The new Fall season kicked off for me last night with two new shows I‘d been meaning to check out: Kid Nation and Ramsay‘s Kitchen Nightmares. I made it approximately ten minutes into Kid Nation before it dawned on me – “Hey, why the hell am I watching this? I hate kids!”. Now, if the show had been run by Japanese producers, it would have definitely been something worth checking out because they would have done it right. Like that Haunted House show produced in Tokyo I’ve heard so much about. The basic premise had young tots working their way through a “haunted house” to retrieve a hidden prize. It sounds innocuous enough – but what made the show so great was that this haunted house was so freaking terrifying it was guaranteed to scare the living shit out of any sane adult, let alone an impressionable youngster. The show used a split screen to monitor: 1) the terror-stricken child’s progress and, 2) his/her laughing parents reactions to their hilarious/horrifying ordeal. It’s too bad North America couldn’t come up with their own version. Instead, we’re treated to precocious youngsters and their irritatingly upbeat can-do attitudes. So unless a future episode showcases one of the kids gets branded in an inspired twist on Wild West justice, I think I’m done. And as much as I adore the British version of Ramsay’s show, I found the U.S. version a little too stagey – particularly the final five minute turnaround that sees the annoying brother who has been such a pain in the ass and problem throughout the show suddenly:
Scene: Get confronted by Gordon Ramsay. Cut to:
Scene: Realize Gordon Ramsay is right and vows to change his ways. Cut to:
Scene: Demonstrates his commitment by trying to get the fridge fixed. Cut to:
Scene: Hosts a party for the neighborhood. Cut to:
End credits.
Wha-Wha-What happened? Seriously? If only life were that easy:
Scene: Confront shiftless co-worker and tell him he sucks. Cut to:
Scene: Co-worker realizes he is lame and vows to make amends. Cut to:
Scene: Demonstrates his commitment by returning his previous paycheck because he agrees his work was not up to par. Cut to:
Scene: Quits and leaves you his extra comfy office chair and the motorized pencil sharpener you have secretly coveted since he brought it back from his trip to Norway.
End credits.

Far more palatable was the chicken burger I had earlier that night at Vera’s Burger Shack. For one night only, we resurrected last year’s highly successful burger night. In attendance, most of the usual suspects: Marty G., Alan, Alex, Lawren, and Carl (who managed NOT to burn his mouth on the hot fries like he did the last time – twice).

Today’s pics: Tout la gang, my chicken burger, Carl shows no mercy, the new office temp, We’ve been working Hewlett too hard, Hey, where’s the guy whose job it is to carry the director’s chair between set-ups?

Today’s video: Click on the date for a sneak peek of tomorrow’s sneak peek of the lovely park scene shoot for Outcast. I woke up early for THIS?!

Let’s head over to the mailbag and anger a few fans –

Steph writes: “What is the funniest thing any of your dogs have ever done?”

Answer: There was the time they ate an entire bowl of Halloween chocolate while we were out. That was pretty funny. With the exception of the vomit and diarrhea. No, come to think of it, it wasn’t all that funny after all.

Redtwin writes: “Col. Ellis had said that he should be in command last year so will Shepherd resent someone new coming in and taking his command away?”

Answer: It’s not his command to be upset about – unless he wants it.

Royal-Nonesuch writes: “1) If either [Daniel or O’Neill)were to appear would it be ocurring on a post-Contiuum timeline or are you treating that as a seperate entity right now? 2) You mentioned some time ago (sorry been away for a while) that you and RDA were chatting about the Simpsons movie–what did you and, or he think of it?”

Answers: 1) Hadn’t really thought about it. 2) I can’t comment because I haven’t seen it.

Vvv0472 writes: “Do you come back to Montreal on a routine basis?”

Answer: Usually about once a year.

Sally writes: “Is replicarter dead for sure?”

Answer: Yes.

Mrs.B108 writes: “1)Would you classify any of the episodes as being “scary”? 2)Is there a long guest list for The Last Man?”

Answer: 1) I don’t scare easy, so I’ll have to say no. 2) Nope.

Anonymous #1 writes: “What kind of name is Lawren for a man?”

Answer: He got off easy. His brothers are Sandra are Lorelei.

NeekLove writes: “What kind of temprament do french bulldogs have?”

Answer: They’re incredibly affectionate, playful, and bossy.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Will we find out what happened to Tomin and Adria in one of the movies?”

Answer: Yup. Learn their respective fates in Ark of Truth.

Anonymous #3 writes: “What’s your kryptonite?”

Answer: Home Depot and any commercial with people dancing.

Amy-Lynn writes: “…am I ever going to get that autograph from you?”

Answer: Sorry. It’ll be on its way tomorrow.

