and Woo-Hoos for Ark of Truth. My Amazon order arrived yesterday and that disc was loaded into my DVD player ASAP. Fumbled a bit with the darn plastic wrapping… but nothing would deter me!
    Wowzie! What a FABULOUS film! Great script, amazing acting & directing, gorgeous scenery and an absolutely sterling soundtrack! Way to go Joel – woo-hoo! LOVED all the “special features” too. Ivon rocks! Bam-Bam rocks! The entire cast and crew ROCKS!

    Okay, calm, calm now girl… (breathes in and out) MORE SG-1 films PLEASE!
    There just has to be MORE SG-1 films after Continuum!
    And a few SGA films too! MORE! MORE! MORE!

    Thank you for bearing with me… I now return you to a sedate blog.

    Carol Z
    (outwitting the ninja squirrels by parking in a garage – Yah!)

  52. Lest I be remiss… to the namesake of
    Major Anne Teldy who is in my thoughts and prayers.
    “We never leave a member of the team behind. Get well soon and courage Major, courage.”

    Carol Z

  53. I got my copy of “Ark of Truth” yesterday and wanted to watch it at least twice before commenting. I really enjoyed most of the movie. The one scene with Daniel (yes, I’m trying to be careful about spoilers) was very well done. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Daniel that emotional, and Michael did a superb job. ((hugs)) to Rob for writing that scene for Daniel/Michael. It’s been a long time coming. There were a couple of scenes with Mitchell that I didn’t care for. One because ,IMO, it went on waaaay too long. Another one or two scenes that I can’t talk about ‘constructively’ because it would be too spoilery. Overall, I loved the movie. I’ve really missed SG1 and was thrilled to finally see them back together again. Really looking forward to “Continuum” now.


  54. Est ce qu’un jour sa vous direz de faire un billet(article) entièrement en Français ? =P

  55. 1)Will Teyla’s child prove detrimental to Atlantis?

    2)Will any of the team members face banishment from the expedition next season?

  56. Bon mon super joseph, je vais me coucher. J’ai finit d’apprendre ma comptabilité je n’est rien compris, je sens que je vais avoir une mauvaise note :s

    Demain je ne pourrais pas passer car j’ai contrôl de VSP, histoir et des éxércice..en plus je rentre a 6:00 pm des cours, je vais y passer toute ma nuit =(…..

    Allez courage!

    A yéé! c’est un trés bonne idée “Packard77”..aller Joseph faites un article en francais..ou au moin quelque ligne. S’il vous plait?? (ou je fait un tête si triste là, que vous ne résisteriez pas si vous me veriez^^.)

    Bon aller je vous fait de trés gros Bisou Bisou. A Vendredi!! Je vous adore !!!♥

  57. 🙁 I’m so mad at Barnes and !!! They haven’t shipped my Ark of Truth yet. The big RATS. GRRRR. Hopefully I’ll have it to watch on Friday in place of my Atlantis fix…

    Hope Fondy is better. I seem to be down with something but still having to go to work each and every day – meetings, meetings, meetings. How can I get anything done! Oy.

    ANNE TELDY – we’ll miss ya. I’m not too close to Evansville, sorry…looking forward to your (hopefully soon) return here.


  58. Hey Joe,

    I hope Fondy is on the mend. You seem to have a spring in your text since she came home 😉

    I have a forum to host tomorrow (ho-hum) and was sitting here rather uninspired trying to think of demo companies to use for the presentation. Then, the name Baron Destructo came to mind.

    I now have a full demo database of contacts far more interesting than Fred Smith from ABC Enterprises. I wanted to quickly post to see if there would be any problem with using such names.

    A non-response I will take as an “ok”?
    If this post doesn’t get published, I’ll take that as a “no”?
    and if you post a video today of you patting your head and rubbing your stomach, I’ll take as a “you need more time to think about it”.

    ~ Narelle from Aus

  59. Hi Mr. Mallozzi,
    I see my name and conversations mentioned in your blog from March 10th’s Chef’s Table Event. I was not aware that our conversations were being critiqued and for public scrutiny…and besides YOU are older then my son, and you too will grow up some day. Did you not enjoy the flavours our great Vancouver Chefs served? Perhaps some day I can remove you from you bedside keyboard and show you real work when it comes to feeding yourself??? Come out into the country and smell real fresh air!!!!….and it helps keep you young!!!

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