One of the great things about being out on location for first call is that it allows you to experience some of the wonderful, God-given things in life that you may customarily overlook or take for granted. Things like 5:00 a.m. for example. Yes, there’s nothing quite like the sight and sensation of the sun’s first morning rays greeting your early start. Although, in my case, it was still dark as I headed out. But, by the time I had swung by the production offices to pick up Paul, the sun had finally risen – although you couldn’t really tell, hidden as it was beyond a wall of dark storm clouds. Oh, and as an added bonus, it was pouring rain.

I drove up Boundary Road for five minutes, hung a left, and rolled through the park entrance – which turned out to be the wrong one. Well, one quick right and a shortcut through a paved area lined with potted plants later and we had found the parking lot. From there, it was a mere five minute walk to the trucks and the P.A. who pointed us toward director Andy Mikita’s location – and another ten minute walk across the soggy, squelching grounds to where they were setting up the first shot. As per script:


Nancy strolls up to a park bench. Sheppard is there waiting. He stands to greet her.”

Well, not exactly as per script. It was raining and while the inclement weather wouldn’t change the dialogue, it did pose a problem for the EXT. WASHINGTON D.C. – DAY establishing shot that preceded the scene. No matter. After a few seconds of discussion, we decided to use a dissolve instead to convey the time cut. The rain also influenced how the scene was to be shot. I’m sure that when Alan envisioned the scene, he didn’t imagine Sheppard and his ex-wife holding umbrellas. And yet it was pouring rain on the day. But umbrellas led to another problem – obscuring our actors unless they held them up, clear of their faces, in aerial-Poppinesque less-than-natural positions. After more discussion, and some re-positioning, the decision was made to go with the umbrellas. We ran through the dialogue a couple of times and, finally, Andy yelled action. We got one shot in at which point Joe threw a look back at the camera: “The rains letting up. Want to try it without umbrellas?” More discussion. Yet another executive decision is reached. We’re going without the umbrellas!

In the end, the rain wasn’t too bad – especially beneath the tarp where we were seated – and we got the scene. Kari Wuhrer, who does a wonderful job as Sheppard’s ex-wife, Nancy, is an incredibly sweet person. She chatted with us between set-ups, was very complimentary about the script, the show, and her character, and I even overheard her offering to go down and grab some coffee for the gals in the make-up department.

As they started blocking the Ava-Sheppard scene in a different part of the park, we headed back to the Bridge for lunch. By the time we were done, so were they – having moved over to the studio for the Sheppard-Nancy car scene. I strolled over to Stage 2 and caught Martin Wood finishing up one of the final scenes for Trio. As he yelled “Cut!”, a dirty and disheveled David and Jewel popped up and were immediately ushered out for a quickie shower, hair and make-up session. I wandered over to neighboring Stage 1 where the parallelogram and green screen had been set up for that climactic scene. The director yelled “Action” and the actor lifted off, arms and legs scrambling as his body was buffeted by the high winds. A couple of takes and I was out the back, swinging around and over to Stage 6 where they were setting up for the Woolsey scene from The Last Man…

Okay. Seven days and counting. Did you tell you friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances to tune in? Did you manage to track down our cousin’s girlfriend’s aunt’s neighbor with the Nielsen box and tell them to watch? Great! Then we’re all set.

Before we get to the questions, if I may direct your attention over to eBay where the show is selling a duffle bag that made the journey to the Arctic for the Continuum shoot and was signed by all the major Continuum players including General O’Neill himself: Richard Dean Anderson. The money raised will go toward helping out Trey, the 3 year old son of our Atlantis Steadicam Operator, Ryan Purcell. Find out about Trey, his battle with Hunter’s Syndrome, and the Authentic North Face Base Camp Duffle Bag (limited to one of two) by following the link –

Stargate Duffle Bag

Today’s pics: Outcast.

Today’s video: Click on the date to see Joe Flannigan and Emma Lahana almost rehearse.

