Fondy returned from her business trip to Las Vegas last night bearing gifts – toys for the dogs and chocolates for me. I dedicated last night and this afternoon to sampling the impressive selection of Vosges truffles. After all, it says right on the boxes: “Please consume within 2 weeks of purchase”. Two weeks. Two days. Whatever.

Now, I’m familiar with Vosges as I’ve featured their deliciously inventive creations at both of my chocolate soirees. Still, they’re continually experimenting and releasing new flavor combinations and I was delighted to personally discover how they’re coming along. Besides the various chocolate bars (and the VERY intriguing Mo’s Bacon Bar!), the seemingly endless possibilities on this day were provided by four different collections: exotic-flavored dark chocolate truffles, exotic-flavored milk chocolate truffles, dark and white chocolate truffles infused with Spanish saffron, and peanut butter bonbons.

I’ve eaten so much chocolate that I feel as though I’m suffering from hypoxia. So, before I pass out, allow me to make mention of a few of the highlights:

The peanut butter bonbons: Rich, milk chocolate-draped organic, fresh-pressed peanut butter crowned with Himalayan Mountain sea salt. Sweet and savory and seriously tasty.

12 year old balsamic vinegar and roasted Sicilian hazelnut dark chocolate truffle.

Horseradish, lemon zest, praline, and cocoa nib dark chocolate truffle.

Applewood smoked bacon and bacon morsel dark chocolate truffle (!!!)

Buttermilk banana pudding and vanilla milk chocolate truffle.

Sweet churned butter ganache and fleur de sel milk chocolate truffle.

Despite today’s chocolate-high, I did manage to finish Excession, so I’ll be kicking off this month’s book club on Monday by weighing on both it and Hogfather.

And speaking of chocolate highs, that Valhrona Gran Couva dark chocolate bar I had yesterday had me hallucinating. Check out the last pic on today’s blog. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that looked just like…

Today’s pics: Vosges chocolates! And my hallucination.

Today’s video: WTF?! Caught through the window of the Apollo bridge – a UDO (unidentified dancing object).

Today’s mailbag:

Anonymous #1 writes: “do the atlantis team get captured this year? by wraith, asurans or anyone of the sort?”

Answer: Possibly.

Graham writes: “Will Chuck the technician have a bigger role in season 4?”

Answer: Nope.

Padawan Aneiki writes: “Hey, for those of us who haven’t got the funds to bid tons of bucks for the duffel, is there another way I could donate for Trey?”

Answer: I don’t know whether the production has anything organized beyond this auction. I’ll ask when I’m back in the office on Monday.

Elf Ears writes: “What do you look for in following a show? The writing? The acting? the stories? The by play between the characters?”

Answer: First and foremost is the writing – which translates to all other aspects of the show. Is the story interesting/believable? Are the characters interesting/believable? Is the dialogue interesting/engaging? If, for the most part, yes – then I’ll be watching.

Charles Schneider writes: “With such an evolved show/cast, what roles do Brad and Rob serve now versus when they first spun Atlantis off?”

Answer: Brad and Rob had their hands full with the movies but have made it a point to be involved as much as I can – reading scripts, watching cuts, and sitting in on spinning sessions.

Scarimor writes: “Which of you is/are the World of Warcraft players?”

Answer: None of us. Martin researching WoW through a friend who plays.

Glennh73 writes: “How do you deal with the fact that at anytime SCIfi channel can call up and say Atlantis is canceled and you no longer have a job. How do you deal with that stress and wonder where the next pay check will come from?”

Answer: The fact is we’ve been very lucky on Stargate. It’s almost unheard for someone to be employed on a show for as long as we have so, when the end does come, we can’t be all that upset. Still, in this line of work, you have to be prepared for feast and famine. Think twice about buying that Aston Martin and buy out the Audi A4 instead. You never know.

Royal Nonesuch writes: “ If you weren’t so busy already, you’d have to join Ivon Bartok in making the beind the scenes stuff.”

