I’m in the eye of the storm, that eerily calm period between putting out a Final Draft and receiving the network and studio notes. Although, really, “Final Draft” is a incredibly hopeful misnomer given that the Final Draft is never ever THE final draft. A quick glance at the title page of Broken Ties proves as much –






For all those of you curious about the process, here is how it works: The writer hands in their FIRST DRAFT which is critiqued, revised, and put out as a WRITER’S DRAFT which is critiqued, rewritten, and put out as a REVISED WRITER’S DRAFT which is again critiqued, revised, and put out as a FINAL before heading into prep where changes are requested, made, and BLUE PAGES are put out. Internally, this is referred to as the FINAL FINAL DRAFT. Any further changes made to the script are put out with PINK PAGES. Within the department, this is known as the ULTRA FINAL FINAL DRAFT. In the event we receive more notes, the script is revised and YELLOW PAGES are issued. We refer to this as the SUPERFANTASTIC ULTRA FINAL FINAL DRAFT. Now, in the unlikely event that further tweaks are requested, the writer may do another polish and put out some GREEN PAGES, also known as the SUPERFANTASTIC ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT. And that would pretty much be that. Unless someone happens to come in with a very late note that is addressed in the GOLDENROD PAGES. It’s very rare for us to reach this point, a stage we fondly refer to as the EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT. And there you have it. Provided you don’t have to follow up with GREY PAGES (the EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT), MAGENTA (the EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST LUCKY ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT), TEAL (the EXTREME EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST LUCKY ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT), or TARTAN (the ULTIMATE EXTREME EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST LUCKY ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT – which we simply call UEESBLUNOFFD for short). It’s almost possible to imagine the script would necessitate further revisions at this point but, if it does, we go all the way back to the beginning and put out DOUBLE WHITE PAGES (the TALK THE GUY WHO COLLATES THE SCRIPTS FOR THE ACTORS OFF THE LEDGE ULTIMATE EXTREME EXTRA SUPERFANTASTIC BEST LUCKY ULTRA NUMBER ONE FINAL FINAL DRAFT). And so on.

Great early ratings on our finale with preliminary numbers showing The Last Man did a 1.49. A nice strong finish to the show’s fourth season.

We welcomed Mark Dacascos (aka Tyre) back to the show today as he stopped by our offices on his way out of his costume fitting and over to Norco where he was going to start running through the big fight sequence with Jason. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: What a super nice guy – easy-going, incredibly humble. Seriously. If any of you are thinking of throwing a party, put him on the guest list. Chat him up. You’ll love him.

Oh, and I’m sure fans will be thrilled to hear that we finally did it. Yes, spread the word! The casting process is complete! We have our Captain Sobol!

We also have a FINAL DRAFT of episode 6, The Shrine of Talus, written by Brad Wright. David H. emailed Brad to tell him how much he loved it. And it apparently made Jewel cry. But, in all fairness, I was giving her a Hertz Donut at the time.

An early blog entry today as I have dinner plans with Martin and Stephanie. Fondy was supposed to join us but she is feeling under the weather and will have to pass. This is extremely unfortunate given that it is a charity event to help – I’m not sure. I think needy chefs – and we have already prepaid for the meal. Rather than invite someone else to join us, I’ve elected to go solo and have the staff serve the empty chair beside me, allowing me to double up on any plates I particularly enjoy.

Today’s pics:

Today’s video: Shooting a scene from The Last Man. Rodniffer (or is McKeller) fans take note!


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And I thought the cliffhanger ending of “The Last Man was mean” … That picture tops everything else. Thank you so much…

Can it be July now, please?

Syfy Portal
Syfy Portal

Alright, the folks over at the Television Without Pity forums have a question. Or rather, we’ve been having a conversation, and I’m bringing you one of the questions, with the idle hope you might put this one to rest. We all got on board quickly with the idea of HologramMcKay telling Shep the events of everyone’s deaths from his particular point of view. That said, we’ve a specific question about Sam’s death: did the transporter actually fail? Some folks think that she seemed a bit too purposeful in her actions, and there wasn’t any hint of sudden transporter malfunction, for that to actually be the case.

