Among the many, many, MANY things that I find incredibly annoying, being misquoted or having things I didn’t say attributed to me ranks right up there. What usually happens is I’ll answer a question on this blog and then a fan will paraphrase my response over the course of a discussion on some other site. That paraphrased response will in turn be paraphrased at which point someone will draw a seemingly logical but wholly incorrect conclusion about what it was I had originally said. Then, the next thing I know, Gateworld is referencing the wholly incorrect paraphrased paraphrase of my original response and citing me as the source. While I’d love to set the record straight and deny this particular tidbit, that would in itself be a major spoiler. So, instead, I’ll do nothing (except bitterly complain about it here) but sit back and wait for the fandom meltdown after a certain episode airs. But you said…! No, I didn’t.

Hey, it suddenly dawned on me why I’ve felt so rundown and just plain exhausted of late. I haven’t been getting any sleep. I suppose I could rectify the problem by kicking the dogs off the bed so that I don’t have to spend the night twisted into a pretzel-like position. But that would mean denying Lulu access and when she looks up at me and starts crying, it’s hard to say no to the little cutie. And then when Bubba repeats the same act, I can’t very well deny him at the risk of being seen to play favorites. And then when Maximus simply sits at the foot of the bed and stares up longingly at the other two happily bounding about, it breaks my heart to leave him on the floor. And with the other three on the bed, I can’t very well leave Jelly on the floor as odd dog out. Instead, I just suffer their bed-hogging ways and spend most of the night contorted like some magician’s assistant inside a multi-skewered sword-box. I suppose I could just sleep in the other room.

You know, this could well account for my inability to accomplish much of late beyond the same half page of the script I am endlessly rewriting. It might also explain my general crankiness at being drawn into any sort of early morning time-travel discussion. But then again I’m sure I’m not unique in that respect. Honestly, tell me you haven’t wanted to throttle that guy from accounting every time he brings up quantum foam and Hawking’s chronology protection conjecture every frigging Monday morning at the water cooler!

We received a lovely box of chocolates today from the Shep-whumper contingent. How do I know it was from them? Well, check out the chocolates (pictured above). I was going to rearrange the letters to spell A Heehaws Ponies Plumpness but Tanja had already eaten one of the N’s. Anyway, thanks to Cheeky Lil Devil, Linzi, Sheppy D and the rest of the GW Shep whumpers.

Today’s pics: Alien thermal grenade, Fan Chocolates, Awww lookit the baby!, Awwww lookit the placenta!, For those of you wondering what the heck those framed pictures were in Carter’s office…

Hey! The mailbag is back!

Susiekew writes: “I can see some action figures on the shelves behind Leela – is this in your office? and what characters are they?”

Answer: Yes, it’s my office. Since becoming the Atlantis show-runner (with Paul), I decided to redecorate in a supervillain motif. On the shelf to my left: Magneto, Darkseid, Galactus, Apocalypse, and Thanos. On the shelf to my right: The Green Goblin, Dr. Doom, Carnage, Kraven the Hunter, and Venom. On the shelf directly behind me: The Red Skull, Deadpool, Rhino, and Mysterio. On the shelf across the room: Ultron-5, Catwoman, Gog, and the White Queen. Over on the windowsill to my left, busts of: The Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, Vulture, Carnage, Sandman, Electro, Dr. Octopus, Shocker, Mysterio, and Kingpin.

Patricia writes: “By the way, can you tell me if Carl Binder is married?”

Answer: Bad news, ladies. Carl is married.
Lisa writes: “I have to admit I have a bit dismayed about the addition of even more characters to SGA in season five when IMO the regular characters still don’t receive enough screentime or attention.”

Answer: And, on the other hand, there are the fans of Zelenka and Lorne who lobby for more screen time for their favorite recurring characters. The Atlantis expedition is big and varied, and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t be reflected in some of its recurring players.

Joe Abercrombie writes: “ Only imagine what we could have achieved if the internet had never been invented. YOURS is one of the blogs I’M constantly reading when I really should be writing. Aaaaargh, I’m doing it now!”

Answer: Hey, Best Served Cold aint gonna write itself. Back at it!

AJM writes: “How many episodes will Robert Picardo be in next season, in every single one or on a format like Amanda Tappings run in season 4?”

Answer: He’ll be appearing in 14 of 20.

Pauline writes: “Is this how you see Ronon losing his dreads, may be at Michael’s hands or some other Wraith faction?”

Answer: A scene has already been scripted and will be shot IF Jason decides to lose the dreads. Should he elect to keep them, then the scene will be rewritten.

209 thoughts on “February 15, 2008: Okay, so I’m willing to be raked over the coals for things I DO say. But I have to draw the line…

  1. have you cast an actor for Kanaan yet? Was Rachael involved in any way with this decision?

  2. Ah, come on, Joe. Post the whole shot of Daniel (he’s creeping in on the side of one picture) from the wedding of S/J that happened in a “what if” scenario from, er, was it the 100th or 200th episode? Anyway, how did Sam get that photo? And who took the shot of Jack and Sam… hm.. wait, where’s Pete these days?? 😉

    Oh, the photo link of the shot of Jack and Cassie doesn’t open up to a larger picture, just to let you know.

    Oh, and if the dogs take over the bed. Too bad, it’s theirs. Time to move to the couch. Pets own their masters 😉

  3. Hey Joe, wanted to say I loved Midway, what do you mean it hasn’t aired yet?! Well I still loved it! lol

    The grumble about peeps misquoting you…. Should Darren be worried? lol I would pay good money to see you to go head to head 😀

    David Hewlett (or God as I like to call him) said… or rather I am paraphrasing *g*; that he would be back on set next week.

    Is this when script read-throughs happen? Or is it promo stuff or is it the actual start of filming for season 5!?


  4. Oh, that baby is nasty… :p
    I gotta say, I don’t like the sound of “fandom meltdown after a certain episode airs”…I’m scared!
    Also, now that the mailbag is back, I thought I’d take another crack at it: any plans for a big ground battle in season 5?

  5. I can’t get a larger image of the Daniel picture for some reason, but isn’t that from “200,” where he was dressed up for the wedding–that Vala imagined? That would mean Sam has a picture of Daniel from something that never happened. Interesting.

    Of course, maybe it just looks like that scene.

  6. Very nice selection of pics. As for the bed thing, have you considered getting a larger bed? Or are you already maxed out? There is always the floos I suppose, if you’re desperate enough for sleep. I wouldn’t want the dogs suffering, but a lot of people are also depending on you to see us through the upcoming SGA withdrawal symptoms, a job you can’t do if you’re exhausted. Excellent taste in figures and busts. How did a DC villian manage to break into your Hall of Dishonor though? um, once the “certain episode” airs, will we get a further explanation or clarification on what roused your ire? And finally, a non SG related question. You rarely mention the beverages you imbibe along with your culinary explorations. Do you in fact have any favorite wines and/or beers, and do you tailor beverages to go with specific dishes?

  7. Okay that’s one damn ugly generic baby and Carl is holding the umbilical cord not the placenta.

    The placenta is round and flat and looks like an alien.

    Please tell me you have researched the delivery there is so much more than ‘Push…Push’.

    Sorry to be so pedantic but it took me four years to get my degree and I have advised on programes here in the UK.


  8. Hewwwww! Placenta! Yecky! Oh my goodness… the baby, OMG~~~ stop the presses! ARGH! The prop’s department got it wrong… it is suppose to be a boy!!! The baby did not change sex in her womb, did it? Whatever happen to being anatomically correct!

    And tell Carl I think he is cute, even if he is married… WHAT? I can look, can’t I???

    Only 5 more hours till Midway airs… Yay!!!


  9. Teyla will have a girl 😉 – how nice

    Well, even though I didn’t send chocolate – my vote is for McKay whump.

    Also – how do you feel about the HD DVD dismissal over Blu-Ray? What’s the big difference anyways? (coming from someone that hasn’t experienced anything on Blu-Ray….)

  10. Hi Joe! I read your blog everyday and finally got the nerve to post. I’m assuming (which I shouldn’t, you know what they say about assuming ;)) that ‘model’ baby would be Teyla’s? I have to say if it is, its quite an amazing job by those who created it. I also totally relate to the dog on the bed issue. The things we do for our fur babies…

  11. The return of Carson Beckett is going to be a clone and he will (somehow) have all the memories of Carson Beckett up until the point the original, and deceased, Carson Beckett was cloned. When this may have happened i can’t be sure. My guess would be when he was trapped alone with Michael on that planet way back at the start of season 3. We’ve seen that Michael is a bit of a creationist whizz.

    This is what i’ve always imagined the return to be and your wee rant has reinforced, rightly or wrongly, my belief in that. Obviously i don’t expect you to comment. I’m just putting my balls in the vice to see if i get it right and thus have it on record before the big revelation. 😉

  12. LOVE the “Sam’s office” pics, Joe! I would seriously sell my soul for the Daniel one. C:

    I would also like to pass along a (somewhat belated) welcome back to Mr. Binder – I’m delighted the strike is over and our writers can get back to doing what they do oh so well!

  13. hi, joe,

    THANK YOU for the close-up of the sam/jack fishing pic! 😀 😀

    i find it ‘interesting’ that the daniel pic is from the pretend s/j wedding in ‘200’…

    sally 😀

  14. While I have “only” one dog, she is but a 60lb black lab with the distinct ability to take up a full size bed in its entirety.

    She and I have come to an agreement with this: We now have a loveseat in the bedroom. It’s hers, complete with pillows and blankets. She says it’s better for sleeping, which is good because if I slept on it my feet would hang over the edge.

  15. Cool, pictures! That is one ugly baby. But the last picture is nice.

    About being misquoted, don’t worry. Everyone already knows that there isn’t going to be Nazis in Continuum.

    I think I know how Ronon loses his dreads. He gets sick of having combs get stuck in them, and therefore having to walk around looking ridiculous with comb and brush handles sticking out of his hairdo, and he cuts the dreads off.

    Wow, a lot of people (okay, maybe not a lot, but it seems like a lot to me) answered the poll. Cool. Um, please tell me if I missed anyone’s answer! Here are the answers:

    3)tie between Ronon and Todd

    1. John
    2. Rodney
    3. Radek
    p.s. If I had a fourth choice it would be Evan

    1. McKay
    2. Sheppard
    3. Weir/Carter/Teyla (can’t choose between them)

    In no particular order:
    John, Elizabeth, Teyla.

    1. Rodney McKay
    2. John Sheppard
    3. Carson Beckett
    4. Samantha Carter
    Ok…I know it’s four…but I LOVE Samantha Carter too!

    Proud Scot:
    1. Teyla
    2. John
    3. Ronon

    My top three SGA characters:
    1. John Sheppard
    2. Rodney McKay
    3. Ronon Dex
    (Carter is my favourite female one, but the boys just win! I thought she deserved a special mention! )

    Sherwood Forest Maiden:
    I don’ really have a particular favourite character as I feel that all have the strengths and weaknesses.

    Anne Teldy:
    1. Sheppard
    2. McKay
    3. Ronon
    My father’s answer:
    Tie for first: Sheppard McKay
    3. “Teyla and Ronon will have to fight it out.”

    Susan the tartan turtle:
    My favourite characters would be:
    and the rest of the ‘boys’

    1 Rodney McKay
    2 John Sheppard
    3 Radek Zelenka

    My answer:
    Elizabeth Weir
    Ronon Dex
    and Evan Lorne, Aiden Ford and Carson Beckett are tied for third

  16. Fandom meltdown? On what day is there NOT a fandom meltdown of one sort or another?

    Do your dogs snore much? My old fat Schnauzer must sleep on the floor in her bed, or on her fleece pad in front of the heater vent, because she snores. Loudly. Luckily, she is too old, and fat, to jump up. And she doesn’t ask often. The Siamese cat, Oide (pronounced oy-day, aka Ass-Cat Punk Monster Bastard), will usually sleep behind my bum, unless “Daddy” is home, then he prefers a nice warm beard for a pillow. The big silver tabby, my 16 pound Harry ButtLicker, sleeps on my poor feet. If “Daddy” is not home, Harry usurps that side of the bed. This is one big, strong cat, so he wakes me up when he gets insistently snuggly.

    We don’t have our Great Dane anymore, she moved to Idaho to be a therapy dog, but she WAS big enough to jump up. Took a while to convince all 125 pounds of her that she wasn’t allowed to share our bed. That was a LOT of dog! A whole person worth of dog!

    Our beds are not our own. Ask any pet. Who needs sleep when you have fur-babies?

  17. bonsoir Joseph,
    je dois avouer que j’avais perdu un peu de mon intérêt pour ton blogue depuis quelque temps. Puisque je ne peux pas visionner la saison 4, des fois je me sentais un peu out of the game. Toutefois, ce soir j’ai bien ri et j’ai redécouvert ce que j’aimais dans ton blogue: ton style d’écriture. Merci!

  18. It’s nice to see a picture of Cassie in Sam’s office. I’d love it if we could actually see the actress back in the role at some point. Maybe for an Earth based episode??? 😉

    Perhaps it’s been asked and I missed it. When will Sam depart Atlantis? Will we just have her for the premiere or will we get her for an episode or two before Amanda goes off to shoot Sanctuary?

    BTW: Really looking forward to Midway tonight!

