Today, we were paid a visit by one of the Stargate franchise’s biggest supporters and all-around nice guy – Charlie Cohen, MGM’s Senior Executive Vice President. We spent most of the day talking about the future (Atlantis, SG-1, and, of course, Universe) but the high-point of the lengthy conversation came when the subject turned to the new American Gladiators series and the prospect of getting our stunt coordinator, James “Bam Bam” Bamford on the show as a contestant. Seriously. Couldn’t you just imagine our Bam Bam up against the likes of Nuklo or Lady Mayhem or even Brunhilda the Bratislavian Beast Woman, doing noble battle with oversized Q-tips over the Pit of Death (a.k.a. cushy foam insulation)? Somebody get over to the Ask Bam Bam thread over on Gateworld and convince him to do it.

As we near the start of production on the Atlantis’s fifth season, we are putting the finishing touches on season four. The Day Two mix of The Last Man is done (kudos to Joel Goldsmith for his beautiful score) and the last of the finals are landing on my desk. Meanwhile, the order of season five’s the first three episodes has been locked. It’ll go Search and Rescue, The Seed, and Broken Ties.

Spoke to Jason last night about the hair situation. He’s feeling a lot better without the dreads and I’m sure is not looking forward to the two full days he’ll have to spend getting them re-attached for the start of the new season (continuity’s sake and all). Jason is of two minds. On the one hand, he is happy to be free of the heavy dreads that were causing him great discomfort. On the other hand, he is aware that the character of Ronon is distinguished by his unique do. I suggested he consider compromising and trim them, but he didn’t seem too thrilled with the idea. To be honest, I’m not sure if that’s even possible (It’s been years since I’ve had dreads so I can‘t remember. I cut them off shortly after my reggae career came to an ugly end. But that’s a story for another time).

Today was also John N. Smith’s birthday. We all took a break from work to celebrate with song and lemon meringue pie, then silently shuffled back to our respective offices.

By the way, if you’ve read The Crooked Letter, get your comments in before the end of next week as I’ll be announcing the lucky winners of the second book in the series, The Blood Debt, soon after.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Jenny Robin (and her new fancy-pants position) and Neko (and her new fancy-pants university). Congrats.

The mailbag –

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Well thanks to your recommendation Joe, I’ve watched ‘Grave of the fireflies’.”

Answer: The saddest animated movie ever! Fondy was sobbing throughout. I wasn’t, of course, but only because my heart is made of stone.

Steph writes: “Have you ever seen Hogan’s Heroes?”

Answer: When I was growing up, I used to race home after school every day to catch the Gilligan’s Island, Get Smart, Hogan’s Heroes trifecta.

Jason writes: “Will you be following LOST when it returns at the end of the month?”

Answer: I lost interest halfway through the last season. But Fondy has expressed an interest in getting back into the show.

Tenmongaku writes: “Have you seen the anime “Samurai Champloo”?”

Answer: Samurai Champloo is another terrific anime series.

RAF writes: “Since I know you guys are gearing up for production this year, can you tell us if there’s been any word on whether or not another SG1 movie will be filmed along with Atlantis’ production?”

Answer: No new SG-1 movies on the short-range sensors.

M4ndy writes: “Am I being racist to say all Asgard look the same?”

Answer: I prefer the term “speciest”.

Patricia writes: “Will you be at April’s STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS 2008, VANCOUVER, BC CONVENTION?”

Answer: Which one? If it’s Gatecon, I don’t know. I was asked last year but, as always, it’s production-dependent.

42 writes: “…are you at all interested in hockey?”

Answer: Meh.

PG15 writes: “Hmm…maybe I can just make up something on the spot?”

Answer: Next year, I’m commissioning you to write the spoiler poem.

amac251 writes: “I thought it was very humorous when you explained how you and Paul are often lumped into “one” entity. What are the differences between you and Paul?”

Answer: He’s a little taller. Other than that, nothing really comes to mind.

Aurelie a ecrit: “Est-ce que vous comprenez bien le Français ou avez-vous besoin d’un traducteur en ligne ?”

Reponse: Je comprends le français assez bien.

Sort of translation: I understand French well enough.

Aurelie a aussi ecrit: “Quels études avez-vous faites pour devenir scénariste ?”

Reponse: J’ai lu un livre ecrit par Syd Field.

Sort of translation: My screenwriting studies consisted of reading a book by Syd Field.

QueenSerenity42 writes: “I really don’t understand everyone’s obsession with Cowboy Bebop. True, the mushroom episode was hilarious, but I found the rest of the show pretty dull. Some anime I’d recommend: Vision of Escaflowne (watch the subtitled version–the dub is painful and massacres the plot), Full Metal Alchemist (ditto with the subtitle rec), Nadesico, and Vandread are all really good somewhat-serious shows with a great balance of drama and humor. For outrageous silliness, try Azumanga Daioh or the short-lived Master of Mosquiton. If you’re after an angst-fest, look up Vampire Princess Miyu, X/1999 (the series, not the movie), or Neon Genesis Evangelion.”

Answer: Some interesting recommendations. Cowboy Bebop is among my top ten favorite anime series. Evangelion, Escaflowne, and, yep, Azumanga Daioh are among my faves as well. I liked both Nadesico and Full Metal Alchemist, but wasn’t blown away by either. X was interesting but didn’t really grab me either. Vampire Princess Miyu and Vandread were fine. Haven’t seen Master of Mosquiton. Plenty of other great series that you I would recommend: Berserk, Samurai Champloo, Kino’s Journey, Last Exile, GTO, Infinite Ryvius, Patlabor, Now and Then Here and There, Utena, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Video Girl Ai. I’m sure there are plenty I’ve missed.

Matt S. writes: “For the better part of its 10 years, SG1 seemed to thematically deal largely with social and political issues, human rights issues, and exploration of cultural development. It seems, from these first four years, that SGA has a much more metaphysical underpinning, addressing what it means to be human (particularly in the Asuran vs. Human juxtaposition, and has further delved into the concepts of ascension, human legacy, and life and death. Would you make this thematic differentation, and is it something that goes into the planning of episodes?”

Answer: You make an interesting thematic distinction between the shows. When Brad and Robert set out to create Atlantis, they wanted to produce a show that was connected to the Stargate universe yet be able to stand on its own as separate entity. I don’t think there was ever an overall attempt to distinguish the show in a thematic sense but the elements put into play very early on established a direction that was both, in a sense, familiar yet unique. The tone of the show and types of stories we tell evolve from what has served us well in the past (ie.particular characters, villains, or arcs).

Mrs. B108 writes: “Will Michael and Teyla share some heavily intense moments?”

Answer: Possibly.

Francois writes: “Are we eligible if we live in Québec?”

Answer: If you have a name, you are eligible.

Amber writes: “What do you have that other people use more than you?”

Answer: My name.

Nathan writes: “Does the Iris on that watch open to reveal hands or is a non-functioning watch?”

Answer: No, it’s fully functional. But you actually have to open the iris to check the time. It’s a great way to keep intruding eyes off your watch!

Andrea Leigh writes: “How can you tell who the million(th) visit will be from?”

Answer: The combined site meter stats from my old blog site, and the wordpress blog stats from this site will tell me when I hit 1 000 000 – and I will award the prize(s) to the first person to comment after the one million mark has been reached.

WAMS352 writes: “I would have thought the “Six Million” dollars reference was pointing agent Wexler toward Austin (TX) perhaps – as in Steve AUSTIN – the six million dollar man? How could Wexler be so oblivious to such a clue?”

Answer: Holy crap, you’re right! Wrong zoo. And wrong limpy chimpy.

Jason writes: “Is Major Lorne officially the second in command of the military on Atlantis?”

Answer: Sheppard outranks Lorne, so he would be next in line. Lorne would follow Sheppard.

sgazkaz writes: “Just one question doses Daniel or Sam have the ancient gene natural or otherwise.”

Answer: They do not.

Ishshah writes: “Yesterday I got an email from the FBI news alerts entitled (Alert: Scammers Sending Fake FBI E-mails Seeking Personal Information) telling all about the latest Scams using the FBI LOGO and letter head.”

Answer: Yeah. I copied their FBI logo and pasted it on my reply.

DeeinSouthAfrica writes: “Joe, I know you like the feel of genuine tree bark in book form, but have you even tried to read an e-book?”

Answer: Nope. Reading off a computer screen (which I do a lot of) tires my eyes. When it comes to leisure reading before bedtime, I prefer a nice book over a disquietingly war of a laptop.

Astrumporta writes: “I don’t think you ever mentioned, who replaced Nora O’Brien as your Sci Fi “boss”?”

Answer: SciFi’s new point-person on Atlantis is the sharp and savvy Chris Sanagustin.

Fred writes: “I believe that you once mentioned that Jewel Staite would appear in seven episodes this season…”

Answer: I did?

Steph writes: “Which part of the 200th episode of SG1 did you write?”

