A rather inauspicious start to the day found me playing Mr. Fixit with my garage door remote at 8:00 a.m. this morning. For some reason, the door has a nasty habit of lowering until it’s about half a foot off the ground and then suddenly stopping and reversing, rising until I hit the remote a second time, causing it to descend and close. If I’m lucky. If I’m unlucky, I’ll hit the remote and the door will come down, stop and reverse again, necessitating a second click to reverse direction once again and get it to close. If I’m especially unlucky, as was the case today, the garage door will descend, stop, reverse, I’ll hit the remote, reverse direction, only to have it stop, reverse, causing me to hit the remote again, getting it to reverse direction, only to have it stop, reverse, necessitating another jab at the remote, causing it to switch direction, and stop, reverse… Adding to the fun is the fact that I’ve already set the house alarm, meaning I have exactly one minute to get the damn thing shut before the sirens start blaring and the crazed ferrets are released. Eventually, frustration set in and I headed back inside where I disabled the alarm and tried to use the wall unit remote to close the garage door. It hummed down, got about a half a foot off the ground, then rose up again. I swept the area for leaves and invisible detritus, made sure the sensors were clear, then tried again. Hum. Stop. And back up it went. Again. And again. And again! I tried holding down the remote. Tapping the remote. Even putting my fist through its plastic casing. Nothing worked. In the end, I closed the door manually, dug up Fondy’s remote, went through her side of the garage (which she has been using as a storage space, requiring her to park out front), and called up a “trained technician” who will be swinging by tomorrow to fix the problem. Oh, and replace the wall unit I punched to pieces.

Despite the delay, I got in about five minutes before the prosthetics meeting. We discussed upcoming episodes Whispers, The Daedalus Variations, The Seed, and Broken Ties. Among the subjects covered: visual versus practical effects, stunt people vs. acrobats, fog, elements of the visual we saw in Spoils of War, yogurt, and, of course, methacil.

Captain Alicia Vega, a.k.a. Leela Savasta, was in for her costume fitting this morning and swung by the production offices. She’s a very sweet young lady who was genuinely surprised to learn she’d already become the talk of many a fan forum – without even having shot a scene yet.

And – hey, look who’s back! Yep, Carl Binder turned up for work today! And he brought us a present: his first draft of Ghost in the Machine. To show our appreciation, we got him a cake and sang Happy Birthday (this despite the fact that he won’t be celebrating his birthday until August). Check out the pics, especially the last one. Have you ever seen a happier-looking birthday boy?

Not bad. Not bad at all. Since I started blogging here on wordpress, this blog has consistently hit the Top 25 out of some 3 million wordpress blogs (#15 as I write this) and each individual entry the daily Top 10 of the 100 000 or so daily posts (#3 as I write this). Impressive, sure, but it’s apparently still no match for CNN’s political ticker, FOX news online, or adorable cat pictures.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the footage of the scene I posted in last night’s entry – yes, it will be available as a dvd special feature.

A gentle reminder to finish/start reading Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge and prepare your questions for editor Lou Anders who will be swinging by the blog next week.

And to all those of you thinking of attending either of the Fuel fan dinners (April 1st, 7:00 p.m. or April 3rd, 7:00 p.m.) – if you haven’t made a reservation yet, book now to avoid disappointment! Marty G. will be joining us for both nights.

131 thoughts on “February 12, 2008: Damn $*!#%^ garage ^$##@!* door $@&%& opener! *&!@$#%^!!!!!

  1. CAKE!! could’ve said it was for his un-birthday.
    as for the jack/sam hint; cool!
    tell ms. savasta just wait until her episode airs, then the real talk begins.

  2. Do you watch either Doctor Who or Torchwood? I’ve recently been exposed- and become obsessed- by them. Love to hear your opinion!

  3. Is Marty G’s t-shirt a rendering of you two moving the TV he bought at blockbuster??

    We have snow! Ice! Daughter’s school got let out early. Yippee for me as I got to come home at 1 pm. Bad for me, half the internet sites I got to seem to be down today.

    So what’s the next milestone number for the blog?


  4. What an anticlimax, I was waiting for the garage door to come smashing down on your car. Bah!

    Since I am travelling all the way from Scotland to DragonCon the least that you can do is send me and my SCB friend Sandy (and her husband Paul) a Fuel food parcel. There is 198 days to go and I am all excited!

    How are the doggies?

  5. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, it’s Carl! Hi Carl! *waves*

    Do give him a big old hug and tell him how much we’ve missed him, won’t you, Joe? I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. 😀

    So fess up, what hilarious trick did you play with the cake? Laxatives? Added some unusual flavour chocolate? Gave him the slice the dogs had licked? What? 😀

  6. Joe wrote: “And to all those of you thinking of attending either of the Fuel fan dinners (April 1st, 7:00 p.m. or April 3rd, 7:00 p.m.) – if you haven’t made a reservation yet, book now to avoid disappointment! Marty G. will be joining us for both nights.”

    Wahoo! Marty G. for both nights, are we blessed or what? Thanks Joe and Marty!

    Also, Arctic Goddess has booked 20 seats each at Fuel for both nights and has started a list on GW for each night’s attendees. Thanks AG, a.k.a. Patricia… my name sake.

    Thank you again Joe for agreeing to have these dinner gathering! You are the best and good luck with that &@ZX**!## garage door opener… I hate them too…just the slightest interruption of he beam and it acts hinky every time!!!

    Welcome back Carl… *queue the cheesy theme song to welcome back Carter* I know you were missed… by the way, will you be my Valentine? Good luck with the writing of season 5 episode!

    Best regards,

    Patricia Lee

  7. Hi, Joe!

    Welcome back to Carl! (All those WGA pencils I sponsored were for Carl!)

    Thank you for the lovely photos.

    “Trinity” was just shown on the SciFi Channel the other day, and I paid special attention to Leela’s portion of the episode. Looking forward to meeting her new character in season five.

    Joe, it was so warm here today in N. CA the air conditioning kicked on. (I had set for 80) Of course, this summer, when we have multiple days of 110+ weather, I won’t be as happy as I am now.

    Oh, we fickle fans!



  8. Ah, crazed ferrets and a trained technician. Now there’s an epic-worthy saga in the making. Technology is out to get you.

    Crazed Ferrets, yet another great name for a band.
    “Have you heard? Crazed Ferrets is opening for Corrosive Latex!”

    I’m surprised I can type straight … my Burning Man tickets arrived today! Huzzah! I gots mai tikkets!
    Wheeeee!!!! I’ve been running around in circles, bumping into the walls! Yippee-kai-aye!!!!! If anyone cares what this year’s tickets look like, I threw a couple pics on my blog. Wheeee!!!!!! More exclamation marks! More cowbell!

  9. Oh, you don’t even want to hear about my experiences with garage door openers!

    I have to tell you, Mr. M, I got on early this morning and saw your latest post and about fainted (big Shep whumper). So, are you going to tease us anymore with that episode as details come in? I know its pretty early, but there are a lot of reall5y happy people out there at the mention on extreme Shep-whumpage!!

    And, its no wonder your blog does so well because you rock.

    Have a great Hump Day!!

  10. Tell Carl “welcome back” for me! (If you still can’t pronounce my name, you can just clip this comment and e-mail it to him.)