  19. Would you mind not perpetuating the misquoting and clarifying that it was a GateWorld MEMBER that misquoted you and not the site itself. By not doing so you are no better than what you are accusing others of. *shakes head*

  20. Will someone please define “WHUMP” for me please… is it akin getting your butt kicked? Or does it have more than one meaning or is it something else altogether???

    I must be seriously ignorant of these Sci-Fi terms!!!

    Sorry if I’m so dumb about these things!


  21. Ok, I read your blog, and I USUALLY check gateworld every few days (despite me seeing them as a bad site, check the last two news reports none of them reported anything new just seemed to post two articles to keep interest in the site. Stargate Solutions seems a much better site imo) but everything I have read that Gateworld reported I have seen on your blog, seeing as how I read here first. I’ve seen quotes mis’quoten (I.e. the famous “the furlings were in the first 4 seasons” one) but recently I haven’t really seen anything that would seriously count as a miss-quote. I am someone who avoids spoilers very rapidly (what’s the point in reading what will happen if you’re going to watch it you may as well not watch it, it just takes away all enjoyment from the episode) but nothing I would consider either side has been posted harshly on Gateworld, I don’t doubt you on this though. But given I don’t see anything really spoilerific been posted there, even if misquoted I still think will be ok. People can think what they want but the fact is unless it appears in actuality in an episode it isn’t official nor is it canon, so if people believe a lie I wouldn’t worry about it. As it just creates that much more of a surprise for them when they do see it.

  22. Then, the next thing I know, Gateworld is referencing the wholly incorrect paraphrased paraphrase of my original response and citing me as the source.

    Don’t ya love Chinese whispers?? (no)

    So, you’re not posting food pics which hints at not eating well, you’re not sleeping enough because you’re allowing the pugkids to take over your bed..hmmm I think we mums of the blog need to come around and take care of you.

    First off…. we need a ‘supernanny of the pooch world to train you and pugkids.. let’s call her “Poochernanny”..next off, it’s a limo ride to Fuel where you can sit at a special table near the kitchen and watch them prepare your food..

    You sound stressed, so after Fuel, you go for a niiiiice massage done by en ex Olympic Russian shotputter named Olga.. that oughta get rid of the crick in the neck! Follow this with a trip to Second Hand Garage Door World,where we put a pair of Steel capped boots on your feet and give you a sledgehammer.

    Revenge is yours.

    How’s that sound???

  23. My dog sleep right smack in the middle. She huddles all of the blanket into a nest and drags the pillow nearby to put her head on. When I try to push her off she doesn’t budge at all. And then when I do manage to sleep usually my feet hanging off the bed, I lie on some sharp piece of bone she chewed on. That is why I keep doggy treats next to my bed, throw them as far as I can and quickly reconquer the bed.
    Anyways, hmmm a good question to ask.. not today I guess. Happy late Valentines Day. I hope you got Fondy something, or will when she come back.

  24. I think whump is something more like getting beaten and bloody?? So people can imagine themselves as Florence Nightingale?

    I didn’t vote, but Shep, McKay, Ronan for me.

    Only 45 more minutes!

  25. “So, instead, I’ll do nothing (except bitterly complain about it here) but sit back and wait for the fandom meltdown after a certain episode airs.”

    I hope you’re not talking about that one episode in season five where Sam and Daniel get married and McKay kills Ronon and Sheppard is pregnant. I quote:

    “Oh, and in season five, Sam and Daniel get married and McKay kills Ronon and Sheppard is pregnant. Yep.”

    -J. Mallozzi

    I’m counting on you.

  26. Awww Joe, Michael/Daniel in a tux and we can’t make the picture BIGGER!!!! It looks like the picture of Daniel was taken when the cameras weren’t rolling (since Michael is laughing) during the wedding scene in the episode “200”. Sooo why does Sam have a picture of Daniel in a tux (besides the fact that he’s gorgeous) instead of his uniform, jeans, etc..? Are you hinting at something?

    Oh, and the picture of the baby – really, really scary.


  27. That grenade looks a bit like Furling / “Grace” aliens tech =O

    Care to comment? =P

  28. Joe, that’s terrible about you being misquoted, especially when it’s so easy to check the facts by visiting your blog.

    TAME, whether a Gateworld member or the site runners, the comment/post had to be approved on some level by moderators. And in the legal world, both Gateworld and the individual could be implicated because it was published by Gateworld.

    Not that I think Joe needs defending (or do you? Maybe I could be your knight-errant…only not a male knight.

    On a lighter note, that thermal grenade looks so cool. Will we be seeing it a few times in season five?

  29. Oh, also,

    “The return of Carson Beckett is going to be a clone and he will (somehow) have all the memories of Carson Beckett up until the point the original, and deceased, Carson Beckett was cloned. When this may have happened i can’t be sure. My guess would be when he was trapped alone with Michael on that planet way back at the start of season 3. We’ve seen that Michael is a bit of a creationist whizz.”

    You sir, are wrong. Beckett will magically come back to life because he is so awesome. That’s what happens to everyone who is extremely awesome. Like Jesus. Or Chuck No one will be surprised by his return, because everyone knows how awesome he is. Same with his actor, who’s name I always misspell. He’s not awesome enough to warrant a resurrection, but he is awesome enough to warrant his character’s resurrection. And so he’s back.

    And the REAL reason why Joe’s feeling so crappy is because God is angry for the death of such an awesome person. I assume that when Beckett returns, the vacuum of awesomeness will be filled and the forces of nature will lift Joe’s massive burden.

  30. By the way, careful with whole ‘dogs on the bed’ situation. When i used to have a black lab, fully grown i should add, he used to sleep on the bed with me. One particularly restless night of twisting and turning i actually volleyed the dog off the bed and he crashed into a book case with everything coming tumbling down on him.

    The dog was fine and only suffered some mild confusion. He wasn’t the only one.

  31. Hm. Well, I know you’ll neither confirm nor deny my guess, but allow me to make it, anyway. It seems to me like your complaint just might be in reference to this:

    But resurrected he will be — though we don’t yet know how. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has told fans that it will be Carson Beckett in the flesh who returns, and not an ascended being, a time-traveler, or alternate universe version of the character.

    “When he returns for the two-parter, it will be Carson Beckett in the flesh,” he told SaveCarsonBeckett.com. “… I don’t want to give too much away but I can say it won’t be an [alternate universe] version of Carson — or a time-hopping Dr. Beckett either.”

    Now, I hope that, if this is the misquote, that it simply means that it will be a time-hopping Beckett. Because that would still be the same Beckett, just from a different time period, which, if he sticks around, I could go along with. Although at this point even an AU Beckett who’s still pretty much like the regular one would be okay. Certainly better than nothing, at any rate. (Speaking of AU, when is Rod going to show up again?)

    This was always a bit tricky. Despite rather far-fetched theories, it’s pretty clear Carson didn’t ascend (then again, the entire population of Abydos seems to have ascended posthumously…if I’m remembering that right). So you’re pretty much left with AU Carson, clone Carson, repliCarson, dubliCarson, time-traveling Carson from the past, ghost Carson, someone pretending to be Carson…or the rather unlikely scenario that some nigh-omnipotent being decides to bring Carson back to life, which, barring a visit from Q, is probably not gonna happen.

    But whatever happens, I’m looking forward to it. I’d much rather the events of Sunday had never happened (hey, there’s another idea: time-traveling Carson prevents his own death), but strange Carson is better than no Carson.

    (Incidentally, that reminds me of how I imagined I’d bring him back, back when all this first happens: Everything goes along without him, as it has been all season, up to the season finale. Then, after some big crisis happens in the finale and in the aftermath, people are being rushed to the infirmary, just have Carson there, doing his doctor thing, with everyone acting as if it’s totally normal that he’s there. Then, the episode ends and the audience is left in suspense until the next season. The next season, he’s reintegrated as part of the crew again, as if he’d never left, but any time anything that happened while he was gone is mentioned, he remembers is, as well, and is integrated into everyone else’s memories, as if he was there the whole time. Then mid-season it’s explained what happened, something involving time-travel, changing the past and so on. Oh, no, he’s not meant to be alive! Or is he? Which is the “real” timeline? And then things continue from there. …Or is that too much like when Dawn was introduced on Buffy? …Probably.)

  32. @Elizabeth ~ OMG, How could I forget Carson?? Okay, so make my third choice a three-way tie between Ronon, Todd, and Carson.

    Joe, the thumbnail with the first set of Carter’s photos isn’t linked to a larger image. I assume that’s Daniel on the left and Cassie on the right? (What, no Janet or Vala?)

  33. Cranky? You’re not cranky because of lack of sleep or because some dude is talking rubbish to you at an early morning Monday meeting. You miss Fondy!

  34. Hey Joe!!!

    Thank you for the pictures… even if i saw them before!! (Mieux vaut tard que jamais!!)

    Anyway… i only have one question: Pourquoi toi et les autres writers ne voulez pas résoudre the Sam and Jack storyline?
    *J’aime le fait que Sam aie accepté l’invitation de Jack a la fin de “Threads”, mais je ne sais pas pour vous, mais moi, j’aime pas vraiment ça les histoires qui finissent en queue de poisson!!!*

  35. I dream of sleeping a bed all by myself just for one night, no dogs, no husband, no cat. It’s just a dream, though. Radar is 14 years old, and he believes I’m his mom, and he must sleep plastered up against me. I wake up cold and falling off the bed because while I’m sleeping I scoot away from him, he scoots closer, I scoot away…until I have no covers and very little bed left. It’s ridiculous, but how can I possibly kick this sweet old dog out of the bed? Then Spock decides he wants up on the bed, too, so he curls up near or on my feet. About 3 a.m. Tuftie comes in and walks up my body to purr in my face. If I ignore him, he smacks me on the cheek with his paw until I pet him. Meanwhile, my husband is sleeping undisturbed on his side of bed. It’s so unfair! I’ve managed to restrain myself from kicking him away, but I will admit to tossing the 15-pound cat onto him a time or two.

  36. Yay, Sam’s office photos! So perfect… Just need a photo of Janet in there.

    Heeey… that looks like the umbilical cord, not the placenta.

    I can’t believe you just made me do a google image search on “Placenta.” My parents thank you for another 10 years of having no granchildren from their baby girl. I think I’m going to have to go and scrub my eyes out with a wire brush.

  37. Hey Joe,

    Based on your posted picture, is ‘The Daedalus Variations’ slated to air as No.4 in Season 5?

  38. Hey Joe,

    Gotta say I’m sorry for some incorrect information I posted in a previous post. I was one of those who didn’t like the Zelenka bashing in Trio and I thought I heard Keller use the word ‘creepy’. I just watched Trio again and she actually used the word ‘weird’ not ‘creepy’. Makes a huge difference in interpetation. Guess I gotta take the wax out of my ears more often.

  39. No, wait, I’ve got it. It’s the Carson from Rod’s universe. Their universe finally imploded and Carson found a way through just in time, so now he’s stuck in the normal universe with no home to go back to. Eh? On second thought, I want to see Rod again at some point. Never mind.

    Or…that could happen and Rod could be the only one to escape. Then a geeky AU Ronon comes from somewhere else, then an AU wraith Teyla comes from yet another universe, then the four of them form a Stargate Exiles team and go around being vigilantes. Heh. There’s a spinoff I bet you hadn’t considered.

  40. Do you think the dogs would be willing to sleep on pillows next to the bed? (That compromise worked for me and my Sally.) Perhaps more to the point, are you willing for them not to share your bed? And maybe if you switched to the other bedroom, they’d follow right behind you, since after all you’re the alpha pack member. I hope you’re able to get this matter worked out; you already know, I’m sure, about the sequelae of inadequate sleep.

    It must be like having vinegar rubbed in the wound when you read comments here that not only are truly stunning examples of poor logic, but also address you in a very patronizing manner as to how you’re doing the same thing you’re complaining of from others. I hope this all gets sorted, but I suppose the issue never really goes away.

  41. “maggiemayday Said:
    Fandom meltdown? On what day is there NOT a fandom meltdown of one sort or another?”

    Hmm. Seriously, there are no fan meltdowns on Wednesdays. At least they don’t start on Wednesdays. Every once in a while a meltdown carries on into Wednesdays, but this rarely happens. 😉

  42. Please give bigger pic link for Daniel!
    As for the dogs, lolol. I have 2 african basenji. They are 25 pound dogs of hell
    who can take up a queen size bed on their own
    and when asleep they weigh approximately 150 pounds each so don’t even THINK about moving them.

  43. “Will someone please define “WHUMP” for me please… is it akin getting your butt kicked? Or does it have more than one meaning or is it something else altogether???

    I must be seriously ignorant of these Sci-Fi terms!!!

    Sorry if I’m so dumb about these things!


    We’re an odd lot… it’s about watching our favourite characters get hurt. I believe the term came about because of how often Daniel was killed, injured, mauled…

    For example… my favourite character is Sam, but I loved Trio because of all the whump. Strange, I know.

  44. Hi Joe –

    Thanks for answering my question *happy smile*
    Did you channel the Baron when you decorated? 🙂

    Happily, I have no idea what mis-quote stuff you referred to. That’s why I read your blog – to get the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth – er – from the Executive Producer’s mouth …

    “If you read it in Joe’s blog, it must be so”
    (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…):-P

  45. Joe,

    Can you tell me the name of the hotel where the More Lorne in Season 5 Lobby is at? I would like an extended stay there…


  46. that baby is neat but why is it not a boy or a girl?

    that looks like an umbilical cord carl is holding. placentae look more like a flat round livery things.

    ps: 5 sheepish puns? awesome plan!