Answer: The zombie sequence, invisible O’Neill, and the Farscape parody.

158 thoughts on “January 17, 2008: Bam Bam vs. Brunhilda, Jason vs. his dreads, John N. Smith vs. lemon meringue pie

  1. You didn’t answer my question (sniff). Did you get the use-the-name idea from me and just tweak it (which would make me incredibly happy) or did you already have it in mind (which would crush my already deflated ego)? Or (perking up) you could say “great minds think alike”????

    Anne Teldy

  2. Joe-

    Not an anime fan, but my youngest brother is. He LOVES Bleach. I can’t remember if you watch that one or not, but I stumbled upon Bleach – The Musical online the other day. My brother had no clue (so how cool was I for finding that gem by accident). Should you have any desire, its uh, entertaining. 😀

  3. Answer: The zombie sequence, invisible O’Neill, and the Farscape parody.

    SERIOUSLY – the best parts of the whole ep!

  4. Th Trifecta:

    I loved all three of those also. I’ll still watch Hogan’s Heroes when I run across it (Col. Klink looks a bit like Dad) just for old times sake. Gilligan’s Island…not so much. But I’m waiting for Get Smart to come out on DVD. I loved the first few seasons. Not so much after 86 and 99 got married, especially after the kids. <>.

    Looking forward to Quarantine. It looks like a fun episode.


  5. Hello Joe!
    Seems like your visit to Charlie Cohen have been interesting!
    The production of the season 5 is so close. So, can you tell us any news about the characters who will be in??
    We acn expect any return? or maybe tow returns??
    Please just a clue!

  6. Couldn’t some kind of wig or something be fashioned for Jason if he feels the dreads are really part of Ronon’s character?

  7. Nope. Reading off a computer screen (which I do a lot of) tires my eyes
    If reading off a computer screen tires your eyes, you may want to try an eBook reader (such as the ones made by Amazon and Sony, or the iLiad). It’s basically a compact PDA-type device that uses a special screen technology called e-Ink that apparently looks like real paper, and doesn’t strain your eyes at all. Plus, the screen only draws power when you turn the page, so you get fantastic battery life.
    I can’t afford one yet but for me the prospect of having 1000 books all kept in something the size of a small paperback is incredibly attractive.

  8. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Stanley

  9. Joe…

    A few comments regarding your post/answers:

    * Gilligan’s Island, Hogan’s Heroes and Get Smart were also a huge part of my upbringing. Star Trek TOS too. But see I was born in 1973…so I grew up with them too…..but in syndication. 🙂

    * I find it amusing that someone with such a refined pallet knows anything…anything at all…about American Gladiators. That being said, Bam Bam would ROCK.

    * Episode 200 thoughts…The Farscape sequence, though brief, was I thought really well done. I loved how the actors seemed to be able to assume the FS identities so seamlessly…especially Amanda as Chianna and Chris as Ka D’Argo. And the Invisible Jack sequence was I think my favorite of the episode…it made me laugh because it was very funny but also kinda made me weepy and sentimental for the “good ol’ days.”

    * I am intrigued and yet saddened for you to learn of your ill-begotten/tragically ended reggae career…which to my knowledge has received no attention elsewhere, isn’t listed in your bio or on your IMDB listing. If it isn’t too traumatic for you, please share your experiences with us (including pictures if at all possible). It could be the first step towards healing your wounded reggae soul.


  10. Aw, poor Jason.

    Well, I’m sure he’ll do okay without the dreads because let’s face it, the man has other distinctive physical character traits. His height, for one. Besides, he’s a cutie and he’s strong and blah blah blah. He’ll be good. And it also helps that he’s really grown into his character a lot this season and he’s not just a warrior. He’s a member of the team. So.. its all good.

    And, I just want to say, I’m so excited about Quarantine! I saw the previews with Shep climbing Atlantis…. I know there probably won’t be any whump in it because you can’t really drop him off the Atlantis tower, but its still very exciting.

    And, do you think we’ll ever see Shep having a ‘moment’ with a kid? Like, having to work with one of something? I know there’s Harmony, but from what I’ve heard, thats mostly him protecting and being a Colonel. I mean like… moreso to see how he might be as a father, or something? Or does Harmony have that? We just know that McKay is bad with kids, and I’m interested in how Shep is. Or maybe even Ronon, for that matter…

  11. On the episode disks, to what does ‘Squeeze’ refer? Is everyone so impressed with them that it’s their way of giving them a hug? If so, you should really enclose it in asterisks, like so: *Squeeze*

    I was going to ask if you prefer paperback or hardcover, but then remembered you possibly answering that previously. Blog search revealed that you had–answer being paperback (good choice). Best of both worlds, to me, is the trade paperbacks (as opposed to the smaller mass market paperbacks).

    By the way, I laughed out loud while envisioning you with dreads. But really, I bet it was a good look for you…


  12. Bravo! As silly of a question as it is, one of my professors asked us that on the first day back to class and we just stared at him with stupid looks on our faces. He was using it as a means for introduction to all of the students.

    So, is there a possibility that Jason will do away with the “do” at some point and time in the show?

  13. Being that Season 5 will hold the anticipated 100th episode of Atlantis (and over 300th for the franchise), will you be making any brief cameos? Are there any other episodes that you’ve made cameos in (not including Wormhole Extreme)?

  14. Wow, congratulations to PG-15 for landing next year’s spoiler poem! If you need it, I’m sure there are others who would be willing to help with turning super-secret upcoming episode details into the witty references we’ve become accustomed to.

    On a competely unrelated, and rather random note, I was wondering if the Ancient’s names for planets was the same as their gate address, where each syllable corresponds to a chevron, how does that work for Taoth Vaclarush and Valos Cor?

  15. It’s purely selfish, but I hope you guys allow Ronon to be dread-free asap. Not a big fan of those things. I can’t wait to see Jason without them. And while yes, they are very “Ronon”, so are his tattoos, and they’ll still be there!

    Katie S

  16. Oh, sorry–one more thing:

    I was subbing in a middle school not too long ago and a kid came up to me and asked (spurred on by what, I have no idea), “Is there someone named Gilligan, or something?”

    “Well, there’s a show called Gilligan’s Island.”

    “Oh. There is?”

    “You’ve never heard of Gilligan’s Island??”


    Man. That made me feel both old and saddened at the same time. Next up, I’ll be complaining about the racket the kids nowadays call music. 🙂

  17. The entire 200 episode was a great laugh, but the Invisible O’Neill scene with Teal’c’s comment to O’Neill was brilliant.

  18. Gonna be intresting to see Jason looks like on the show without the dreads; can’t wait to see that in the show. Do you plan to write that into the script; since we never got Daniels reason for cutting hair hopefully there is reason why dreads are gone from Ronan? And speaking of Daniel; how goes that getting him on SGA?

  19. Thanks for answering my question. Invisible O’Neill and the puppets were my favorite parts of the episode.


  20. I have to say I will miss the dreads. Alas. Fandom will hold a moment of silence for their loss. Then some of us will move on and others of us will whine and complain. Because that’s what fandom’s all about, right? Gotta love it! (I promise, I won’t whine and complain! Cross my heart and hope to cry!)

    Just an fyi, because I know that deep (deep, deep, deep) down you care about the well being of all of your fans, I still have the cold from hell. Seriously. It’s nice to stay home from work every so often, but it’s far more fun when you don’t have to spend the whole day on the couch, watching episodes of Veronica Mars, Torchwood and SGA and taking copious amounts of Tylenol Cold to stave off impending doom. SIGH.

    Lemon meringue pie…mmm…

    Tomorrow is SGA Friday! HURRAH!

  21. “Somebody get over to the Ask Bam Bam thread over on Gateworld and convince him to do it.”

    Consider it done! 😉

  22. Hey Joe!!
    A big happy birthday to John N Smith! How was the lemon meringue pie? Personally I prefer pecan pie. What is your favorite dessert pie?
    If you ever do venture on down to Oz I’ll shout you a four and twenty meat pie at the footy…if you’re game!!
    As a fan of SGA, I wouldn’t mind at all if Ronan lost his locks…they kinda creep me out…you never know what could be lurking in them!
    Take care and have a great day!! ~chelle xxxx

  23. I received a Sony Reader for Christmas. It doesn’t hurt or tire my eyes, and is great for space. Storage is my biggest problem, I have too many books and not enough space. The screen really does look like paper. I love it. Is season 5 going to start in Sept., or will we get to see it sooner.

  24. “Will you be at April’s STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS 2008, VANCOUVER, BC CONVENTION?”
    Answer: Which one? If it’s Gatecon, I don’t know. I was asked last year but, as always, it’s production-dependent.

    The convention I am wondering about is from April 3rd to 6th, 2008, at the Hilton Metrotown Vancouver presented by CREATION ENTERTAINMENT!

