“It doesn’t close properly,”I informed the trained technician who was carefully sizing up my garage door. “It’ll lower until it gets about a half a foot off the ground, and then it just springs back up again.” He requested a demonstration. More than happy to oblige, I hit the remote. The garage door hummed down and kissed the floor. Click. “Uh, hang on a second.” I hit the remote again, raising the door, then hit it again. The garage door reversed direction and lowered, settling down gently. Click. SONOVA – !!! For the first time in its 2+ years of operation, the damn thing was actually working! And it just happened to be working the one time I finally call in a repairman. I scanned the garage for the gremlin that was no doubt rejoicing over my misfortune. Perhaps sensing my frustration, the technician leaned in for a closer look, pulled out a wrench, and proceeded to make some minor adjustments. He took out a screwdriver and gave one of the buttons at the back of the central remote a half-twist. He sprayed lubricant on the coils. And, oh yeah, replaced the wall unit’s shattered panel (Now THAT I could prove was broken.). He checked to be absolutely sure. The garage door rose, then lowered without a hitch. All five times he tested it.

Well apparently, the problem was solved (as most problems tend to be solved) by a good night’s sleep. Alternately, it’s also possible that the remote, still stinging from yesterday’s right cross, thought better than to provoke me again. So I’m sure you’ll all be thrilled to hear that my garage door is working. For now.

Guess who was at the Bridge Studios for a costume fitting today? None other than Jason Momoa, a.k.a. Stargate Atlantis’s Ronon Dex. And he was sporting his new do. As many readers of this blog (and fans of the show already know), Jason cut off his dreadlocks at the end of season 4 because they had started causing him neck problems. According to Jason, without the six pounds of hair that had been weighing him down (6lbs!), he felt strangely unbalanced at first. Nevertheless, he readjusted and has been enjoying the freedom and feel of his new look. However, very soon, he’ll be undergoing the two day/16 hour process that will re-attach the dreads for our season premiere. For continuity’s sake, his character has to have them in for our first episode – but I have given him the option of losing them completely later in the season. Although many, especially Jason, feel that the dreads are a unique part of the Ronon character, the ultimate decision as to whether he keeps them or not will rest with him. It’s his neck after all.

I’ve been working on a little side project I hope to unveil tomorrow, so I’ll have to skip the mailbag yet again today. Hopefully these pics of Jason Momoa will tide you over.

And, by the way, yesterday’s post beat the standing traffic record of 10 691 views for this wordpress blog (set on January 24, 2008). The new record = 12 709 views. Boy, do you guys love that Carl Binder!

131 thoughts on “February 13, 2008: Awww that %$3@&^ &%$@* garage door!!! $(@^))@$@!!! Part II

  1. We do love Carl! And we’re glad to see him back and the strike resolved.

    Thanks for the pictures of Jason. He looks as handsome as ever, dreads or not.

  2. Wow. I was expecting way shorter hair. I like this, though. Hope your garage door keeps working.

  3. Holy crap. Jason Momoa is HOT with his new ‘do. Not that he was bad looking with his dreads, but longish-hair-non-dreads look? Guh. Hot.

    Why do I suddenly feel very shallow?

    Good luck with the garage door. I hate it when they decide to sense phantom objects in their way. Sometimes I wish they’d cut the safety crap and if people get crushed as a consequence…well, what were you doing underneath a garage door when it was going down, anyway??


  4. Hi, Joe.

    Yes, we LOVE Carl Binder! (We love YOU too, Joe.)

    We’re sort of iffy on Paul Mullie (just teasing…)

    Wow…Jason looks…shorter without the dreadlocks.


    I remember Jason with short hair from the movie 2003 flick, “Tempted.” (Pretty good flick, too. Love Virgina Madsen!) Jason looked mighty fine with short, short hair. Hunk-O-Ramalicious even.


    Sorry…went off on a tangent there.

    Looking forward to Midway Friday.

    Good luck with the garage door.

    Best wishes, Morjana

  5. Joe,
    Did you get to see the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Monday and Tuesday? If so, what do you think about the Beagle finally getting the win.
    Also, on your blog from Sept 29 & 30 you had video and pictures from an episode Martin Wood was shooting. They featured Jewel and David outdoors on what appears to be Earth. Which episode are they from?

  6. Hello Joe, I believe Jason looks gorgeous! I love dreads but I could believe that Ronon wanted to honor his new home and adopt a different regime.
    Also, where are Teyla’s baby pictures?

  7. Interesting look. I think the shorter hair (but not too short) works, even with the Ronon Dex character, especially if you wrote him up some really dramatic reason for losing the dreads.

    Btw, is that a new tattoo on his left hand?

  8. Again, no mailbag… 🙁 Oh, well…Glad to hear about your garage door problem being solved. 😀
    And Jason looks great!
    Also, congrats on the new record. Must’ve been the cake photos.

  9. Ought to see what odds the Vegas Bookies will give on your door malfunctioning in the next week. Though for the sake of your sanity and the dogs’ health here’s hoping the fix is permanant. Momoa dreadless looks terrific! I hope he elects to let Ronon lose them also. Thanks for the “first look” on that. Side project? Well, that teaser will be good for a few hundred extra hits as we check in every 30 seconds or so to see when you’ve posted. And speaking of first looks, iTunes let Midway out early. Now comes a test of wills as I try to wait it out till the airing on Friday night…

  10. WOW! first post??? Perhaps not XD
    Phew, when I first heard of Jason plans to lose the dreads I was a little afraid *pictures crew cut Ronnon*
    But now I see pics I think he looks good! ^^ Still hes old “Im gonna thump you” look YAY!

  11. Ok yes, I love Carl Binder too, but damn, Jason is hot. He could be bald and he’d still be hot.

    But if he decides to ditch the dreads (which is a shame because the only thing hotter than Jason Momoa is Jason Momoa in dreads), would you (collectively, as a writing team) have to scramble to write that into an episode, or did you give him a deadline to make his decision?

    I think since Ronon’s look is such a big part of who he is you’d have to write that into an episode, but how weird would that be, writing a show about how some guy loses his hair…?

  12. Lookin’ good, Jason. (And he seems to like it as well, unsurprisingly!)

    And yes, yes, we love that Carl Binder. Kudos again on his warm return; it was getting cold without him! (Okay, so I need sleep. So sue me, my lines are terrible tonight.)

  13. Hi Joe, Is Captain Vega going to be one of those characters that you see from time to time or are we going to see her in every episode??? Any chance we will see Ford in Season 5???

  14. Joe,
    You are not so gullible are you? Of course it worked when the technician showed up… it is a fact that when something doesn’t work for you it will work for the fix it man when he arrives… and you get charged for the visit anyway! Ho Hum…that’s the way the ball bounces!!! Ha Ha!