    I love the cake in the picture. I would be pretty happy if presented me with that, whether or not it was my birthday! Feel free to send me one anytime!

  11. I haven’t posted in a while (been swamped with work) but I had to say how thrilled I am with the scene you posted in the blog last night! That ought to be fun to watch!

    Anyways, wanted to conratulate you guys on a great second half. It has really been a lot of fun. The episodes have had great suspence and better humor than 90% of comedy. David Hewlett was particularly brilliant in “Trio”.

    Question: will we see Sheppard “deal” so to speak with what he did in “Miller’s Crossing”? He really struggled with Sumner’s death, so I was wondering if he would have a similar experience.

    Finally, I have to say I love how you have written Teyla’s pregnancy. She has really developed into a complex, admirable character. Additionally, Sheppard is so warm and supportive that it has exposed a new dimension of his character. I like the fact that Teyla, although a strong, independent woman, does not resent his, or anyone else’s for that matter, attention. She does not expect them to wait on her, but she knows her own limitations.

    Keep up the great work!


  12. Now that is one fine looking chocolate creation…which one of you guys slaved all through the night making that?!! Yeah right, One thing to Iron Chef it, but Betty Crocker it?!

  13. Yaaaay! The band’s back together! Did Carl have some good stories to tell of the time he spent on the Front Lines?

    And “Ghost in the Machine”? Another episode title? Boy, you’re really spoiling us. So so far, we have:

    Search and Rescue
    The Seed
    Broken Ties
    The Daedalus Variations
    Ghost in the Machine

    Very nice. About one of the only nice things I had today, in fact. I don’t know what’s happening, but like so many of your readers, I’m now the proud owner of a certain cold virus. Ugh, it’s taking a lot of effort just to read this blog…BUT IT’S WORTH IT!

  14. hay theres something iv always wondered, in the show when you reference movies or even actors do you have to go and ask the people that own the rights to the movies if you can say it in the show? or can just just stick it in without anyone yelling that you messed with copyright laws?
    ps just watched trio and i loved it i wasvery impressed with rodney i dont think iv seen that side of him before

  15. I feel for you and the trials of the garage door opener! I’ve had mine do similar things, including opening its self after I drove away and being open until about 1am. Now there’s a security risk!

    Welcome back Carl and welcome all around to Leela who looks way too young. For what you may ask? Nothing in particular. I’m just feeling old and frumpy in comparison. Drat those fit young things. Us older people have to be smart and creative in order to win now, right? 😉

    May tomorrow be smoother for you.

  16. What? No mailbag? Again?
    Joe! 🙁
    No matter.
    So…any plans for a big ground battle? :p
    Okay, I swear it’s the last time I ask. Just…you know, PLEAAAAAAASEEEEE answer…

  17. First one???

    Well, love to hear that Carl is back.
    The episodes he writes are always great.
    Like always, I need to ask for some spoiler.
    Any word on The Daedalus Variations? Look like a “other dimension” episode. Write?

  18. Ok just one curious thing then, was Carl Binder allowed to write a script and just not hand it in during the writers strike or did he start work on it before hand? It just seems a bit soon a day of the strike ending to have a first draft done.

  19. Very glad to see Jeff Ford’s EMPIRE OF ICE CREAM in the book club. It’s worth pointing out that the cover is by John Picacio, who also did FAST FORWARD 1.

  20. Hi Joe!

    *waves at Carl*

    Wild shirt Martin’s wearing. Whoa! *crazy dream sequence*

    Wow, can I have a cake like that for my birthday? I’ll send you my address. ;P

    Hmmm, I get the alarm, but crazed ferrets? I’ve always appreciated the fierce but laid back attitude of badgers. Can’t go wrong with badgers!!! 🙂 (And yes, you do need no stinking badgers!)

    Leela looks lovely in her uniform. And thanks for the SGA stuff pics!

    Hope your garage door behaves itself. Wouldn’t want it to meet with an “accident,” like the wall remote, eh? Knowmesayin’?

    Super thanks also for including the deleted scene in the DVD. Makes me smile and makes many S/J shippers very happy, which makes the world just a little bit brighter. 🙂

    Gotta get back to Prison Break on DVR. Then gonna watch Midway again. (Best. Episode. Ever.)


  21. joe said: “Oh, and for those of you wondering about the footage of the scene I posted in last night’s entry – yes, it will be available as a dvd special feature.”

    sally said: WOOO HOOOO!! 😀

    sally 😀

  22. Hey Joe,
    Do you watch the Westminster?

    Hubs proposed to me on the Empire State Building when we went to Westminster 9 years ago. Hubs’s best friend got a dog in group last night. Toy group is on right now with the pugs and Frenchies….


  23. Dear Mr. M,

    I have been thoroughly entertained by your blog for a couple of months now, so I thought I should finally say hello! It is a welcome reprieve from the insanity of being both a newlywed and a first-year PhD student. 🙂


    P.S.: I think Woolsey is an interesting (and GREAT) choice for leadership of Atlantis. I’m excited to see how this all turns out!

  24. Thanks so much for the pics, Joe. I love the little details, like the Satedan hand-lettering on Tyre’s sword. Really appreciate the insights these design schematics give us.

    Today (Feb 13 here) is National Sorry Day – a big event for Australia, and everyone is in a really good mood. I hope your Feb 13 starts better than your day did today!

  25. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *smacks hand over mouth* Sorry for the shouting, Joe, I’m just excited to see that we’ll get that little snippet of Sam/Jack wonderfulness in canon. *grin* Despite my comment about Paul Davis yesterday, I am an inveterate Sam/Jack Shipper. And Carl is back! Double yay!

    Poor Joe, I hope your hand is all right after punching out the wall unit for the garage door opener. *cringes* Camphorated oil is good for helping to heal and soothe bruises, if you’ve got some or can get it on the way to the studio tomorrow.

    I couldn’t help grinning when you mentioned how surprised Ms. Savasta was at the interest in her character. Little does she realize that she’s got a decent secondary income available from appearing at conventions if her character is on the show for any length of time.

    I’ve started reading “Fast Forward” and am enjoying the stories for the most part. I’m really looking forward to the discussion of this one.

    A question for you: Who designs the alien scripts that you guys use on the show and do they actually have entire alphabets figured out, or are the characters basically artistic scribblings? Other than the Ancient script, because I know that one can actually be read.

  26. Oh, thank you, first and foremost, for the cut scene, and the word of it being on the DVDs. That just makes me so happy! (As someone else noted in the last thread, this is probably the longest relationship I’ve been in, too!)

    A couple of people have asked, now, about the pictures on Sam’s credenza and desk. I know when she was unpacking, we saw a framed photo of Jack. I’ve also caught what I am willing to swear is a photo of Teal’c back there, and what looks like might be Daniel and Vala in a frame together. There are a few other photos, though, that we just haven’t seen clearly. (I want to believe one is Cassie!)

    So, would it be possible for you to either sneak on set and snap us some photos of the credenza and desk, so we can all see without camera blur… or failing that, have a list of the pictures she has framed (and why, if it’s needed?).

  27. Our cat has a bad habit of running into the garage just before the door closes, tripping the sensor and making the door go back up. I’ve learned to watch from the street to make sure it closes now, or my neighbor will call me at work and scold me about leaving my door up. Honestly, I fear his scoldings more than I do thieves!