    I did not see your name as a guest and I was so hoping you’d stop by and spend a little time. 😛 Please consider stopping by as it would be nice to put a voice with all this comedic writing. Thanks

  25. Ok, looks like you said 8, I must’ve remembered wrong. Please except my sincere apology in the form of the following word: “sorry.”

  26. It’s scary how much I love American Gladiators. The pit of cushy-foamed death for most of the events is actually a giant swimming pool now. Apparently water is the thing to fear this year…that’s not exactly very Atlantis-friendly, now is it?

    And you have no idea how much restraint it took to keep from laughing at work (we have some downtime) at the thought of you with Momoa-esque dreds and how much I’m having to fight laughing while writing about it now.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Ronon ends up losing them — peaceably and willingly or distraught (as distraught as Ronon gets, anyway) and unwillingly? At least, I hope it’ll actually be a story, however small.

  27. Joe,

    I think you should brace yourself for a Felicity-esque reaction to the dissapearance of Ronon’s dreads. The fans, the shalll protest, vehemently I tell you 😀
    I’m just warning you…


  28. Since I’m turning 26 tomorrow (the 18th), maybe you could share a memory of when you were 26 or even just a good memory. Or a bad one. Don’t mind either way, just thought I should comment since I’ve been hooked on your blog for a couple of months now and thought it rude to keep reading and not do so.

  29. Hey, Joe,

    Did you know that for the first few months after I started reading your blog, I thought that Carl Binder was you. He looks more like the Italians I’ve grown up with.

    the former Rose Rizzo

  30. I cut [my dreads] off shortly after my reggae career came to an ugly end. But that’s a story for another time.

    My Eric Clapton “hits” collection (Timepieces, I think) seems to hint at an equally ugly end for Mr. Clapton’s reggae career. If the world can forgive him, it can forgive you. (And if it can’t, them I’m in big trouble as well. But, like Martin G. getting all doe-eyed over you, I’ve already said too much. Good thing the woodstove melts videos…) Just remind everyone that you strongly advised Clapton against doing the unplugged version of Layla (sp?), and it’ll all be cool like a bobsled run, mon.

    – Wait: you didn’t even say you were worried about what the world thinks about your reggae career; so maybe I shouldn’t be concerned about the hundreds of Stargate- and reggae-loving fans who, upon hearing about this matter, will doubtless put away their… umm…odds and ends, and instead pick up some formidable-looking blunts weapons on their way to Bridge Studios to see justice done (from their POV). We’re gonna march up to / the Bound’ry Avenue …., etc. Good luck.

  31. Woohoo! Lemon meringue, lovely stuff. 😀 Happy belated birthday to JNS. 🙂

    Hey, question…The only Season 3 episode I hadn’t seen was Part I of “The Return,” up until I got the DVD’s…and I was just wondering, the part where Ronon practically tackles Sheppard (well, more like picks him up), was that scripted, or was Jason just trying to catch Joe off-guard and ya’ll kept it? It was so funny, it made me wonder. Thanks!

  32. A mailbag! Thank you, even if the anime talk goes over my head(I’m already too invested in books, dvds, and travelling to take on another addiction). Since you know Bam Bam, would you suggest a reverse psychology approach? As in “Yea, you’re right Bam Bam. After all, it’s not like you’re in the shape you were in 2/3/5 years ago….” It would be fantastic to see him on AG whooping some serious gladiator butt. As long as he didnt decide to take a job as a Gladiator the following year, and instead came back to SGA. Risked the rare snowfall this morning and managed to snag one of the three books for next month. The other two are on order, so I can knock out the first over the weekend.
    You mentioned Goldsmith’s score for Last Man. Any suggestions on who we could beg/plead/whine to about a new SGA cd? And pass on the Mr. Mamoa that we have every confidence that his character is based on his acting skills and not for his distinctive ‘do. And as has been pointed out, he still has his tattoos… And what are the plans for the dreads once he’s filmed the requisite scenes? One more day till Quarantine, which I am dreading ever more… and ever closer to the announcement of the lucky winner. I’m not sure which I enjoy more, the unlikely chance of winning a prize, or seeing what you come up with each benchmark to top the prize from the last time. Which leads to my only other question for the day. What will you use as the next benchmark? 1,500.000? 2,000,000? Oh, and thank you, pictures are GOOD! As much fun as mailbags..

  33. Hi Joe

    The comment and reply about SGA themes made me think about the ascension part of the shows. So much science fiction seems to do its damnedest to avoid any connection to or semblance of spirituality in things like ascension. I’ve noticed this when it was first making its way into SG1, like there’s some unspoken aversion to any possibility of a spiritual aspect of it. Do you have any idea why it is treated this way, whether for your series or science fiction in general?

    Thanks, Eric : )

    ps: I loved Last Exile and have enjoyed pretty much all of the Ghost in the Shell series and movies. I’ll have to see about renting the ones you’ve mentioned. And had I known Anny from Freemantle hadn’t seen Grave of the Fireflies, you can bet I would have been bugging her to see it too 😉 I need to rewatch Metropolis now…

  34. Joe said:
    “No new SG-1 movies on the short-range sensors.”

    Hey, thanks for the response.

    However, I must say that totally sucks. I’m still hopeful for the second half of the year, though. Is it a cash flow thing? Waiting for some expense to be recouped after Ark and Continuum? Or is it about waiting for DVD sales numbers? Actor availability? All of the above, probably.

    And I’d put out there that it’s not the dreadlocks that make Ronon…it’s the writing and acting. I think it would be great if Ronon did actually change his appearance, lose the dreads. It would be great for the character and sort of usher in a visual cue towards a more mature, developed Ronon Dex. JMO

  35. Thanks for the visit news and nice long q&a! As for Jason’s dreads, I agree they’re a big part of Ronon’s uniqueness, though I’m sure we’d adjust…

    Is a wig made to look like shorter dreads a possibility? Wigs aren’t only for girls — just ask Shatner! 🙂

  36. Look at those pretty dvds of shows I can’t watch yet, just sitting there in a picture to tease. Hmpf.

    Oh well, I find that the expectation of what is to come is half the fun of watching the show these days.

  37. I love reading your blog with your wit and sense of humor.

    Do you watch anime subtitled or dubbed? My eldest is has his siblings now watching Naruto.

    Have a great weekend.

  38. A reggae career? Any plans to record a reggae alternative to “with lyrics” version of the Stargate SG-1 theme?

    On a more serious note…if you were to become one of the American Gladiators, what would you want your alternative name to be?

  39. I. <>

    Serious offer: Send me a diameter and preferred color(s). I’ll crochet a couple of caps large enough to contain the dreads when off-camera. Might even find suitable yarn for costume use.

    Peter Williams has one of my creations.

    II. <>

    She’s asking about the Creation Entertainment (MGM-licensed) con. Gatecon Vancouver will be in August.

    BTW, the Legendary Gathering (which you attended last Aug., Joe) is planned as a complement to Gatecon 2008. As I understand it, LG will be a fan reunion party at a different site, like Sekh’s Party in past years. (Any readers who are helping to plan LG are welcome to comment/correct.)

    I’m not planning on Vancouver cons this year.

    III. Does anyone know of any novelizations of anime? My curiosity’s piqued by “Inuyasha”, but I read faster than several hours of video can be screened…and books are portable.

    Having said that, I’m struggling through LoTR: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. I may break down and rent the LoTR movies after all.

  40. Heh. “Squeezed”. I love that word. I remember when my siblings and I were younger there was a tradition we held dear – randomly pointing at a brother or sister and yelling, “You’re squeezed!”. (In case you’re wondering, the appropriate response was, “You’re reported!”)

    Yes, we were *all* dropped on our heads as babies.


  41. Hi Joe,

    I sure hope you can get Bam bam on American Gladiators, he would kick butt and take names! Oh and about this..[i]oversized Q-tips over the Pit of Death (a.k.a. cushy foam insulation)[/i]
    They no longer have the stands over foam pads,it is done over a pool.

  42. Yesterday, Emily said:

    I would like to clear my name of this accusation. Why would I own Tiffany’s Greatest Hits when I’m already in possession of all her albums (greatest hits or otherwise)?

    …All this time, I’ve not been considering the sanity of others who read all the comments. After all, judging from the number of comments, I really *don’t* think we’re alone now. 😀

    Someone just shoot me now.

    *dies laughing*

    Dude, I didn’t even remember she did more than one album. It’s no wonder Nirvana, NIN, and Pearl Jam collected such a huge following. – I gotta stop laughing; some people may think I’m getting into “Reggae Teen Spirit” just a bit too much. – Indeed, I doubt that we are alone now (which is unfortunate if there was a butter-chicken meal for me somewhere in this scenario [man, that looked good], but otherwise might be just as well, since you could possibly find my Belinda Carlisle collection – or else hubs might be a little put out by a coupla chicks sitting in the living room singing every 80s song we know.)