    And I must say that Jason looks soooooo good in his new do! Handsome as ever! Even more so…

    Can’t wait to see what your “little side project” is all about.

    Waiting with bated breath!!!
    Patricia Lee

  15. Mr. M. wrote:

    Although many, especially Jason, feel that the dreads are a unique part of the Ronon character

    Please let Mr. Momoa know we, the fans, want him to do what is best for him and his health. We’ll gladly support his decision. As your pictures show, even without the dreads, Mr. Momoa is Ronon. He just projects a certain “untamed” quality. Sure, some will always prefer Ronon with dreads — of course, some would always prefer him naked (not naming any names) — but Ronon will still be Ronon without the ‘locks.

    Anne Teldy

  16. Hey Joe.

    It is a fact that technology can “sense” when a trained technician is in the vicinity. Much like the Horse Whisperer. I tend to be the anti-horse whisperer by verbally abusing my technology. Then I become remorseful and ask for it to just pleeeeease work. It is also a useful way of finding out who is actually a trained technician and who did some creative writing on their CV. It..just..knows.

    Side project? Intriguing… (there’s those dots again – ooh and I use brackets a lot – another annoying writing habit of mine – whoops, hyphens. I know I have a problem, which is the first step so I hear – and I ramble – but I digress) perhaps a sitcom about a man who writes for a TV show, but also has a blog where a bunch of nutcases, most of whom he has never met, write to him every day and the eventual whackiness that ensues? Well there isn’t much actual whackiness here but we all have really good imaginations so I think there is a lot of virtual whackiness.

    Another possibility – a new blog which contains just the posts that don’t make it through moderation here, a psychologists fun park.

    Any reason why Jason looks like he’s about to turn you all into a bloody pulp?

  17. Hi Joe!!

    Sorry… it’s not really because of Carl that I was on your blog yesterday!! Actually, I was waiting for you to post something about TRIO!!!(feedback from our (S/J shippers) reactions to the deleted scene!)

    Even now.. i still can’t believe it was cut!! *Sigh* 😉

  18. I feel for you I really do, I understand your pain in regards to your electronic issues.

    I spent 2 hours yelling at my work desktop when it refused to populate the right address; I even called our IT department at 5:10 on the Friday afternoon to complain. Then on Monday morning when they came by my desk to see what I had been ranting at them about it got it right on the first try!

    I felt a fool, the disbelieving look in the IT techs eyes as I explained that it hadn’t work on 17 consecutive occasions the week before was more than embarrassing!

    I could just see the thoughts of “dumb blonde chick” circling his mind.

  19. Oh, and congrats on the blog traffic. Let’s go get those cute little kitties. Grrrrr.

  20. I can relate with the garage door opener. I took my car to be worked on twice because my sun roof would open and not close sometimes. It worked fine for them though. Finally one time I was near there when it messed up, so I stopped by to show them. It turned out to be a short in the wiring and they fixed it.

  21. Thanks for the pics. I was curious how the new hair looked. It’s cool that you’re leaving it up to him to decide what to do about it. I’ll be surprised and impressed if he decides to keep them for long, but I’m sure he’d look fine without them.

    Although now I’m curious how much my hair weighs. Pretty sure not six pounds, though. Ouch.

  22. I know a bunch of the other ladies on here will say the same thing, but my, my Jason sure is handsome (not that he wasn’t before) with his short hair! And since it’s not super short, he could still pull off being Ronon.

    That’s so sad about your garage door! Similar things have happened to me. And then the person who comes to help looks at you like you’re an idiot and is annoyed because you wasted their time.

  23. How could we not love Carl? My friends cheered when I told them that he got to come back.(Not that we don’t love you all!)

    SIX lbs? yikes! That poor man. No wonder he felt off balance.

    Thanks for the pics again, Joe!

  24. Hey Joe,
    Glad to hear your garage door is working….for now….i think its evil, like one of the doors at school that never seems to open fully and jabs you in the back when going through it. I have a feeling that it has drawn blood from students numerous times…

    Nice to Jason all well, i wouldn’t mind too much if he lost the hair, he could just cut it shorter or something but either way, as long as the character still exsists then im happy!

  25. Click. SONOVA – !!! For the first time in its 2+ years of operation, the damn thing was actually working! And it just happened to be working the one time I finally call in a repairman.

    That would be because your garage door is called “Murphy”. It will do this sort of thing. It will never work right until you try to demonstrate the problem to someone else, who will end up walking away from the encounter thinking you are some kind of nut job.

    Mmmmm, Jason. Mighty fine looking man!

    Have you put Carl to work yet? ‘Cause he still seems to be loafing about on the couch.

  26. Jason looks great and so will Ronon. I vote you encourage him to lose the dreds permanently and get the scene written. SOON.

  27. Hi Joe,

    Yup, you nailed it…the garage door gremlins are mocking you. I actually think when times are slow the repair guys put them on the payroll. Car or other infuriating device making a weird noise…off to the tech, tinker, tinker…nothing wrong except the bill! Since when are cars and garage door openers self-repairing? Perhaps there are nanites at work? It confounds me!

    Sometimes your blog/ranting helps put things into perspective, especially when gadgets, gizmos and their ilk are conspiring against us with the help of those smug gremlins and repair techs!

    Hope you didn’t injure yourself when pounding some sense into the wall unit. We truly cannot afford to have you damaged. I am glad Carl has returned, but we need all of you to keep up with season 5.

    Thanks again.


  28. Ahh, cool…not that it matters much, but my opinion is that the new ‘do looks good on Jason. 🙂 And hey, if it saves his neck, so to speak, so much the better.

    As has already been expressed, looking forward to Midway *very* much. 🙂

    Curiosity of the day: How much “recycling” of sets actually happens aside from the main, regular established sets?

  29. I love Ronon just as much as most of the fans, but I feel that Jason is a good enough actor that Ronon will still be incredibly unique even without his dreads. I hope if he does make the choice to lose the dreads that the rest of the fans will understand and feel the same way.

  30. 1. What a drastic change with the shorter hair! I think it’s nice though.

    2. Of COURSE we love Carl. And you. We love you too.

    3. Have you not been introduced to the Technican’s Curse, Joe? I work in a computer repair shop and we see it every day: As soon as you put the item to be repaired in front of the tech, it works. As soon as the tech leaves the vicinity, it doesn’t work. Repeat this cycle enough times to prompt he owner to replace the item.

