I returned home from dinner last night to 120 comments awaiting my approval. 120! “Wow!”I thought. “They must’ve really loved Quarantine!” I was going to leave my own quick note suggesting you all to take the night off since I knew this blog wouldn’t be hitting 1 000 000 until Saturday, but figured it would probably go unread. After all, who in their right mind would bother wading through 200+ comments? Besides me of course.

So, who won? I’ll leave it to Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster to award the grand prize. I have some other business to get to first –

A retraction. In yesterday’s blog, I gave credit to Alex Levine for the devious Tim Tam prank. As it turns out, it was the work of one Alan McCullough. Amusingly enough, Marty G. also snagged Alex with the same gag about an hour after lunch (I glanced into the writers’ room in passing and caught a pained-looking stooped over the garbage can, spitting up bits of chocolaty pink goop. HAHAHAHAH! Good times. Good times.).

Okay, enough of my blathering. Let’s move on to the real reason you’re here. It’s time for Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster to weigh in with picks for this Sunday‘s NFL Conference match-ups…

(New England favored by 13 ½)

Cookie Monster: Chargers more battered and bruised den Grover after amateur oil wrestling night at de Fluff ‘n Tuggle Pub. Patriots no lose yet and at home. BUT – two years ago, Colts have best record in AFC and lose to Steelers in Conference Championship Game. Last year, Chargers have best record in AFC and lose to Colts in Conference Championship Game. Rule of 3 apply here. Patriots have best record in AFC and lose to Chargers in Conference Championship Game. Mebbe next year Patriots’s turn to win and upset juggernaut Miami Dolphins. Final Score: Chargers 44 Patriots 42

Baron Destructo: The Patriots continue their inexorable advance with the proficiency of an well-oiled machine – and the personality to match. Invincibility without the flash and flair? It’s equivalent to interrupting worldwide communications and announcing your plan to melt the polar ice caps sans leotards and cape. Blasphemous! Final Score: Patriots 37 Chargers 20

(Green Bay favored by 7)

Baron Destructo: I’m reminded of Disco Daredevil and Prantzy Lad’s foolish foray into Fraulein Frostbite’s icy island stronghold. This time, Green Bay offers the sub-zero reception and it will be the Giants turn to experience the deep freeze. P-P-P-Packers 28 G-G-G-Giants 17.

Cookie Monster: Packers have better offense = Advantage Packers. Giants have better coach = Advantage Giants. Packers only lose once at home all season = Advantage Packers. Giants only lose once on road all season = Advantage Giants. Packers better offense = Advantage Packers. Giants better pass rush = Advantage Giants. Packers not blue = Advantage Giants. Giants are blue = Advantage Giants. Giants have edge. Final Score: Giants 21 Packers 20.


COOKIE MONSTER: Congradulation to Anne Teldy who post at 10:03 a.m. and be first comment after one millionith visit! Enjoy watch for tell time and hit people with! Also enjoy possible red shirt charakter Anne before she be eated by carnivorus space cow!

And with another episode aired, another line from the spoiler poem stands elucidated –

“A relationship blossoms, an engagement is planned.” = Quarantine.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Namiko’s new son Kai (I assume the name Joseph was a close second).

Okay, I’m going to attempt to answer a few of yesterday’s questions –

Jen Kirk writes: “Besides eat, what else did you see and do in Hong Kong?”

Answer: Check out my early December 2006 blog entries for all the spellbinding details.

Archersangel writes: “while people are asking questions about the episode 200, i have a few of my own;

1. who’s idea was the star trek bit?

2. who wrote the line about audiences responding to quality entertainment?

3. who had the idea to use the asimov (i think that’s who it was) quote at the end?”

Answers: 1. Brad Wright. 2. Robert Cooper. 3. Brad Wright.

WarmBeachBrat writes: “Do you ever read Golden Age Science Fiction? You know, Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Sturgeon, etc.?”

Answer: Yep. I try to get in an even mix. Read Clarke’s Childhood’s End and Fountains of Paradise late last year, Asimov’s Foundation weeks ago. Heilein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is one of my favorite classics. And I have plenty of Sturgeon on my to-read list.

WarmBeachBrat also writes: “What (where?) is the best chocolate store in the Vancouver area?”

Answer: Depends what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a wide selection of exotic chocolate bars, look no further than Monde Chocolat (2391 Burrard Street). If you’re looking for delectable handmade chocolates and exotic hot chocolate drinks, look no further than Chocoatl, 1127 Mainland, in Yaletown.

Pauline writes: “Joe when you wrote for Paddington Bear did you have to change anything so it would appeal to Canadian children or was it true to Michael Bond’s writing?”

Answer: I met Michael Bond and his wife several times during the development of the animated series. They were a lovely couple and he is a warm and very funny guy. He was very pleased with the show bible as it remained true to the original source material. He also read and approved every script during the production run. The show was created for the international market, so there was never an attempt to tailor the series to a particular audience.

Patricia writes: “I am soooooooo sad to hear that you won’t be attending the Creation Convention. Is there a reason why you said… “hell no”… don’t you like those events?”

Answer: I look forward to reading your honest opinion of the event.

Joyce writes: “Hi Joe, I was wondering… when the SGA cast was chosen, were the main characters mostly chosen through auditions, or did you (meaning the head execs for SGA) have some of the actors in mind already?”

Answer: The casting was a long and often arduous process. I remember that one of the first roles cast was that of Dr. Beckett. Weir followed soon after. The characters of Sheppard and Teyla proved quite a challenge for most of the actors who auditioned. It took a while, but we finally found the right people for both roles. But that was nothing compared to our attempts to find the right person to play the role of the team scientist. After countless auditions and production fast-approaching, Robert Cooper had the brilliant idea of using an established SG-1 character instead: Carter’s arrogant, annoying, yet some lovable rival, Dr. Rodney McKay. Rob gets a gold star for that one.

Patricia writes: “Listening to the antics of Lulu, have you ever considered dog obedience school?”

Answer: I’m all for it, provided I don’t have to attend as well.

Valerie writes: “Did you end up reading Alas, Babylon?”

Answer: Yes. Great book. Do a search of this blog to find my review.

Sam writes: “Do you find writing a blog helps keep your writing skills up during the breaks?”

Answer: That’s the main reason I force myself to update this blog daily.

162 thoughts on “January 19, 2008: And the winner is…

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ANN TELDY! Can we see pictures of you with the watch when you get it please Ann?

  2. congrats to Anne Teldy!

    and thanks for answering my questions about 200. it is a nice consolation prize

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to ANNE!!!!!!!! I’ll be sitting in front of tv or comp screen and let out a loud Wohooo when your charrie appears on screen!
    Lots of chocolate for the winner’s party! 😀

  4. ANNE – you dog 🙂 congrats. Woo hoo. Are you just happy dancin’ all over or what!

    Go Pack! Wams352

  5. Hee! Congratulations, Anne!

    It’s equivalent to interrupting worldwide communications and announcing your plan to melt the polar ice caps sans leotards and cape.

    So, um, this announcement would be made naked, then? 🙂

  6. Aw, yay for Anne! I can’t wait for the cows personally, there just aren’t enough animals for such rural planets.

  7. Congrats to you, Anne Teldy!!!!! Enjoy the watch and I look forward to hearing your name! Can’t say I’m not jealous, but being as I’ve already won one of his prizes, how greedy can I be? 🙂

    Sam writes: “Do you find writing a blog helps keep your writing skills up during the breaks?”

    Answer: That’s the main reason I force myself to update this blog daily.

    What?!? You mean you don’t do it for the great company and conversation? I’m hurt.


  8. CONGRATULATIONS to ANNE! See I told you so… Send many pic’s of you wearing the watch! We all will be waiting to see your smiling face!

    Patricia Lee

  9. WOW! that was quick, I only just posted my comment how COOL is that? AND I get first comment which is even MORE cool!

    I saw I Am Legend today and I surprised myself by actually enjoying it, its been some years since I read the book and now I must get back in the attic and dig it out in order to compare. I must admit though to being drawn to the “sole survivor” of catclysmic events and remember reading “Day of the Triffids” when I was 12 and being totally blown away by it to the extent that I made detailed plans of what I would do when armageddon finally happened be it in the form of nuclear war, man eating turnips or terminal influenza…I think I still have them somewhere… I don’t think I want to know what that says about me, LOL.

