I returned to work to find not one but two director’s cuts AND a final mix awaiting me. Kudos to Joel Goldsmith on his terrific score for This Mortal Coil. This one is really special. Andy’s director’s cut of Midway is a lot of fun and chock full of action. Watch the big guys throw down and mete out some serious punishment with the big guns (and their equally big fists). Meanwhile, Will did a masterful job on Harmony. I LOVE this episode. I can’t say enough great things about Jodelle Ferland’s performance. Her interactions with the boys is both hilarious and touching.

Concerning the leaked episodes debacle… Yeah, sending out the rough cuts was a “major oversight” but, to be fair, SciFi was sending out those press kits as part of their ongoing efforts to promote the show’s upcoming premiere. Also, Mark Stern and co. have been nothing short of great this year, showing us a lot of creative support throughout a sometimes bumpy run. So, regardless of how thing shake out in the end, we really do appreciate all of the time and effort they put into helping make this Atlantis‘s best season yet. Also, to all those who don’t know yet – SciFi Channel will be broadcasting season 4 in HD! Trust me – the show will look that much better this year!

As for Lulu – well, when the doctor told us to keep her as inactive as possible (to avoid tearing her stitches), I really hadn’t factored in one key fact: she’s a three and a half month old puppy who wants to play ALL THE TIME! Fortunately, the Elizabethan collar she’s now wearing helps a lot in that it keeps her from bumping into things and reaching toys that could get her worked up, plus offers the added bonus of creeping out the other dogs to the extent that they steer well clear of her whenever she ambles into the room. Unfortunately, the collars are a bit of pain because, by denying her access to her doggy bowl, they have forced us to hand feed her as the only viable alternative. Yep, she’s (even more) spoiled. Also, since we can’t have her running around at night with the other pugs, she gets to sleep on the bed with us. And the only way to keep her from wandering around on the bed is to cradle her until she eventually falls asleep. That’s my job. For the next four weeks, I get to spoon a French bulldog given to stretching out her razor-sharp paws in the middle of the night. Can’t wait until next week when Fondy heads to Vegas for the pet show and I get to bring conehead to work with me.

Today’s pics: Goodies from the Art Department.

Today’s video: Click on the date for a video of quick clip of one of the aforepictured goodies in action.

Today’s mailbag –

Tess writes: “Will there be an Atlantis panel at the 2008 Comic Con in New York?”

Answer: Not that I know of. To be honest, the San Diego Comic Con is easier for us because it takes place on the West coast. New York is a little trickier.

Charles Schneider writes: “Did you ever get to read the Dr.’s stand alone TPB “Doom”?”

Answer: Have it. Have yet to read it.

MajorSamFan writes: “If there’s a season five, do you foresee the Nox ever deciding to visit the Pegasus Galaxy?”

Answer: It’s unlikely.

Vaberella writes: “Have you ever read anything from Octavia Butler?”

Answer: Yes. In my mind, she was one of the most accomplished of science fiction writers and definitely in my top 5.

ZoniDuck writes: “Hypothetically speaking, if a person had… access to the leaked episodes, but had not downloaded them yet, and said imaginary person (who allegedly does not have a Nielsen box) were trying to be strong and wait until 9/28 (despite the fact that everyone and their mother is squeeing and flinging spoilers around), could you offer some words of encouragement, and explain the reasons why watching a rough cut of the episodes is a horrible, awful idea?”

Answer: Well, if this hypothetical person was, hypothetically speaking, going to hypothetically watch the downloaded version anyway, I would suggest they watch the September 28th premiere on SciFi so that they can be surprised and blown away by the unexpected – story, revelations, visual effects – and then check out the rough cut in their possession as a sort of behind-the-scenes/in-the-making featurette to give them a better appreciation of what goes into the making of a given episode.

Anonymous #1 writes: “ever read the works of Harry Turtledove or any alternate history novels?”

Answer: I started Sentry Peak earlier this year.

Elizabeth writes: “1) Any Jack and Sam moments in Stargate Continuum? 2) What happened to the little girl in Sateda? Did she survive? Does Ronon have any children? 3) Who is going to be in season five? Is O’Neill going to be in season five?”

Answers: 1) Yes, they are in scenes together. 2) She survived and was placed with another off-world community the Satedans did trade with. Ronon has no children. 3) No idea.

Horse N. Buggy writes: “Obviously, Nielson ratings are the big ticket item determining ratings. But for those of us without a magic box, does it help for us to buy episodes on iTunes?”

Answer: Good iTunes sales would certainly go a long way toward confirming to MGM that a fifth season would be a great idea.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Will love be a factor this season?”

Answer: I’m not sure what you mean by “a factor” but certainly love will influence a story or two this upcoming season.