Linzi writes: “I was wondering when Outcast is going to start shooting, this week, next week?”

Answer: Two days ago.

__Ghost writes: “We all need to do an interview and I was wondering if you would be willing to do an interview over the phone?

Answer: Sorry, I can’t commit to a phone interview. But I’d be happy to answer your questions via email.

Suekay writes: “Will there be any heartache or angst for McKay this season?”

Answer: Yes.

Stressed and Depressed writes: “Can you reasure a stressed out SGA fan that those coming over are vital to plot lines, please? I’m probably overreacting, but need some reasurrance from you.”

Answer: I’d suggest you watch the episodes in question to put your mind at ease.

Concerned Atlantis fan writes: “I love the show, and understand the need to shake things up, and have a ‘soft re-set’, but, please, please Joe, don’t make Atlantis into a playround for sundry SG1 characters.”

Answer: First of all, I have no idea what is meant by “a soft re-set”. Secondly, Atlantis and its characters will always be the main focus and driving force of the show. However, it makes sense for some crossover to occur because both shows exist within the same franchise, the same universe, the same timeframe. It’s not like we’re crossing The Sopranos with Two and a Half Men.

Mary Beth writes: “What kind of effect would a script writer strike have on SGA?”

Answer: None.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Any episodes with Colonel Caldwell this season?”

Answer: Yep.

91 thoughts on “September 20, 2007

  1. Anonymous #3 writes: “What’s your kryptonite?”

    Answer: Home Depot and any commercial with people dancing.

    i guess you must hate knowing that Home Depot is just beside the Bridge Studios!How do you feel about that??? hee hee!;-)

  2. A week and a day. I’m so freaking excited for the premiere, I can’t even describe my ecstasy. I swear, anything Stargate will always be my drug of choice, because although its not always perfect, it never fails to make a good impression! So, best of luck to renewing SGA for a fifth season. Whoot! Keep up with the updates, and I’ll watch with baited breath when the premiere rools around!!

  3. I saw the promos for Kid Nation and told myself I wasn’t ever going to watch that. That’s taking “reality tv” to the extreme.

    What shows in particular are you looking forward to checking out?

  4. Ok, 2 things (ok, they’re questions):

    1. I believe there’s a Home Depot right next to Bridge Studios (I know the layout around there pretty well…no, I’m not stalking anybody; I had to do a lot of driving around there for my Class 7 drivers license…honest!), so does that weaken your villainous state while you’re at work?

    2. That park where you guys are shooting Outcast certainly looks familiar. Can you tell me (privately via email or through your blog) which it is? I promise I won’t go and disrupt shooting.

    Thanks a bunch!

  5. Is that Martin Gero hauling that director’s chair? Why does it have so many belts and buckles? And why does he look angry? Did he fall out of it?

  6. Great Bob Picardo pic. I’ve got a few recreational video production questions.

    As a young film enthusiast, I’ve largely taken over the duties of home-movie production from my Dad. What kind of HD video camera do you use?

    Since you have a great HD video camera do you do a lot of home-movie editing, or do you mostly point, shoot, and enjoy?

  7. one week and one day till atlantis premiers… SO EXCITED!!! 😀

    for *me*, this is an incredibly exciting situation. i’ve got my fave character/actress crossing over to another show. and since i’ve never watched this show, i’ve also got a new show to get into (but one that happens to be stargate related also).

    i’m not sure what went into the decision to bring sam/amanda over instead of someone else, but i’m VERY HAPPY you chose her!

    ~this is hard to say, but if sg1 was premiering their eleventh season, i would be *way* less excited or interested in watching.~

    i’m soooo jazzed, joe, and here’s hoping the show does well in the ratings! 😉 😀

    (the closer the 28th gets, the more excited i get. i couldn’t hold in this squee anymore.:p)

    sally 😀

  8. “It’s not like we’re crossing The Sopranos with Two and a Half Men.”

    I kind of want to see that now…

    Thanks for answering my question…ever since my Toy Fox Terrier passed away six years ago I’ve been trying to convince my mum to buy another small dog to keep Bonnie, my bull mastiff, company, and your dogs seem to get along pretty well with each other!

  9. Are you thinking about watching Journeyman this fall? I caught the sneek peek over at Pretty good actually…

    I’ll ask this question for the second time, then I’ll drop it if you don’t answer it as the answer might be slighly spoilerish… Will Carter and Weir get any scenes together?

    Thanks and hope you’ve got drier weather tomorrow!

  10. Awww, I got scooped on that Home Depot thing, ah well.

    So is that photo of David Hewlett today from “Trio”?

  11. Hey, since you didn’t answer my question I thought I’d re-ask it, if that’s all right.

    If you had to use one episode to describe the overall tone of season 4, which episode would you use: “Echoes” or “Vengeance”? Thanks!

