Given the increased traffic this blog has received lately, it looks like I’ll have to revise my prediction regarding that one millionth visit. It looks like Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster will be able to announce the lucky winner (the first person to comment after the one millionth visit who will receive a gorgeous and weighty SG-1 10th anniversary watch, AND be immortalized in Stargate lore by having a character named after them) in tomorrow’s entry when they drop by to do their football picks. It would be great if you all signed your names (only first names necessary) to your posts in the lead-up to the milestone.

Another mailbag-heavy entry today as I try to work my way through the recent deluge of questions. I’m sure once the special “one millionth visit” prize has been awarded, the comments on this blog will trickle down to a more manageable 100 or so a day.

Boy, there was a moment at lunch today that really reinforced how much Carl’s presence is missed. A couple of weeks ago, the production was sent a box of Tim Tams from a fan (Seldear). Among the selection was the fantastic “chocolate mud” flavor that everyone really enjoyed. And then there was the cloying pink strawberry package that was left, unopened, at the far end of the table. Until, of course, Alex Levine, switched packaging. Normally, it would be Carl who would fall victim to the food-related practical joke. It was Carl who unwittingly at the 100% cocoa bar. It was Carl who unknowingly ate the peppercorn-studded chocolate. But, since Carl was not around today, Paul ended up the hapless victim of the Tim Tam switcheroo. As if often the case in these situations, the rest of us threw up our arms and celebrated with a resounding cheer as Paul spat up the offending morsel and then was forced to eat an extra piece of pizza to get the sickly sweet taste out of his mouth. At that point, I’m sure no one missed him more. Here’s hoping the WGA strike is settled soon so we can get back to tormenting Mr. Binder. And, uh, benefiting from his creative mind.

Oh, and if you’re interested in catching some of the behind-the-scenes action on Harmony, go check out the following video at the official MGM site:

Thanks to Michelle for the heads up.

Today’s mailbag:

SusantheTartanTurtle writes: “When are we getting to find out who will be in series 5? Any lovely Scottish doctors?”

Answers: I expect we’ll hear by next week at the latest. Possibly.

Anne Teldy writes: “Did you get the use-the-name idea from me and just tweak it (which would make me incredibly happy) or did you already have it in mind (which would crush my already deflated ego)? Or (perking up) you could say “great minds think alike”????”

Answer: Great minds definitely do think alike.

Lisa S. writes: “Couldn’t some kind of wig or something be fashioned for Jason if he feels the dreads are really part of Ronon’s character?”

Answer: I don’t think a wig would look anywhere near as good as the real thing. If it came down to a choice between wigging Jason and losing the dreads, I’d rather lose the dreads.

Andie writes: “And, do you think we’ll ever see Shep having a ‘moment’ with a kid?”

Answer: Sheppard and McKay have both humorous and poignant moments with Harmony.

Sue writes: “Do you plan to write that into the script; since we never got Daniels reason for cutting hair hopefully there is reason why dreads are gone from Ronan?”

Answer: I’ve left the ultimate fate of those dreads in Jason’s hand. I have already scripted an appropriate scene should he choose to do away with them.

Chelledb writes: “How was the lemon meringue pie? Personally I prefer pecan pie. What is your favorite dessert pie?”

Answer: I’m not a fan of lemon meringue and, like you, prefer pecan pie. My favorite pie? Either pecan or blueberry (a la mode of course).

Patricia writes: “The convention I am wondering about is from April 3rd to 6th, 2008, at the Hilton Metrotown Vancouver presented by CREATION ENTERTAINMENT!”

Answer: Hell no.

Eric writes: “So much science fiction seems to do its damnedest to avoid any connection to or semblance of spirituality in things like ascension. […] Do you have any idea why it is treated this way, whether for your series or science fiction in general?”

Answer: I think that many will argue that once you start introducing spiritual elements, your science fiction show becomes decidedly more fiction than science.

Anne M. writes: “Do you watch anime subtitled or dubbed?”

Answer: Subtitled. Never ever dubbed.

o6untouchable writes: “On a more serious note…if you were to become one of the American Gladiators, what would you want your alternative name to be?”

Answer: On a more serious note? Splendiforous Sammy Spandex.

Mackenzie’s Momma writes: “i know that you have previously mentioned that you did some work in children’s animation and i’m sure if i had the time, energy and inclination to search your archives i could find it. but what SHOW(s) did you work for?”

Answer: The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Caillou, Little Lulu, Animal Crackers, Flying Rhino Junior High, George and Martha, Paddington Bear.

cat4444 writes: “If you figured out from Director Mueller’s email that he was being monitored and sending you a coded message, why would you then proceed to not only decode the message, but send the decoded message to him?”

Agent Wexler: Uh oh.

Erika writes: “Hey annoying one did you tell Carl yes or no please answer this when you apporove this, if we go there and he’s not there my dad will be angry with me.”

Answer: He pickets at the Disney studios in Burbank. The Alameda side. He works the early shift (6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.).

Sulien writes: “I just happen to have an extra copy of the omnibus edition of the first three books of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. Would you read it if I send it up to you?”

Answer: Eventually, sure.

SusantheTartanTurtle writes: “John N Smith – not sure what he does but is he the guy with the black Labrador?”

Answer: That’s him.

AmmoMonkey writes: “Many happy returns to John N. Smith. What does the ‘N’ in his name stand for anyway?”

Answer: Nadia

Firefly827347 writes: “Wow, you wrote the Farscape parody? Does that mean you’re a fan?”

Answer: Fondy and I watched the entire series on dvd.

Kosmo writes: “I realize Carter was only going to be in 14 out of the 20 episodes, but for the love of Pete, I believe the writers need to address her status regardless of being present in the episode. I mean, how in the world was Sheppard able to do all that he did without discussing it with Carter?”

Answer: As you go on to mention in your post, the undeclared understanding is that Carter was consulted off-screen. For instance, in This Mortal Coil, Sheppard and McKay receive the transmission from the duplicate Weir because they happen to be in the control room at the time (Carter is presumably somewhere else on the base). When we pick things up, the team is on the planet, suggested a time cut. We are to assume that, of course, they consulted with Carter and received the green light from her to head off-world. While, on the surface, a mention of Carter may seem like a good idea, a lot of the time this simply makes for an awkward or unnecessary exchange that only highlights the fact that she is not in the episode.

Wraithfodder writes: “But the MGM honchos visit, but what about the new SciFi person. Has she visited?”

Answer: Chris Sanagustin and Mark Stern will be paying us a visit once production begins.

Ariel writes: “I’ve been watching season 6 and season 7 of SG-1 lately and I noticed that the X-302 changed into F-302. Was it because the X series are the prototypes or just a little mistake?”

Answer: Your first guess is correct.

The skypig writes: “How many episodes will you be writing for Season 5?”

Answer: We never know how many episodes a specific writer will write until late in the back half of the season.

Shiningwit writes: “I LOVE Cowboy Bebop especially Edward!”

Answer: Ed was my favorite as well.

M@D writes: “So what’s your 10 pics for books, in no particular order.”

Answer: In no particular order: Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series, Iain M. Banks’s Culture series (Consider Phlebas, Player of Games, and Use of Weapons in particular), Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower (and Parable of the Talents), Ted Chian’s Stories of Your Life and Others (the last story in the collection is my favorite), Thomas M. Disch’s Camp Concentration, Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamorra, George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, Walter M. Miller Jr.’s A Canticle for Leibowitz, China Mieville’s The Scar, Elizabeth Moon’s The Speed of Dark, John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War, Dan Simmons’s Summer of Night, Karen Traviss’s City of Pearl, Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun, Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light, SFWA Hall of Fame. Check out those for starters.

SciFiSlacker writes: “Ok, so who wrote the O’Neill is Cameron’s daddy joke?”

Answer: I believe that was Robert Cooper.

DeeinSouthAfrica writes: “You still getting your inspiration by mixing ganja with Earl Grey tea leaves and smoking them?”

Answer: I prefer to dip them in chocolate and eat them instead.

Emily writes: “I thought you guys gave up celebrating bdays with cake/pie etc as you were having to celebrate waaay too often…”

Answer: So did I.

Yazid writes: “Have you ever seen UFO ?”

Answer: Well I’ve seen a number of flying objects I’ve been unable to identify that I assumed were planes.

637 thoughts on “January 18, 2008: Al…most…there…And Paul Gets Carled!

  1. The name a character contest seems to be more prevalent amongst book authors than TV writers; I’m pretty sure that Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde and Ian Rnakin have done it. It seems to be usually related to charity auctions though.

  2. I hope the writer’s strike will be settled in time for Carl to get in on the action that is Season 5!

    If the SAG strikes in June, will the show be affected? Are any of the cast members of SAG?

  3. hello Joe,

    jason mentioned in an interview that he’d like for his character to go dark, kind of feel betrayed by his team for some reason and end up fighting them. Any chance we’ll see something like that in Season 5?

  4. Did you know that Dr. Phil talked about the type of spam e-mails you get and told people to report it to the government for investigations? Just thought it was interesting, I like your way of handling it much better!

  5. *waves*

    I can’t believe I did a huge longwinded post! And you go and update your blog early! *sigh* My timing sucks these days. LOL

    You know, for someone who grumbled a bit about the outdoors, you sure sounded and looked very chipper on your video diary. 😛 How’s my sucking up coming along?

    And since you know that i’m a whumper, my spideysence kind of tingles when I hear whumpy words like: wounds. How did my spideysense do?



  6. My friend Genius has a tiny yellow she-cat named Edward. Yes, from Cowboy Bebop. Can’t weigh more than three pounds, the vet thinks she’s dwarf.

    I seem to be immune to anime, I watched it for years on late night TV in Japan, in Japanese. Of course, my Japanese doesn’t go much past “Biru O-kudasai” so I made up my own dialog. Reading the subtitles isn’t half as much fun as drunken anime karaoke.

  7. Hey Joe,
    Glad to see the comment yesterday (as brief as it was) about Universe. I was starting to wonder, since it was originally scheduled to be going into production sometime soon and we haven’t heard anything of it for a while. Are you involved with it at all? Anything interesting you can tell us about the series, or even just a date to expect to hear more about it? Some of us are dying for information.

    Another question regarding future stuff… have you been consulted at all about Worlds? I’ve heard that they’ve been working with some of the SG-1/Atlantis production crews and writers for story ideas and stuff, but was wondering how much of that there was going on.

    Anything interesting you can throw this way would be great! Thanks.

  8. Oh I meant to say that ‘wounds’ was in relation to the Harmony diary thing Okay i’m shutting up now, because i’m making less sense than normal!

    7 hours until Quarantine!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  9. So what exactly does John N Smith do? he sounds like a secret agent… but i’m not entierly sure why you would need one of those on a tv production?

  10. Hi,

    Cool to answer my question ! I’ve seen a lot of lights during the night but just planes too !

    I’ve just a simple question for today : What’s your favorite sitcom, comedy show ? For me the favorite is Two and a Half Men ! Moreover Charlie Sheen looks like Joe Flanigan !^^

    Yazid, eaten by a wraith today.

  11. Ohhh, the infamous pink tim tams – I think they were realeased especially to raise funds for breast cancer research so they basically threw something together in the labs and stuck a wrapper over it. They may cause convulsions and diabetic comas, but at least they’re charity biscuits of doom.

  12. Tim Tams.. YUMMY. Will definitely miss them when we get back to the States. My favorite are the Dark Chocolate Tim Tams forget the milk chocolate. Coming in second are caramel filled ones.

    Ann M.

  13. Uups, on my way to bed and there is already a new blog entry. Should actually save reading it for tomorrow…
    Just watched a really boring episode of “Men in trees”. But it´s the first time I heard the word PUDDLE JUMPER outside of SGA. And I love the scenery/landscape. I read it´s shot in Vancouver. It looks very small-townish. And it reminds me of the time when I had the foolish idea to travel from Bellingham to Juneau and back, on a ferry, in winter, in a week. So HELLO to Greg from Australia, Gretchen, Bambi, the little boy in the blue romper everybody was ready to throw overboard after three days, and Peter(?) from Petersburg (who shocked me by asking if I was married after ten minutes of smalltalk)!!!
    Goodnight, T

  14. Answers: I expect we’ll hear by next week at the latest. Possibly.

    You know you’ve been promising this one for weeks now. Didn’t your mother tell you it’s wrong to tease?

  15. Hey joe, first time posting here. *waves*
    Ive been rewatching a couple of the s4 eps, and realise i hadnt seen hermiod in a while. Did he go and commit suicide with the rest of the asguard and leave the dedalus in novaks hands or is he hiding from caldwell and relishing in the fact that he’s the only asguard in existance? and if he is just hiding, how come he didnt decide to die with the rest of his species?


  16. Now you tell me 6am to 10am now is he there Saturdays too. Who was your favorite Farscape character?

  17. I dont know how popular it is over in Canada and the States, but how familiar are you with the books/radio/tv/film works of Douglas Adams? I know bits of it has been referenced many times in various Science Fiction bits and pieces – ever been tempted to reference it in Atlantis?

  18. Hi Joe, How many episodes into the 5th season do you think we wil see Ronon’s new look? Any chance of seeing Ford in the 5th season at all????

  19. I apologize for this post and the gabillion others I most likely will post overnight as I really would like this prize. It would be very fitting seeing as our great minds think alike. 🙂

    Your blog never fails to make me laugh and, considering my health problems, etc., that means more to me than I can say. And, since content of posts has nothing to do with winning, you may rest assured I am sincere. Thanks.

    Anne Teldy, who would love to have her 15 minutes

  20. Just wated that video you put a link to in your blog ‘on set with Joseph Mallozzi’ You are totaly different to how i imagened you would be! Mainly you wern’t wearing a suit!

  21. Hey Joe,
    Looking forward to the picks this week. With Dallas out, I only have one team to hate (the Patriots).

    Is Keller back for next year? I’m voting her for character I most want to seen eaten by a wraith (and just to be clear, no, I”m not a Carson fan, just an anti Keller fan.)

    Any chance of seeing Rodney in trouble and alone? Seems like whenever he’s threatened, he has a teammate to give him moral support. I would just like to see how he handles trouble alone without that backup.

    Oh, and I’m a pecan pie fan, too, although I also like Lemon Meringue (spelt wrong I believe).

    Joann B

  22. Any word on how sales of the “Complete Series” set are doing? I want one so bad (despite already owning all 10 season sets) but the price is too much for me right now.

  23. Liz wrote:

    …how familiar are you with the books/radio/tv/film works of Douglas Adams? I know bits of it has been referenced many times in various Science Fiction bits and pieces – ever been tempted to reference it in Atlantis?

    In “Doppelganger” would not Sheppard’s answer of “42” when responding to McKay’s question of how many known gate addresses have no information about them in the database count as a reference to Hitchhiker?

    Anne Teldy, trying to at least look like she isn’t posting random thoughts

  24. Hello, Joe. Long time reader, first time poster. Heck, thought I’d throw my hat in the ring. You never know. And if I win, I promise to honor the win by ending world hunger and bringing peace to the Middle East.

    I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on the fine work you’re doing. But there’s always room for improvement, so here’s to a fantastic season 5 and beyond.

    Not sure if you answered a question like this before, so here goes: If, God forbid, during production for season 6(yes, there WILL be a season 6), you got the word that SGA would not be renewed for a 7th season, would you go the SG-1 route and end the series in a more emotional fashion, centering on the characters, or would you go out with a boom(bring Atlantis to Earth, kill all enemies, the Tau’ri start conquering the Milky Way…that sort of stuff)?


  25. Hey Joe! So how cold does it get up there in Vancouver? I ask this because it is currently -2 in Minnesota with a lovely -20 windchill and expected to get colder tomorrow. I think I need to move to a better climate!

  26. Any news on ratings for the last couple of episodes? I’m not a number hugger or anything, just curious.

    And, just in case I’m your one million and oneth commentor, my name is…Cheryl!

  27. I love the prizes you have offered – especially the mondo humongous watch. If I win, I could wear it around my neck – a la Flavor Flav … 😀

    Will we get an insiders look at Quantine after it airs?

    Susan C.

  28. In the Stargate movies, one of the archeologists makes a joke about Atlantis. Did that have anything to do with the spin-off?

  29. Blueberry pie is pretty awesome. Have you ever tried lingonberry pie? it takes a special palette to truly enjoy blueberry pie, which I think is a similar sort to enjoy lignonberry. (which should be appreciated far more often than it is.)

  30. Ben wrote:

    Is it possible for members of the public to get there hands on those snazzy Stargate watches?

    They are available at the MGM Store Online and are listed on this page for a mere $299.

    Anne Teldy, just trying to be a blessing

  31. My sister-in-law is an ER nurse and was here during the holidays. We were watching “Doppleganger” and when Dr. Keller was using the paddles to try and re-start Rodney’s heart, she laughed and said they really don’t use those any more. She thought the Stargate program would have more up-to-date technology. I defended and said it’s probably because audiences are familiar with those paddles and they up the drama. I never would have known if she hadn’t said anything. Do you think it matters?

