Who can I talk to about getting the last two days of my life back? No, wait! Don’t tell me yet. I have a feeling I may have to add to that tally before next week is through.

Yes, I’m sure that when most of you imagine the life of an executive producer, you envision all sorts of wheeling and dealing and wild partying in Ibiza and late night pictionary with the President of Burkina Faso. And while that much is true, there is a downside to running a t.v. show. Sadly, it’s not all “off with their heads”, gold leaf desserts, and robot butlers. Sometimes, days upon days of the job are comprised of hours upon hours of phone conversations in which much is discussed but little is concluded. It’s sort of like doing a jigsaw puzzle with some friends only to discover, well into the process, that one of your buddies has been removing pieces from the already completed portion and pocketing them, so you confront him and he puts the pieces back and just as you’re about to finish the puzzle, you realize that your other two friends have made off with the coffee table. And, oh yeah, the house is on fire.

About an hour ago, Paul called in from Hawaii to get the update. As I was filling him in, he interrupted our conversation to point out a whale to his family. “Hey, I see a whale!”he informed me. I was less than congratulatory: “How nice for you.”. He’s sees a whale. I see the flashing red light reminding me to recharge the batteries on my cordless.

Now I know why Chevy Chase gave up show business.

Anyhoo, you have all/are/will to enjoyed/enjoying/enjoy tonight’s episode – Miller’s Crossing. What did/do/will you think? Inquiring minds (a.k.a. Martin Gero) want top know.

Oh, and Happy St. Andrew’s Day.and Stay At Home Because You’re Well Day.

Today’s mailbag:

J-Dog writes: “Would love to see an ancient toilet or urinal looks like.”

Answer: Yeah, that would be pretty fantastic. But, so far, we’ve come up dry on Ford, Genii, and ancient urinal stories.

Royal Nonesuch writes: “I would also like to see Atlantis bathrooms…”

Answer: Out of curiosity, is there a lot of fan fiction focused on the toilets in Atlantis? I get the feeling the answer is yes. Putting the finishing touches on my flush fic…

Emily writes: “If you don’t finish a meal at a restaurant do you ask for a box/doggy bag and take it home?”

Answer: I have four dogs. You bet I do.

Elizabeth writes: “Do you know of any fairly cheap, really good restaurants in LA (preferably near Anaheim)?”

Answer: Sorry, I don’t.

Ascended Tauri writes: “how do you and Paul Mullie jointly write a script?”

Answer: When we first started working on Stargate, we would work in the same office, tossing out ideas as we wrote. In later seasons, we would pitch the script back and forth, rewriting each other’s work along the way. But for the past few years, we’ve been writing scripts separately.

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