Thanks. wink


Sorry ’bout that, but I’ve just had an email from amazon here in the UK to say the release of ‘Ark of Truth’ is delayed to 28th April.
Aaaargh! *deep breath* All is not lost, Sky are showing it a whole month earlier… oh, but I’m going to be abroad… *sniffles in corner*
On a brighter note I have the last episode of Season 4 to look forward to tomorrow night…
Hope you had a nice dinner, and sorry to hear Fondy’s not well. Hope she’s better soon. Flying always leaves me under the weather, all that re-circulated air I guess.


Didn’t even get a chance to welcome Fondy home and now I have to send her “Get Well” greetings.

So when you’re talking “The Shrine of Talus” you mention David and Jewel. I swear I will stop bashing Keller if you put her together with McKay. They are just too cute together. Plus, think of the McKay whump you could do with Keller there to save the man she loves. Uh oh, gotta get back to writing some fanfic.

Still buzzing over “The Last Man.” Back to work today and our little Stargate clique had quite the discussion.

Thanks for the video, any chance of getting a breakdown of the story for TLM. Enjoy your dinner,



Bonsoir Joseph,
Toujours intéressant ton blogue ! Je me demandais si vous deviez sécuriser vos scénarios, je veux dire les garder secret pour pas qu’il y ait de fuites … Je sais pas moi, après quelques heures ils explosent, si t’as pas le bon code l’encre s’efface… coffre-fort… Contrat de confidentialité…
Bonne fin soirée !


Hi Joe,

great news about the ratings for TLM, but what about the Kindred II? Thanks, just in case I get an answer.


Oh my gosh, I love you.

The middle picture brings tears to my eyes and frantic flutters to my heart.

Eat well, Joe Mallozzi, eat well.


Ok so Rodney sneezed and the building came down so what else is new. I just hope it doesn’t take any longer then July to say God Bless You. Considering the situation I’d say a big GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

I know the second picture is Joe Flanigan but…..

Have a good one
Take Care
Jean :~)


Ack. Internet ate my post. Unless it didn’t. Unless it only lied to me and *pretended* to eat my post and actually didn’t. In which case you’ll get two posts for the price of one. Lucky you! smile

Anway… to recap…

OH MY GOODNESS!! You *do* realise what you’ve done to the Shep whumpers with that artwork, don’t you? Hang on, what am I saying? Of course you do! grin

Hope you have an enjoyable dinner – and that Fondy feels better soon.

P.S. I vote for Jedney. It’s got a certain hillbilly ring to it that I rather like. grin


Oh for the love of God! WHAT THE HELL IS AMORT?!

Ok, ok, I’m calming down…wooo!! 1.49! Nicely done Joe, and congratulations! Also, thanks for the updates on the various episodes. Gotta say, I was heavily reminded of really really bad translations of Japanese things when I read the title today. Speaking of which, have you ever seen the show NewsRadio?

And isn’t it Mark Dacascos?

Charles Schneider

That’s a long process from start to finish. I guess it’s really important to get used to that many changes being made to what you write, without taking it personally. I hope your chef charity ends up being as delicious as you hope. You’re in good company, so it should be great.


Ouchie for Shep!!! However, let me guess – McKay will get a scratch on his face only and be more upset because chicks definitely don’t dig facial scars, right?! lol

Rodniffer – that is definitely the best! HA! McKeller is never being used again!

So, there’s a David Hewlett’s favourite lines video and a Joe Flanigan’s favorite (< he’s american) lines vid. When will we see Joseph Mallozzi’s favourite lines??

Okay so JF’s was fake but, heh, I’d still like a JM version…please?? razz


I’m trying to figure out what colour tartan is.

Cheeky lil Devil


For the first time ever, Mr M you have finally silenced M!

I bow to your inginuity… I know I can’t speak, I can’t spell, but I can squee. Block your ears Mr M it’s one hell of a squee!


*uber massive hugs*

I can’t talk anymore as i’m about to pass out from excitement. grin


Woohoo!! Well done! I can’t wait to see the “Ultimate extreme extra superfantastic best lucky ultra number one final final draft” all filmafied.

*squees with giddy delight at the thought of all the goodies that season five must have to offer*


Huh? John looks dead….I’ve been peremnently tramatized now…going to hide in my hidy place….sniff sniff….

tiger's eyes
tiger's eyes

Do you think one pattern of tartan is really enough?? After all, this is SEASON FIVE you’re working on. Standards couldn’t possibly be high enough. (Except for that little bit extra that’ll have to kick in for Season Six.)