  32. Hey JoBob,
    Haven’t you seen ‘Grace under Pressure”? That’s (basically) Rodney on his own.

    Strawberry Tim Tams SSSpandex? Gosh, I’ve never seen them! I’m going to grocery shop today so I’ll keep an eye out for them and have a giggle thinking of poor Paul before giving them a wide berth. Strawberry… eeuugh. (Double choc are the best!)

    I see you take two bites out of a sandwich before chewing. Big appetite eh? Anyway we can keep that video or is it going on to Season 4 dvd (it should). Maybe a season 6 episode could incorporate a chair going missing through the gate and the wonderful adventures it gets into. T’would also make a great anime series.

    Ever heard of ‘Milo’? No not the cartoon character, but a chocolatey milk drink that’s not sold in the U.S. You mentioned a food store that sells Aussie stuff so do you have it there? It’s a green tin with big fonted “Milo” emblazoned on it. I love it.. beats Ovaltine hands down. (Do I hear a ‘bloody oath’ Aussies??)

    Just starting on ‘Ghost Story’ and will go to a previous blog you did where you wrote up on it. Not sure where this story’s heading but I only read chapter one. (Rusty here gimme a break)

  33. Hi Joe.

    So, what’s it like working with the X-files dude? I’m talking about Mitch Pileggi, of course, not Robert Patrick. Although you can tell even from his acting he’s an awesome dude.

  34. Just curious… how long would you say you spend per day on your blog? I’ve been reading for a couple months now and it looks like you invest a fair amount of time and it’s always pretty entertaining.



  35. Oooooh, A Canticle for Leibowitz – I loved that! I think I was too young when I read it, though, and probably missed a number of references that I’d do better at understanding now. (For instance, now that I know a little about St. Louis, I can appreciate the author’s choice of that city to be New Rome. – Had to read a quick online overview so I could remember more. At the time, mostly I was absorbed in Ursula K. LeGuin’s brilliant Earthsea trilogy and Anne McCaffrey’s books, among others of that nature; so memories of other books often got crowded out.)

    I’d like to get that book and read it again. I know it’s a classic, in or out of the sci-fi genre, and that it would appeal to me more than some of the more tech-oriented earlier sci-fi.

    “Nadia,” haha. I’m wondering if you were the person who gave McKay the first name of Meredith. And if Sheppard (since he’s into Johnny Cash) likes “A Boy Named Sue” as much as my dad does.

    Amelia T.

  36. It really sucks about the writer’s strike. As soon as it’s over, is Carl going to be on a plane? If it’s not over soon are you going to have to bring in someone else to write some scripts, or will you just divide the scripts he would usually write amongst yourselves?

    I bet even with all the posts tonight, you still won’t even come close to the record number of posts when you got locked out at Blogger!

  37. Hey Joe,

    Once Stargate Atlantis is over, if an opportunity came up to do some TV or feature work in Hollywood came your way, would you ever consider moving to California?

    For that matter, have you ever considered producing features?

  38. Mmmm, champagne zombie punch.

    Nope, not drunk yet, I can still spell champagne.

    Pink Tim-Tams? Sounds like a feminine hygiene product. I’d spit it out too.

  39. I’m starving. Should I go for hot dogs or step it up a notch and actually cook? Chef Boyardee IS harder to make, but boy are dinosaurs and meatballs worth the effort…

    Tanya (aka LadyDulcinea)

  40. Football pics – the Chargers of course! If I said anything else – my co-worker would skin me alive.

    Will watch live tonight, as always, both times.

  41. halt! let’s pretend us a caramel dog!

    wild blueberry or cultivated?

    i keep picturing ronan having a traumatic hairstyling disaster, but i have lots of faith that the reality will be a lot more entertaining 🙂


  42. Joe~

    I was telling my sister about your millionth visitor contest causing her to wonder how you were going to tally votes. I told her you have a site meter which relieved her greatly. She had visions of some schmuck hand counting….’I hate Joe, one. I hate Joe, two…..’

    😀 Lise

  43. hehe those strawberry Tim Tams were dangerous, but for a good cause so I got shamed into buying them. I really wish I had just donated money instead.

    And I’m glad there is another person out there that watches those things with subtitles. I hate dubbing!!!!!!!! It just is never as good and no matter how hard they try I can always pick spots here the timing is out, drives me insane. Also, when they try to Americanise the language for the audience it loses some of the impact. I much prefer a clean translation.
    Do have the same reason for preferring subtitles or it is something much simpler and like always I have over thought something?

  44. hi =)

    I’m a fan of Stargate Atlantis .
    Understanding that a lot of creativity comes from the editing, I was wondering how does someone becomes a video editor?

  45. Ah, still a chance to win, I guess?

    Oh, I think you’ll still get 100+ for a few days while everybody bemoans not being the winner 😉

    The video at MGm was fun to watch.

  46. Have you ever read The Ender’s game series? I was considering reading it, but haven’t decided. What’s your take on it?

  47. “SciFiSlacker writes: “Ok, so who wrote the O’Neill is Cameron’s daddy joke?”

    Answer: I believe that was Robert Cooper.”

    Ha! That one was classic. Still, I’m not sure even being Jack O’neill’s bastard son is a plausible enough reason for Mitchell’s ascent to Action Super Hero/Number 1 Savior. Best to stick with not addressing the issue. Trying to make anything about Cameron make sense can only end badly.

  48. You are gonna have a bazillion comments, like Perez gets. Are you going to approve comments like: “FIRST?!!!!!!”? LOL.

    So Joe, a real question. Besides eat, what else did you see and do in Hong Kong? Did you stay on HK Island or did you also venture out to Kowloon, etc. to see/taste/hear/smell all HK has to offer?

  49. wheresmyfroggy (Sarah) wrote:

    If the SAG strikes in June, will the show be affected? Are any of the cast members of SAG?

    Both Joe Flanigan and Jason Momoa are SAG. Mr. M was asked about the others but hasn’t as yet answered definitively.

    Anne Teldy, fount of useless knowledge

  50. Hey Joe!

    That MGM promo was great! I’m glad you found your chair :P!!

    What are Tim Tams exactly? Never heard of em don’t think they exist were I’m from!


  51. When Carl returns you should go to a joke shop (do you have those?) and get something really horrible for him to eat. In our joke shop we’ve got chocolate bars that taste quite nice, but leave a big blue stain on your tongue and mess up your taste buds more and more throughout the day. I can see you spending all day in one of those!


  52. while people are asking questions about the episode 200, i have a few of my own;

    1. who’s idea was the star trek bit?

    2. who wrote the line about audiences responding to quality entertainment?

    3. who had the idea to use the asimov (i think that’s who it was) quote at the end?


  53. Glad to see Susan the Tartan Turtle asking about Carson; I’m also hoping he’ll be back!

    My real-life alter ego has a boring first name, so if we’re only going with first names, I’ll use the one I use here all the time. (And come on, admit it: wouldn’t it be fun to stick my name in a script, watch the cast fumble around trying to say it, and finally say, “I don’t know what the problem is; it’s obviously ELF-yee-vu! Geez, people!”)

    Besides, I suspect this is all just a sinister plot to get us to reveal our names. You start with the easy stuff: first names. Next thing we know, we’ve let our last names slip, followed by our birth dates, social security numbers, and mothers’ maiden names.


  54. Hi Joe:

    I can’t wait to see tonights episode! Have a great weekend.

    Sabina 🙂

  55. 300 smackas for that watch? Wow…. I waaaaaaaaant one! That’s some bling.I’d definitely wear that.. (hehe a 45yr old woman with that …middle aged geek alert!)

    Maggiemayday? You spit out feminine hygeine products? Shouldn’t put them in your mouth in the first place.:P

  56. i am watching that video you linked to, and giggling. who knew you could keep bugs away? (besides dh…)

    citronella seems too orange for you though. lilac tenor? inert local? literal con? talon relic.

    talon. that suits you at least as well as lilac. or if you want something more red dwarfy there’s always ace trollin. i bet we could make you a better song than arnold rimmer, too. but rhyming mallozzi might be harder…(but easier since now i now how it is pronounced…)

    i feel filk coming on…

  57. Do you ever listen to the episode commentaries on the SG:A DVDs? Marty G says some pretty hilarious things…some involving you. Also, what’s your stance on Froot Loops…and Tic Tacs??

  58. I’ve been home sick for a week and have been looking forward to “Quarantine” the entire time. I haven’t seen so much daytime television in years; I had no idea it had gotten so bad. I need a dose of good writing!

    Any chance at a Sam/Radek subtext in the rest of season four or into season five? They’re absolutely adorable together.

    Tara K.

  59. Hi Joe !

    The MGM video is so funny, I almost cried !

    Who came up with the marriage ? and particularly the excellent idea of the stargate theme and thor as the officer.
    Did you see ” a dog’s breakfast” ? if yes, what do you think of it ? what’s your favorite moment ?

    By the way, my favorite sequence of 200, is when jack is invisible, i really cried laughing.

    I’ll probably post other questions tomorrow, yes, I’ll try to win, as many of us long-time reader.

    Bye !


  60. Hey Joe!

    Here comes another comment in your filled mailbox, have fun counting! But don’t worry, I’ll still be here commenting even after the contest. 😛

    Looking forward to “Quarantine” tonight, looks like another great episode!

    – Enzo Aquarius

  61. On January 18, 2008 at 4:46 pm Sarah Said:

    How many eps will season 4 consist of?

    ANS: Its always twenty 🙂

    S3 international boxset just released on Monday and mine just arrived in the post! Yay finally!!

    – Claire

  62. I twisted my ankle today so lying here on a sofa watching ice hockey (Go Lightning) and waiting to watch Quarantine LIVE! and Spoils of War again AND the repeat AND DVRing it.

    Joe, your book list makes me realize how… dated… my fave sci-fi book list is. There’s been some really great books in recent years- but I don’t think I’ll ever give up the Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, Burroughs etc type stuff from my list which I read as a teen and made the biggest impact on how I thought of the genre. Yes the books were bigger than Star Trek (I got those novelizations too).

    Here’s hoping Jason dumps the dreads- I think a new look would be cool.
    DD (Donna)

  63. Hi Joe!

    Not that I comment much anyway, but I’ve been busy the past two weeks — having a baby! Even if I’m not the millionth visitor, would you be so kind to dedicate a blog entry to my new son Kai? I’d love to be able to show him this one day (because you know he’ll be a fan of the Stargates!) Thanks!

  64. Hey Joe
    Thought I’d pop in and ask an insightful question. So … who am I kidding I got nothing, I’m just looking for a win here.

  65. Amelia T. wrote:

    I’m wondering if you were the person who gave McKay the first name of Meredith.

    In the commentary for “McKay and Mrs. Miller”, Martin Gero was responsible for giving McKay a girl’s name. He thought it just fit. He chose Meredith because, as a child, Gero had been in a production of “The Music Man” and had thought the playwright, Meredith Wilson, was a woman.

    Anne Teldy

  66. Joe,

    Any particular reason why you seem to despise the Creation Conventions? I think you’ve mentioned a few times that you would never go to one. It just makes me slightly nervous as I’m going and it will be my first convention experience.

    Jennifer J.

  67. What the hell are Tim Tams, anyway? They don’t sound particularly tasty, but apparently they’re well-loved (aside from the pink ones). Their name makes me think of Pepero sticks (the Pocky sticks of Korea). But I have a feeling they’re quite different (here’s hoping). In any case, they sound like candy made for a 6 year old. Do they come with prizes?

    -Emily “Wow, That Name Would Sound Great In A ‘Gate Episode!!” C.

  68. Wow, Ronon without his hair. That would be… weird.
    But it’s quite understandable that he wants to change a little, I suppose the dreads get boring with time?

    I have questions (no, this is not a comment merely post to have a chance to win that terrific watch, and of course the my-name-in-the-show-I-can’t-believe-it! thing) I was watching Lifeline this afternoon and McKay says at the end:

    “Besides the large, particularly venomous snake-like creature that inhabits the mainland…”

    And yet in Tabula Rasa, Brown says to him that they were exploring the new mainland.
    That brings me to my questions: 1) Will we see this snake-like creature? 2) As I don’t think any of the botanists got eaten, a) does that mean that the creature doesn’t eat humans? (for once) b) or that the mainland is big enough to avoid it?

    Anyway, it’s 02h10 in here, and sleep sounds definitely good. So, good night to me and good day to you, Mr M. 🙂

  69. Will we ever see anyone besides Wosley from the IOA in Atlantis? Also one thing my brother said when he was deployed for the military was that they had no place to spend money, so their pay really built up in the bank accounts. Since a lot of the Atlantis team have been off earth for 4 years at the end of this season, will Sheppard ever splurge on a trip to earth? Like Mckay did when he bought his sister a car?

  70. I’ve always refused to try the pink Tim Tams … fake strawberry flavour is disgusting. Actually, not awfully fond of strawberries overall – except the Japanese strawberries. I’m more of a fan of the dark chocolate Tim Tams.

    I have to say that pecan pie is definitely one of my favourites, although I have a huge weakness for anything that’s flavoured lemon (especially lemon risotto). Tonight I’ve decided to try my hand at an eggnog cheesecake. I hope it’s as yummy as it sounds.

    I’m sure you’ll be glad once you pass the 1mil mark and things quieten down. I must admit, though, that I kind of hope one of your regular readers wins (well, of course I would like it most if I won, but failing that, a blog-comments stalwart).

    Annie of Fremantle: Milo’s okay. It’s not great, but it’s okay. It’s better than strawberry Tim Tams.


  71. Okay, that’s weird … when I wrote my name at the bottom of my post I got the urge to add “Teldy” at the end of it! 🙂

    Riley (Teldy)

  72. I would try and pretend that there’s a legitamite reason for leaving a second comment on this post, but I’m just entering a lottery now and purchasing a second ticket.

    I hang my head in shame.

  73. Hi Joe!

    What’s the farthest afield you guys have gone to shoot Stargate (within BC)? I imagine you shoot within city limits as much as possible, but I’m wondering if you ever ventured out of the Greater Vancouver area….

    Do you ever read Golden Age Science Fiction? You know, Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Sturgeon, etc.?

    And, to hit all my favorite subjects you talk about, what (where?) is the best chocolate store in the Vancouver area?



  74. I asked this question before but it probably got lost in the shuffle. Do the current F-302s have hyperdrive generators on them?

    Also, how is the weather up in the Great White North? I just moved to Charlotte, NC and have seen my first snow in about 5 years! I have lived in Florida for 18 years and only saw snow while on vacation (the last one was in Washington D.C.).

  75. Wendee B said: [defib paddles] they really don’t use those any more

    I’m an old fashioned medic I like the feel of the cold steel of the paddles and shouting “Charge to 360….clear.”

    I used to play resus with my children when they were little, I worked in Accident and Emergency and their dad was a Para-medic poor kids never stood a chance.

    Many a teddy has been brought back from death by mummy’s resuscitation techniques I can tell you.

    I used two Duracell batteries and a very strange mouth to mouth technique never had any complaints from Paddington or Pooh Bears.

    Joe when you wrote for Paddington Bear did you have to change anything so it would appeal to Canadian children or was it true to Michael Bond’s writing?

    Did he still come from Darkest Peru and eat Marmalade sandwiches and was he found at Paddington Station by the Brown family?

    Pauline (Okay I’m going back to my writing.)

  76. I’m been flying through my SG-1 series box set and enjoying all the commentaries. It is often spoke about how much the visual effects of the show cost. Where does the great expense actually come from? Is it mostly the insane time and manpower that makes the cost so high?

    Thanks Joe. Looking forward to the football predictions! Go Giants!

  77. I know I just posted, but you know how it is. I forgot to sign my name at the bottom, but my name is required up top anyway.

    I really have been enjoying this season and was quite happy the show got picked up for a 5th. Tonight’s episode looks awesome and I hope there’s follow up on the McKay/Brown storyline, ’cause I’m pretty excited about the little episode blurb I read on the site!

    Thanks Joe!

    Wendee B.

  78. Maybe I’m just too new to Atlantis, but is Ronan’s hair really that important?

  79. Hey Joe,
    Greatly enjoying your blog – came for Stargate Atlantis but finding a nice bit of humour to distract from the workday.

  80. Bonsoir Joseph,
    Houlala, tu vas en avoir des commentaires ce soir, je suis certaine que tu vas bientôt avoir ton gagnant ou gagnante ! Ouais, j’ai vraiment essayé d’aimer le genre, mais les romans de science fiction c’est vraiment pas ma tasse de thé, je vais rester dans mes genres préférés (dont le fantastique et le roman policier que j’adore j’ai tout lu les Sherlock Holmes, as-tu déjà lu des Sherlock Holmes ? ) En fait, moi aussi je vais entrer dans la folie de ce coup de chance et je crois que je vias écrire plus qu’une fois pour demander : alors j’ai gagné ????

    Ho, Anne Teldy, I think you should win the price for the person who really, really, really try to win !!!! lol Good luck everybody !
    Nadine T.