  47. Oh, the photo link of the shot of Jack and Cassie doesn’t open up to a larger picture, just to let you know.
    He didn’t set up the link, but the larger image is there:

    Thank you so much for posting closeups of the picture – that’s much better than just a list of who’s back there. I can’t believe I didn’t think of Jacob as a possibility for who’d be up there. *shakes head ruefully*

    I’m gonna join in with the others – I always regretted never hearing more about Cassie in any way, even just casual conversation. It was such a defining episode for Sam in my mind, and it always just seemed odd to never hear anything. So this small bit of continuity makes me happy!

    (And obviously either Teal’c or Daniel took the picture of Jack and Sam – that’s from Threads! And given the long-running “come fishing with me?” question, that she has that particular photo is just great.)

  48. Hi,
    Very nice photos from Sam’s office (even if some of them can’t really exist…but never mind now, it’s nice).

    I would like to know, if David Nykl/Radek will have his own promo photos for season 5 (I mean for whole season, not only one photo from some episode)? Caldwell or Keller had them in the past, why not Radek? It would be wonderful!

  49. Midway was excellent, but then I had no doubts.

    Too bad Carter stopped the sparring; it was luscious! I could watch Teal’c and Ronon go like that for days. Bam-Bam always surpasses himself with these fight scenes, truly!

    Thanks for yet another amazing ride!

    Suffering Zelenka-Withdrawals,
    Pedantic Bohemian
    . . .who is wondering what everyone is going to call Cotton now that he’s no longer “ponytail guy.” lol

  50. Yay! We get to see the pics in Sam’s office up close and personal. It’s Dad! I miss Jacob Carter. Teal’c is smiling! Daniel in a tux! For Sam and Jack’s secret wedding? Cassie! The “Fishing” picture!

    Joe, does this mean Sam and Jack have been together since 2005 (Threads and Moebius) and that they’ve been seeing each other all of season 9 and 10 of SG1?

  51. Just finished watching Midway(I resisted watching the early iTunes release) and WOW. Everything that was promised and then some. The only problem I see with the ending is that I’m not sure how McKay and Sheppard’s relationship can survive. I mean, how much torture can you inflcit on a teammate and still maintain a friendship? Instead of locking McKay with Kavanaugh and Lee, they could have jettisoned Kavanaugh and locked Lee by himself. Who would have thought Sheppard would have taken the cowardly way out and left his teammate to fend for himself?

  52. Thank you so much for Midway. I have been watching SG1 for 10 years and all seasons of Atlantis, and I loved!!! Midway. It ranks right under Window of Opportunity on my list of favorites. That was awesome.

  53. Hey Joe!

    Well, I just finished watching Midway and I have to say that I thought it was a brilliant episode. I loved seeing Teal’c and his interaction with Ronon was great. One-liners were spot on and the action was well-paced while still being dire. I really have nothing but praise for the episode at this point (we’ll see what happens on repeat viewings, hehe). And the wrap up at the end was genius too. All very, very good!

    I think someone has asked this before, but I’m curious about it too. You mentioned at one point that Midway was scraped because it was going to be too expensive. How did you manage to scale the episode down and allow it to be resurrected?

    Many thanks! Oh, and just so you know, that is the creepiest. baby. ever. I’m not sure though whether I’m more disturbed over how it looks, or the fact that there is probably a plant out there somewhere manufacturing hundreds of these things….

  54. Midway was AWSOME!!! One of my favorite episodes so far. It may be because I love Teal’c or it was just a great episode, or both…probably. Anyway, well done!!
    What the heck is the baby for? Is that Teyla’s baby? Either way it’s kind of disturbing…in an okay way I suppose. It is a fake baby.

  55. I very much liked Midway. I’m amazed, though, because I don’t think I’ve ever heard Teal’c talk so much. He was actually chatty! Watching him and Ronan double-handedly clear out the SGC was great, along with seeing Walter (poor Walter) in the background. Alas, poor Midway, we hardly knew ya. I don’t blame Shepard at all for locking himself in the front of the jumper.

    My mom thinks I’m crazy and needs to be committed. All because I did a wiggle dance at the preview for next week, when they showed who would be returning. My husband should be used to it by now, but my poor mother has only been living with us recently since August and hasn’t quite gotten used to my eccentricies.

  56. Hey Joe,

    Midway was a great ep, I loved it, good mix of action and story and seeing Teal’c again was great. Just a few questions though,

    (1) Now that we’ve seen zats work against the wraith why not bring them over to atlantis? It seems that carrying a weapon like that would be useful in many of the situations that the team encounters.
    (2) Does Ronan’s weapon need to be recharged? It seems like it never runs out of ammo, if so why haven’t they studied the weapon to try to make more of them?

  57. You blew up the Midway Station? Really, our country’s in enough financial trouble as it is. Keep this up and you’ll push us into a depression.

  58. Hello,

    I notice that you have a variety of people playing the male Wraith characters. What is James Lafazanos, the original Wraith, doing these days?

    Also, I just finished watching Midway. That was awesome!

  59. It’s the bathroom question all over again… I really hope a bathroom scene makes it into a show one of these days. Are there plans in the works *pretty please*. And seriously… where are the facilities when you’re stuck on a puddlejumper for a minimum of 7 days (1/2 way between galaxies right?).

    Absolutely loved the Sheppard/Mckay scenes where John hits Rodney to make him shut up and Rodney realizing he probably just killed his best friend when he vented the atmosphere. Why/How was the decision made to have Rodney start using John’s first name starting at the beginning of this season?

    A lot of cute moments that I think made the show worth it are Chuck’s face when Sheppard takes his cut of the bet, Teal’c when he returns Ronan’s gun, and Sheppard being poked at the end of the show by Ronan.

    So now that we know zat’s take out the Wraith in one shot (temporarily) are they going to be exported to Atlantis?

  60. We made a critical error-we revived Kavanagh! Hee! ‘Midway’ was a great action episode. Loved the end scene with Shep and Ronon.

  61. Hey thar, Joe!

    That’s an interesting way to do dimensioning on that grenade. No arrows, no slash marks, just dimension line, extensions and a number. Where’d your guys go to drafting/design school, anyway? 😉

    Awww, the proud owner of newborn placenta. Is it his first?

    By the way, the very ending of Midway was cute with the way Ronon was waking up Sheppard. That kind of thing makes things all the more “normal” in their everyday life. I love details like that! 🙂


  62. MIDWAY was great, but the very tail end- as in next week’s episode – sucked, only because there’s SciFi saying “You’ll never guess what happens in the last five minutes” and then they SHOW the viewer. Do you have any input with these people??

  63. “Midway” was way cool. Tell Carl he hit a home run with this one. Great to see how the two “beastie boys” handled the wraith at my door step. Beat them critters back!! And what makes me think Mr. Coolige will replace Woolsey in the annoying IOA “inspector” role? Had to laugh at Sheppard sealing himself into the flight deck of the jumper…away from the whinnnnnnnners for the rest of the jumper stay. Something quite befitting his character.

  64. Noooooo, not Midway!!! Awwww! 🙁

    Man, even when I know the characters aren’t going to die, you guys manage to make me very, very nervous!

    Loved Rodney’s worry for Sheppard, of course (McShepper *SQUEEE*) — I was pretty worried myself!

    Yay Teal’c! Great interactions with Ronon, all the way through (especially the mess hall). XD And loved Teal’c wanting Ronon’s gun! *G*

    Poor Teyla, she’s sooooo gonna be screaming “misogyny” at the IOA now. Love how Shepard assumes that his little talk with her in Quarantine convinced her to stay on a team, when clearly she hasn’t decided yet.

    Yay Lee! Yay Walter! And yay Kavanagh, if only for comic relief!

    Loved Rodney getting fed up with Lee & Kavanagh, and Ronon waking Sheppard up! *ROFLMAO*

    How did that wraith that betrayed Todd survive the cloning facility being destroyed??

    Caught some of the special on Infanity tonight (alas, I missed the beginning — only caught it because mom was checking the TV Guide channel for something). Very cool! 🙂 (Except for that fan who said they wanted to go to the “Prometheus Galaxy” to vist Atlantis. *Shakes head sadly*)

  65. I want to thank you all for the lost sleep I will be experiencing tonight. After watching Midway this late, it will be at least a couple of hourse before I am calmed down enough to get to sleep.

    Darned near fell off the edge of my seat a few times and don’t even ask about my nails ….

    Are Marines Stargate’s equivalent of “red shirts” or what? 😉

  66. Just thought I’d say…MIDWAY ROCKED!! 😀 Loved every little itty bit of it. 😀 Thanks guys for another home run! 😀

    And the ending was perfect. lol I am SO watching this again at midnight…

  67. For Patricia –

    Whump is a fandom term, commonly used by fan fiction authors (particularly in the Stargate genre) to describe physical and/or mental abuse laid on a character in a story.

    Rodney and Sheppard are the ones usually ‘whumped’ for example when Mckay is strung up by his ankle in ‘Runner’ or Sheppard is tortured by Todd in ‘Common Ground’. They go through harrowing events and survive and develop from them.

    Yea, charachter development.

  68. I loved, loved, LOVED ‘Midway’, probably my favourite episode this season, and definitely up there in series favourites, too! I thought it was incredibly well-rounded, with terrific pacing, writing, and acting. It felt like a movie ^__^

    Carl Binder, you have my eternal love <3

  69. Midway: yet another great episode! I wish the season wasn’t winding down. One thing: isn’t it about time SOMEONE killed Kavanagh! You have some of the greatest minds in two galaxies. Surely someone can come up with a plan that would look completely accidental. No one would miss him.

  70. Don’t worry about a fandom melt-down. After all, Daniel got a new body when he descended and he was fiiiinnnne. Still, I have to admit I had read too much into your words myself, and I’m the one who published them!

    I was just watching this video of the people’s choice stuff at MGM.com and I’d like to start a new rumor. At one point, while discussing directing, Joe pats David on the leg. David looks at his leg and says, “there was paperwork about that, Joe!” as if to say Joe isn’t supposed to touch him. Is that true? Are they not supposed to touch in public or some whacked out thing?

  71. Hi Joe, I’m new to the blog. I’m delurking to add my highlights of tonight’s Midway. It was great to see Teal’c. He was the best choice to mentor the chip-on-his-shoulder, Ronan. Their sparring was brutal but underscored the physicality of these two warriors that later were able to unite effectively to extinquish the Wraith. Finally, someone to query Teal’c about his signature, “Indeed.” Chris Judge was exquisite in his deadpan response. Sam, McKay and Sheppard complemented each other as they worked through the puzzle of what exactly happened to the midway station. The Wraith’s stun bomb was awesome. These guys are quite clever to have pulled off that invasion of the SGC. Next to the Goa’uld, I like these bad guys. And in the end, Shep’s escape from the pedantic geeks was a hoot.

  72. Hi Joe:

    Looking forward to your appearance at Fuel on April 1 and 3. Speaking of appearances, are you going to eventually do a Cameo on Atlantis? You’d be a wonderful Alfred Hitchcock.

    Patricia (AG)

  73. I really enjoyed Midway, a good action story that still brought in character-driven scenes that were either fun, worrisome, or cryptic.

    It was good to see Teal’c and SGC. I like the episodes that keep the Atlantis expedition at least partly connected to its origins, and feel there’s no risk of SGA being overrun by folks from SG-1.

    I thought it was really funny when Carter broke up the fight between Ronon and Teal’c, while all the guys were disappointed because they were betting on it and cheering the two on. Shep being Carter’s exec made it even funnier.

    Interesting about Todd. (Was that him helping to subvert the control center?) He looked pretty uncomfortable. That makes me think his loyalties are still mixed, and that he may not necessarily have been 100% willing to provide the information that led the Wraith to Midway. Or maybe that look was one of pure guilt – dunno.

    I was a little disappointed that the character of Coolidge was fairly stereotyped (at least that’s how I saw him.) He reminded me of Kinsey, and how that character seemed to be written to elicit knee-jerk reactions from the viewers. Again, just my opinion. – Also, Ronon and Teal’c watching the Three Stooges movie was doubly funny since it seemed like (at times) that’s sort of how Lee, Kavanaugh, and the other guy were operating in the control room.

    The audio and VFX were very strong, and very effective. But it was sad to watch Carter & McKay’s masterpiece get blown to bits.

    I like how this episode made very good use of Ronon’s unique traits. Not my call, but just an impression that Jason M. is growing along with Ronon.

    Joe, thanks to you and everyone for another very good episode.

  74. I liked Midway very much! Got to see lots of character interaction and also action action.
    I hope you can find a way to bring Kavanaugh(sp?) back for at least one episode next year, he is a great character!
    Thank you
    PS – what are you going to do with that plastic baby?

  75. This from the Gateworld article about the return of Beckett:

    “UPDATE: Our original report stated that Joseph Mallozzi had indicated that Beckett’s return would not involve a clone. In fact, what he ruled out was a time-traveling Becket or an alternate universe double. The story above has been corrected and given a proper citation. GateWorld regrets the error.”

    See they “regret the error” but they don’t apologise for it. Insert sarcasm – Nice work GW. Oh and by the way, Beckett has two T’s.

    Cheers, Chev

  76. Hey Joe,

    Amazing job on Midway. The folks on the SCI FI.com forum are praising it up and down. We need Teal’c back next season. 🙂

    As per “The Kindred” promo is Carson only going to be in the last 5 mins of part 1? Also, FYI the ad said a replicator ambush? Is that to throw people off, or is it a mistake?