  31. Possible reasons for Ronon to cut his hair (feel free to pass these on to Jason);

    1) Woolsey institutes a grooming code for all off world teams. Sheppard will also need to slick down his “do”. Suits and ties, and corinthian leather briefcases will be part of the offworld ensemble as well.

    2) Ronon gets his hair stuck in an Atlantis transporter door for the “last time”.

    3) Ronon loses a bar bet with Keller.

    4) Ronon loses a fight with T’ealc when his dreads are “accidentally” caught in T’s fist. T’ealc then inflicts major whumpage as Ronon cries in pain. As some of the dreads are literally pulled out of his head, Ronon vows to never again be at the mercy of his long hair.

    5) Daniel Jackson has a long philosophical discussion with Ronon about the symbolism of dreads throughout Earth history, and Ronon decides he never again wants to be the captive subject of a DJ lecture.

    Feel free to use any of the above means to justify Jason escaping the neck torture. In reality, Ronon can have any kind of hairstyle he wants, ‘cuz the hair ain’t what’s scary about him!

  32. Joe —

    Isn’t that always the way with things mechanical? You FINALLY give in and get the repair person out or take it to the shop and the *($*@! thing starts working again. Hope the door stays that way longer than it takes the check to the repair guy to clear.

    Yes, we all do love Carl. And we REALLY love Jason. He looking very hot with that sort of lion’s mane look. Did he spend some of his vacation at the beach?

    Is there any info yet from BW or RC on status of SG Universes or another SG1 movie? Given how well advance sales of AoT are going on Amazon, it’s certainly going to be profitable.

    Have any of the new junior Atlantis crew made it in with their parents yet? Will there be pictures?

  33. Jason looks great with the shorter hair. I think if he lets it grow past his shoulders (or gets hair extensions til it grows) it would still give him “presence” like his dreads do. He can still do his “mean face” when he wants to intimidate. He does a great “mean face”! Really gets the point across that he’d like to shoot you with his gun, or throw you across the room, stick you with his knife or any of the other various ways Ronon could hurt/kill someone! 😉


  34. Well, if the garage door has no problem working while the repairman is there, then maybe you could have him just stand there every time you use the garage door. If it does break, he’d be right there! It’s brilliant! And easier than putting in a new garage door opener (I’ve helped do that…soooo many curse words).

    I appreciate what Jason’s willing to do for the sake of character. That two day reattaching ordeal just sounds…well, there’s just no way to make it sound like a good time. Not even if there was a pony. Props to him.

  35. I think I’ll join in the chorus of praise for Jason’s new ‘do. He looks mighty fine without the dreads. Whatever way he decides to go with them, he’ll still be Ronon. 🙂

    Will the Keller/Ronon angle be revisiting in later episodes of S4 or S5, or is it a done deal, never to be spoken about again?

  36. Joe, please let Jason know, he still looks like Ronon to me, even without the dreads. I’m fairly certain he could shave his head bald, and he’d still scream Ronon Dex to me. It’s just one fan’s opinion, but unless it interferes with Jason’s ability to get into character, I think he should lose the dreads as soon as possible.

    Regarding the evil garage door, are you quite sure Baron Destructo didn’t have something to do with it?

  37. Re your garage door situation: This same sort of thing always, always happens to me with the doctor. I’ll feel horrid and then, as soon as the doctor comes in, feel perfectly normal and have to explain that I really did feel like death warmed over and no, I really couldn’t breathe yesterday, etc. Sigh.

    Um, those pictures are really, really nice. Thank you for them.

    (But, 6 pounds and 16 hours? Ouch.)

  38. Good day, sir…

    MMMmmmm…Jason. He’s the second reason I watch, right behind those sexy life-sucking bugmen.

    Speaking of Jason, I enjoy when Ronon does his brief haka challenge before a fight (in Sateda, for instance). Would really love to see a little more of Ronon’s haka…any chance of that?

    Two questions about the Wraith…

    The Wraith’s movements, appearance, and feeding habits (only on live prey, for instance) – all remind me of a praying mantis. Was there any conscious decision made to fashion them after the mantis, or is it just a coincidence?

    Also, in Common Ground – after Todd restored Sheppard’s life – Rodney said he looked younger than before. Are the Wraith able to give back MORE then they took, and if so – can we assume that Todd gave back, not only the years he took from Sheppard, but perhaps a little more, like the months Sheppard lost in Epiphany?



  39. Hi there Joe,

    I was rewatching Trio today and I have to ask this rather ‘odd’ question but it came to me in…well never mind where it came to me, LOL. I know the actor/actresses were really pushed in the stunts but when Carter threw that grappeling hook was that actually Amanda doing that or the stunt stand in? It looked and sounded like Amanda so tell her GREAT work. Thanks Joe.


  40. Bad, Evil garage door! Vile thing! Yeah, I used to work in electronics, and indeed, the symptoms would vanish with a mere wave of my multi-meter leads.

    We had horizontal snow today; south of Salt Lake there’s people still stuck in their commute after six hours, kids who have to spend the night at school, and search and rescue is pulling folks out of their cars and shuttling them to churches on snowmobiles. My hubby is out driving a loaded semi in all this mess. Snow is also a Vile and Evil Thing, but at least we’re short on crazed ferrets.

  41. I am sympathetic to your garage door problem. I have had similar issues with the crazy entertainment system setup in my basement. My dad figured it would be smart to consolidate the 5+ remotes into one fancy universal remote. So that at a click of a button you could turn the tv on with the dvd player and have all the right settings on the speakers ready to go if you wanted to watch a movie. Or the pvr. Or TV. Somehow my Nintendo Wii was not included in this setup 🙁 Ever since we got it though, I go to watch tv and the speakers won’t come on, or everything else is on except for the pvr (the crucial part of the equation to receive the digital signal). Of course none of those ten remotes lying on the couch wants to help me (why do we still have them when there’s a universal one? I don’t know). So inevitably I call my Dad for assistance. Of course he gets there, presses a button, and it all works fine. Blaaaargh.

    I support Jason and his shorter hairdo as well. I only had my dreadlocks for a year, but when they got cut off the weight difference was super noticeable. I can’t even imagine how light headed you would be after so many years with them. It’s got to be quite the adjustment.

  42. Have you ever thought that one of your neighbors might also have a remote garage door opener for your garage? I picture the elderly cat lady across the street aiming her remote at your door (from behind her drapes) cackling and chortling happily as she watches you stomping your remote in a fit of rage, your garage door once again stopping and reversing at six inches off the ground.

    I think you should sick the NID on your neighbors. Or maybe Lulu. (Just a suggestion)

  43. maggiemayday – hope your husband is safe. My brother is a truck driver so I empathise with the worry that you have when there is bad weather or a report on a truck accident.

