I’m in the eye of the storm, that eerily calm period between putting out a Final Draft and receiving the network and studio notes. Although, really, “Final Draft” is a incredibly hopeful misnomer given that the Final Draft is never ever THE final draft. A quick glance at the title page of Broken Ties proves as much –






For all those of you curious about the process, here is how it works: The writer hands in their FIRST DRAFT which is critiqued, revised, and put out as a WRITER’S DRAFT which is critiqued, rewritten, and put out as a REVISED WRITER’S DRAFT which is again critiqued, revised, and put out as a FINAL before heading into prep where changes are requested, made, and BLUE PAGES are put out. Internally, this is referred to as the FINAL FINAL DRAFT. Any further changes made to the script are put out with PINK PAGES. Within the department, this is known as the ULTRA FINAL FINAL DRAFT. In the event we receive more notes, the script is revised and YELLOW PAGES are issued. We refer to this as the SUPERFANTASTIC ULTRA FINAL FINAL DRAFT. Now, in the unlikely event that further tweaks are requested, the writer may do another polish and put out some GREEN PAGES, also known as the SUPERFANTASTIC ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT. And that would pretty much be that. Unless someone happens to come in with a very late note that is addressed in the GOLDENROD PAGES. It’s very rare for us to reach this point, a stage we fondly refer to as the EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT. And there you have it. Provided you don’t have to follow up with GREY PAGES (the EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT), MAGENTA (the EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST LUCKY ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT), TEAL (the EXTREME EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST LUCKY ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT), or TARTAN (the ULTIMATE EXTREME EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST LUCKY ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT – which we simply call UEESBLUNOFFD for short). It’s almost possible to imagine the script would necessitate further revisions at this point but, if it does, we go all the way back to the beginning and put out DOUBLE WHITE PAGES (the TALK THE GUY WHO COLLATES THE SCRIPTS FOR THE ACTORS OFF THE LEDGE ULTIMATE EXTREME EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST LUCKY ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT). And so on.

Great early ratings on our finale with preliminary numbers showing The Last Man did a 1.49. A nice strong finish to the show’s fourth season.

We welcomed Mark Dacascos (aka Tyre) back to the show today as he stopped by our offices on his way out of his costume fitting and over to Norco where he was going to start running through the big fight sequence with Jason. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: What a super nice guy – easy-going, incredibly humble. Seriously. If any of you are thinking of throwing a party, put him on the guest list. Chat him up. You’ll love him.

Oh, and I’m sure fans will be thrilled to hear that we finally did it. Yes, spread the word! The casting process is complete! We have our Captain Sobol!

We also have a FINAL DRAFT of episode 6, The Shrine of Talus, written by Brad Wright. David H. emailed Brad to tell him how much he loved it. And it apparently made Jewel cry. But, in all fairness, I was giving her a Hertz Donut at the time.

An early blog entry today as I have dinner plans with Martin and Stephanie. Fondy was supposed to join us but she is feeling under the weather and will have to pass. This is extremely unfortunate given that it is a charity event to help – I’m not sure. I think needy chefs – and we have already prepaid for the meal. Rather than invite someone else to join us, I’ve elected to go solo and have the staff serve the empty chair beside me, allowing me to double up on any plates I particularly enjoy.

Today’s pics:

Today’s video: Shooting a scene from The Last Man. Rodniffer (or is McKeller) fans take note!



  1. And I thought the cliffhanger ending of “The Last Man was mean” … That picture tops everything else. Thank you so much…

    Can it be July now, please?

  2. Alright, the folks over at the Television Without Pity forums have a question. Or rather, we’ve been having a conversation, and I’m bringing you one of the questions, with the idle hope you might put this one to rest. We all got on board quickly with the idea of HologramMcKay telling Shep the events of everyone’s deaths from his particular point of view. That said, we’ve a specific question about Sam’s death: did the transporter actually fail? Some folks think that she seemed a bit too purposeful in her actions, and there wasn’t any hint of sudden transporter malfunction, for that to actually be the case.

    Thanks. 😉

  3. NOooooo!!!!
    Sorry ’bout that, but I’ve just had an email from amazon here in the UK to say the release of ‘Ark of Truth’ is delayed to 28th April.
    Aaaargh! *deep breath* All is not lost, Sky are showing it a whole month earlier… oh, but I’m going to be abroad… *sniffles in corner*
    On a brighter note I have the last episode of Season 4 to look forward to tomorrow night…
    Hope you had a nice dinner, and sorry to hear Fondy’s not well. Hope she’s better soon. Flying always leaves me under the weather, all that re-circulated air I guess.

  4. Didn’t even get a chance to welcome Fondy home and now I have to send her “Get Well” greetings.

    So when you’re talking “The Shrine of Talus” you mention David and Jewel. I swear I will stop bashing Keller if you put her together with McKay. They are just too cute together. Plus, think of the McKay whump you could do with Keller there to save the man she loves. Uh oh, gotta get back to writing some fanfic.

    Still buzzing over “The Last Man.” Back to work today and our little Stargate clique had quite the discussion.

    Thanks for the video, any chance of getting a breakdown of the story for TLM. Enjoy your dinner,


  5. Bonsoir Joseph,
    Toujours intéressant ton blogue ! Je me demandais si vous deviez sécuriser vos scénarios, je veux dire les garder secret pour pas qu’il y ait de fuites … Je sais pas moi, après quelques heures ils explosent, si t’as pas le bon code l’encre s’efface… coffre-fort… Contrat de confidentialité…
    Bonne fin soirée !

  6. Hi Joe,

    great news about the ratings for TLM, but what about the Kindred II? Thanks, just in case I get an answer.

  7. Oh my gosh, I love you.

    The middle picture brings tears to my eyes and frantic flutters to my heart.

    Eat well, Joe Mallozzi, eat well.

  8. Ok so Rodney sneezed and the building came down so what else is new. I just hope it doesn’t take any longer then July to say God Bless You. Considering the situation I’d say a big GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    I know the second picture is Joe Flanigan but…..

    Have a good one
    Take Care
    Jean :~)

  9. Ack. Internet ate my post. Unless it didn’t. Unless it only lied to me and *pretended* to eat my post and actually didn’t. In which case you’ll get two posts for the price of one. Lucky you! 🙂

    Anway… to recap…

    OH MY GOODNESS!! You *do* realise what you’ve done to the Shep whumpers with that artwork, don’t you? Hang on, what am I saying? Of course you do! 😀

    Hope you have an enjoyable dinner – and that Fondy feels better soon.

    P.S. I vote for Jedney. It’s got a certain hillbilly ring to it that I rather like. 😀

  10. Oh for the love of God! WHAT THE HELL IS AMORT?!

    Ok, ok, I’m calming down…wooo!! 1.49! Nicely done Joe, and congratulations! Also, thanks for the updates on the various episodes. Gotta say, I was heavily reminded of really really bad translations of Japanese things when I read the title today. Speaking of which, have you ever seen the show NewsRadio?

    And isn’t it Mark Dacascos?

  11. That’s a long process from start to finish. I guess it’s really important to get used to that many changes being made to what you write, without taking it personally. I hope your chef charity ends up being as delicious as you hope. You’re in good company, so it should be great.