Jenny Robin writes: “I have ordered extra copies of Hogfather and Excession for the store. If it’s ok with you, I’m going to place them on one of our “Staff Recommends” displays with a little snippet on how you are recommending these for your blog book club.”

Answer: Sure thing although, technically, I’m not recommended the books because I have yet to read them myself. Wouldn’t want to get angry readers beating down our doors.

79 thoughts on “September 13, 2007

  1. Dear Joe,
    Is this where we submit questions? I’ve never “mail-bagged” anyone before. Anywhooo, I was wondering (and stop me if you’ve answered this question already), what is your all-time favorite horror film AND feature anime? Rather than trudge through months of old mail bags (I’m REALLY busy at my office job!), I thought I’d go directly to the source.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi Joe:

    Do you have any idea when SGA will premiere on TMN (The Movie Network)? Unfortunately we don’t get the SciFi Channel in Nova Scotia *sniff*. I hope I don’t have to wait to long to see Season Four.


  3. Oh poor Lulu can’t even eat from her own bowl! At least she gets to sleep on a comfy bed. I bet she may be a bit difficult when the collar comes off and she will no longer be allowed to sleep on Mom and Dad’s bed.

  4. Hi Joe, I was bored to tears the other evening, so instead of continuing with my economics study for my tutorial today, I watched “The Defiant One” from season 1 and a question came to mind. Why didn’t Sheppard just shoot the Wraith through the head? As the Wraith have higher brain function, similar to Humans or Ancients, surely a head shot would be just as effective as a body shot. Although it would shorten the episode somewhat.

    Also, try Bridge to Terabithia – stunning movie, but I did cry a little in the middle of the story. the friend who attended the movie with me said it is a very close adaptation to the book.

  5. Judging by your admiration for Jodelle ferlands acting ability, we will see more of her in Stargate?.

    I think she is a great actress too and she will only get better in the future, i mean seeing as she is almost 13, she has her whole life ahead of her, and i hope she becomes a great star.

    and still appears on stargate!.

    By the way, bring Richard Dean Anderson Back in season 5, you know everyone will love you, even your gateworld critics, well the odd saddo or two that seems to find any reason to criticise decisions and what not on stargate lol.

    By the way,i read that quite a few people send Jodelle fanmail, to her agency, their is a website with an address some people write to, or have done, like she has sent replys back with signed a autographed picture and a letter.. well from what i can see.. anyway

    just happened to come accross it whilst looking around online

    by the way a poster on gateworld was blaming you for the episodes being leaked, she was soon corrected by people since her whole arguement was flawed.

    hope your well.

  6. SciFi writer speaks “hypothetically”. hmmmmmm.
    I like that. It’s kinda like a magician pretending to be a magician. Cool! 🙂

  7. 1) When you guys get the “we want a S5” do you start writing right away or do you guys get together to think of a story arc? 2) How is everybody? 3) since the Finale is not to air until 7 March 08 is it possible that if it is to be tied into Kindred, is Beckett going to be in it? or will he be just mentioned? 4) What about Teyla, will we see any blood like in Sunday? 5) how many trips do you make to the USA in a year? 6) can you send a hello to RDA? I miss seeing Jack on SG-1 as well as Atlantis (even if he was only in one or two episodes of the latter, he was AWESOME in SG-1) 7) How did Rachel take the “a cat from Pegasus says hi” announcement?


  8. Elizabeth writes: “1) Any Jack and Sam moments in Stargate Continuum?

    Answers: 1) Yes, they are in scenes together.

    hmmm, i think i need to advise elizabeth to be VERY SPECIFIC when asking questions. :p

    sally 😀

  9. SciFi Channel will be broadcasting season 4 in HD.

    That is extremely awesome to hear. :D! I can’t wait to see it in full HD glory.

  10. Trust me on this one – the item in your video & the sketch bears an uncanny resemblance to this fruit from India/Thailand

    When cut open the fruit looks like that. 😀 I just laughed when I saw it.

  11. Many thanks for your consistant and entertaing daily postings promptly enough to allow we east-coasters to enjoy them before bedtime. My sympathies on the Lulu adventure. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of seeing what sleep deprivation does to your writing skills. As long as Lulu comes through fine, of course.
    Sounds like we have a lot of good episodes coming up. Which one so far has been the most expensive, and which do you enjoy the most? Also, besides kidnapping and taking over a Neilson family’s box, buying on iTunes, what other things can viewers do to make sure the the ratings and chances of renewal are maximized? With modern technology, I’m not sure what methods are even used to determine the number of viewers. Thanks again to your dedication to this site.