  44. I hope you let Carl know we love him so much. Maybe he can turn the tables on you and say “Take that, Mallozzi” (although it doesn’t have the same ring “Take that, Binder” does).

    Congratulations anyway.

  45. First of all…

    aaaaaahahahah typical!!! Things work as soon as the techie arrives. Just like sick kids get better in the emergency room as soon as the doc calls them in (4 hours later)

    As for Jason… tell him that his hair looks awesome like this and will really do well later on in the season when he wants to do the big dreadless reveal. HOT HOT!!!

  46. Hey, tell Jason he can make losing the dreads work in his favour for developing the character — a sort of Samson effect, with Ronon losing his confidence a bit eh? 😉

    See, now if you’d run with that “darker” storyline Jason mentioned asking for in that Gateworld interview a while back, he could have had the hair cut off by his captors, and *that* could have been why he resented the others for taking so long to rescue him! 😉 That, or said captors could have given him a good brain-washing (along with them giving him a *hair*-washing! XD)

    Sorry, I was playing Order of the Phoenix, and I tend to get a little loopy when playing video games for extended periods of time ….

  47. Jason’s hair looks great!
    Looking forward to see how you guys work it in to the show.


  48. So you used a right cross to take out that wall unit, eh? Could you arrange for a camera unit to be there the next time you do that? While I know nothing of boxing, I know the basic “cross” motion, and it does look impressive – something that could come in handy down the line, should you decide to seek public office in a post-apocalyptic world where brawn can be as useful as brain. “Say one thing about Joe Mallozzi, say he’s got a killer right cross.” (I’m really loving Before They Are Hanged; it’s just what I was hoping for, and now I’ll be impatient for the release of The Last Argument of Kings. Too bad one can’t get it any sooner on Amazon/UK.)

    I’m extremely curious now about your “little side project.” Of course, a short wait gets the appetite worked up. Sounds fun.

  49. At a risk of sounding like a women’s mag: y’know, you lose the hair, you lose the emotional baggage. It worked for Heather Locklear when she dumped Richie Sambora… Grin.

  50. Are you going to approach Torri and/or Rainbow for a return in the series’ 100th episode?

  51. I’m gonna get in with a “happy Valentine’s Day” early (as it is almost already over here in Australia)…

    Must say Jason’s new do is HAWT. I could quite easily accept the shorter version for his health’s sake! EEEEEASILY!!

    As for remote controls…what’s wrong with walking up and doing it by hand? Oh, the sheer laziness caused by modern appliances…tsk tsk.

  52. Hey – you should have a storyline on the next season of Atlantis that can be nostalgic of SG-1 a bit, being some of the characters will be moved over. Make it the best of both shows…

    Have a goa’uld find its way into Pegasus somehow, take host of a Wraith – which would be kind of like a SuperWraith (healing powers anyway)… Could lead to quite a few possibilities!

  53. We love Carl. He has such a nice smile and aura that actually calms us down. It’s always great to see him sitting there and smiling.

  54. Aww I miss the mail bag. But, as for tiding me over, with pics of Jason Momoa looking that good you could murder my grandmother and I wouldn’t mind.
    Seriously. You’d still be one of my favorite people.
    I’d say the ‘wild mane’ look would definately work for Ronon. It remains incredibly hot and maintains it’s impressive visual presence even with the loss of neck-wrenching mass. And it looks great. Really, reeeally great…
    Love to you, Jason, and Carl Binder. (And very curious about that little ‘side project’ you mentioned but then you planned it that way didn’t you?)

  55. hi, joe,

    i just rewatched ‘trio’. man, do i LOVE that ep!! i know it has a LOT to do with my fave character being in it (sam!:D), but i also adore mckay *swoons* and think keller is a very relatable and likeable character.

    the comic timing in this ep was wonderful! the two scenes i played over and over were a- mckay telling sam (and then keller) to flash the boys, and b- mckay babbling about who had the best body.:p wait, i replayed a lot of other scenes too, but those two were the ones i kept laughing at. 😆

    besides the fact that there was leadersam! and sciencesam! and whumpedsam!, there was just SO much great acting and directing and i’m sooo going to get the dvds just for this ep alone! well… because it’s an entire season of commander sam, and that i adore atlantis, and as long as something horrible doesn’t happen to sam (very scared of ‘the last man’), i’ll be buying season 4 of atlantis. (haven’t bought dvds of stargate in years)

    so yeah, i just wanted to express again how much i loved ‘trio’. 🙂

    sally 🙂

  56. Well first off you forgot your garage door was actually installed by Baron Destructo, maybe if Cookie Monster had done it you wouldn’t have had this problem.
    Second I loved Trio although to be honest I had to stop myself from pointing the Wii remote at the TV and trying to get McKay et al to do what I was suggesting, it definitely had the feel of a video game! It was good to see Rodney being stoic and a wonderful way of developing his character further. Sam as always was perfect, maybe a little TOO perfect, would be nice to see some of her flaws once in a while. Keller kind of got on my nerves a bit but I believe that makes the character more real, she is after all new in the field and is still finding her feet so to speak and with that in mind I’m looking forward to seeing how her character develops and which direction you will take her.
    Roll on next Tuesday…oh and good luck with that garage door thing!

  57. Hello,

    first I want to say thank you to you and all the people who are involved for such a great show like Stargate Atlantis and for bringing Carson Beckett back. Hopefully there will be many more seasons!

    Since we can only see the third season here in Germany, I’m impatiently waiting for the DVD release of the fourth one.

    Unfortunately I can’t come to the Con in April, but I wish all of you a lot of fun at the dinner.

    Wow, I couldn’t imagine how Jason Momoa would look without his dreads. It’s hot!

    I have just watched the SG-1 episode “The pegasus project” – I really like to see Sheppard and Mitchell together. Because so many of the SG-1 characters have appeared in Atlantis: how big is the chance to see Mitchell in Atlantis again?

    This blog is really funny. Good luck with the garage door!


  58. (Not for posting)


    I’m a little cranky about the fact that a non-Hispanic was cast for a Hispanic role. But common sense tells me it was probably a matter of geographic availability.

    Just out of curiosity, were any Hispanics under consideration for “Alicia Vega”?