  12. Ouchie for Shep!!! However, let me guess – McKay will get a scratch on his face only and be more upset because chicks definitely don’t dig facial scars, right?! lol

    Rodniffer – that is definitely the best! HA! McKeller is never being used again!

    So, there’s a David Hewlett’s favourite lines video and a Joe Flanigan’s favorite (< he’s american) lines vid. When will we see Joseph Mallozzi’s favourite lines??

    Okay so JF’s was fake but, heh, I’d still like a JM version…please?? 😛

  13. *waves*

    For the first time ever, Mr M you have finally silenced M!

    I bow to your inginuity… I know I can’t speak, I can’t spell, but I can squee. Block your ears Mr M it’s one hell of a squee!


    *uber massive hugs*

    I can’t talk anymore as i’m about to pass out from excitement. 😀

  14. Woohoo!! Well done! I can’t wait to see the “Ultimate extreme extra superfantastic best lucky ultra number one final final draft” all filmafied.

    *squees with giddy delight at the thought of all the goodies that season five must have to offer*

  15. Huh? John looks dead….I’ve been peremnently tramatized now…going to hide in my hidy place….sniff sniff….

  16. Do you think one pattern of tartan is really enough?? After all, this is SEASON FIVE you’re working on. Standards couldn’t possibly be high enough. (Except for that little bit extra that’ll have to kick in for Season Six.)

    After looking at the pics from last week (I think) of you doing your “pretend to yawn, then put arm behind the chick” move on Stephanie, I’m a bit curious as to what Martin has planned for this dinner. Is he working on a new project or something? “Pretending To Be Young People Flirting”?

    Snickering about Jewel getting the “Hertz donut.” Let us know when she gets payback with the classic “flat tire,” with Jason M. doing her stuntwork. Since it seems likely that your account is fictional in that regard, Jewel could just say that sometimes, life imitates art.

    Having a great time reading Paul Di Filippo’s Fantasy & Science Fiction humor column, “Plumage from Pegasus.” (The name caught my eye, for some odd reason.) Thanks again for the links. I’ll try at some point to rip myself away from Di Filippo’s hilarious mini-stories – even though he does a great job of giving readers something serious to think about when their ribcages are too sore to laugh any longer.

  17. The past couple of episodes have been very well done, and I have really enjoyed them, but they left me with a few questions that won’t go away.

    Did Jinto survive, is he dead, or is he under Michael’s control?

    Where was Carson in The Last Man’s timeline, was he revived, did he die, or was he still in stasis next to Sheppard after 48,000 years?

    Is Sheppard really physically unchanged after 700 years in stasis when Dr. Weir aged the rest of her life after 10,000 years in stasis? Wouldn’t he have aged even a couple of years as a result? Was there a difference between the two situations?

  18. ok i am a bit annoyed as i dont have Sky so i have to wait for the boxset but when the hologram rodney telling shepherd the events all ready have changed the events of the future and so then when he went back the future was all ready changed and so what was done was undone leading the viewers back to what Sam said in The Seer about the future being predetermined by those that shape it

  19. With all those different script colours why do I have an over whelming urge to sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’!!

    Joe said: FIRST DRAFT which is critiqued, revised, and put out as a WRITER’S DRAFT which is critiqued, rewritten, and put out as a REVISED WRITER’S DRAFT which is again critiqued, revised, and put out as a FINAL…. Ad infinitum.

    Have you ever written a scene or had an idea which everyone else said should be cut or completely rewritten and you believed it should stay.

    Did you champion your idea to the bitter end or and I’m loathed to say this ‘give in’.

    I know you’re going to say it’s not a matter of giving in but of producing a workable script but a little insight into the workings of a writers mind helps.

    Okay if my question makes no sense I apologize. I’ve spent the last four days with little or no sleep at my mum’s hospital bedside. I now fully appreciate the subtlety of sleep deprivation as a form of torture and as a hallucinogenic….especially those cute little Gnomes who are waving to me from the corner of my room…..”High fellers!”

    For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
    When we have shuffled off this mortal coil…

  20. Do you believe in reincarnation? I didn’t, until today. Seeing how you are torturing us with these wonderful pictures, and tantalizing hints, it’s obvious you were once a member of the Spanish Inquisition. The fact that those you torture come to you voluntarily is a reflection on us I fear. Do keep up the good work though; even torture is better than no SGA news at all. Oh, and I managed to follow your various revisions until you hit the teal one. At that, my brain swelled until grey matter was oozing out of my eye sockets. But thank you for the education in how scripts are drafted.

  21. “Joe Said I’m in the process of trying to extricate myself from the clutches of Facebook. Easier said than done. Just when you think you’ve managed to delete your profile, it turns out some pesky little residual element has managed to elude your best efforts. It‘s like a frigging brain tumor.

    SFM said *big smiles* thanks for the warning!!

    John O’Callaghan (Niam – S3 ep. “Progeny”) is featured in this week’s edition of the Aussie/NZ magazine New Idea. I can scan and post a link from my photobucket album if wanted. He’s getting married later this year.

    Also extra BIG BIG HUGS to Joe Flanigan. It’s no fun losing a parent.

  22. lis Said:
    I’m trying to figure out what colour tartan is.

    Depends on what clan you are. 😀

    So Joe, what are the Mallozzi tartan colours then? A fine, upstanding celtic name you have there… 😀

  23. Hey Joe!

    Ever thought of using black paper? Heh 😀

    That’s some neat insight into the workings of a script. I never knew it went through all of those colours. Thanks for the notes, and for the images as well. 🙂

    As always,

    Enzo Aquarius

    PS – Although some people seem to not like “The Last Man”, I quite liked it!

  24. Thanks for the pics, Joe! Love the picture of Sheppard, although in my opinion his shirt should be way more manfully ripped. Possibly gone all together.


  25. I vote for “McKeller”. Fits in well with “McCarter”, “McWeir”, “McCadman”, “McBrown”, and the one that I personally like, but has yet to widely catch on, “McDoran”.

  26. Ah Joe, thanks so much for the breakdown of drafting. I particularly liked the titles you writers have given to each coloured version. Much more interesting than just using the colour of the paper as a reference.

    So you just use the colours to torment actors with particularly sensitive eyes, right? It has nothing to do with coordinating what the current script draft is, does it?

  27. I absolutely LOVED The Last Man. It was well written, well acted, well directed… with great special effects and (most importantly) a really cool plot.

    Only one thing bugged me.

    Why didn’t Sheppard ask about Carson? They just froze the doc a few days (weeks?) before and Sheppard’s heading to the same chamber. Natural thing to say, “Oh, hey, Rodney. . . so what happened to Carson? Or do I not want to know?” Silence speaks volumes and all, but the lack of the question made it seem like no one cared. (Sheppard didn’t care enough to ask and holo-Rodney didn’t care enough to bring it up.)

    Thanks! Again– excellent episode. Can’t wait for the Season 5 premiere!

  28. Woo hoo!! and Awwww for Fondy. Fell better soon!!

    That was Joe?!?!? hmmmm ok after I squinted and tilted my head I got it. lol.

    I’d have to say McKeller myself.

    As for Joe aging after 700 years, well maybe a little bit. I mean Wier was in there for 10,000 years she looked darn good considering. And don’t say aging around men, the prefer seasoned I think,lol.

