A rather inauspicious start to the day found me playing Mr. Fixit with my garage door remote at 8:00 a.m. this morning. For some reason, the door has a nasty habit of lowering until it’s about half a foot off the ground and then suddenly stopping and reversing, rising until I hit the remote a second time, causing it to descend and close. If I’m lucky. If I’m unlucky, I’ll hit the remote and the door will come down, stop and reverse again, necessitating a second click to reverse direction once again and get it to close. If I’m especially unlucky, as was the case today, the garage door will descend, stop, reverse, I’ll hit the remote, reverse direction, only to have it stop, reverse, causing me to hit the remote again, getting it to reverse direction, only to have it stop, reverse, necessitating another jab at the remote, causing it to switch direction, and stop, reverse… Adding to the fun is the fact that I’ve already set the house alarm, meaning I have exactly one minute to get the damn thing shut before the sirens start blaring and the crazed ferrets are released. Eventually, frustration set in and I headed back inside where I disabled the alarm and tried to use the wall unit remote to close the garage door. It hummed down, got about a half a foot off the ground, then rose up again. I swept the area for leaves and invisible detritus, made sure the sensors were clear, then tried again. Hum. Stop. And back up it went. Again. And again. And again! I tried holding down the remote. Tapping the remote. Even putting my fist through its plastic casing. Nothing worked. In the end, I closed the door manually, dug up Fondy’s remote, went through her side of the garage (which she has been using as a storage space, requiring her to park out front), and called up a “trained technician” who will be swinging by tomorrow to fix the problem. Oh, and replace the wall unit I punched to pieces.

Despite the delay, I got in about five minutes before the prosthetics meeting. We discussed upcoming episodes Whispers, The Daedalus Variations, The Seed, and Broken Ties. Among the subjects covered: visual versus practical effects, stunt people vs. acrobats, fog, elements of the visual we saw in Spoils of War, yogurt, and, of course, methacil.

Captain Alicia Vega, a.k.a. Leela Savasta, was in for her costume fitting this morning and swung by the production offices. She’s a very sweet young lady who was genuinely surprised to learn she’d already become the talk of many a fan forum – without even having shot a scene yet.

And – hey, look who’s back! Yep, Carl Binder turned up for work today! And he brought us a present: his first draft of Ghost in the Machine. To show our appreciation, we got him a cake and sang Happy Birthday (this despite the fact that he won’t be celebrating his birthday until August). Check out the pics, especially the last one. Have you ever seen a happier-looking birthday boy?

Not bad. Not bad at all. Since I started blogging here on wordpress, this blog has consistently hit the Top 25 out of some 3 million wordpress blogs (#15 as I write this) and each individual entry the daily Top 10 of the 100 000 or so daily posts (#3 as I write this). Impressive, sure, but it’s apparently still no match for CNN’s political ticker, FOX news online, or adorable cat pictures.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the footage of the scene I posted in last night’s entry – yes, it will be available as a dvd special feature.

A gentle reminder to finish/start reading Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge and prepare your questions for editor Lou Anders who will be swinging by the blog next week.

And to all those of you thinking of attending either of the Fuel fan dinners (April 1st, 7:00 p.m. or April 3rd, 7:00 p.m.) – if you haven’t made a reservation yet, book now to avoid disappointment! Marty G. will be joining us for both nights.

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Yay! Carl’s back! And he brought a present!!!


CAKE!! could’ve said it was for his un-birthday.
as for the jack/sam hint; cool!
tell ms. savasta just wait until her episode airs, then the real talk begins.


Do you watch either Doctor Who or Torchwood? I’ve recently been exposed- and become obsessed- by them. Love to hear your opinion!


Is Marty G’s t-shirt a rendering of you two moving the TV he bought at blockbuster??

We have snow! Ice! Daughter’s school got let out early. Yippee for me as I got to come home at 1 pm. Bad for me, half the internet sites I got to seem to be down today.

So what’s the next milestone number for the blog?



What an anticlimax, I was waiting for the garage door to come smashing down on your car. Bah!