  77. Hey Joe!

    Most definitely enjoyed Midway! Job well done to you, the cast and the crew! Kinda getting sad that there are only three episodes left this season… guess we’ll all start praying now for a summer premiere of season 5!

    Rest up this weekend… you don’t want to wear yourself thin when season 5 stuff is just getting under way!

    Have a good one,

    Kristy-Ann 🙂

  78. Midway was good, I love the way us guys used the old sg-1 background music to mark the scenes with carter and t in them. The “in deed” gag was very funny, like a through back to when o’neill and Mitchell would make jokes about it in the old series. It is also good to see that the jumpers are still in use.
    The end of midway with ronan messing with the sleeping shepard in the jumper was the funniest part of the show.

    I do agree with and like very much the idea of seeing others on Atlantis,
    may give us a chance to see new areas of atlantis?

    I must not be into stargate as much as i thought because I don’t know what “Whump” is either.

    Will there be any more atlantian ships to come into use by the expedition?

    Why use screen caps for carter’s office pics and i am suprised that there were no pic of DR. Fraser along with the pic of Cassandra?

    My top 3 favs for atlantis
    1) John Shepard
    2) Aiden Ford
    3) Ronan

  79. Midway was great – I’d love to see Ronon and T’ealc together again! and I’d also like to know what “whump” means (glad I’m not the only one!).

    So the Midway station is gone – is that it or will it be rebuilt? Did you guys decide that the intergalactic bridge made travel between Earth and the Pegasus galaxy too easy and less dramatic? Or is there more to come on the topic?


    oh, and four dogs on the bed? Amazing! We had a hard enough time with one cat with a pair of humans on a king size.

  80. Ahh.. the wonders of the internet and getting misquoted.

    Had to laugh at your description of losing your bed. Reminded me of what Ellen (DeGeneres) spoke about at the beginning of her show earlier in the week about her animals hogging the bed. (Thank goodness the writers are back.) I remember when I was younger I had a cat as a “hat” or “scarf” and a dog as a foot warmer. Great for someone with allergies.

    Love the “fishing” picture.

  81. Midway was the bomb! Thank you.

    I was expecting to enjoy this episode but I never knew I’d LOVE it. It was nice to see Teyla in the beginning despite the odd work schedule for RH in real life. Interesting to see Teyla and her dealing with the sexism of the IOA. Anyone see her little worried glance at John about re-joining the Team…..something tells me to Teyla..thats not written in stone.

    There are too many tidbits to mention but John acting like the dad when Ronon’s pointing the gun at Teal’c….my husband even wondered how many times John has to come and tell Ronon to take a time out.

    The alpha male thing was great and I enjoyed the all-out hostility at first and I think John made the right call to have them ‘work it out”.

    Great fight scene and the rowdy crowds of geeks, cheering them on was very amusing. The bets! Chuck the bookie and John taking his share despite the draw. As some had said this was a nice slice of life on base…a cool moment.

    Nothing says male bonding like two warriors killing a ton of Wraith. The genius of the Wraith invasion was awesome….I wonder if Todd was tortured or gave this info willingly. Having Rodney and John on wanted posters from the genii is nothing compared to every Wraith knowing them on sight!

    Loved, love, loved solider!Sheppard. Did he kill what…15 Wraith? Love seeing that side of him..sometimes I think it gets overlooked when Ronon’s in a battle.

    The two sided war so to speak…was fun and tense. The action in this was all out!

    I could go on, but the end was made of pure WIN! Rodney and the geek squad areguing! Sheppard’s idea to vent the atmosphere (only nitpick was him being able to gear up in time)

    Was he unconscious when the geek squad arrived..he didn’t notice them for while?

    The very, very end! Ronon’s affectionate way of waking up Sheppard!! Sheppard asleep with the headphone?

    Nothing but love for this.

  82. Hi Joe,

    seriously, this episode rocked. Awesome! I will have to watch the repeat too. But the preview on sci fi for next week gave the end already away. Though I am happy Carson is back, it was a spoiler, especially because they said it happens in the last 5 minutes. Oh well, I still can’t wait, it’s a whole week.

  83. Wow…Midway – Brilliant.
    Skilled arranging in the evolution of the Teal’c Ronan partnering. So much action I have to rewind and watch recording again.

    THANKS…GREAT episode.

  84. just a quick note (because i have to get up at 4:30am); i really enjoyed ‘midway’! my mom LOVED it! action packed and just all-around great. 🙂

    i also rewatched ‘trio’ and this time recorded it to *keep*.

    i had a wonderful atlantis evening. 😉

    sally 😀

  85. I need to get a new dictionary and Thesaurus. I’ve run out of superlatives. Midway is all it was promised to be and more. It’s one of my favorites already. Many, many thanks!

  86. i finally got my computer back… so happy about that!!!!

    so apparently there is gonna be some chocolate event thingy next saturday from 5-9. dont really know the details as i wasnt paying much attention. sounds tempting to go, but i unfortunately have to work…

    now its time to go and relax, so sore from all the skiing yesterday up at mt. washington

  87. Joe
    I just watched Midway and OMG I was speechless. It was amazing. Thank you, a thousand times, thank you… Carl Binder… You Rock?


  88. We moved the two seater settee from the lounge into the bedroom, covered it with a dog blanket and Voila, no dogs on bed. I don’t even feel guilty anymore as there is a mystical link between dogs and lounge furniture…

  89. Okay, so I’ll be one of many that will answer Patricia, I’m sure, but here goes:

    Whump – All bloody and bruised. May need hospital care.
    Ship – Two major characters (male and female) becoming a couple.
    Slash – Two major characters (male and male) becoming a couple.

    Other abbreviations that may have people confused:

    SDJ – Save Daniel Jackson. He was saved, but they’re keeping a close eye out, just in case.
    SCB – Save Carson Beckett. Another successful campaign.
    SEW – Save Elizabeth Weir. Dead in the water. Not their fault.
    SJM – Save Joe Mallozzi. Inactive at the moment, but will kick into high gear the moment Joe doesn’t post on time. This is a highly trained international task force built on the successes gained from “the Blogspot incident”.

  90. So it will be a girl and not a boy? And I don’t think that’s the placenta he’s holding there! 😀 Be careful, someone might misquote you! 😉

    Nah, seriously, I’m actually looking forward to the birth scene. I just hope it won’t be too much of a cliché birth. Please let it look real, not too much of that silly freaking out and whining on youknowwho’s part (if the rumours are true), and not too much of the “Come one!” “Breathe!” “Push!” stuff. Rachel knows how to give birth if she didn’t have c-section, let her lead the scene. 😀

    As for the whump… I don’t have enough money to send pralines around the world in order to buy you over, so I’ll just repeat my small question (also acting on behalf of the Rodney whumpers on GW):
    Any chance that there will also be some serious Rodney McKay whump in season 5, apart from such silly “I have a splinter” stuff?

  91. YAY! *does little happy dance* Thanks so much for the pics of Sam’s office pics..okay, I got it wrong and it was Jacob in that frame but heck, not much hair and blue uniform can be confusing….

    and [b]Patricia[/b]: though I’m no expert, I think it has something to do with suffering and exposed flesh??? Maybe along with comforting team members around?
    But yea, since I’m not totally sure…go and explain, all you Shep/McKay and other whumpers out there!

  92. Was it just me, or was the DHD the wraith used from the Pegasus Galaxy a Goa’uld DHD? I know the Atlanteans built the gate system, but it seems that we’ve never seen a Milky Way Galaxy DHD in the Pegasus System. And Teal’c’s reaction to Ronin asking him about saying “indeed” a lot was just EPIC. Kudo’s to Carl Binder for throwing that in there. Or was that another writers idea? whatever.. it was awesome. Enjoyed every moment of it.

  93. I was just wondering if there is any possibility to bring the season run up to 22 episodes again. I’m guessing they were dropped down to 20 per season due to the need for 40 scripts per year for both shows.. but now that it’s only SGA, is there any possibility of getting those extra 2 back?

  94. Hey Joe!

    I just wanted to say that I was completely surprised by how great Midway turned out. This season seems to be getting better and better. So keep up the good work.

    My question is: were the sets for the Midway station the same as those used for the Daedalus or Odyssey? I wasn’t sure some of the hallway seemed more cramped but similar to those seen before.


  95. Just have to say that Midway was totally awesome!!! I loved it! It is in my top 4 of the season (so far anyway:))

    I am so glad that the chocs arrived hehehehe! 🙂

    Glad that I no longer read any GW spoilers 🙂

    Patricia wanted to know what whump was:

    I am sure that lots of people are going to reply and explain what whump means. In other fandoms it is normally called hurt/comfort. I must say that I have always enjoyed H/C. Especially in shows like Starsky and Hutch(yes I am that old) where one character got whumped almost every week but to top it all you got so much angst and caring from the other one.

    I thought I would just try and explain what makes good whump for me.

    For me personally whump means any kind of physical hurt- more than emotional (although that is good too) of a character that I adore. Okay so that may sound a little odd ( just a little!?!?!) Why do I enjoy it? Because I like to see my character being brave ( dont want to see them giving in) but also to see that they are vulnerable too (they are human). I love the emotion I feel when a character (okay I mean Sheppy) gets whumped. My heart just breaks (but in a nice way)- I mean many people go and see sad films cry throughout or go to be frightened to death and then come out and say it was awesome…emotion is good (only of course when it is not because of some real life sad event, or actually being chased through your house by a man with a chainsaw). I like watching and feeling that he needs a great big hug. Whump is always best for me with a nice big comfort scene with the team showing lots of concern …sigh!

    So my fave episode ever of SGA? 38 Minutes of course. I probably didnt breath the first time I watched that episode. It is the ultimate Shep whump to date. It had a bit of everything for me Shep was totally vulnerable and fighting to not show how scared he was. The team were all there trying to save him and themselves. It even included a lovely infirmary scene. It is the reason I watch the show, I got hooked after watching it to both the show and to Sheppy!

    Hope that makes some sort of sense – I have only been awake 5 minutes and my brain is still half asleep!


  96. This post should have been in my last one. My bad. But to Stacy who asked: “What’s the big difference anyways?” about HDDVD vs BluRay. The BIG differences are only two:

    1. Uses the same material as your regular sturdy DVD. meaning it can be fairly abused and still work. GREAT if you have children running around watching dvds… my friend has a HDDVD system and a younger sister who constantly drops DVDs. She has scrathed 3 of them (HDDVD) and they still work just fine.
    2. Dual Layer and Dual Sided capabilities.. Many of the HDDVD movies released are Dual Sided and have the regular DVD on one side and HDDVD on the other. So for people wanting to have the movie in both formats and dont want to buy two copies… its a MAJOR plus/advantage.
    3. At this moment they only support up to a 5.1 surround sound system.
    4. Uses a compressed MP3 or other audio codec for sound. It is not a raw format, some people think it sounds worse than BluRay but in all actuality the differences are so subtle that you’d have to have the hearing of a bat to notice them.

    1. Uses a thinner disc in the fabrication. So they are more brittle than your regular dvd.
    2. The slightest smudge on them can cause error in play back. Except on the PlayStation 3 wich to date is still the best BluRay player on the market.
    3. Supports both 5.1 Systems as well as 7.1 Systems
    (in all fairness to the HDDVD this is more of a movie company choice… both discs could support both formats.. but for some reason HDDVD has chosen to only support 5.1 because of the lack of consumer demand for 7.1)
    4. Does NOT support dual layer or dual sided discs. Due to fabrication process and the thin-ness of the disc.
    5. Uses a RAW audio format for higher clarity sound.
    6. Security Encryption on the disc: This is NOT currently used by any manufacturer at the moment because if it was… movie rentals of BluRay as well as PS3 game rentals would be rendered impossible. But BluRay has a feature that if turned on would mean that when you buy a BluRay DVD or game your playback system can burn a small code onto the disc making it ONLY playable on that device… so if your playback device broke… and you had to get a new one.. you’d have to rebuy the movies or games.. Again this is something Sony came up with to keep its PS3 games from being copied on the internet but because of reaction to people protesting it they never implemented it.

    As to wich format you chose to buy on is really your own choice. After ton’s of research I personally prefer HDDVD solely because I like the ability to buy a movie and be able to play it back on a regular DVD player or an HDDVD player depending upon where I am located and what technology is available to me. But I see now that I may have to be re-thinking that. I also see more MGM movies on BluRay wich leads me to believe that SG episodes will release on BluRay in the HD format.. But who know’s SciFi has a say in things… I don’t know… It’s only a speculation. Perhaps Mr. Mallozzi knows? But I would chose to believe that if he did he would be kind enough to inform us avid and loving readers of his blog. And now to bed with me. For I am tired and *click of the submit button*

  97. JOE SAID:”But that would mean denying Lulu access and when she looks up at me and starts crying, it’s hard to say no to the little cutie. And then when Bubba repeats the same act, I can’t very well deny him at the risk of being seen to play favorites. And then when Maximus simply sits at the foot of the bed and stares up longingly at the other two happily bounding about, it breaks my heart to leave him on the floor. And with the other three on the bed, I can’t very well leave Jelly on the floor as odd dog out”

    Aw! You old softie,see in spite of everything you would have us believe, you DO have a heart.