  81. I am soooooooo sad to hear that you won’t be attending the Creation Convention. Is there a reason why you said… “hell no”… don’t you like those events? This April will be my first at such an event and I am hoping that I did not waste my hard earned money, which by the way when all is done, will most likely total 2K. It will be my first vacation in 5 years and I am now thinking I made a mistake. Do tell… if not here, send me an email as to why you feeling the way you do…. Sadden… :'(

    Patricia Lee

  82. I, too, am in an SF-reading rut (though my favourite Zelazny works are his short stories). I’m wondering if you’ve read anything by Robert J. Sawyer, a fellow Canadian? My favourite is “Calculating God”, but his latest “Rollback” is great too.

    Also, I’ve been following the WGA strike – obviously Carl won’t be around for S5 if it continues. Would the strike affect the season any other way?

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode! Thanks!

  83. Looking forward to tonight’s episode… if only to watch Shep climb up the tower. Was that all green screen or was a wall built for that shot?


  84. With all of those Tim Tams floating around the office, did no one try a Tim Tam Slam, where you bite the ends off the biscuit and use it to slurp up a delicious beverage? I’ve found it works excellently with coffee, though hot cocoa would probably work if you’re not into caffeinated drinks.

    (And maybe the much-maligned pink-flavored ones would go well with strawberry Quik (and a diabetic coma)?)

    Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes info and food discussion!

  85. I was surprised to learn that you had also written for children’s shows. That would be ignorance more than surprise, I guess, but in any event–I’m curious how different you find it to write for different genres. Is it the same process with different ground rules, or more substantively different?

  86. In a quick response to the visual effects question, here is a very simple answer: Fast, Cheap, Good. Pick Two.

    Stargate Worlds is planned for release in Fall of 2008. How much collaboration is happening between the production studios in Vancouver and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment in Mesa? Is there any asset sharing occurring? Does the audio team have to recreate all of the weapon sounds or do they have access to the show’s audio library?

  87. Hi Joe, I was wondering… when the SGA cast was chosen, were the main characters mostly chosen through auditions, or did you (meaning the head execs for SGA) have some of the actors in mind already?

    Also, I think I read on Levine’s blog on SciFi that shooting starts up again in February. How soon do scripts have to be done in order to be shot next month?

    Thanks! Looking forward to tonight’s episode. 🙂

  88. Anne Teldy said: Seems to be an Australian cookie/candy.

    Biscuit, Anne. We call ’em biscuits. Or ‘bikkies’.

    Riley Teldy III.

  89. Just thought I’d stop by again as it is well below freezing cold outside so there is nothing to do but sit and wait for Stargate tonight. I have my phone close by to call my friends during commercial breaks to say “Omg did you see that?!” or “I love McKay!”

    Quick question, what is your favorite part about your job?


  90. “Answer: The Busy World of Richard Scarry…….”

    No!!! My sister used to watch that all the time. I can still remember that Library song! Why?!?

    So I guess there’s going to be an episode (or at least a storyline) about the loss of Ronon’s hair. I don’t see why people are so worried. Everyone will still be able to tell who he is (the freakishly tall person beating the bad guys up).


  91. Cathy (warmbeachbrat) wrote:

    Do you ever read Golden Age Science Fiction? You know, Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Sturgeon, etc.?

    If you look very carefully at the pictures on Mr. M’s blog for Jan. 7th, you’ll see books by Asimov and other Golden Age SF writers.

    Anne Teldy, really scraping the barrel here for legitimate comment subjects

  92. Hey Joe,

    I’m not sure if you’ve already answered this in your blog or not, so if you have feel free to ignore me.

    Is Amanda going to be returning for season 5? I can’t remember the exact number of episodes she’s in of season 4 (14/20?) but the number seems to make you think you’ll see more of her than we actually do. I understand the reasons for why most of her scenes are small and while I’ve been watching the show from season 1 (and loving it) I was interested to see the dynamic and relationships change with Carter in Atlantis. I know you’ve mentioned some upcoming episodes that have more of Carter in them and I’m looking forward to those, but I’m just wondering if she’ll be returning for the next season since you guys have already started spinning stories.

  93. That link for how to eat a TimTam Anne posted reminds me of being wee and drinking beverages through a twizzler straw. This seemed to happen most often at special occiaions during Brownie meetings. Sitting in our uniforms on the gym floor drinking apple juice with our twizzlers. It always made the twizzler taste not quite right afterwards. Nevermind the part where I don’t actually like apple juice. It was an even weirder taste if you did it with some sort of pop though. The carbonation seemed to have special anti-licorice properties.


  94. Wow…already a bevy of questions. :S

    I’ll keep mine pithy: Now that the date for the start of production for Season 5 is known, any word on when SciFi plans to put out a presser on who’s signed on? Can you tell us when we’ll find out? Thank you.

  95. Hey Joe,

    on the remote chance of getting my name immortalized on Atlantis I had to leave a comment. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and been enjoying it quite a bit. I haven’t left a comment before since there simply wasn’t a big enough incentive for me, since all of my questions I had have been answered already or someone else was quicker than me, but now there is 😉
    So I guess I’ll start leaving a comment or two now and then from now on.

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany


  96. Hi Joe:

    This isn’t an attempt to win anything, because I just don’t have that gene for good luck. I don’t win the lottery, not even the small amounts of money. I don’t win my kid’s raffles, or even when there are only a few people participating, so, I won’t win this either.

    However, I have a question: Listening to the antics of Lulu, have you ever considered dog obedience school?


  97. Hey Joe!

    I’m just wondering if you and the writers had discussed the Geni in relation to a season 5 appearance? Always liked them as a ‘grey’ race and the feeling of never quite knowing whether they could be trusted.


  98. Seeing the question about watching anime subbed or dubbed, I just had to comment. How can anyone stand to watch dubbed anime? To me it just feels wrong. I was also wondering if you’ve read the manga some of those shows were based on, like Fullmetal Alchemist or X/1999.?

  99. Joe, have you ever had a Buttermilk Pecan Pie? It is wonderful but very rich.

    If I am the 1,000,000 I will ship you one….is that bribery enough.

    So we ill find out who is returning next week?????

    Yeah!!! Keeping my finger crossed for Amanda returning.


  100. Konman72 Said:
    Any word on how sales of the “Complete Series” set are doing? I want one so bad (despite already owning all 10 season sets) but the price is too much for me right now.

    Hey, they have it on Amazon right now for $164.99.

  101. Hi Joe! So, any thoughts on what Daniel Jackson’s/Michael Shanks’ episode(s) may be about on Atlantis? Will Daniel get to interact with McKay, Sheppard, Ronon, Teyla, Zelenka, or Keller?

  102. Ben wrote:
    Is it possible for members of the public to get there hands on those snazzy Stargate watches?

    They are available at the MGM Store Online and are listed on this page for a mere $299.

    Anne Teldy, just trying to be a blessing

    A mere $299?!? Are you slightly mad? $299 isn’t mere, not even slightly!

  103. Love the video….Exclusive! On Set with Joe Mallozzi! I did not realize you were sooooo cute… Fondy is very lucky !!! You are too cute…

    Patricia Lee

  104. “…She had visions of some schmuck hand counting….’I hate Joe, one. I hate Joe, two…..’

    Hehe, that would be bad!

  105. Ahh, at least i wont be on edge all weekend waiting for the announcement someone else has won the watch…not to mention the little bit of SG immortality. Meantime, another great mailbag. I love you ( in an sisterly way) for the “Hell no” response about Creation Con. My one experience with them was enough to ensure I attend only fan-run cons. To those going to the Creation Con, enjoy, but do try to find a fan con (especially one that has been around for a few years) and compare the experiences. Started on Gaiman’s short stories. It’s been so long since I’ve read a collection of short stories as opposed to full length novels that I’d forgotten how pleasurable it could be. Can hardly wait to hear the discussions on this one. Only one question, out of sheer curiosity. On the day the filming actually starts for season five, what exactly will you be doing? On the sets watching the filming, working on upcoming scripts, or something else? Thanks…
    Deborah “the Thorny one”

  106. Force of habit I went to the other blog so here we go

    2 Questions:
    1) Was there a definite answer on Kinsey’s fate after “Full Alert”?

    2) Is it me or is there a bit of a resemblance between Atlantis and the Nox’s floating city?

  107. Did you end up reading Alas, Babylon? If not I would recommend it, it is a really interesting and unique take on the post apocalyptic novel.

  108. Ugh, I keep forgetting to sign my name at the end of the comment! I should probably leave my last initial too, considering other people probably have my name (I haven’t ever met any Elizabeths my age but I am young so there’s probably a lot of older people name Elizabeth).

    -Elizabeth S. (Formerly Elizabeth, except when I forgot to leave my name)

  109. Hi joe! I love Tim Tam’s! Have you tried the Tim Tam Slam? You have to have a hot drink put tim tam in it then bite the end off then suck the biscuit! Tim tams are biscuits for those of you that dont know what they are & there yummy! So many to choose from!
    Definately love the new look of this blog!

    Take Care & Happiness always!

  110. Hi! *waves*

    All this talk of tim tams makes me home sick.. I want to go back to Australia now.

    So, if my name is Samantha, and I was the millionth visitor, would you still be able to name a character after me if there obviously already is one?


  111. We know that 300 of Ronon’s people survived the Wraith attack. Will we see Ronon encounter some of them in Season 5?

  112. Since you’ve mentioned pie – cheese with apple pie: yea or nay?

    I prefer a la mode, personally, but my dad eats his with cheddar cheese.

  113. WHOO HOO!!! 38 minutes till Quarantine airs!! Fridays are my favorite nights again.


  114. Just an off-the-wall question, but have you ever read any of the comics by Jhonen Vasquez? You strike me as the kind of guy who would enjoy reading Johnny the Homocidal Maniac.

  115. It was awful!! We came home Wednesday to find we had no phone service, no internet, and no TV! At first I thought Mr. Crazymom had been remodeling again, but he’d been at work. It took two days to get the phone company to get it all fixed (luckily in time for Atlantis tonight). TWO DAYS!!

    Now it’s all better. I had four hours of overtime today (and 8 hours of double-time scheduled for Monday), I’m in my PJs, glass of blackberry merlot in hand, checking out the last couple of days here, waiting for Atlantis. Much, much better.

  116. Joe! I have really enjoyed your Sci Fi recommendations, and I’d like to add John Scalzi’s “The Android’s Dream”.

  117. Hey Mr.Mallozzi! Long time, no post. Still reading your blog, but I havn’t posted since your move over here. But, I’m BACK!! I have absolutely loved the last two espisodes, esp. ‘Spoils of War’. The ‘oh man, the past is really cool!’ feeling I have missed from the show. I LOVE the ANCIENT/WRAITH war history. I would love to learn more about the Ancient development/influence. Possibly discovering Ancient ruins somewhere else in the Pegasus?? .. or new galaxies… there has to be a datebase of 8 chevron gate addresses!

  118. Since the beginning of filming has been announced, do we get word on who is or isn’t coming back for season 5?

  119. Do you have any favorite cartoon shows? In many of your posts, you mention several notable anime series you have watched. Do you follow any western animators? What would you (or Cookie Monster) say is you top 5 picks for the best cartoons of all-time?

  120. Me again.

    I noticed you say somewhere that you don’t have all the DVDS to SG-1. How exactly do they not give you DVDs for a show you write? You would think you’d get at least so and so copies of each, like they do with books. Working in TV must suck.

  121. Hahaha…. totally forgot what I was going to say also… looking forward to Baron Destructo/Cookie Monster’s playoff predictions! As a die hard Packers fan (grew up in Wisconsin), I am so pumped to watch Green Bay dismantle the under-manned Giants. Go PACK!

  122. Regarding Ronon’s dreads, I have to say that they certainly give the character an indefinable something, and it will be sad if they go away, but Ronon’s hardly defined by his hair, so I think we’ll all get past it if that happens.

    So, are we ever going to find out what that secret file is that Cameron wasn’t allowed to read in the 100th ep? Maybe you could just have a “let’s answer all the random secrets and questions that we never meant there to be an answer for” episode.

  123. Ronon with no dreads….like sweets without sugar! HA!
    Loved the Farscape parody, but then, I loved The Farscape series! I was gutted when it was cancelled! I signed every petition to get it back, at least we got the Peacekeeper Wars!
    Anyway, I am off to Wolf Pegasus 3 con next week and I can not wait!!!
    Would have been great if you all could have been there, I know, too many people! But yeah, I am looking forward to it. AND it will be my first time in London, so cool!!
    Season 4 is just getting better and better, and it started off great so what is it now? Fantastic, thats what it is!
    Keep up the great work!!!


    ( I really need to stop going to Blogspot! Bookmark updated to this blog now! So ignore the one on the other site! )

  124. Rewatching Spoils of War and had another quick question…

    Have the writers ever had any heated debates where some thought that we should give the team/Atlantis some piece of advanced technology that the other writers thought we shouldn’t? For example, we have taken over two Wraith Hiveships and had a couple of Lantean Warships that were all either lost or destroyed. Anybody ever argue that they should be able to keep them?

  125. for “Ace”: (i DID warn you)

    If the writing’s in trouble he will save the day.
    He’s brave and he’s fearless, come what may.
    Without him the scripts might go astray.
    He’s Joseph, Joseph, Joseph Mallozzi

    Without him we’d be at a great loss, he
    ‘s handsome, trim, and he’s never cross. He
    Will never turn all mossy.

    He’s Joseph, Joseph, Joseph Mallozzi
    More reliable than my choc’late sauce, He
    ‘s never been arrested without cause. He
    ‘s not slow but he’s sometimes saucy.

    Master of the wit and the repartee.
    His command of Stargate canon is uncanny.
    How come he’s such a genius? Don’t ask me!
    Ask Joseph, Joseph, Joseph Mallozzi

    Lilac Tenor “Ace” Trollin he never was. He
    Prefers to leave the singing to the dogs,
    But they stay home when he goes to Oz. He’
    ‘s Joseph, Joseph, Joseph Mallozzi

    No rhymes left now apart from guffaws, he
    ‘d better stop me now before I get to “Flossie”.
    Okay! I’m done, Mr. Bossy!



  126. Andrea Leigh, maybe Dr Phil should make way for the new guy who can solve all your problems with wit: Dr Mallozzi.

    Actually, Joe, are you by any chance a “Dr” of sorts (as in phd)?

    I’m currently reading the fantasy book Wolfblade by Jennifer Fallon, have you ever read any of her books?


  127. Oh, forgot to sign name. Will do that with this one.

    Jerry Penacoli of EXTRA! was on the set for HARMONY, so, do you know if and when they’ll show the video segment for that? I’m guessing this coming Thursday/Friday right before the episode airs, but if you could make … ask?



  128. OH! (Sorry for the multicomments here…) Neing a non-sports fan the football predictions don’t interest me all that much. What would interest me though would be election predictions! Got any short or long term predictions about the presidential race?

    – Kyle Hanson

  129. Thanks for answering my question about Ronan; now have you started coming up with story ideas for Season 5? And does one include Daniel?


  130. I am new to reading your blog, I just want to say it is fun to read about all that is goin on. I was just wondering if there is any new developements on Stargate Universe? Is it going to be green lighted of will it be shelved like the Battle Star Galatica spinoff Caprica?

  131. Oh come on! 90 comments already?!

    Well, I doubt I’ll be able to add much to the proceeding (obvious) attempts at gaining fame within Stargate fandom by 1). getting a watch that only Stargate producers have and 2). having your name immortalized by a redshirt.

    No, I’m not bitter. Far from it. Really!


    Well, here’s to the poster posting after the 1,000,000th visit, whoever he/she is/was/will be. Let their name shine bright as his/her character gets vaporized/shot/Wraithed/air-locked/snarked at/etc. once Season 5 premiers.

    Oh hey…Quarantine’s on tonight! Alright…ok, not a bad day after all!

  132. This is me totally hoping to be 1,000,000th, but I have a feeling I might have missed the mark 😉

    And a question, too! What’s your own personal favourite of the scripts you’ve written?

  133. Hey Joe, what better way to celebrate my birthday tomorrow than by being the millionth post and become immortalized in Stargate fashion! At the very least, a post named in my honor? Yes? No? Anyway my football playoff pick is the Patriot’s all the way!! Oh and that was a great “on the set” video…nice to see you in casual attire.


  134. Who wrote the season six episode Full Circle? It’s really good.

    -Elizabeth S.

  135. Whatever happened to the Hoffans? Did they all end up getting killed?

    -Elizabeth S.

  136. I too, need information on this Tim Tam thing – it’s been mentioned on this blog before but other than it (might) be edible – what is it?? Pictures?

    Oh, about three minutes to Quarantine. So excited!!

    wams352 (Jill D.)

