So, as if you all don’t have enough to reading to do what with the two Book of the Month Club selections (The Princess Bride and The Time Traveler’s Wife are the titles we’ll be discussing in early January), I thought it might be fun to add a horror category to accompany the scifi and fantasy categories. Now, I know, I know. What has time to read three books a month? Besides me? Probably no one. Yet the added category will allow you Joe’s Book of the Month Club members to select from three very different genres. Given that we are already into December, I’ve decided to rob you all of your democratic right to vote and impose my will upon you by declaring Peter Straub’s Ghost Story next month‘s Horror Book of the Month. So there you go: The Princess Bride, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and Ghost Story.

By the way, I received two very interesting comments that, although they were posted a couple of days ago, were part of the November 26, 2007 entry so you may have missed ’em. Both had to do with fantasy BOTM club contender The Crooked Letter by Sean Williams. The first, was from Hugo Award winning editor Lou Anders who was kind enough to direct interested readers to Sample Pages of The Crooked Letter at

Also, Pyr Jill Maxick also swung by to offer participants of the book club a couple of free copies of The Crooked Letter (alas, limited to U.S.-based fans of the blog but, hey, I’ll see what I can do). I wrote her back and suggested that, instead of offering free copies of The Crooked Letter, she offer free copies of another one of Sean’s other works since I’d like to limit this giveaway to those who actually read the The Crooked Letter and weigh in with their thoughts by January 15th. So there you go: The Princess Bride, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Ghost Story, and The Crooked Letter.

Speaking of reading, I finished The Golden Compass last night. Yep. I‘m done with that one. Moving on to Alas, Babylon.

Finally, to all those of you asking –

Today’s mailbag –

Lorsexresol writes: “if Baron Destructo wanted his own personal chef- who would he kidnap?”

Answer: Probably Mario Batali. Bobby Flay would no doubt attempt to take over Baron Destructo’s position as chairman of The League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil.

Anonymous #1 writes: “Not wanting to state the obvious, but why let inflamatory statements from several unintelligent Anonymous speakers onto your blog to even cause issues with regulars, when you can just not approve their posts?”

Answer: There is a difference between inflammatory statements from unintelligent anonymous speakers and heartfelt differing opinions from anonymous posters. I’m not going to reject a comment simply because I may disagree with someone’s take or because they are critical of the show. Furthermore, if an individual is mistaken in some assumption, then I will approve the comment so that I can refute a given argument. As SGAKaz pointed out, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy debate.

Fran writes: “Care to give us any tidbits into what we will see in Season 5?”

Answer: Some surprises in store for the show’s fifth season.

Annie writes: “What’s the temperament of a French Bulldog compared to a Pug?”

Answer: Frenchies are lovable but tend to be bossy, stubborn and fairly energetic troublemakers. Pugs are equally lovable, but given extended periods of relaxation (a.k.a. laziness). Both are great dogs for kids but, given the choice, I’d probably go with a pug. That said, pugs are extremely trusting dogs and tend to get injured by over-enthusiastic children – so make sure the kids behave.

Demon Hunter writes: “Do all the cast and crew get to bring their dogs to work or is it only certain people?”

Answer: Anyone is free to bring their dogs to work with them.

Anonymous #2 writes: “So I hear you’re ending all ship pairings in this season of Atlantis. Did I hear that right?”

Answer: No, you heard wrong.

Edward4th writes: “I’ve got more than enough canned food to last me until November 16th, the day I have to go pick up my mother at the airport.” *checks date* So is your mom still at the airport waiting?”

Answer: I meant December 16th. I hope that’s what my mom meant too.

Michelle writes: “Wrong. Comments have been censored that didn’t come close to breaking that rule. You’re being misled.”

Answer: No idea what you’re referring to. On occasion, I have refused to publish comments if I’ve had enough of a certain personal squabble between posters or if a comment contains a spoiler I’d rather not put up for discussion.

Royal Nonesuch writes: “Can you regale us with any of teh agruments in teh writer’s room?”

Answer: Oh, rarely does a story-breaking session go by when there isn’t some sort disagreement or argument in the writer’s room. But, as they say: What happens in the writer’s room stays in the writer’s room.

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