    And as for that baby – well all I’m gonna say is none of mine turned up that way! might have been easier if they had.

  98. Thought I’d break up the Daniel/Vala and Sam/Jack questions about Continuum and just ask the one I think we’ve all been waiting for an answer to: any juicy Ba’al/Qetesh scenes in Continuum? Cliff said awhile back that he had a great final sequence with Claudia but I was curious if they got any other quality screen time together. I’ll admit that the idea of these two is a tantalizing one that I hope Brad Wright and the rest of the crew exploited.

    I really don’t think I’m being AT ALL presumptuous when I say that despite their superficial disinterest, every fan is dying to know the answer to this question.

  99. Is it an outright flub that the Milky Way Stargate at the Midway station made the sound of a Pegasus Stargate when it was being dialed, or was it done on purpose?

  100. Hi Jo’ !

    Coooooool photos !
    Baby : waouh he very very looks like a real ! Very good job. Placenta too…Carl is very happy th have it ^^
    Chocolates…it looks like very delicious^^
    Ahd photos from Carter office. Who take the photo near Jack’s home ? This person was in the water to take it no ?^^ We can see Daniel/Michael arriving behind in the dark of the picture. ( I remember the episode ).
    It’s a pity to have not picture of Car and the baby ^^
    Thank you for the picture !^^

  101. thank you very much for posting those pics of Sams desk! They’re sooo lovely.

    I can soo sympathise with you about rumours. Of course one loves to discuss rumours but I always try to be cautious about the contents and the consequences.

    Well, as the mailbag was back today I’m still hoping for an answer to my question. As there was no mailbag everytime I ask I can probably presume you didn’t answer it because you couldn’t or wouldn’t answer it:

    Are deleted scenes on the season 3 box and if so only only certain boxes?

    As soon as there is a mailbag and you haven’t answered the question I’ll stop aking :o)

  102. Oh, Joe…

    “Midway” was sublime!

    The quintessential SGA episode.

    Thanks to everyone for ALL their hard work.

    What a pleasure to see Chris Judge in a NEW episode tonight. Sniff. Miss him so much!

    Thank you also for the photos, Joe. Very nice.

    And now…Beckett!



  103. Hey…

    Tell me, does it piss you off that itunes keeps fudging things up with the episode releases?

    Amd also is there any word about a third SG1 movie? Or SGU?

  104. Patricia – whump?

    Well as far as Shep whump is concerned, for me, it really is seeing the character vulnerable in a physical or emotional way. I prefer the physical way myself! (IE, bleeding, hurt, in pain etc).

    You see Sheppard is the hero. He isn’t vulnerable generally. He’s smart, self-assured, amusing and doesn’t get the opportunity to be too flawed. Thus on the character development front it’s difficult sometimes to show his human side or to show him not at his best, since making him screw up can make him seem like a poor leader. He’s the hero, after all.

    When he’s physically incapacitated, he is at a disadvantage. He has to show his strength of character and often when this happens, for me, he shines. (38 Minutes, Common Ground, TDO, for example). I get to see Sheppard’s strength of character and determination when he’s down. I also get to see his team caring about him, which I don’t get to see often.

    I like seeing Sheppard vulnerable. There is just something which also makes me go ‘awwwww!’ I think it’s some sort of mothering instinct.

    So, for me, Shep whump is physical hurt. I’m not so keen on the whump which isn’t real. IE in his head like Doppelganger, because there are no ramifications. Though DG is one of my favourite episodes for other reasons.

    I hope that explains it, or at least what it means to me?


    Put simply – Stargate at its best.

    Adored the final scene between Ronon and Sheppard. That just was so cute and a wonderful friendship moment. I just went ‘Awwwwww!’. Cute, slumbering Sheppard, and Ronon tweaking his nose. I’m so glad CB is back from his striking duties!!!! What wonderful chemistry Joe and Jason have! Ronon has been such a great addition to the team!

    I love Teal’c and he didn’t disappoint here. The chemistry between Jason and Chris was wonderful. I was on the edge of my seat as they fought the wraith, and I loved the fight between Ronon and Teal’c and it was a thrill to see the SGC again. I also loved hearing the ubiquitous ‘Indeed’ again. 🙂

    Loved Sheppard running around killing wraith and being in soldier mode. I’ve missed that a bit this season. Loved the whumpy oxygen deprived bit too and that Sheppard was going to possibly sacrifice himself again. Sigh…

    I loved McKay’s concern when he thought Sheppard was dead, and loved his irritation at Lee and Kav at the end! Good to see Kavanagh (sp?) again. Did I spy correctly, and he’s called Peter?

    So, my adrenaline was pumping watching Midway. I loved it to bits! After a second viewing, it’s been elevated to 9.5/10. 🙂 More of the same please!

    Oh yes, glad you liked the choccies. We’d ordered them before you posted about the extreme Shep whump. Er, perhaps you’ll read my definition of whump above and incorporate that into an eppie? 😆 Well, it was worth a try, and there’s no harm in asking, is there? 🙂

  105. Forgot to comment on the baby. Hmmm, very realistic. But isn’t Carl holding the umbilical cord? Unless he’s hiding the placenta somewhere on his person? 😉 😆

  106. So, Midway…

    Teal’c’s changed. He seems…well, it’s hard to describe. More diplomatic, I suppose. But I suppose it makes sense that he would change, considering Unending, he is a lot older than he used to be. Now I’m really curious to see Ark of Truth.

    I hadn’t expected Teal’c to meet anyone more laconic than himself, but there you go. Their interactions were great.

    Aw, Kavanagh’s cute with short hair. Too bad he’s still a whiny, incompetent coward. Although there’s something strangely lovable about him. Don’t ever kill him.

    For that matter, the wraith in this ep were disturbingly attractive, as well.

    Was that random extra getting life-sucked meant to be in any way a surprise? Hm…two recurring characters and a guy who doesn’t have a single line, and the wraith needs to seem threatening. I wonder what will happen.

    “Indeed.” LOL! He hadn’t noticed. *snerk*

    The interview was great. That IOA guy was really grating on me, but it’s good to see he can learn.

    The jumper bit was funny. Not surprising Sheppard didn’t last long. Although I have to admit one of my first thoughts was concerning the bathroom facilities, or lack thereof. Food, water, medical supplies…and no way to relieve themselves. What, did they use bottles or something?

    Funny how Kavanagh’s first response was to try to hug Ronon (or so it appeared) considering what Ronon almost did to him last time. There’s something hilarious about that. There’s got to be some Kavanagh somewhere in the multiverse who has a backbone. It just ain’t this one.

  107. *waves*

    Yeah!! You got the chocs. :mrgreen: Well you know how subtle the whumpers can be in their quests for Shep whump. Hope it gave you a good giggle. 😀

    Patricia, you wanted to know what ‘whump’ is. Good question, i’ll try not to make us sound sadistic. Some people get it, some just think we’re really sick. 😆
    Whump for me is not just a character getting the crap kicked out of them (although that’s exceptionally yummy). It’s all about the character development 😉 When someone goes through a period of adversity (which let’s face it, when you’re getting the crap kicked out of you it certainly brings out something :lol:) It’s that side of the character that I love. It makes you stronger as a person and vulnerable in the initial period, and you carry that hurt/angst/vulnerability throughout your life. So to see it and allow someone else to see it, is beautiful. You get to see the person fighting sometimes for their very survival and the instincts, courage and determination that goes with it. It’s at those times to that people who care about you, are there for you in your time of need. When someone is hurt or vulnerable, people’s instincts are to protect them and care for them. It’s very endearing to see someone caring for someone they love, especially when they need it the most. You rarely get to see people at their most vulnerable, especially if it’s not in your nature to show that side of your psyche.. For me although I love the physical whump, I do need to see that impact it has on those around the whumpee. If they’re not there to see it, or feel the impact then, while I still adore it, it hasn’t got that same thing. For example, in Travelers, whilst I loved all the whump we got in that, and pissed of Shep and the determination, the missing element for me was the scenes we got in Common Ground, Tabula Rasa, 38 minutes. His team watching his back, caring for him, worrying about him in his time of need. He’s always there for them, so it’s nice to see it reciprocated. And to see the team as family, as usually only family and close friends get to see that vulnerable, determination. 😀

    Blood, guts, intubation, shooting, stabbing, I love it all! And emo whump, oh goodness me [read: Outcast]just makes me want to hug everyone and take that hurt away. That for me is why I consider myself a whumper. Now if I just had the nurses uniform. 😉 So, Mr M, does SGA need any nurses. 😛 I promise to be on my best behaviour. 😀

    Okay enough of whump, let’s talk Midway! Absoultly fantastic, and in the words of Ron Weasly “Bloody Brilliant!” From start to finish this was SGA at it’s very best, loved all the angst, the jeopardy, the tense action sequences. CJ and JM did a fab job of creating that tension, absolutely fantastic.

    Oh my goodness and the humour was top notch, from the ‘Indeeds’ to Ronon’s line to Shep “I hate you!” *giggles* It had me on the edge of my seat and in stitches for every single minute. Fantastic writing pleas pass on my love to Carl for this eppy and everyone’s input. Great character moments, and moments that just made me want to hug them all. Rodney emo whump *sniff* the slapping of Rodney for the ‘oh crap’ comment and great Sheppard actiony whumpy bits.

    What stole it for me though was CJ and Ronon’s stare’s and chemistry and the end scene with the puddle jumper! Loved it. Great job guys *huge huggles all round*

    50/10 still from me 😀

  108. I am highly disturbed by that baby…. yikes!

    Please tell me you’re going to hire a real one at some point!

  109. Just saw “Midway”, awesome episode. I loved seeing Ronan and Teal’c kick serious butt. Everyone did a great job at this. I wish Sam would have stayed out of the fight and let the boys go on a little longer but you had the story to tell too.

    What misquote, talk about leading us on. I have to go peruse the Gateworld boards to see what happened.

  110. Woo! Midway – now that was an action-packed hour, wasn’t it? My flatmate is feeling very happy now. She’s been going on for ages about how the gate bridge (with its iris/shield overriding macro) is just a wraith invasion waiting to happen. Lovely Ronon/Teal’c stuff. Loved the bet-placing, too – and Sheppard calling the draw. Great Sheppard/Ronon interaction, as well – with Sheppard calling him a ‘good boy’ and Ronon saying he hates him. Also, the end is great. Poor Rodney, though, being stuck in the back with Kavanagh & Lee. (Oh, and I’m very glad you didn’t kill Walter! Nice restraint there. ;-)) Very enjoyable episode.

  111. Uh, the “nice restraint” comment of course in recognition of the oft-acknowledged bloodlust of the SG:A writers. 🙂

  112. Uh, the “nice restraint” comment of course in recognition of the oft-acknowledged bloodlust of the SG:A writers. 🙂

  113. help for wraithfodder

    to see the blow up picture of Cassie & Daniel. Open any of the clickable pictures from February 15th and replace the last 9 characters of the URL in the address bar to 04468.jpg and load again. Hope this works for you.

  114. Ok thoughts on Midway, it was a very good episode. The story and plot was a strong one, and it was a good idea. The Teal’c/Ronan fight being split up so it was a draw, I suppose one section of the fandom would have been annoyed had a particular one won so I suppose it was a good decision. But still kinda disappointing.
    The interaction between the two of them was good though, wasn’t hard after the Wraith got through to figure out how they’d bond. But I imagine they’d like to see each other again and Teal’c did fit in in this episode. I worried the reason might be quite contrived but it was a good one. Teal’cs line on “I didn’t realise I said indeed” was VERY well played by Chris Judge, if he’d taken it from any other angle (such as in a slightly more sarcastic manner) the joke wouldn’t have worked as well, but his serious approach really added to the joke like he genuinely didn’t realise, so that was good.

    But overall plot, I’ve got to say this could have lasted as more then one episode. It fit ok in one but this is a story that had it been fleshed out into two (I.e. seeing more of what the Wraith do on Earth, maybe make the SGC infiltration a bigger part of the story and focus on the Wraith there more or have more of them there.) then it could have been really interesting. As the set up for the Wraith going to Midway was very well done and the time was taken over it, but once they were there it took a little less focus and the story was told a lot faster. I think if more Wraith had gone to midway and then to Earth and time was taken over that it could have been a really interesting story. Similarly to Dominion it would have been good to see Ba’al’s plan in action a bit more maybe over another episode. It worked as one episode, but the story that could have been told had an extra episode been there would have been really interesting and could flesh out a lot more stuff. But it was a good episode on it’s own, just a shame more aspects couldn’t be focussed on more.
    But the plot itself, I was actually rooting for the Wraith on this one, for the same reasons if they succeeded we would have had a really interesting story, that’s why I wanted them to succeed the whole time, a Wraith on Earth story would be a lot more feasible now that SG-1 as a show isn’t there anymore, means you don’t have to worry about interfering with it as much. And would be good to see a Wraith at Earth story again.

    Dr Cavanaugh, couldn’t he have done anything right? He’s an intelligent scientist that’s why he’s on the base, but because he’s also a jerk he has to do something wrong or if something goes wrong it has to be because of him? That wasn’t a very good way to approach it really, the more ‘powerful’ jerks on screen are the ones that yes they are a jerk but they still do their job right, it gives them more depth, it gives them more character, and makes you in a way want to see them fail because you don’t want a jerk to succeed. But he’s an intelligent individual and he still should be able to do their job. I don’t dislike seeing Cavanaugh, he creates a good bit of tension between characters but I think that would be increased if he was also right sometimes, if he had a genuine point more. I hope if we see him again that this approach is taken, as I think it’s the right one.