    – Hysterical post. Thanks for the mirth. 😀

  43. howdy sorry i haven’t commented in a while, it has been a crazy few weeks. shortly after the new year i got in a car accident with some jerk who had no insurance and have since been fighting to get the money so i can fix my car. to make it all better, my car won’t start w/o a jump start as it has electrical damage. Fun aye? I have been feeling as if I could walk around and touch things and suddenly create all sorts of issues.

    Sooooo my qotd- i know that you have previously mentioned that you did some work in children’s animation and i’m sure if i had the time, energy and inclination to search your archives i could find it. but what SHOW(s) did you work for? my 2 year old is really getting into animated shows(though i must say that she has kind of a soft spot for a certain air force colonel whose hair goes like THAT 😉 )

  44. I have a question for Agent Wexler:

    If you figured out from Director Mueller’s email that he was being monitored and sending you a coded message, why would you then proceed to not only decode the message, but send the decoded message to him? Just how big of a dufus are you?

    For you Joe:

    I loved the Farscape parody and invisible Jack. I thought it was interesting that Ben Browder was apparently playing Stark instead of Crichton, which would have been the obvious role. And I particularly liked the line to Vala (aka Aeryn) afterward that went like: Okay, you got me. I have no idea what show that is.

    Sorry to hear about your reggae career going the way of the dodo, along with your dreads.

  45. Darn! I keep forgetting to use standard English quotes instead of angle brackets, aka chevrons (<>).

    “Spoke to Jason last night about the hair situation.”

    “Patricia writes: “Will you be at April’s STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS 2008, VANCOUVER, BC CONVENTION?”

    Answer: Which one? If it’s Gatecon, I don’t know. I was asked last year but, as always, it’s production-dependent.”

  46. Thanks for responding to my “Grave of the Fireflies” comment. Welp, I must have a heart of stone too (and Im a MUM!!! for Pete’s sake) because I didn’t cry, but the story stayed with me for a while after, which is a good guage for telling whether it’s a great movie, or a ‘meh’ one. Next is the Evangeleon series..

    Oh and “Ghost Story” arrived in my letterbox. Bit late, but I’ll enjoy the read whilst waiting for “Children of the night” to arrive from Sydney.

    Definitely gonna urge Bam Bam to enter the show, he’ll be great (and he’s good eye candy too shh), reckon he’ll do rather well and would cope quite easily with the falls onto deadly foam ..(gaw, what are those competitors, pussies?? :P)

    Tell Jason that most of us (who’ve discussed it) don’t mind him losing the dreads in a dark side storyline that he wants to do. Would be a good place in the story line to lose them dont ya think???

    Did you enjoy the lemon merangue pies as I read in your comments that you’re not into citrusy foods (key lime pie excepted of course).

    (oh and something rather trivial. I’m a John Mayer fan and just noticed (duh took a while) that you and he have the same initials and same birthday.. you both write excellent blogs.. hmmmmmmmm can you play the guitar like John ‘douchebag’ Mayer?? hahah )

  47. After seeing your comment on disliking reading off of a computer screen, I must once again preach to you GO CHECK OUT THE KINDLE! I just spent the last two hours reading off of one and it looks EXACTLY like a book page. No lighting, no computer noises, honestly I’m thinking this thing is beyond some of the technology we’ve seen on Stargate…


    Ok, so I couldn’t tell if that was your humour and I was sucked in, or if you were actually serious. I was probably sucked in but… Did you really have dreadlocks? And can we see a picture?

    Aha, the Farscape parody in 200 was you! Steph, thanks for asking that question.

    So Joe, what did you think of Farscape as a show?

  49. I just thought you’d like to know that you aren’t the only one who appreciates Joel Goldsmith’s scores. My 20 month old daughter, Keira (as in Ke’ra/Linea the Destroyer of Worlds), dances like crazy everytime the intro or end credits to SG1 come on. The only other music that gets her that excited is the Dora The Explorer theme! 🙂

  50. Hi Joe

    You may have answered this before, but in terms of an Atlantis season production, when does the incidental music start to appear in written form to be put into the show? Joel Goldsmith does a cracking job!

  51. PG15 writes: “Hmm…maybe I can just make up something on the spot?”

    Answer: Next year, I’m commissioning you to write the spoiler poem.





    BWUAHAHAHAHAHA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! /Sideshow Bob.


    I honorably accept this, um, honorable task. After drooling over the eye-popping spoilers you no doubt will give me as fodder for the piece, I shall write for you and the fandom the greatest poem to ever grace mankind. This, I promise you.

    Jen Said:
    Wow, congratulations to PG-15 for landing next year’s spoiler poem! If you need it, I’m sure there are others who would be willing to help with turning super-secret upcoming episode details into the witty references we’ve become accustomed to.

    You better believe it. Sharing the info with the fans is just another phase in my plan of Stargate Domination. What is this plan you ask? Simple:

    Phase 1: Familiarize self with Stargate lore, as well as the names and functions of the people working behind the scenes. Endgame: Capable of coming up with a Stargate reference/in-joke in 2 seconds flat; can name every actor and writer/executive producer currently working on the show. Completed

    Phase 2: Familiarize self with Stargate Fandom. Endgame: Capable of exploiting every facet of the fans; know where to strike to make them crave more of the sweet, sweet, nector that is Stargate as preparation for future story ideas. Completed

    Phase 3: Connections. Find a way to interact with actual people working on the show and expand influence within Fandom. Endgame: Capable of obtaining important information from the Executive Producer through subtle prodding, entertaining and complementing, and spread it amongst the fandom to gain their favor. Knows the likes and dislikes of the Executive Producers so as to exploit them in the winning of Stargate DVDs through trivia (also helps in continual learning of Stargate lore). If possible, connections will involve the obtaining of rare information not privy to any other fan, as well as actually affecting what goes into Stargate canon (i.e. having a character or a spatial grid of the Pegasus Galaxy named after you). Almost Completed

    Phase 4: Having the chance of meeting someone who works on the show in real life, most likely from winning some kind of _______th visit event. Endgame: Hypnotize them with your supernatural powers into offering you a job at Bridge Studios as a Producer’s assistant. Capable of affecting more important bits of Stargate canon, eventually succeeding in having one of your story ideas (that you gleamed from fans’ reactions in the past) chosen by one of the writers. If possible, let said idea be really good, so the ratings for the resulting episode is high.

    Phase 5: Dove-tailing the other phases. Endgame: Using your knowledge of fandom, continue pitching out awesome, fan-servicing ideas that the fans love. The ratings for the show will skyrocket, and you will be promoted to a Writer. At the same time, using what you know of the Executive producers to blackmail them so they get demoted, leaving you to take over the Stargate franchise. Rule said franchise with an iron fist that is feared by ALL!!

    Phase 6: Have a cuppa. You deserve it.


    Oh, and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to N. John Smith!

  52. Although I’ve never had dreads, I could sit on my hair until I was 12 so I get it. 2 days of dread reattachment has got to suck…

    Oh, my ankle is a lot better. I’ve been to physio and she told me (in between admiring my toenail polish and holding my foot between her breasts) that all the ligaments are intact. I’m even getting around with one crutch instead of two now. Yay!

    My main news though, is that no one in my new flat likes dark chocolate! This is awesome news for me, because I’m really bad about keeping my chocolate for myself because I’m just too damn generous. I just gave my sister a square of my precious 85% cocoa chocolate and she nibbled on the corner then spat it out… needless to say I rescued the rest of the square. All mine!

    Ooh, do you like tea? I seem to remember you talking about green tea… I found some gorgeous sakura rose green tea today, and I’m getting up the nerve to try one from the black tea section of the store called “choco chilli.” I usually love chocolate and chilli together, but I’m not sure about it in a tea… What do you think?

    “A surprising combination that really works! The aroma is chocolate. On infusion, the chilli combines with the cocoa, apple, chocolate and strawberry pieces to make a satisfying and memorable brew.”


  53. Just one random fan’s opinion (what else is new?) but, while I agree with Jason that the dreds are a key part of Ronon’s look, they’re really just window dressing. It would certainly be shocking to see Ronon without dreds at first (which should absolutely be exploited for the story), but the loss of that hairstyle would do nothing to change the essential nature of the character. The writers and Jason have created a character that could not be diminished in any way by something as inconsequential as a change in hairstyle.

    That said, there has got to be a good opportunity for some character development in Ronon losing the dreds. Is it by his own choice, or is it something he’s forced to do? Is it a positive experience for him, or negative? Do the dreds have any cultural or emotional significance for Ronon, or is it just another hairstyle? I mean, it’s not worthy of an entire episode (like say the big Arbor Day/stick fighting/Ancient toilet mid-season two-parter), but it could still be a significant character moment within a story.

    PS – I don’t normally spend this much time thinking about Ronon and/or Jason’s hair. Honest.

  54. Hey annoying one did you tell Carl yes or no please answer this when you apporove this, if we go there and he’s not there my dad will be angry with me.