  10. Congratulations Anne

    But I must admit to being a bad loser. I wanted one of the turtles to be named after me. Bah! If I win the lottery I will just have to try and bribe Joe instead.

  11. Joe,
    Thanks for answering my Q…. I think?
    The Creation Event tickets are non-refundable…otherwise I’d probably cancel now based on your cryptic answer! If any one wants to buy these from me let me know. Otherwise I’ll go and be happy to critic the event; however, it being my first time at such an event, I won’t have anything to compare it to. Darn it… all the excitement has now gone out of my anticipation for my first vacation in 5 years…. I’m sad… Ah Humbug! 🙁 ;-(


  12. Aw, congrats to Anne Teldy! Very happy for you!
    Joe, you must be so glad that the volume of comments will drop off again … I’ve been reading each and every one (in a sense of solidarity with you), and it’s been exhausting!

    Oh, for the quiet days 😉


  13. Hey, Joe. I’ve actually had a thought about something I read recently. It’s been really hard to find a way to ask this without it getting to be too long of a comment and such, so I’ve been thinking on this for a few days.

    I also apologize if someone’s asked you about this already.

    There’s been a big legal scuffle with J.K. Rowling and RDR Books over someone having a lexicon/encyclopedia being published without her authorization and such.

    But when she filed her injunction, one of the complaints listed in it is: “A rule against JKR/WB would harm the fan community by ‘necessitating more monitoring and restriction of fan activity by copyright owners afraid of compromising their rights against infringers.'”

    I was just curious on your take for this. If this sort of thing /does/ happen- and since you’re on the production side of a series that has a community of fanfic writers and such, do you see that sort of thing happening on the legal side? I’m not much of a Harry Potter fan, personally, but after reading that, I became curious. I’ve not been on that side of the deal, and figured I could ask someone who is.

  14. Congratulations Anne. If I were you I’d be smiling from ear to ear. Look forward to seeing where you’re name will show up in series 5 😉

    Joe, I loved ‘quarantine’. I had a comment all lined up about “would we get to see some of the minor characters get a focused episode i.e. Lorne, Chuck, Keller and Zelenka. Maybe they could save the team in a ‘the other guys style episode'”.

    …but after seeing ‘quarantine’ I think my wishes were fulfilled.

    Thank you for using your magical psychic powers to make the very episode I was dreaming of 😛


    May your watch tell time perfectly until the end of said time, and may it batter more skulls than Sean Penn’s Oscar!

    May your red shirt character’s upbeat attitude, her undying lust for Colonel Sheppard, and her prompt, disgusting, illogical, and R-rated death initiate a “SAVE ANNE TELDY!!” Fan campaign, and may she be brought back in a future 2-parter, to the fans’ great delight!

    It’s awesome that every winner so far has been Blog Regulars. It’s much more fun that way. 😉

    Emily Said:
    Congrats to you, Anne Teldy!!!!! Enjoy the watch and I look forward to hearing your name! Can’t say I’m not jealous, but being as I’ve already won one of his prizes, how greedy can I be?

    (bold mine)

    Are you implying something? 😛

  16. Hehe, I’m still buzzing for you Anne!

    I’m just imagining PG-15 with a red and blistered face because he has been drying his tears with some toxic flocking. Heh, nah. He has been a good sport. *ducks and runs*

    So, now that things are getting back to normal, what’s your verdict on choco chilli tea… would you try it Joe?

  17. Anne Teldy congratulations on winning, you deserve it you kept me amused with all your posts,well done babe.

    Joe was that a record for posts on this blog?

    Now how can you top that for the 2,000,000!!!


  18. Haha, I just realised what a whiny wee thing I sound like… Why have I asked about something as trivial as chocolate chilli tea 3 days in a row? Uh… I’ll just blame it on the painkillers. And my twisty bone.

  19. [stares at screen; thinks to self]
    😯 I won? 😯

    [rereads announcement; thinks:]

    ❗ I did ❗

    [tears up]

    I won.

    [Mom looks up sharply]


    😆 I won!!! 😆

    [grabs phone and calls every single person she’s ever met in her life]

    [realizes she hasn’t posted a thank you.]

    I honestly can’t believe this. Thanks, Mr. M.! (The cash is on its way. Tens and twenties like we agreed.)

    All kidding aside, this means more than I can possible convey in words. As I posted in one of my gabillion comments, I’m housebound and don’t have much to get excited about. Stargate Atlantis is the first thing in a long while that has “got my juices flowing” as my grandmother used to say.

    It also got me wanting to interact with others. The regular commenters here, as well as yourself, Mr. M., have such great senses of humor that I get a laugh every time I come to the blog. It made me want to be a part of it, something that’s been quite alien to me lately.

    Thank you again, Mr. M. Whether she’s eaten by space cows, killed by Sheppard in his stick-fighting episode, or dies of poor hygiene due to the lack of bathing facilities in Atlantis, I’m sure you’ll write a memorable death scene for my namesake.

    Anne Teldy
    PS: Please hold off shipping the watch until I get the floor reinforced.

  20. Congratulations Anne! 😀

    I know I haven’t posted here enough for y’all to know me, but from reading so many of your posts, I’d say it’s well-deserved 🙂

    And it will be fun hearing your name in whatever episode it is :=)

    Eric F.

  21. Woo-hoo!!
    Sincere congratulations to Anne Teldy! I look forward to recognizing your name immortalized on SGA in future times. Gee, something to tell future generations of Teldy’s!

    So, what’s everyone else doing as the footballs fly this Sunday? I’m hitting the shops and adding to my personal debt load, and you? No football lover here thank you.

    Oh, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting SGA Friday to once again arrive with my SheppardRodneyLorneTeylaRononKellerGenii fix, titled “Harmony”.

    Carol Z
    New Jersey, USA, Earth
    Hoping that the real life political soap opera would swallow itself and be done with it…

  22. Hey Joe,

    I just thought of a way you can help to cheer me up! Not that you would really even want to pretend to care, but on the off chance you are the magnanimous person I envision you to be… (Okay enough of the sucking up!) Here goes… when I go on the tour of the Stargate Sg-1 & Stargate Atlantis Sets at Bridges Studio’s on April 5th, hosted by N. John Smith, will you come down and say hello to me…PLEASSSSSE?. If so, I’ll let you know the time my tour group will be in the area. That would be a small thing to do to brighten my day considerably! What do you think…is that even doable? Do you ever go into the studio on Saturday’s… maybe you’d make a special trip or plan to be there because big time fans of your BLOG will be there? Who knows, may be you’ll even schedule yourself to record some behind the scenes commentary that day… April 5th, 2008!

    Greatly anticipating you answer if you plan that far ahead!



    Anne – I just read your comment about winning and it was so sweet and lovely, I’m sure I had a goofy happy smile on my face. We’ll all be cheering when your character appears!

    Three cheers for Anne! Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip HURRAH!

    (Joe – I confess, I’m glad the one millionth visit has come and gone. It was stressful! But at least it kept me entertained through a long arduous Saturday at the library! Thanks for that!)

  24. I have been known more than once to go through back entries (of this blog and many others) and read every single comment. I figured this was not that abnormal.

  25. To Patricia: Don’t despair quite so much. 🙂 I’ve been to many Creation cons, and I think as a fan you’ll have a pretty good time. The cons are well organized, and you’ll get everything promised you in terms of talks, autographs, etc (assuming actors don’t cancel).

    What you won’t get is lots of personal time with any of the guests; Creation sticks exactly to contract there. I think even if some actors would like to hang out more with fans, the set-up doesn’t allow for it — talks are precisely 1 hour (or whatever), autograph and photo lines are moved along really fast, and the breakfast/dinner things are all timed out to so many minutes per table as well. You feel a bit like cattle from that viewpoint.