Today’s mail:

Yasmin writes: “So since your kryptonite is a home improvement store, are you pretty handy with the tools?”

Answer: Definitely not. Around our place, Fondy is the handyman.

Arctic Goddess writes: “How is the rise of the Canadian dollar affecting production of Atlantis?”

Answer: It’s not affecting production this year because we locked in at the beginning of the season. Next year is a different story however.

Jen, the cow hugger writes: “ Is there anything you’re allergic to? I wouldn’t want to send you something bad.”

Answer: Okay then, no food items that include feathers, please.

GirlCurl3 writes: “Hey Joe, if I sent you a copy of a picture of you and I taken at this year’s ComicCon and a SASE, would you sign it and send it back to me?”

Answer: Sure.

___Ghost writes: “I can’t figure out how to email you.”

Answer: Include your email in your next post. I won’t approve it and send you an email.

Tired of Genii Involved Stories: “Any chance the Travelers are on that “short” list? If not, why was there all the talk about “a new, powerful race” and they are only in two episodes?”

Answer: This new race was just one of the many elements we talked about with regard to season four.

Stargate Groupie writes: “Can we expect to see any cool fighting scenes featuring Ronon this season?”

Answer: Oh, yes. Very early in season four in fact.

82 thoughts on “September 21, 2007

  1. do the atlantis team get captured this year? by wraith, asurans or anyone of the sort?

    *explanation of my question*

    you know how the SG1 team was captured all the time.

    also please answer this

    Will we ever get to see Hammond again in the SG1 movies? or Atlantis?

    we need moar Hammond.. that dude is cool

  2. Ooh. . .you’re cruel. You cut the video just as Sheppard was starting to talk! Evil! Thank you very much for the pictures, though. And the almost-spoilery vid. 🙂

  3. Is that Joe F in a suit?!?! Ok…so wanting to see more of that! I mean, dress blues are one thing…but a proper suit, open collar…that’s just pretty….

    Okay, enough with the fan-girly stuff. (I like guys in suits *shrug*)

    0500, Joe? Yeegers! That has got to be an evil time in the morning! You got a favourite coffee for that sort of wake-up call? I know I would!

    The shooting sounds manic – but also sounds like everyone is managing to have fun despite the dirt and the rain. What’s the worst affect the weather has had on shooting in your experience?

    By the way, I tried that hot chocolate tip – using a hot milk/cream mix instead of water. Gorgeous!!! I’ll never make hot chocolate the old-fashioned way ever again! Although I think my poor little frother is going to burn out at the rate I’m using it lately!

    Best wishes to Trey and his family – I volunteer for a charity near me that supports children and families with such life-affecting conditions – it takes a lot to deal and a lot to cope. So all the best to them.


  4. I think, perhaps, you got the rain we had here the other day. The first rain of the season came and went yesterday and left my car nice and muddy looking.

    Love your park shots, but you should check out my Lake Tahoe shots =9.

  5. Oh wise and honorable Joseph Mallozzi PhD., please answer my questions. Is Samantha going to be in major peril this season? In season five will you be bringing back Elizabeth or keeping Samantha around? Is Stargate Continuum set after season four of Atlantis? Which is your favorite Star Wars movie?

    Thank you so much.

  6. It’s always an unpleasant surprise to discover there are two 5’o’clocks in a day.

    So Sheppard is meeting his ex-wife in a park.

    Now the only reason I would be meeting my ex-husband anywhere is-

    a/ I was throwing a hand full of earth on his cold dead body.

    b/ I had won the lottery and he was living in a cardboard box in cardboard box city.

    c/ He and I were the perfect match for a kidney transplant and I’d promised mine to Jack the Ripper.

    Or it could be that Sheppard isn’t yet divorced from Nancy and either he or she wants that little piece of paper all nice and legal.

    Oh well if I’m not even close I had a great time with a,b and especially c
    Happy Weekend

  7. Awww, Nancy is pretty! Can’t wait to watch these scenes!

    Also, question: Is it possible for you tell us Dr Biro’s first name please?

    thank you!