  29. Joe,

    Here I am having an “as fine as it can be with a post-Daylight Savings Time fog” day when I check for your blog post and see that picture of Shep! AAAAAGH! Oh, good LORD! I don’t even want to know where that rebar is going! Poor, pooor Sheppard. I know that pic is a whumper’s dream, but I was, until this instant, under the fairy-tale cloud of “Ronon and John are trapped in a pocket of rubble, trapped but otherwise unscathed”.


    Can it be time to start airing Season 5 yet? I’m still interested in renting that time-traveling puddle jumper.

    Congrats on the numbers for TLM, by the way.

    Hope Fondy feels better soon!

    MA Milan
    aka moms2398

  30. Personally, I like McKeller. They are adorable together, but I’m not encouraging you. That pic of Shep is a killer tease. Are the pages pink or salmon?? Let’s ask DH.

  31. What’s being said at the end of the video? I couldn’t quite understand it.

    There really is no last thing as a final draft. I’ve written papers where I could probably do more but got to the “good enough” point. I’m going to assume that you fine folks at Stargate never give us anything less than superfantastic quality. 🙂

  32. Ok – so you post for the Shep whumpers. How about some love for the Rodney whumpers? You can’t tell me Rodney escaped that with only a scratch…come on now…

    By the way, I loved Last Man – You all are such a fantastic group of writers. Much props all around for the entire season.

    P.S. – Now that SGA is over for a while – I’m at a loss as to what to watch…I used to fill this time with 24 (but since they pulled it this season – then TV just sucks) – Now its back to watching the terribly addictive (even though I hate to admit it)…reality shows. Currently watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations as I type…yet its one of the rare ones that is actually fun to watch.

    JOE – Have you seccumbed to any reality shows? If so which ones…even if you hate to admit to it…

  33. I loved LTM greatly. It was one of those stories that left me hollowed, but hopeful for the next season. If SGA had ended at season four, I think I would have had to wear a black vail in mourning.

    Plus Jedney makes me think of Forest Gump LOL. Love the McKeller though. Yay!

  34. Okay, I understand the color coding scheme is necessary. But my sympathies have to lie with the actors by the time you get to tartan. 😉

    Is that Sheppard artwork from the Search and Rescue story? I’m really hoping SciFi will go for the July premiere.

  35. Oooh, nice bit of Shep whump!! Can we look forward to Rodney being badly off as well, or is Shep going to hog all the whump-sympathy?

    Re: the drafts — OMGs, you killded me! I laughed so hard tears poured from my eyes and I was electrocuted by my keyboard! Now I am a ghost in the machine …

    @dasNdanger (a bit late — hey, I been busy) ~ Um, sorry I made you cry? 😉 You are my hero on the Todd/Wraith-defender front! 😀 (Did you see my Todd bag? *G*)

  36. Has a script ever been rejected and removed from production after a writer submits a draft?

    Great work on Last Man! Also, I just got my Ark of Truth tonight! Can’t wait to sit back and enjoy first thing tomorrow!

  37. Hi Joe!

    Just finished watching The Last Man. AAAAAGH! Great episode! AAAAAGH!

    Danger! Action! Adventure! Time Travel!
    …and then the building falls down on them.

    AAAAGH! 😆

    So, I guess I’ll give this ep top stars in my Official Ranking System TM. I keep going to my hubby for hugs cuz I’m so worried about Sam and upset that she died (so heroically), but he keeps reminding me that hasn’t happened yet, and won’t happen (probably!).

    Great job by all of the actors, composer, WRITERS, the entire production team!!! Emotional ep with great action…and then the building falls down on them.

    I figured it was going to end with Shep in the stasis pod 48k yrs in the future. Then I thought it was going to end with them finding Teyla…and then the building falls down on them.

    😆 AAAAGH! 😆

    P.S. I’ll try to be more coherent tomorrow. I’m too excited and traumatized by the wonderful The Last Man!

  38. Hey Joe!

    Loved watching The Last Man. I have to be honest when I saw Scifi’s promo for TLM with Rodney and Jennifer kissing I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy that part of the episode. Luckily I decided to watch the entire episode before making any final opinions. By the end I really did enjoy the relationship that grew between Rodney and Jennifer (Rodnifer). Great Job to you and Paul M!

    Since Mark Decascos is back have you been trying to talk you way onto an episode of Iron Chef America?

    What’s a Hertz Donut?


  39. Thornyrose Said:

    it’s obvious you were once a member of the Spanish Inquisition.

    Well, that’s just it. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

    (Sorry, had to be done!) 😀

  40. Hey Joe,

    one sentence, a simple number (1.49) and you have no idea how happy I am! seriously I’m literally jumping up and down. woohoo!!!!!! a 1.5 is awesome, now I’m really curious about the live +7 numbers

    hold on. there may actually be more than 14 different drafts (even if it’s most likely ‘just’ 6 or 7)? wow! I’ve always liked Brad Wright’s episodes, so I’m looking forward to more info on The Shrine of Talus. great to hear that the casting process is complete 🙂


    I think my head just imploded.

    Sorry to hear Fondy’s under the weather.. I suppose you’re gonna scarf her spoils of war eh? An extra hour or two on the treadmill will burn that off.

    Oh my poor Shep in that pic. Of course he’s alive. I’ve snavvied the top pic and will lighten it so I can get a better looksee 😉


  42. When I saw that pic of the concept Shep whump art, I nearly fainted…are you actually going to realise a whumper’s idea of heaven? Or are you just tormenting us with such imagery?
    (intubate, nekkid, infirmary….*uses Jedi mind trick*)

  43. Dare I ask what brought about the capslock? Or is it merely the exuberance of completing the “final” draft bleeding over? I’ll admit, sometimes my own capslock gets stuck. Particularly on days when my sports teams win/lose. So um, every Sunday during football season, basically.

    Concerning the shipping name(s)…*shudders* You’re encouraging name smooshing? Well, I suppose fans can’t say you’re not paying attention. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the video clips the past two days. They were great!

    And finally, a complete non sequitor. I know you’ve mentioned never being to England, but have you made it to Ireland?

  44. wow, and i thought my job could be repeditive, well i cant wait till see it in the video format 🙂 also tommorow is a big day ill be another day older and ark of truth woot. now i know you already watched it probly a few times but do you plan on posting up your own comments of it tommorow?

  45. OMG loved “The Last Man”, the Mckay and Keller relationship topped the whole episode off. Also absolutely loved especially how you guys managed to kill off both Carter and her 304- Honorable and sad at the same time.

    Anyway just wondering if you could answer a few quick questions on season 5;
    1) We will be seeing more exploration of Atlantis itself?
    2) More one on one fights with the wraith?
    3) Are you going to answer my questions?
    4) Will you be writing another poem for us, to do with season 5?
    5) How would you describe Season 5? Because i know you said Season 4 was going to be very dark but will Season 5 be the same?
    6) Super last question, promise =D Will Robert Davi (Koyla) be guesting staring in Season 5? If yes which episode? (name of Ep or number of episode)

    thanks for reading!

  46. is the street their in the clip controlled traffic? or is it just normal everyday people driving by?

  47. Hi Joe,
    You made my horrible, very bad day (found out that I failed one midterm, barely passed the other and didn’t get the job) a little bit better. Thanks!