  55. l. Don’t you and Paul have different color eyes. I thought his were blue.

    2. Couldn’t you write it into an episode where Jason loses the dreds for some reason, maybe for offending an ally or something?

  56. Hello Joe!

    I have read many authors now because of the strike notice.

    If Karl Binder now also denounced?

    Take Care


  57. I would actually watch an episode of American Gladiators with Bam Bam in it. I don’t think they’d know what hit them!

    Question for you, Joe. I just happen to have an extra copy of the omnibus edition of the first three books of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. Would you read it if I send it up to you?

  58. I’m reading Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card now, just finished the Ender books (which I loved!) Wondering if you’ve read Pastwatch? One more question, will David Hewlett’s sister (Kate) be in Season 5? I’ve enjoyed her episodes so much.

  59. The Ark OF Truth seems to be doing strong, number 4 in Amazon’s top selling SciFi DVD’s last time I checked, maybe the leak didn’t do so much damage after all? 😉

  60. I wanna get a L.A.M.E and or Baron D’ labelled shirt, anychance you have a catch phrase to go with it?

    Other than: “It’s cool to be L.A.M.E.”

  61. Secondly, what would the Joe Mallozzi action figure and or t-shirt say?

    “I’m not Paul.”??

  62. Many happy returns to John N. Smith. What does the ‘N’ in his name stand for anyway?

  63. Why is there a marked J.MAllozzi version??
    Are you each assigned your labelled copy??
    And what’s rushed about it?
    Is it fast forwarded, a lot to get everything in?

  64. Have I ever mentioned your like “my idol”?
    I admire you heaps man…cos your kool, and you have a great sense of humor.

  65. Hello Joseph ♥

    Sa va bien? Moi mieux, j’ai pu enfin dormir convenablement.

    Merci pour les photos, sa du être bien a la franchise de stargate.

    Je voudrais trop voir Jason sans ses dreads, sa doit vraiment le changer.

    Mince, vous avez répondu a plein de questions aujourd’hui, et moi comme une idiote hier j’ai oublier de vous en posez…Ralala!

    Coole vous avez répondu a ma petite Aurélie^^!
    IL faut lire un livre ecrit par Syd Field pour être scénariste?? abon? oO

    Mes questions:

    1)Quel sont vos méchant préféré dans stargate Atlantis et SG1??
    2) Vous savez bien Skiez?

    Bon aller Kisou, a plus =) je vous adore♥

  66. “It’s been years since I’ve had dreads so I can‘t remember. I cut them off shortly after my reggae career came to an ugly end”

    Please tell us more, do you made reggae music, or only hear it? 🙂 Did you often feel like McKay in the Episode, in which it got an arrow into his afterbody, when he lies on the surgey bed? 😀

    Greetings from Germany

  67. HI! *blows kisses* You still crack me up, your dogs are still adorable, my kittens bat at the TV screen, you answered way too many questions today, the Farscape parody was brilliant, I’ve missed you, tell John he did a stellar job on your blog design, I love lemon meringue pie. There’s a lot more I should say but trying to be user friendly 😀

    Have a wonderful day!

  68. I really hope Ronon will not lose his hair…it is such a handy place to store knives…

  69. Hey Joe! I’m loving Season 4 so far, its been brilliant!
    I’m hoping this hasn’t been asked before..but the question has been bugging me for a while..hehe

    Why wasn’t Jewel Staite in the Season 4 Opening Credits and will she be in the ones for Season 5?

    Kind Regards
    Rhiannon 😀

  70. Wow, you wrote the Farscape parody? Does that mean you’re a fan?
    I recently overdosed on Farscape and watched seasons 2-4 in just over a week. If my brain wasn’t mushy before, it is now.
    Also, brilliant work with the zombies 😉

  71. So wait, we’ll never get to see Jason’s new do on the show, or would the extensions just be temporary for continuity sake? cos I’m still gonna love him either way.

  72. Thanks for your answers !
    I buy the book (lol), I’m not sure of my skills but, I try !
    I would like have an autograph (you, Joe Flanigan, Rachel, David …), how make (adress …) ? [Sorry !!!]

    You have a good day and a happy new year 2008.
    You make a fantastic job and I am waiting 3th season with impatience on french channel. (What are they waiting for ? Grrrr !)


    Merci pour vos réponses !
    Je vais acheter le livre, je ne suis pas sûre quant à mes compétences mais, je vais essayé !
    J’amerais bien avoir un autographe (le vôtre ainsi que ceux de Joe, Rachel, David et autres), comment faire ? (Comment m’y prendre ?) [Désolée]

    Je vous souhaite une très bonne journée et une heureuse année 2008.
    Vous faîtes un travail fantastique et j’attends la troisième saison avec impatience sur les ondes françaises. (Qu’est-ce qu’ils attendent ? Grrrr !)

  73. While not as dramatic a difference, folks got over Teal’c not being bald.

    Let’s face it, Jason is a commanding presence; with or without dreads. I think you should give the poor guy’s neck a break.

    To make up for it, Jason can do more fight scenes and gratuitously run around without a shirt. (Gee. That was sexist, wasn’t it?)

    You could also have a funeral scene for The Hair.

    “We gather hear today to bid a fond farewell to…The Hair. May the Hair be with you.”
    “And also with you.”


  74. Hey Joe.
    Seriously. Couldn’t you just imagine our Bam Bam up against the likes of Brunhilda. And what a sight it would be. LOL

    Looking forward to Quarantine.

  75. How ’bout an episode where Ronon is captured by baddies and they cut his hair? 🙂
    Just don’t let Sheppard get captured too – his hair can stay!


  76. Joe, my wife and I finally got to see last Friday’s Atlantis just last night. We had Tivo’d it but because of some TiVo “suggestions” it was deleted before we had the chance to watch. Thankfully iTunes saved the day.

    I suspect you’re not going to like this, nor feel like responding, but I have to say something rather negative about an aspect of S4, so far. Which is this;

    I realize Carter was only going to be in 14 out of the 20 episodes, but for the love of Pete, I believe the writers need to address her status regardless of being present in the episode. I mean, how in the world was Sheppard able to do all that he did without discussing it with Carter? No one mentions her, at all?

    I know that anything could be answered with “it happened off screen”, which is fine if you want to go with that. But, because we all know Carter is the new head of Atlantis NOT seeing her addressed, not seeing her being a part of the discussion, well, its downright jarring to the senses. “It happened off screen” is believable for minor characters and minor events, not in the case of something like Sheppard deciding to take the hive ship and follow the signal to the wraith cloning planet. Even having him decide to take Teyla or not isn’t something he could actually do without informing Carter.

    This obvious slight of Carter’s existence kept throwing off my concentration.

    Can you, will you, comment on the lack of Carter “mentions” this season? This is not the first time its happened this season.

  77. “Amber writes: “What do you have that other people use more than you?”

    Answer: My name.”

    your blog & your ipod..

  78. Hi,
    I’ve missed a few days of reading your blog. sorry, but has it been decided when season 5 will air. Early – around June? or Late – around September? I can’t decide which I like better. June – because there is less wait between the season finale and the beginning of the next one or September – because of the short break between the episodes 10 and 11. If in September, will the season 4 DVDs come out to coincide with the start of the new season?
    Almost forgot, if/when Jason loses the dread, it will be one less place to hide his knives. lol.
    thanks for answering our questions

  79. Okay, so now folks have to comment in order to win (maybe), which means, your blog will be filled with meaningless posts, like this one 😉

    But the MGM honchos visit, but what about the new SciFi person. Has she visited?

  80. Joe,

    I’m thinking of starting a “Heat The Bridge” funds drive for you poor people. Every interior shot of the production office shows the staff in coats and sweaters!

    Pass along east coast birthday wishes to Mr. Smith.

  81. Hi Joe! I’ve been watching season 6 and season 7 of SG-1 lately and I noticed that the X-302 changed into F-302. Was it because the X series are the prototypes or just a little mistake?

    Thanks 🙂

  82. Hey Joe!
    ooh I like the names of the first three of season five, I particulary like “Broken Ties” sounds like it could be interesting…

    When you say production is starting soon, what does that mean? Writing up the stories? When will you guys start shooting again? I’m already itching to see five even though only half way through four!

  83. Hi again Mr M!
    Greetings from Tipperary. Aside from those fine dining suggestions (particularly Fuel) and indeed the Bridge Studios,(and the nerve centre that is the Writer’s Room) what other attractions should be on the “TO-DO” list for Vancouver?
    Also, on your recommendation, I purchased and viewed “The Princess Bride”….Very funny..Liked it alot..one thing though, I thought the scenery was terrific in the outdoor shots, and then my suspicion was proven correct….Dear Old Ireland!! …What gives Mr M., firstly Sci- Fi choice a couple of months back featuring an Irish American trawling through Ireland and now a fav. film with Irish Scenery….Are you part Irish or is there a subliminal calling to the “old country”???