  8. Hiya Joe, 🙂

    Thanks again for the shiny photos and clip…

    Have a great weekend.. 🙂

  9. B-Boundary Road?

    I…I KNEW IT!! Central Park!! You thought you could hide it from me, eh Joe? Well, it ain’t happenin’ I say!! Oh yes, ohhh yes. Central Park. Hahahahaha!!


    Well, either way, I’m staking out the park on Monday.

  10. On Sam coming to Atlantis… is it going to be a smooth transition for her or will she have a bit of trouble adjusting to her new role as the leader of the city? After all, she is going to have to defer to McKay of all people when it comes to the science stuff. How is she going to deal with that? (Let me just say for the record I am fan of McKay – but I know that Sam is not. This not a slam on his character but just pointing to the history of the two.

    Also – regarding one of Thursday’s pics… I know that you don’t hate any of the characters…but what I want to know is what do you have against David Hewlett?? 😉

    Another question – but I am not sure if you are the best person to ask.. . When filming on location is there any sort of light it really easy to film in/deal with. Any that is a real nightmare? I am not talking about rain – I can see why that would be a problem – but more cloudy or sunny? The bright, harsh light of midday or the soft light of early morning/early evening?

  11. Salut! A montrealler here. Love the blog and all! Very amusing, and please give a cookie to cookie monster for me.

    Anywho, I was wondering, will the character of Major Lorne have more dialogue/action etc this year than previous years?

    Have you tried many brands of fair-trade chocolates? Could you recommend any? The Camino dark chocolate 55% espresso is quite good I have found.
    Take care!

  12. Oh my, the pics are seriously killing me Mr M.

    I mean, can I compliment the wardrobe/costume people?

    Oh and Joe F looks very smashing!

    It looks like an exciting ep to look forward to.

    BTW, yes all the second cousins twiced remove know about Atlantis!

    Have a nice weekend!


  13. Oh wow you are SO on Santa’s “good list” this year. Thank you so very much for those lovely pictures.
    What’s the biggest/most involved home improvement project have you & Fondy done?
    Oh just now caught the trailer for SGA – very cool. Don’t know anyone with a Nielsen box, but I plan on watching live, for whatever that’s worth.
    Have a good evening Mr. M.

  14. Nice pics!
    I was watching my lovely new season 3 dvds tonight and I have a request for season five. (And we all know there will be a season five because hell hath no fury as a fangirl scorned.)

    Please, PLEASE don’t let Sheppard laugh. Its creepy and it scares my cats and I have a helluva time getting them out from under my bed. McKay and Mrs Miller was NOT a happy episode for them.

  15. Hmmm. Didn’t you say a few days ago that Shep’s ex-wife’s name was Karen? I remember you ridiculing someone who said it was Nancy…

    And wah!! Joe’s wife would have been perfect to play his ex-wife!!!

  16. Joe Flanigan is just too, too pretty. Forget bringing in Carter to boost ratings, just clone Shep. Two of them should do nicely, although three or four would be even better.

    But Elizabeth returning would be the best thing ever. Please, please bring her back for season five, and for well over four episodes. She deserves at least as many as Carter has.

  17. Oh my god Joe. You are a saint. think I died a little when I saw these pictures, and want to now implode from sheer glee. ♥

  18. Will we see the Wraith that gave Sheppard his life back in “Common Ground” again in Season 4?

  19. 1)In season four, is any progress made in the erradication of the Wraith?

    2)Will any preconceptions shift drastically this season?

  20. Thank you for the wonderful set pics today. Joe Flan looks awesome and its nice to see him in a suit..even with

    Now I know you have nothing to do with Sci Fi PR for SGA, though I find the words an oxymoron, however they updated the cast page for SGA and its kind of odd that Carter’s the first one listed.