    BUT, the talks are really fun — the actors put their all into them and there are many laughs. Sadly Creation doesn’t give a lot of emphasis to production people (directors, producers, etc). You’ll find they’ll invite a long-dead Goa’uld actor ahead of a current writer, which makes no sense to me and frankly leads to sad, awkward talks where what you learn most is how many actors don’t have steady work.

    Vacation-wise, Vancouver is an awesome city, and you should have some hours here and there to go explore, while Creation is doing their trivia contest. Plus if you’re getting a set tour — woo-hoo!

    So, that’s from a fan’s perspective, which of course is different from Joe’s. 🙂

    Michelle (who was off by only 23 minutes on the 1e6!)

  26. Congratulations Anne Teldy!!!!!!! You’ll have to post some pics of you and the watch!!! That’s assuming you can lift your arm up high enough to get a picture…or you can lift your arm up at all! Here’s hoping!

  27. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, crowd goes wild. Congrats Anne! I was thinking last night of the dedicated bloggers who it would be nice to see win, so seeing that it was you brought a smile to my face 🙂
    And now knowing that Joe only blogs for practice, I’ll go and sulk now 🙁 But I’ll watch Quarantine tonight and I’ll feel better.
    This is for you Anne: ~ Narelle from Aus

  28. Thank you Michele (astrumporta), my despair is not as deep now that I’ve read your post. Thank you for taking the time to write!

    And Anne! My eyes watered up reading your grateful acceptance post! You need to start writing for the award shows… they need your help! Congratulations again! Have a blast! You deserve it!



    PATRICIA, I have been to a few Creation events, since they are the only ones really held on the East Coast. As a previous poster said: You can feel like cattle. Things are pretty strict, but you’ll have a great time interacting with other fans. Another thing is the cost of everything, they pretty much charge for everything. I was very disappointed in the vendors. They will only allow Creation merchandise and vendors, and sometimes that’s slim pickens….I, believe, that much dislike for Creation is caused by the fact that they push fan based cons out. They pretty much have a monopoly on cons. If an actor signs to do a Creation con, they cannot do another con in the vicinity of the Creation con (That’s what I heard) Also as the previous poster said, they do not invite behind the scenes people. I really wanted to get to Gatecon at some point and even got my passport 2 summers ago, so I could go. But I got a chance to go to San Diego with a friend and went there instead. I hope some day to get back to San Diego to go to Comic Con or maybe to Atlanta to go to Dragon Con. Sorry this is so long. Enjoy it for what it is, there will be lots of fans there and you get to go on a set tour – how cool is that!!!

  30. Hi Joe –

    I’m assuming my questions yesterday on ‘Quarantine’ got lost in the vast multitudes of posts so I’ll ask once more.
    1) Who’s idea was very suggestive looking Rodney plant?
    2) Were Zelenka’s Czech lines scripted or ad lib? And what was he saying?

    Congrats to Anne Teldy!

    I was just settling in to watch the ep when you posted your winning comment – you must be on the east coast? I hope your character gets a more spectacular death than being eaten by a space cow!!!! I’m looking forward to a pic of you and the gynormous watch …

  31. Thank you too Gracey! All the info is greatly appreciated. But now I really wish I had held out for the COMIC CON… I watched all the videos on line from those events and made a bad assumption that this event would be similar. But all-in-all I have to grateful for even having the time and money for this up-coming trip and you are right… the set tour will be the saving grace! You & Michele rock for posting such nice encouraging comments…

    Gratefully, Patricia

  32. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Anne Teldy!!!!

    Wow! over 600 posts in your last entry. I usually like to read all the posts – but over 600. Uhm..I don’t think so.

    I hope Cookie Monster is right about the Giants beating the Packers; however 21-20 is waaay to close of a game for me. I’d be a total basket case by the time the game finished. I really, really hope that they win though.

    Enjoyed last nights episode, Joe. Like I’ve said before, character moments have always been my favorite. I loved the scenes between Sam and Zelenka. And it was great to see Zelenka save the day. Loved that.

    I’d also like to add – how thrilled I am that the line from the poem for this episode ISN’T “Call the Dr. from earth to help us take action.” Still hope it’s for Daniel in season 5.

    Take care,

  33. Congratulations Anne Teldy!!! Looking forward to see your character in season 5! 🙂

  34. Whoa.. my heart skipped a beat as I scrolled down and saw the letters A…then n….then….n… aaaaach an E. *sniff*

    CONGRATS ANNE!!! (glad it’s a reg ssh). May your watch (really it’s a weapon) give you much joy. Hope you don’t end up looking like that dude in “Lady in the Water” who built up only one arm lol and yep, agreed, get that floor reinforced.

    Well! Watched Quarantine and er… man the shippers are going to be in full squee mode with this one. I didn’t expect the scene between Ronon and Keller at all. I must have swallowed about 4 flies until I realised my mouth was as wide open as the gate itself.

    Well done on touching the characters more. *Cries for Rodney*.

    *prepares for the 1,250,000th visit*

  35. Oh yeah and that reminds me… Katie’s a lil minx huh? Stroking the cactus of Rodney’s namesake so suggestively saying she gave it extra TLC and watched it get ‘bigger….and bigger…”.

    You saucy lot.

  36. Firstly…Congrats Anne Teldy!!! 🙂

    Secondly…Joe? I LOVED Quarantine. Too many cool moments but here are a few:

    *Jen and Ronon. Not only sweet but cute and hot at the same time. 🙂

    *Pigeons! Nuff said.

    *42…and Teyla’s reaction…priceless.

    *Sam geeking it up again…with RADEK!!! And RADEK SAVING THE DAY!!!

    Oh yes…my SGA luv is strong. <3

  37. Congratulations Anne Teldy! I was prepared to deal with the inevitable envy, but your acceptence post, as it were, drained away any resentments I might have felt. And I have to say I’m relieved that the contest is over, so that the comments can drop back to a more reasonable level. Much as I love this site, I do have a few other things to do beside wading through 300+ comments. I’m hoping Baron Destructo and Cookie Monster are both 50% correct. May actually indulge in watching the game,even though I’m not working. And the next three weeks I’m dreading. My work cycle lands me on Fridays, so it will be hit or miss on seeing the next few episodes. on the plus side, I’m off when Kindred and Last Man airs.. anyways, thanks for three mailbags in a row. And old age is catching up to me. I had several questions after watching Quarantine the second time last night, but my mind has blanked out. so no questions from me for the day.

  38. Ooohhh… let’s give Anne some distinctive features and see if we can bully Joe into personalizing her for us. Hmmm…

    Anne, if you could have any actor in the world playing you, who would it be?

  39. Ahhh!!! The entry is gone!!

    What’s happened?! Did Baron Destructo initiate his new plan of evil?! We must stop him!!

  40. Congrats, Anne! Your thank-you post was reminiscent of Quarantine: both funny and touching, warmly and skilfully written, and highly memorable. – It’ll be wonderful to enjoy your 15 minutes vicariously, so I hope when that time comes, you’ll give us a thorough write-up of just what it feels like to be immortalized on SG: Atlantis.

    PS: Nice new timepiece! “Please hold off shipping the watch until I get the floor reinforced,” LOL. 😀

  41. Congratulations Anne Teldy! You should propably invent a Kata for your watch (any weapon worth it’s weight needs a suitable Kata). A Kata (it’s a Martial Arts thing) is a set of movements (strikes, blocks, kicks, etc.). For instance, the first part of Ichi Heian (the first Kata in the type of Martial Arts I study) is: opening sequence, punch over, pull back with hands crossed, step back, turn into left forward stance, left downward block, punch with right, kata cat stance, right forward, left punch, right punch, punch over, pull back, look over shoulder, proceed to second side (part). Of course this is an open-hand (no weapons) Kata, so this probably isn’t too much help. Anywhoo, again, congratulations.

  42. Anne Teldy wrote:

    “As per Martin Wood in the commentary: Ford was in the co-pilot’s seat. Anyone, gene or not, can dial the gate. On departure, the jumpers go on automatic from the jumper bay to the gate and, on return, the jumper again goes into automatic when it comes through to the gateroom. Thus, ford was able to dial the gate using the jumper even though he couldn’t fly it.”