  28. Sorry to hear about the troubles with your garage door opener. We’ve had garage door troubles before, and it sure is irritating. I never realize how great something is until it breaks.

    Hooray for the return of Carl!

  29. Aw, great to see Carl back!

    Thanks for the pictures – I can’t wait to see the new characters on the show and the return of Tyre in Broken Ties, in the 3rd episode slot because it’s about Ronon… 😉 I can’t wait for Midway this weekend – I’ve been looking forward to it since you posted those pictures of Jason and Chris practising their sparring!

    Well, it looks like the garage door won that round…

    How many crazed ferrets do you have and where are they kept? Do you feed them anything special or do you like to starve them for added bloodlust?

  30. Yeah Carl’s back!!!

    My garage door remotes don’t work anymore, so I have to push the button on the side of the detached garage and half the time have to help the garage door up, cuz it freezes stuck in the cold.

    So was at Borders last week and picked up some Dagoba Organic Chocolate bars. 2 for hubby, 2 for self. Hubby got “xocotatl” made with 74% cacao; chilies and nibs; “seeds” made with 68% cacao, hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds; I got “roseberry” 59% cacao, raspberries and rosehips and “chai” 37% cacao, ginger and spices

    Hubby just tried the xocolatl and detest it – he said he wants to vomit!!! So guess that one is no good – want the rest???

    I am not an adventurous eater and I don’t like bitter dark chocolate, so we’ll see how mine go. I haven’t tried them yet…

  31. I’m pretty sure by now that I am to blame for the lack of mailbag. To put this to a scientific test (kind of) I’ll randomly comment today as well. We’ll see tomorrow if I’m right or wrong with my theory.

    I’ve actually caused this before. I had an internship at a public radio my junior year in high school. They had their fundraising week, where people call in and pledge money. They averaged about 20 or so calls an hour. Once I got there at me usual Mon. & Weds. time of 2:30-4:30, the calls stopped. It was uncanny. They eventually, purely in fun, I’m sure, told me to do my work in the basement. Which had a couch so it wasn’t that bad.

    Anyway, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

  32. First of all Welcome back Carl (sheesh now I have the ‘Welcome back Kotter theme in my head).. Hope you had that cake analysed forensically. You never know with the likes of Joe and Marty.

    Joe. Gotta love that Italian temper of yours. Poor dead wall unit. Wish I was a fly on the wall (although you’d splat me for laughing my head off) – help meeeeeee help meeeeeeeeee…

    Funny because remote garage doors would have to be a male invention.. and then it’s the man who explodes when it no’ work well cappn’. How many pieces is your remote in??

  33. CARL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *ahem* Nice to see Mr. Binder back where he belongs. And with a script!! \o/ Try to resist the urge to play all those practical jokes you’ve been sitting on all at once.

    I can relate to your attempt to ‘fix’ the garage door wall unit. I’ve had more than one computer mouse suffer a similar fate.

  34. Joe,
    Garage doors suck. I had the same problem with mine, and it was laser was knocked a little askew. It took me forever to fix it, so good luck.

  35. Sheesh!!! My garage door does the exact same thing at times! It’s possessed, especially when I’m running late for work. Carl’s back…YAY!!! Happy un-birthday to him…gotta love chocolate cake. Did you happen to catch the Jericho marathon last night on Sci-Fi? It takes place in my home state! Not sure if that is a good thing or not. Hmmmm…

  36. Hey Joe!

    Great to see that Carl Binder is back, and great choice of cake! It looks delicious! 😀

    Also, hopefully the garage door problem is fixed. I bet you it’s some sensor glitch that will take the repairman two seconds to fix. 😛

    Glad to see Season 5 production underway, and let Leela Savasta know that the ‘Gate fans at Gateworld LOVE to make threads regarding new characters. With all the hype regarding Alicia, I can see why. 😉

    Thanks as always!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  37. Mr. M wrote:

    Captain Alicia Vega, a.k.a. Leela Savasta, was in for her costume fitting this morning and swung by the production offices. She’s a very sweet young lady who was genuinely surprised to learn she’d already become the talk of many a fan forum – without even having shot a scene yet.

    Did you tell her about the space cows? Now that would have genuinely surprised her.

    Spaceseeker wrote:

    Just had to make a comment about those wanting Teyla whumping – hey she is having a baby?!?! Unless they beam it out she is going to be whumped!

    Anne Teldy (who is wondering if other people think the hilt of Tyre’s sword is as surprisingly phallic as she does or is she just dirty minded?)

  38. Welcome back Carl!!!

    The Westminster Kennel Club show just finished and I was glad to see the 15 in beagle win (I have a soft spot for the entire Hound group). In my opinion, Lulu is much prettier than the Frenchie seen last night (she was fawn colored).

  39. Damn it to hell! This thing needs a preview! I quoted Spaceseeker and my response didn’t show!

    Spaceseeker wrote:

    Just had to make a comment about those wanting Teyla whumping – hey she is having a baby?!?! Unless they beam it out she is going to be whumped!

    [wipes cola from computer screen] 😆 I love it! I know quite a few women who would pay a lot for access to Asgard Baby-Beaming Technology.

    Anne Teldy

  40. Okay; because of my lack of having ANY time other than to write term papers and read the long and beautiful poem of Alastor; I didn’t realise you changed your blog.

    I am caught up; and come with a question (in which I asked on your last blog, but I’ll re-ask)

    After reading Percy Shelley’s Alastor; or the Spirit of Solitude, I ask: when you writers created the Genii (which are referenced in line 330) did you intend them to be ironic, because they’re supposed to be the elite genius (at least according to my advanced Romantic Literature professor). So in short, my question: were the Genii supposed to be the opposite of the Genii, who were sacred elite geniuses?

    Your answer may in fact help me with my term paper 😛

  41. My garage door does the same thing. I’ve nearly put my fist through the controller as well.

    I am seriously considering the drive to Vancouver to attend the dinner. It’s only 614 miles.

    Greatly looking forward to Midway this Friday.

    Tara K.

  42. Didn’t at some point during your struggle with the garage door, you stepped back and thought, “I thought things like this only happen on television.”?

    Life mimicking a comedy sitcom. Hopefully, it inspired a scene for Atlantis.

  43. Hello,

    Glad to see Carl’s back.

    ‘The Daedalus Variations’, ‘Ghost In The Machine’: if the episodes are half as cool as the titles then season five looks to be off to a great start!

    Thanks for posting the cut scene and confirming it’ll be on DVD. I was tempted to ask what other scenes are included but decided to keep it a surprise [unless someone else asks and you decide to answer ;)] So instead I’ll just ask: How many deleted scenes are included, roughly? More or less than with SG1 S10? In any case it’s great that they’re finally being included. Thanks to whoever decided to start putting them in. [You? Mr Bartok?]

    Wonder if there’s any chance of a(some) deleted scenes/blooper DVD(s) being put out to cover the many seasons that didn’t have them? I don’t know if the producers decide to do things like that or if its MGM or someone else, but could you suggest it to whoever does (if it isn’t you)?

    Thanks for reading.

  44. Yes! Carl has returned! “Ghost in the Machine”? Here’s hoping that its an ep that lives up to its title.

    What kind of cake is that? He looks so downcast, was it not as good as it looks?