  137. an EIGHTH of a Carat??? RODNEY. c’mon. if he can afford a Prius for his sister…sheesh. wams352 – Jill

  138. I think I can top that for gross! When I was about 4 or 5 my brother managed to convince me that the green jelly stuff in the pond was just like Jello and me like the gullible kid I was ate it……Can you guess what it was? Frog eggs, needless to say I never really listened to him again. If that did not put you off food I don’t know what would.
    On an Atlantis note for those of us who do not get the new episodes on tv yet and have been trying to find them online as to not fall behind, This Sunday make the start of new episodes on Space….WOOO HOOO!!!!!

  139. Poor Paul 🙁 Although it sounds like his “carl” moment was better than the real ones. I’d rather have sickly-sweet than the ones you tricked Carl with!

    Katie S

  140. Here’s a question for ya: Do you find writing a blog helps keep your writing skills up during the breaks?

  141. While I have no strong feelings as to the ultimate fate of the famed dreads (disturbingly, my laziness has recently extended to any opinions I may hold), I have to ask – where in God’s name will the knives go??

  142. Is there a character you ever retreated killing off (even though its SciFi and can easily be brought back), or never creating for an episode?

  143. In case anyone’s wondering (which they probably aren’t), my little sister’s petition to have Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman on the show as Satedans isn’t doing too well. First of all, she doesn’t have any idea how to organize a petition and second of all, she only has one signature. So if anyone has any petition-starting advice, she really needs it.

    -Elizabeth S.

  144. Hey Joe,
    Waiting…worrying…wondering… is this the post that wins me my very first prize ever???

    Patricia Lee

    p.s. I added my middle name, Lee as Patricia is such a common name… but hey, what’s my mother to do… I was born on Saint Patrick’s Day! Name me Carol… I think not! Ha ha ( I was told by Mom before she passed away last December that she was going to name me Carol, but when I came early, and landed on St. Pat’s Day…she changed her mind… I so glad she did… I like Patricia Lee much better … it sings… yes?)

  145. Hi Joe,
    Were you into “spacey stuff” as a kid? My dad was a rocketman and I grew up on Florida’s east coast – one of my most vivid memories from my youth was watching the last Apollo launch (in the middle of the night – that Saturn lit up the sky).

    Enjoying Quarantine right now! I’m wondering if there will be any defibrillators used? I had a patient today who told me his internal defib fired while he was attending a Patriots game – he is a true fanatic – and despite getting “kicked in the chest” he refused to leave the game. Not so bright, those Patriot fans.


  146. I gotta say Joe, loved the Douglas Adams reference in tonight’s episode. Tell Carl thanks.

  147. Riley,

    I kinda agree that it’d be great for a reg poster to win the prize rather than the ones who never come here and heard about it through the grapevine and then started posting, but that’s our’s in the lap of the Gods (or the site counter)

    Here’s hoping!

    (I love milo!!! lol when I get a sugar craving, I grab several spoonfuls of it and add a dash of water to make a really thick paste to chew on – oh yum)

  148. Hey! Look at what I found:

    That is just EVIL, in more ways than one.

    Oh, and I just watched the video and I laughed my ass off…in a good way. Did I sense a This Mortal Coil homage at the end? I gotta say, it’s hard to choose between “beep beep beep beep…Oh crap” and “the hell’s that supposed to mean?!”

    You kind of reminded of me Harold Green, especially during the “Chair War” following your discovery of it. He’s from that show “Red Green”; you know about it? Harold was portrayed by Patrick Mckenna, who, as you know, played Felger on SG1.

    That’s not an insult. He was hilarious too!

    I really hope we get to see more of you on those DVD features now. I’m not trying to kiss up or anything, because, honestly…you may be funnier than even Martin Gero. Maybe. Just between you and me.

    See, someone who’s trying win the prize of posting after the 1,000,000th post would’ve split this post into 2 separate posts, since it touches on 2 separate subjects. But me…well, I guess I’m just better than that.

    – Peter (because it was required!)

  149. On Wikipedia it said that in the audio commentary for Lost City they said that originally they were going to have O’Neill and Carter kiss in the episode, but it was cut. Why?

    -Elizabeth S.

  150. Ok, we are 3/4 of the way thru Quarantine & it is an excellent episode so far.

    Little shocked that Teyla climbed out on that ledge though, especially considering the conversation she & John just had.


  151. Regarding pie, Joe, I’d have to say that, personally, my favorite would maybe be a marionberry or pumpkin. Not a big pecan fan, though.

    Lately, I’ve been watching Season 6 of SG-1. I rather like Jonas–he’s one of my favorites. How did you guys come up with his character? And when you introduced him in Meridian, were you hoping to have him in season 6?

    … I was gonna say something else, but I’m multi-tasking and that particular train of thought just went out the door. (D’oh!)

    ~Mel* (signing name as requested, though it’s rather pointless as I never win anything)

    PS: Good luck to everyone!

  152. Hey, Joe!

    You said that you hadn’t been on-set at Widgeon Park since Season 4 (of SG-1). Are there any other locations that you haven’t had an opportunity to film at for a while, and would like to go back to?

    – Jace

  153. Can you please give a translation of what Radek said while he was crawling through the vents?

  154. hey joe, how’s things? just wondering if you have ever read any matthew reilly? I just finished 6 sacred stones and didn’t know it was only part one when I started, it was good though. I would recommend them as a quick read that are highly entertaining but don’t take too much thought on the readers end. Ren

  155. I met a friend today who, while we were watching a rerun of “Revisions” today on SciFi, said he can’t watch Stargate because “it has too much continuity.” I thought this was hilarious and told him I’d tell you this. I’m also giving him my season 1 DVDs to try out. Only 13.5 years of Stargate episodes to catch up on. That’s not intimidating is it?

  156. A scene written out? Awesome. If Jason doesn’t loose the dreads-could you maybe, possibly, show us it? cause that would be really cool. yessireee.

  157. Tonight’s episode was really great! Who writes Zalenka’s Czech lines? It was nice to see Ronan open up the way he did with Keller.

    The second half [and all aired episodes thus far] has really been great!!

  158. Loved tonight’s episode. Teyla’s reaction to “42” made me laugh out loud. I also really liked Ronon and Keller’s scenes. And was it my imagination or does Radek have a bit of a crush on Carter? I’d love to hear a translation of what he said in the vents. I’m sure it’s quite… colorful.

    Thanks for another great episode!

  159. “42” … Genius was rolling, and since he was sitting on the floor, literally on the floor… “jokes for nerds! whee!”

    “… bigger and bigger” teehee!

    And Dr. Z got to be the hero. Yaya!

    Well Done!

    MArgaret C.

  160. I’ll do my best not to spam your blog with random comments, but no guarantees when I’m bored at work tomorrow.

    Just finished watching Quarantine. I’m sure the line “A relationship blossoms, an engagement is planned” refers to this ep? Totally giggling over Keller and Ronan, especially after Jewel’s comments on a crush. Also giggling over John’s explanation of 42 and Teyla’s face. I know there were more gigglable moments, but they may crop up during my boring day tomorrow. *wanders off whistling*

  161. Aelfgyfu wrote;
    Besides, I suspect this is all just a sinister plot to get us to reveal our names. You start with the easy stuff: first names. Next thing we know, we’ve let our last names slip, followed by our birth dates, social security numbers, and mothers’ maiden names.

    a plot worthy of Baron Destructo.

    BTW it’s nice to know how to pronounce your name Aelfgyfu. (ELF-yee-vu)

    who am i kidding with these things? i never win anything.


  162. Bonne nuit Joseph,

    Alors je vais me coucher, grosse journée qui m’attends demain. Je passais pour mettre mon grain de sel et demander: j’ai gagné ??? lol
    Nadine T.

  163. Quarantine was even better than I expected, great job guys!

    I like how you used a simple story element to facilitate some of the most realistic character moments in the series. My favorites were Carter/Zelenka and Ronin/Keller. The end was quite sad though, my girlfriend (who is marriage obsessed)almost cried.

  164. oooo. i wish whoever designed teyla’s top would design maternity wear in general. SO pretty.

    42!!!! ::happydance:: i *heart* rodney.


  165. I loved Quarantine!

    John is certifiable for climbing the Tower. Rachel’s wardrobe was beautiful. Radek saved the day! And the Keller/Ronon moment? I hope there’s more.

    Great episode Joe!

    Tara K.

  166. Just finished watching Quarantine, and had to write to apologize. I’d been dreading this episode, worries about how the Katie/Rodney proposal was going to go. I hadnt expected to enjoy some of the other interplays so much. In particular, the Ronan/Keller pairing. I must admit there was a point, when she stated she only wanted to ‘talk’, that I was ready to finally ready to write off her character. But the later scenes redeemed her, I thought, and I found her explanation for her youth to be credible. Heroics from Sheppard is always nice, but the single best scene for me is the moment when Zelinka finds himself enjoying an unexpected “view” in the transporter when Sam removes her jacket….and wonderful of the writers to make Zelinka the hero of the hour. It’s a tribute to writers and actors both that I find the recurring characters to be as interesting and engaging as the main cast.
    Finally, the final scene… so nicely low key. Will we see any followup on this ending in later episodes this season? I wont call this my favorite this season, but that’s only because there are already so many strong episodes. But definitely a solid stand alone episode. Kudos to all concerned.

  167. Tim Tams! My favourite Tim Tams were the limited edition chocolate chilli ones. Which reminds me, you didn’t answer my question about whether you would try choco chilli tea. Srsly.

    Oh, and the Ba’al costume was awesome.

  168. Just wanted to drop by and say tonight’s episode was amazing. If superfantasticamazing was a word I’d use it. Heck. I’m using it anyway.

    My husband walked into the room in the middle of the episode and stated ‘You know we do have a couch’ because I was sitting on the floor in front of the tv.

    Thanks for making awesome television. Keep it up.

    (ps- sorry for the lack of commas- a few keys have stopped working on my computer- I blame it on overuse for writing my master’s thesis- as well as glasses that sometimes spill themselves)

  169. Great episode! Loved John as Spidey, although I guess he wouldn’t appreciate the bug reference.

    Is there an English translation of Radek’s ranting in the air shaft? It was funny even not knowing any of it except “idiot”!

  170. “…Animal Crackers…”

    Animal Crackers??? 😮 That takes me back!
    Joe, this has officially cemented your place as “my hero”. I never missed an episode of that show when it was on. Gnu was my absolute favorite character (and of course, we can’t forget Eugene!!). =P
    *10 year old self re-emerges as she fangirls madly*

    Loved the BTS video of Harmony as well; can’t wait for that episode. Jodelle Ferland is a great little actress.

  171. Will we see the Deadalus more in season 5? I really like that particular ship, as it was the first one.

    Thanks for your blog, thanks to all for SGA
    Constance Auclair

  172. Fess up to SusantheTartanTurtle’s question. The spoiler’s in the new TV Guide!

    Loved Rodney’s password in Quarantine…and the explanation of 42. Worthy of a belly laugh.

  173. Sorry, Joe, I had no idea the pink ones were so sugary! I won’t send any in the next batch. Carl shouldn’t have to suffer needlessly when he returns from the picket line, after all!

    Hey, I hope you left some for Carl when he does get back – and not the pink ones – I’m sure I specified a packet for him! Or do they all get shared out equally?


  174. Hey Joe,

    Watched “Quarantine” tonight, its wasn’t the season’s best, but its was entertaining. I’m okay when there’s not a ton of action, that’s needed in a show like this. However it was one of the first episodes that I kept looking at the clock. Maybe it was because there were too many people to try to cut back and forth between? Not enough real, quality time with specific characters?

    I thought the Keller and Ronon stuff was sweet, nothing over the top. Keller still irks me but she didn’t do so as much as this time around. She actually came across as sorta sweet. Ronon feels close to another person who feels like an ‘outsider’ and works in the same field as his last love does work. It has been how long? Seven years on teh run, plus three on Atlantis if we’re not counting off-screen stuff. It really showed another side of Ronon which is what I liked…the “Jaws” reference was another cool thing as was the invenativness in the plan that did not work.

    It’s ironic that one of Rodney’s worst traits ended up ruining his engagement to Katie. Truth be told there’s hardly any chemistry between them and I’ve not bought into two people who still act as though they’ve been dating for two weeks to be ready for marriage. I guess Katie is too 2-D, all sweet and nothing else…Though it did ping some alarm bells and I hope this doesn’t hurt Rodney in the end.

    I adored Radek saving the day and to see Chuck outside the control tower! I loved seeing Sheppard scale the tower that was some nice visual effects and probably the most exciting part of the episode. The scene between him and Teyla were nice, building off of the last few eppys. Poor John, feeling like a typical guy all nervous being in the same room with a pregnant woman.

    The personal aspects were nice, but I think could havebe delivered with another plot. How many times will Atlantis be locked down? Over all fun, but not one I think I’ll watch again. But the season’s been great, we can’t like them all!

    Do look forward to “Harmony”

  175. Hello Joe 🙂

    “Eric writes: “So much science fiction seems to do its damnedest to avoid any connection to or semblance of spirituality in things like ascension. […] Do you have any idea why it is treated this way, whether for your series or science fiction in general?”

    Answer: I think that many will argue that once you start introducing spiritual elements, your science fiction show becomes decidedly more fiction than science.”

    Thank you for your answer. It’s kind of what I expected, but I like that validation 😉 I somewhat disagree about it becoming more fiction than science. My example would be how it was handled in Babylon 5. I have no idea what your impression of that show was, but it is still one of my favorites for science fiction shows. But I do acknowledge that those that would want to keep the genre closer to science would not accept the addition of any spiritual notions. It’s probably better to keep it that way for your show, especially since you’ve established it that way.

    Now, on to Quarantine. I had to laugh out loud for a while at the mention and explanation of “42” 😀 Honestly, Douglass Adams’ number is ingrained in the minds anyone that has ever been exposed to that! Great job!

    I also liked the tear-jerker ending. Gives more room for those two to grow (closer or apart) while it looks like Keller and Ronon will be… well, yanno 😉

  176. Tonight’s episode was great! Loved that Zelenka got to save the day in the end. Wasn’t too keen on the whole Ronon/Keller thing though.


  177. oh, forgot to ask: have you finished ‘Soon I Will Be Invicible’ yet? What did you think?

  178. Hi Joe, just got done watching “Quarantine”, and I’ve decided to weigh my thoughts.

    Great episode, plenty of character-driven moments. I loved the reversal of roles that left McKay completely useless while Sheppard and Zelenka had to save the day. Now, my one question is: are we going to see more of Ronon and Keller’s relationship, kind of like McKay and Katie Brown, or is it going to be pushed in the background, kind of like it’s their secret that they shouldn’t let anyone else know?

    Oh, and did you know that if the Patriots win this weekend’s game, they’ll be the #1 NFL team of all time? C’mon Chargers…

  179. Quarantine was a beautiful episode — very subtle, but definitely struck all the right cords. I absolutely loved all the individual plots between those trapped together, and Rodney’s revelation about his relationship with Katie at the end was artfully done and so very…Rodney.

    As an FX junkie, I have to ask: how were the scenes with Sheppard climbing the tower filmed? Also, who was the genius who thought up Rodney’s password and wrote the dialogue in that scene? I’m still laughing thinking about it.

    Thanks for another great installment 🙂


    PS: I just realized I have two different handles, sorry about that. That’s what I get from commenting from two separate computers *insert sheepish grin here*

  180. Oh, man… I loved “Quarantine”! I laughed myself silly at some parts and gasped and cringed at others. This may have been a much lighter episode, but it sure was fun! Ronon fondling that oxygen tank and grinning when he said “Flammable!” made me laugh the loudest.

    Now that you’re spinning ideas for season 5, is there any possibility we might be able to get an episode with mini-Jack? I watched “Fragile Balance” today and it really made me want to know if the clone eventually joined the Stargate program. Michael Welch did such an amazing job portraying Jack, it would be really great to have him back for an episode or two.

    I’ll get “Wizard For Hire” out to you when I head into town sometime next week. I really think you’ll get a kick out of Harry Dresden.


  181. Loved Quarantine!! The moment between Ronon and Dr. Keller was sweet. I was hoping it would go to the full kiss, but here’s hoping. The end between Dr. McKay and Katie was strange, but I feel like it was warranted…it was a little soon. Though I don’t think in the beginning she thought so, but oh well. We’ll see where it goes. Thanks for another great episode!!

  182. Another great episode of SGA tonight. I have to say this season has the best writing overall. The balance of comedy and drama in each episode is great.


  183. “Oi, what’s going on here? And Vladavostov was FINE thanks for asking”. For those Aussies out there that remember the funniest Tim Tam ad.

    Good luck everyone. I have to head off to a birthday BBQ. Had to choose between watching what was happening here and a friendship. It was tough! A true friend would understand, right? Hmmm, think I might slip my lappie and mobile wireless card in the car and just say I have some very important work that I need to do.

    Joe, I hope you have a peaceful night tonight after all of this is over.


    ~ Narelle from Aus

  184. Holy crap, you get a lot of comments now.

    So, Katie and McKay. Was her goodbye a “Hey… uh… nevermind, goodbye” since she changed her mind and didn’t want to say what she was about it, or was it THE goodbye, as in “we’re not together anymore?”