    I hope that he didn’t dial a space gate… I guess this also means that the jumper came through the gate and immediately plopped onto the ground. Then, when Shep and company came after them, the opening wormhole “whoosh” ate in to half of the jumper… Opps.

    A HUGE CONGRATS to you on the win! Maybe your character can be a former, um, associate of Sheppard and Lorne, and the three of them met on a daring rescue op of Dr. Mallozzi, author of “Latin for the Novice.”

    Thanks for the answer.


  43. WOOO congratulations to Anne Teldy! 🙂 Very cool indeed. 🙂

    My wrist would be far too small for that watch anyway. 😉 It’d become a projectile weapon if I ever took a swing at someone with it on my wrist. 😉

    And I do agree that it’s cool a regular has won the prize. 🙂

    Aside from that…I’m with you, Joe, ANYONE but the Patriots!

  44. Hey Joe, I leave for Fremantle tonight/morning at about 4am…May I please have your fantastic blog dedicated to none other than ‘The.Crayon.Gangsta’ my alter-ego or ‘Josh Meyers'(my real name).Please Joe?? I feel so left

  45. Mebbe next year Patriots’ turn to win and upset juggernaut Miami Dolphins. Final Score: Chargers 44 Patriots 42

    Grrrr. For that remark, I hope that CTW puts Cookie on fake-chocolate chip cookies and powdered milk until he learns to leave the snark to Oscar the Grouch.

    Yeah, yeah, going from a 1-15 record to conference powerhouse isn’t so likely. But the 1972 Dolphins remain a juggernaut for many “old school” types who just refuse to accept the superiority of any other team. It is precisely those stubborn skeptics I seek to silence via the Patriots’ stellar ascendance. If only the Pats can get that “no losses” season, I don’t care if Bill Belichick’s penalty of losing prime draft choices triggers NE’s descent into the maelstrom. Time for someone else to have a dynastic period.

    I’m reminded of Disco Daredevil and Prantzy Lad’s foolish foray into Fraulein Frostbite’s icy island stronghold. Haha. It veritably trips off the tongue. (And what a silly scenario.) *g* I’m sure the fraulein is laughing.

    – Still feelin’ the love for Zelenka not only being the hero, but for having a stylin’ new do as well. – Also, I finally got to watch your vid on Stargate-MGM, and really enjoyed that “day in the life” look at what you (sort of) do. Besides looking for your chair. Very, very funny, but what else would one expect?

  46. The Crayon Gangster is an original creation of mine.
    After seeing an old 50/60’s movie about the guys with the cigarette packs up their short-sleeves, I came across my sister’s Crayon pack.
    Roughly about the same size as a cigarette pack, they are stuffed in my white short-sleeved 50’s gangster shirt. Hens forth, The.Crayon.Gangster was born.

  47. Are there any jobs going in L.A.M.E?
    I know Baron has his hands full…since he is the acting president and has others trying to knock him off for the position. However, If he needs any number of underage Hench-men or suicide servo-bitch-slappers, let me know please.

  48. OMEDETOU, Anne Teldy!! 😀 I got to see the watch at Dragon*Con — it really is very snazzy, you’ll love it! *HUGS*

    Can’t wait until “Harmony”! Yay for John/Rodney time! *dances*

    Okay, I guess I better go work on the column now.


    PS ~ to anyone who was looking forward to the animated DragonLance movie — I just watched it tonight, and it was, at least to my mind, a terrible disappointment. The only thing that made me happy was that Jason Marsden was the voice of Tasselhoff Burrfoot — I always felt he would be perfect for the part. But I really wish they had done it live-action, and that James Marsters would have played Raist. (Margaret Weis herself wanted him in the role!) Keifer Sutherland was truly *awful* as the voice of Raist, I’m sorry. *sigh*

  49. Mr. M.,

    Would you mind terribly if I quote your contest and winner announcements and ‘borrow’ the watch pictures for my own blog?

    Anne Teldy

  50. Ok while we’re on the topic of 200, who actually wrote which scenes. I was hoping the audio commentaries would tell us but it didn’t, while we’re here could you say who wrote which scenes? Cheers.

  51. So there are cows in space?

    Also: finally got to see last night’s episode and am thrilled that the McKay/Brown romance is finally closed and over with (I also really don’t think that it deserves to be called a romance, but there ya go). I’m very hesitant about the Ronon/Keller thing and am really waiting for hoping for a (however brief) Carter/Zelenka fling.

    I was a little shocked at how ‘out there’ Katie’s motions towards the Rodney plant were. Well, not a little. A lot. Not that I minded, I just thought that it was a bit more mature insinuating than we’ve seen on the show so far.

    I thought that it was a bit of a stretch to say that John (who is tall and in excellent shape) couldn’t fit through the vents but that Zelenka, (whom I love and) who is shorter and a little rounder around the middle, could. Don’t get me wrong; I’m thrilled that he got to save the day. I just thought it was a stretch.


  52. Also?

    The self-destruct only went off when John broke into the control room and not when he broke out of Rodney’s lab?

    Because, of course, Atlantis would want to stop people from coming in, but not stop them from getting out?

    *is confused*

  53. congrats to AnneTeldy! Your reply post was the funniest thing I read all day, thanks for the laugh!

  54. While we are all envious, it’s great to see so many congratulations for Anne. Nice bunch of people you’ve managed to pull together here Joe 🙂
    So to Anne, during your character’s stint on Stargate:
    ~ May you have a whumping stick fighting session with Shep in the sparring room – once you get him to the ground it’s up to you what you decide to do with him
    ~ May you come up with a last minute brilliant idea before McKay to save the day
    ~ May you diagnose a life threatening virus that could have potentially wiped out Atlantis just in time
    ~ May you have a scene which is a witty dig to a certain writer/EP that we won’t mention that will make us all laugh
    ~ And may your character have a death (even if it is by Space Cow) that has us all welling up with pride that you sacrificed yourself for the rest of the team.

    ~Narelle from Aus

  55. Congrats to you, Anne Teldy!!
    Hi Joe!
    The next week will be the Pegasus 3 Con, in London.
    Torri will be there, so I was wondering:
    Will she be able to give us any good news about her character???

  56. Ah, as usual, my timing is entirely off. Congrats to Anne!

    Since your comments have died down, I’ve got a question about Quarantine. First off, I truly enjoyed the ep. One of my favorites of the season.

    I was wondering though, way back when, you mentioned TPTB were looking to make McKay a dad before you found out about Rachel’s pregnancy. While I’m not jumping to conclusions one way or another, I’ll admit that ending scene between McKay and Katie looked rather final. When was the Quarantine storyline planned out–specifically the bit between McKay and Katie? If not for Rachel’s pregnancy, would such a scene where Katie has to deal with Rodney’s more…abrasive, doom-and-gloom side have happened? Would the outcome have been the same? I typically hate to delve into the hypothetical with TV shows, as it often creates dissatisfaction, I’m very curious on this particular theme.

  57. Many congratulations Anne, exceedingly well deserved 🙂

    I’m desperate to get back home and catch up on Atlantis.. the temptation to read Quarantine reviews is overwhelming! *twitches*

    Joe, I recall you reviewing Mirror, Mirror, but have you read Wicked?


  58. Congratulations to Anne Teldy. I’ve been reading this blog since last year and figured “millionth post” would be a fine time to join in. Ah well, there’s always Two Millionth post. I wish my blog was as entertaining as ths one is. Thanks Joe….and everyone that posts here!

  59. Congratulations, Anne Teldy!

    I’m glad a regular poster won instead of one of those who decided to post for the first time because of the contest. You should do some curls to strengthen your arm in preparation for your watch. Lol. Hope Joe writes an intro/ending fitting for you. Too bad we have to wait until S5 to see it play out. Something to look forward to I guess.

  60. Congrats, Anne! If I’d realized this character might get to be eaten by a space cow, or maybe even sucked dry by a Wraith, I might have tried to send in a few dozen postings before I went to work. But it was an honor to be bested by such a dedicated poster as yourself. How cool would that be to have your name on a character who dies a tragic sci-fi death?!? Being yelled at by McKay would be pretty cool, too. Ooooh, the possibilities are endless!