    By the way, I understand you like classical music. May I recommend Franz Schubert’s second symphony? I just heard it on the radio and thought it quite good. Just in case you’re interested. 🙂

  12. 1) When you film outdoors do you close off a part of the city where you are filming or are people still free to walk around?
    2) I know its a tad early but is there anything that you were thinking about being for halloween?
    3) Will the dogs be dressing up this year too?

  13. Thanks for the reply.

    Home Depot is affectioately known as the “Home Despot” in my family. No matter when you darken its orange doors, no one is working or willing to hlep! Which is only one of its many Luthor-esque failings.

    You said you hate dancing ads, what about ads featuring loud whispering? I know its an oxymoron, but so are most slogans. I can’t stand those kind! Or any bladder control ads, did we really need to hear about it?

    Keep on keepin’ on,


  14. 117 comments on your blog yesterday… think that’s a record..

    I laughed my head off when you tried to fool Carl in to thinking his piece of yummy chocolate fell in a not so ymmy place!!

    I’ve been on the reciving end of the chocolate elax gag… not so funny!! I was 6 weighed about maybe 40lbs (yes i was half the size of everyone else) and some grade six’er thought it might be funny to offer my older sister an me some.. Well thinking it was just chocolate I ate my own FULL square then ate my sisters!!!! Insert mental image here!..

    I know you would never do that I wasn’t writing that to pursaude you not to do it just thought you might like a laugh ’cause my family still brings it up…. Alot!!…

    Have a great day 🙂
    I’m so glad you were able to figure out how to add video I enjoy them and I know lots of others do to.

  15. This is a Question for Cookie Monster if he can answer would be great… for referance perposes I’ll use SGA characters for the cookies names.

    If Cookie A(Teyla) had to be paired with Cookie B(?), what cookie would you think she would be best with?

    And NO you can’t eat the Cookies before answering the question Cookie Monoter, sometimes I have to hide the things from John over here!

    Many hugs little fellow.


  16. Was the Earth made replicator created in the image of someone we know?

    Just want to say, thanks for answering so many questions from the fans.

  17. Hey, Woolsey again. He’s entertaining. A good example of a “throwaway” character that actually became an interesting side character.
    I actually just watched an EMH-heavy episode of Voyager today. He played an android, which was terribly cool. Mmm…androids. I think I have a weakness for mechanical men. They tend to be either terribly sweet or wonderfully evil. Speaking of which, are we going to get another replicator like Niam or Fifth, one that isn’t really evil like the others? (Well, both of them turned evil later, but there was hope for them at the beginning. Maybe we can finally get a truly good replicator? Provided the humans don’t deceive/betray/abandon him first.)

  18. So since your kryptonite is a home improvement store, are you pretty handy with the tools?
    So why the aversion to children? Sorry this is kind of a personal question isn’t it?

    Have a great night Mr. M.

  19. R. writes: “Col. Ellis had said that he should be in command last year so will Shepherd resent someone new coming in and taking his command away?”

    Answer: It’s not his command to be upset about – unless he wants it.

    Just a comment on this…. I think by the context you were probably referring to the expedition leader position, but….Atlantis is very much Sheppard’s command. He’s the military commander and has been for three years. I do understand that he will no longer be base commander after Carter arrives, but until that time, it is still his command.

    Answer: First of all, I have no idea what is meant by “a soft re-set”.

    I’m not sure any of the rest of us really do either. 🙂 It was a term Joe Flanigan used in an interview early in the year to describe the S4 changes, and has since kind of become a buzzword around the fandom.

  20. Saw a comment about SG1 character cross overs to (potentially)upcoming SGA seasons. There seemed to be concern about SGA becoming (this is where I rolled my eyes) an “SG2” type show. Know what? IT matters not to me. It’s STARGATE. How far can the galactic envelope be pushed? Hey, it’s SCIENCE FICTION. Let the potentials and possibilities have license to flow and eb (so say I). Feeling maybe a bit protective and perhaps a bit snarky, I think over analization can be a not too good thing at times. SG1 or Atlantis, it’s STARGATE, let the chevrons lock where they will! Later Gaters! … oh…..about a week!

  21. Joe,

    How much longer do you guys film?

    When MajorSal asked about Replicarter being dead and you said “yes”… did you really mean she was dead to this plane of existence? That she took the knowledge from Dr. “I’m a human/ascended yo-yo” Jackson on how to ascend? Because Replicarter was cool. And it was fun to see Amanda play so against Stargate type.

    yes the second question is asked a bit tongue-in-cheek

  22. Hi Joe:

    So that I may fulfill my sacred duties as newest Team Stargate Member, I would like everyone to know about a way to promote our favorite show. Please check out:

    How is the rise of the Canadian dollar affecting production of Atlantis? Not too greatly, I hope.