    I love the Shep whump pic, I can’t wait for S5 premier now. I finally got to see The Last Man, it was an excellent season finale. Who is the last man? John or Rodney? And can you reveal which line from the spoiler poem is referring to The Last Man?

    Please give Fondy my get well wishes. I always get sick after flying so I know exactly how she feels.


  48. Wonderful snap of Shep, just makes me want to sigh some more.
    And, alas, the audio on the video was faint/mumbled; and I really don’t want to complain about the guy with the blue pullover and khaki shorts who seemed to be in between your camera and the two people we are craning to see. ok my bad. The videos are so short and precious. Perhaps if we knew who blue shirt is or what he looked like; might make a difference.
    Sorry for being selfish in wanting to see more of the characters. <>>>

  49. Wow O.O I had no idea it took so long to get a final draft…I have a lot to look forward to. That pic of Sheppard makes me cringe. I’m looking foward to the premier of season 5.

    Anywho, hope your dinner was fantastic! (every pic of food you post makes my stomach grumble and inspires the inner chef in me)

    And I hope your significant other feels better soon. ^^


  50. Loved the whole season! Can’t wait for Season 5. The Last Man was probably one of the best episodes all season, excellent acting on everyone’s part. Quick question that has nothing at all to do with the post: What watches are being used on Atlantis? I know that Sunnto watches were used on SG-1 and was just wondering which ones are being used on SGA? Again can’t wait for Season 5! Great work.

  51. Ah once again you’ve started my day with much amusement and hilarity, thanks, I just may quit while I’m ahead and call it a day right now.

    Thanks for the artwork of Elvin Ears Flanigan, I still have visions of him all in green doing a veritable Peter Pan which is somewhat disturbing and possibly due to excess medication.
    *mind wanders and throws out visions of Carter as Tinkerbell*

    hope you enjoyed both your meals and had someone to roll you home afterwards. I hope also that Fondy is feeling better soon, I’ve only flown once well twice if you count getting back and it near killed me, I slept for 18 hours straight and had some kind of coldy/fluey bug for about a month after!
    Looking forward to The Last Man tonight. Cheers!

  52. OH.MY.WORD. and blinkin’ flip!! That second pic.
    Us Shep whumpers are a little bit excited about that..and I’m also rather liking the idea of the ripped shirt!! 🙂

  53. I thought Last Man was fantastic. One of the best eps, and cameo-central for all your reoccurring characters.

    I do have one question though – entering nit-pick land, but I need to ask it – and this relates to all of Atlantis but is made quite prominent in Last Man:

    The destruction of spacecraft, or, more accurately, the easy destruction of space craft.

    Why can the Daedalus stand up, unshielded, to a battering of Hive Ship fire in Allies, fly through a fleet of 12 Hive Ships (and who knows how many Cruisers) in Siege Part III – all without our fancy new Asgard tech… yet the Phoenix seems to lose all its systems after a couple of good volleys from a tiny fleet of 3 Hive Ships that somehow ‘surrounds’ it (in 3D space, no less) after it has Asgard tech installed.

    Ok, it was cool to see the Asgard beam weapons tear a Hive Ship apart in three shots, and I understand that from a writing perspective it’s boring to have everyone sitting on a bridge with nothing exploding around them, but the variability of the durability of the ships is getting quite laughable. Nothing says ‘plot device’ more than shields that can withstand a pounding one-day, yet go down almost instantly (along with the requisite hull breaches, core overloads and hyperdrive malfunctions) in the next.

    I mean, the Prometheus took three hits from that big beam thingy in Ethon before it went down (which reminds me, name a ship the Heracles – the saviour of Prometheus – that would fit more with your naming conventions than ‘Phoenix’). The Odyssey (pre-ZPM, pre-Asgard tech) can take a couple of hits from Ori ships. Almost every instance of the Daedalus class in battle sees them taking quite a pounding… yet the Phoenix falls apart the moment it gets shot at.

    It really takes you out of the moment. I can live with Carter going out with a heroic ramming attack – the scene was fantastic and heart-wrenching and I loved it – but make it against 20 Hive Ships all pounding her ship… not three! The Earth ships have never really had a problem with three.

  54. Hey, in the Last Man episode, whatever happened to Zelenka? We didn’t even get to see his face, and then he just disappeared out of the storyline altogether….also, what happened to Carson? He didn’t seem to be in the stasis room…..


    Someone send me a paramedic I am feeling rather faint!

    Oh my Shep whumpigoodness!! 🙂

    Woo hoo


  56. ARGH! What have you done to poor Sheppard?! There’s whump and then there’s overkill! Lol. (Please don’t kill Lorne, please don’t kill Lorne, please don’t kill Lorne…)

  57. Goodness. I don’t know what to say. You’ve got me speechless for once… I hear sighs of pleasure from around the globe because you’ve succeeded where so many have previously failed! I’m sure if my husband were here now he’d be thanking you too. Sadly for him he’s at work, so by the time he gets home I’ll have recovered my speech! 😆 😉

    Well, firstly, thank you, comes to mind. Should I thank Martin Gero too? 😉 Gosh, I hope there will be some angsty scenes?

    Secondly, whoever drew that picture is incredibly talented. It’s beautifully drawn, and at first glance I thought it was actually a picture from the set and not a concept art drawing (which I’m presuming is what it is?). Please pass on my complete admiration to the artist. I wish I had that talent.

    Thirdly, there were tears in my eyes this morning when I saw that piccie. Yes, I’m hormonal again! But, seriously, I was starting to, dare I say, lose the faith a little. I know, I know, I’m pathetic 😳 But now? I feel incredibly emotional, well, it’s those hormones, and am so thoroughly excited to see Season 5 now. Well I was before really, but now I’m just…DESPERATE to see Search and Rescue.

    Thank you again! 🙂

    *Goes to lie down, and tries to work out how to build a time machine*

  58. Hey Joe,
    Thanks for the video.
    The Last Man was great, cant wait till season 5!

    I was wondering if you have ever gone to Double White pages for your scripts and if so, which episode/s?

  59. Nice pix! And as for the color of tartan to use- I’d vote for Black Watch as appropriate.

    Why didn’t Sheppard ask about Carson? They just froze the doc a few days (weeks?) before and Sheppard’s heading to the same chamber…
    I was actually looking for him to be still there, still frozen in his pod since they obviously didn’t have time to work on his problem after the universe went to hell… I figured John was going to get the pod next door. And if he was in there for 700 odd yrs, I think John did age a bit in keeping with extended pod use consistency. So that means there should be no more need to apply heavy makeup to JF’s “laugh lines”. 😉

  60. Oh Joe, that pic of Shep! Please don’t let us find us it’s from the newest SGA comic book!

  61. Has anyone ever handed in a Final Final Draft and had to approved with no changes?

    Also, just wanted to say I watched Ark of Truth last night and WOW! I won’t chat about it now because I know most people haven’t seen it yet, but I do have a few questions for a later date.

    So, when do we get Continuum? Any idea yet at all? Summer, Autumn, next year?

  62. Hey Joe!

    I was wondering what one word that would summarise each of the first 10 episodes of Season 5 would be?


  63. Hi Joe!

    Just saw ‘The Last Man’ and had to laugh at the end… You mention that you are (kind of) a Farscape fan having watched them all on DVD, and I have to wonder if you were influenced by Farscape when it came to the ending of the season? (I have to wonder if this was planned before you knew there would be a Season 5? If so, excellent! I love that kind of irreverence!)