    Also, the Ronon-Keller chemistry is amazing. Good work to you guys on that one!

  185. Sorry, I tried hard but couldn’t resist getting my lottery ticket, so here it goes :
    Will you (Canadian writers) get the benefits of the WGA strike regarding dvd residuals , new media etc. when it’s resolved?
    (hope the question makes sense, it’s past 4 am and English is not my mother tongue)thanks

  186. poor joe! that was quite a bit of mail to answer.

    lovely behind the scenes video. i am glad you found your chair. 😀

  187. Hi Joe,

    Loved “Quarantine”. Excellent character episode and it was a nice change to see Zelenka shine (really loved the bit with him in the air vents LOL). Great moments with Ronon and Keller as well 🙂 Nice change of pace episode, but it still kept you glued to the tube for the entire hour. Season 4 just keeps on delivering!

    Have a great weekend.


  188. Have you seen the movie Sunshine? If so, what’d you think of it?

    I think I’m one of the few people in the state of Wisconsin who won’t be watching the Packer game on Sunday. Football. Meh.


  189. Wow you have a lot of comments Joe, feels like we’re playing the lottery here! Can’t wait until Quarantine – only 80 more minutes! Paul; getting Carled – interesting, to say to the least.

  190. My question is this again I promise I’m not in a bad mood 😛 Why is it we’ve gotten more Keller back story in one season then we’ve had on Sheppard in four years? He’s the lead and we know and have been given so little on him. Yet we know so much about Keller between tonight and “Missing”.

    I really hope “Outcast” delivers what a lot of people are hoping for.

  191. “Quarantine” was terrific, and what a surprise at the end when Rodney backed off his marriage proposal. I don’t know why I thought he would go through with it (main characters never seem to actually get married), but I did.

    My favorite character in this episode was Zelenka. Trying not to notice Carter’s, um, assets when she took off her jacket, and then crawling through the vent saying some probably not nice things in Czech, and crashing into the power control room to finally save the day: the man was a hero.

    I’m also very gratified that Ronon finally made a move on Keller. They are so unalike, they’re perfect together. And I laughed at Sheppard worrying that Teyla would give birth, and then at the smile on his face when he felt her baby kicking.

    All in all, very, very satisfying episode.

  192. Anne Teldy, thanks for the information about Martin G. having chosen the name Meredith – one of those interesting anecdotes that I wouldn’t have gotten to for some time, since I’ve only recently finished one commentary for Rising. *eeks*

    Joe, I was going to refrain from commenting until after the winner is announced, but just had to come by and say thanks to you and all the cast and crew for yet another super episode. Quarantine is a really well-told story with a lot of great subplots / character moments, plus excellent fx added in to make it that much better. I’d love to comment on my favorite parts; but that covers a lot of territory, and I’m aware that you already have a great deal to read through. – Oh, I give up: Drama, sweet and poignant touches, humor in abundance; but it was just way too funny when Rodney was lying on the floor, imagining he was feverish, while Katie was getting genuinely hot over the phallic plant. Great comic moment, perfectly acted. – Anyway, loved Quarantine!

  193. (@Fraggledragon – Hey, you!! *Glomp*)

    I like cherry-blueberry pie. Oddly, I’ve only ever seen it here in Florida — I will miss it, if I ever managed to get the hell outta here.

    Nadia? As in The Secret of Blue Water? I like that anime! 🙂

    Okay, on to the ep …

    Poor Rodney! This ep makes me wish he had a camera on him so someone could take the footage to his sister and say “See??? Katie is *so* wrong for him, and he is *soooo* not ready for marriage!” I mean, they still seem to be at the awkward fist stage of dating!Still, Katie was more tolerable than I expected. My folks and I about died laughing when she started talking about the cactus getting bigger and bigger! XD

    Loved the interaction between Rodney and Sheppard in the beginning! As much as I am a McShepper, surprisingly, I was pleased that Sheppard was so supportive of his friend ….

    Ronon and Keller were so cute! (You know, I forgot about the fact that his fiancée was a doctor!!) 😀 Loved the sly look John gave him at the ind, in teh mess, trying to ask with his eyes if something was happening between him and the doc! And loved Ronon talking about Jaws.

    Yay, Zelenka! I was getting claustrophobic during the transporter scenes, and the scenes where he crawled through the ventilation were agony to watch — I could never have done that! Poor David Nykl!!

    Yay Lorne and *lots* of Chuck! (Well, more Chuck than usual, anyway.)

    Glad that Teyla is thinking about the post-birth future of her child. I understand what John was saying about protecting everyone — and she is very good at her work — but I could never do that myself, if I had a kid. (The thought of possibly loosing a parent was too terrifying to me when I was a kid, and they didn’t even have dangerous jobs!) Loved John’s little freak-outs that she would go into labour, and her having him feel the baby kick. And they had some great conversation, too! (Loved that John’s mind seemed to be on Rodney an awful lot. *Grin*)

    John’s climbing on the tower scared the bejeezuz outta me! And mom and I were freaking when Teyla stepped out of the window! And the idea of the self-destruct possibly going off at any time was nerve-wracking too! For a non-mission ep, it was certainly intense! 😀

    ~Wolfen (Hey, Wolfie works as a short version of Wolfgang, right?)

  194. Hello, I figured I would throw in my comment also. Might as well 🙂 Keep up the awesome work on Atlantis!!


  195. I just finished Atlantis and felt the need to post again. 🙂

    Let me just say, it was so great to finally see Radek save the day! It must have been tough for Rodney to rely on someone else to save him, but I guess we saw something of that in “Grace Under Pressure.” It was sad though the way the things ended up with his relationship with Katie. 🙁 But it was also great to see Keller and Ronon start something…I was getting a feeling something was going on there! They’re so cute together, I hope that continues.

    By the way, I loved the reasoning behind Rodney’s password…42! One of my favorite books right there!

    This season has really been great, probably my favorite one so far. But then I say that every year, and then every year you make me say it again. The show just gets so much better each year, you all do a great job!

  196. Haha! Didn’t fall for it eh? Guess I need to work harder on my winning skills!

    Looks like people enjoyed Quarantine. Good good. Obviously I can’t watch it just this minute since I’m in Canada, so you’ll all have to wait until tomorrow to hear my well-articulated thoughts.

    And Elizabeth, wow…aren’t you a quizzical minx. 😉

  197. I can’t wait for Quarantine tonight!

    This semester I’m taking a Science in Science Fiction class and we’re reading Timescape, Brave New World, Dispossessed, and Red Mars. Ever read any of those books, and if so what was your take on them?

  198. People always ask you about religion,culture or family/profesional connections in the Atlantis universe. What piece of Lantean/Ancient technology do you like or wish you had in our universe? Not the Sci-Fi our universe. 🙂

  199. Wow…Interesting episode, Contagion! Poor Rodney and Katie…*sigh* they just didn’t get a break. lol I think they’re a cute couple. Painfully awkward but cute.

    Overall, excellent ep, with the exception of the Ronon/Keller ship, but that’s just my personal preference thing showing up. 🙂

    No question from me today as you’re buried in ’em. 🙂


    Mr Mallozzi we have a problem. I went to exit your website (which has been open for a while now… just a few weeks… ok, maybe a couple of months…) and my entire system crashed – every app, wireless network, the lot.
    It appears my PC has a dependancy on your blog!

    ~Narelle from Aus

  201. Since I’m going for a second entry here, I’m going to take the opportunity to ask you another book question.

    Since you’re a fan of Star Trek the original series, have you read many of the novelizations? I highly recommend “Yesterday’s Son” and “Time For Yesterday” by A.C. Crispin and “My Enemy, My Ally” by Diane Duane. All three of these are great reads.

    (a.k.a. Sulien…if by some miracle I happen to win, I would prefer to use the nickname, if possible)

  202. 205 entries for today already! That has to be a record!

    Well to add in my obligatory question, i was wondering about the exact size of atlantis. A couple of weeks ago you answered a question about the size of Atlantis, saying you compare it to the “size of manhattan”. Now some sources state Atlantis is about 4.3km in diameter, manhatten is about as wide, but 3-4 times as long. So if the 4.3km figure is accurate, wouldn’t that mean that atlantis is about the size of the financial district of manhattan (still huge)?
    (Atlantis overlayed over the tip of manhattan)

    Forgive me if i’m being overly picky or questiony, but i work in the 3D modeling industry, so i look at these things :). Having worked on a fan model of Atlantis myself, i found that if you make atlants over 4.3 km in diameter, the central tower grows way too tall to be feasible (unless the gateroom balcony is 40 feet tall). If Atlantis is 4.3 km in diamater (average) that puts the tower at about 800 meters.

    Would my calculations be about right or am i way off? Or does it really matter? 🙂

    Have a good one! Happy 1,000,000th!

    Paul (aka LogicSequence)

  203. Hmmmm……not quite to 1,000,000 yet, I see. I find myself compelled to check several times a day. I think I must leave a comment, just in case!

    Mandy (but that was obvious, wasn’t it?)

  204. so yeah still wondering about the whole southerners on atlantis! and also about if michael shanks doing the voice overs for the asgard on atlantis as well as sg-1! once again loved the episode. great work for all the atlantis crew!!! have a wonderful weekend

  205. I’m not gonna lie. I have nothing of interest to say about “Quarantine” yet, because I haven’t seen it yet. The first run doesn’t air in Phoenix until 11:00! We get the west coast SciFi feed, and AZ doesn’t do the daylight saving time thing, so 11:00pm all winter.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying another viewing of “Spoils of War”, and a question came up. When the boys are on their way out to check out Todd’s abandoned ship, Sheppard tells McKay to pull up the HUD in the jumper. Why would he need Rodney to do this? Can’t he do it with his brain?

    Admittedly, this is a really lame question, but then, this is all just a thinly veiled attempt to win the millionth visitor prize.

  206. I’m still waiting for Quarantine to air. I’m sooooooo excited… and I just can’t hide it… I’m about to lose control and post another shameless attempt to win the prize ‘-)

    Patricia Lee

  207. Have you ever thought about naming a character or civilisation in Atlantis after food?

    Seriously, what about having someone called Ube, or a planet for the Pecanians? I think that could work quite well Joe.


  208. This Scottish doctor teasing (however necessary it may be) is almost CRUEL, Joe.

  209. And also? FANTASTIC episode tonight. If I had any doubts about Sheppard being badass, scaling a wall certainly got rid of them.

  210. 42 WOO HOO!!! Whose idea was to put that in to the episode?? Got to love any hitchikers reference.

  211. Just finished watching Quarantine and we LOVED it. Introduced new ships and then sort of took them away from us! It keeps us watching and entertained. The way the “42” line was delivered by Joe F. was also just perfect.

  212. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you and Fondy meet? Have you always been an adventurous eater/gourmand or was this something you gradually eased into?

  213. What in the world are Tim Tams? Sound good, I guess….

    Thought you might find it amusing that my Norton Antivirus tried to stop me from visiting your site as it is apparently a “known phishing website”. It displayed a big red X and everything. First parental controls don’t like pictures of your mom, and now Norton doesn’t like Agent Wexler (I assume). Sigh!

    Anyhoo, as always, thanks for your always amusing and interesting blogging!

  214. Loved the video behind the scenes on Harmony set. My first thought, however, when it began was ‘Hmmm, Mr. Mallozzi…quickly moving into the woods with reading material in hand….’ and for some reason the proverbial bear came to mind; made even more interesting with reveal of your chair… for sitting.

  215. I saw the promo for this week’s episode of Atlantis, but I haven’t yet seen the show… it won’t air in Canada until Monday…
    I just thought it was a little odd that Rodney is all ready to propose to a girl that we’ve never seen him be normal around. He always seems nervous and fumbly and… uncomfortable. He seems like a pretty smart guy… so I’m wondering what made him decide to buy that ring? Was it pressure from his sister? Biological clock ticking? I’m curious!
    Well, I bet all of my questions will be answered when I finally see the show, but what can I say… I’m impatient! 😛


  216. Just wanted to thank you, yeah I know so strange but I am happy that Katie and Rodney didn’t get engaged. This kind of development on the show I can salute wholeheartedly. *now don’t do anything to make me take that back*

    Also I don’t think anyone in Australia actually eats the Strawberry Tim Tams, I know I don’t *shudders* why have Strawberry when you can have Chocolate? 😉

  217. One of my very fave authors is named Meredith — Meredith Ann Pierce! (I adore Birth of the Firebringer, can’t recall how many times I’ve read it …)

    @pg-15 ~ ZOMG, that pic is awesome!! 😀 Thanks for linking!

    @Yovonne ~ I watched “Fragile Balance” yesterday too! (I had worked to do, but I allowed myself that much un time.) I love that ep! Michael Welch did a fan*tas*tic job emulating Jack’s mannerisms, didn’t he? 🙂 I’d like to think he couldn’t stay away from the ‘Gate too ….

    Hey Joe, did McKay skip any grades like Keller did? Or was he sent to a school where people were smarter than average already? (Or did he go to a normal school and they just didn’t think to advance him?)


  218. Great episode Joe- loved how McKay convinced himself that he was dying.

    I have seen you and others say that you will never attend a creation convention, just wondered why that was. I’ve never been to a convention in my life so I have no idea what makes them different from any other. Just wondered.

  219. Hi Joe,

    Isn’t it “N. John Smith”? Happy birthday to him anyway! 😉

    Random info: My mom passed away eight years ago today (Jan. 18).

    Meanwhile, just waiting for the new SGA episode tonight (so I had to skip over a bunch of the comments above since those folks had obviously seen it already!).

    Ok, that’s all for now.

    Jennie 🙂

  220. Mel again (and then I’ll be outta your hair for the night). I remember what I was gonna say earlier, or rather ask.

    You mentioned how Carl Binder wasn’t there with you guys right now because of the WGA strike. Is he the only US writer Stargate has right now?

    *Still watching season 6 and badly wishes to comment on Skaara’s hair in the series but decides against it*

    That’ll be it.

  221. I have so much love for this show! Quarantine was an excellent episode.

    What with the gentle end of the Rodney/Katie relationship (which was cute, but so awkward and could never have worked), and the video game golf, and pretty Teyla and babies kicking(!), and Czech swearing, and blowing things up, and the password of awesome, and almost kissing, and John going all Batman on us.

    Really, it was just a fantastic episode all around. It certainly made my crappy day a whole heck of a lot brighter. (I actually had to go into work today! Still sick! And I have to work tomorrow! Why must people even come to the library?? It’s cold and rainy and there are bound to be icy roads tomorrow, which no true Houstonian can drive on safely. SIGH!)

    Great, great job to all involved!

    – kimberly (Do I really need to sign? Probably not because it says my name clearly in the tagline and I have like a one in a gazillion chance of winning. But whatever.)

  222. Congrats for another great episode. Season 4 is definately shaping up to be my favorite.

    I loved Radek being the ‘hero’ in this one. The scene with him crawling in the vents was hilarious and the sign of a good actor I thought because even if we didn’t understand what he was saying we knew what he was thinking :). Do you happen to know what he was saying though?

    Also, who do I have to bribe to keep the Sheppard fan-boy drops coming? Having a charachter in a strongly defined role as military commander show a little bit of his childish side with video games, and Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy references make the charachter fun to watch. The mathmatical part of him coming out is also great.

    When I heard the word ‘propose’ I just about had a heart attack but I like the way it went. Rodney’s a lot to handle and I think this showed that Katie might not be the one to do it.

    Great show and I definately can’t wait to see the Genii next week!

  223. Please tell us more about Stargate Universe… in this blog is the first I heard mentioned about it…

    Details please!!!!

    Patricia Lee

  224. Amy (Amyfo) wrote:

    I have my phone close by to call my friends during commercial breaks to say “Omg did you see that?!” or “I love McKay!”

    I’ve gotten my 22 year-old-niece hooked on Stargate Atlantis by letting her borrow my DVDs. She hadn’t finished Season 3 when this season started but had by the time SciFi Channel ran the all-day Atlantis marathon. We watched it together over the phone with her calling me every commercial break. (I had to change batteries in my cordless. 🙂 ) We watched tonight’s episode together, too.

    As to tonight’s episode, it was fantastic. I’m sorry for Rodney that things didn’t work out for him and Katie but I like the maturity he showed by realizing he wasn’t ready. The Sheppard/Teyla interaction was well written and very much keeping to their established character. Ronon and Keller seem good together and I absolutely love Zelenka. All in all, a 9.7/10 from me.

    Anne Teldy

  225. Hey Joe,

    Did you forget that the other side of that phrase is ‘…and fools seldom differ’. Just thought I would remind you 😀

    And when you say sign our names, do you mean our actual names? Thats pretty suspicious, Joe. It leads one to think that if the first comment after the millionth visit includes a really bad name it will be conveniently overlooked. But you wouldn’t do that, would you, Joe? 😀

    Regardless, I ma confident because my name is awesome. See it in all its glory as I bid you farewell (until you email to tell me I’ve won, of course)

    So bye for now,
    Liamar13 aka Daliah

  226. One more question, because this prize is making me unable to visit this blog without posting something: What kind of music do you listen to?