    I’m hoping that the rain doesn’t last too long this time around.


  23. “over analization” – no, it’s not a typo, yet another play on words.

  24. I think I know the answer to this question, but thought I’d ask anyway. Assuming (and I’m hoping there is) there will be a Season 5, will Carter still be in command of Atlantis – since she only has this year left on her contract. Thanks.

  25. If season five is picked up, do you think you’d do another playful episode for the 100th ep of Atlantis, like Wormhole X-treme or 200?

  26. Is there anything you’re allergic to? I wouldn’t want to send you something bad 🙁

  27. Loved the Lulu pics from the other entry, too adorable! That manip was fun, too.

    Thaaaank-you for the Hewlett pic — clearly Rodney got whumped but good. Which makes me a happy Wolfie, of course — provided he gets some nice *sympathy* after! (Hey, I’m not a total sadist! …)

  28. Hi Joe

    Do you think the tanking of the US dollar is likely to affect MGM’s decision process on renewal?

    If MGM were to OK a season 5 on the condition that it shoot in the US to save money, would the crew go with the show, or would you have to break in a new crew on top of having to move or recreate sets, props, etc? Would you even do it?


  29. Just a thought – any chance of the SGA peeps going back to that ‘T-rex’ planet mentioned in Season 1? After seeing dragons on SG-1, I would LOVE the techo boys to have a field day with dinosaurs!!

    – Dana

  30. Oh, yeah, on the subject of burgers…if you ever get to Queenstown New Zealand (and they’ve closed the canyon swing due to 60knot crosswinds!) go to Fergburgers…they have THE BEST BURGERS on the planet! I met Richard Taylor and half the Lord of the Rings crew there last year, so it’s obviously a haunt for film types!!


  31. Does Martin have seat belts for his chair or is it other paraphanalia that needed transporting?

  32. Hey! McKay whumpage–cool! Poor guy!

    About a week to go until Season 4 airs! Very exciting. Would be more excited if I got to watch it when it aired. Hmm–must devise plot to enable viewing of SGA… any suggestions?

  33. Hey Joe, if I sent you a copy of a picture of you and I taken at this year’s ComicCon and a SASE, would you sign it and send it back to me?

  34. Hello Joe,

    I can’t figure out how to email you. I can’t find it at all. I’m sorry. Can you email me or tell me how to email you, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

  35. *squints* What the hell is the Hewlett holding? I thought it was bandages, at first glance, but the thing in his left hand appears to have eyes. And antennae.

  36. Please, please, please answer my questions. 1) Are Sheppard and Teyla ever going to hook up? 2) When you get renewed for season five are you keeping Samantha around or bringing back Weir? 3) Why is the episode Trio called Trio? And why are all the pics from that episode either showing people in mid-air or twenty feet off the ground on wooden beams? Are they in a barn? 4) Is Samantha going to be in major peril this season?


  37. Hey Joe,

    Thought you would be interested in hearing that they are running a radio ad here in the San Francisco Bay Area for Stargate but oddly enough it was a promo for the start of season 10 and season 3 of the Stargate syndication run. Are these ratings taken into consideration when they talk about renewal for season 5?

  38. How are you going to explain Samantha Carter being in the Arctic and the Pegasus Galaxy at the same time or isn’t Continuum and Season 4 of Atlantis on the same time line?

  39. This has probably been asked 1001 times…but what are the chances of there being a DVD set of/with gag reels from SG1 on it released? There must be a lot, given the series lasted a whole ten years 🙂

  40. Elizabeth said…
    Please, please, please answer my questions. (snip) 3) Why is the episode Trio called Trio? And why are all the pics from that episode either showing people in mid-air or twenty feet off the ground on wooden beams? Are they in a barn?


    hi, elizabeth,

    i’ll take a crack at answering just these questions.

    3a) ‘trio’ means a group of three. sam, mckay, and keller are the three main focuses of this episode.

    3b) i don’t know exactly what place/thing the three of them get stuck in, but i know it moves and shifts and it looks like some box-like contraption.

    i hope that helps (and i’m sorry that i can’t answer the others).

    sally 🙂

  41. are you guys aware that 2 eps leaked out?? just wondering. also are you planning on breading your dogs later? if so how much you think they go for.

  42. Journeyman looks interesting. I am definately going to check that one out. I tried to watch K-ville but it didn’t hold my interest and after 10 minutes I erased it.