    Come on already, for the fans of SGA is kind of annoying to have her listed before Joe since he IS the lead. I know they want to drum up buzz, but if she’s in a supporting role, she shouldn’t be listed first.

  21. My family and I discovered “Atlantis” late in season three. Yes, yes…very bad people, all of us. However late we joined in, we are now all hooked. So at the least you will have four houses tuning in for the season premier. Too bad we have no clout with Nielson.

  22. Hi Joe. If someone wanted to send a letter to the network thanking them for airing/supporting SGA would it be better to send it to Space Network ( I live in Canada ) or to Sci-Fi?

  23. Wow…You’ve been very generous with the pics lately…Very cool. 🙂 Looking forward to Season Four very much. Only wish I had a Nielsen Box.

    Hey, for those of us who haven’t got the funds to bid tons of bucks for the duffel, is there another way I could donate for Trey? I would be happy to do that, even though I’m not rich by any means.

  24. Do they use umbrellas in DC? Wusses. They do look rather unnatural there. Good thing you were able to shoot without them. It rained in LA today, too. LA drivers don’t know how to drive in the rain.

    Wow, my comments lately have been getting even more random and rambly than usual.

  25. Hey Joe, are you excited about the new fall tv season? Are you going to have a big party Friday night for SGA or just you, Fondy and the dogs going to watch?

    I know I will be watching.
    And here is hoping you have a great season-opener(and possible the best season ever).

    And keep the blog coming Joe. Thanks

  26. Can I have a part in the big stick-fighting three-parter where we find out Sheppard is an elf? I know how to stick fight and I’m short like an elf, I know I would fit right in!

    Is there some place where those of us who can’t afford to bid on the bag can donate money for Trey?

  27. Thank you again for the great pics! I will be watching, don’t worry. Me and friends has a Sci-Fi Friday party every Friday for Stargate. But I’ve never been a ‘person’ in the Nielsons. I continually tell the Sci-Fi people this at every con, yet I get the same answer to watch. Letters next I suppose.

    So, you say you watch new shows, yet lose interest. What do you look for in following a show? The writing? The acting? the stories? The by play between the characters?

  28. Dude. You rock. And I totally mean that. Nothing to start the weekend right than lots of pics of the Pretty and a vid to boot.

    I’m psyched about the eppy, but seriously, Kari?!? Everytime I see her I think of the Swamp Thing chick that loved fermented pomegranites! Seriously.

    Oh and I do have a question. We’ve all seen the behind the scenes pics, and I have to ask. Who is the biggest caffeine freak in the Stargate universe?

  29. When does the last episode end shooting? And how long after that before all the episodes are completed to the point that Season 4 has ended for you and you can take time off?

  30. I can’t wait to see all the Shepherd back-story in “Outcast”, as awesome as Joe F. is as an action/comedy star, I’m sure he enjoys doing character-based drama too.
    Now that you and Paul are show runners, does that mean you’re totally responsible for all budgetary concerns as well as show development? With such an evolved show/cast, what roles do Brad and Rob serve now versus when they first spun Atlantis off?

  31. I’m a virgin at blogging -yes this is my first time. I signed on so I could comment on your great blog. I’m a big fan of SG -really enjoy the inside pics and comments. Love the humor mixed in with the science and realism that could be fact. Thanks Amanda for her perfectionism of techno babble! I had the chance to visit Vancouver March 06 and tour the studio with the Creation convention. What a neat experience. I was amazed at the ingenuity of your props dept. to create the realism we see on screen. I want to go back, but I work for a CPA firm -March & April’s “tax season” overtime for me, very hard to get away for a week. I was wondering, have you ever considered having public studio tours during the fall?
    I love your dogs. My husband wants to get another large dog, but I’m trying to talk him into smaller. “Riley” dog passed at 13 & was an 80lb lab-retriever whose hips finally gave out. While I loved him dearly, picking up a large dog to get him down/up steps near the end was a literal pain. It’s amazing what we do for our pets! Lucy looks interesting. I read a comment about her temperament and wondered about her hair. Does she shed a lot?
    Another question; are you a speed reader? I’m also an avid reader, but I can’t imagine reading 4 books at once and whipping though them like you do. You sound like you’re a bundle of energy…must be from all the chocolate. 😉 Love ya, keep up the great work.
    P.S. Yes it was good for me. How about you? ;D

  32. . . . in the big stick-fighting three-parter where we find out Sheppard is an elf?