    Time upon time Farscape ended on similar cliff hangers, especially Season 4, when as all seemed to be finally working out for John and Aeryn, when they were reduced to crystal fragments in a very surreal scene.

    There seems to be some parallels… was this a conscious choice?

    Also, I am wondering if Season 5 will based on the ‘small’ ensemble episodes we have seen in season 4, only staring maybe 2 or 3 main characters per episode? This seemed to be a break from Seasons 1-3, but for me at least, made me hanker to see a more ‘team’ based mission with all characters playing to ‘their’ unique strengths… While it was cool see the interplay between a few members of the expedition, the human interactions and nuances, it did begin to grate as it made the season frustrating… like having all the pieces of a perfect jigsaw layed out in front of you, and one or 2 pieces linked in places, but unable to see the bigger picture that you know could be there. For example, to begin with, seeing McKay with P-90 in hand, Keller lost in forests, John working out technical issues (eg remembering McKay’s passwords etc), I hankered after seeing McKay geeking out at impossible technical solutions under fire, the others are fighting around him, Ronon kicking ass in hand to hand combat etc…

    All in all, I enjoyed Season 4 immensely, and a huge ‘thank you’ to yourself, and the whole team for that, but if I can make a personal critique (and I hope this is not too obnoxious for your tastes, as it is not meant that way!) for me, I felt that this season was a bit ‘bitty’ for me, almost like it was not as planned out as the rest of the seasons in terms of how the story arcs would play out… for example;

    The ‘Travelers’ for me had awesome potential, but we saw just too little of them. Their female leader was the perfect foil to Sheppard imho, and I can’t wait to see more of the interplay… I was left wanting to see so much more of them as a race.

    There was no real adequate explanation/conclusion to the Weir Replicator arc imho. Yes, the team blew up the planet etc, but err, I felt there was no ‘payoff’ in terms that immediately up popped ‘Leather Weir’… then we saw nothing else!

    Teyla’s pregnancy/the ‘Lost Athosian’ storyline didn’t work for me somehow… when we found Kanaan (sp?) and the rest of them, it felt like an anti-climax, much too rushed to be dealt with in a 1/5 of one episode. For a strong people, used to fighting adversity, you’d have thought they’d have tried to break out, or at least fought against the yolk of oppression. Surely they have free will without Teyla?

    Carter as I have posted previously was an ‘issue’ for me too. I guess it is to do with my own perceptions though… I always see her as the perfect mixture of tech genius/soldier… in the thick of things kicking ass, but also able to fix the Naquida generator that was always about to explode or something in SG-1. Seeing her have doubts, be indecisive, and even at the helm of the ‘Phoenix’ in TLM just didn’t seem to sit well with what we know of her previously.

    Ok, on to Carson… hmm where to begin. For me, despite my doubts, seeing him in Kindred made me realise he was the ‘Warmth’, the ‘Heart’ of the show… much as Jewel Straite was in Firefly. He lit up the screen for me in both Kindred Episodes. When he uttered the lines ‘What bloody took you so long’, it just made things seem ‘right’ in the world for that moment, the heart had returned to Atlantis! However, not 10 minutes screen time later, the feeling was shot down! The ‘Clone’ thing… hmm. For me, it would have been so much better to have a ‘real’ Carson back, not a fake one with a seemingly very limited shelf life. Why not have the ‘real’ one kidnapped and replaced with the clone, and the clone being the one that was killed? Have him then return to earth to speak to family, catch up on life etc if there was a problem with how many episodes he could be in in future… Clone Carson feels, well, cheesy, and a bit of a letdown, a cheat if you will. I just can’t believe that it was always planned this way as you intimate, as it seems, to badly quote Voltaire in Candide ‘the worst outcome in all possible worlds’! We don’t get the ‘real’ Carson, the one we get it afflicted by an as yet incurable disease, and also lots of plot holes… he may as well have stayed dead, which in a way, I guess he is. No matter how we look at it, he is not the ‘real’ Carson. I look at him and now and think of some of the zombie movies I have seen, with ‘Zombie Carson’ running about somehow.

    For me SGA needs Carson’s ‘Charm’, his comedy act with McKay… I guess that this also emphasised that this Season felt a lot ‘bleaker’ and colder than the last 3, it was a lot more ‘sterile’ or ‘clinical’ and it came as a shock to the system in many ways.

    All in all, this sounds very negative, and it is not meant to be that way… There were some awesome moments and episodes like ‘Midway’ and ‘Travelers’ were for me some of the best I have seen across all the Stargate franchises…

    Anyway, I think I got carried away a little there, and I hope that the comments are taken in the way they were intended, just as personal observations, and not a critical attack. I know that I for one will be counting down the days to Season 5!

    Take care and thanks again for keeping the SG fans entertained!


  64. Hi, I just noticed someone mention about the score done for ‘Last Man’ and I was just wondering if some more soundtrack cds for the series (both sg1 & atlantis) might be produced. I mean some of the themes that you could here in season 6 of sg1 were fantastic, and others like the Ori ‘Camelot’ battle were incredable aswell, so might some be made?

    Also just quickly, wanted to ask (though you probably don’t know yourself), if something similar to the cancelled Stargate Alliance game might be reproduced, maybe up to date season 9-10 story. Just thought it would be an option for the franchise to launch alongside Stargate Worlds? Not everyone might beable to have such access to a game like Worlds, it’ll make money.

  65. Got a great question for you: If the timelines matched up until the point that Sheppard stepped through the ‘gate into the future, where did Carson go? I thought he was in the stasis pod, so how could Sheppard have stepped in there? Is there a second one? Did they never find him in the alternate timeline?

  66. Hey Joe,

    Congrats on the ratings for “The Last Man” I wanted to point out that Atlantis pulled the same ratings as “First Strike” and “TLM” did not have the SG-1 Series Finale leading into it. Do you think that is a good sign for the future success of Atlantis?



  67. You are a wicked man. Naughty whumper teaser, that’s what you are!

    Thanks for a great season 4, looking forward to season 5.

  68. Love the pics – I’m not a shep whumper but even I thought that drawing was heart-rending and full of whumpage…please can you find one for Rodney? *smiles hopefully*

    Is that the new race we see in the first pic?

    Thanks for the vid too – I think McKeller might be the one to catch on…though what about JeniRod?

    Hmm, perhaps not!

    Leesa Perrie – looking online to try and buy some tartan paper…

  69. What happened to the s4-supposed episode featuring Kolya’s return which was later put on ice?

  70. Hey Joe!

    My mom and I were watching Atlantis last night (Critical Mass) and I was just wondering if when Zalenka goes off talking in Czechoslovakian, is what he’s saying scripted and then translated or is it just whatever he improvs?

  71. Super! And which tartan? MacGregor, Campbell, Stewart or the reliable Black Watch? MaCleod blue for the Highlander fans? Ooooh, I know, McKay!!!1!!!

    Sorry, I’m giddy, I went 36 hours without a modem…Damn you, Comcast! I couldn’t cook honey-walnut scallops because I didn’t have internet1 I couldn’t pay my MOnday bills! I couldn’t ramble rant and rave on Joe’s blog! Argh! Argh!