    Gilder, the white girl with the Latin soul (so named by Hispanic co-workers)

  59. Thankyou for the lovely Valentines present!!! Hey, it’s the 14th here and hubby never gives me anything… so I’ll happily accept pics of Mr Momoa 😀

  60. Hey Joe!!
    It’s not Carl we love but rather it’s you…you’re a barrel of laughs…most days!!
    Glad the GDO is fixed…kinda reminds me of my car. It wouldn’t break down for anyone but me so no one believed me when I said she was sick. Needless to say it took one hot day for hubby to find himself stranded before the car ended up with “Steve” the mechanic…and even then, he couldn’t find the fault til after we picked her up.
    Don’t you just love it when that happens??!!
    So Joe…who chooses the songs that are played on the episodes? I was just wondering why the CCR song was chosen for “Unending”…loved it!! ~ chelle 😀

  61. Hi Joe,
    McKay’s character has evovled and he has learnt to communicate better, trust better, etc. However, John Sheppard still grieves alone, still wont trust his team with his feelings except in a very few instances. (At least from my point of view – the living room).

    Anyhow – Question is, will his character evolve in Season 5 to start showing a more emotional side to his team?

    M xx

  62. Hi Joe,
    Me again. Would just like to point out that I dont want Shep turning into a touchy feely ‘I need a hug’ type but a little show now and then would be nice.

    As for Jasons hair. One does wonder where he will keep his knives?!! I do think the dreadlocks are an impressive part of his character but happy just to watch SGA so to be perfectly honest – dont really care as long as it continues for many many many many years.

    Understand about Garage Door – happens all the time. You do realise that it wont fail again until the middle of a rainstorm dont you, and that you will be running late at the time??

    Also, I just watched Trio and wanted to say fantastic episode. Now in my top 3. Cant wait for next weeks and have already loaded in the repeats on Sky so I can watch Trio another four times. SGA is fantastic and I could list the things I love but just to summarize : Everything!

    M xx

  63. Hi Joe,
    I had the same problem with my garage door!!! I just hate it when the repair man just looks at me like I am just an overreacting women when they can’t find anything wrong! Nothing seemed to work at fixing the problem with the garage door, until one day I did a good cleaning of the bottom of the garage door itself. I guess the gremlin didn’t like that because the door has behaved itself since then. So whenever I sweep the garage floor I also clean the bottom of the door.
    So far so good – no problems with the door! Go figure!

  64. Hiya Joe…

    Very disappointed to hear about Torri’s non-participation… so is that the end of negotiations with her or will the issue be pursued, sort of a last attempt….. just for the fans?

    And thanks muchly for the Sam/Jack allusion, shame it didn’t make it…

  65. Why yes, we do love Carl!

    As someone who has had neck problems off and on, please tell Jason that if Ronon gives us more fight scenes in exchange for the dreads? We can adjust to a change in Ronon’s look.

    You guys are creative enough to come up with some wonderfully dramatic and resonating reason for the dreadlocks to go away that will not only transition the character, but also launch a thousand fanfics. 🙂

  66. We do love that Carl Binder – how could we not?

    I’m torn between sympathy for your embarrassment in front of the technician, and amusement for the same… I have to admit the amusement’s winning… 😀 I’m also pretty impressed that you got a technician out within a day – that would never happen in England!

    Are there any plans for costume changes for this season? Are you ditching the leather for faux fur or something? 😉 Will Woolsey be in a suit or have a base uniform?

  67. Hey Joe,

    I got two questions that relate to the episode “Aurora”.

    1) I was checking some concept art on the MGM website and saw this very cool bat winged design for a Wraith scout ship that we never saw in the episode. Any chance of this appearing next season?

    2) In “Aurora” we learnt that the crew found something important about the Wraith for the war. Was this the secret outpost in “Spoils of War”? Or is it something else that might be revealed in season 5?

    I hope the garage door doesn’t cause you anymore problems, take care Joe!

  68. My opinion is that Jason Momoa’s hair looks quite good there, it still seems to suit his Ronan character. His dreads are kinda him, no one else has them. But the hair style he has there I still think would suit him. I don’t think many fans would complain if he cut them for that style.

  69. Good morning! Contrary to many who have posted, I was never fond of the “dreads” on Jason. I’ve always thought it to be an unkempt, messy hairdo. I’ve often wondered what would crawl out from under them at some point. Glad to see dreads gone. There, I said it, bring on the bombastic outcries!

    And I wonder what adding all the chicks to the show will do to the M/F ratio. Because you know, testosterone doth breed macho action adventures. But we all know our Shep, McKay, Ronon, Lorne, Radek, Chuck can handle it.

    Cheers! Carol Z

  70. I feel a contest coming on, in which you ask your loyal readers how they want Ronon to lose his dreads. Bet you’d get some mind-bendingly weird, wonderful and funny scenarios. Even if nobody wins, we’d have tons o’ fun submitting ideas.

    But if there were a winner, he or she could receive one of the dreads as a prize.

  71. Glad to hear your Garage door is working again. And thanks for the Pics!! I was absolutley shocked when I heard Jason cut of his dreads, but looking at these pics…. Damn, don’t bring back the dreads!!

  72. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if you could all help me with a non-Stargate matter. My mum and I are having a debate regarding who is more successful – Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins. I say Peter, she says Phil. For any who don’t know they were in the band Genesis and both have had solo careers.

    So dive in and help me out.

    Cheers, Chev

  73. Oh and hey I must be psychic or something because yesterday I wrote a scene on this blog where the garage door worked perfectly once the technician arrived and hey presto. Although I must say your version sounded better. Probably on account of you being a writer and all….:-D

    Cheers, Chev

  74. Hi Joe!

    Glad your garage door is working, but I’m sure you wish the crazed ferrets told you they’d fixed it before the technician arrived! I’m sure it was Crazy Larry Ferret’s job to tell you, but I saw him at the bar two nights ago, so I expect he didn’t even remember he was a ferret, much less the important msg he was supposed to give you.

    LOVE the pics of Jason sans 6 lbs of hair! I cut off 18″ of hair one time – threw me off a bit, but I expect it weighed a lot less than 6 lbs!

    “Pepper Said:

    Possible reasons for Ronon to cut his hair (feel free to pass these on to Jason);

    1) Woolsey institutes a grooming code for all off world teams. Sheppard will also need to slick down his “do”…”

    Pepper, bite your tongue! No one touches Shep’s hair! ;P

    Happy St. Valentine’s Day, Joe!


  75. I missed out on saying it yesterday, so I’ll say it today: Yay, Carl Binder’s back! (Of course, we love you too, Joe, but you haven’t been gone for a couple of months.) Please convey our fan regards to Mr. Binder and let him know how pleased we all are to see him back at work in the studio. Makes me look forward to season 5 so much more. (Not wanting to disparage other writers–but many of my favorite episodes were written by Carl.) I’m so glad the SWG was able to work out a deal the members were happy with. It always sucks when such hard-working creative people are underappreciated (and underpaid).

  76. Montrealer: “Canafornia” was my attempt to create a fictional future confederation of California and Canada, more specifically Vancouver. Obviously the neologism wasn’t as apt as I’d hoped.