    I really dislike how they made Kid Nation. I would NEVER give my child over to a TV network and relinquish my ability to see them and make sure they were ok. I think they are nuts to send their kids off with a group of people intent solely on making money for the network. Why would you trust these people to put your childs best interests or even needs first? Why would you sign away your rights to sue if your child is hurt by the negligent decisions of those people? That right there is a sure sign that they think there is potential for your child to be hurt and you shouldn’t let your child go!

    Sorry to get on my soapbox about this, but too many parents are idiots and leave their children with unscrupulous people! (I am not saying that all Hollywood/TV/Movie people are unscrupulous, but I think the premise of that show is potentially dangerous to kids so I question the scruples of the ones making that show!)

  43. Elizabeth said…
    Please, please, please answer my questions. 1) Are Sheppard and Teyla ever going to hook up? 2) When you get renewed for season five are you keeping Samantha around or bringing back Weir? 3) Why is the episode Trio called Trio? And why are all the pics from that episode either showing people in mid-air or twenty feet off the ground on wooden beams? Are they in a barn? 4) Is Samantha going to be in major peril this season?


    Here is what I would answer if I had control over SGA:
    1. No 2. Both 3.Because three people are the main focus of it (my guess) and no comment 4.Yes, as usual, all the characters will face major peril throughout the season.

  44. I first noticed Robert Picardo on the Wonder Years and enjoyed watching his gym teacher character. I loved him as the Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager. When I saw him on SG-1 I was delighted, as I knew he would do a great job, as always!

  45. I hope those are fake abrasions on David Hewlett’s hands. They look so real! Good job if they are fake. If they are real…what happened???

  46. Is Atlantis shot on film or digital? If not, any future plans to switch to digital?

  47. HBO writer/producer said:

    Soprano and two and a half men crossover?
    I smell sequel!

    Tony is cut mid sentence as he watches the kid of two and a half men walk to the restaurant and realize… he IS the lost son of his former mistress and true love, who was taken from him to be raised by two idiots. He knows this kid will grow to be the death of him ( so was he told by a fortune telling machine that even though was not connected told him this vital information along with his lucky lotto numbers).
    Now Tony is torn between ending this kids life right then and there, or take him under his wing to be the next badass soprano.

    Oh this could work, this could work.

  48. Home Depot is your kryptonite too?? I’m starting to think we are long-lost siblings. Only I’m not Canadian. So perhaps my long-lost Canadian step-brother.

    Honestly, I’ll walk in to Home Depot “Just to have a look” (You know, just to make sure everything is in order) and walk out with seven new light fixtures, a palette of tiles, 12 gallons of garden plants, a six pack of lightbulbs, 5 gallons of paint, a new bathroom sink base, a handful of those novelty rock climbing key chain thingies, and a spool of weed whacker twine for a weed whacker I don’t even own.

    Yep, that’s me.

    And stop posting so many pictures of Martin Wood. He looks so much like my husband it’s eerie. And hot.

  49. So its finally been confirmed that John is Teyla’s crush. Thankyou Martin G. And since we been told that her crush is going to be explored in this season woo. Sheyla all the way. I don’t care that there are more Shep/Weir fans and I don’t care what anyone says about Weir getting da boot doesn’t kill their ship like Jack not being in SG1 didn’t kill Sam/Jack.

    Seriously, your character’s been dumped and the ships been sunk.
    That should silence the whiny weir fans.
    Peace can be restored.
    Sleeping well tonight. One week to S4!!

  50. Human scum said:

    Oh you have taken the bait Baron!!
    Disclosing what will be your undoing,
    For we at the Confederacy of Justice will use all of our combine 401k funds to build massive amounts of Home Depots including one next to your Fortress of Depravity moonbase (that particular home depot will feature a drive-thru so poorly serve it will make a line of clients cover the entrance of your base with their vehicles).

    Not contented by only this course of action we have manage booked the dancers of all the old Gap commercials to be feature at least 4 times per hour on every channel (including cable).

    Your pride will be the end of you Baron and that of “the League of Aliens and Mutants for Evil bent on global domination.”
    Not even getting the $950,000 (Minus the $200 processing fee) from Martin Holme will be enough to counteract our strike force!

    Confederacy of Justice activity coordinator
    And Friday night Bingo organizer

  51. Mrs.B108 writes: 2)Is there a long guest list for The Last Man?”

    Answer: 2) Nope.

    Any chance the Travelers are on that “short” list? If not, why was there all the talk about “a new, powerful race” and they are only in two episodes? You keep bringing back the lame Genii, why not the Travelers? Is it because their ancient warship gets destroyed in Be All My Sins Remember’d?
    When you watch other TV shows, do you find yourself critiquing the writing and the “look”/production of a show or can you separate it from your work?

  52. Oh. I just noticed. Is Martin holding a cookie?

    I hope it doesn’t have raisins.