    Ah, ha! Sheppard’s ears may make it look like he’s an elf, but I know the real reason behind those ears!

    Super Secret Explanation:

    Given Sheppard’s penchant for being rather rebellious, the explanation for the ears is that, after being dragged to the principal’s office so many times when he was in school, his ears simply maintained a position of perpetual readiness to be hauled off by said ears.

    ::End of Super Secret Explanation::

    Hmmm, wonder how long it’ll take for the folks on Atlantis, and Caldwell in particular, to figure out the actual “use/reason” for those ears.

  33. Thanks for the cool pictures, Joe! Of course it wouldn’t be Joe Flanigan if he weren’t holding a cup of coffee.

    Question: Why is it the Ava-Sheppard scene if her name is Nancy?

    Can’t wait for next week’s premiere! And I can’t believe you misspelled Flanigan.

  34. Oh wow, that scenery looks spectacular! Also is that a little bit of grey I see creep into Sheppard’s hair?

    Oh how come you didn’t sign the bag too!!!

  35. Oh, you rock on the pics, Joe! Thanks sooo much. Kari Wuhrer is beautiful. She looks like a brunette version of Michelle Pfeiffer. Joe looks darn pleased to be working with such lovely actresses.

    Does everyone go on their best behavior when pretty guest stars come on set? That’s what Amanda and Teryl always claimed, anyway (aka the Puff and Ruffle).

  36. First off thank you for the wonderful set of photos today, they are. It’s always a pleasure to see on set pictures and especially in the case of Mr Flanigan.

    I had a thought the other day. I know we’ve seen at some level storylines where Teyla’s past Wraith manipulated genetics come into play, obviously with her ability to sense them. I also have a suspicion we’ll see more about that this season with her baby. I’m curious if Sheppard’s encounters with various Wraith mutations will ever be address in a storyline. He’s been a victim of the Iratus bug, infected by the retrovirus and even got the ‘gift of life’ from a Wraith.

    Do we ever seen any of that come into future story lines?

  37. Nancy looks very sweet (or the actress does, maybe both.)
    She is very pretty I can see her and Shep.

    1-)I always wondered about the patches on their jackets, why are they off during missions is it so they don’t to reveal more info if they are capture? I have been curious about this for a while.

    2-)Have you ever written a book and
    3-)would you consider writing an SGA book if you had the time.

  38. OMG – so much yummy Joe in one day!!! Thank you soooooooooo much for all the pics and the vid!!!! I am sure that you have put a smile on a lot of faces today – mine included. Just what I needed!!!! You rock! Now I need my season 3 disc 2 DVD to arrive in the post today and this weekend will be set!

    SheppyD 🙂

  39. Salut Joseph^^!!!

    Waou!! Vous avez passer une journ�e bien remplit!!

    Merci, merci pour ces super photos et cette video! C’est g�nial =)!

    Oui j’ai entendu parler de ce sac mise en vente sur Ebay..Mais se n’est que pour les habitant d’am�rique du nord?

    Voici mes questions:

    1)Ques qui vous a donner cette amour de la cuisine?
    2)Quel est votre viande pr�f�r�?
    3)Vous n’avez toujour pas l’intention de m�ttre un personnege fran�ais sur atlantis?


    Voila! Merci beaucoup!!Je vous adore !!!!!<3<3!! A demain!!! Bonne journ�e! <3<3

  40. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to do some writing. I wrote this Haiku, and then thought of you.

    Cookies on my bed.
    Crumbs underneath the covers.
    Secret cookie scam.