    Great Shep pic, and I’m not that big on whumpage. Nice, very nice.

    Morgia (ben je voulais juste que le message soit clair )LOL

  73. Dear Joe,

    With Mark Dacascos back again, have you asked the “Chairman” if he can wrangle you a seat at the judges table in Kitchen Stadium? Since they have added more celebrities as judges, it would be nice to see someone with your culinary passion opining on the chefs creations.

  74. Aw, I love the picture of Michael playing the Wraith organ. The raptorous expression on his face shows he’s caught up in the power of his Wraith opera. I can almost hear the strains of his big hit “Teyla, Mein Liebchen.”

  75. Hi from a VERY happy Shep Whumper! I’ve decided that you are either a very kind or a very cruel man… depending upon the finished product next season, and I’m hoping for kind!

    Keep up the fabby work. Love the blog, loved Season 4 and cannot wait for Season 5.

    Thanks again.

  76. Question: Do you all say “UEESBLUNOFFD” as yooeeesblundoffed (if slurred enough, it sounds like, you is blundoffed, which makes me now wonder what blundoffed is?) or as u-e-e-s-b-l-u-n-o-f-f-d?

    dayse Said:
    “Thanks for the pics, Joe! Love the picture of Sheppard, although in my opinion his shirt should be way more manfully ripped. Possibly gone all together.”
    I agree. It just seems like that would be much more, um…. realistic!

  77. On a countdown til 8pm and Last Man!
    *gathering munchies together for communal viewing down the road with friends*

    I’ll be back with comments…be warned!

  78. Salut Joseph. Sa va? Moi?? je suis trés fatiguer, et oui deja, les professeur nous ont bombarder de devoir snif…

    Yéé super la video^^! Cool les audiences! c’est super!! =)

    Shrine of Talus? ..intéréssant^^!


    le coffret de l’intégrale de la saison 10 de sg1 est vendu un peu prés a 70$ (américan) en france, sa vous parez élever comme prix?

    Bon aller gros Bisou, je vous adore, a demain =)

  79. Hmm! I just realized something.
    Although Sheppard was put in stasis in the future,
    he was in there for how many years? 700?

    This means that Sheppard is now actually around 700 years old. *laughs* How does Sheppard feel about that (heck. how does Joe like that hehe)

    I can imagine some of the future jokes related to this.
    “Ronon: (after some skirmish, commenting to Sheppard) Not bad for a 700 year old!”
    “Shepphard: What!? Oh, for crying out, I was in a stasis chamber!”
    “Ronon: So? That still makes you 700 years old!”

    I’m also curious if wormhole’ing that that far into the future and then in stasis for like hundreds of years with all that radiation from that dying sun would have any effect on Shepphard (that may not materialize themselves in medical scans until much later) That might either benefit or be an issue to Shepphard later.

    It certainly presents lots of interesting future repercussions opportunities.

  80. First – that pic of poor Sheppard is a great teaser! Would be nice to see Todd come rootin’ through the rubble, find Shep half-dead and regurgiate that yummy gift of life back into him again…just so Shep owes him one. 😀

    But that won’t happen again, so I’ll just be content with this image of Shep trapped in the wreckage. NOT because I’m a ‘whumper’, or whatever…but because I know it’ll make him whine about something. It’s what saves him for me – I LOVE Sheppard’s ‘whine’ – especially when he says, “Rodneeeey?!”. Otherwise, the dirty Wraith-killer gets no sympathy from me. (Well, maybe a little, seeing as how he’s cute as a button and all. 😉 )

    @ wolfenm – I LOVE the Todd bag!!!! That’s GREAT! Was it hard to make? Looks like you put a lot of detail into it – you should send it to Chris! Well…a picture of it to Chris – not sure I’d want to part with it if I were you. 🙂 Heh. As far as the Wraith thing goes, I think we’ve gone from being Wraith defenders, to worshippers, to…groupies. *blushes*

    @ JM – Speaking of Wraith…I have a Michael-related question.

    Since Michael is no longer ‘Wraith’ and hates them so much, why does he still wear the ‘colors’ of the Wraith? And IF he’s going to be around a while, will he and his kind – AND their tech – be given different names? It gets confusing when reference is made to ‘Wraith’ – thinking it’s about true Wraith – when it’s really about Michael and his zombiefied hybrids. Seems there needs to be a clearer distinction there.

    Thanks for the pictures and all! Oh, and forgot to say how ADORABLE your puppies are!! I have to wait to get to a high-speed connection to watch the vids, but didn’t want to forget to say thanks for the smiles your pups gave me! Too cute!


  81. Ok I will just ask this once again because it is important for me and I imagine other international fans as well. But now Ark of Truth has been released stateside, but not other regions yet, will you post anything in your blog that could be considered spoilers for the film for people who haven’t seen it yet?

    Comments understandably I will avoid until the release as people have a right to post their views on the film/plot decisions, but about the main blog entry I’m talking about.

  82. Roger “Rescator” Hågensen Said: “I’m also curious if wormhole’ing that that far into the future and then in stasis for like hundreds of years with all that radiation from that dying sun would have any effect on Shepphard…That might either benefit or be an issue to Shepphard later.
    It certainly presents lots of interesting future repercussions opportunities.”
    Indeed. Looking forward to Sheppard the superhero. Let’s see, will he be superstrong? Or able to fly? Considering all the crazy stuff that’s happened to Shep, it’s amazing that he’s still even mostly human.

  83. Iron Chef Guy! I adore him, both on Iron Chef and SGA (even if his character is questionable.)

    I have to say, since I was sort of talking about someone connected with Ronon, that I prefer Keller with Ronon. The Rodney and Keller thing worked for me in The Last Man, but I’m not sure I can see it other than that. I know my opinion counts for nothing (and I’ll watch the show and love it regardless of what happens), but decided to put my two cents’ in anyway.

    Rigel said: Since Mark Decascos is back have you been trying to talk your way onto an episode of Iron Chef America?

    Joe! That would be awesome and you would be perfect! You should totally beg your way into a judge’s seat. If you gave all your points to Bobby Flay, you’d be my favorite person for life. (Although, I think I vaguely remember reading somewhere on your blog that you prefer Mario Batali. I like him, too, so it’s all good.)

    Take good care of Fondy, you hear?

  84. Forgot to mention – the picture of a picture of John? Gorgeous and heartbreaking (even if he’s just stuck and not, you know, dead).

  85. No McKeller, No Ronon/Keller, in fact, no Keller at all would be mighty fine. Lorne on the other hand – well, we can never have too much Lorne!

  86. Allo Anaïs,
    Moi je le trouve pas mal cher ton coffret de la dixième saison, t’es certaine que tu peux pas le trouver moins cher ailleurs ? Ici au Canada, on peut l’avoir à 42$, je veux ben croire que vous êtes de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique, mais c’est cher !
    Bonne nuit !

  87. Just watched Ark of Truth……

    All I have to say is: SG-1 NEEDED A FRIGGEN SEASON 11!!!! So much development needed to happen in that movie that couldn’t be done in film format… tis sad.

  88. That scene with Ronon + Todd in Last Man was kinda cool.. needed a tad bit more time with both chars with more action, YES ACTION :P, but all things considered you gave each grim future around about the same time so.. alls well.