  227. thanks for answering my question joe, my aspiring stargate fan will hopefully sit still and watch some of those. (ha who am i kidding shes more rambunctious than McKay on wraith enzyme). tommorow is my big day with the WSU Country Living Expo, Cattlemen’s Winter School. I hope it goes well we have approximately 500 people signed up to attend.

    My QOTD- would you ever own a cat?

  228. On January 18, 2008 at 8:40 pm Kristen Said:
    “My question is this again I promise I’m not in a bad mood Why is it we’ve gotten more Keller back story in one season then we’ve had on Sheppard in four years? He’s the lead and we know and have been given so little on him. Yet we know so much about Keller between tonight and “Missing”.

    I really hope “Outcast” delivers what a lot of people are hoping for.”

    Have to agree here; even Ronon is getting more development. From last week’s ep and this one , I know John had at least 2 friends in college (pale Todd and tonights mention). Will we find out what college degree John has?


  229. Great BTS Video on Harmony… hey you need to tell the person responsible for continuity of your BTS video’s that the blue cloth on the arm of your producer’s chair is on the left arm in one scene and on the right in another! What gives???

    Patricia Lee

  230. 258 comments?! Looks like everybody is trying to win the grand prize…too bad suckas it’s all mine.

  231. I forget to mention that I really have been enjoying techie -competant Sheppard this season. Between Travelor’s and tonights episode he has been showing his smarts, something I thought would get abandoned when Carter came on board- after all, how many geekie military colonels can you have on one base? Tonight showed how his knowledge and abilities complimented everyone elses. How did he know Rodney’s password?

    Did Rodney tell him? Did Rodney give out hints and John figured out? Or did John watch him type it in and remember the numbers and deduce their significance?


  232. Hey Joe,

    Missed the episode tonight, but Alli Snow assures me that it’s great. 😉 I can’t wait to see it!

    Also, Seldear posted a picture of you from Gatecon 2002 at her LJ a few weeks ago. I thought it was hilarious, and maybe you’d get a kick out of old cons past. Here’s the link:

    Good luck with the contest!


  233. Hey! This is probably my second post on your blogs. I admit that I downloaded all of the SG1 episodes last year (maybe it was the year before) just so that I, as a then Atlantis-only fan, could understand what “The Pegasus Project” was all about. But recently I purchased the SG1 series set, which I’m currently enjoying; I tend to better enjoy things I own, even – especially as the second time though. It was a great investment (though I can’t find the Ark of Truth teaser on the first feature disk).

    I was wondering if you knew whether Canadian Atlantis ratings matter at all. Would it matter at all if I on-Demand-ed and watched Atlantis episodes several times? The Movie Network might care, but the alternative, watching a season behind on Chum stations just wouldn’t be the same.

    Take care,

  234. Hey Joe,

    I have to say that tonights episode was great and I loved all the little jokes, like Mckay using 42 in is password. MY question is though, why is it that only McKay has a password that could shut down all the problems that were occurring? It seems like more then just McKay should have the ability to access the Atlantis database.

  235. Hiya Joe, I’m a long time reader (well, a few months anyway), first time commenter… and my commenting is in no way related to hoping to win anything. Not at all. Nope, not me.

    It was a very excellent episode of Atlantis tonight. I have to say that I loved Sheppard’s line about how “in the movies” pregnant women trapped somewhere always end up going to labor. That’s exactly what I was thinking in that moment. I’m very glad that that particular cliche was skipped.

    Oh, and for a random question that’s probably already been answered before: Who named your dogs, and what (if any) was the inspiration behind the names?


  236. So, just who’s watch/paper weight/bludgeouning device will the lucky winner be stealing?


  237. I just watched Quarantine and I loved it! It seems a lot of time must have passed between this episode and the last!

    Was that ending to be taken as Katie and Rodney completely breaking up? *sniffle*

    Either way, keep up the good work! I really like the feel of these simpler episodes.

  238. It is 1:30 am here on the east coast and I have one more rambling comment to make ( I am trying to make legitimate comments though I could have placed them all in one comment). Anyhow, I’ve never believed in the Sheppard as Kirk theory and after 4 years in Atlantis poor Shep deserves a legitimate love interest that doesn’t humiliate or torture him (ala Larrin). Any chance of that happening- Maybe Larrin has a superior that is suitable for Shep. Or maybe John is still in love with his ex-wife? Will that be clear in “Outcast”?
    He probably is not though; he has prob moved on emotionally unlike Ronon who clearly had some unfinished issues with his gf.
    Tired and rambling so signing off

  239. SusanW – Tim Tams are a type of chocolate biscuit from Australia. I think. Being an aussie I’ve grown up with them, and I assume they’re also sold in New Zealand among other places. They have cream stuff in the middle, flanked by chocolate biscuit all covered by chocolate. You can check them out at the following link:

    (my computer’s decided to be really slow right now, so I didn’t actually get a chance to see what the site was like, hope it’s helpful)


  240. Whenever I read your blog I attempt to decipher possible hints and let my imagination run. A dangerou thing I know. For example, when you talk about the tear-jerker stuff on the last few episodes of this season I can’t tell you the wild possibilities that run through my head.

    Is this because Carson really does die and we have to mourn him all over again? Could you be any meaner? Or maybe Katie dies and we shed a ton of tears over Rodney’s loss? Yes, you’re mean again.

    Will we have to suffer any more character losses? Really, Joe, I don’t think my heart can take it. I’ll wind up off my diet and drowning my sorrows in vanilla bean ice cream with bananas topped with hot fudge.

  241. so happy to hear the writers love a good Tim Tam – Have you ever tried sucking your tea/coffee/hot chocolate through the Tim Tam(bite off opposite corners of the Tim Tam, dip in the hot drink and suck away!!mmm melted chocolate…) tis good stuff!!

    TruBlu (aka Trudi!)

  242. So it’s 7:45 here on this stormy Saturday, just hope the power don’t go out so I can watch “Quarantine” later.

    Oh and did you ever find out who was hiding your chair?

  243. Hi Joe,

    I just wanted to say a quick thank you. January has been a hellish time for me and the family this year – my gran died on New Years day; my mum, brother and I all became a year older (in fact I had a total of 8 family/friends birthdays to pay out for and just after Christmas for heavens sake); I seem to be unable to sleep more than a few hours a night (which considering about 7 hours is my norm is bad); the rest of the family have been suffering from a month long cold and they’ve finally managed in infect me (mutters curses).

    The one good thing this month has been reading your blog enteries – okay, there have actually been two good things because Atlantis is back on TV but you’re involved with that as well – so please, keep up the wonderful writing as hearing what you and Baron Destructo etc get up to is fab. *inserting a weak-assed, feeling sorry for myself self indulgent smile here*


  244. I’m having a hard time not posting too. 🙂 Sorry if you’ve ever answered this before, but where did you go to school/university and what did you study to get where you are today?


  245. Nicely done effects for the climb up to control, the zoom out looked good, even in HD. Just one silly comment; You’d think that for all the high tech in Atlantis, I mean it is a hyperspace capable city after all, that they could have sprung for something other than single pane glass, or at least windows that open without using a stool 😉


  246. Hello Joe!
    and anon, goodnurse 😉

    I didn’t realize “A Canticle for Leibowitz” had been mentioned (I am afraid I am guilty of skimming sometimes…) as that’s one of my favorite old books (still a big fan of A.E. van Vogt, tho.) I hope you were aware that it was also adapted for radio back in the early 1980s by NPR. If not, well, unfortunately, it is no longer available. used to sell it, but I saw no offer there any longer.

    What I did find was a “possible soundtrack” for the book over on the Internet Archive (what a wealth of audio and visual media that place offers! Yeehaw! 🙂 ) So, here’s the link Also, the d/l size is 98megs, but you can listen on the site, too. It’s pretty good so far, sometimes atonal, but listenable.


  247. i enjoyed ‘quarantine’ MUCH more than the previous episode. lovely character moments through out. cute scene with sam taking off her jacket and zelenka happening to turn around and see her chest right at that moment. 😛

    sally 🙂

  248. Oh, thank you so very much for driving a stake through Rodney/Katie. They are so painfully awkward, it’s like watching a George Bush press conference. Rodney needs someone with a lot more backbone and counter-snark.

    Speaking of which, you’ll be glad to know the slashers are in heaven that John knows Rodney’s password AND its deep meaning. 😉 I hope Carl can feel the squee.

    Great character episode; all the pairings were really fun and fresh. Well done!

  249. Quarantine was awesome! I loved Rodney’s password and I loved it even better that Sheppard KNEW what his password meant, especially the reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. My second favorite part was Katie Brown and her plant innuendo 😀 Who came up with those two parts?

    Great job on the episode! Can’t wait for next week!!!

  250. Just finished watching Quarantine – great show!
    Two questions:
    1) Whose idea was it to have such a phallic-looking plant to be Rodney’s namesake?
    2) When Zelenka is talking to himself in Czech, is it scripted (and who translates it into Czech), or does he just wing it and ad-lib?

    Keeping fingers crossed for that 1,000,000 prize …

  251. Just wanted to specify that I love the Keller and Ronon relationship. I realize some fans don’t want any relationships or may just not like this one. But to me it seems very natural and not to mention- very adorable. Great chemistry between them. Loved how the beginning of the attraction wasn’t just chemisty- it was them actually learning things about each other and talking about serious things that made them like each other. It also added great character development to both characters and I can’t wait to see how it all continues to develop. Again- great work. Kudos to all involved.


  252. Your blog has never this busy!! How does it feel to be so famous??

    About Quarantine…I loved the episode. Great plot, simple I should say, but very effective. Everyone assuming Rodney is gonna save the day was nice, but in the end he doesn’t…I’m glad Radek is finally getting save the day! (More Zelenka in season 5?)
    The proposal… it was a sad thing to watch. The emotional breakdown of Rodney…I was expecting something different, more dramatic. Is Rodney ever going to grow out of his paranoia and self-protective shell?
    In the end, I was disappointed by the lack of real catastrophic event (I know it kinda was the purpose.) Everything seemed rather surreal after all this drama and worry.
    The Ronon/Keller pairing started very very nicely. Very cute and even romantic. I cursed at Radek for cutting their kiss…
    My favorite scene of the episode is John climbing up the damn tower!! (AMAZING SHOTS!! Congrats to whoever did the visual affect)
    One last question, are Rodney and Katie over? That goodbye was very sad to watch.

  253. BTW, loved the Hitchhiker’s quote!

    (Have we gotten to one million yet?)

    (Fingers still crossed …)

  254. Urp. Doubt I’d ever be lucky enough to be the first one after the one million mark, but, I forgot to ‘sign’ my earlier comment.

    Didn’t get to watch tonight’s episode since the bulb is out on my HD-DLP (and dang it Dish Network for not having SciFi channel in the HD lineup!) at least the DVR should record it, and I can watch it after the repair dude gets here on Monday. Though if it comes out on iTunes before that I’ll definiately download it.. since I’m going through SGA withdrawal – I can’t even watch the DVD’s unless I go sit in the back seat of my SUV… and that’s no fun alone.
    aka Esmaya
    aka Dani
    (please don’t ask…. :p~ )

  255. Ugh, after writing a perfectly brilliant 2nd comment (since I forgot to ‘sign’ my 1st one) I clicked submit and got an error. Oh well, here’s a second go (minus the brilliantly witty reparte).

    aka Esmaya
    aka Dani

  256. Joe,

    Just had to add my praise for Quarantine! I really loved all the interaction between the trapped characters. Very, very nicely done. It’s great to get some character development along with our weekly dose of peril.

    I also enjoyed your little on-set video. You’re a very amusing man.

    Thanks! (And yes, that’s my real name, as requested)

  257. Hopefully Season 5 will introduce a love interest for McKay that will have sparks and snark. On a bad day, he’d eat Katie Brown up and spit her out. Any chance for someone that will both attract and annoy McKay?

  258. First I wanted to say that all around this was a really interesting episode. The pairings of people as they were trapped was interesting and amusing at times, but I really liked the interaction between Rodney and Katie. To me, the most touching part was at the end as the door closed between the two of them. And the music at the end just completed the episode very nicely. This was a really good episode. Thanks,


  259. reading through the other comments – should have done that before i posted my previous comment but still… have you ever tried it? what were your thoughts on the matter?

    loved the “on set according to Joe Mallozzi” footage -brilliant. harking back to your blog entries from the location….

  260. Joe, I respect your hatred for all things ‘N.E. Patriot’, but would you accept a hat if it came accompanied by an assortment from Burdick’s Chocolates in Cambridge, MA? And by ‘accept’ I mean ‘wear in a photograph on your blog?’

  261. Just getting in my entry form. 🙂 If I go back to the main page and hit refresh a bunch of times will that improve my odds? 🙂 Oh, and great ep tonight! Enjoyed it much.

  262. I just finished watching “Quarantine” on my TiVo (sorry, I was at work until 1 a.m. or I would have watched live!) – who came up with McKay’s password? 🙂

  263. “The first person to comment after the one millionth visit will receive a gorgeous and weighty SG-1 10th anniversary watch, AND be immortalized in Stargate lore by having a character named after them.”

    How very kewl! Will I be a recurring character?

    Come on, with a name like “TwoRocks”, how can you resist making it a recurring character?

    And if that doesn’t work for you guys, you can go with my alter ego name “SunDancer”. (Actually, “TwoRocks” is the alter ego name, “SunDancer” is the real one… I’m so comfoozed sometimes…)

    And Rachel likes “SunDancer”! She confessed it when she had too much time on her hands and was posting over at Gateworld, and I congratulated her on her awesome singing in “Beyond the Night”.

    And now it’s time to congratulate her on the motherhood thingie! Happy Mommyhood, Rachel!

    TwoRocks | SunDancer out.

  264. That Carl story was very lovely. You guys miss laughing your a*** off him in practical jokes. Such a guy thing, heh?

  265. Poor Paul!

    That is horrible! The new Tim Tam Flavours have only just arrived in Oz in the last year (I Know, what are we in the Dark ages? Hey we haven’t even had Atlantis season three yet let alone season 4. We have a little running joke here in Western Australia that WA stands for ‘Wait awhile!’)and I have to say as a Chocolate Nut myself (my obsession with Chocolate would rival your own, Joe)that i’m not overly impressed. I’m a plain Tim Tam Girl!

    Big Grin!

    The Imagination Equips us to See a Reality we have Yet to Create!

  266. “While, on the surface, a mention of Carter may seem like a good idea, a lot of the time this simply makes for an awkward or unnecessary exchange that only highlights the fact that she is not in the episode.”

    I see where you’re coming from, it’s just that whenever there was an episode in which one of the main characters wasn’t featured, 90% of the fans I talked with in discussion posts on LJ or GW have said that they wished the character would have been mentioned at least to explain his absences. I get why certain characters aren’t in certain eps, it’s just that sometimes just a tiny little scene with them seems to be missing to make the plot absolutely believable. It’s the background stuff that one might not want to see again and again (like getting the ok for whatever mission from Carter), but if it’s not there the plot seems to be lacking an explanantion. A short mention of things that happened off-screen (not unlike the teichoscopy in the classical drama) can help with that sometimes (not always of course, SGA’s not a 3 hour stage play after all).

    For example, I really, really missed Carson in “Grace under pressure”. Sure, he wouldn’t have had much to in the ep so I get why the actor probably wasn’t really needed out of financial reasons, but it doesn’t make much sense in the story. His best friend was injured, possibly dead, and the doctor is nowhere to be seen and doesn’t even voice his concern. If someone had said that he’s, don’t know, maybe off-world, and has been called and is on his way (which could take a while), then that would have been perfectly satisfying and would have made the story ‘tighter’ as it shows with just one short sentence that everything goes the way it should go and that there’s also a bond between the characters.

    All in my humble opinion of course 🙂

    Bye, A.

  267. Although Quarantine is not my favorite episode of the season, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a nice change of pace after the heavy action of the last few episodes. The character interactions were very good to see, too. I laughed far more than I expected to, and in all the right spots. Thank you!

    I do have a question. In a magazine interview, Martin Wood said that Joe F. did much of the climbing himself, and that it was about a 25 foot wall. Did he and his stunt double wear a wire?

  268. I’m sitting here in freezing Toronto crying from laughter at the thought of Paul being Carl’d. Cheers to Alex for throwing down the mantle to the ongoing strike. With any luck we’ll have Carl regurgitating the purest forms of Cocoa by mid February.

  269. Why is it that last year Atlantis aired before it did in the states, and this year it is after? I’m trying not to read any comments that people have left about tonight’s ep so I don’t spoil myself too much. Darn having to wait until Monday! *shakes fist*

  270. GREAT eppy tonight!

    Love all the character moments. It’s great to see them interacting on a personal level.

    Loved the Ronon/Keller scenes in particular!