  61. First, my congratulations to Anne Teldy, she seems a very deserving winner.
    As you had over 600 posts yesterday I’m not surprised my question wasn’t picked but I’m realy curious so I ask again
    Will you (Canadian writers) get the benefits of the WGA strike regarding dvd residuals , new media etc. when it’s resolved? Thanks
    (oh and maybe you could include Jaffacakes in the Atlantis menu, they are very tasty 😉 )

  62. Just a quick note – I loved Quarintine. It was so good to see the characters interact like that!

  63. Just finished Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic. The first one wasn’t so great in my opinion, but I really liked the second. Hopefully I’ll have time to start on Equal Rites soon.

    Anyways, on a book-related question, what were the best and worst books you were required to read for school?

  64. I have to agree with others regarding the cactus, what was up with that? I’m going to assume that fandom has given me a dirty mind…

  65. Doing the happy dance…for Anne…in the snow…in Virginia…on the east coast…next to the ocean…where it never snows, for crying out loud! Oh wait, it’s not about me.

    Congrats, Anne, really. Drinks are on Joe!

  66. Hmm, now that all the hub-bub with winning things is over maybe it is safe to comment again. I did not want to get lost in the crowd.

    Next time you talk to Carl Binder, tell him he is my new hero for his awesomeness with Quarantine. (For that matter, everybody else who helped make Quarantine awesome, which I suspect was most of the writers room, is also my hero. This episode was amazing.)

    I like television because it is a format that allows for allowing characters to shine and have a depth that keeps growing. Quarantine is an excellent example of character building at its best. I had fun watching everybody doing things a little bit different. Having John and Teyla trapped in the lab and being Smart (instead of just the cocky pilot and the pretty girl that can kick your ass) was like a breath of fresh air. Having Ronon and Keller get to know each other a little better was sweet. I really think it helped to explain her and I know if I were here, having that time to find someone to “fit in” with would be helpful. Having Rodney and Katie being trapped together was actually a little sad (so many ways that situation can go, and Rodney’s pessimism has to shine through). But it is what we expect of Rodney.

    Oh. And, before this season, although I am an avid fan of SG1, I was not crazy about Sam. But the things you (the writers and producers and actors) have done with her in Atlantis has made me appreciate her more throughout both series. I was worried about her transition from one show to the other, but I like her in Atlantis.

    For being a “bottle” show this one ranks high among my favorites of all the Atlantis episodes. Really the whole team excels at making the season progressively get better and better (I keep thinking, there are SEVEN episodes left to blow my mind away…what am I going to do?) and I am always surprised by the episodes I know very little about. I hope (and firmly believe that you can) all of you make season five even better than season four. I will be happy with a crazy making 100th episode instead of a funny one because the story of Atlantis and her new inhabitants that you are weaving is just as good as any of the books I have read in the past few years.

    This is what I expect of all of my television shows, and hardly any of them live up to what Atlantis gives me every week.

  67. Congratulations, Anne Teldy! Those are some cool prizes.

    And, really, Mr. Mallozzi, I thought you maintained this blog because you enjoyed our scintillating conversation.

  68. I was just curious, in a previous season where the SG1 team visit the moon ruled by Sokar to rescue Sams dad, the Tok’ra used a moon/planet destroying weapon.

    Why was such a weapon never used again in Atlantis?

    Don’t get me wrong, i loved the huge blob thing that the replicators formed

    that had me thinking holy crap this show is even more awesome then before, but curious, do elements like the Tok’ra exist still in the SG universe.

    I am like. having one of those days where i just forget stuff

  69. Congratulations to you Anne, not just for winning but for that fabulous acceptance speech. 🙂

  70. Congrats, Anne!!!

    Joe, you mentioned some time back that you have favorite APODs on your desktop. I love the site and have about 100 photos cycling as my work screensaver. Try http://www.cosmotography.com as well. The owner, Jay, sends out the occasional link to a new photo along with a detailed description of the object. They are all stunning and worth getting.

  71. Glad to see that a “regular” vs. “fly by nite” won.
    Congrats Anne I hope your character dies spectacularly.
    (back to being just) DD

  72. I just wanted to pop back in after watching Quarantine. (I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to watch it last night) I’ve been looking forward to this one quite a bit – I like the “people episodes” a lot. This one was everything I hoped for.. yey.

    Though I was a bit lost with what was happening with Teyla towards the end…?

    I was really glad to see more of Sam. I was stoked to hear she was going to join SGA, and then mostly this season she’s been in hiding. I understand much of “why”, but it still just kept me wishing for more Sam. This was great, and pairing her with Radek was great. The more I see with Radek the more I adore him. 🙂

    so yes! thank you all for such a great way to spend my evening. 🙂

  73. Hey Joe,

    Just wanted to leave a quick comment to say I really, really enjoyed “Quarantine.” My friends and I all universally enjoyed the character development and exploration, and agree that there was just enough action/plot going on to drive the episode forward, but other than that it was just talking, and I know just talking can sometimes be hard to do and make an episode push forward, but I thought it was splendid.

    I was surprised to find I liked Keller and Ronon together, is that something we’ll see more of in the episodes to come, or was this a one time flight of fancy? Similarly, is it over for Katie and Rodney? You gotta feel for the guy, he’s clearly not programmed for human interaction, but he’s REALLY trying, and didn’t seem to get the credit for honest introspetion and really taking Katie’s feeling into account. I hope there’s a future for them.

    Great episode! I hope we see more just like it in the future.

  74. Congrats, Anne! Totally great for you. Even though I’m pea green with envy…you deserve it! 🙂

    Loved Quarantine. Good strong episode with some great character interactions. Loved Zalenka in this a whole lot. He was just great.

    I had no idea that my fear of heights could be felt so strongly as they were last night. I squirmed through that whole thing with John’s crawling up the tower. How was that filmed?

  75. The prize for post number 1,250,000 – maybe the winner can pick how the character dies.

    ***Crushed to death in a big bear hug by Ronon?

    ***Talked to death by Rodney?

    ***Wraithed to death?

    ***Bitten by Mars the Wraithdog?

    My mind has gone blank – too early in the morning for me (0520 am).

  76. I must add my congratulations, too, Anne Teldy! I can’t think of a more deserving winner. And when I hear your character’s name mentioned on Atlantis, I can say, “Hey, I know her!”(sort of, almost).


  77. Something just occured to me.

    Keller pointed out that Ronon was getting hurt all the time. Was Ronon purposefully getting himself hurt so that he would have excuses to go see Keller??

    If so … that’s so cute!! 😀 (And I feel a bit thick for not having realised it before. And if it’s not true, then I feel silly for reading too much into it! XD)


  78. And, really, Mr. Mallozzi, I thought you maintained this blog because you enjoyed our scintillating conversation.

    I second that…. *sniff*

  79. Congratulations, Anne Teldy! I’m looking forward to seeing your character on the show. Hopefully McKay will yell at you (and you give him sass right back) rather than you being eaten by a space cow (lord, what an ignominious end that would be).

    Joe, I don’t know if you were able to read my question from yesterday or not, so I’m going to ask it again. Since you’re a fan of Star Trek the original series, have you read many (any?) of the novelizations? If not, I would highly recommend “My Enemy, My Ally” by Diane Duane and “Time for Yesterday” and “Yesterday’s Son” by A.C. Crispin.

    Also, that copy of “Wizard for Hire” will be on it’s way some time this week (whenever I head into town to run errands).

  80. Patricia,

    Regarding Cremation…er, Creation conventions, I prefer to avoid them. They’ve been known to be downright rude to some of the actors who have portrayed minor characters (this at one of their Lord of the Rings conventions) and they tend to herd the guests like cattle. I think it would definitely be worth it go to their big Gate Con in Vancouver, however, just to be able to tour the sets. I hope you share pictures of some of the cool stuff you’ll see if you’re taking the tour! I considered getting a ticket just for the Saturday set tour and driving up for that, but it just isn’t within the budget. :-p Creation events are also prohibitively expensive.