    Dovil: Those were some brilliantly devious ideas for how to conduct a Mallozzian gubernatorial bid. If you handled the PR, I don’t see how the campaign could fail either in getting Joe into the governor’s mansion or in making the history books as the best-ever combination of politics, theatricality, and good old-fashioned graft. But if you do pave over California to create one huge studio lot, please save some space for rebuilding Disneyland bigger, better, and with ample rubber rooms, one of which I’d like to reserve. (You can put the entire makeover on my Mastercard.)

  77. I must say that despite the necessity of making unpopular casting decisions in the pursuit of your collective creative vision, I have been impressed with the way that the SGA producers, writers, et al have been willing to work around the real life needs of their actors. Kudos.

    As for JM’s dreads, do I sense the prize in the making for the two millionth visitor to your weblog? Throw in hair snips from the rest of the cast and you’ll be number one on Technorati’s list in no time. 😉

    And finally, season 4 rocks!

  78. Joe, that right-cross punch to the remote wall panel sounds pretty impressive. Too bad no one was around with a camcorder to capture the action – would make a great YouTube video with Rocky-esque montages and all that. The footage could’ve been saved and included in a documentary for, say, your first foray into the world of politics. – Just a thought.

    Can’t wait to see your “little side project.” 😀

  79. Hi, thanks for the pics. I’ll join the chorus and say he looks great with the new hairdo and I’m happy whichever option he takes.

    Here’s an idea for getting rid of the dreads:

    During the first episode all we see are Ronon’s legs as he is dragged off by unknown people (see, this way Jason can avoid that 16 hour hair attaching torture) and when the team eventually find him, the Psychotic Hairdresser People of Planet Deb’n’hair have, shock, horror, cut his hair!!!

    Revenge is sweet as the team takes away all the sharp objects on the planet, as well as all the hairspray, and they take their poor tortured and traumatised team-mate home…!

    Whaddya think?

    Leesa Perrie

    PS – Deb’n’hair is a hairdressers in Derby, UK. There is also a hairdressers called O’Neill’s! I didn’t know Jack had retired to the UK – and just where did he learn his hairdressing skilles? The Air Force?!

  80. Thanks for those pics! Wow!

    Now on to a more pressing matter, I was only able to get a reservation for 8:15 on the 1st. I hope this doesn’t mean that we will miss the opportunity meet you.

    Thanks again.

  81. Hey Joe,
    I figure I’ll ask the question again since you didn’t have time yesterday. Any chance of seeing Larrin in Season 5. Thanks

  82. Hi Jo’ !

    Cool for you garage door !
    Hum…Jason is better whitout dreads…we will se that in the 5th season. Did Jason kept (like museum) his dreads in memories ?^^

  83. I think Pepper had some good ideas about how Ronon could get rid of his dreads. Because, ultimately we fans care more about poor Jason’s pain, than how Ronon looks. So tell him he can loose the dreads…he still looks um, you know, (HOT) without ’em! 😀

  84. Adding my name to the list of those who think Jason looks mighty fine with the new hairdo, and hope you exert your mighty influence as producer to convince Jason that Ronon should lose the dreads! *g*

  85. My garage door used to do the exact same thing, but only when it was cold. I ended up getting a new door because the old one was binding up on the old track. Works perfectly now.

  86. He still looks very Ronon to me even without the dreadlocks. I fully support him not having to endure neck pain so I’ll be good whichever way he chooses.

    Ever have one of those nightmares that are so supremely bad and feel very real? When I have them, I’m usually praying for it to be a dream while knowing it’s not. The relief I have when I wake up is immeasurable.

    What I wouldn’t give for yesterday to have been one of those dreams.

    So I am determined to have a good day today to wipe away all memory of yesterday. Could you help out? Maybe post some behind the scenes pics with David Hewlett. Or let me know what scene was cut from Duet that I’ve seen pics of Cadman kissing McKay? See pic here: http://www.gateworld.net/atlantis/s2/images/204_01.jpg.shtml

    So yeah, here’s hoping you have a good day as well!

  87. Hello Mr. M.,
    Please let Jason know that he can loose the dreads and still be an honest to goodness Ronon. He looks great without the dreads too. Ronon and Shep are the reasons I watch SGA, so please don’t write them out 😉

  88. 2 things. One, I was at work one of the parks today (I work in a parks system) and one of the ferrets – not crazed – decided to ride around on my shoulder. It was nice – very friendly little guy named Roscoe.

    Second – regarding the question about Wraith GIVING back life – spoilerish theory (have NOT seen Midway). Any chance Teal’c will get back some of the years he lost in unending???


  89. Jason looks great with shorter hair!! I couldn’t wait to see him without the dreadlocks, so thanks for the pics.

    I am probably one of those that thought the dreads were part of the character. However, I completely understood the pain it was causing Jason and the need to cut it. Wow 6 lbs! Poor Jason! and TWO DAYS to put them back on??? OUCH!!

    I think he looks great without them and I can still see the rough and tumble Ronon with the new do as well. Hopefully you can write Ronon in with the new look early in s5. Thanks again for the pics!

  90. Yes, machines and other electronics can ‘tell’ when an expert is near and mysteriously ‘behave.’ At school, that is the sign of a good prof or TA.

    Thanks for the pictures of Jason – he looks good and six pounds is a lot of strain on the neck. If he does decide to lose the dreads for the show, I’m sure you’ll write in a good explanation – like cutting them off as a symbol of breaking with his past, the realization you can’t always go home and the start of new beginnings…

  91. Happy Valentine’s Day, Joe! To you, Fondy and the dogs. Also send Valentine’s greetings to everyone at work for all of us please.

    Jason looks fine without the dreads and I understand how he believes that Ronon should have them, but I think most fans would completely understand if he lost them.

  92. “Sure, some will always prefer Ronon with dreads — of course, some would always prefer him naked (not naming any names)”

    Anne, how could you say that!

    Ronon naked? Who..would…possibly…want…Oh God…*

  93. Jason without dreads is definitely still Ronon. As I’d like to think that ROnon is be very fond of his dreads I’d love to see him having to sacrifice the dreads because of… I don’t know… change is appearance, make a rope out of it. *lol*, I like the idea with the rope :o)

    But besides my question from yesterday (are there deleted scenes on the 3rd season Boxset and if so, not on all?) I have another question:
    What are those red lines on Jason’s left hand in the pics? Is it some kind of writing? Was it something he needed to remember?