  53. Interesting how the new season angst questions seem to come in waves. Why do we go through this every year?

    I, for one, am very excited about the new season. Next Friday. One week. Woo hoo!

    So what do you think about this new Team Stargate concept. I sincerely hope that MGM doesn’t ask you to come up with activities or we could all be in some serious trouble.

  54. Hi Joe:

    Can we expect to see any cool fighting scenes featuring Ronon this season? I just finished watching “Sateda” again (yeah for the Season Three DVD release!) and the action sequences in that episodes are amazing! Ronon is so badass when he gets his fighting groove on…LOL!

    Have a great weekend!


  55. Wow. That hamburger looks not only incredibly scary but also rather disgusting. What did it contain exactly?

    Also: The Player of Games is an awesome book! Thanks for suggesting it! I can’t seem to put it down… I try… but my hands, they won’t… ungrip… argh!

    I have a question- I’m developing a game map based on stargate atlantis, but understanding the city’s layout is impossible. Can you point me in the direction of some sort of schematic or similar document?

  56. Hi Joe, I love to read your blog every morning it makes a little sunshine in my day.

    I was wondering, to your experience is it easier to shoot an episode with animals or with children?


  57. 1) Are Sheppard and Teyla ever going to hook up?

    JUST SAY “NO”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My stomach churms just thinking about it.

  58. Joe, since MajorSal brought up Replicarter, and Suse was also touching on it, I’d like to comment too.

    I loved the scenes between Daniel and Replicarter. IMO Amanda and Michael played off of each other superbly in both of those episodes. I remember on Gateworld after ‘Rec. 2’ had aired that a number of fans were hoping for a follow up (or assumed we would get one) between Daniel and Sam. Daniel had just been killed (in a horrific way) by someone who wore the face of one of his closest friends. Plus Sam after the events of Gemini would have had a lot of guilt knowing what had happened. It would have been great character development between the two.

    Because Sam and Daniel are my favorites, I’m always one to jump at any chance to get some good character development between the two of them. I thought it was a big missed opportunity.

    While I’m on the subject of Sam and Daniel, I’d just like you to know how much I LOVED ‘Mobius 1’. I thought geeky Sam and geeky Daniel were great together. I remember reading an interview from Amanda where she talked about how much fun she and Michael had filming that. I also loved the scene between the 2 of them with McKay. I know you wrote the episode so I just wanted to say thank you for that. You can also add me to the list of being super excited at the possibility of Daniel in season 5. I couldn’t be happier. A big THANK YOU from me.

  59. I’d watch a Sopranos/2.5 Men hybrid. I bet the kid from 2.5 Men would be more compelling that that snot AJ. (Am I the only one who hoped his suicide would have taken and/or someone whacked his emo ass?)

    Anyway, I know you’re a Sopranos fan Joe and I recommend checking out “The Sopranos The Book.” MY g/f bought it for me at Coles. Excellent read with lots of “production-esque” notes and the actors talking about their characters.

  60. Speaking of Home Depot, Christopher Cousins (who played Sam’s hubby in “2010”) used to do Home Depot ads in this market.

    And quick question – only slightly nagging :). Any word on who has been cast as Shep’s ex-wife? Yeah, we wanna know:)

    And lovely shot of David Hewlett cleaning his hands up… after watching “A Dog’s Breakfast,” makes me wonder what McKay has been up to.

  61. Joe…drat it…you’ve done it again…


    I really should learn to read your blog when I have food with me so at least I can stave off hunger when you post pics of appetite-waking food.

    Surely Burger Night could be upgraded to, I dunno, twice a season? Maybe once a month even? Having it as a one-off sounds very unfair to the burgers…they’ll start thinking you don’t love them *grin*

    I see we’re back to the McKay-whumpage!! Poor David – although I hear you guys were rotten to Paul McGillion during Duet with all the dirt…so I’m thinking he’s currently winning in the “Getting absolutely buried” stakes – unless you’re planning on dumping a bucket or three on Joe F, Jason or David sometime soon…*raises an eyebrow in query*

    Bob Picardo looks so cool in his Atlantis jacket! Maybe Woolsey should ditch the suit!! *giggle*

    Have fun!


  62. I was just wondering, do think Dr. Keller will be sticking around into the future of SGA or is she more of a Doctor of the Season type?

  63. “So its finally been confirmed that John is Teyla’s crush.”

    LOL! Pull the other one, my little antagonist! Let me guess, you also think Ronon is going to hook up with Keller!

    Shippers really do live in their own special world.