    Talk soon, and good luck to all re:1M visitor,


    PS Loved Spoils of War!!!
    PPS Happy Birthday to Mr N John Smith… I look forward to hopefully being on his tour of Bridge!

  84. Well, this fan, for one, wouldn’t mind at all if Ronon cut his hair. Really, it might fit with his character arc; he’s been becoming more and more Earth-y since Runner. I can see him deciding to go for some other style, assuming the writers haven’t decided that it’s a symbol of what he’s been through, or something. Teal’c wasn’t any less himself with hair, after all.

  85. Joe! I got myself a handle on here. I like anneteldy did not get my question answered this time around. I suppose you get pretty backed up sometimes. My question was about the bloopers. What is keeping SG-1 bloopers from being released?

    I remember reading an interview at Gateworld where Jason said he cut the dreads off. I thin it was a good move for him. Personal wellbeing is very important. If someday there is an episode written where they are removed, whoever writes that episode should reuse the gag where Ronan had all the knives hidden.

  86. I was RIGHT? I knew my career in museums should be foresaken for a more brilliant career in detective work. Then maybe I could carry a gun. Woo hoo. But even without my help, it sounds like you thwarted the assassination attempt!

    Officially offering now to help PG15 with the next spoiler poem. I won’t notice the details or anything 🙂 (or sell the secrets on ebay. honest!).

    I was thinking Ronan/Jason could go with a wig too – couldn’t he? Plus it would make a great AU ep for him to NOT have dreads 😉 hmm an AU Sateda where they beat the wraith or something…ponders.

    I thought Rodney was kind of cute with the kids – the little ones from the kid planet? And in Miller’s Crossing Jeanie specifically mentions him reading stories to Madison – so perhaps he’s warming up to children? They seem to like him anyway!

    Congrats – good luck JennyRobin. I’m finishing my first week at a new gig today and frankly REALLY looking forward to tonight’s episode.

  87. I have to say I love the choice for tonight’s episode title, but I’m afraid I’m going to spend most of the evening imagining John, Rodney and Ronon in red gingham dresses with pigtails and muffin hats. Who (if you’re familiar with Red Dwarf at all) do you think would be the lucky bastard with the Mr. Flibble puppet, if the characters were simply inserted into the Red Dwarf episode of the same name?

  88. Dear Joe,
    “Answer: The zombie sequence, invisible O’Neill, and the Farscape parody”

    Did you watched Farscape? Did you like it? Is it what you called a sci-fi opera ?

    Speaking of Farscape, my wife and I must eat something waiting for season 4 and we are rewatching it for the …(this is a secret)times and seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1. In our opinion, the last episodes of season 3 of Farscape as the last one of seasons 7,8 and 9 of SG-1 and the last episode of season 3 of SGA are among the best sci-fi episodes we’ve seen.

  89. That spam email post was hilarious- reading it made my birthday! Question- are you planning to appear in any episode of SGA, say the 201st episode? (can you tell I got the wishful thinking going on here?)

  90. I agree… the invisible O’Neill and the Farscape parody were my favourite parts 🙂 (but I’m a big fan of Farscape, so, um, you win by default?)

    I’m trying really, really hard to picture Ronan without dreads and it just isn’t working. O.o;

  91. Joe

    I’ve seen you mention before that you’ve tried deep fried mars bars. How on earth did that come about? I thought this particular ‘delicacy’ was limited to my heart disease riddled nation.

  92. Hi Joe,

    Will we ever find out what happened to the old planet (Lantea?) after Atlantis departed? Now that the replicator planet is gone, has the orbiting energy weapon switched itself off? Or is there another replicator stronghold somewhere in Pegasus, perhaps near a black hole, keeping the stargate orbiting above Lantea open, and ensuring that the weapon is still functioning?


  93. Oooh, lemon meringue pie! I love it, but my meringue never lofts like it should. I made pecan pie last night and sweet potato pie this morning, gearing up for the B-day tomorrow.

    Ronon without his dreads … I’m flashing back to my Garth days: we fear change. Still, I’ll bear it if I must!

    The Cushy Foam Pit of Death, Doom and Destruction. Everyone needs one of those in their basement. Hmmm, you’ve given me an idea, I mean I already call my basement living room The Pit. Hmmm, where can I get that much foam?

    So if you truly have a deep streak of malice and evil, will you also tell us who was 999,999 and 1,000,001? Buwahahahaha!!!!!!

  94. Does anyone volunteer to start a rally to convince Jason to lose the dreads permanently?

    Envision this:
    Ronon and Teyla in her quarters, the camera pans in closer as Teyla turns, holding hair shears. Ronon glances at her and at the shears and grimaces, shaking his head from side to side.
    Teyla: Are you prepared?
    Ronon: Not really.
    Teyla: This is what comes of losing a wager.
    Ronon: I know, but John had inside information.
    Teyla: Maybe so, yet you lost the wager.
    Off camera, the door swooshes open. Camera pans toward doorway to find Sheppard standing tall, hands on hips, smirking jovially.
    Camera 2 on Teyla/Ronon.
    Sheppard: How’s it going?
    Ronon glares at him and mumbles under his breath.
    Teyla: I was just about to begin.
    Sheppard: Listen, I was thinking, maybe we should move the show to the mess hall? Give everyone a chance to enjoy it.
    Ronon grunts and glares more intensely.
    Teyla moves to stand between Sheppard and Ronon, trying to diffuse the mounting tension.
    Teyla: I don’t think that would be wise John. Shall I begin?
    Sheppard: Well, if you’re sure you don’t want to share…
    Suddenly Ronon shoots to his feet, turning to stare over Teyla’s head at Sheppard.
    Ronon: I wouldn’t mind losing a fair wager, but it wasn’t fair! You already knew about the Trojan from Zelenka!
    Sheppard shrugs and grins again, not in the least intimidated by Ronon’s bravado.
    Sheppard: We didn’t set any rules beforehand. All’s fair in love and war, so to speak.
    Teyla turns to Ronon placing her hand on his chest.
    Teyla: He’s right Ronon, no rules were set before the wager. Now you must act honorably and accept the result. Sit down, I can’t reach your head at this angle.
    Grumbling, Ronon continues to glare at Sheppard and grudgingly sits. Sheppard leans against the wall, arms crossed, waiting for the first lock to hit the deck.
    With a sigh, Teyla begins cutting Ronon’s hair, one dreadlock at a time. Camera pans wide, showing a tableau of falling locks, clicking shears and a maniacally grinning Lt. Colonel.

    … to be continued…

  95. Bonjour Joseph,
    Alors, on comprend juste assez bien le français ? Bon, j’espère vraiment que tu comprends bien ce que j’écris parce que 1: je me trouve ben comique, 2: j’écris de la même façon que j’écris à ceux qui comprenne très bien le français et 3: si j’écris pour rien parce que tu ne comprends pas réellement ce que j’écris ben je trouverais ça un peu triste. Toutefois, telle une super héroïne de bd, je garde espoir sur ton français et je suis toujours prête à sauver l’humanité ! (bon, je sais ça pas tellement de lien …) J’imagine également que si tu approuves les commentaires c’est que tu comprends. Moi en tout cas je me comprends ! Bon, je cesse de délirer et je redonne ta liberté anglaise ! lol
    Morgia (et fière de l’être !!)

  96. I’m sure I’m not the only person (in fact I know I’m not) who goes ‘Lemon meringue pie’ and ‘McKay can’t have that’ all in the same thought process!!! Let’s just call it the pie of death, eh?! LOL!

    Here’s hoping that you share with us some of your super secret past exploits as a reggae star…!

    And now something that’s been percolating in my brain – Teyla’s baby:

    1 – surely not Michael’s; the timing is completey wrong for that, besides why would he impregnate her and then leave her to be fed on by an iratus bug? Don’t make sense to me.

    2 – also, what if Teyla is using the baby’s Wraith DNA to boost her own subconsciously? And also picks up on its sex that way as well? That would mean that the baby doesn’t have to be as neurologically formed as people have been assuming.

    3 – Even if baby is more neurologically formed than it should be, that could be down to the Wraith DNA it has inherited from its mother (and not necessarily its father), or it could be down to the fact that the Athosians are not Earth humans, or even indeed Milky Way humans, and so might have some differences from us lot?

    Just some thoughts that have been wandering around my head. I’m expecting a human baby with Wraith DNA that it got from Teyla and possibly, though not necessarily, from its father (Kanan). I could be wrong, in which case I will go back an re-analyse Spoils of War etc. If you know something about the baby that I don’t, please don’t tell me. I like surprises!

  97. Sorry to hear that your reggae career was cut short–pun intended. About Jason and his dreads, write an involuntary haircut into an episode. Imagine the repercussions of poor Ronon without his massive hair, the emotions stirred and whatnot. He might even go “dark side” on account of it. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

    Anyway, the question I have is, how many episodes will you be writing for Season 5? Also, this time last year you were torturing yourself over one script or another. Are any upcoming episodes proving to be exceptionally difficult to write and, if so, why?