    As for your bad luck with the garage door, I’ve been there a few times. Most models just seem so flaky, its a wonder folks don’t go back to lifting them up manually.

  45. HURRAH for the return of Carl!

    Is ‘Ghost in the Machine’ an updated title for ‘Monkey in the Control Room’ you had originally teased about?

  46. Wait— he’s back? Is he back? OHMIGOSHCARLSBACK!!!

    Oh, yeah, and Joe’s doing stuff too.

    But Carl’s baaaack!! ^_^

  47. Couple things I came to the conclusion of…

    1. The Ancients came back to earth 10,000 years ago, some of us have the ancients genes still within us…perhaps jesus had the gene…not that Im against religon but its just a theory.Agree???

    2. How many seasons were you hoping Sg-1 would have if not been cancelled?

    3. Is there any chance that a new soundtrack will come out…I was watching season 9 of Sg-1 and listening to the Ori music…I would like to get that on CD if possible?!?!?

  48. Any chance that you could get Weir back for maybe season 6 if she’s not going to do season 5? Or does she mean she doesn’t want to ever have anything to do with this show again?

  49. Love the pics of Carl and that very delicious-looking multichocolate torte (or so it appears to my mesmerised mind). And no wonder he was so happy – besides the tastebud treat, he got a valentine from you guys. “Be Mine” – that’s just so sweet, and it’s good to know that you’re all secure enough in your masculinity to express that kind of feeling.

    I suspect what’s going on with your garage-door opener is that in response to your ongoing and unsolicited displays of friendliness toward Mr. Martial Arts, he and his dad have scoped out your drive-time routine, and at just the right moment are aiming a beam disruptor (bounced off the imperceptible reflecting device they implanted on the house across the street) . . . and, well, you’ve got the rest. (We’re working on something similar to use on the Bass-Playing Boomer next door whenever he sets his subwoofer to Quake Simulation Level 2.)

    I’m looking forward to next week’s discussion of Miss Lillian’s Romantic Reveries for Ladies of Taste and Discrimination. – Oh, wait . . .

  50. That sucks with garage door. I’m wondering though… you say it stops at about half a foot? Isn’t that about the height of the sensor? Maybe something on the door itself is sticking out a bit and tripping it. Just a thought. Actually had that happen once.

    And that’s a pretty nice sword. A functional yet pleasing design. Who designed it? I’m guessing someone from your art department but I almost thought it was a Kit Rae when I saw it. Props like that, are the made in house? And are they actual quality work? I collect swords, hence the interest.

  51. How many tables does Fuel have??? some one reserved 20 tabels must be a big place on my next trip to vancouver we will stop by and check the place out. Must be good eats if everyones going there.

  52. It’s great to see Mr Binder has returned. However, I note that his left foot and lower leg are not visible in your photos, a fact i will take to confirm my theory that your staff are chained down to ensure maximum productivity. And sympathies on the garage door. My father’s garage door suffers the same flaw. But if you get it fixed, will Fondy be able to cope with the altered conditions? Love the tantalizing clues about upcoming episodes, especially Daedalus Variations. Are we going to see Caldwell still in command (assuming the title is not some sort of bait-and-switch), or is another character moving into that position?
    With filming about to start back up, here’s hoping you spend many hours on the set, finding even more fabulous photos and videos to share. But don’t forget the kids. Cute dogs are waay better than cute cats.

  53. Hey I will be in Vancouver this weekend. Do you know any good places to see, I was thinking about trying some good sushi, any suggestions?

  54. Finally got Fast Forward 1 today, so I’m starting it right after this comment (yay).

    Maybe my garage door woes will make you feel better: I can’t even open our garage door manually. It’s got something to do with pressing something and turning something else but…hey, I just avoid it as much as possible.

  55. I like the retrostyle uniforms. I liked the original SGA uniforms because they were totally different than any other uniform style on stargate.

  56. Thanks for putting the cut Trio scene on as a DVD extra, Joe. Still wondering if you’re going to shoot a scene with the “same sentiments” for season 5. (I don’t give up easily, do I?” I just would like to see things be wrapped up as they should be, in a real episode.

  57. That sucks about the garage door opener. Sounds like the one my parents have. Except theirs likes to try and close as I am backing their car out or trying to come in the garage. My daughter and I had to fix it for them.
    Have fun at the dinner. Wish we could go but that is way too far for us. 🙂

  58. WOW! Carl’s back *jumps up and down*
    Hiya Carl. So are we going to get to here about his amazing ventures? XD

  59. As we’ve had Neil Gaiman as an author in the Book Club I’m sure people here would love that he is offering one of his books free to download as a 7th blog birthday present. Not sure which one yet, as you have to vote.


    I’ve read all of them and love them all; even so, I’d probably grab the download and share with friends to get them to read him.

    On a completely different topic, are the Wraith aerobic or anaerobic? Considering they use ‘life energy’ I always thought they would be anaerobic, not needing oxygen to burn sugar like the rest of us.

  60. Hey…

    Very disappointed to hear about Torri’s non-participation… so is that the end of negotiations with her or will the issue be pursued, sort of a last attempt….. just for the fans?

    And thanks muchly for the Sam/Jack allusion, shame it didn’t make it…

  61. Hey Joe…

    Very disappointed to hear about Torri’s non-participation… so is that the end of negotiations with her or will the issue be pursued, sort of a last attempt….. just for the fans?

    And thanks muchly for the Sam/Jack allusion, shame it didn’t make it…

  62. What’s the range of a garage door remote? And are you sure Fondy left her remote behind? 🙂

  63. Hey Joe,

    I so sympathise with you for that garage opener. I can’t even tell how many electrical devices I had that reacted about the same way as our opener. At some point you think you got the hang of them, the mysteric code of buttons you have to hit until wham! nothing works anymore.
    But I knew a weird lamp with a string to pull to light it up. It was always the same number of times you had to pull the string to light it up. never once, always exactly 7 times.

    Damn I always forget the questions I want to ask after reading all the other commentaries! I should write the question down first and then read the comments…

    Oh there it is again! I hope you have an answer to this as it is not exactly up yout alley:
    I’ve recently bought the SGA season3 Boxset and as you talked in todays blog about deleted scenes on s4 boxset I was wondering, wether s3 had deleted scenes too and I just bought the wrong boxset because I couldn’t find any on my s3 boxset. Or need I look for them, pressing combinations of numbers somewhere. In short: Eastereggs?

    Can we assume that the conversation between Sam and Jennifer took place although it wasn’t shown?
    Somehow my shipping hopes where a bit diminished when Sam travelled all the way to Pegasus. But now…. let’s say I’m a happy shipper! :o)

  64. Hiya Joe.
    I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for posting that cut scene from Trio. I have read some unfavorable posts about it and about your decision to write it in the first place. I think it’s sad that some folks just can’t let it ride and move onto the next episode.
    I also have read some very happy posts about it too…in fact I’m very happy about it. Although I do wish it would have made it to the episode rather than the cutting room floor, I still thought Trio was a brilliant episode. So I just wanted to say thank you. I know you didn’t have to do what you did but I am very grateful you did it anyway. It would seem to stand true that you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time…thank you Joe! ~ chelle xxxx

  65. Welcome back Carl!
    I tittered muchly over your garage remote problems, I usually have shit like that happen to me when I’m stressed, clocks stop working, remote batteries fail, phones glitch etc and one time my electric alarmclock froze on the sametime forover a week,until I kicked my boyfriend out as it happensthenit went back to normal and has worked fine ever since!