Since I am travelling all the way from Scotland to DragonCon the least that you can do is send me and my SCB friend Sandy (and her husband Paul) a Fuel food parcel. There is 198 days to go and I am all excited!

How are the doggies?


Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, it’s Carl! Hi Carl! *waves*

Do give him a big old hug and tell him how much we’ve missed him, won’t you, Joe? I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. grin

So fess up, what hilarious trick did you play with the cake? Laxatives? Added some unusual flavour chocolate? Gave him the slice the dogs had licked? What? grin


Joe wrote: “And to all those of you thinking of attending either of the Fuel fan dinners (April 1st, 7:00 p.m. or April 3rd, 7:00 p.m.) – if you haven’t made a reservation yet, book now to avoid disappointment! Marty G. will be joining us for both nights.”

Wahoo! Marty G. for both nights, are we blessed or what? Thanks Joe and Marty!

Also, Arctic Goddess has booked 20 seats each at Fuel for both nights and has started a list on GW for each night’s attendees. Thanks AG, a.k.a. Patricia… my name sake.

Thank you again Joe for agreeing to have these dinner gathering! You are the best and good luck with that &@ZX**!## garage door opener… I hate them too…just the slightest interruption of he beam and it acts hinky every time!!!

Welcome back Carl… *queue the cheesy theme song to welcome back Carter* I know you were missed… by the way, will you be my Valentine? Good luck with the writing of season 5 episode!

Best regards,

Patricia Lee


Hmm, is that yet another new uniform design (on Leela)?

Morjana Coffman

Hi, Joe!

Welcome back to Carl! (All those WGA pencils I sponsored were for Carl!)

Thank you for the lovely photos.

“Trinity” was just shown on the SciFi Channel the other day, and I paid special attention to Leela’s portion of the episode. Looking forward to meeting her new character in season five.

Joe, it was so warm here today in N. CA the air conditioning kicked on. (I had set for 80) Of course, this summer, when we have multiple days of 110+ weather, I won’t be as happy as I am now.

Oh, we fickle fans!



Margaret Clayton

Ah, crazed ferrets and a trained technician. Now there’s an epic-worthy saga in the making. Technology is out to get you.

Crazed Ferrets, yet another great name for a band.
“Have you heard? Crazed Ferrets is opening for Corrosive Latex!”

I’m surprised I can type straight … my Burning Man tickets arrived today! Huzzah! I gots mai tikkets!
Wheeeee!!!! I’ve been running around in circles, bumping into the walls! Yippee-kai-aye!!!!! If anyone cares what this year’s tickets look like, I threw a couple pics on my blog. Wheeee!!!!!! More exclamation marks! More cowbell!


Oh, you don’t even want to hear about my experiences with garage door openers!

I have to tell you, Mr. M, I got on early this morning and saw your latest post and about fainted (big Shep whumper). So, are you going to tease us anymore with that episode as details come in? I know its pretty early, but there are a lot of reall5y happy people out there at the mention on extreme Shep-whumpage!!

And, its no wonder your blog does so well because you rock.

Have a great Hump Day!!


Tell Carl “welcome back” for me! (If you still can’t pronounce my name, you can just clip this comment and e-mail it to him.)

I love the cake in the picture. I would be pretty happy if presented me with that, whether or not it was my birthday! Feel free to send me one anytime!


I haven’t posted in a while (been swamped with work) but I had to say how thrilled I am with the scene you posted in the blog last night! That ought to be fun to watch!

Anyways, wanted to conratulate you guys on a great second half. It has really been a lot of fun. The episodes have had great suspence and better humor than 90% of comedy. David Hewlett was particularly brilliant in “Trio”.

Question: will we see Sheppard “deal” so to speak with what he did in “Miller’s Crossing”? He really struggled with Sumner’s death, so I was wondering if he would have a similar experience.

Finally, I have to say I love how you have written Teyla’s pregnancy. She has really developed into a complex, admirable character. Additionally, Sheppard is so warm and supportive that it has exposed a new dimension of his character. I like the fact that Teyla, although a strong, independent woman, does not resent his, or anyone else’s for that matter, attention. She does not expect them to wait on her, but she knows her own limitations.