    Clearly, I need to sleep. =P

  41. Wow, Emma Lahana in Stargate…? Best looking guest to date. She’s come a long way from being a Power Ranger. LOL.

  42. Please don’t tell me Shep has a long lost kid called Ava, as well. That would just be ridiculous, if he was to dump his kid and run off to another galaxy. It would make his character EXTREMELY unlikeable.

  43. Me and a couple of mates are having a Season-3-athon next sunday (30th) and we wanted some atlantis themed snacks so my quesiton to you is: What is the recipe for Tuttle-root soup?? Thanks in advance…

  44. Hello..Joe!! Thanks for all the great pictures lately! Can’t wait for season 4 to start. I’ll be there!!

  45. I’d first like to say that I wish all of the best to Trey and his family. I read about the duffle bag and Trey’s story about 5 or 6 days ago on MichaelShanks-online. The bidding is out of my price range now, but I’m glad, because I would like to see it bring in a very high amount. (((HUGS))) to Trey and his entire family.

    Thank you for posting all of those wonderful pictures of Shep. Love your blog Joe. I hope you continue once the season has finished. Have a good weekend.

  46. You mention flitting between the park and a couple of stages; how many separate units are generally filming at once?

    What is your favourite aspect of filming, other than the 5am start obviously? 😉


  47. bonjour comment allez vous?
    vous n’avez pas été trop tramper!! ^^.

    puis-je vous posez une question qui me turlupine.

    Combien d’heure travaillé vous par jour? les acteurs de la serie travaille-t-il le meme nombre d’heure que vous?

    je vous laisse bisous

  48. Which of you is/are the World of Warcraft players? We want to butter you up with Fisherman’s Feast and Flasks of Relentless Assault.

  49. Awwww Joe! (((HUGS)))

    You made my weekend! Hell, maybe even the whole month. Thanks so much for the gorgeous Joe Flanigan pictures. Kari is one lucky woman getting to work with him.

    Have you watched “K-ville” yet? I didn’t watch “Kid Nation” since I don’t care much for that sort of programming. I’d much rather scripted TV. Ya know, like SGA! *winks*

    I just started listening to the audio commentaries for S-3. I must say I miss hearing the actors on the commentaries! Hearing Joe F. and David H. laughing and being amazed at the special effects is fun.

    Have a great day!

  50. {{{Kari Wuhrer}}}
    She is SO great. She was on General Hospital for a while and I thought she was wonderful. They killed her off of course. #%@%# darned TPTB!!!

    I hate to say it, (and will probably take verbal whumpage for it) but soaps and sci-fi seem to have a lot in common, with all the killings of characters for ratings, bringing back people from death and such. And lucky me(sarcastic per the character deaths), I watch both…although way more sci-fi than soaps,(which is fine as you can watch a soap a few times a month and still keep up with

    Anyway…loved Kari Wuhrer in Eight Legged Freaks too! She is very charismatic on camera and I enjoy watching her.(can you tell?)

    She came off as super sexy in General Hospital, is she that way in person? Will answering that get you in hot water with Fondy? 😉 I was just wondering if she is very sexy naturally or if it’s her acting skill that makes her that way on camera. Thanks for sharing about how sweet she is, I love hearing that about the actors I like!

    Tell her that her fans miss “Reese” from GH.

  51. Hi Joe – Even though you never answer any of my e-mails, I thought I’d send you an alert about a new scam that I received in my e-mail this morning from the “UK International Lottery” claiming I had “won” a large share of Euros in this lottery. Interesting, since I’ve never heard of it and certainly never entered it. Oh, yes, and I think buried in the text somewhere was a request for some money to pay for the small amount of expenses it would cost them to get my money to me. Since you are the big expert on scams here, I thought I’d let you know, in case you get one of these, too. Good Luck.


  52. How do you deal with the fact that at anytime SCIfi channel can call up and say Atlantis is canceled and you no longer have a job. How do you deal with that stress and wonder where the next pay check will come from?