After looking at the pics from last week (I think) of you doing your “pretend to yawn, then put arm behind the chick” move on Stephanie, I’m a bit curious as to what Martin has planned for this dinner. Is he working on a new project or something? “Pretending To Be Young People Flirting”?

Snickering about Jewel getting the “Hertz donut.” Let us know when she gets payback with the classic “flat tire,” with Jason M. doing her stuntwork. Since it seems likely that your account is fictional in that regard, Jewel could just say that sometimes, life imitates art.

Having a great time reading Paul Di Filippo’s Fantasy & Science Fiction humor column, “Plumage from Pegasus.” (The name caught my eye, for some odd reason.) Thanks again for the links. I’ll try at some point to rip myself away from Di Filippo’s hilarious mini-stories – even though he does a great job of giving readers something serious to think about when their ribcages are too sore to laugh any longer.


The past couple of episodes have been very well done, and I have really enjoyed them, but they left me with a few questions that won’t go away.

Did Jinto survive, is he dead, or is he under Michael’s control?

Where was Carson in The Last Man’s timeline, was he revived, did he die, or was he still in stasis next to Sheppard after 48,000 years?

Is Sheppard really physically unchanged after 700 years in stasis when Dr. Weir aged the rest of her life after 10,000 years in stasis? Wouldn’t he have aged even a couple of years as a result? Was there a difference between the two situations?


ok i am a bit annoyed as i dont have Sky so i have to wait for the boxset but when the hologram rodney telling shepherd the events all ready have changed the events of the future and so then when he went back the future was all ready changed and so what was done was undone leading the viewers back to what Sam said in The Seer about the future being predetermined by those that shape it


With all those different script colours why do I have an over whelming urge to sing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’!!

Joe said: FIRST DRAFT which is critiqued, revised, and put out as a WRITER’S DRAFT which is critiqued, rewritten, and put out as a REVISED WRITER’S DRAFT which is again critiqued, revised, and put out as a FINAL…. Ad infinitum.

Have you ever written a scene or had an idea which everyone else said should be cut or completely rewritten and you believed it should stay.

Did you champion your idea to the bitter end or and I’m loathed to say this ‘give in’.

I know you’re going to say it’s not a matter of giving in but of producing a workable script but a little insight into the workings of a writers mind helps.

Okay if my question makes no sense I apologize. I’ve spent the last four days with little or no sleep at my mum’s hospital bedside. I now fully appreciate the subtlety of sleep deprivation as a form of torture and as a hallucinogenic….especially those cute little Gnomes who are waving to me from the corner of my room…..”High fellers!”

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil…


I do hope that you are using recycled paper and recycling after use.

What colour of ink do you use on the tartan paper?

smile smile


Do you believe in reincarnation? I didn’t, until today. Seeing how you are torturing us with these wonderful pictures, and tantalizing hints, it’s obvious you were once a member of the Spanish Inquisition. The fact that those you torture come to you voluntarily is a reflection on us I fear. Do keep up the good work though; even torture is better than no SGA news at all. Oh, and I managed to follow your various revisions until you hit the teal one. At that, my brain swelled until grey matter was oozing out of my eye sockets. But thank you for the education in how scripts are drafted.

Sherwood Forest Maiden
Sherwood Forest Maiden

“Joe Said I’m in the process of trying to extricate myself from the clutches of Facebook. Easier said than done. Just when you think you’ve managed to delete your profile, it turns out some pesky little residual element has managed to elude your best efforts. It‘s like a frigging brain tumor.

SFM said *big smiles* thanks for the warning!!

John O’Callaghan (Niam – S3 ep. “Progeny”) is featured in this week’s edition of the Aussie/NZ magazine New Idea. I can scan and post a link from my photobucket album if wanted. He’s getting married later this year.

Also extra BIG BIG HUGS to Joe Flanigan. It’s no fun losing a parent.


lis Said:
I’m trying to figure out what colour tartan is.

Depends on what clan you are. grin

So Joe, what are the Mallozzi tartan colours then? A fine, upstanding celtic name you have there… grin