Answer: Actually, I did a very exciting special feature with Ivon in which I’m on location searching for my on set Executive Producer chair. Thrilling stuff. Check it out.

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “How did Jelly get her name?”

Answer: She was named after the late Joe Vitelli’s character in Analyze This.

Les Fez writes: “Is there any way to have both Carter and Weir as regulars in season 4?”

Answer: Since we’ve almost finished filming season 4, I’ll have to answer no.

73 thoughts on “September 22, 2007

  1. hey just one question… just like that: I want to know
    have you ever seen the rain?
    Comin’ down on a sunny day… of course !

  2. Mmmm, the assortment of chocolates looks and sounds positively scrumdidliumpcious….I have nothing as sophisticated to munch on….only a Cadbury Double Decker so that will have to suffice.

    A friend of mine has just accquired a job in a new choccie shop called Hotel Chocolat have you heard/tried any of its wares? and more to the point is it any good?

  3. In the SG1 episode Family Ties, Why doesn’t Vala mention to her Father that his grandaughter is the Orici; leader of the Ori army?

  4. Will Doc.Beckett be back in his rightful role of Atlantis CMO come S5 or will you still go with Keller?


  5. Chocolate and bacon?! Hmm. I’m intrigued. Being a southern girl by birth I’m predisposed to liking bacon in just about everything.

    Questions for the day… Who will be directing the season finale?

    And if we’re blessed with a season 5 when would you resume filming?

  6. Your unidentified dancing object cracked me up. And your chocolates made me both jealous and grateful. Jealous, because you have them and I don’t, and grateful, because I don’t need a sugar coma right now. Mmm.

  7. Okay so you probably did mean to say hypoxia which means low levels of oxygen in the blood and tissues or you may have meant Hyperglycemia which means too much sugar in the blood.

    The range of flavors in chocolate never ceases to amaze me.

    Monty Python had a comedy sketch that included the following selection of chocolates

    Crunchy Frog “We use only the finest baby frogs, dew-picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in finest-quality spring water, lightly killed, and then sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope and lovingly frosted with glucose.” Explaining why the bones are not removed: “If we took the bones out, it wouldn’t be crunchy, would it?”

    Ram’s Bladder Cup (which is “fresh Cornish Ram’s bladder, emptied, steamed, whipped into a fondue with sesame seeds and then garnished with lark’s vomit”), Cockroach Cluster, Anthrax Ripple, and Spring Surprise (chocolate wrapped around two metal springs that, upon the melting of the chocolate, spring outward and pierce the victim’s cheeks).
    Now that’s a box of chocolates.


  8. Hey Joe!

    Bacon chocolate?!?! That’s different. Was it any good? The buttermilk banana pudding and vanilla milk chocolate truffle sounds delicious though.

    There’s a thought – I’ve spotted amongst the comments that there seems to be a little issue regarding Creation Entertainment conventions. However, they are having a Chocolate Bingo Bash on the 2nd April 2007 in Burnaby – would that not tempt you in any way? Strictly the chocolate side, of course!

    And what the hell?!?! *roars with laughter* Oh dear, duno what was with the madness but that little video was delightfully absurd!

    Mind you…I’m totally laughed up at the moment – just watched Hot Fuzz, a British comedy spoofing pretty much every Western/Cop movie ever made. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, true, but for me, it was spot on.

    Looking forward to the book discussion – re-reading Hogfather at the moment. Can’t believe how much I’d forgotten was in it! I’m a Guards fan personally but Death is so much fun!

    Hey, how’s Lulu doing now? She gotten any better with the stairs?


  9. That chocolate looks good.

    Please, please answer my questions. 1) Is Stargate Continuum set after season four of Atlantis? 2) In season five are you keeping Samantha around or bringing back Elizabeth? 3) Is that REALLY Ford in the last pcture? Is he going to be in any episodes [please say yes!]?

    Thank you!