  53. *red embarrassed face*
    Sorry I sounded like such a squeeing fangirl about Kari in my last post. I just haven’t seen her in anything since General Hospital and was happy to know she will be on SGA!!!

    On an SGA note…um, since I kinda forgot about it, for a second…or two.. (oops). I am all ready and waiting….and still waiting… getting antsy…waiting impatiently…for this Friday to come!!! I need my SGA fix and watching seasons 1-3 just ain’t doing it!!!(“ain’t” said with a southern drawl for effect.. ;-D )

  54. Hi Joe,

    any news on when MGM is going to release the full trailer of The Ark of Truth?

    And once again, since you didn’t answer this question a few days ago – is Vala a tea or coffee person? What was she drinking at the beginning of The Quest pt. 1 and in 200?

  55. the duffle bag link didn’t work for me will try again later.

    I sympathise with the 5.30am start, Iget to do it alot as I have to transport son number two to is place of work while he is still working on taking his driving test and the DVLA is busy moving the goal posts.
    I ust admit though that before everyone else is up to spoil it is the best part of the day and certainly a BIG plus for potential vampirism.
    *Edward doesn’t do the whole people thing very well*

  56. Stop picking on Joe Flanigan’s ears!!! You’re all as bad as that woman at the convention who kept insisting he was part elf. Poor man.

  57. Hi Joe.

    I just wanted to say those wonderful Outcast piccies really cheered me up. I have a badly sprained ankle, yes, another puppy related injury, and those lovely piccies made my day. Thank you!

    While I’m here, perhaps you could answer this for me? Quite a few folks online seem to be upset about the advertising SciFi has been doing recently. I’m not going to say why, because I’ve already talked here about my feelings on why I’m not concerned the advertising is featuring, shall we say, certain cast changes prominently. But, some are saying that Joe F won’t be number one in the opening credits this season, and I don’t believe that’s true personally. Can you comment, or are you going to make people wait until next Friday to find out? 😉
    I’m sort of thinking it’ll be Joe F at number one, David H at the end, and the rest somewhere in between. Is that close? 😉

  58. *waves*

    Ah Mr M, for a while there, I was incoherant (no comments, please) ;), my brain turned to complete mush, and I found myself drooling. (It really wasn’t attractive) 😛 And then, this annoyingly fun high pitched sound escaped from my mouth. Thanks for the fangirl moment. 😀 It made my day, especially as I never got my S3 DVD’s today… *kicks the postal service*

    *passes over earplugs*

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

    Ah that felt so good. So, 3 buttons down, 4 to go until we get Shirtless Shep. 😉 By my reckoning we should get it somewhere near the finale. Am I close? Hehehe


  59. anonymous said:

    Will we ever get to see Hammond again in the SG1 movies? or Atlantis?

    we need moar Hammond.. that dude is cool.

    Possibly. He’ll be on as VP or retired. I’ll leave that for Joe to answer.

    You went to the wrong park? Whoops.

  60. Hey, I really enjoy reading your blog and watching the video clips. Please keep them coming! I have a few general plot clarification questions:

    A) Are all the Ancients from “Return pt. 1” really dead? (Seems like a waste of perfectly good Ancients to me).

    B) What happened to their ship?

    C) Was there any continuing purpose to the downed Wraith cruiser from “Submersion”? (I only ask because it was introduced like a reusable plot device–like the Ancient ship from season 2’s “Inferno”, or the defence satellite from season 1’s “Defiant One”).

    D) So, Ronon had been a runner for 7 years before going to Atlantis in season 2, and his world had been destroyed at the same time he was first made a runner (right?). However, that means this culling would have happened 6 years before Sheppard woke the wraith in season 1. Weren’t most of the wraith supposed to still be asleep at that time? Did they make a special exception for Sateda, or what?

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

  61. Thanks for the great vids. If you weren’t so busy already, you’d have to join Ivon Bartok in making the beind the scenes stuff.