  81. I’ve checked in on your blog before, but my first time leaving a comment. I have enjoyed the current season of SGA a great deal. This is the first season that I have thought everything was working in the series. I absolutely love the addition of Amanda Tapping to the cast. I just think she’s great. Quarantine was a really nice episode. I always like it when the characters are together and talking to each other. I enjoy the action moments as well, but its the character moments that have compelled me to watch SG1 and SGA going on 8 years now. Keep up the good work!!

  82. I still have a packet of the Pink Tim tams sitting in my fridge- they have remained unopened since April 2006- I’m guessing you guys liked them just as much as I did. I Hope Sel sent you the double coat chocolate variety, and the Dark Chocolate variety- they never last much longer than 20 mins in my house.

    *craves Tim Tams* Guess I am off to the shops!


  83. If you guys wanted Ronon to have a girlfriend, why did you kill Beckett for it? Keller could have been some recurring doc/scientist, ala Katie Brown, and it would have worked fine. I can’t stand Keller knowing she is just there as a MarySue for Ronon. Bah.

  84. Congratulations Anne!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
    When I saw that you won it, I smiled!!!!! YAY!!!!!

    I managed to see Quarantine tonight. I thought it was a fantastic episode. It still does not beat Doppelganger or Tabula Rasa for me, but a great episode none the less.
    When Zelenka fell through the ceiling I laughed, but when he was pulling the switches, and I saw the scene in the infirmary, I was shouting “NOT YET RADEK!!!” HA!

    I enjoyed the interactions between the “pairs” and a little tiny insight into some of the characters backgrounds. Even if it was just pigeons for Zelenka!

    Poor Rodney! The look on his face when he realised what Katie’s goodbye actually meant!! Oh MAN!!
    I nearly shed a tear. Nearly!
    Now I am hoping he does not get too ribbed for it, as he looked so terribly sad!!

    Anyway, GREAT episode and looking forward to Harmony!!

    And again, congratulations ANNE TELDY!!!!!!

  85. Is Stargate Universe EVER going to be made and do you have any INFO about it?

    Are we ever going to find out more about the Great Alliance?

    In season 5 can we please have the Stargate screw up and either send people somewhere else or something. I miss the good old SG1 days of malfunctioning Stargates.

  86. Joe,

    Loved ‘Quarantine’. Great episode.

    About Creation Cons. Have to admit that I went last year and plan to go again this year. Yes, the Creation reps are rude and Nazi-like. Yes, there are line-ups for everything and strict schedules that must be followed. Yes, the merchandise is lame, with no fan art or fiction. But (and this is the big one), Creation has the most and biggest guests and they have the set tours. I can’t tell you what a thrill it is for the average fan to go on the Atlantis set. Plus, I met some really nice fans from England and Australia. There were two producers at the con last year, and they were very friendly, having long conversations with the fans.

    Would you be at all interested in setting up a separate meeting with the readers of your blog who will be in Vancouver for the con? Say a Mallozzi-Con? If you want to do it, I will coordinate.

  87. Congrats Ann Teldy….Lets see a pic of the watch…..Joe I told you cookie monster knows a winner ….GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. It took a while, but I finally watched Quarantine.

    Just…a brilliant character study overall filled with hilarity, sweet moments, and one spectacular visual effect. LOVED IT. As far as I’m concerned, every episode this season so far has been great. You guys are doing a fantastic job.

    As usual, my review: Link

  89. Quote: Anne Teldy – Thank you again, Mr. M. Whether she’s eaten by space cows, killed by Sheppard in his stick-fighting episode, or dies of poor hygiene due to the lack of bathing facilities in Atlantis, I’m sure you’ll write a memorable death scene for my namesake.

    Ha ha! A well deserved win. I’m sure all bathing is done off screen. Otherwise after 4 seasons/years (?) the wraith and replicators would surely leave them alone. Hmmmm…..maybe that’s their strategy.

    Joe – where was the location shooting for the SG1 episode Paradise Lost done? It’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Cheers, Chev

  90. Oh and one more thing……..do you know when Ark of Truth is going to be released worldwide? The North American release is the only one that has been announced (like that’s the centre of the universe 😀 )

    Cheers, Chev

  91. Hey Joe!!

    What’s all this? Miss one blog and it’s all over !! 644 comments for one blog .. that must be a record.. Great idea though.. certainly got people moving..

    Take care


  92. Congratulations Anne! I’ve already started amusing myself by imagining who and what your character could be like.


    To Joe Mallozzi:
    Does that mean I get to be runner-up?
    Oh!no!no! No need to name the carnivous cow after me!

    Maybe I should bribe You befor the next contest: Do You like German Chocolate? What kind?

  94. First of all, congratulations to Anne! (my middle name is Ann… could I pretend I won, too??)

    Secondly, I must say that you continue to amaze me by keeping this blog up-to-date everyday (I think my record is, like, two weeks–my life is just so DULL!). Have I mentioned you’re one of my heroes? Well, you are.

    Anyhow, even though I care nothing about football, it’s certainly interesting to see Cookie Monster’s and the Baron’s takes on what they think will happen.


  95. Salut Joseph!!!

    Bravo pour vos 633 coms d’hier! Waou impréssionnant !!

    Bravo aussi a Anne!!!! …mince lol vous savez quoi que Anne est le diminutif d’Anais ?lol^^!

    Alala toujour plonger dans la NFL ^^!Bah profitez en bien ..car moi je ne peut pas snif..

    S’il vous plait pouvez vous répondre a ma question d’hier c’est important:

    Quel est le nom est prénom des personnes de la production qui travail avec vous??

    Bon aller Kisou, a plus, je vous adore♥Merci

  96. Hey Joe,
    Do you happen to know up to what grade Joe F. climbs rock?

    And if you don’t, would you mind asking him when you see him next and report back (provided you haven’t forgotten about the question by then)?

    I read he likes rockclimbing as a hobby before somewhere. And being an avid climber myself, it’s easy to see he *really* climbs. Watching the sequences from Quarantine where he scales the tower, I notcied he uses some critical techniques. Cool! 😉

    Greetz, I44.

  97. Hi Joe.

    When I started watching this show a few years ago, I noticed that there was an iris over the Stargate. Then I was told that the vortex destroyed all matter in its path. Then I saw the vortex open with the iris, which happens to be made of matter, closed.

    So, um, how does that work?

  98. Way back in May, you mentioned something about Major Lorne’s first name being used in Spoils of War. Since for one reason or another that never showed up on screen, are there any other times in season 4 that his first name is used? (And if so, what episode(s)?)

  99. Fist things first. Without knowing you: Congratulations Anne. I’ll be looking out for the character named Anne Teldy! :o)

    It took some time to figure this system out but now I think I got it.
    So I’ll just repeat the question I just posed as a comment to yesterdays blog:

    Who’s the actor playing Todd (John’s “buddy” Wraith)?

    I won’t copy the whole comment I wrote though. There’s still a chance you’ll read it. By the way, I said some nice things :o)

  100. *HUGS * to Ann Teldy, I teared up when I read your reply as I know where you are coming from and I too always look for your comments (among a few others, Emily, PG15, Annie from freemantle and Susan the tartan turtle)as you guys always make me smile.I love the sense of community this blog has, Thanks again to the Marvellous Mister Mallozzi for facilitating it.

  101. Hey ! Congratulations Anne ! You enter in the Stargate Galaxy !!!

    Hi Jo’ !

    I think you’re maybe tired to read all of the comment ! But now it’s over you will find the number of comments like everyday before the contest.

    Today’s Question : Are you afraid by Wraith ?

  102. C’est encore moi !
    J’ai eu la chance de voir le trailer de Harmony, il a l’air super !!!!!!!!

    Bonne journée

  103. Quarantine was amazing, you managed to launch yet another ‘ship, give me claustrophobia AND vertigo, throw in a nod to Hitchikers Guide AND have McKay flake around the edges, I loved all the character interactions especially Shepard’s reaction to being stuck with a pregnant and as far as he was concerned imminently about to deliver Teyla. My eyebrows shot into my hairline at Katie Brown’s suggestive actions and words around Rodney the cactus which brings all manner of thoughts regarding prick…ly objects to mind.
    Fantastic scenes with Carter and Zelenka and I just LOVE it when he mutters to himself in Czech I’d just like subtitles please.
    I may need to procure a hamster and habitat and call it Radek!