  64. Just had the weirdest dream:
    I was watching the scene of “Outcast” on the park bench, were Weir and Nancy (who oddly enough had a British accent) were talking about Sheppard and Elizabeth was telling Nancy: “So you are house sitting for him while he is away, but you are his ex-wife!”
    And Nancy answer ” I know, and I don’t even know why I do this for him, it’s like I still feel responsible for him, he always manipulated me.”
    Weir answers back “John Sheppard it’s not the man I thought he was”
    WTF? (my reaction to the horror I was witnessing woke me up startled.)
    That’s IT I’m not reading your blog before going to sleep It’s giving me nightmares about SGA turning in to a cheesy soap opera.

  65. Salut Joseph!! <3

    Merci pour les photo^^!!
    et la video!!

    lol on peut dire que vos chiens se souviendrons longtemp de cette halloween! XD Mon chien à moi préfére les sucettes^^!

    Quoi, quoI?? Vous n’aimez pas les enfants!!!
    Je dit sa car je ne serais adulte que dans un ans^^! Vous ne me détésté pas ? =)

    Miamemiame sa a l’aire trés bon ce que vous avez manger!!

    Une question aujourd hui:
    Ques que vous n’aimez pas chez les enfants?

    Aller énorme bisou !!! Je vous adore!!! a demain! <3<3<3<3<3<3!!

    JE VOUS LOVE <3<3

    25 Jours
    6 heures ..
    45 minutes (en france)

  66. I asked–“What happens to the pot that John gave Elizabeth in Before I Sleep? The last few seasons it has been nicely placed on her desk, but with the changes I was wondering what is done with it?”

    Anonymous responded–Like Weir, I think it too has been reduced to a reoccurring character.

    You do realize that this is an inanimate object, and as such is probably sitting on a shelf where all unused props go to retire.”

    My response–I just thought it would make a nice touch if one of the team members, particularly John or Teyla (John since he gave it to her, Teyla because it seems like something she might do, being Athosian and her friend and all) took the pot to their own rooms, sort of to remember her by. So, to adjust my question a little, will we see any such sentimental act by the team in rememberance of her? And if yes, will it include the pot?

  67. That chicken burger looks absolutely amazing! Whats in it (apart from chicken) and can I have one??

  68. Princess Pea said…
    So its finally been confirmed that John is Teyla’s crush. Thankyou Martin G. And since we been told that her crush is going to be explored in this season woo. Sheyla all the way. I don’t care that there are more Shep/Weir fans and I don’t care what anyone says about Weir getting da boot doesn’t kill their ship like Jack not being in SG1 didn’t kill Sam/Jack.

    Seriously, your character’s been dumped and the ships been sunk.
    That should silence the whiny weir fans.
    Peace can be restored.
    Sleeping well tonight. One week to S4!!

    This is in response to this nasty remark… I’m a J/T fan as well, but there in no reason for anyone to be nasty about it and hurt someone else’s feelings. Everyone has the right to see the ships they want to see in their eyes or minds. There’s nothing wrong with growing up and stop acting like immature children. I’ve seen the shoe on the other foot when someone has attacked a JT fan and their feeling are crushed. I hope whoever wrote that it person enough to apologies and give the JT shippers a good name instead of a nasty rep. Thank.

  69. I just want to say that I’m enjoying S3 DVD set. Awesome job. Another thing I want to say that I’m looking forward to this new season and thanks for all the vids you’ve been doing. Please keep it up. Thanks.

  70. Just wanted to jump on the “anti Kid Nation” bandwagon.

    I have seen very little press about the show. The previews or commercials come on and I can only stomach about 5 seconds of them and I have to flip the channel.

    Why ANYONE would allow their children to take part in a reality show is beyond me. I don’t understand how any parent could put their child in a situation of that kind. Reality TV has been going “too far” for a very long time, but I think they’ve finally arrived at “beyond too far.”

    Nope, not tuning in to that one. Not at all.

    Rant over. Sorry – I’m a mom and a protective one at that. The whole thing chaps my…..oh wait, ranting was supposed to be over.

    Okay, rant really over now.


  71. Will we find out what post-Continuum Daniel, Cam, Vala, Landry, Teal’c and Jack are doing in season 4? Does Sam appear in “Midway”?

  72. Hey Joe, I was thinking of attending the Creation Con in Vancouver next spring. They offer the set tours again and I’d love to go on that. But I was wondering, if it so happens and Atlantis isn’t being renewed, would the standing sets still be there by next April? On the chance that there might be more movies?
    Or is it likely they’d be taken down fairly quickly? I really don’t want to pay all that money if there’s a good chance they won’t be standing anymore. Or for that matter if Atlantis does get renewed would you be able to keep the SG1 stages for another year?