    Question, will you be putting a pic of the SG-1 team in Sam’s office?


  62. I’m curious, will Carter take the Zat’ni’katel with her in Season 4, I was picturing carter facing off against wraith, and seeing carter fires the zat gun at wraith.. Nuff Said.

    Anyway I was very thrilled about having Emma Lahana, being in outcast episode. I’m very looking forward to see that along with rest of season 4!

  63. How’s Lulu?

    How did Jelly get her name? Jelly is our word for Jello – is it because she has wobbly bits? It isn’t a very girly name.

    Having said that my girl cat is called Merlin, aka Princess Merlin.

  64. Hey Joe, I just wrote a post on my LiveJournal for Cookie Monster and I was wondering of what I should do now? I like the little fellow, he’s so sweet, is he around by any chance that he could take a peek at it and let me know what I should do? I’m having a Cookie Dilemma! Which as we all know from Cookie’s life is BAD…. right?

    Could you let him have a looksee and give his thoughts to me? Thanks muchly 🙂


  65. Hi Joe!

    1. What do you think about the World of Warcraft references? Did the Blizzard pay for that or did the writers change this game because of success?

    2. How many episode will Dr. Zelenka, Lorne, Dr. Lee, Dr. Heightmeyer, Caldwell appear in season 4?

    3. Will the Asuran ever learn about Fifth, Reese, RepliCarter, Dakara and the Asgard? Will Carter mention this events and people?

    4. Is there any chance that you will make an Atlantis DVD movie next to an 20 episode long season 5? Or will you never have time to make such movie next to the new episodes?

    5. When will the SciFi decide about the third SG series? Which actor / actress would you like to see as the leading star in the new series? When will the casting begin, if you get green light in October or November?

  66. A little story:

    I’m sitting in my room watching SG-1, season 3 to be precise, and I happen to actually look at the montage on the cover of Volume 3 (w/ Disc 5) and think, “Holy smokes! It looks like Carter’s about to kiss Thor!” That obviously didn’t happen in any of the episodes, but the longer I look at it… I could be imagining things, but it does seem like something Amanda, or any of the cast, really, would do just for laugh. Either way, I find it wonderfully humorous!

  67. Is there any way to have both Carter and Weir as regulars in season 4? You guys are talented writers, I’m sure you could come up with something. With Weir’s new role, I’m sure she could take a more active job in Atlantis going off world regularly?

  68. I am going to go to college to be a camera operator… do you have any words of wisdom for me?

  69. Sorry if someone’s already asked this, but why did you decide to go with an ex-wife for Sheppard? And could you fill us in on whether or not the split was amicable or not? ‘Cause I’m with Pauline (who posted above), there are Very Few reasons I’d agree to meet the ex anywhere.

  70. I Love that fact that Kari Wuhrer was cast on your show.I think she is a Great actress and it will be good to see her again. I watched her on General Hospitaland ….loved her. I have never watched Stagate before, but I will be tuning in this season!

  71. unable to view vid. clicking on date went to top of page w/pix only…
    do you take them down? or is my browser’s playing on me?

  72. I love the photos and video of Sheppard’s scenes in the park. (He’s a very attractive man.) Too bad you didn’t get a nicer day to shoot there, but the gloom kind of goes with the loss of Sheppard’s father.

    I’m looking forward to Friday night’s airing, and will be wearing my McKay-ism t-shirt in support of the team.

    I wish I could say I have a Nielsen rating box, but I don’t. Atlantis really does not get enough credit or promotion for that matter. If the ratings are not impressive enough and SciFi does not give the green light for Season 5 (and 6 and 7…), it’s all on them. They are doing a horrible job promoting the show. There are hordes of viewers who have no idea the show exists. If those viewers were informed, I think they’d be interested enough to check it out…and from there get hooked on the adventure we all know and love.

    On to another topic…how did you become a Browns fan?

    Take care. Keep up the good work and all that.

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