    I can see why it got good ratings, favourite part was when Todd and Ronon had blades drawn against each other, an “old habit” comment lol..

  89. Joe Joe Joe!

    This Shep Whumper had a little heart palpitation with that second pic! Thank you! Now I don’t know how I’ll make it to July.

    I’d also like to say a big thanks for the Connor/Michael shot.

    Hey…..I’m not working now. Could you use someone to help with all that color collating? I did that sort of thing in one of my previous jobs.

    LOVE the puppy pics…..they are adorable!

    Hope Fondy feels better!

  90. I’d like to take a stab at the “where was Carson in TLM?” in the alternate time line he is a) in a padded cell back on Earth, serving as an experimental subject b) dead in his stasis tube (Woolsey cut the power off, obsensibly to save power, in actuality fearing Carson was a plant of Michael and would end up letting Michael into Atlantis if Carson were thawed) c) Carson was thawed and died after being treated unsuccessfully for his failing organds, d) Carson was thawed and survived, living out his life in Pegasus, or e) Carson was thawed, and due to some genetic programming turned into a Michael Clone, leading the Pegasus expidition to abandon Pegasus galaxy in abject defeat. f) there simply wasnt enough on-air time to tell what happened to the Flying Scotsman, and everyone is free to use their imaginations to come up with explanations g-zzzzz.

  91. Ok. Last Man just finished and first off I want to say how much teh aged McKay put me in mind of the great Jack Lemmon, DH did an outstanding job with such understated subtlety it was a terrific performance, this was commented upon by my friend Pen as well, another Jack Lemmon fan.

    Atlantis hitting a sandbank was my first thought on seeing the state of the place after 48,000 years, surely there should’ve been more dust in the control room *runs finger across top of TV then shuts up about dust*
    Anyway, as I was saying before being waylaid by toast and jam, where was I? oh yes, Last Man, hmm, yep I liked it.
    Question: D’you think McKay once stopped to question whether his meddling could possibly make matters worse?
    How do you think the Ascended beings would react to such tinkering?
    Isn’t it somewhat presumptuous if not down right arrogant to just go aroung arbitrarily changing timelines just because something happened that you didn’t like? Its the ultimate cheat. what about all those other people for whom things had never been better? Some things are just manifest destiny so how ironic would it then be if variations of the original timeline were just transposed? I guess that would kinda put the mockers on season 5 though wouldn’t it?
    I’m waffling again aren’t I, time I retired for the night and let you catch up 😛

  92. 1)During season five will the team be at odds with one another over a decision or action, momentarily tearing them apart?

    2)Will Michael’s ultimate plan be further explained in the season premiere?

  93. I miss Teyla this season :(,we haven’t seen enough of her,i know it was probably unavoidable due to Rachel’s pregnancy but will she be getting lots more screentime next season to make up for the lack there off this season?

    Is there gonna be any Teyla whump at all next season,i dunno,maybe a bit of torture or her getting beaten to a pulp…It’s almost always the guys that get the torture and stuff,why not give the girls a shot?

    I sure hope Michael sticks around for a while yet,he’s such a great bad guy,will he be be in any of S5,well apart from the first ep obviously;)?

    Thanks Joe!!!

  94. OMG!! Mr M you have made my day, that Shep concept art is just fantastic.

    Season 4 is over *sobs*, which means I now have nothing to do other than spend hours looking at that pic in anticipation for S5, happy days (well, I have a job so have to work in between, but still hours of wondering how its all going to play out are ahead). You have certainly made the Shep whumpers so very very happy. I have ended up with a squee headache from one little pic and the sudden ability to ramble on endlessly…..

    Thank you so much!!!!


  95. OMG!!! That pic of Shep! *fans self*

    We’ll be getting Shep whump in S&R?! SQUEEEEEEEE!!! I hope this means we’ll get to see his team worrying about him and taking care of him. I love me my angst and comfort! :oD

    Thanks so much for posting this pic, Joe! You made my day! *bounces!*


    P.s. Great news about the ratings! Do these numbers include the DVR-ratings or are these the Live numbers?

  96. G’day Joe
    I bawled my eyes out when Sam got killed. Cried even more when she was alive again (love scifi).
    She belongs with Ronon.
    Love Ronon and Todd fighting together.
    A great episode


  97. Hey Joe, I was wondering what the odds are of seeing Lorne in one of the new uniforms next season? Maybe a leather jacket? The poor boy needs a new wardrobe.

  98. Hey Joe,

    Rejoice, Rejoice for the AoT is here and just hit play… WHAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    I’ll be back later to tell ya what I think!

    Thanks Rob Copper for me!

    Patricia Lee

  99. Please forgive the downer nature of this post.

    After doing my level best to ignore the situation for quite some time now, I have finally had to admit that my health has seriously deteriorated. Because of that, in the next hour or so I will be going in to the hospital for what I sincerely hope is a short stay. After the doctors have made their evaluations (“Yep. You’re sick; you’re fat, and you’re a mess.”), I will be going in to a nursing home. Realistically, this move will be permanent.

    It goes without saying I am not looking forward to this. (What 43 year-old would?) I’m trying to stay focused on the positives but that’s pretty tough.

    I will most likely be without Internet access while in the actual hospital — I’m already going in to withdrawal just thinking about it! — but I hope to be back online and caught up in two weeks or so.

    So, if those of you who are so inclined will point your thoughts toward Southwestern Indiana (Evansville, to be exact) and send all the positive vibes you can my way, I would really appreciate it. I’m going to need the moral support.

    Anne Teldy
    (who refused to go to the hospital until after “The Last Man” aired. No way was I risking an SF-hating roommate!)

  100. Okay, gotta say, Season 4 was great, but really a bit too dark. Can we brighten it up some for Season 5? *big smile*

    Now that the season is over and we’re in hiatus, I know you’re not but we, the fans, are I have a few questions and/or comments.

    GREAT season. Thanks much to all of the cast and crew.

    The Last Man was awesome in so many ways and the music was fantastic!! Especially Sam’s “going out” scene, the soundtrack was very emotion evoking in so many ways. I felt sorrow, knowing what was about to happen, and yet felt so proud of her courage and mettle to face it head on, on her feet. AWESOME.

    I’ve been waiting a couple of seasons to see Jinto and Wex again among the Athosians and really hoped we’d get a glimpse of them at their being rescued.

    Was soooooo glad to see Halling again. I know Chris is playing Todd the Wraith but Halling is an awesome character and is missed as a regular recurring character, at least by me.

    Will Halling be back more in Season 5 now that the Athosians have returned? Will they stay on Atlantis again, at least for a little while?

    I’m really hoping that in that scene of Shep-major-whumpage there… that Ronon’s angst over what he sees surges Hulk-like strength in him and he frees Sheppard… only to have him needing Todd’s assistance to regain some health. Obviously Todd and Ronon dont die together since Ronon is buried alive with Sheppard….. changes are already in motion.

    The Last Man was an awesome episode and a great end to the season. PLEASE dont make us wait til October again. At least we got the first three seasons on DVD for now. OH! When will S4 be coming out? 😀


  101. Since this will be my last post for a while, I’ll leave you with a little humor. 🙂

    Back on February 2, jan wrote:

    If there was a fast food fly-in at Pegasus galaxy, would they serve special dishes for Wraith like a ‘Crispy Colonel’ or a ‘McKay’?