  271. Quarantine kind of made me think of Sunday in the way that there were character moments and we were jumping all over Atlantis, only nobody died horribly in the end. Still I was left with a bad feeling for how things ended with Katie and Rodney. However, it was a decent apparent end to their relationship. Before seeing the ep I was hoping for her death rather than her rejection of McKay, so the mutual rejection works out better for both of them. 🙂 It wasn’t as painful the second time around and many parts of the ep had me absolutely hooting. I won’t bore you with any more details, but overall very enjoyable.

  272. Hey again! Enjoyed many moments in tonight’s episode ‘Quarantine’. Mainly the tragic ending to the episode. But above all, the cactus RODNEYANIVALOSA!!! THANK YOU for putting it back into an episode!

    Any chance we’ll see it(Rodneyanivalosa) again this season, or Season 5? Believe me, the forums have been calling for a return appearance!

    Josh K.

  273. Has it happened yet? When it does happen (and if it is still a sane hour where you are) please comment and tell us. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Unless you actually would like to see people endeavouring in futility, in which case do not bother 😀

    Oh, I have been meaning to ask you, do you have a favorite episode of SGA? Maybe an episode you like particularly much each season? For example, what is your favorite episode from season four? I apologise if you have been asked this already but I was just curious.


  274. Hello Joseph =) Sa va bien?

    Waou, imprésionnant le nombre de commentaire que vous avez déja!! A mon avi “Quarantine” a du bein plaire^^! Moi je ne l’est pas encors vu.

    Snif!! Je n’arrive pas a voir la video sur la MGM…S ame laisse un peu de temp pour retrouver la video sur un autre site de video et pour me préparer psychologiquementa sa….^^

    Oh oui je suis triste de ne plus voir Carl =(.

    Je voudrais vous demander quelque chose d’important…qui me servira pour un de mes projets.

    Quel est ne nom et le prénom de toute les personnes qui travail avec vous a la production?

    Je connais deja: Martin Gero, Robert Cooper et Paul Mullie

    Voila, merci Kisou, je tadore, passez une bonne journée=)

  275. i am rewatching this episode now and i missed the beginning before and did not realize…

    the golf game! with the applause? john is SUCH a putz sometimes. but rodney is wise to him! and the conflict-free diamond, that made me smile.

    stuff makes so muchmore sense when you (or at least me) see the first couple minutes!


  276. Hi Joe

    Just had a chance to see “First Strike” on DVD and thought it was great! I loved the special effects and found the story enthralling.

    I should mention that I normally find “big” episodes disappointing, because of the expectations built up in advance of them! This episode was an exception: despite being aware of basic plot lines … the city would submerge then fly, Elizabeth would get injured … it was still fascinating to watch.

    I think this is particularly because of the strong writing, especially in the case of Elizabeth: finally, we were able to see the leader that had been promised in “The Lost City” but had been MIA ever since (with rare exceptions, such as “The Real World”).

    If only Elizabeth had been written so well for the previous three years … I would not have spent them wishing that Teyla or Steven Caldwell (both capable leaders) had been given command of Atlantis during the second season!

    All the best


  277. This is so funny-sad-funny-sad-funny…
    What was the price for, again? 1000th comment on today?
    Well, got up early anyhow to watch Quarantine, and since I still have to wait…I could do some of the mailbag for You!?
    Or not.

  278. Uh…what the heck is a Tim Tam? And if you had to choose which dessert wins over all others: good chocolate, Pecan Pie, or one of those volcano desserts that the chocolate gushes from the center….


  279. Ha, Rodney was born in the same year as my sister! !

    Ugh. Please, no more Katie. Rodney and her have utterly NO chemistry together. Not to mention the fact that she doesn’t understand him AT ALL. I was glad things fell apart. Really, really, really glad.

    Rest of the episode was good. Love Sheppard climbing the tower! Whee! And of course, the bits with Sheppard and McKay and Sheppard knowing McKay’s password. Awesome.

    It goes without saying that I’m really looking forward to next week.

    Go Chargers!

  280. WOW! 248 comments and counting! who’d ‘a thunk it? Normally I try to read all comments and try not to duplicate but I DO have things to do today and its not my blog so nyah! Anyhoo, hope springs eternal as thet say and someone has to win so just in case its Maire, pronounced Moya, but my friends call me Moyz.
    Good luck to us all!

  281. I thought tonight’s episode was a good change of pace (variety is the spice of life and all that). Who was the girl in the control room who had more lines than Chuck? Was she a winner of a contest or just an extra? Just curious.

    Here’s hoping I win the coveted 1,000,001 comment prize (though I probably won’t).

    Nathan C.

  282. Desperately skimming throught the posts in a vain attempt to avoid spoilers. Have to wait 4 more days in the UK for Quarantine.


  283. Anne Teldy wrote, “They (those snazzy Stargate watches) are available at the MGM Store Online and are listed on this page for a mere $299.”

    Mere? I like your sarcasm. 😉

    All the best from Denise, resident in South Africa – Where a Big Mac meal costs merely $3 US. *sigh*

    Making $299 requires a serious bank robbery.

    I suck at robberies 🙁

  284. Amy (Amyfo) wrote:

    I have my phone close by to call my friends during commercial breaks to say “Omg did you see that?!” or “I love McKay!”

    LOL I had a friend like that until she got a social life that is, but we would ring each other and most of the time were unable to determine who actually got through to whom as we’d both dialled simultaneously and neither phone had rung !!!

  285. WOW! Talk about getting mindless emails… this is one of them… ahemmmmmm!!!

    Good night sweet prince!

    Patricia Lee

  286. Hey Joe,

    just been wondering, hence you said that Charlie Cohen was visiting a few days ago, did you get any new information from Brad and Robert about SG Universe? And have you already an idea how and when you bring Daniel to Atlantis?

    Andron aka Andreas Nold

  287. I;ve got to wait to watch Quarantine, so no need to avoid any spoiler comments. But I’d still like to win the million visitor prize 😉

    So I’ll give a story of how the British Government want to restrict access to the web and crack down on sites because terrorists appear to be using it to plan things. The best response I’ve seen going round is a 1999 quote from Douglas Adams, a superb scifi writer

    “Newsreaders still feel it is worth a special and rather worrying mention if, for instance, a crime was planned by people ‘over the Internet.’ They don’t bother to mention when criminals use the telephone or the M4, or discuss their dastardly plans ‘over a cup of tea,’ though each of these was new and controversial in their day.”

    If you think there’s nothing controversial about tea drinking, here’s William Cobbett from 1822

    “The tea drinking fills the public-houses, makes the frequenting of it habitual, corrupts boys as soon they are able to move from home, and does little less for the girls, to whom the gossip of the tea-table is no bad preparatory school for the brothel. At the very least, it teaches them idleness.”

    No there’s a man who knew the perils of drinking tea.

  288. Delurking to tell a fun fact concerning my name; David Nykl happens to be the first and only non-Dutch speaking person I’ve ever met to pronounce my name right the first try. José usually is a male name of Spanish origin, but in Dutch it’s a female name (comes from Josephine) with the ‘J’ pronounced as the ‘y’ in ‘yes’. When I met David N. at the Pegasus 2 convention in the UK last year, he told me it works the same in Czech.

  289. ……Presented at creation convention..answer HELL NO!…..Like some actors wont do a creation convention because they dont care to much for creation entertainment is that why you wont be there?I was looking foward to meeting you and telling you how wonderful a job you guys do but I guess ill just tell you now …Joe you and your guys are doing a great job with the stargate franchise..

  290. I just finised reading the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series and i must say that it was really good. I liked how it is writting in a different way than most books, sort of conversational. It was very interesting.
    Now i just need to see the movie!


  291. Mr Baron Destructo and MrCookie Monster,
    I know its going to be hard to beat GreenBay at home in snowy conditions and cold but check this out……..GIANTS 21…..GREENBAY 17

  292. will we find out why john is so nervous about teyla’s pregnancy adn why he is hovering so much? cause boy, with the nagging at her to sit and all!

  293. Loved Quarantine, this is my type of episode, the McKay/Katie ending was weird, I’m guessing they were breaking up no, or at least leading to it? But it was handled very well, wasn’t the typical thing you see in a lot of programs. Are we going to get a touch up on that situation in a future episode?
    The Ronan Keller thing was nice as well, it’s good to see Ronan finally able to move on from how he felt about his girlfriend in Sateda, he said he wasn’t ready yet in Sunday so it’s good to see him there, and it’s good that Keller was partly able to bring him there. I’m not saying something will happen, but he was willing to let it, something I don’t think would have happened a year ago. Although I do hope something does happen between those two, it would be nice 🙂
    The Sheppard Teyla stuff was good as well, although her lump seems to have grown a bit I’m guessing this was filmed after the summer break? It was good to see Radek and Carter’s relationship develop as well, we haven’t really seen them together so I thought that direction was good, and nice to see how she respected him more by episodes end.

    But this is my type of episode, an episode that tests the characters, the plot is USED to test the characters not be the centre of the show, it serves it’s very specific purpose. Its good to see these characters, how they would react and to see them developed in situations they haven’t been in before, for them to change, for them to develop. That’s how the show should be and is essentially the premise of it but it’s good to see it done well. A very good episode imo 9/10.

  294. Question: Have you yet gotten tired of people spamming your blog with comments just to get their name in the show? 😉

    True irony would be the poster after the millionth visit being someone who’s only commented once. I would laugh and laugh and laugh if it were so.

    Incidentally, ‘Quarantine’ was an enjoyable episode. Radek saves the day! Woohoo!! And, yes, I loved the John/Teyla moment with the pregnancy. My biases are unapologetic.


  295. Hi Joe,

    I have 2 questions.

    1) Does the author-strike have any effect on SG Atlantis? Some series like “Lost” have a lot of problems with this strike.

    2) Will we get some more informations in 2008 about SG: Universe (the new seria of SG)?

  296. It’s good to know the pink Tim Tams aren’t worth touching. I see them in the stores and am constantly drawn to them by the pink packaging (well, I am a girl after all) but have never quite been able to bring myself to purchase them. Rather pleased to know I’m not missing out.

  297. Hi again Mr. M
    Greetings from Tipperary!!
    Due to the increased blog traffic, I would say you are close to the 1M visitor… Best of luck to the lucky blogee!!

    May check in again later, you never know!!


    AKA: Paul O’ Dwyer

  298. it’s 2:40-something and I should be sleeping, but I had to post just ONE MORE TIME! AHH! Good luck everyone!

    Ashley Y.

  299. The teaser for Quarantine looked great! I was giggling the entire time Sheppard was “trying” to play golf (ok I was thinking of the writer’s room Golden Tee game). Can’t wait to see the rest of the episode (yes, I have to DVR it just because I work overnights.

    As for my thoughts on “The Crooked Letter”. I’m mid-way through and agree with your opinion on it. The 3 “main” characters don’t seem to be doing much. A launching pad /reason of why some of the “things” are doing what they do.

    Very visual. THe author certainally has and did his own spin on the “other” worlds out there. The only thing I was wishing for was a map to basically tell me who was what, etc. Then I found it at the end of the book. Perhaps I missed the mention in the beginning.

    Oh and can’t wait to see Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Vancouver this coming monday (here in the US) on the travel channel.

  300. Hi Joe,

    just wondering. Did you watch Star Trek? If so, waht series did you like most of all?

    Best wishes from Munich,

  301. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sayé j’ai je vient de voir la video!!!!

    Waouuuu!!! vous fantastique!!!! je ne m’en suis pas encors remis la^^

    Je vous L♥VE trop!

  302. Saw the episodes BAMSR and and Spoils of War and thought they were very good, an up turn for me.

    For the first time the Carter in charge didnt grate for me, being such a change of role. I had doubts I must admit, but can see the logic of needing a military leader, after all you were at war with the Wraith and the Replicators (who I must say I am very glad to see the back of, given they had already been used in SG1, seemed a backwards step).

    Still not sure how things with her are going to pan out without her treading over the McKay/Zelenka Roles and the off world leadership and military skills of Sheppard. Can’t help but feel she has been reduced to an administrator, just playing the Weir role, where her strengths were her techno knowledge and her fighting ability off world. Might have been interesting to have Wolsey as the leader 🙂

    Still not sure about Keller character, will have to see, has been a bit whiney.

    Perhaps you’re lining up another Doctor death? You seem to like those, what is it three now? 🙂

    And on another note aparently Tokyo has more Michelin Star restaurants than any other city, twice as many as Paris, three times more than New York!

    Would you have to go ahead and write Series 5 without Carl if the strike continues? Or would you leave some scripts for him? Do certain scripts lend themselves to certain writers or is it just random as to who gets what?


  303. Using someone’s name in a book or media is Tuckerisaton, named after Bob Tucker, an old skool SF fan and author.
    It used to just be your friends stuffing you into a book Richard the Rampant was most perturbed to find out he was a starship in a Trek novel. One of my best friends had a call from PTerry asking if he could use her name for one of his characters. She’s no longer with us but thanks to PTerry, the name Gytha always will be.
    Sometimes people will buy a Tuckerisation in charity auction or it can be given as a prize, as Joe is doing here.

    Me? I don’t believe I have ever been Tuckerised, but I Have My Suspicions about who Perdita Nit the opera singer looks like. Magrat Garlik wears my jewelery due to PTerry and I having breakfast together at a con, he was impressed by how much jewelry I was wearing so early in the day. Diana Wynne Jones has made me a secret mistress of the universe who draws dirty pictures in ‘Deep Secret’ called Zinka Fearon, a Magid.


  304. Hey Joe!
    OH! Now I realize there is a competition, thought I would come back and ask this: (LOL!)

    1)Have you ever watched the entire series of Yu-Gi-Oh in its original subtitles? (LOVE it!)

    2) Have you ever seen and do you like Yoji Shinkawa artwork (as used in Metal Gear Solid console game.)(Fantastic stuff!)

    3) What, if any, is your favorite Hayao Miyazaki film?(Howls Moving Castle is my Favorite!)

    (@WolfenM Hey! *Ooof* Help me back up!!)

    (@Mackenziesmomma good luck kid!Sure you will do great!)

  305. Hey Joe,

    I wondered what you think about the new eps of SGA being on youtube shortly after having been aired?
    Personally, I’m quite happy about it since otherwise I’d have to wait at least a year before seeing them. Living in Germany might have its advantages – don’t ask me, still searching! – but having to wait so long for watching the new seasons of everything just sucks. We’re in season 3 of SGA now (wow! Just a year behind) but other shows are either not shown at all or with a lot of delay.
    So I’m currently waiting for “Quarantine” to show up 😉

    And another thing: what happened to the book McKay wrote about Weir? (As we just watched “Tao of Rodney” yesterday…)

    Yeoyou aka Leonie Caroline Ingvin (you may choose 😉 )

  306. I think many Sci-fi shows have a certain amount of cliché themes that crop up occasionally, such as evil-twin, body-swap, everyone-dies-whoops-no-it’s-an-alternate-universe, etc. Do you think the writers on SG have ever created a new sci-fi chiché episode type – a story flow that’s been used (ripped off) in other shows?

  307. So, how far away are we exactly from the grand prize? I apologize that I have nothing else to say but I cannot even read your comments for fear of spoilers before I get a chance to see Quarantine. I only have to wait a couple of hours more (hopefully)but it makes me lament the things fans in NZ have to go through to get your wondrous programme 🙁

    Did you know that the season 3 finale is only going to be played for the first time this coming Monday?! I am going to watch it, of course, though I’ve seen it before but the fact that we are so far behind, oh how it pains me(lol)

    Thats it for now. Hope you have/are having a good weekend. (Sorry for the rambling :D)


  308. It may be commenting for the sake of commenting but you’ve dangled such a tantalising prize in front of our noses. How can we resist.

    AmmoMonkey a.k.a Joel

  309. Thanks for answering my question!

    Unfortunately I will not be the lucky winner of the fantastic prize you have set because my laptop has to go away for repairs today and it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to get to another internet source before tomorrow. But you rock for even setting such a prize so on behalf of fans everywhere, thanks and I hope to be back soon. 🙂

  310. If you’ve come up with a storyline for a season, is it very annoying having to accomodate for actors having physical changes such as tattoos, pregnancies, injuries and such? Or do you all just see it as a challange to further develope that specific character?

  311. Two thumbs up on the episode!

    Fun, poignant, adventuresome, exciting, caring, and hot 🙂 all rolled into one.

    I loved the division scenes where the interaction could be focused on just the two characters involved. Then, once established what conclusions each pair came to, you had to break that mold in order to bring the episode to a conclusion. But, there was no magic solution right away.

    It took someone doing something extremely “out of the box” to break the mold that had been established. It was completely fitting that it was Shepherd to do that. And, even more interesting, his primary and immediate motivation wasn’t necessarily to get out of the room or plague related. He wanted to turn off the beacon.

    So, instead of everyone getting out at the same time, one broke out and added his skills to a second group. The new, larger second group combined skills and took the next step – which included getting a third group free. The combined third group took the next step, but, then an individual still had to do somtheing “out of the box” to complete the final solution.

    An amazing review of the various aspects of group dynamics and individual contribution to those dynamics.