  66. i just wanted to ask one question will we get another teyla centred episode this year like Missing as that wa an awesome teyla episode and one of my fav eps to date

  67. Hi again Mr M.,
    Greetings from Sunny Tipperary! Welcome back to Mr. Binder…Those front line duties completed, he can now focus on more pressing matters in the Pegasus Galaxy!
    I understand that you are probably submerged with details for Season 5, but have you guys been spinning the 100 episode? When will this shoot? As it’s the Season’s Finale, I assume it won’t be comedic but rather an action episode? And finally, shooting schedules permitting, will Carter (Ms Tapping) appear in 100? thus placing Ms Tapping in the 100,200 SG1 and 100 SGA?

    Please convey my thanks to Mr G., for also attending the Fuel Dinners.


  68. Ah but will the garage door technician be able to foil the mystery person hanging around your place with another remote?……..**giggles**

    More fodder for your screenplay.

    Technician: I’m sorry Mr. Mallozzi. We’ve tested the garage door and can’t seem to replicate the problem. Are you sure you’re pressing the right buttons?

    Great news that Carl is back! Ghost in the Machine – hey that was a cool X-Files episode written by “The Wongs”. Could be relevant to your current situation.

    Joe, which TV writers inspire you? Doesn’t have to be Stargate.

    Cheers, Chev

  69. Hi !

    Thank for all the informations about 5th season !!!!
    Cool to see Captain Alicia Vega in Atlantis’ costume !^^
    Carl’s return !
    Is the garage door okay now ?^^

    A lil’ question : Will Captain Alicia Vega be a “Lorne” girl (recurring role ) or will she have a regular role ?

  70. I see your pigeon holes have name tags like ours do (i am a teacher). I often have the ever so slight evil voice in my head that says *just shift a few names around- it will be funny* before common sense and adultness takes over and tells me its a childish task…but every day i get the damn it to switch nametags. Arent you ever tempted…just to see what would happen. Of course we have 102 pigeonholes….so it could be deadly.

  71. A big welcome back to Carl! So nice to see him back in the fold again.

    As for the garage door opener? Please let me know what it ends up being. My parents have had that problem on and off a few times, but have never called a technician since it seems to stop as randomly as it starts.

    And I take it that Leela has never done genre work before? Clearly, she does not understand the wackiness that is fandom. 🙂

    Wish her luck for us!

  72. Salut Joseph! Je suis toujour vivante! lol

    Je suis aller à l’hopital et apparement ce n’est pas asser grave pour opéré, ouf!
    Mais sa va mieux.

    Merci pour ces photo, je suis contente de revoir Carl!

    Quand vous allez parler de la saison 5 avec vos copain de la production, n’oublier pas de leur dire à quel point les francais sont les meilleur, et qu’il est inimaginable de faire un épisode de plus sans la participation de l’un d’entre eux; lol XD

    J’ai une petite pensée pour le plus vieux chanteur francais qui est décédé ce matin a l’age de 90 ans!

    Aller, gros Kisou, je vous adore fort♥♥

  73. Hi Joe,

    Any chance you or someone else could post phone/email or website details for Fuel? I’m in the UK and would like to reserve 3 spaces before they all go…



  74. Joe, it sucks being financially responsible because if I weren’t I would so be there for your dinner. Little things like rent and bank payments keep me here. ; )

    Thanks to you and Marty for agreeing to this. The time you and everyone gives to the fans, either thru cons, interviews or blogs, is one of the reasons I so love STARGATE.

    Please have a toast for all of us who can’t make it. Take lots of pics and video.

  75. Joe,
    Long time reader, first time writer. My wife and I live in Japan – she’s Japanese and a big anime fan. Of the anime DVDs in the picture from a few days ago, she recommended Mushi-shi. (Right this minute, she’s watching Dragonball Z in subtitled Mandarin. Strange, I know, but she likes it.)
    A quick note about this season of SGA: I realize that the last few episodes have leaned toward “team in a room” storylines to save the dough for blow-out episodes, but I believe they have been hit and miss. I am a huge fan of both franchises and watched SG-1 from the beginning in syndication. But lately, I think that the best episode in the second half of the season was “Quarantine,” hands down. The story is so secondary by the fourth season of a show like SGA that character development has to happen more and more and that was what I really liked about that episode.
    Do I need to ask a question? Seems like it. How’s the progress on SG Universe, the third show in the franchise? If it’s a go, I’d love to write for it! 😉
    Thanks for keeping up the great work!

  76. Yay Carl Binder! His are among some of my absolute favorite episodes; it’s so awesome to see he’s back!

    Also, congratulations to him and the other WGA members on being offered a deal they could get behind. They deserve to be fairly compensated for the work they do, and it sounds like the new contract makes inroads in that direction, which is great!

  77. Re hello =) sur mon new blog qui vous est consacré, je vient de créér un article “boite au lettre” c’est un endroit ou tout les fan francais de stragate pourront vous posez des questions, donc les premiére question:

    Stargate0002 said:
    1)”avez vous déjà trouvez un de vos scénarios nul au point de le refare entierement? :)”
    2)”quel est votre personnage préféré?comment pensez vous le développer?”
    3)” Avez vous déjà reçu des scénarios de fans, et si oui en avez vous déjà adaptés ou vous en êtes vous déjà inspiré?”

  78. How is Fondy?
    Hehe… I was about to ask you when Carl is coming back and there he is! Yaay… That cake looks yummy… I bet it was 🙂

  79. Great to have you back CARL! You were missed! Looks like walking the lines kept you fit and well.
    Now start wordsmithing and give us more script gold. YEAH!

    Neat pictures Mr. M, thanks for sharing. Now we need to see a Lantian bathtub, shower and/or toilet.:roll:

    As for the garage opener, you guys are all soft. I have a double garage (2 doors) that operate like so: bend over, grab handle, lift door and GRUNT. Works every time. 😉

    Happily awaiting “Midway” and ultra Ronon vs Teal’c vs Wraith whumpage!

    Carol Z

  80. Well I haven’t got a garage door to complain about…Heck, I haven’t got a garage, so I can’t compare notes. But I do hope your hand survived the encounter with the wall unit better than the wall unit did. 😉

    Hope ya’ll have a good time at Fuel; unless someone leaves me money in their will sometime soon, I shan’t be able to join ya’ll. I shall have to live vicariously through the blog.

    *chuckles* In a fun little discussion with a couple fellow SGA-fans, we were wondering whatever happened to those giant poisonous snakes on the mainland of the new planet…Any plans for bumping into any of the dangerous new flora/fauna? 🙂

  81. Thanks so much for the regular updates, Joseph. I’ve only relatively recently been able to watch Stargate Atlantis regularly, but I’m loving it. Your news is always a pleasure to read. All the best.

  82. We had the same problem with our garage door opener. It would inexplicably freak out and reverse itself. My husband was just about to level the whole freaking garage when I noticed the garbage can…

    There was a garbage can on wheels at the side of the garage door. If the wind blew just right it would rock just enough to trip the emergency sensors; you know, the ones that prevent the door from squishing kids, dogs and stupid people. Because it wasn’t obvious, and we didn’t use that trash can often, it took forever (and several mojitos) to figure out.