    On February 3, I responded:

    I’m thinking ‘Sheppard’s Pie’.

    The other night, when telling this to my niece, I was suddenly struck by more of the menu.

    Wraith Restaurant Menu

    Sheppard’s Pie


    Macaronon & Cheese (made with Emmaganzola)

    Radish Zelenka

    Beef Caldwellington

    Chuck Roast

    Porterhouse Steak

    Vega-tarian Vegetable Soup

    Anne Teldy

  102. Joe, Joe! Ark of Truth is #1 at Amazon.com! Beating the Oscar best picture that also released today! See for yourself.

    Please tell me this means more SG-1 movies. I mean come on, it’s like free money!

  103. Aw, I love the picture of Michael playing the Wraith organ. The raptorous expression on his face shows he’s caught up in the power of his Wraith opera. I can almost hear the strains of his big hit “Teyla, Mein Liebchen.”
    Now THAT’s freakin hilarious!!! I knew there was some reason I came back 3x today to read these comments 🙂

  104. so from indications in “The Last Man” does this mean that Midway will not be rebuilt?

  105. ?, once all the rewrites are done,(colored pages), how long could it(does it) take to shoot an episode?>

    Loved TLM,very well played by all,and written and produced, and great music…Congrats!!

  106. Joe, I hope Fondy’s doing better! 🙁

    I won’t get to see Ark of Truth until Saturday, after we go grocery shopping — we’ll pick it up then. *pouts at the wait*

    das said…
    First – that pic of poor Sheppard is a great teaser! Would be nice to see Todd come rootin’ through the rubble, find Shep half-dead and regurgiate that yummy gift of life back into him again…just so Shep owes him one.

    I like how you think!!! 😀

    das also said…
    I LOVE the Todd bag!!!! That’s GREAT! Was it hard to make? Looks like you put a lot of detail into it – you should send it to Chris! Well…a picture of it to Chris – not sure I’d want to part with it if I were you.

    Yeah, he was definitely a tough project. I’ve been working on him on and off for like three months, maybe more. And man, did my fingers hurt after I finished him! Between the needles and the hot glue, they may never forgive me ….

    I’m crossing my fingers that Chris comes to Dragon*Con; then he’ll see it for sure. *evil grin*

    das also said…
    Heh. As far as the Wraith thing goes, I think we’ve gone from being Wraith defenders, to worshippers, to…groupies. *blushes*

    LOL, that we have — or at least Todd groupies. 😉

    @ Anne Teldy ~ *GIANT HUGS* Please let as know how you’re doing somehow — maybe someone can post for you here? Well be thinking of you and hoping you can come back very soon!!

    And don’t forget the Asgarden Salad.

  107. I liked the premise of TLM, only things that spoilt it for me were…..

    The scene when Michael, having decapitated the Wraith Queen, he stands in front of his men holding the head high….cut to group of about six men CGI’d into ten times as many. To me it looked cheap and nasty.

    The last scene when the factory imploded….no I didn’t expect you to destroy a real building…well okay you could have at a push!
    For me the Devil really is in the detail and the CGI again was a let down.

    I’m no mathematician but the chances of a coronal mass ejection occurring at the exact same frequency and strength as the one that brought Sheppard to the future must be billions to one. It must bring into postulation the Heisenberg uncertainty principal as in the same conditions that initiated the original jump can not be replicated or predicted with any accuracy over such an extended time period.

    If it could why was the fact that the sun had turned into a Red Giant such a big surprise to McKay? Our own Sun will go the same way in 4.57 billion years; did no one notice the planet they had landed Atlantis on was orbiting a soon to be Red Giant?

    Now a question…why 48000 years? Was it an arbitrary figure?

    Pauline. Still sleep deprived and rambling!!

  108. First, my prayers go out to Anne Teldy, I hope you find a comfortable and SGA-friendly place to stay!

    I can see Keller and Lorne together. EvaJen anyone?

    The Shep Whump picture? I’d pay good money for a print of that, it’s wonderful. Does the artist get individual credit for that or is it just work product of the job?

  109. How soon will you have preliminary sales figures on Ark of Truth? What is MGM hoping to see in order to greenlight more movies?

  110. Anne Teldy said So, if those of you who are so inclined will point your thoughts toward Southwestern Indiana (Evansville, to be exact) and send all the positive vibes you can my way, I would really appreciate it. I’m going to need the moral support.

    Anne I hope you feel better soon the Kennedy clan from Liverpool send much love and loads of positive vibes to Evansville.

    Come back soon, I’ll miss your sense of humor and look forward to you’re return.

    You held out until after The Last Man! Now you get some rest young lady.


  111. Hi Joe,
    Once your script gets the Final ok from everyone, how involved do you get during the filming of your episode?


  112. Good thoughts and best healing vibes, Anne T., do find a way to contact us. Heck, I’ll send you my frakking phone number if no one else can step up locally. Is there anything you need? I can’t imagine with a community this large, we can’t provide you with joy and comfort and support of some kind. Anything short of an actual working Stargate I’d imagine.

  113. @ Anne Teldy: I have you in my thoughts and will be sending positive vibes and healing energies your way. I hope all goes well at the hospital and that you wind up not having to go to a nursing facility after all. *sends gentle hugs along with the vibes*

    I hope Fondy is feeling better today. Flying seems to give everyone the crud, probably due to the cramped quarters and recirculated air. :-p

    So, Joe, just how often do you have to coax the poor soul who collates the scripts for the actors down from a ledge? That whole explanation about drafts and rewrites had me laughing. It’s comforting to know that the pros go through as many iterations of a story before it is completed as the fanfiction writers do.

    I got my DVD of Ark of Truth from Amazon and really enjoyed it. I have to say, it definitely intensified my dislike of Bonnie Hammer and her decision to cancel SG-1, because I miss the show desperately. Don’t get me wrong, I love SGA, but I miss having new episodes of SG-1. Hopefully, the DVD sales of Ark of Truth will be sufficient to persuade MGM to produce another SG-1 movie and the individuals at the SciFi channel to keep SGA in production, as well as greenlighting Stargate Universe.

    *looks at the gorgeous concept art* The folks doing the concept art are amazing, I thought that was a photo from the set of Search and Rescue! I guess that answered my question as to the possibility that the Daedalus pulled their fat out of the fire with a last minute beam-out. Yeesh, Joe, you didn’t bait the hook with that pic, you threw out a freakin’ drift net! :-p The season 5 premiered just can not come soon enough.

  114. Sending good juju to Anne Teldy!! Chin up, sweetie – bring your own SGA DVDs & player and tell your roomies to put up and shut up!!

  115. Oh, poor Shep. That’s going to hurt.

    As much as I handled the Rodney/Keller (I’m not calling it McKeller, no way, uh uh) in TLM and I thought it was written very nicely, very realistically with the two survivors finding comfort with each other…I don’t think I could deal with them in a non-alternate timeline story.

    Can we please have more Ronon/Keller, though? Pretty, pretty please?

  116. I blame my brother for getting me addicted to stargate Atlantis but i have to admit i always look forward to watching Stargate Atlantis on tuesday and i make sure nothing gets in my way it is one awesome programme can,t wait till it’s back on again hope its soon. Its so interesting as you never know whats going to happen next.

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