    The garage door opener wins! I hate situations like that and it’s exactly the reason why I’m reluctant to get help with problems like that, be it doctor or technican.
    My current problem with my monitor is, that there’s some kind of reddish shade to everything which is extremly annoying while watching pics or vids but otherwise tolerable. But there are times where it’s just normal. And mostly, when there are people around trying to help me with the problem…

  94. Prior_of_the_Ori wrote:

    2) In “Aurora” we learnt that the crew found something important about the Wraith for the war. Was this the secret outpost in “Spoils of War”? Or is it something else that might be revealed in season 5?

    Here’s what the Aurora’s captain said, (according to the dialog continuity script at the official site)

    CAPTAIN: I have vital information concerning a weakness in Wraith technology, and when I deliver the communiqué in my

    I don’t think he can be speaking about the whereabouts of the cloning facility. That wouldn’t be “a weakness in Wraith technology”; it would be more of “a weakness in their defenses”.

    Since it hasn’t been explained, this makes it one of the long list of things I’d like the show to revisit some day.

    Anne Teldy

  95. Whoa, I’m getting behind on the news, just found out Amanda Tapping is leaving atlantis, thats a shame i love Sam Carter as a character, but I wish Amanda all the best and I’ll def be watching Sanctuary.
    Jason looks hot whatever he’s wearing/ not wearing/ has his hair like, so I will not complain over loosing the dreads. Would def be cool if you could implement it into he scripts somehow, you could have Ronan in a fight with someone and they could have a knife and Ronan could dodge the hit but it cuts his hair in the process, or he could get some kind of alien version of head lice and Keller forces him to have his hair cut to get rid of them or I’m sure you could come out with something better, but its fun coming up with these things…

  96. Vecturist wrote:

    If he does decide to lose the dreads for the show, I’m sure you’ll write in a good explanation – like cutting them off as a symbol of breaking with his past, the realization you can’t always go home and the start of new beginnings…

    We hear about the dreads being cut and Vecturist (and many other) start thinking of various ways to script their removal, dramatically and symbolically.

    My first thought: “Ronon has to cut his dreads? What a great set up for a funny teaser!”

    Am I just weird?

    Anne Teldy

  97. Thanks for posting pictures of Jason without his dreads. Personally, I think Ronon would still be Ronon with or without the dreads. Jason looks great either way and if it’s uncomfortable for him then I think the dreads need to go. For me, the dreads isn’t what makes the character of Ronon (although I know it has been an important part) but it’s Jason’s incredible acting that makes Ronon a great character. The same goes for Sam having long or short hair or when Daniel went from long hair to short hair. IMO, it has always been the incredible acting from Amanda and Michael that made Sam and Daniel the great characters that they are – not their hair. I feel the same way about Ronon.

    Happy belated birthday to Carl. Nice to see him back on the set.


  98. Happy Valentines Day!

    *Laughs* at the Garage Door of Doom story. That’s just too funny. And I know what you mean about it WORKING when the repair guy arrives, so that you get funky raised eyebrows when trying to explain what it was doing 🙂

  99. Does this mean we can expect a ‘The jumper bay hatch won’t retract fully’ episode in season 5?

    Only for it to work perfectly once Shep calls in Zelenka, of course.

    Oh, and dreads or no dreads, I’m fully confident that Jason will be able to give us the Ronon we know and love.

  100. Hello Joseph =) sa va ? Moi oui!!

    ofaite, ♥♥JOYEUSE SAINT VALENTIN^^!♥♥

    Qu’avez vous achetez de beau a Fondy?^^!

    Waou!! super ces photos de Jason! Yéé! Sa lui va trés bien les cheveux courts!

    Vous avez des probléme de porte de garage…Imaginer qu’un jours elle soit ouverte et qu’il y’est un panne d’éléctricité pendant plusieurs jours, deja tout les appareil fonctionent a l’éléctricité ne marcheraient plus, et de plus votre garage resterait ouvert tout le temp….glurp quel scénario apocalyptique!

    Je ne serais pas la jusqu’a Dimanche( je sais je vais vous manquez, ne pleurez pas…lol) car je vais passer un week end en amoureux avec mon cheri.

    Donc, je vous fait plein de gros bisoubisou, je vous adore, a Dimanche, ♥♥Merci!

  101. deeinsouthafrica wrote:

    “Sure, some will always prefer Ronon with dreads — of course, some would always prefer him naked (not naming any names)”

    Anne, how could you say that!

    Ronon naked? Who..would…possibly…want…Oh God…*

    I was going to say “naked and bleeding” but I was afraid the whumpers would be overcome at the thought.

    Anne Teldy (still not naming names)

  102. I vote that the hair should go!

    Just thinking about the weight of it is making my neck hurt! eek!


  103. In season 3 and 4, we didn’t see a whole lot of Mitch Pileggi, are we going to be seeing more him in Season 5 of Atlantis???

  104. Ronon without dreads is like Teal’c without Junior. People will get used to it, particularly if there’s a good storyline behind it and some jokes played out in a couple of eps. Shep could call him Samson. LOL!

    Cheers, Chev

  105. I’m glad the problems with your garage door have subsided.

    From a slightly nerdy standpoint the radio waves from the garage door opener might be bouncing off of the house across the street and back to your door. I had a similar problem with my garage door until the battery wore down enough to not send out such a strong signal.

    Anywho, I’m slightly torn between Ronan losing his dreads. They do add a slightly wild look to his character that really sets him apart from the team. But you gotta have your actors happy too.

    I think we’ve been on a carl withdrawl since he left, its very good to see him back and smiling! 😀

  106. Ronon could easily loose the dreads, He could do the finding his purpose in life moment, he could like reflect on his time at Atlantis and reafirm his positive with the people from earth and take a personal step into the future for himself.

    Sort of like Ronon leaving behind the past and looking towards the future and not letting everything get to him, he would still be Ronon, just a Ronon that is more sure of himself and his positive.

    Losing the dreadlocks could like be his way of moving on with his life, and looking to the unknown future.

    He has always been a warrior character in my opinion so I think this should be his right of passage.


    Ah my god I speant ages writing that and I scrolled up and someone else has said the same thing =[

    Well count my thoughts amongst the many on this page.

    Now someone just needs to yell at Jason till he decides the dreads go forever.

  107. Sorry about the door messing up on you. I hope it will think twice about causing problems in the future!

    I was happy to see the different outfits Jason has this season. I also enjoyed seeing Jason’s new hair. Thank you for adding that to your blog. My hubby and I think Jason does a wonderful job as Ronon Dex. 🙂

  108. I just have this horrible idea.

    All the new characters they are bringing in recently is insurance in case of a possible SAG walkout about midway though the SGA season 5 shooting schedule. They can “lose” JF, JM & RP near the end of the season if there are surplus characters laying around play by non-Americans actors. Amanda would also be available near the end of the season.