    Just thought I’d share in case you also had an errant trash can.

  83. My parents have the same issue with their garage door. It’s been acting up a lot lately, probably do the extreme cold. And because our garage door is couple years old. We usually try to leave it open a foot or so so our dogs can get outside during the fall/winter so we don’t have to get up and let them out. Lately the garage been hanging half-way open because they get tired of fighting with and just stop it wherever.

    Yay! Carl’s back!

  84. Welcome back – to Carl Binder. 🙂

    Is his script, Ghost in the Machine, the first episode of the Replicator arc for Season Five that you mentioned concerning Weir that will now have to be modified?

  85. Hi Joe:

    Long time reader, not a very often commenter? commentor? commentieur? whatever…


    1st: Welcome back to Mr. Binder, and congraduations to the WGA for working something out, I know they didn’t get what they wanted in regards to animation and reality shows, but compromise is a virture as well, right?

    2nd: I had the same thing happening to my garage door, and I had a very similar scenario as you did, where I eventually had to give up, close it manually with that dangling red thing (who knew that’s what it was for, and not an emergency escape cord!) and call teh knowledgeable technician. Who fixed in in about 15 minutes. The Cause? The sensors were mounted to the door track, and when the door was getting about 1 foot from teh ground, the track would vibrate, or twist ever so slightly breaking the beam (I had clipped one of them with the garbage can and thown off the alignment. But here’s the real fix. The Tecnician then installed a new backet, (drilling into concrete no less) and mounded the sensor to the wall next to the track, with a bracket that held the sensor out around the track. No more shimmy! Still in the way of the trash can, but much easier to fix when I crash into it with the can and yank it out of alignment. So, I’m curious if that’s the issue with yours as well… you’d think they’d catch onto this issue and install them that way to begin with.


  86. Carl’s back!! Say hi to him!!

    As for the garage door opener – oh Mr M, have a thought for those of us who not only don’t have a garage door opener, don’t even have a garage for a door to go on!!

    Really, you’re troubles seem insignificant when compared to our travails of parking the car on the drive in all weathers (and yes, lucky me to have a drive, there are many in this country who lack even that and have to park, of all places, on the road).

    Surely, instead of getting the door opener fixed, you should send that money to:


    A worthy charity whose work is often misunderstood and even, alas, ridiculed.

    Leesa Perrie
    co-founder of Garages For All

  87. Argh!! And that should be ‘your troubles’ not ‘you’re troubles’!! I can’t believe I made such a simple mistake! Please forgive me.

    Leesa Perrie

  88. Hey Joe, is Captain Alicia Vega, a.k.a. Leela Savasta then person in the Tao of Rodney who walked by when Rodney was with Ronan and he read her mind thinking he was hot, and then realized it was Ronan? Am I right? Can I win some fake, psuedo prize? Thanks!

  89. At least you didn’t back into a garage door like I did on New Years Eve when the *&^%$#@&*%%^ opener stopped part way up! What a way to end 2007.

  90. so let us know what is wrong with your garage door—mine is doing exactly the same thing and I’m too cheap to call for help yet. I find it fascinating to fix things that I know NOTHING about—maybe your problem is my problem and I won’t have to give in and call the repairman.

  91. Vancouverites actually keep CARS in their garages? *shakes head* Amazing. Yay for Carl’s return!

  92. Hey Joe

    Can people tour Bridge Studios? My sisters are heading to Vancouver in August and are wondering if there are Tours of The Studios?

  93. Will there ever be an extended edition series of the episodes of SG-1/Atlantis that had scenes edited out included into the episode?

  94. It’s great to see Carl back!

    Does “Daedalus Variations” means that we’ll see Caldwell in that episode?

    Can you tell us how Outcast and Trio did ratings-wise? Better/worse than or the same as Harmony?

    Finally watched Trio. I don’t get why almost everybody in fandom seems to think it’s the worst Atlantis episode ever. Out of all the places I went online, at least 90 or 95% of the posts I’ve read about Trio are negative (and I’ve read a lot in lots of websites/forums/blogs). I haven’t found such consensus in fandom since Irresistible (which I quite liked) and Irresponsible (which I didn’t like at all).

    I thought Trio was OK. I won’t say it was very good, but I certainly don’t find it bad either. It IS my least favorite episode this season, but that’s just because I think all the other episodes this season have been excellent or at least “great/very good”.

    I didn’t find the Zelenka stuff funny. I’m with those that think it was just bashing, not funny.

    I can’t see all the fuss about “sexual innuendo”. I didn’t see anything that could qualify as such. But then I’ve seen the same complaints in the past, including complaints about how Teyla dresses and how the Atlantis uniforms this season fall into the “sexual innuendo” category. And I can’t see how someone could think that. *scratches head and wonders if some people still live in the Middle Ages*

  95. *waves*

    *looks up at pics*

    *goes through each of them one by one*

    Woohoooooooooo Carl’s back!! Yeah 😀

    *looks at the last pic*

    Mr M! Carl does not look like a happy camper! It reminds me of the ‘duck cake’ you made him eat last year. Or did you put laxative in Carl’s chocolate cake again? Shame on you Mr M you could have at least waited for the second day 😉

    Thanks for the concept art :mrgreen:


  96. Poor glum Carl! Looks like he’s contemplating all the food-related hijinks y’all have stored up for him.

    Speaking of Carl & the WGA, I’ve noticed SGA/SG1 writers are generally also credited as producers, creative consultants etc. Does this mean they have greater control/authority over the production than if they had a writing credit only, and does it affect their pay rate? The SGA/SG1 production atmosphere seems quite chummy, and I’m wondering if your set-up is radically different from US productions’, where writers seem to be at the bottom of the totem pole.

  97. Dear Joe,

    I just had a chocolate/Champagne theme party, trying to emulate yours. I wanted to show the picture but I don’t know how to put them here. Do u have an email I can forward them to?

  98. Does your Stage 6 concept drawing for lighting sconces (that look very Lantian) mean that you’ve torn down or replaced some of the SG-1 standing sets? I was going by your tour of the stages from your August 6, 2007 blog entry:

    “Stage 6 (SG-1’s standing sets including the gate room, control room, conference room, Landry’s office, the infirmary, the observation room, and various corridors)…”

  99. Hello Joe, is Tyre human or of human of earth origin? I ask because of the sword.

  100. Hi,

    just wanted to say hello from the Netherlands (where we are waaaay back in the episodes of SGA and thank god we can receive weekly SGA episodes over the german RTL II satelite. We just had “sunday” last week, fortunately i was a bit forwarned, but still…).
    I am a Huuuuge fan of SG1 and SGA since the beginning, and i am proud to say i have my dvd collection of the SG1 seasons almost complete (just one more, season 10).
    Thanks you so much for being able to bring us two of such great shows over such a long time.

    However, the reason why i write is that i am catching up on SGA since SG1 is out of the air, so to speak.
    Last week, i had the chance to catch up on the rest of season 3 and some season 4 episodes thanks to “streaming internet”.