    And who suspected that Keller and Ronan could heat up the screen together? Yikes! With the possible exception of the scene of bearded Shepherd and his vision-seeing ancient woman, Ronan and Keller’s scenes were the hottest on Atlantis to date in my opinion.

    Finally, the last moment of the show – my heart clutched when Katie said “goodbye” like she did and Rodney realized what she might really be saying.


  312. Quarantine was amazing, well worth the wait. I’m not even into shipping and I was still yelling at Ronon to kiss Keller even though the doors opened. Sheppard climbing the tower was awesome. As a completely random aside, I cannot believe how amazing Rachel/Teyla’s legs are that far along! I’m kind of sad though, that after such a long wait for season 4 it’s flown by so quickly!

  313. Alright now that I have actually watched the episode, two things.

    I loved that Sheppard was supportive of McKay, we so rarely see that in canon *sniffs* it made me all happy even if the reason for the support was not something I can get behind as a McShep slasher.

    The other thing I wondered about with McKay and Sheppard, which I know you have been asked before but you have never answered it… so will they hug at all in this season? It seems everyone gets to hug but not those two 🙁 Seriously Jack hugged Daniel, there is no reason why John cannot hug Rodney, or more to the point as it seems John is a bit stilted in that area, Rodney hug John.

    Now you know if you choose not to answer I am just going to assume they do hug and then I will be really disappointed if they don’t! I will blame you! 😛

    Oh, while I am here about Sheppard and his brother is his brother going to be older or younger then him? I know I ask all the important questions. 😉

  314. Hey Joe

    Just wanted to say that I really liked the episode quarantine! Nice thing with Keller and ronon :p


  315. Hi,

    I was just wondering if we’ll see Richard Woolsey again during season 4? And also is there a specific reason why the 304s keep the 302s inside just one hangar, rather than spread out between the two? Is it so that bigger ships or other things can be kept in the other or some other reason? It would be quite cool if you kept 8 in both so you could have your own fleet of darts. We’ve got just 4 more days til Quarantine so I’m amped about that.

    Thanks, Chris.

  316. I loved the episode, but have a question. Why are Earth or Atlantis would Lorne be walking around with C4 in his breast pocket, if he was not going on a mission? Isn’t that just nuts??? Also yelled at the TV for Teyla to get back in the window – woke up my poor husband who was asleep in bed next to me. Loved, loved, loved Zelenka saving the day. Great to see Rodney really getting to know himself, but what a sad ending. Like the Ronon/Keller bit. I think they are both lonely.

    Tammy known as Gracey here

  317. I can’t get the MGM clip to run. I get the audio, but not video. First it says to “click on it for activeX” which I do. Then I tried to download the quicktime and it says there are components needed for it that aren’t on the site. Any help??????


  318. I just let a group of drunk lesbians talk me into joining their Roller Derby league when my ankle gets better. I got home and looked it up on youtube to find that it’s described as “skirts, skates and scars.” I’m scared.

  319. I loved it!
    Dr Z saved the day!
    And it was nice to “see” that Chuck got more lines.

    Hope your day is good!

  320. Is there a chance, that the Rodney/Katie relationship will play a role in further episodes? I so hoped for McKay to get some normality in his life *sigh*

    Troubled soul, he is.

  321. Hi Joe, This is probably going to sound a little stupid but I don’t understand exactly what you would classify as pre-production and production. In my mind, pre-production is getting ideas and getting scripts together and production is the filming part. Could you tell me if I’m right and if not please correct me as I need to have an understanding of this as I am currently studying Media Studies at GCSE Level (English Qualification).

  322. Another question,
    What are your views on Stargate game modifications (e.g. Stargate mods for Half Life 2)?

  323. Just watched Quarantine. Very nice. Great to have an ep focused on character interaction. When Shep was having the minor freak-out about Teyla’s pregnancy, it made me think of the TNG ep Disaster and poor Worf. …Actually, this ep in general was rather like that one (not that having everyone stuck in seperate places is all that original to begin with). Not the first SGA ep to resemble a TNG ep, either. Not that it matters. SGA is a good enough show that even when it looks like another, it’s still great. I’m still not sure I entirely buy Ronon’s reasoning for his sudden liking of Keller, regarding the oxygen tank, but if he reminds him of his former wife or whatever she was, then that makes sense. The Carter/Zelenka scenes were fun. They’re kind of adorable. Zelenka’s little looks, like when she took off her coat, were very funny. And then he swoops in to save the day. Makes me think he might be developing a tiny crush there. Oh, and it was great to see Carter being her brilliant scientific self, at least for a minute there. I hope we’ll see more of that later on.

  324. Joe-

    Fun and exciting episode from start to finish. It had a little something for everyone except those with a fear of heights. Yikes! Lucky for me, spiders are the the only things that send me screaming into the night.

    Zelenka and Carter…great dynamic and one I never would have considered! Any chance we’ll see them going all geeky together again?


  325. Oh, yes, and I forgot to mention that the Sheppard climbing the tower bit was somehow more edge-of-your-seat-ish for me than most battle sequences. Even though I knew he would, of course, survive. Sometimes it’s the simple things, I guess.

  326. I’ve just finished watching Quarantine, and I tell you – I’m buying Sheppard his own pocket protector! He is *such* a geek! I love it. I need to watch the episode again (without all the interruptions from the flatmate’s bf), but what I managed to hear/see I really enjoyed. I liked the bit where Sheppard kind of dissed Lorne for not having more C4, also great to see Chuck on the rescue team for a change! Absolute favourite scene, though, was Katie and the cactus – had us in stitches! Poor Rodney, though. Also, it was great that after everyone assumed Rodney caused the problem it turned out to have nothing to do with him … balanced well with everyone expecting him to fix the problem, and then having to do it themselves. Nice work!

  327. Joe, thanks so much for continously entertaining spam induced emails you write. I usually share those blogposts with my boyfriend, who also finds them highly amusing.

    Wondering here whether the lucky prize winner will be allowed his/her real life name for the 5 seconds of immortalising onscreen action?
    Just to be on the safe side I picked something silly and unpronounceable. 😛

    Greetz, I44.

  328. Have you ever read any of the ‘Bill, The Galactic Hero’ stories by Harry Harrison? I think Deathwish Drang is one of my favourite characters!


  329. From : Paul O’ Dwyer
    Hi again Mr M.,
    Greetings once more from Tipperary!
    Just checking to see if indeed the magical figure has been reached?

    Could it be that my name may grace the lips of Col Carter swooning at yet another Irishman (and given her track record of deceased boyfriends perhaps that’s the angle for the character!), or yelled in anger at a foolish technician from a cranky McKay or whispered softly by a beguiled Tey’la?

    Or dismissed haughtily by an irate Sheppard?

    Good luck to all


  330. Quarantine was another great episode. Thank goodness the strange romance between Katie and Rodney has been put to bed, so to speak. Rodney McKay in love with a BOTANIST?? I knew that would never happen.

  331. You have mentioned a few times Joss Whedon and his musical Buffy episode, he also wrote and episode where the characters spoke very little, as a writer do you think it’s a challenge or sloth to do an episode like that?

  332. This past week I got the chance to watch my Atlantis DVD’s of S3 and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed them even more than when I first saw them on TV. But, I did notice one thing that kind of grated on me starting about 6 episodes in; There are WAY too many “McKay says the day at very last minute, whining the whole time”… For once I’d love to see the team get into trouble, and out of trouble, without McKay whining. Any chance of that?

    Happily, the above is not something you notice when you’re watching weekly, but a bunch of episodes right after the other you notice things, ya know?

    I will say though, that S4 is the best season yet. Can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up for S5 (here’s hoping Carter is in 20 of the 20 episodes!)

    John aka Kosmo!

  333. Really good job on “Quarantine”. Really cheered me up.. (Such a bloody, bloody bad day!!)
    Loved the part where Radek talked in Czech (what he said was hilarious, fantastic). 😀
    Hmm, does Joe F. love golf like Sheppard?

    Well done guys!! Loved it very much!!


  334. j’ai encors regarder la video….et j’ai remarquer que vous étiez vraiment une petit comique ^^ lol

    alalal je vous adore ♥

  335. Joe Joe Joe this was such an excellent episode.

    And all the SHIP!!!!! It was a love fest. I had always thought that Ronon had a crush on Weir but I am really loving this Ronon/Keller ship.

    And Shep is going to be such a terrific father to Teyla’s baby

    I was waiting for Sam to finish her sentence with I have been around Jack O’Neill too long when she was making the joke about Zalenka’s pidgeon.

    Loved the cafeteria at the end. Season 4 is really a great ride.


    P.S. three posts in one day….I am becoming a regula Anne Teldy 🙂

  336. I’m curious as to whose absolutely inspired idea it was to have Zelenka be the one who, in the end, saved the day. Although, in the shot where he claimed to be smaller and would fit better than Sheppard, his shoulders actually appeared more broad than Sheppard’s. It was still amazing to have it be someone other than Sheppard or McKay (not that I don’t love them dearly) who came through in the clinch. Whoever came up with that deserves kudos.

    Also, RE: McKay’s mystery illness in the botany labs. I arm-chair diagnose panic attack. What do you think?

  337. I have two comments about last night’s episode (another great one, BTW):

    1) I was shouting at the screen when Teyla went out on the ledge.
    2) Keller & Ronon?!?!? REALLY???


  338. Should it matter, the name is Ali.

    *gasp* You (and the millions that read your stuff) are the first to know it!

  339. Hey Joe, just wanted to let you know that you guys did a great job with ‘Quarantine’ and I’m definately looking forward to next week’s episode!

  340. Hi Joe,

    Have you ever tried chocolate from the UK? If you have, what did you think of it?


  341. As I´m from Germany I´d like to konow something about teh german guys in Atlantis. I´ve seen them in the control room and some of them seem to be part of the security forces but I´ ve never seen any of them on a off-world mission.In fact I´ve never seen any non-american SG-team in Atlantis. Was this a decision of the producers or can I at least hope to see a german team?

  342. Just seen quarantine, and i loved the episode, especially the interaction between Keller and Ronan.

    However i have to ask, what the hell did you do to Rodney mckay? He was so panicked in this episode, the last time we saw that was in season 1’s “Hot zone”. Take a look at last weeks episode, he was captured by the wraith, and the queen was about to feed on him, and what did Rodney do, did he scream in terror, no he made a wise crack about never being picked first before.

    The character of Mckay has made so much progress over the course of 4 years in Atlantis, he went from a scared scientist, to being the person who would volunteer for missions that are life threatenting, he’s somehow managed to get himself a girlfriend, and to erase that by making him into a snivelling wreck just seems wrong.

    So i ask again, was it the writers intention to do this and ruin the character of Rodney{and his relationship with Katie} by erasing 3 years of progress?

  343. Hey Joe,
    Thanks for this blog. I’m a big lurker and a big fan. I thought I better comment so I can get a chance at this big prize! I would have posted for the dvd set but we have two complete sets already, I guess we don’t need a third! ;o)
    Loved Quarantine last night! One of my favorite episodes of the series. I loved that Mckay couldn’t do anything to help. That really made the rest of the team shine. I loved Ronon and Keller together. He made me laugh out loud a number of times! I can’t wait until next Friday. Keep up the great work. One off beat question for you. My husband wanted to go to the Creation Convention in Van, in April. Do you not like them? I noticed you said “hell no” when asked if you were attending. Just curious. Hope I win! ;o)

  344. Can you settle a little disagreement my husband and I are having? In Quarantine when Teyla climbs out onto the window ledge my husband insists that she was going to try and climb up after Sheppard, but I keep telling him that she was just looking to see if she could see him. Which is it (I’ve got Italian vs Mexican dinner riding on this)?

  345. Well, the 1 million insanity makes it night on impossible that you can actually read these all, but I wanted to drop by and give you big, big thanks for Quarantine.

    What an amazing character piece! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    (By the way, there is a shipment incoming to the studios in a couple of weeks. I hope you all enjoy it.)

  346. Last nights episode was great! good luck to who ever wins the contest!

    iTunes doesnt have it up yet to download 🙁 I cant wait to upload it to my iTV I wonder why the delay

  347. Just watched Quarantine, GREAT Episode!
    Loved the Keller/Ronon scenes. But didn’t you say(please don’t make me dig up the quote 🙂 ) that the only ship we’d get to see this season would be Katie and Rodney?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer all those questions! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  348. Happy Fantabuous Birthday .. to me! Fifty-freakin-one! Woohoo, wheee, yaya!

    To anyone who is perpetually 29, or too adult to celebrate a birthday, I say you are fools. Each day is a gift, full of light and love and laughter; be joyful, be thankful and … Party On! Our lives may be small and imperfect, but they are the only ones we get. So give yourself a gift today, hug the people you care for, family, friends, and furry furballs, for we and they are too often gone too early.

    A Very Merry Un-Birthday to each and everyone of you.

    Heck, I have my prize already, people who love me and people I love. May each of you find such joy.

    Geez, and I’m sober … Margaret C.

  349. Hey Joe, here is to hoping I win that watch. It looks awesome, and would complement the other set my wife go me a couple of years ago. I do have one question though, how does one get your autograph? Thanks!

  350. Joe, In the recent episode of atlantis, I laughed my head off with the ronan and keller scene. Terrific!! Loved it.. & the Carter scene when they took off their jackets. Funny!!
    I hope we can have more of Carter next season. Do you think Carter will return next season? Again, great episode!!

  351. Hey Joe!

    Another great episode with Quarantine. Tons of great character moments — loved them all. The ending did seem a bit…sad, though. Oh well.

    Sorry I won’t be able to participate in this month’s BOTM reviews. I have eight books to read and judge for a professional contest that will keep me quite busy the next few weeks.

    Good luck with the contest!

    WannaBe (aka Vickie)

  352. Quarantine = Be still my racing heart!! not much of a plot but EXCELLENT character episode, highlights were John/Teyla (loved the Douglas Adams reference thanxxx Carl!!!), Sam/Radek (hurray Zelenka got to be the hero take that Rodney!!), Ronon/Keller (we knew the big guy had a “thing” for women docs, can’t help but wonder if he keeps getting hurt on purpose to go visit the infirmary AND loved the Jaws reference ditto thanxxx) and last but never least Rodney/Katie (SOOO glad they didn’t get engaged AND so glad Rodney didn’t propose so that Katie could reject him- cause you know she would! god what a cheap ass ring 🙂 ) Yeah seeing Evan L. again and finally a BIG thanxxx for not killing anyone off this episode!!!!
    DD (Donna)

  353. Simply wanted to say that I loved the scene between Keller and Ronon. And I hope that it may help to silence the Keller critics. However I feel I may be slightly optimistic on that front.

    C Xx

  354. Hi Joe!

    Just another of those by this time probably very annoying Beckett-Fans writing. Just had to mentioned that along the way ;o).
    I’m just writing because I’d like a character in Stargate be named after me.
    Wouldn’t it be fun to have a character named “Sievert” in Atlantis? McKay would be freaking out as one Sievert can be deadly and all that :o)).

    Wish you all the best



    SGA has that affect on me.


  356. Hey Joe,
    Thought I’d have another shot at the post, that watch would look great on my husband, he just dropped his watch yesterday and broke the crystal – it would be good timing! (no pun intended) McKay’s sister already has my name – would you really add another character named “Jean”?
    – Jean

  357. Posting again to comment on Quarantine. That was a great episode! I really like watching the characters interact with each other one on one. Was it my imagination, or was Zelenka slightly uncomfortable with Carter in the elevator?

    And whoa! Teyla really popped out from one episode to the next. Are we to assume a fair passage of time since SOW, or was it merely that’s how much Rachel was showing when this particular episode was shot?

    Finally, the scenes of Shepard climbing the Tower were amazing! Obviously there were special effects in place there, but how much of it was “real”?

    Anyway, thanks for all the great character moments! But on an action note, will we see any repercussions of that distress beacon in the future?

  358. Joe,

    What a great episode last night . I really enjoyed the play between Zelenka and Carter. I think I’d have the look he had “Wow – I can’t believe I’m trapped in here with HER.” He looked like he had a school-boy crush on her, PLUS the admiration for her intellect. It’s a fabulous character episode. Congrats.

    If you’re ever in the Washington D.C. area, I know some of the greatest places to eat about 45 minutes west of the city. Dinner’s on me.

  359. Quarantine did not go over well at my house. My husband and teen son both walked out on it before the end. My son gave up with a “this is stupid” comment when a very pregnant Teyla stepped out on the ledge, and hubs threw up his hands during the whole Ronon and Keller gawd awful exchange about how many parties she missed, saying, “This entire episode was just to set up romances. Gag me.” I stuck with it to the bitter end, but it wasn’t one of the best scripts to come from you guys. Maybe we should have seen more about how Lorne was dealing with the problem in the control room and less of the soapy scenes that were just irritating. Speaking of Lorne – any chance we will get a Lorne-centric episode in season 5?

  360. Do you reckon there will be any Universe announcements or has the strike pushed it backed? I’m guessing we won’t see it till next year now?