    While on that, I think that the Midway blowing up as a way to get rid of the Wraith would have been stronger as well, would have given it more significance I think rather then it just being an accident. The story was basically over by that point and the Wraith were gone, so it didn’t really serve that much story purpose it blowing up by that point. It would have also strengthened the Wraiths plan by making it seem the only way to have stopped it would have been to blow up the base, the more formidable foe approach.

    But overall, yes it was a good episode, strong plot and good character dynamics. Teal’c was used well and it served a good story purpose, makes you want to see more of him in the future in the show. A strong 8-9 out of 10 imo.
    – Inpa.

  115. I just watched Midway and In soo have to add another comment. In the first scenes I thought, what a boring episode, all about Teal’c and Ronon. But I actually loved every bit of interaction between the two. They’re just great!

    But my favourite part was the last scene with Sheppard in the jumpers! It’s absolutely hilarious! I loved that one espescially. Thumbs up for that episode.

    Next week is the kindred *woohooo* can’t wait! :o)

  116. Hey Joe,
    Nice episode tonight. Teal’c’s new hair is going to have to grow on my more, but loved the action. I’ve been trying to reconcile the SG1 movies and this season of SGA in my head so bear with me. Teal’c is no longer a member of SG1 and Continuum takes place before season 4 started…. Okay, stab in the dark here but, I’m getting the feeling Vala’s long gone and Mitchell’s, what, dead? Still a 302 pilot? Am I gtiing warm?

  117. Hey Joe. Thanks for the pics. How come no Vala?

    Next to pic of Jack and Sam Fishing is half a pic of Daniel in a suit. It looks like the wedding scene from 200 but since that really didn’t happen how can Sam have a pic of Daniel in that tux? Hmmmmm?

  118. Has Amanda Tappings exit already been scripted or planned? Does it involve her leaving to spend time with her recently retired someone from washington?

  119. Hey, type in Joseph Mallozzi into Google Search and this is what you get:

    Josephmallozzi’s Weblog
    Joe Abercrombie writes: “ Only imagine what we could have achieved if the internet had never been invented. YOURS is one of the blogs I’M constantly reading …
    josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/ – 96k – Cached – Similar pages

    It won’t last, it all depends on the Google robot website crawl, but it’s nice to see at the moment. 🙂

  120. Tame, he said that GateWorld posted an article that misquoted him. He didn’t accuse someone on the forums of doing so.

    Joe, I think you might have to be merciless at least one night so you can get some sleep. (Although it is so unmercifully difficult to deny the little darlings; especially when they use their cuteness against you.)

    However, the crankiness might be universal. I have been crabby (um, crabbier) and pretty much everyone I know has been crabby. The planets must be wonky, or something.

    Please thank Carl for a delightful episode. I honestly found myself floored each time I thought the story was going one way and it would go the other. Bravo!!

    But the biggest kudos go to Jason and Chris for a wonderful job bouncing off of each other. It was an episode for the ages.

  121. Hi Joe.

    I’ve just finished watching “midway”, and yet again the people behind SGA have outdone themselves.

    The fight scene between Ronan and Teal’c was brilliant, that must havve taken alot of time to get just right, i just wished that Carter hadn’t stepped in.

    Damned wraith always screwing up things that the SGC have built. Also yet again we can’t seem to keep anything new for more than just an episode, whats up with that.

    Also quick question Joe, do you watch Las Vegas on NBC, and what is your opinion on the show if you do watch it?

  122. Hya Joe.

    Once again it seems that the mids behind SGA have outdone themselves again.

    The fight scene between Ronan and Teal’c was just amazing, and must have taken ages to film.

    The damned wraith keep screwing us over, and what is with the fact that anytime we see something new in this series it invariably lasts one or two episodes max.

    Two questions Joe.

    1) How long did it take(roughly) to shoot the fight scene between Ronan and Teal’c.


    2) Do you watch the TV show Las vegas, and if so what do you think of it.

  123. LOVE the pictures! The chocolates are awesome, and, for Patricia above me:

    WHUMP: A fandom term, commonly used by fan fiction authors (particularly in the Stargate genre) to describe physical and/or mental abuse laid on a character in a story.
    Quoted from the Urban Dictionary: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Whump

    Thank you so much for the pictures of the… pictures! I particularly like the fact that the characters are all smiling. It’s a simple thing, but, really, how often do we see Teal’c smile on SG-1? Not much, because what *we* get to see isn’t the whole of his character–and the whole of his character is probably something Sam would get to see. Also, going for the same level of realism, I can’t help but picture Daniel or Teal’c out in a boat taking the picture of Sam and Jack fishing (because otherwise, how… ?)

    In case I’ve forgotten to rave about season 4 here yet–RAVE RAVE RAVE! Seriously, the show is not only fun to watch, but it really incorporates the camaraderie that really ought to exist among a group of people so isolated in the middle of nowhere.


  124. Midway ROCKED – perfect balance of space action, drama and humour. Please convey our thanks to Carl (as well as cast and crew). It’s good to see him back!

    I liked the plot possibilities from Midway. Please tell us these will be fleshed out in S5! In particular, hints about Teyla carving her own path, Ronon finding unexpected support from the “new” IOA (aka Coolidge) – perhaps more so than Earth’s own (Carter and Sheppard), and of course, less interaction with the SGC.

    Lastly, are there plans for another encounter with Todd the wraith?! I’d like to think he didn’t “simply” just sell Atlantis out…

  125. Back in the day’s before the wonderful internet, social networking, the iPod and DVR it seems like a TV show could only reasonably expect revenue streams from merchandising and syndication (unless I’m forgetting something). But now, with TV-on-DVD, Digital Downloading, and a whole new medium to sell wares on it seems like the average TV show has a lot better chance to turn a profit.

    What shows do you think would have never made it in today’s TV landscape if we didn’t have those extra revenue streams to count on?

  126. Thanks for the pics Joe, but, um-m… the link with Daniel & Cassie photos seems to not work.

    LOVED “Midway”! Viewed it “Live”, then recorded the 12am replay on DVR. Will view again at some point this weekend. While the large, obvious stuff was fabulous, I especially enjoyed the smaller, character interactions.
    My scene favorite was the last with Ronon playfully waking John. Very well played! And I’m glad John didn’t shoot himself or any others on the jumper.
    I have to now ask though… if they were trapped on the jumper for “days”, where was the toilet?

    It was a treat to see Rob LaBelle from First Wave as Coolige. I remember an SG-1 ep with Sebastian Spence as a Tok’ra too. I guess the scifi gallery of actors is often shared 😀

    Great chemistry between Ronon and Teal’c, Jason and Chris. Both wanted the bottom bunk, he-he. Tal’c teasing Ronon in the mess hall. The dueling gym scene looked like HARD WORK, yet the boys made it seem REAL.

    I really appreciate the creative sets, props and costuming too. Fans on the forums and boards and even here, place their emphasis on the actors, which is fine, But all should remember that the Stargate “world” wouldn’t be as memorable, realistic or believable without the surrounding structure within they play. I often zoom in on a background prop or set piece when reviewing the DVDs, all the better to enjoy !

    Keep up the good work Joe and please pass along our collective appreciation to ALL.

    Carol Z

    P.S. I sleep with 2 elderly kitties who BOTH snore. Your health trumps the pups comfort. So put the pups in another room and close the door. Ear plugs will drown out their whimpers.

  127. Hi Joe,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while now, but since I’m a bit shy, it’s taken me a while to come on here to say hello.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for such a great daily read, it always makes me smile. And as a long term Stargate fan, thanks too for all the background stuff, it’s a nice way to get to know all the people behind the scenes. You all do a great job.

    No questions for you this time around, though I’m sure there’s loads I’ll wish I’d asked once I’ve posted this. Still, hopefully I’ll get to ask them on another post.

    Thanks again for your time, Joe, and hope to be here again soon.

    All the best


  128. Hey Joe!

    Wow, what time machine do you guys have to get those images? My Wal-Mart time machine only makes me go back 2 seconds in time at the expense of 100 litres of gas. 😛

    Thank you very much for Midway, great to see Teal’c on Atlantis and Ronon in the SGC. Finally, the mystery of Carter’s pictures is revealed! Whoo! 😀

    Thanks, as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  129. Midway = Hey Moe! Its Kavanaugh!! was anyone else disappointed he wasn’t fed on?! 😉 god I forgot how much that character annoyed me, thanks for directing my attention away from Keller!! haha WHAT a GREAT episode!! HUGELY excellent seeing Teal’c in Atlantis, damn I woulda let the fight continue til one of them was on the floor and I vote it woulda been T still standing!! Like I predicted definitely one of s4’s best eps LOVED everyone in it- even the sob K imagine being stuck in the jumper with that guy. AWESOME Midway set & SGC Wraith!!! terrific, sorry the station was destroyed. And put me on the list too for one of those guns.

  130. Wow, Midway was a fantastic episode! I loved seeing Teal’c again, and it was fun to watch the dynamic between Ronon and Teal’c evolve. Awesome to see Teyla again; and just the way that the episode pulled in most of the main players (only minus Keller this time) to some extent was really nicely done.

    I’ve been waiting for the one of the enemy factions to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the midway station, and I loved how the Wraith did it – firstly that Todd hacked Rodney’s codes, and then that the infiltration was done with such precision. It’s always cool to see how the Wraith don’t just depend on overwhelming numbers to defeat their enemies, and that they are also scary smart.

    The whole episode was fantastic, and the last scene was perfect. I was wondering whose idea the nose-poke was – whether it was scripted or otherwise? Because the fact that Ronon did that instead of something like a shoulder-shake to wake up John was…well, dang, it was kind of adorable and hilarious, and I kind of abjectly loved it.

    Great episode! Thanks!

  131. Joe, Joe, Joe! How are you (and the SGA team) so awesome?

    I mean, just when I think my favorite show (ever!) can’t possibly get any better, you guys give me amazingly choreographed fights, gigantic explosions, adorably annoyed Rodney, and fantastic last scenes. (The flailing arms! The nose poking! Ronon’s grin!)

    You guys are brilliant!

    (Overuse of exclamation points. Oops!)

  132. Any plans for a return of Aiden Ford? He wasn’t a really interesting character in season 1, but became one in season 2 and right after that he was ditched… the irony.

  133. It has been HOURS since you last cleared a comment – are you, by any chance, letting your life interfere with your blogging? Bad person!

    Susan – and meow from Princess Merlin and Frankie who deign to allow their human slave to sleep on their bed.

  134. Just wanted to say I loved, loved, LOVED “Midway.” Please tell Carl he did a great job (again)!

  135. Tame Said:
    Would you mind not perpetuating the misquoting and clarifying that it was a GateWorld MEMBER that misquoted you and not the site itself. By not doing so you are no better than what you are accusing others of. *shakes head*

    THIS is the precise reason I steer well clear of most fan sites. nuff said.

  136. Hi Joe.

    Just a thought – I read the cut dialogue from “Trio” you posted on the 11th of February entry and I was wondering if by any chance Carter’s departure as Atlantis commander might have anything to do with that “not that much older man from Washington that’s gonna retire soon”? Would your magic 8 ball be so kind and give a comment on this one?

  137. Thanks for the photos from Sam’s office, but where’s the one of Jack in civies that we saw in Sam’s luggage when she was unpacking? Is that one in her private quarters? 😉

  138. Caught up with “Trio” and “Midway” last night, along with the beginning of S7 SG-1.

    *Spoiler alert* for the SciFi promo of next week’s ep. Of course, I haven’t been reading GW or the other fan sites, so I may have been the only one surprised. Tempted to email SciFi to complain, though.

    Long ago, I was an S/J shipper, but S/T sounds intriguing!


  139. Will the new enemy race be indigenous to pegasus, or foreign to the galaxy?

  140. You know the pups will just follow you to the next room and the whole vicious cycle will start all over again.

  141. Hi Joe,
    Loved Midway!! The fight scene between Ronon and Teal’c, that was just amazing! You can really tell that they spent many hours practicing to make it look authentic. The only problem…it ended too quickly! Just have one question, the scene where Ronon was waking up John, was that scripted that way or did Jason adlib? It’s these little moments that are just so great and really just make my heart swell with glee!

  142. Ugh, I give up; I’m not going to read all the comments before commenting myself. It keeps going up while I’m reading what’s already here! x_x I love to see what people are saying and I try to read everything before I say anything just so I don’t repeat something, but it also drains my will to comment my original thoughts after reading Joe’s entry. So, original thoughts, then back to comment reading.

    First off, can I get a shout out or dedication to my sister whose dog died yesterday while she was at work? Barb’s dog, Beanie, was 15ish (he was a rescue dog and they guessed he was 8-10 yrs old and it seemed to me she was always changing his age to be old or younger to suit her purposes, though she did have him 6ish years so the age changes may’ve been right and I just mixed them in my mind with my non-linear memory) and was her best companion after she moved out of my parents house and realized she couldn’t stand roommates (especially ones allergic to animals). I imagine she’ll be unbelievably lonely now even though she still has two cats. Your talk about your dogs in the bed made me think about how she described what happened when I found out (he was kind of lethargic the night before, but he’s old so that was understandable, and last night in bed he seemed extra snuggly, and he didn’t want any water which was unusual…) Anyway, she needs extra love as her favorite valentine and Halloween costume buddy (they always dressed up as a pair, last year she was a flowering bush and he was a bee) has passed away. She’s a stargate fan though not as insane as me and she made fun of my McKay cell phone message (which I really should get rid of considering I use it for professional research-y things and nothing throws a government worker or businessman like being told I’m off saving the galaxy), but I’ll forgive her since she was distraught.