  10. Joe,

    Important question here:

    If there is a season 5, will the production schedule be different given the fact that Sci-Fi moved Season 4 up to a more traditional Fall-Winter air schedule?

    I love chocolate. Any chance I could get some? I’ll leave my address in my next e-mail…

  11. Hi Joe…I’m so excited about SGA this Friday I can hardly stand it! Here’s hoping you get some really big numbers to prove to the folks at Sciffy that S5 is a must-have!

    One thing…it’s a long time until February and Trio…could you please toss those of us who are desperately awaiting that particular episode another bone to tide us over until then? Thanks!!!

  12. Hi, I loved the pics and the video of outcast. My husband said Sheppard would go back to his ex-wife because she is very hot! I am only sorry I can’t help add to the people who will make a difference in reaching season 5, because I am brasilian. If I could help in any way, please count on me.

  13. I just tried watching the video for the first time. It worked! The screen played video, my arms didn’t fall off and the computer didn’t explode! Yay! Very cool.

    Second comment posted today.

  14. would u consider using youtube instead of photo bucket? is there any chance we can get longer video’s??
    say a good 2 minutes

  15. Hey Joe,

    You said the other day that in order to help Atlantis go on to more seasons you told us to view it with a friend that has a Nelson box. I have never seen one in my life at any of my friends homes, nor do they know of anyone that has one. So how can we help the ratings if we don’t know anyone that has one of the boxes?

    Also what if we have a night job and the only way to watch the show is to record it.


  16. Thank you! I shall be checking back to see what you find out Monday. 🙂

    Chocolate…and bacon? Seriously?

    Well the nicest chocolates I’ve ever been given were Hotel Chocolat champagne truffles. 🙂 Delicious indulgence.

    Hey, does Fondy’s shop cater only to dog-owners or is there anything for the feline-lovers among us? 🙂

  17. Oh my…those peanut butter bon bons must be to die for….

    How do you keep your boyish figure and still indulge in such wonderful tastiness day after day? If I had even one, I’d have to play an extra hour of ice hockey just to work it off!

  18. I was thinking that a good prize for the 500,000 visitor might be those 2 mice that Zelenka was trying to materialize in “Duet”…unless someone ate them…

  19. Several days late but …”All hail Queen Lulu!!!” She’s so adorable in those pictures and video. I hope she’s just as adorable in real life!

  20. quick question – Do you feel that Stargate Atlantis has a good chance of being picked up for a fifth season?

  21. For the relative newcomers like myself, could you please clarify the identity of your diabetic hallucination?

    How long have you been hosting your grand chocolate parties?

  22. You answered the season four question, so the season five one has to be asked.

    Is there a chance for both Torri and Amanda to be significant players in season five. And by significant, I mean Torri in at least as many episodes as Amanda has been in in season four.

    She deserves it. Her character deserves it. The fans deserve it.

    Please bring Elizabeth back.

  23. I have to say I’m excited that we’re going to be seeing some old faces again 🙂 So far I just know about Bates, Kavanaugh, and Jeanie, but I think it’ll be neat to see what they’re up to. 😀

    A lot of us keep thinking “oh no, only 4 episodes with Weir? In season 2 we only had 4 episodes with Ford and we haven’t seen him since, nor does it sound like there’s any plan to…” 1.) do you think we shouldn’t compare Weir and Ford too much? 2.) I know you haven’t thought about season 5 too much and you don’t have any story plans for Ford right now, but do you have any story ideas for Weir that might bring her character back for an episode or two for season 5?

    (by the way, on a completely unrelated note, saying “the fate of [Tomin]” scares me… that guy seems like he’s had a death sentence on his head since “crusade”, but I really like him…)

  24. Okay heading to vegas at the end of the october where is the chocolate shop and did you want anything?

  25. Thank you for keeping me entertained every morning at around 3 a.m. – the time my cat usually wakes me up to tell me he is hungry. His sister waits in anticipation at the top of the stairs.

    Best wished to the pack – led by a gangster gal.