  104. Have seen Quarantine now and I absolutely LOVED it!!!!! I love character centered eps but mostly they’re concentrating on just one charrie so having bits for everyone was just so cool. Thanks for it!
    I love the Keller/Ronon pairing so hopefully, we’ll see more of that, and WolfenM, I love the idea of Ronon purposefully getting hurt to see Keller…we can feel thick or silly together!
    But yeah, what was that with Teyla???

    AnneTeldy, I loved your acceptance speech! It made me feel even more happy for you and since I kind of voted for you I feel a bit proud that my fave won in the end 😀 Congratulations again! Waiting for those pictures!

  105. Congrats Anne! And Joe, also a quick question about the role of Sam Carter this series…

    In SG-1, she was an all action soldier/genius/scientist. Always in the thick of the action, and always adorned with guns, army fatigues. Always there with the ingenious science/engineering to save the team, while simultaneously shooting at anyone in her path…

    So far in Atlantis, we have seen her become indecisive, self doubting, and in many ways little more than a ‘blonde Weir’ kind of character, with seemingly very little to do but wander the corridors. I mean in ‘Quarantine’, stuck in the lift, yes she tried to do something, but was hardly dynamic… ‘old Carter’ would have been through the door in no time I’d wager!

    Not complaining, as I loved the episode, but it is kind of a disappointment in as much as she seems completely different in personality on Atlantis, and more than a little diminished in stature.

    Was this change intentional to make her seem more ‘in command’, facing different challenges? and can we expect any changes in the way she is written in future? The character just feels kind of ‘wasted’ somehow.

    Also, any chance of seeing Vala in Atlantis anytime soon? 😀

    Thanks again for the blog, never fails to brighten my day… and makes me spend more money at Amazon on books!

  106. Congratulations to Anne!!!

    I just finished watching Quarantine, good episode. I was just wondering, the parts where David Nykl speaks Czech, do you write in English and have him (David) translate it, or does he get the script with the Czech already present?

  107. Hello Joe,

    We really enjoyed Quarantine last night. Hubs mentioned that the SGA team wrote better relationship eps than BSG. I wanted to shoot Rodney. But I enjoyed Shep/Teyla scenes the most, regarding the pregnant lady comments as well as John showing off his smart side. We both got a good laugh with Zelinka (sorry, I’m sure I spelled that wrong) and Carter.

    In any case – “Sweet” as Jack would say…


  108. Well….What can I say….Anne won?? Really?? :0

    Well I can’t think of another person (besides me 😉 ) that deserves the honor.

    Congratulation Anne 🙂

    Well done!!!

  109. Hi, in Travellers the gun Sheppard had was out of ammo-energy, so I was wondering how Ronon recharges his gun, or does he have a special version of the gun?


  110. well I must admit, that season 4 is by far the best season up til now. Quarentine, spoils of war, be all my sins remember’d and the rest of the season were amazing. Although I do wonder (after seeing spoils of war), how the other wraith are born? We know that the soldiers are clones, but how about the luitenants, the leaders, like the queen, Michael or Todd? How does a ordinary Wraith come to be? Can we expect to find that out in season 5?

  111. “Annie from Fremantle Said:
    And, really, Mr. Mallozzi, I thought you maintained this blog because you enjoyed our scintillating conversation.”

    I know you’re joking Annie but think about it –

    1)Joe can’t go out all night and sleep until lunch time because he has a blog to do.
    2) Joe must tread a precarious line between giving us too much info and not enough (in our opinion). Too much and someone higher than he screams at him, too little and we scream at him.
    3) He has a life, he has a wife and he has dependents. They like to be walked and scratched behind the ears occasionally (Fondy may object to to the ear scratching, but that’s her decision…;-))

    And lastly, he has a job, and it’s not keeping us entertained by blogging.

    All I can say Joe is – thanks. Some of us, by circumstance or otherwise, don’t have much of a life.

    Thank you for sharing part of yours.

  112. Congratulations, Anne T., you are a woman of taste, eloquence and impeccable timing. Bravo! Wear the watch with pride and a back brace, and I’ll be looking for your SGA incarnation.

    Bravo, Joe, for the inspired choice of prizes.

    Oooh, I think I need another breakfast mimosa … and hey, I got actual gifts for my b-day, Blue Harvest dvd AND t-shirt, the original Sweeney Todd movie for future bad movie nights, a receipt for the special ordered Farscape seasons three and four, and a framed, enlarged aerial photo of my house taken by My Friend Genius. Cool, but waaay stalkerish. I love it!

    Space cows? Why not? After all, horses are a universal constant. Why not the bovines?

  113. Hi,

    Just watch Quarantine….yeah well, wonderfull for “ship” monomaniacs…

    Lame switches… I don’t want to sound harsh but hope the next episode will be less “irresponsible”

  114. Hi again,
    will we ever find out more information about the other city ship from the Tower, like why it exists, whether it was ancient or asuran, or anything about it? It would make an awesome alpha site surely?


  115. Are Tim Tams like the Special Ops of biscuits/cookies?

    Do they have weird Tim Tam powers?

    Can you dunk them into molten hot coffee and they come out shouting “Dunk me again, dunk me again.”

    What are these enigmatic biscuits made from?

    Ah the wonders of the culinary Universe never cease to amaze me!

    Pauline who is partial to the odd Garibaldi biscuit

  116. Congrats Anne Teldy! I was happy to see that you won – it was quite entertaining in the wee hours of the morning to see your posts!

    Joe – definitely looking forward to Harmony! I wasn’t able to get your behind the scenes to work yet…so now I’m looking forward to Harmony that much more!

  117. PATRICIA,

    Just because some people have issues with CREATION EVENTS doesn’t mean you won’t have a great time. I have never attend one but have heard both excellent and bad stories about them.

    I have seen the guests at other events and they are always friendly and a joy to see in person. I don’t see why their appearance at this con will be any different. Meeting up with fellow fans is always a plus.

    Visiting Vancouver is also an awesome thing to do. If you are not from there I suggest you come anyways just to see the city. On that part I know you won’t be disappointed.

    I won’t mind if you popped back in to tell us how it went. 🙂

  118. Congratulations Anne!!!!!!! Félicitation Anne !!!!! You are the best (of course with you too susan the tartan turtle) lol
    Bonne journée Joseph !

  119. Finally saw Quarantine and enjoyed it very much!
    My favourite line was when Carter said ” We could use one of your pigeons around now” and Zelenka answered in shock “Well, they are not for eating”.
    For a moment I could picture them making a little fire in that transporter with whatever and roasting the poor dove on a stick over it!!
    So if every line of the poem refers to another episodes, does that mean there are already hints for 15 episodes of season 5??

  120. Having watched “Quarrantine” for a second time, I realize there really aren’t very many people in Atlantis who are comfortable with talking, at least about anything important. Rodney talks all the time, but not about anything. Watching Ronon try to talk about the woman on Sateda was painful! I won’t even mention Sheppard. If things had been different, I think it would have been funny to have Sheppard and Ronon trapped in a room with Heightmeyer!

  121. Congratulations Anne!!!!! Great job (and timing too!)
    I’d like to see the Chargers win…though I’m very doubtful that will happen.

    Can I get a blog dedicated to me, Joe? Today’s my 16th birthday, which I’m spending by studying for 1st semester finals…How fun. Though I can look forward to Harmony after finals!

  122. The meaning of “42” —

    Okay, I think I’m missing something important. In Tabula Rasa, when McKay asks something about how many planets there are in the Ancient database with no detail, Sheppard answers “42?”

    In Quarantine, 42 is the last two digits of McKay’s password, and Sheppard says something about 42 being the answer to life or somesuch.

    So…what is special about the number 42? It’s killing me.

    Is there some insider hidden meaning/joke to the number 42? Or is this a callback to a previous episode I am just not remembering? I’m feeling very dense at the moment (not unlike a certain nanite blob, doomed to implode).