    I happen to have a cattery, and being a breeder of the beautifull burmese cats.
    Last sunday (febr. 10th) one of my females was due with her litter, which meant that i did have to sleep beside her at night on the not so comfy couch in the downstairs catroom. (yes the really dedicated breeder won’t take a chance of something happening to a preggy female, which happens more often in pedigreed cats then with the evenly cute but in that way more resiliant “moggy”. I agree.)
    However the expectant mom to be was “overdue” stretching my wake at night from the normal 2-3 nights to seven!!!.
    meaning i had to stay awake late for 7 nights, in order to try not to sleep to deep so i would be awake at the first sound of the new arrivals or any other sign of the big event.

    What has this to do with Stargate Atlantis or your Blog i hear you say.
    Well, i tried to wake those late nights with catching up online with the said 3th season episodes (and some of the 4th season) mixed with some Yummy youtube vids from last years stargate atlantis comic con, dragoncon, etc panels. Which was good fun.

    It was very enlightening too, i heared a guy named Martin Wood tell that whenever he wrote himself into a SGA show as a stand-in actor, a kitten came back to live. (Stargate panel comicon 2007, part 4). I am sure this is a well known fact in your studios, but nevertheless Martin has my symphaties for just doing that for the kitties, and for being there in stargate from the begining AND for being by far the most handsome of the three writers/producers that where on that pannel. ( both martin Gero and mr. Binder dont’come even close i am sorry to say;))

    Did i say we aired “sunday” here last week?
    I think everything happens for a reason, and i forgive the powers that be fully what they had to do for the show. However painfull that may be to the fans.
    I am just glad they came to their sensed pretty fast and decided to write our “beloved Dr. Becket” back in the series season 4 and 5. I think Paul Mcgillion is a very gifted actor and it would be a shame on SGA and fandom if he would dissapear forever.
    Both Paul and his caracter are absolutely greatly enjoyed here in holland and esp. also by me.

    Then i woke up this morning , by now after 7 nights pretty sleepdeprived, checked into your blog (like the 7-8 mornings before) were your last line blinked to me: “…it’s (your blog red.) apparently still no match for CNN’s political ticker, FOX news online, or adorable cat pictures.”
    Well i think i can be of some assistance to you in that matter.
    Last nite on February 13th between 03.00 and 04.15 in the morninghours (GMT, we are in the netherlands)FINALLY the overdue kittens were born: 3 lilac males, 2 lilac-tortie females, all healthy and bouncy. Proud mom is our lilac burmese girl Ginger (german bred, aussie lines) and Muppet our cream burmese boy (dutch bred, aussie and south african lines).

    I deem it only fitting that the three male kittens will be carrying the makers of stargate in their pedigree-name. After all, with five new kittens i have to come up with 5 new pedigreenames, and after 8 years of breeding and about 65 kittens it is not easy to keep inspired, especially not after 7 shaky nights.

    i pressent to you:

    Windcharm Kittens Joseph Mallozzi

    Windcharm Kittens Martin Wood (because he gives kitties live appearantly)

    Windcharm Kittens martin Gero
    (for being Beckets usa brother, a total fun behind the scenes clip i devoured in said nights, and because he co-wrote, i understand, “The Kindred 1+2” and the “last Man”, for being part of bringing back the Doc. As Paul McGillion also said: “Good acting starts with great writing”.

    I hope you and the two Martins will be honoured in giving your name to these newborns. It will be their official names, registred with the Neocat studbook here holland. Their new owners will probably give them their calling names, like Kitty, Garfield or Cat. But the pedigreenames will remain in writing!!!

    I gather this isn’t by far the weirdest thing done by your fans in your honour. (as also seen on said you tube comicon vids:)) So i hope you are not to worried;))
    And yes i considered naming one of the male kittens Windcharm Kittens P. Mcgillion, or Carson for that matter. But i know i can’t keep a kitten for myself from this litter, as we have a pretty big group of cats at home as it is. And I can’t/won’t stand the thought of loosing Paul/Carson twice;))

    Remains me to end this rather longish comment in a request to you, Mr. Mallozzi:

    I still have 2 female kittens left to be named. As with stargate i need to keep within the theme per litter and so i need two other female names for the pedigree entry from the Stargate Atlantis Cast.

    It would be so cool if you could ask Mr. McGillion to name his two favourites and patch them through to me. (as also some stories go around about his “singleness” and how this was reacted on by the stargate cast, i will not elaborate;)) i am sure he will have (at least) 2 favourite female names in mind.

    I don’t know if this is possible, or if you will be seeing him at all the coming time (i will have to have names by april 13th, when i have to send in the pedigree papers), since his re-appearance appearantly is “only” for 5 more eps.

    If it is not possible at all to get Mr. Mcgillions name-pick, i trust it your person could do the favour and give me two of your favourite female crewnames for the pedigree’.

    In return i send you two cute “kitty-photo’s” of mom and the newly borns, made just this morning, the babies about 6 hours old.
    Which you may use freely in your blog and elsewhere, to make sure the Blog will be in the top 10 at least next time;))

    Thank you somuch for staying in touch with the Stargate fans this way. And thanks for ever for giving us Stargate withouth which the world would be somuch less interesting;))



    Best Regards,

    Stefanie from Holland and the Windcharm Kittens cats

    p.s.: forgive me any grammarfaults, offcourse english is not my native speach and my computer keeps crashing when i try to do english sp. control.

    Sooooo, to continue

  101. See that’s funny I can totally picture you stressing with the garage door.. Ah.. LOL

    I’m looking for creative suggestions on how to get to work as my local bus service is going on strike tommrow and I’m not really happy to walk or pay $20/day on cab fair… Any suggestions??

    Did you finish Smoke And Mirrors?? I’m about half way through and it’s going to be hard to pic a fav story.

  102. You’re in show business, shouldn’t you be crashing through your garage doors with your Hummer after a cocaine and boozed fuel binge night while your assistant runs behind you with wood and nails and rebuilds it? Because if that isn’t one of the perks of the job consider me disillusioned.

  103. Oh, and there’s no way anyone will ever stand a chance against the hive that is adorable cat pictures. I’m afraid even the Wraith, the Ancients, the Ori, even you, Joseph, cannot topple the behemoth that is catkind online.

    By the way, I want more Todd screentime. Give me more Todd screentime, and I’ll reveal the only hope you have of besting FOX News.

  104. My question is: During the time that Harmony, Outcast and Trio were being filming were any of Kindred and Midway being filmed?

  105. *looks up and reads Stephanie’s post.

    Wow Stephanie, and people say I talk a lot. 😆 I think you took my crown. :mrgreen:

    *passes it over*

    Just remember Steph, if anyone asks you’re not longwinded, you’re just a chatterbox like me 😀

  106. The attention your blog is getting is nothing short of well-deserved! I know my brain did a funny little joyous blackout when I realized it existed, and it’s become important to me to check it frequently–and you never disappoint. There is something so wonderful about coming into a fandom and discovering that not only are one’s fellow fans really *fun* and creative, but that the people *creating* the show itself are themselves amazingly *fun* and creative. Did I mention giving?