    I could kill a bar of chocolate right now. 🙂

  26. P.S. Don’t get a job as a camera man or sound man. Stick to the writing. Videos are appreciated – but won’t win any Oscars.

  27. are you the type of person who gets really frustrated over people who are being idiots? Or do you have the more ‘meh’ approach to life?

  28. Hi,
    Long time since i’ve left a comment, but don’t worry, still been reading! I’ve been really busy with schoolwork and the such. Those chocolates look amazing! Bacon sounds interesting – is it one of those sweet/savory flavor things?
    Love the “UFO”, and videos in general, thanks!
    Since Fondy’s been gone, who’s been running the store? Or has it been closed during that time? Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

  29. hey joe just stopping by to say that we are in the process of adopting a new ‘furbaby’ right now a 17 week old mutt to fill the void that will be left by our 6 year old furbaby who was recently diagnosed with stage IV lymphoma.

  30. Oh my, I just realized I thought that the person in the last picture was Ford! I need to get more sleep.

    Third comment today.

  31. Pauline, I did that Monty Python sketch in primary school… I can still (nearly) list all the chocolates!

    Anyway Joe, today at lunchtime I made myself a sandwich with feta, potato chips and salsa straight from the jar. Then I looked at the clock, worked out the time difference, and wondered what you were having for dinner… something with a bit more class, I imagine. Do you crave weird food like that? Maybe vegemite and lettuce sandwiches?

  32. Hi Joe:

    I’ve noticed that Amanda Tapping is famous for using Canadian pronunciations of words in her dialogue. Is that left up to the actors?


    I dare you to answer this: Is chocolate really better than sex?


  33. ZOMG! *dies laughing* I have to say, that would be the first thing I would do in front of a crafted starscape. Ack, just reading your blog forces me to hike up this huge hill of stairs in order to by chocolate from the only place offered on campus, you evil evil man! ;D

  34. 1.)Do you have plans for Weir in the fifth season if there are any plans at all?
    2.)Do you already know how the season finale will be concluded or do you guys wait until it is officially time to write the fifth season?
    3.)Are Brad and Rob almost done with the movies?
    4.)I just re-watched Irresistable and it was a lot better than I remembered, it was seriously funny, do you feel that way or did you not like it?

  35. There’s just nothing better than chocolate. I keep a bag of chocolate truffles in my desk at work to bribe my fellow officers with. They’re not as messy as doughnuts, but just as popular. I figure when I need a favor from one of them, they’ll remember those truffles…

  36. Although if we do get a fifth season pick up, it would make a lot of sense to have Daniel Jackson drop by for a visit. And, if Ben’s not too busy, it would be nice to have Cam drop by at some point as well.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing either of those characters in a guest spot next season. I noticed you didn’t mention Vala. I have to admit I have a hard time thinking of a legitimate reason for Vala to be on Atlantis, but I’ve always thought it would be a lot of fun to see David Hewlett and Claudia Black in some scenes together – they’re both such fantastic actors. Not to mention the potential in Sheppard and Vala scenes. 😀 Claudia is one of my favorite actresses. I’m not holding my breath for the possibility, but maybe sometime? An earth-based episode maybe? 🙂

  37. Hi Joe,

    Will we be seeing Ford again in season 5??? I, and other fans are awaiting his return and would really like to see him again on SGA.


  38. I have a question about ending the show. Are you as the producers going to end the show when you think the time is right or are you going to leave it to the network when they cancel it. I’m probably not the only one who prefers the first option and with most of the actors contracted for six years. I ask of you please end the show after six seasons it would give the series a pretty good run, prevent the possible trouble of having the renew the actors contracts after the sixth season, give you as the writers the time to write the show to it’s ending tying up loose ends (Ford anyone?) along the way and last but not least knowing when it will end will put the fans (and the crew) at ease about the fate of the show. The only trouble in this plan is getting the network to agree but when they we’d be in a real good position for season 5 and 6.