Keep up the great work!


ms. carol
ms. carol

Now that is one fine looking chocolate creation…which one of you guys slaved all through the night making that?!! Yeah right, One thing to Iron Chef it, but Betty Crocker it?!


Yaaaay! The band’s back together! Did Carl have some good stories to tell of the time he spent on the Front Lines?

And “Ghost in the Machine”? Another episode title? Boy, you’re really spoiling us. So so far, we have:

Search and Rescue
The Seed
Broken Ties
The Daedalus Variations
Ghost in the Machine

Very nice. About one of the only nice things I had today, in fact. I don’t know what’s happening, but like so many of your readers, I’m now the proud owner of a certain cold virus. Ugh, it’s taking a lot of effort just to read this blog…BUT IT’S WORTH IT!


hay theres something iv always wondered, in the show when you reference movies or even actors do you have to go and ask the people that own the rights to the movies if you can say it in the show? or can just just stick it in without anyone yelling that you messed with copyright laws?
ps just watched trio and i loved it i wasvery impressed with rodney i dont think iv seen that side of him before


I feel for you and the trials of the garage door opener! I’ve had mine do similar things, including opening its self after I drove away and being open until about 1am. Now there’s a security risk!

Welcome back Carl and welcome all around to Leela who looks way too young. For what you may ask? Nothing in particular. I’m just feeling old and frumpy in comparison. Drat those fit young things. Us older people have to be smart and creative in order to win now, right? wink

May tomorrow be smoother for you.


What? No mailbag? Again?
Joe! sad
No matter.
So…any plans for a big ground battle? :p
Okay, I swear it’s the last time I ask. Just…you know, PLEAAAAAAASEEEEE answer…

Gabriel Franco

First one???

Well, love to hear that Carl is back.
The episodes he writes are always great.
Like always, I need to ask for some spoiler.
Any word on The Daedalus Variations? Look like a “other dimension” episode. Write?


Ok just one curious thing then, was Carl Binder allowed to write a script and just not hand it in during the writers strike or did he start work on it before hand? It just seems a bit soon a day of the strike ending to have a first draft done.


Yay, the return of Carl!! grin

Poor Joe. I always seem to have trouble with garage door openers myself. (Happily, where I live now, we don’t have a garage!)

For those who were waiting, my review of Trio did finally get posted this morning. smile


Lou Anders

Very glad to see Jeff Ford’s EMPIRE OF ICE CREAM in the book club. It’s worth pointing out that the cover is by John Picacio, who also did FAST FORWARD 1.

AV eddy

Hi Joe!

*waves at Carl*

Wild shirt Martin’s wearing. Whoa! *crazy dream sequence*

Wow, can I have a cake like that for my birthday? I’ll send you my address. ;P

Hmmm, I get the alarm, but crazed ferrets? I’ve always appreciated the fierce but laid back attitude of badgers. Can’t go wrong with badgers!!! smile (And yes, you do need no stinking badgers!)

Leela looks lovely in her uniform. And thanks for the SGA stuff pics!

Hope your garage door behaves itself. Wouldn’t want it to meet with an “accident,” like the wall remote, eh? Knowmesayin’?

Super thanks also for including the deleted scene in the DVD. Makes me smile and makes many S/J shippers very happy, which makes the world just a little bit brighter. smile

Gotta get back to Prison Break on DVR. Then gonna watch Midway again. (Best. Episode. Ever.)



joe said: “Oh, and for those of you wondering about the footage of the scene I posted in last night’s entry – yes, it will be available as a dvd special feature.”

sally said: WOOO HOOOO!! grin

sally grin

Sara (sclairef99)

Hey Joe,
Do you watch the Westminster?

Hubs proposed to me on the Empire State Building when we went to Westminster 9 years ago. Hubs’s best friend got a dog in group last night. Toy group is on right now with the pugs and Frenchies….