    I’ve also been wondering… after purchasing the SG-1 10 season Super Amazing Boxed Set of Awesome and discovering to my delight that there are commentaries for EVERY episode from Season 4 onwards… Are there, dare I dream, plans to perhaps offer a similar treasure trove of SGA after your undoubtedly record-breaking run of N seasons? (N > 5 + X, of course)


  107. *bursts in* There’s gonna be an episode with “extreme Shep-whumpage” early in season 5?! *clears throat* SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    Ahem. *smoothes back hair and straightens clothes*

    Hello Joe! :o)

    What great news to be greeted with! (yes, I know that’s already yesterday’s news, but still!) So uhm…does the Shep whump ep involve some comfort/concern from (members of) the team? Because that’d be awesome :o)

    Thanks for this wonderful piece of news! *bounces!*

    Love, Jenn

  108. So true Dovil. Joe, how dare you even consider closing your own garage door. Even if it is with a remote. That’s someone elses job! We hope to see this situation rectified shortly.

    I was wondering if you have any pet peeves when it comes to writing? Such as, I always have to explain my question/answer – it comes from being in IT, then I use “-” a lot then lots of dots… losing my train of thought… oh yeah – my friend always emails me in capitals and then uses a series of question marks. So I feel like she’s always yelling at me and then finishing her sentence with HUH? HUH? HUH?

  109. The man is back in town. It looks like he really appreciated the cake. The concept art drawings are great. Now we just have to infer to which episode they belong…

    What’s your experience with Sci-Fi’s parent company NBC Universal? I have an interview with them for a summer internship on NBC News. Any words of encouragement for impressing the network HR people?

  110. susanthetartanturtle Said: “Since I am travelling all the way from Scotland to DragonCon the least that you can do is send me and my SCB friend Sandy (and her husband Paul) a Fuel food parcel. There is 198 days to go and I am all excited!”

    198 days til Dragoncon??? That’s WAY too long. I can’t wait! Seriously…I HATE waiting.

    On a very unfun note, (is unfun a word?) I get a message this morning at 7am that the air conditioning is not working and the water is shut off at the school where I teach. It’s one of those lovely automated messages from the assistant principal so I can’t ask the bazillion questions I have. Questions like: How will we go to the bathroom? How will we wash our hands? What will the students do when they are thirsty after gym class? Why isn’t school cancelled. Isn’t this a health department violation??? etc etc.

    So I call the school a bit later…right before I’m about to actually drive to work and I’m assured the toilets are working. I get to work in time to hear the principal announce that no one can use the bathrooms…at all…not even the toilets. I’m thinking…wow…what’s gonna happen when the little ones gotta go? Sorry kid, hold it… the principal says you just gotta hold it! Can you believe that? So thank God most of the toilets were in use by an hour and a half into the school day. No accidents reported! One teacher drank 32 ounces of water before she went into work and had to leave to find a toilet though! 😀

    Makes you wonder what they would’ve done if the toilet debacle lasted to 3 or 4 hours! And, have you ever noticed that as soon as someone says you can’t use the bathroom…you REALLY start to feel you have to go???


  111. Just a quick question. Does Alicia Vega have a Latin American background?

    Melissa – Melbourne,Australia

  112. I would have liked to see Keller ask Sam, “If you had to choose: General O’Neill or Daniel Jackson?”

  113. dovil said:

    You’re in show business, shouldn’t you be crashing through your garage doors with your Hummer after a cocaine and boozed fuel binge night while your assistant runs behind you with wood and nails and rebuilds it?

    OMG, I heard some years back that longtime residents of Seattle were putting up banners everywhere saying “There Goes The Neighborhood” in response to immigration from Hollywood. I hadn’t realized, though, that the swarms of invaders had managed to get past Canada’s border patrol and find their way to Vancouver, likely lured by the scent of coffee-chain concoctions plus freshly minced salmon. This is very bad. What if Joe turns into a . . . a mogul?? And when he’s, like, 80, runs for the governorship of Canafornia? *starts panicking*

  114. good nurse wrote:

    What if Joe turns into a . . . a mogul?? And when he’s, like, 80, runs for the governorship of Canafornia? *starts panicking*

    Canafornia? What’s Canafornia?

    More likely Joe will run for the premiership of British Columbia unless he became a US citizen before he turns 80.

  115. Anon, good nurse said: And when he’s, like, 80, runs for the governorship of Canafornia? *starts panicking*

    I now desperately want this to happen. Joe could go on the campaign trail taking along a hoola hoop covered in blue tinsel that he can leap through it after getting out of his winnebago dressed up to look like a puddle jumper. Or just drive through it and into the crowd. If he’s 80 these things can happen. Then he can talk about slicing through taxes like a wraith slices through a human’s lifespan, and other cheap crowd pleasing sayings.

    With this winning formula, American Citizenship, 5 billion dollars and the support of various ethically dubious lobbying groups, you too could be Governor of California!

    Then you could level the place and turn it into a huge studio lot.

  116. “Not bad. Not bad at all. Since I started blogging here on wordpress, this blog has consistently hit the Top 25 out of some 3 million wordpress blogs (#15 as I write this) and each individual entry the daily Top 10 of the 100 000 or so daily posts (#3 as I write this). Impressive, sure, but it’s apparently still no match for CNN’s political ticker, FOX news online, or adorable cat pictures.”

    There’s a reason this is landing in the top blog numbers….it’s fun. It’s informative. You’ve got interesting people posting here. I tend to get home, turn the computer on and look for your post of the day. Inevitably, I catch it about a half hour to an hour after you’ve posted…and generally there’s more than 50 responses at that point already.

    As for Fuel, i’m going to join you vicariously from NY. Hope everyone enjoys the dining, i’ll be in Vancouver in August and hopefully will be able to enjoy it then.

    Bummer about the garage door. Not a nice way to start your day…..

  117. Hey Joe,
    Just a quick question I don’t know if you even know the answer to at this point. Will Larrin be appearing in Season 5? Thanks

  118. Hi Joe –
    I had the same problem with my garage door – but it would only happen in the afternoon. It took awhile for hubs to figure it out, but he finally did. Turns out that the sun shines directly into the garage in the afternoon if the door is open, and the wind (which kicks up every afternoon) tossing the trees around threw shadows accross the beam thingy – so it thought there was an obstacle and would reverse.
    Go figure! …

  119. So you set a record just printing the deleted scene. Hmm, wonder what kind of ratings Trio would have gotten had you left the scene in? Guess we’ll never know? Any chance of a SG-1/SGA crossover for season 5? Probably too expensive to get everyone but it would be so cool to see the original SG-1 including Jack in the Pegasus galaxy maybe saying farewell to Sam and Cam and Vala could be there too -yeah way expensive but it would be worth it. On Screen resolution of the S/J thing for loyal fans of the show 11 years is it too much to ask? Subtle is good.

  120. Hey, it’ll be my birthday in August too. Can I get a cake? My half birthday was yesterday – how about half a cake?

  121. Hi! :o) (and sorry in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes *coughs*)

    Although I don’t like everything in Season 4 I loved how Lorne appeared more often and got some really great scenes (like in Doppelgänger which I watched yesterday).
    So I talked with a friend of mine about it and how cool it would be to see an episode with Lorne as the main character.
    I mean, I love the small scenes he gets (and it was great seeing him in Road not Taken), but it would be awesome to have at least one full episode not only those short appearences. Like Shep and his team being in a situation where they can’t to anything and have to depend completely on those in the second row like Lorne or Zelenka.
    Because I think he is perfect for it. 🙂


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