    And on the same topic, are you guys doing the Halloween tours again? That might be a much cheaper way to get inside the holy doors of Bridge. 🙂

  73. Just ordered S3 online from Barnes & Noble (YAH, I know I’m a little behind the game).

    But, it’ll be here in 3 days and then I can rewatch my favorite eps from S3.

    Please Joe – the story spinning for S5 fast approaches – please, oh please – let your plans for Elizabeth include a return to full-time status in S5. She deserves to come home to Atlantis and be with her team.


  74. Joe, does your weakness to Home Depot extend to all home repair projects? Somehow I don’t picture you wielding a drill or crouched under the sink with a wrench.

    I liked Kid Nation. I was comforted by these self-aware, goal-oriented kids who probably can locate the US on a map. I wanted to hug the 8 yr old, poor little guy.

    As for MGM’s Team Stargate, sadly it seems yet another misguided Stargate marketing effort. What with the Terms and Conditions telling people exactly how they can work for MGM for free… who is going to put up with it?

    I think they are trying to productize David Hewlett’s grassroots marketing approach. Only problem is, MGM is not an endearing actor with an indy movie that deserves to be successful.

  75. new Pratchett comes out tomorrow. Doesn’t look like he’s heading to Vancouver though. But he is doing a New York signing. What could be arranged to get you a signed copy?
    interested? signed “thud” hat?

    would you ever visit a creation con at least for the fans? Or something around the weekend of the Creation Con? I’ll treat ya to vera’s burgers. april 3rd – 6th

  76. any episodes where the team gets captured this season?

    i loved those with SG1, you know the team finding a way out on their own before the whole spaceship element was introduced to the stargate universe

  77. So its finally been confirmed that John is Teyla’s crush.

    Just one more reason not to watch.

  78. “So its finally been confirmed that John is Teyla’s crush. Thank you Martin G.”

    Funny, because the previous year TPTB were joking about Shep and Weir making out. Read into it what you want.

    I’m more interested in Joe Flanigan talking about the Shep/Larrin hot scenes. Since she will be in multiple episodes, I would think he is more into that pairing than Teyla, who is as charismatic as a brick.

  79. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, thanks for making me hungry, the burger looks fab! It doesn’t look like a normal chicken burger though, unless that’s the US version. If so they need to be introduced to the UK as i’ve done nothing but drool over it.You know it’s really not ladylike to drool, and causes untold problems on the keyboard. 😉

    Talking of drooling. 😛 hehehe, I’ve been feeling quite vamperic today, and the whumper in me was drooling at the McKay/David pics, *wants that for shep* hehehe. So what are our chances of getting hot, sweaty and dirty shep then, with some nice bloodied body parts? Was I subtle enough there, do you think? Hehehe. You could always top it off with a nice shower scene at the end. ;)So can I be really cheeky (and let’s face it, it’s been a while since i’ve been really cheeky);) so, what are our chances? *insert a cheeky smile*


  80. I saw a news report about ‘Kids Nation’ does anyone else think they got the idea from ‘Lord of the flies’ by Willian Golding.
    Quick plot summary-
    Desert island
    Potential utopia
    In born evil.
    Lets hope there isn’t a kid called Simon who comes to a very sticky end. Then again it might make an interesting episode of SGA!


  81. I would think he is more into that pairing than Teyla, who is as charismatic as a brick.

    Might I answer this in the nice way possible? whomever said this is extrememly dimm are you powered at less then half? Rachel has put so much into Teyla and Teyla is my fave character on the show (both shows actually) Teyla is not what you say, she is more then that, only some fail to see that, I’m glad the powers that be are seeing her this season! And I hope that after watching this season you think differently about her charismatice levels!! I personally think(thankfully I’m not alone either) that Rachel is the most beautiful woman in the ‘verse! mostly because she is not like those stars you see in the news magazines or on TV every time one of them does something stupid, Rachel is different, more family like actually. Heck I was at the one convention where she SANG and her voi ce is just as beautiful as she herself is!

  82. Besides Sheppard and Ronon, are other members of the Atlantis cast going to be making appearances in Outcast?

  83. Does the title of the episode Trio refer to a group of three characters? If it does, are they characters we know already?

  84. Treat Carl with some respect, you guys.

    *This message was paid for by the Carl Binder Give Piece(of Chocolate)a Chance Committee*

  85. Dana (the anonymous ) said:
    “Just a thought – any chance of the SGA peeps going back to that ‘T-rex’ planet mentioned in Season 1? After seeing dragons on SG-1, I would LOVE the techo boys to have a field day with dinosaurs!!”

    Er, after seeing what was done with a “dragon” – it was a wyvern – in SG-1, I’d rather not see what the techie boys and girls do to dinosaurs.

    Though I believe you said you guys ran out of budget. Unfortunately it shows.


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