It’s a veritable winter wonderland outside our front door and while that may not be all that unusual for most places (it is December 1st after all), it IS unusual for Vancouver. Fondy and I were surprised, but nowhere near as surprised as the dogs who didn’t know quite what to make of the white stuff. While the pugs sniffed about, gingerly testing the snow-covered lawn with their paws, Lulu shoved her entire face into a drift and then proceeded to tear around the front yard like a pooch possessed.

Hailing from Montreal, Fondy and I have a lot of experience driving in these conditions. Most Vancouverites, however, do not – and these are the people we’d be sharing the road with. And so, rather than venture outdoors today, Fondy, the dogs, and I decided to hibernate – working out, watching an afternoon matinee, and ordering in. Hell, if the weather doesn’t clear up, I plan on staying in for the foreseeable future. I’ve got more than enough canned food to last me until November 16th, the day I have to go pick up my mother at the airport.

By the looks of things, more than a few of you decided to stay home today and spend some time on the internet. We’re approaching 200 comments today. Could be the weather. Could be that some of you are under the mistaken assumption that Marty G. would be dropping by the field your questions today (Alas, he is Hawaii-bound, but will be responding to your post-Be All My Sins Remember’d comments). Or it could be your reaction to yesterday’s somewhat controversial of Atlantis. Wow. The debate on this Miller’s Crossing – and the last ten minutes in particular – reminds me of a similarly animated writer’s room discussion on, coincidentally enough, Miller’s Crossing – and the last ten minutes in particular.

As some of you have already mentioned, the episode was all about choices, self-sacrifice, and how far one should go to save someone they care for. In the case of all three major players in last night’s episode, the answer is: as far as they need to. Yes, what Sheppard did was dark and no doubt morally objectionable to some, but the fact is he didn’t force Wallace’s hand. He presented the dilemma and, ultimately, left the decision with Wallace. As for Wallace – in my mind, his fate was sealed the second he injected McKay’s sister with the nanites. In the end, he realized that there was only one way to undo the mistake he had made. His death was an act of redemption.

No mailbag today but just a few points of clarification –

The winner of the virtual dinner will be the first comment after 750 000th visit, NOT the 750 000th comment. By my estimation, the lucky winner is still three days away.

Tim Guinee will not be in Continuum. Sorry, I was thinking of Ark of Truth when I answered a question about his possible appearance.

To (surprise surprise) Anonymous who accuses me of “belittling someone who works in Accounts Receivable” – Actually, just the opposite which you’d realize if you had read my response. The point being that my assuming I could do the job of someone working in Accounts Receivable would be as presumptuous as someone like yourself claiming they could just step in and do our job.

As for those (again, surprise surprise) anonymous posters getting all bent out of shape because regulars to this blog are responding to their comments – please, grow up. If you’re going to post your passionate opinions on the show here, expect some equally passionate fans to respond. If, instead, you’d prefer a venue where everyone parrots the same position, then I can think of several forum threads you could frequent instead.

And finally – click on the date for a video of Lulu enjoying the great outdoors.

P.S. Happy National Pie Day!

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