  39. The peanut butter bonbons and the buttermilk banana pudding and vanilla milk chocolate truffles sound awesome! I would try the bacon ones too…sounds interesting. Darn…now I’m hungry for bacon and eggs!!! Or chocolate..or something… anything?! LOL

    I went to Nielsen’s website, hoping against hope that there would be a sign-up page to be a Nielsen family. Of course not! You have to be randomly picked, so even though there’s a chance they could call you…it’s pretty slim.

    It also said that you probably would not know if you ever met a Nielsen family as they have to agree not to tell anyone they are a Nielsen family!

  40. Bonjours, Oh, Grand dieux du Chocolat!


    => Je vient de me r�veiller et je n’est pas encors dejeuner, maintenant j’ai envie de chocolat! Je regarde d’un oeil de pr�dactrise les deux lapins en chocolat pos�e sur mon bureaux que j’avais d�cid� d’�pargner quelque semaines au paravant…!
    Oh non je peut pas!! Mon coeur est plus fort que mon estomac!!

    En tout cas, Merci pour ces app�tissante photo =D!

    Je suis contente car mon blog a d�passer les 19000 commentaires!!
    Je suis enfin le blog de stragte atlantis le plus commenter de France =)!

    Mes questions:

    1)Combient de temp passez vous par jours sur votre blog?
    2)Quel est votre viande pr�f�r�?

    Voila Merci beaucoup! Je vous aimes tr�s fort!! Bisou, Bisou, Bonne journ�e!

    <3<3<3<3<3<3Votre plus grande Fan!

  41. I can feel myself getting the diabeetus from a distance. D=.

    I think maybe it’s a good thing I can’t stomach too much sugar at once or I might have a chocolate addiction too.

    I prefer to make indoor s’mores on my antique gas stove. Or rice krispie treats.

    Ever try SEES candies? Its a west coast thing but seeing that you’ve been in the general vicinity I’m sure you’ve tried them. It’s more of a traditional chocolate company. Not quite daring enough to put bacon and clams and horseflies in their chocolate or whatnot. But definitely worth a try.

    I prefer the Cafe Au Lait truffles myself.


  42. Hi Joe,
    first, congratulations for the upcoming season, even if it hasn’t aired yet, the spoilers make it looks good !
    but I have a question :
    will the Wraith get some new ship technology or a new clas of ship in season 4 like some shields on improved Cruiser ?

    thanks for answering

  43. “Applewood smoked bacon and bacon morsel dark chocolate truffle (!!!)”

    Seriously? Have you become well known in the chocolate world as someone who will eat anything as long as its covered in chocolate?

    You know those meal in a bag things they give astronauts – I think someone has just bought a bunch of them and instead of pouring in hot water they pour in melted chocolate, leave it to set and then sell it to you. Probably Carl Binder getting you back.

  44. when the SG1 cast and production crew went to the cold icy expanse, did you go?
    you know the antartic or was it the artic.. forget

    if not, why not?

  45. Hypothetically speaking, Atlantis doesn’t get picked up for season five. What would you like to do next? Write a novel? Write for a different TV show? Move away from the Sci Fi genre? Write a movie? Become a food critic? None of the above?

  46. “Les Fez writes: “Is there any way to have both Carter and Weir as regulars in season 4?”

    Answer: Since we’ve almost finished filming season 4, I’ll have to answer no.”

    Oops! I’m stupid, I meant season 5.

  47. I had to watch that video twice and I still can’t make sense of it. Who was that, and why were they dancing?

  48. Your ‘hallucination’ is looking nice and relaxed. Nice to see him back.

    When are you going to update the photograph of the dogs on your profile? Lulu might see that she is not there and get upset.

  49. Okay. Apparently that last picture has turned into a bit of a Rorsharch test, as I see Dean Marshall, who plays Bates (who is coming back in Season 4).

    I keep wanting to call him Chuck Cunningham.