    PS: The whole Agent Wexler thing…hysterical.

  98. First off, I’d like to wish John N. Smith a very happy birthday. Lemon Meringue pie is my all time favorite. YUM!

    I loved Hogan’s Heroes; but after the murder of Bob Crane (and everything that surrounded that) the show was tainted for me. Very sad. I also enjoyed Gilligan’s Island. My dad actually met with Mr. Denver back when the show was in production. But honestly, nothing beats Lassie – now that was a movie star.

    Glad to hear that the first three episodes are locked in. Even though we haven’t heard anything officially, I’m hoping this means that the cast is locked in too. Please let us know when Daniel’s episode is also locked in. I’m super excited to see him on Atlantis, and very anxious to hear something.

    I think Bam Bam on American Gladiators would definitely be cool. IMO he’d be great at it. After watching American Idol the other night, I firmly believe that Amanda, Michael, Rick and Chris could go on and do a better job with their rendition of row row your boat than some of the contestants that I saw on there. Actually, after watching, I can honestly say that there are songs that I officially hate now. Oh well. *sigh*

    Take care,

  99. Re writing and filming next season. Would it be a possiblity that you start writing and then filming some of the later episodes early so if there is a SGA strike, Joe and Jason could be seen throughout the season? I hate to say it, but if I knew Shep (or McKay for that matter) would not be in the latter half of the 20 episodes I probably would lose interest and might stop watching faithfully. (and I really do love your show…). And for the season finale and celebratory show 100 I’d hate to see Ronon and Shep only exist in flashbacks or somesuch…

  100. Oh hey, MGM has up a new video featuring Joe M on set during filming of “Harmony”. Very funny! It’s here. Well done, Joe!

  101. Steph writes: “Which part of the 200th episode of SG1 did you write?”

    Answer: The zombie sequence, invisible O’Neill, and the Farscape parody.

    I loved the invisible O’Neill sequence! (Then again, since Jack is my favorite character, I might be slightly bias…)

    Which leads me to a question: Which SG-1 character will you/do you miss writing for the most? And why?

  102. Farsgate was hilarious! Thank you for that and the invisible O’Neill!

    I don’t think that it will be a problem to find a hairdo for Ronon which fits to his Character even without dreads. He is just a type you really can’t ruin unless you put him into a pink ballet tutu.

    All the best,


  103. Hello Joe,
    Please answer this question. How come the writers seem to opposed to any romance by and of the leads? Are you afraid the show will turn into a soap opera? There is love/divorce besides death in outer space.

  104. Sure wish you could edit posts after they are submitted…meant SAG strike instead of SGA strike (although maybe there could be an episode where the civilian staff go on strike? -not)

  105. I don’t know why, but you’re comment: “If you have a name, you are eligible,” made me laugh out loud. Normally, I wouldn’t mind, but I’m at work and, erm, not really supposed to be doing things not work- related. What should I say if I get caught reading your blog at work?

  106. ==========================>>Petite pensée For You♥♥♥
    ====================>>Je me demande se que vous faisez.
    =============>>Vous passez une bonne journée jespert.
    ==========>> ♣♣♣

  107. Cheers for the Anime recommends, my eldest son now 23 got me into it(although he stopped speaking to me briefly when he found out I saw Akira when it first came out!heavy shit man!) and when I have time I intend to catch up.BTW I LOVE Cowboy Bebop especially Edward! Which reminds me I must get my collection updated now he’s left home.

  108. Ah, I love some anime. Admittedly, when I was younger it was all about Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! *grin*, but then I found Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, Inu Yasha … at first I watched only the dubbed versions (because that’s all YTV would show of course), and then I went in search of subtitled instead, and was pleasantly surprised that they were actually less…cartoony(?) than the dubbed versions. Love it.

    I was wondering if you caught the first couple episodes of jPod on CBC. I never read the book (never read anything by Coupland, really), but when I found out Peter DeLuise was directing and Colin Cunningham was a main character I just couldn’t say no. It’s a hell of a ride – a GOOD dark comedy on CBC? I couldn’t believe my eyes. Great show if you haven’t seen it, in any case. Definitely recommend it.

  109. I was never a fan of anime, but I did love the late great Samurai Jack. Did you ever see that show, and if so, what did you think of it?

  110. I thought from the sound of your “heading”/”title” of this blog that I would have read an intresting story about some issue with the fammed lemon pie.. no??

  111. Hi Joe!!

    Just saw you behind the scenes footage for “Harmony” on the MGM Stargate site. Love that you guys have behind the scenes stuff out there!!! 🙂 Two questions. What type of sandwich were you eating? & Did you figure out who moved your chair?? Have a great weekend!!!!

    Jen D.

  112. Hi Joe,

    I am a big fan of Atlantis (and SG1 ^^).
    Your Blog is very interesting and gives some special informations about the life on the Stargate Set.
    It’s nice to read about these things.
    I saw SG1 Episode 200 and i think two of the best parts were “Zombie Attack” and “Invisible O’Neill”.
    Good work 😉

    I didn’t see the third + fourth season of Atlantis.
    The Fourth isn’t already available in Germany.
    And the third season I will buy in the next 2-3 weeks.
    It was already on the TV, but I don’t like adversiting.
    It’s really annoying when you get this advert breaks every 10 minutes…

    But I saw Season 1 and 2 of Atlantis.
    It’s really nice and I hope Atlantis will get a lot of seasons 😉

    Well, Happy Birthday John 😉
    Bye bye Jason’s Dreadlocks 🙁

  113. You do realize that if PG15 is to write next year’s spoiler poem, you will have to give him all sorts of inside information on the upcoming episodes. Surely, you won’t do that!?

  114. WOW! just completed Old Man’s War. Rocketed through the book it kept my interest so well. Ranks right up there with Starship Troopers and Enders Game.
    I’ve scanned your blog and see Consider Phlebas as another top contender, my bookstores are out of stock currently.
    so what’s your 10 pics for books, in no particular order. I’m looking trough the mentions of your BoMC as well.
    oops scanned another, Game of Thrones.
    On your reading. It seems you read quite fast, do you speed read, just read fast, etc..?

  115. HI Joe!

    I guess I’m just echoing everyone when I say I also loved the invisible O’Neill scene 🙂

    I’ve been peeking through some of the threads in Gateworld and I’ve noticed that the most active ones tend to be the character-centered ones, in particular the ones concerning romance between 2 characters. I was wondering what you thought of this? Or perhaps why you think this is?

    When I watched the series (SG-1, I have yet to see Atlantis), I have to say I through the show was a perfect blend of comedy, action, cool tech stuff and yes, relationships of all kinds. I mean there was friendship (Jack and Daniel, Sam n Daniel, Teal’c and Jack, etc) family (Sam and Jacob, Vala and her father) animosity (the government and the Stargate program, all the bad guys vs SG-1) and romance (Sam and Jack, Daniel and Vala) Its what made the show appealing to everyone. I find it strange that some people think that the emotional elements dont belong in sci-fi.

    Anyway, thats just my thoughts on this rainy night in Germany. Thanks for answering my questions before!

  116. Hey man, I was just wondering if you could check out my blog and leave a comment on what you think maybe?

  117. Hey man, I was just wondering if you could check out my blog and leave a comment on what you think maybe?


  118. danielfanforever Said:
    But honestly, nothing beats Lassie – now that was a movie star.

    Ah yes but I had heard she was a bit of a bitch to work with!!!

    All collies playing Lassie have been male, playing a female dog.

    How confusing and how painful to have to lose two important ‘extras’ poor Lassie!

    I hope Jason does have a wooly hat to keep his head warm. Perhaps Susanthetartanturtle could knit him a Tam o’ Shanter .


  119. Wow Joe. The Invisible O’Neill sequence and the Farscape parody were my 2 favorite parts of the 200th episode and you wrote them both!

    Ok, so who wrote the O’Neill is Cameron’s daddy joke?

  120. Joe-
    What are the chances of the Atlantis team ever meeting up with the Furlings?

  121. Someone was wanting the studio’s address. Here it is:

    Stargate Atlantis –
    Bridge Studios
    2400 Boundary Road,
    Burnaby, B.C., V5M 3Z3.

    Anne Teldy

  122. Two days to reattach hair? How is that going to work? Attach half of it one day and the other half the next, so he’s walking around with half a head of hair?

  123. “It’s been years since I’ve had dreads so I can‘t remember. I cut them off shortly after my reggae career came to an ugly end”

    Ah-hah! So YOU’RE Joe “Ded-Duck” Mallozzi.I had always wondered, but dared not comment in case I was embarrassingly wrong.

    Damn, I used to love your stuff! You still getting your inspiration by mixing ganja with Earl Grey tea leaves and smoking them?

  124. 1)Will Todd’s knowledge of the extent of Teyla’s abilities come into play again?