    Second, I think you are down because you miss Fondy, once she returns you’ll become productive and again enjoy the time travel discussions.

    Third, how cool is it that people send you chocolate? I sometimes wonder how famous people handle getting stuff like that. Any fear that someone is trying to poison you? Jason said on the Extra interview that he didn’t open the underwear packages, are there any signs you watch out for that make you refuse a gift? Like if someone made you homemade cookies would you say no, but if the chocolate comes shipped directly from a store you feel that’s safe? Or is it a matter of having tasters like Tanja? 🙂 Er, sorry if I sound vaguely like I’m plotting your demise, honestly I’ve never had any issue with anything done on the show or to the characters!

    Next up, White Queen (assuming you mean Emma Frost and not some other comic character I don’t recognize) isn’t evil anymore; does she really belong in your gallery of villains? Though I guess the evil-ness of Catwoman could be debated, too…

    Finally, in the comments I did make it through someone mentioned Zelenka getting a promo shot. I think it’d be cool if all the secondary characters got a group promo shot like the primary ones have. It’d be wicked awesome. Do it. Do it. (/Bostonian impersonation)

  143. Joe, I just saw Midway and I think it just may be the best episode of season 4. I can’t even form more coherent thoughts, I’m just too busy squeeing about the goodness of it all.

    And I know you have nothing to do with this, but I hate the SciFi promo monkeys. Yes, yes I can believe what will happen in the last 5 minutes when you show it to me in the preview. Asshats.

    I mean yeah, I knew about the casting spoiler that everybody knows, but I hadn’t been paying attention to when precisely it was starting (got to leave something a surprise after all.)

    Are you offering gentle nudges in one direction or the other regarding the dreads, or are you just sitting back for a wait-and-see?

  144. Mr M.,

    That baby just scares me. So was the poor thing strapped to a horse before it came out? Is so darned bow-legged! 🙂

    Midway was an excellent shoot em up, testosterone filled eppy filled with some great Shep Whump (yup, I’m one of the GW Shep Whumpers)and a very playful moment at the end when Ronon wakes Sheppy. Aw..bless! I love seeing these friendship type moments.

    But I’m still curious to know…what portable urinal do they stock on the puddlejumper? I didn’t see any puddles on the floor and I know no one can go that long without having to pee……

  145. Hi.
    I’d like to say how much I loved Midway. It’s nice to see Teal’c hasn’t lost his charm. This might seem like a random question but I was wondering if you were involved in any way with the ill-fated game Stargate SG1: The Alliance. If you were, I don’t suppose you could give us a little bit more information about the new villains, the Haaken, especially since the game is dead and buried.

  146. Elizabeth S, I guessed I missed your poll. Haven’t read all the comments in the past few entries.

    So the question is about our top 3 characters?

    Mine are:

    1) John
    2) Ronon
    3) Rodney

    and if I may add:

    4) Teyla
    5) Lorne, Radek, Keller, Caldwell, Elizabeth and Carson

  147. Now that that Midway station is no more will the sets for that station be struck or reconfigured for other purposes? I would imagine that you wouldn’t want to expense to go to waste or were the sets themselves reconfigured from something else and if so from what?

  148. Oops, I forgot to talk about the wonderfulness of Midway. Really great ep, many yell out loud/squee moments. I’ve mostly only watched SG1 for the McKay eps, but in Midway I often found myself cheering at the awesomeness of Teal’c. Ronon got even more adoration, he was just too cool. I really loved everything he did from his expressiveness when talking about Sateda’s downfall to the absolute adorableness of waking up Sheppard at the end. I just want to hug him and his cheeky smile.

    I’m really noticing the great friendship moments between Ronon and Sheppard lately. I guess it’s not really new, they’ve hung out since the beginning, but going to a family funeral just seemed to make it hit me in the face; there’s a lot more there than just a commander and a soldier. Not so much snarky antagonism like between Sheppard and McKay, just real supportiveness and enjoying being together. It’s nice to see Ronon getting to be more and more of a person, not just a wraith-killer.

    I was so happy to see Teyla again, it felt like it’d been forever! I’ve enjoyed all these episodes that pair people off and reveal deeper characters or whatever, but I miss the team shows and I miss the b-plots (I think that’s what they are called, yes?) where we get to see what the other characters are up to instead of just seeing the same people all episode. I like how Sheppard gets to be in every episode even if it’s just eating a sucker or offering travel advice for a minute before the real story starts. I guess being first in the credits gets you that. On the other hand, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the same people all or most of the episode and rarely feel like the missing people REALLY needed to be there for the episode to feel right (missing Teyla in some eps being the exception. If the whole team is there, Teyla should be, too, or at least mentioned! Though I agree with the reasoning that mentioning someone when they aren’t there can be disruptive to the plot and really the characters would all know where she was so there’d be no reason to state it explicitly. I never had an opinion on Teyla before this season, you guys must be doing something right with her character for it to suddenly drive me crazy when she doesn’t show up) so I guess I can’t complain too much. If only the eps could be longer…

    I loved the return of Kavanaugh! So wonderful to have these early season characters popping up again! Hm, who’s someone else I’d like to see show up? I guess Cadman is out since you’ve got a new soldier lady coming on board. I don’t know if any other scientists or soldiers have made enough of an impression on me and/or haven’t been killed that I’ll be as tickled to see them as I was to see Bates and Kavanaugh, though I’m sure you could surprise me. I like how Midway is his Siberia. Sadly, he wasn’t there long enough for an attitude adjustment.

    I really like Dr. Lee, too. I don’t know him from anything before the 101 Dalmatians reference so I don’t know how (if) he was on SG1, but I have really enjoyed his appearances on SGA and I hope he keeps coming back.

    I don’t think Todd told those other wraiths about the bridge and McKay’s programming style (or whatever it is that helps one when trying to break into a gate macro whatever) willingly, or if he did I think it was before they betrayed him and when the team meets up with Todd in the future they will unjustly accuse him and refuse to be helpful and he’ll save someone’s life and then they’ll all love each other again. Todd is such an awesome wraith. I think long-term exposure as a captive to humans has warped him. I can’t tell the wraiths apart very well, and it probably doesn’t help that they are often played by the same people but being different wraiths. I was pretty sure the leader this time was the guy from the breeding facility, or maybe the guy with the particularly unpleasant poofy wig? Also, was the program guy the one who was on Todd’s ship and then betrayed him to the breeding queen? Does it make me a racist if I think all wraith look the same? :p

    Okay, this is already super long, so what’s a bit more? McKay moments of love: really anything with McKay, but in particular I enjoyed him feeling betrayed by Todd, him thinking he killed Sheppard and then when he found him in the suit, and him getting a taste of his own whiney medicine being stuck in the back of the jumper with people who talk too much. I imagine if it was just his team in a jumper for days on end they would probably lock him in a separate compartment to escape the talking… 😀 Though I must say it didn’t seem particularly fair of him to leave the marines in back with them, they hadn’t done anything wrong.

    Okay, enough already.

  149. Oh, one last thing. They blew up the station! Can these people not have anything without destroying it?! Did SG1 have this same problem of blowing up every cool ship they found or ruining all their settlements? Cool stuff seems to last an average of one show on SGA. You know, there aren’t any Ancients around to build them new toys if they keep breaking the old ones…

  150. This was … oh wow … another great episode!! I love the Ronon/Teal’c interaction – and Sam’s interaction with them both! And the betting …! We know it happens (how many times has Rodney made a bet?) but it’s nice to see it happening big time like this – and John trying to justify it to Sam … LOL!!!

    Oh, so much love for Bill Lee now – I’m really warming up to him recently – and LOL when Kavanagh faints! Yeah, flashback to Critical Mass and continuity! And resulting in my favourite line for this episode (paraphrased):

    “We made a terrible mistake … we revived Kavanagh!” ROTFL!!

    But oh, the look on Rodney’s face when he thinks John is dead … poor McKay, you can almost hear the ‘another friend dead’ going through his head.

    And then the ending, oh the ending! John’s in the cockpit with the doors shut and a headset on! He lasted about a day!!! And poor Rodney stuck in the back compartment (did John threaten to stun anyone who disturbed him or was Rodney respecting his need to be alone and keeping the others out? Hmm, I need fanfic…!). I love how Ronon wakes John up – the look of mischief on Ronon’s face! And John’s “I was going to stun myself” (or something along those lines) made me crack up again!!

    A great episode all round. Lots of action and fighting and character interaction and just all round goodness!

    Thanks for posting the photos in Sam’s office – it’s great to be able to see them properly! If you shoot a scene in Season 5 in McKay’s quarters, could you do the same for his wall of certificates? Of course, you probably won’t have a scene in his quarters now. *sigh* How I wished I’d thought to ask you way back when you were shooting whichever episode we see it in this season (which we haven’t seen yet. And now I’ve remembered that there’s only three left to go… *sob*).

    As for the dogs, well, they deserve a nice soft bed at night – you’ll just have to get used to it!!! Snerk!

    Nothing like those puppy-dog eyes for melting hearts…!

    Leesa Perrie

  151. Hello,

    I have never done this before but I’m extremely curious. Now that Sg-1 has ended and Amanda Tapping is moving on so to speak, are there any aspects of her character or any of the Sg-1 cast that you wish you had gotten to develop more or that you never got to explore?

  152. It’s my birthday today so I’d be much appreciative if you follow the directions on the chocolates 🙂

  153. You know what just crossed my mind, while watching SG1…
    The restaurant/pub/inn (however you wanna call it) used in S08E18 “Threads”.. Isn’t that the same as in “Dead Like Me”? Cause it looks like it?….


  154. I just wanted to pop back in and tell you how much I enjoyed “Midway”. It was great to see Teal’c again, and I really enjoyed all of his interaction with Ronon. Nice to see Dr. Lee again too. Excellent episode. I’m really intrigued now (after Sam’s comment to Ronon) if SG1 will be back together by the time Daniel comes to Atlantis, or if they will have all gone their separate ways.


    PS: *Hugs* for fixing the picture of Daniel and Cassie.

  155. Oh, and I forgot to add….I’m SO happy Carl is back – let him know Midway was an outstandingly awesome episode!!!

  156. Yup, see how many people thought Midway was awesome. There is a whole lot of “best episode of the season” or “best episode ever”. And it’s all because of Teal’c.

    This continues the trend that the best episodes Atlantis has ever made are all about the Big Four. Grace Under Pressure, Mckay and Mrs. Miller, The Return, and now Midway. It reads like SGA’s greatest hits.

    I guess the moral of this story is that fans just want more SG-1. So, any word on that third movie?

  157. Midway was excellent! Rachel looks ridiculously gorgeous with her big belly 😀

    I noticed Sheppard taking Canadian money back from Chuck. I guess the strong dollar is known even in the Pegasus galaxy!

  158. Midway : WONDERFUL !!!

    The best of 4th season for me. I dreamed of…you did it !!!
    -How many Wraiths (actors) did you have for Midway ?

  159. So. The Carson that was blown up was a replicator? Or a clone? Why? (I know, I know…but I have to ask…it’s my nature.)

    Will they rebuild the Midway station, now that they are aware of it’s weaknesses? If not, does everyone go back to shuttling ’round on the bigass ships? Inconvenient.

  160. Ok any chance of a Ronon shower scene in season 5? that way we get a bit of eye candy for droolage and proof of the existence of bathrooms. cheers!

  161. Hi There Joseph,
    I would like to know if it is possible to send a PRIVATE EMAIL to you or any one of the other writers for SG-A. I have a very intriguing plot concept for a twist on the SG-A series, regarding the Ancients and their process of Ascension, and I think it would have very interesting effects on the SG-A Team’s relationship with the Wraith and the Replicators… I would love to shoot my idea your way, or to the direction of the writing team, and see if it inspires some new visions for future episodes..