    Man. If I weren’t waiting for a delivery, I’d be heading out to a chocolatier, right now. Those descriptions sound divine! Enjoy what ever’s left!

  50. A horseradish, lemon zest, praline and cocoa nib dark chocolate truffle bar? Applewood smoked bacon?

    Ick!! 🙁

    KJC (who is perfectly happy to stick with the chocolate covered cookie dough balls she bought at the bulk food store)

  51. 1)In his Outcast appearance, will Bates get a chance to butt heads with anyone?

    2)Are there any significant portents for future events that fans may have missed?

  52. Thought I’d ask here and either you and one of the others might know: trying to place a story I either read or saw on one of the shows like “The Twilight Zone” About a boy from Earth moves to another planet. This planet only gets the sun one day a year for about an hour. He talks so much about the sun, he makes the other kids jealous. On the day that the sun is seen on this planet, the other kids lock the boy in a closet in the school. So he misses the sun. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It’s been driving me crazy for a couple of weeks. I think it was an episode on tv, but could also be a short story I read. Thanks,

  53. When you decide to kill off (or remove) a charicter from the series, how do the actors find out?

    Do you do it through their agent, or do you get them in an office and tell them your self? Now you that you have more responsability on the show is it your job to tell the actor personally, or does some one else get that job?

    I gues everyone is on a contract for just 1 season at a time, so it’s a case of just not renewing when the time comes. But how far in advance to you let the actor know you will be writing them out?


    P.S. I think you have been doing a great job with the show, and i will deffinatly be tuning in to season 4 … i can’t wait!

  54. hi Joe some of us on the gateworld forum were wondering in the episode 200 sam was talking about a time when Jack was made invisible by alien technology and we were wondering did that actually happened or was sam making it up?

  55. When the Wraith scoop people up in their beams, what happens if the person is only partially within the beam as it passes by? I haven’t noticed any instance on the show where people that are taken are not fully within the beam.

    Would only the part of the person within the beam get taken and the rest left behind? Seems like that would be very inefficient on the part of the Wraith since their “meal” would be inedible as a consequence, or would the beam automatically expand to envelop the entire person or act to drag the person fully into it, so as not to lose a meal?

  56. A lot of us keep thinking “oh no, only 4 episodes with Weir?

    According to Torri in her interview on Gateworld, it’s really only two episodes – she says that calling it four is “stretching it”. She is unconscious for the whole of the season opener though she has more to do in the second episode. So I wonder which one is the other that she feels she’s not really in? This Mortal Coil or the as yet unnamed fourth episode?

  57. If you guys turned Beckett into a wraith, as people are speculating about on GW, that would be the final nail in the coffin. Watch the anti season four people grow in numbers. There are new people in there every day, including people who’ve recently been shocked by Torri saying her four eps are more like two eps because she doesn’t do much in two of them.

    I really hope Carter’s worth it, because this could backfire on you in a very, very bad way. Is it really worth keeping SG1 alive for season four, if you need to be looking for a job when season 5 isn’t picked up?

  58. Anonymous said…
    I have a question about ending the show. Are you as the producers going to end the show when you think the time is right or are you going to leave it to the network when they cancel it. I’m probably not the only one who prefers the first option and with most of the actors contracted for six years. I ask of you please end the show after six seasons it would give the series a pretty good run, prevent the possible trouble of having the renew the actors contracts after the sixth season, give you as the writers the time to write the show to it’s ending tying up loose ends (Ford anyone?) along the way and last but not least knowing when it will end will put the fans (and the crew) at ease about the fate of the show. The only trouble in this plan is getting the network to agree but when they we’d be in a real good position for season 5 and 6.

    It wouldn’t put me at ease! As a fan of SGA, I’d like the show to continue as long as possible!!!!!

    If the ratings are good enough for the show to continue to be renewed in seasons to come, then I’d presume everyone would like to…I don’t know, continue and keep their jobs, as well as keeping the loyal audience happy?… After all, if the demand to watch is there, why would anyone want to end the show? I’m totally baffled at your reasoning here.