    2)Will the progression of Teyla’s abilities and other tie-ins(i.e. the mention of the Wraith Queen during her dream sequence in Doppelganger)warrant any kind of explanation during the rest of the season?

  125. Hi again,

    “No new SG-1 movies on the short-range sensors.”

    Please define short-range ?

    And, it is a matter of sale for the two direct to dvds movies, is’nt it ?

  126. Yéééhhhhhh!! sayé!!!!!!!!
    Je vient d’atteindre 20000 visites sur mon blog!!!!
    Je suis trop contente !!!!
    Et comble de l’ironie, Je suis mon 20000 visiteur XD!!

  127. I thought you guys gave up celebrating bdays with cake/pie etc as you were having to celebrate waaay too often…Is there a bday celebration resurgence?

    (And did you all really sing ‘Happy Birthday’? Because that’s a somewhat amusing thought.)


  128. Pauline said: “Ah yes but I had heard she was a bit of a bitch to work with!!!”

    LOL!! Yes, Lassie was always a male dog. The females shed their coats once a year plus the males are bigger. I LOVE Lassie. He/she soooo rocks!!!

    Looking forward to tonights Atlantis episode, Joe.

    Take care,

  129. Cool ! The invisible O’neill is one of my favourite part of “200” !

    Happy birthday to all of this person.

    Today’s question : Have you ever seen UFO ?

  130. So if the SAG strike goes ahead, exactly how much cast will you have left and what is the contingency plan?

  131. What´s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
    They officially named the icebear-cub at the Nuremberg zoo today. It´s called Flocke(flake) and it´s really cute.
    Speaking of snow, I saw on TV yesterday that there is a research facility in Antarctica that carries our family name. Hope that doesn´t rule it out for use for a wraith?
    p.s. Has anyone asked the dreadlocks yet how they are feeling about getting attached again? Are they looking forward to it or do they dread it? (ouch!!)
    Can I start a FREE THE DREADS petition?
    p.s.2 How is Ish Kabibble doing?

  132. Ahhh invisible O’neill. i forgot about that. Hah, great job on that one.

    I’ve heard the Kindle (amazon.com’s e-book reader) is almost as easy to read as a book. But i’d think you would miss not adding the physical copy of the book to your shelf after you had completed it.

    Is it possible for members of the public to get there hands on those snazzy Stargate watches?

  133. Bonjour Joe !!!

    Je voulais juste savoir o* en était à peu prè l’écriture de Universe, si ça avance à un bon ryhtme, et quand la série sera tournée.

    Merci beuacop, et surtout continuez de nous émeveiller avec SGA !!!

    Stargatement, Gwénaël aka Dr Rodnay McKay.

  134. What are the best words a writer can hear from a director vs. the best words a producer can hear from a director?

  135. I was wondering if the ship we saw Elizabeth on at the end of Be All My Sins Remembered had a name. I remember you talking about the Phoenix, which would have been a very appropriate name for her ship, but I believe that was for a ship that we’ll see at the end of season 4.

  136. Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who.

    Well take me back to Oz and call me Dorothy!

    Stargate Atlantis…all I could come up with is

    Target as Atlas Tin….anyone else care to have a go?

    Pauline….Alien up

  137. *waves*

    You know, when you talk about the future of SGA and SG1, it’s all good news, because, after a day like today, there’s nothing I would love to hear more, (obviously apart from Cheeky you’re the millionth winer of Mr M’s blog 😉 is that there could be a season 6. 🙂 Does Mr C accept bribes? *bats her eyelashes*

    Mr M says: (because I can’t do the whole quote thingy) “Meanwhile, the order of season five’s the first three episodes has been locked. It’ll go Search and Rescue, The Seed, and Broken Ties.”

    Oooh thanks for the titles, and little cryptic stuff you’d care to shar to go with those lovely titles. From first glance, these are my thoughts.


    Search and Rescue: Sheps shirt still remains aloof and the whole team are now desperately searching the entire Pegasus Galaxy. Unknown to them, a cheeky lil devil has hidden it in a place that can only cause chaos and mayhem for our team.

    The Seed: Seeds of doubt are placed in Shep’s mind as to whether Cheeky can be trusted with Shep’s laundry.

    Broken Ties: The arc concludes with Shep’s laundry torn and tattered. In Cheeky’s seach for whump, she’s restless and resorts to breaking his ties instead of whumping Shep.

    How did I do? 😛

    One last thing before I go. Mr M also says in response to PG15 brazen cheekiness. 😉 (You know I luf ya babe) “PG15 writes: “Hmm…maybe I can just make up something on the spot?”

    Answer: Next year, I’m commissioning you to write the spoiler poem”

    *cries* Oh Mr M!! After all my proses, i’m wounded that you did not think of me. *sniff* You do realise, he’d probably take you up on that. Then he’ll go round the forum, with his fanboy smile, and he’ll gloat, open up another thread. Then he’ll be sniffing his flocking once more for inspiration, he’ll go a little nuts, which will in turn cause chaos, mayhem and anarchy across GW. It won’t be pretty! I can’t wait. 😉

    Thank you for the yummies *crosses fingers and toes Jonas style that this goes through*


  138. Oops. You know, it’s late and i’m tired and my spelling was crap. Sorry. *feels ashamed* I would spell embarressed, but knowing my brain today i’d spell that wrong to* 😛

    Oh and if I spelled that wrong, then i’ve only done it to prove a point. That’s my story and i’m sticking to it. 😀

  139. Hi Joe.
    I was wondering if you ever get well known non-SciFi actors calling you for roles on the show? Like say, oh, um, Orlando Bloom?
    He’d give poor Shep a run for his money in the mischievous grin department, plus he’s rather handy with a sword, could pull off the Wraith hair (due to previous experience as an elf), can captain a ship. The man is multi-skilled I tell ya. There would be the jealousy from Shep “Oh, you think you’re so cute with that British accent”. So taking all of this into account, if he hasn’t called, then why not? He’s perfectly equipped at least for an extra’s role.
    Sorry, I’ll start acting my age again.
    ~narelle from aus

  140. Do the writers on the show use any resources provided by research librarians (or the libraries they staff)?

    Curious Wannabe Librarian

  141. I thought of another question that I’d like to ask everyone involved in Stargate if I could–do you ever feel sad that your real life isn’t nearly as exciting as the characters’ lives in stargate?

  142. “Hey Joe! (Uh, where’re you goin’ with that script in your hand? He said: I’m gonna shoot my agent, cuz I found him messing around in it with his pen…)” Did somebody just say “Hendrix”? I wonder why…

    What was I going to say? Oh yeah…

    Hey Joe! Thanks for liking Joel’s fantabulous music just as much as I do. As a little “Thank You!”, I have new “Possessed Chef” recipes for you. Lookie here:

    The Possessed Chef is Back!

    And please do not, under any circumstances, read my other blog, ever! It’s strictly for grown-ups, and if Google finds out about it because you clicked through and sent it that extra traffic that tips the scale to alert them, I would have to go through the same grueling excercise to emigrate to WordPress. Spare me the pain, will ya, brother?

  143. Hmm… just another thought. You wrote: “My screenwriting studies consisted of reading a book by Syd Field.”

    Gasp! I do have Joe Michael Straczynski’s “The Complete Book of Scriptwriting” sitting on my desk! So that means that I’m qualified to write for the next great Stargate series! Okay, tell me what your slave labor compensation for completely delusional wannabe writers is, and I shall ponder your lowly offer…

  144. Hi Joe, I’ve seen Quarantine and I sorta felt bad for Rodney he’s 40 and still not ready to be in a serious relationship? And I wanted to ask you how come there are no photos of Vala or Cam on Sam’s desk whereas there’s one of Jack in dress blues – IMHO for the last 2 years Sam developed a beautiful friendship with these 2 whereas her friendship/romance or whatever with Jack didn’t lead to anything these past 2 years…

  145. Hi, hm how will be in the new cast.

    Jason writes: “Will you be following LOST when it returns at the end of the month?”

    Answer: I lost interest halfway through the last season. But Fondy has expressed an interest in getting back into the show.

    nice roleplay^^.

    I love the series so much. and thanks Joe, that you you stay in contact with your fans.
    Bye Bye

  146. You know your anime… I was lucky enough to see some of those that you have mentioned in your blog. I personally liked Full Metal Panic, Blood+ (the series, not the movie), and The Twelve Kingdoms. Especially the latter. Try seeing ’em.

  147. I am very scarred from what I have read that Joe flannigan could possibly not be in the next season. He is the reason me and several of my friends watch. Is there any way to find out if John Sheppard is safe and wether or not there will be any really good sheppard sceanes for season five. I read a fanfic the other day that was great, John blind, Rodney’s hand burned, the writer had the charecters done. It would be a fantastic ep. PS.. Joe is the show don’t take his charecter away or you may loose substantial viewers. thanks. :>)

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