    Blessings to you…

  162. Babies in plastic; is that how the genetically perfect Martin Gero arrived at the studio?

  163. A further explanation of “whump”:

    It stems from the fanfiction genre known as “hurt/comfort”, the intent being for the chosen character to have something bad befall them, be it injury, illness, or psychosis (I prefer psychosis, myself), which spurs sympathy from others, especially when synmpathy for them was lacking before. For example: Buffy kissing Spike in “Intervention”, despite his being her long-time enemy (and love-sick stalker), because he suffered a severe beating/torture at the hand of demigod Glory rather than give up info on her psuedo-sister Dawn. Basically, she realised there was still some humanity in him after all, and altered her attitude towards him, eg, it resulted in a great deal of character development for them both. In terms of hurt/comfort, whump without any sympathy from others isn’t appealing, unless there’s at least some major character development from it, like they get dark/angsty. And then we still expect some sort of sympathy in a later episode when everyone realises how far the person has fallen while the rest of them were preoccupied/ignoring them. Injury that does not lead to character development or sympathy is not sought by whummpers — that’s not whump, that’s sadism — although some whumpers are sadists too. 😉

    Rodney whummpers want ansgty Rodney whump very badly, because his own potential “whummpage” usually results in comedy — him whining and others teasing — rather than sympathy. His overdosing on the Wraith enzyme had a nice balance of comedy *and* character growth from him and sympathy from Carson, but a sad lack of reactions from the rest of the team, since we didn’t see them find out. Even Sheppard yelling at him for “doing something stupid” in that instance would have been welcome, if it was clealry done in the context of him saying it because he didn’t want to lose Rodney, ie “I yell because I care and it scares me that you almost killed yourself to save me and I wasn’t there to stop you”. So we ficcers had to step up and fill the gap with an episode tag, aka fanfic coverage of missing scenes. 😉

  164. Oh, and another thing. I sooooo loved Chuck the bookie (or whatever you call one who holds the money and takes bets at a fight)! His hand signals had me dying. He’s getting so much more personality now that he has an actual name. 🙂 I don’t know how I felt about a fight in what looked to be some part of the gateroom…

  165. Hmmm … so I pieced together your disgruntled rant with the latest “news” from GateWorld and using my deductive reasoning I have decided that Carson will not be returning “in the flesh” so to speak, and that he may be an ascended being, time-traveler, or alternate universe version … or at least I’ve decided that’s the misquote that you were ranting about. I guess I’ll have to wait a week to see … but I do kind of hope that they’re wrong because literally bringing back a dead character without a Stargate twist would be strange. Ascended, alternate, past, or even RepliCarson would be way more fun … and it’s more fun to say too 😉

  166. Hi Joe,
    I see from your pictures that baby is a girl, but Teyla has stated that her baby is a boy, so what now? How will you handle this error? Make the necessary correction on the baby, no shots below the waist to give away gender, or you have Teyla have a girl. Has Rachel considered having her son appear on the show has Teyla’s child?

  167. Sometimes I just hate computers. Now on to my post.

    As much as I love STARGATE, there has always been one thing that has always bugged me. That no one at the SGC or Atlantis has ever been shown to have any serious mental health issues (not cause by alien addiction or technology) that might end up seriously interfering with the performance of their duties. Thus causing them to take either a temporary or permanent leave.

    I know everyone has their own quicks and coping habits, some of which aren’t exactly healthy, but you would think that with all the life and death struggles that constantly go on someone would crack under the pressure. No matter how rigourously you test people and informed them of what they will be facing, every now and then someone is bound to crack. Now I know it is a fictional show but it just isn’t realistic to me to never see it happen or even have it referred to.

    My wish for Season Five is to have this addressed. : )

    Some may like the physical whump, I love the emotion/psychological whump. I think that if someone, did crack it would send a hugh shockwave thru the whole mission. Especially to those who are closest to said person. How could they not see it coming? What could they have done differently to prevent it? All kinds of angsty emotionally scenes over the fate of said person. Would this cracking prevent said person from every returning to the mission? Even more ansgt could be found in said person’s return and how his/her friends deal with said person’s return. That is my dream for SEASON FIVE STORY ARC.

    So Joe what is your opinion on this kind of story?

  168. G’day Joe
    Thanks for the close-up photos in Sam’s office.
    Love the SamJack fishing from Moebius.


  169. A tirade of superlatives isn’t enough to describe Midway so I’ll simplify it to…nice one Carl!


  170. Just watched “Midway”

    10/10 Mr Mallozzi.

    Definitely on my list of ‘to be watched frequently’

    I hope you pair Teal’c and Ronon up again some time in the future. They are ‘indeed’ a great pairing.

    Is it my imagination or is that the first time I’ve ever seen Ronon laugh like that (when he woke up Shep?)

    He certainly found inner peace in this episode.

    Brilliant episode (had to say it again!)

  171. Hey ya Joe!

    It’s been a while since I’ve been here.

    Top 3 Atlantis characters?
    1) John Sheppard
    2) Rodney McKay
    3) Michael!!!

    I must admit to being a Shep Whumper also! Anything you can do for us Whumpers in Season 5 and beyond would be awesome!!!! Save one of those chocolates for me, ok?

  172. Got a question I’ve wondered about for a while – are the character’s ages close to the ages of the actors that play them for Atlantis? Mainly I’m curious about Ronon and John because if Ronon really is as young as Jason is it would help explain some things I wondered about in “Midway”.

  173. Hey Joe,

    Love the blog – entertaining and witty. But I’ll have to take you up on the public slap you gave GateWorld, and ask – what was the point? You could just have easily contacted Darren in private and got him to change it, and then corrected the misconception without telling tales – yeah, it’s not nice to be misquoted (and as a news based site, they should’ve checked the referencing properly) – and fair enough have a pop at a neutral/negative news service, but GW is one of the biggest friends you’ve got out there in terms of independantly supporting the show – you’ve gotta know it wasn’t a malicious mistake, so why bother embarrasing them over it.

    Anyway keep up with the good show related work.


    PS. Midway was awesome.

  174. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, but I have to add that I thought the security at the station was unbelievably lax! There didn’t even seem to be any way to seal off parts of the station, and when the alarms started going off, the soldiers didn’t seem to have much of a response. I know they didn’t expect anyone to be able to hack into the system, but when you’ve got a direct link to Earth like that, I’d think they’d be a little paranoid about security regardless.

    During our family discussion following the episode, we agreed that while Todd might have led a strike force using information he got while on Atlantis, he wouldn’t have given the information to someone else, at least not voluntarily. He is intent on gathering a power base of his own, and we couldn’t see him letting someone else take that credit.

  175. PS ~ angsty Rodney whump and the resulting worry/sympathy is why “Tao of Rodney” is still my all-time fave ep; it’s what made me fall in love with the character, and the series. 🙂 But he’s had some really good stuff in this season, to be sure, such as the scene in “Miller’s Crossing” where he begs Sheppard to let him feed himself to Todd to save Jeannie, and the scene in “This Mortal Coil” where Radek tries to get him to take a break, and Rodney says he’s not ready to deal with Elizabeth’s loss so soon after Carson. *Happy sigh*

    Wasn’t there a hint in the poem that suggested he would be going insane? Well, that someone would, anyway — I hope it’s him! And I hope it’s not just him being alone, that there will be others to see it happening at some point and worry about him …. That would make me the happiest fangirl on Earth! 😀

  176. Yep would you please do a cameo Joe? You don’t have to ‘look’ like A Hitchcock, (that’d take 3 meals a day at fuel and no leftovers for doggy bags)

    Please do a cameo????

  177. Hi Joe – loved Midway! All the character moments were great, and I enjoyed the way that Teal’c and Ronan interacted with each other. I especially liked it when Ronan woke John in the jumper. Well played!

  178. @ good nurse: “Interesting about Todd. (Was that him helping to subvert the control center?) He looked pretty uncomfortable.”

    The actor who played Todd in BAMSR is Brendan Penny (Chris Heyerdahl, who normally portrays Todd and created the character in Common Ground, was not available at the time). Penny then switched roles (at the very end of BAMSR, and in SoW) from ‘Todd’, to the Wraith with the chin tattoo who betrayed Todd (I believe he was the Wraith who was at the control station during the replicator battle, the one who helped with the birthing scene in SoW, and the one in Midway at the control center).

    So, the Wraith who betrayed Todd, and was the second in command during the siege on Midway, was portrayed by the same actor who was Todd in BAMSR.

    Confuzzled yet?


  179. @ Shawna: “For that matter, the wraith in this ep were disturbingly attractive, as well.”

    I find them disturbingly attractive in EVERY episode – which has my husband rather concerned… lol. :p

    Guess it’s why I really want Todd to stay around for a LONG while – finally we have a Wraith with a familiar face who hasn’t been killed off after one or two episodes. And he brings such excellent dimension to these characters…just love him.

    Would also love to see James Lafazanos return. Now HE made one hell of a sexy Wraith. 🙂 But it would be a waste to bring him back, just to kill off his character[s] again, and again, and again, like before. The Wraith need good representation through re-occurring (hopefully permanent) characters to keep them from becoming mere cannon fodder…which basically happens in most episodes. It really weakens their presence as the ‘enemy’ being killed off so easily, week after week…with little to no character development. I even wish the two from Midway weren’t killed so soon – it’s nice to see the same characters return because it gives us a chance to get familiar with them, and that familiarity makes the show worth watching.

    It’s just hard for me – as someone who finds the Wraith to be such an excitng (and interesting) part of the show – to understand why the characters are wasted so easily. Is there no love for them among TPTB?


  180. Hi, Joe.

    Just finished watching Midway for the fourth time. Woo-hoo! Wonderful episode. Took five pages of notes.

    I have two questions:

    1) I noticed something in the teaser of Midway, and played my DVD episode of “The Return, Part 1” to confirm my impression that the one line of Rodney’s dialogue was NOT in the broadcast version of “The Return” –

    “The program is completely secure, no need for a shield or an iris”

    And in listening very intently to that segment, it sounds like there is a sound drop-off, as if that line was edited in.

    Was it originally filmed for “The Return” and deleted? Or was it inserted for “Midway,” similar similar to what happened in the fifth season Stargate SG-1 episode, “The Sentinel,” where new video was filmed to show Grieves and Kershaw being taken prisoner at the end of season three’s episode, “Shades of Grey?”

    2) Actor Brendan Perry. Did he portray the the second Wraith, or did he portray the tall young man Ronon whumped at the beginning of the episode? Or did he play both roles?

    Just curious!

    Thanks again to everyone at Stargate for a marvelous episode!


  181. So, if Carson turns out to be a clone, I’m going to be bummed, because hey, not the real Carson. Though, admittedly, not as irate as I would have been last year, because it’s still better than nothing. But not as good as the original.

    For the person who asked for our three favorite characters…


  182. Thanks for the pics, but what’s happening to the baby? It looks like Baron Destructo is torturing the poor thing!
    Loved Midway, Kudos to Carl and all of you! The only thing that could have made it better (in my opinion) was if the station wasn’t destroyed *frowns*. Loved the premise though, and great to see Kavanaugh and Teal’c again. Though Chris looked kinda strange with the hairdo. Had a lot of great one liners in this ep – Was the line in the cafeteria about steak and tater tots Carl’s, or someone else’s?
    As for the dogs, I would get another bed. But then again, the only animals I have in my house are fish, so I probably don’t have the best advice in that area.
    Thanks for the pics of the pics too, and I’ll try to leave my thoughts on Fast Forward 1.

  183. I really loved Midway from start to finish – although the most squee worthy moments were Ronon waking Sheppard up (I’m assuming that was scripted) and the sparring match between Teal’c and Ronon, although when SAm was glaring at Sheppard for allowing the fight (and betting) I was half expecting some dialogue ala ‘Casablanca’ “Gambling is prohibited. Here’s your winnings.”

  184. Great show!! loved it!!

    Watched both airings and again today on DVR.

    Just wondering! The photos you have posted last couple days. Is that thing the guys are building the Incubator/Isolation unit for Telya’s replicator baby?

    I hope so! That would be too cool!

  185. Why are the midway gates destroyed by a conventional self destruct when other gates weren’t destroyed by a nuclear bomb? You’d think that at least the milky way stargate would have survived, allowing them to travel home…

  186. SG1 Lover wrote: “Yup, see how many people thought Midway was awesome. There is a whole lot of “best episode of the season” or “best episode ever”. And it’s all because of Teal’c.”

    Dude! That is hardly an accurate statement! lol

    I loved the ep but I loved the McKay and Sheppard interactions, I loved Kav… he is still more about SGA then SG-1 (did he even appear in SG-1?) and I liked seeing Ronon grow up some… sure Teal’c helped in that but imho it is a long bow to draw to say Teal’c was the reason Midway was so liked or loved by fans.

    That is what your comment above seemed to be implying to me anyway. 😉

    I am less against cross-overs now ‘because’ SG-1 is finished; bring SG-1 back or continue the movie franchise side and my opinion on cross-overs would no doubt change back to hating them on principal.

  187. Wow, Gateworld eh Joe. I went there once, about 7 maybe 8 years ago. Don’t have much time for it. I ran a pretty successful Stargate News Site here in Australia for sevenish years without the help of Gateworld. Closed up shop when SG-1 was cancelled. Now just run a pokey little joint called The Happy Place. High on the list is Atlantis, Ark and Continuum all behind of which are behind closed doors I’m fussy who comes to my place now. One thing I do appreciate is your blog…..thankyou GH

  188. Carter been at the PSP again? How else would she get a picture from an event that never happened? Or did Daniel send a picture from his wedding??? 😉

  189. Hi just some questions and requests if i may:
    1) Please lets get some more ZPMs somehow 2 more for Atlantis,1 for the SGC,and 1 for Daedalus,1 for the Apollo and 1 for The Phoenix if its featured in the future plus a few extra zpms just in case.Im thinking like Cain in 1978 Battlestar Galactica we need to get enough ZPMs to last indefinetly maybe even the 3 to fly Atlantis around maybe back to Earth.

    2)Also will the Intergalactic Gate Bridge be rebuilt this time with a iris on each gate in the new Midway or a Midway like first shown requiring a puddle jumper to open the gates.Im assumning the rest of the harvested stargates are still out there and only the 2 got destroyed at Midway or did they all blow up?
    Keep up the good work.I like how you have had zpm stories in seasons 3 and 4 lets see some more there may be more hidden out there in outposts or maybe Todd has a few stashed away.Feel free to use my ideas here if you like them this is my permission to do so.
    4)Maybe get zpms also for some puddle jumpers so they can fly longer distances like in lifeline.
    All The Best!

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