  59. Is there any way to have both Carter and Weir as regulars in season 5 ?”thanks to your answer

  60. @gracey
    I remember seeing or reading that too! But I don’t remember the name or if it’s a short story or show. I thought it was a little girl though…it was so sad!

    I just asked my son…he read it in school. It’s called All Summer in a Day. Here’s the Wikipedia write up on it:

  61. *waves*

    Lol I love the pirouette. 😀 I have as much grace as an elephant, so admire anyone that can be as gracefull as that. All he needs now is the tutu. 😀

    Mr M, hope you don’t mind but needs must and all that. In all fairness, it’s been a while since I opened my big mouth. 😉


    “Anonymous said…
    I have a question about ending the show. Are you as the producers going to end the show when you think the time is right or are you going to leave it to the network when they cancel it. I’m probably not the only one who prefers the first option and with most of the actors contracted for six years. I ask of you please end the show after six seasons it would give the series a pretty good run, prevent the possible trouble of having the renew the actors contracts after the sixth season, give you as the writers the time to write the show to it’s ending tying up loose ends (Ford anyone?) along the way and last but not least knowing when it will end will put the fans (and the crew) at ease about the fate of the show. The only trouble in this plan is getting the network to agree but when they we’d be in a real good position for season 5 and 6.”

    Sorry anon, I know that i’ve got as much subtletly as a sledgehammer, but… a little brain damaged there anon? Why on Earth would you want them to cancel a show for stability reasons? It makes no sense. Sure, if the networks and the cast don’t want to do it anymore, then that’s fair enough. BUT, (and it’s a biggie), why cancel something that’s producing a revenue and providing enjoyment to fans?? You’ve for once confuddled me anon. I have no idea why you would want this if you are a fan of the show. How the heck would cancelling the show put fans at ease? I mean, if you want to look at it your way, sure, let’s go for it, hundreds of people will lose their jobs, but what the heck, the fans will be at ease, so it’s all good!! Seriously?? You’ve seen the way fans behave about cancelled shows, recurring/losing actors. Why would you possibly think this is a good idea? I don’t get it. And if the show does get cancelled at the end of season 4, which will never happen (she says confidently) that’s what the movies are for, so there wouldn’t be any loose ties. 😀

    Sorry Mr M. Thanks for the goodies. 😀


  62. Only me again, anon had me so confuddled, I meant to say.. Woohooo Bates is back, I can’t wait to see him again, will he be appearing in Outcast? And possibly more eps? Please. *begs* 😀

    Thanking you 😀

  63. How does the Travelers’ Ancient ship compare in size and strength to the Aurora class warship?

    And, not to nag, but is Weir’s third episode in a flashback or dreamlike sequence?

  64. Joe Flanigan pics. Yum.

    Boxes of chocolate pics. Double yum.

    Could you combine them somehow?

    Hint: A pic of Joe eating a piece of chocolate would suffice. Anything beyond that would probably kill me.:)

  65. Not to beat a dead horse, but I was wondering something about Season 4 and the lack of Weir. I may be wrong, but I thought you said the decision to drop Weir this season was made before SG-1 was cancelled. So, basically my question is who did you have in mind to replace her (Weir) before the opportunity of Carter arose?

    Not that it matters, I’m not being critical of the change (though I do like Weir)…I was just kind of curious.

  66. Hey Joe
    Do you think you get the chance you can get a pic of the Daedalus plaque????
    that would be cool! i hope you don’t mind me putting up the Apollo one as my desktop background. Thanks


  67. I’m a newbie in the blog world, however am writing in for advice. I am a psychiatrist with an idea for developing the character of Dr. Kate Heightmeyer that I hope might interest you. I’d like to submit this to you, however, am unsure how to reach you. I have the mailing address at Pegasus Productions and wondering- is snail mail the best way and is that the best place to send it? Or do you have another suggestion for me? Many thanks!!

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