  123. 42 is a reference to Douglas Adams “The Hitchhikers Guide to that Galaxy.” It’s a geek thing, particularly for geeks of John’s and Rodney’s age.

    So Joe, without spoiling anything, are we going to see anymore of John’s geeky side this season?

  124. *waves*

    CONGRATS TO ANNE on her new found immortality. 😛

    So, only 999,780ish until the next one then. 😀 So did you just end up authorising everything yesterday then?

    So, while i’m here, how’s your writing coming along then, Mr M. Any lovely juicy tidbits that you’d love to share? I know you’ve been very generous with your one millionth prize, so anychance, those that didn’t win, can enjoy a spoiler maybe? How about if I beg, only if I do that, my knees hurt and then i’d never get off the floor, my arms would flail, it wouldn’t be pretty. 😉 You know it’s been a while since i’ve done the whole bribery thing. 😀


  125. Congrats to Anne!

    Though I failed miserably last week, here are my picks for this week:

    Packers 35, Giants 20
    Patriots 27, Chargers 24

    Quarantine was a great episode! How was it decided who would get stuck with whom? The Carter-Zelenka duo was my personal favorite because we haven’t really seen those two together before.

  126. WannaBe, to answer your question, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything in the series Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I never read the books or saw the movie myself, but I’m constantly reminded of this by the things I’ve read.

  127. …oh mes commentaire ..ne marche pas … c’est vous qui ne les accépter pas ou il ne fonctionne pas?

  128. Ouiiiiinnnn!!!!! Je suis dégouter!!!!!! Ce soir Il diffuse le championat de la NFL sur la chaine national et je ne pourrais pas la regarder car sa commence a 12:00 du soir jusqu’a 4:00 du matin et demain j’ai école !! Rolalal c’est pas juste!!!!!

  129. Mr. M,

    I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night! I have a gabillion ideas for the character which I know wasn’t part of the contest and you couldn’t use even if I sent them to you. So I thought I’d ask for three small things which aren’t really ideas and which you are completely free to ignore.

    1. If at all possible, please don’t make my namesake a ‘space bimbo’. I wouldn’t mind if she were pretty, but please not a slutty airhead. That could get a wee bit embarrassing if people thought the character was based on your actual impressions of me and was not just a random character you gave my name. That said, if needs must, go for it. Better a bimbo than nothing.:-D

    2. If at all possible, please have Sheppard growl/shout “Anne!” the way he does “Rodney!” when he’s exasperated or frustrated with McKay. (Sheppard saying my whole name would be nice, too.)

    3. If at all possible, have Rodney include “Anne Teldy” in one of his speed-speeches or rants.

    That’s my top three requests for my namesake character. I will not say or ask anything further about my crazy ideas for her and you can just ignore them if you want. I trust you.

    Thanks again for the marvelous prize!

    Anne Teldy

  130. =====> D’ayieur …vous êtes certainement devant votre TV en ce moment? non?…bah profiter en ..car moi je ne peut rien voir . Snifff!

  131. PATRICIA:

    I have only been to one Creation Convention so far, which was in 2006 and to be totally honest, I probably wouldn’t have made the trip from the UK the set tours hadn’t been part of the package.

    I am attending again in April but again, I’m really only going again for the Set Tour. I’m attending with friends who couldn’t go back in 2006.

    I am however, part of the crew at some of the London-based SG1/SGA Conventions (one of which is next weekend…yippee!) and I can tell you this much… the UK do it sooo much better.

    I had a photo taken with a particular actor in London in Feb 2006, then another one in Vancouver in the March. To say I was VERY disappointed in the Creation photos is me being very polite!

    If you are mainly going for the set tours and the guest talks then you should really enjoy the event..

    Did I read that somebody suggested having a meet up with other people who’ve commented on this? If not, perhaps we should, just so we can get a general idea of what we all think?

    I can totally see why Joe doesn’t like the events, but like I said, how else can a fan get to visit the sets? Unfortunately I cannot afford to bid in the auctions for tours that get offered occasionally, which obviously, I’d LOVE to – there is no other way of getting on set whilst the actors are there otherwise..

    Well, that’s my 2 pence worth. If anyone does want to meet up, look for 3 British females nattering away non-stop.


  132. “WannaBe Said:
    The meaning of “42″ – ………..”

    Read ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ series by Douglas Adams. It explains everything (okay, not everything….but almost everything!). The books are (in order): The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy; The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe; Life, The Universe And Everything; So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish; and Mostly Harmless.

  133. Folks might find this editorial at the NY Times today of interest. It’s about why Friday Night Lights isn’t more successful ratings-wise, and she supposes part of the reason is fans haven’t been inspired to write slash about it(!). Well, as the comments to the post attest, her premise may be flawed, but it’s still interesting reading.

  134. On January 20, 2008 at 9:32 am Morgia Said:
    Congratulations Anne!!!!!!! Félicitation Anne !!!!! You are the best (of course with you too susan the tartan turtle) lol
    Bonne journée Joseph !

    Thanks for the mention, not as good as winning the prize (I am still a sore loser) but thanks anyway.

    I told my brother about the contest and prize and he just sighed down the phone.

  135. Another comment from me (still beaming over your win AnneTeldy!). But I’ve been ruminating over Rodney’s relationship with Katie. I agree she’s a bit syrupy but whatever.

    What I don’t “get” is that I never got even a HINT of anything physical between them – not even holding hands – let alone what we used to call ‘swapping spit’ (waaay back in high school) with ANYONE let alone uh, more – he’s such a germaphone I just can’t believe he’d kiss anyone! So at what point does a man like Rodney contemplate asking to marry someone? I mean he’s most likely you know share space with the person! But I find it so unlikely that they’ve had any sort of physical contact.

    Yeah, well, the things I ponder…

    OK the Chargers are losing but it’s still close. Fingers x’d.


  136. Well its been a long day in fact today has lasted until a week next thursday so far! However I digress, my youngest daughter wanted to watch the abomination that is Eragon – no, don’t get me started – I just wanted to ask if you have ever read Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books? IMHO THE last word in Dragon lore.

  137. Congratulations Anne! Enjoy your watch and your show cameo! 😀

    Wow, Cookie Monster really wants the Chargers/Patriots game to go high score. Not bad!

    Ah yes, still awaiting for those autographs from Cookie and Destructo. 🙂

    – Enzo Aquarius

  138. Hi Joe. Watched Quarantine last night.
    Loved Carter being more Cartery again. Love the way John is treating Teyla more like a sister – he comes across as so sweet. Ronan’s character is really growing which is great to see.
    Only 1 hour of Atlantis left me a little short so I decided to watch the last three eps.
    While watching BAMSR and the fleet jump into hyperspace together, I was wondering about how close windows can be opened up? They seemed rather close. Is it like ant tunnels underground – if you have too many close together the tunnel loses its stability and can collapse?
    ~Narelle from Aus (in desperate need of a holiday)

  139. ensnared within, nannies writhed.

    earth wins in end!

    (yes, STILL.)

    (but i can stop ANY TIME I WANT TO.)

  140. It’s been a horribly freezing day in Toronto.

    I didn’t win the “get your namesake killed off on SGA” contest.

    The two statements above are completely unrelated. Really.

    Soooooooo, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Anne Teldy. May your character die (and I’m surprised you didn’t mention it) a noble, useful death (like making sure Rodney would survive in … was it 38 minutes?). Any random bimboness will be entirely ignored. But, wow, that and an amazing watch, too?

    Helenka, who would have gladly died in/for Atlantis but who would really prefer to LIVE there. Well, you did know Torontonians are delusional and I am the proof!

  141. Dear Joe:

    After borrowing your blog to congratulate Anne Teldy, I thought I should remind you that – by my logic – the reason you blog is so that strangers will send you unbelievable offers which you should of course ACCEPT and then distribute on a per capita basis to your commenters.

    Yes, I’m still delusional but it’s five days until the next episode!

    Thank you for adding yet another human layer to the SGA-verse (with the occasional drive-by posts from Martin). You make the show even more special. And that’s no delusion.

    Helenka in TO.

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