    Joe say this isn’t so?

  109. After hearing George Bush, all in one sentence, refer to Tibetans as “the Dalai Lama crowd” and people that are concerned about global warming as “global warming folks” I thought, imagine some of the amusing speeches that Joe would write if he became a speech writer.

    Even if it was just for some unknown candidate (please) I could see Joe in the background sniggering as his candidate passionately talks about his 7 point plan for economical stability which becomes the acronym S.U.C.K.A.S.S.

    And as another motivator to do this, it will boost your blog ranking! Then you just have to cover the cute lil kitties issue – nothing some feline flu won’t fix courtesy of Baron Destructo.

    I’d give you a politician from Australia but our speeches are already laughable… they just don’t mean them to be.

  110. Was the communique that was erased by the Wraith in Aurora the knowledge that the Wraith were using cloning technology?

  111. I thought I was the only one being persecuted by Gremlins, but it seems that these little buggers are everywhere and seem to have a penchant for garage doors and washing machines.

    Now if I were so inclined I would think that repairmen and gremlins have a little something something going on, a weird sort of symbiotic relationship.

    Gremlins move in cause problems then your friendly but sinister repairman suddenly appears (I know it usually takes two weeks of phone calls to get him there, but this is a flight of fantasy).

    You being a trusting soul explain the problem, but guess what the equipment in question works perfectly first time!

    Garage doors do what garage doors do… go up…and down, washing machines wash.
    Its the perfect conspiracy… money changes hands.

    The repairman sympathises with you even pats you on the shoulder reassuringly…don’t be fooled he’s probably sizing you up for a body bag!!

    The ubiquitous repairman then gets in his van and with the gremlins in the back moves on to the next victim…I mean customer.

    It’s the perfect crime where’s Stephan King when you need him?
    Maniacal laugh follows…Mahwahwahwah

    Pauline…who has learnt how to repair washing machines, TV’s, car’s……’cheap rates’ and no gremlins… guaranteed.

  112. Joe,
    Not to sound shallow, but Jason looks hot without the dreads.

    Tell him to save his neck, and permanently lose the dreads. We’ll adjust to the new look.


  113. I swear at the altar of anthropomorphism that those things deliberately don’t work unless there’s someone to witness the fact that you didn’t have faith that they would. –and you can never trick them into it, either. I’m glad it’s working… (even if you did have to do the horrible dance of ‘no, I SWEAR, it wasn’t working!’) Here’s hoping that it manages to stay fixed!


  114. Not sure what to make of your Gremlin or the new “do” for Ronon. I like it on Jason but… I’m of the dreads = Ronon’s past/character struggles/Rodney’s caveman imagery contingent. I also however would never ask for something that was a health problem but he isn’t as menacing anymore, he is just plain hot without the dangerous look.

    *Ponders Ronon in a High and Tight* That would solve it, Ronon discusses things with a team of Marines and goes Devil Dog – Now THAT I would buy as still in character and keep him under the “caveman” label if need be (I’ve been stationed with some seriously “cavemanish” men as a Marine and so it isn’t that much of a stretch) or allow him to look like he is embracing earth culture more if you want to drop the “caveman” angle. (There are plenty of Tech Marines like I was too)

  115. Thanks for the pics of Jason. I like his hair. 🙂

    My question for today – what are the chances of seeing Michelle Morgan again in S5 as FRAN or someone else? FRAN was very awesome. 🙂

  116. One other thing,
    Don’t know if it’s been answered. You mentioned Shep-whump coming up, any McKay whump in the future?

  117. Ronon should just go Native and get either a mohawk or some coup feathers to tie in his hair for every Wraith killed… maybe Wraith feathers? I’m sure they grow feathers somewehere…

  118. On seeing those great pics, I had this image of Ronon finally having enough of his dreads and just hacking them off with a knife. Maybe they could get caught in something.
    Oh and if Jason thinks Ronon should have the dreads that much, he could always have his hair done up in lots of thinner, shorter dreads. That would probably take too long though! 😉

  119. Hi Joe !

    Today has been a such perfect day for me, I’m just really really happy. Sometimes life offers us beautiful beautiful days like that. Just wanted to share… 😀

    I know you can’t really give us news about the third movie and the third series, but, Will we have news of it anytime soon ?

    Good night !


  120. How did iTunes manage to sell “Midway” early? That’s three episodes this season, right? I think you have a little problem.

  121. Awww Joe, I know the feeling about the garage doors, mine goes up two inches stops, stays there, have to press the button to make it move again, repeat the process and then get to halfway, repeat, and so on until it finally opens, my husband gets sooo mad that he kicks the door, it doesn’t help anything let me tell you! When the repairman gets there the door is so mad at us that it starts sparking, this happens annually! We are very good friends with the “garage door guy”.

  122. Oooo! (Waves hand in air) I have a question, am I seeing things or does Jason have something like ‘VDU’ written in red ink on the back of his left hand, in the first picture?


  123. Congrats on the high ranking. I just read Alex Levine’s blog post on the Sci-Fi website. He mentioned Carl’s Midway episode is airing this Friday. Will Carl be doing a guest-post sometime this weekend to comment on the episode? I can’t wait to see Chris Judge and Jason watching Three Stooges on the Midway station. Hilarious!

  124. Hi Joe

    Yes Carl is the greatest and with that Victor’s Smile well what can I say.. Is it possible to have you , Carl and Marty appear in some of the episodes.. You know just passing along a report or sitting at a computer in a scene.. I think that would be cool..
    Hope everything goes well with you from now on especially in the tech department..

    Take Care


  125. Thanks for the update 🙂

    I have to say that while Jason looks awesome without the dreads, he certainly does not look like Ronon 🙂 But hey, maybe it’ll just need some getting used to. And maybe you can work it into the script as some kind of change he needs. Leaving the past behind or whatnot.

    Also. Just so you know. I’ll be counting episodes with Lorne, with that Vega character. I have no idea why I love Lorne so much, him not being on screen so much. BUT! I do. And want as much of him onscreen as possible. 🙂

  126. I agree with Todd and McKay. Chocolate with Mint Filling is tantamount to Toxic Filling – Shame the scene had to go.

    I love Terry Pratchet. ITV are bringing ‘Colour of Magic’ to UK screens shortly and I cant wait. Rincewind is my fav character (a bit Season One McKay). I like the sound of Neil Gaiman and will keep an eye out for his books.

    Mort remains my fav Terry Pratchet. If you’re the type of reader who sees the story as a film in your mind as you read and you’re fond of double takes then it’s fantastic. Shame Terry Pratchet wont be writing anymore.

    M xx

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