  12. “by the way a poster on gateworld was blaming you for the episodes being leaked, she was soon corrected by people since her whole arguement was flawed”

    I saw the post you’re talking about and nothing was said about JM being responsible for the leak. I believe it was something along the lines of him probably blaming the leak of the episodes when the ratings are crap.

  13. 1)Will Davos reveal more to Atlantis than we’ve already heard?

    2)Does the “Kindred” refer to someone/people we already know?

  14. Hey Joe,

    Judging by those first two pictures in todays blog showing what is named an “Aurora Pod”

    Does this mean we’re getting to see another Aurora Class Ancient ship this season, And can we keep it this time “Without” blowing it up?

  15. I hope that you realise that little ‘conehead’ is going to be a spoilt little madam on the set and you are going to get NO work done.

    You would think that McKay and Zelenka would design a little force field for her, protecting her eye but saving her street cred.

    At least Mars has worn the ‘cone of shame’ and will understand what she is going through and be supportive. Might be a budding romance there. 🙂

  16. You know, that Wraith doohickie in the video looks suspiciously like a giant chocolate bonbon (in one of those weird caramel assortments). Wonders if the chocolate deliveries are influencing you? Or, it’s a round acorn 😉

    Ah, sorry to hear Lulu mustbe fed by hand. She’s going to get so spoiled she’ll expect you to fetch everything for her soon!

    And a question. Can you tell who is being cast as Sheppard’s sibling? Thanks!

  17. I hope Lulu understands that her getting extra spoiled will last only one month. If she doesn’t, I expect you’ll have a grumpy dog on your hands.

    Any update on when Jerry Penacoli’s piece on SGA will be airing on Extra? I usually don’t watch those types of shows, but for this, I’ll make an exception. 🙂

  18. Hi Joe,

    You said something about a Comic con being held in NY. Do you now the URL for that con website? The only one I can find is the one in San Diego.

    Thank in advance.

  19. For the next four weeks, I get to spoon a French bulldog

    And really, how many people get to say that and not be socially shunned. And possibly arrested.

    You realise that after she’s better that there’s no going back? Once you’ve got bedroom sleeping rights and someone’s feeding you by hand the standards have well and truly been set. All the dogs will be wanting a cone on their head next. Hell, I might get one.

  20. Wait, the rough cut actually was the one they sent out? Eek. Well, I’m sure it would be interesting to watch…after watching the finished version. Maybe I’ll try to track it down after it airs (or rather, as I don’t get cable, maybe I’ll just have to download it from itunes, if that is the next best helpful/supportive thing).

    When my brother’s dog had the collar on, we didn’t hand-feed him, we just had to hold the bowl up for him so he could get to it. I guess that’s a happy medium.

  21. Words of warning: After puppy is better and the collar comes of, you may find she is fussy about going back to “normal.” Don’t give in like my crazy relatives did, who now have a 5 yr old dog that will only be hand fed. Anyway, hope she’s better soon.

    Now as to earlier:
    >Moose writes: “Is there any particular reason
    >Martin Wood looks like he’s gonna cry in the last
    >Answer: Yes. It’s because you haven’t updated
    >your live journal since July 23rd.

    Dang it! I knew that man was stalking me! Well, there was no way he’d see the friends-only post I made about getting fired 3 weeks ago. I’ve updated it, just so he’ll stop crying. If there’s anything the universes can’t stand, it’s a crying director/producer.

  22. Season 4 in HD! Now I’ll just have to find out which dish service carries the Sci-Fi channel in HD and get that service hooked up asap.

  23. Lulu’s collar reminds me of when Radar had a cast on one of his back legs. He kept lifting that leg higher than the others when he walked, like he was trying to step out of that thing on his leg. It didn’t seem to bother him when he jumped up on the bed and curled up on my pillow, though.

  24. Joe!
    This is an excellent opportunity. Since you have to feed LuLu by hand anyway, why not work on obedience training? At once you teach her that you are alpha dog (stop laughing) and that in order for her to get what she wants, she has to do what you want. Hey, you might even learn something you can use on the set.

  25. Hey Joe,
    I can’t remember if this question has been asked yet, when does Carter officially take command of Atlantis? Thanks

  26. Have you ever read the Dies the Fire series? It’s part of a trilogy of alternative history/science fiction books by author SM Stirling. I am currently on number 3, Meeting at Corvallis and it’s a hard-to-put-down read. Bonus points: it takes place in the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Portland/Willamette Valley area. Highly recommend!

  27. So excited to hear SciFi is finally going to broadcast Atlantis in HD! I think they get 500 points for that.

  28. Hi Joe:

    Thanks for all the pictures and videos, good stuff and it looks fun too.

    Please relay to Sci Fi or MGM whichever is responsible for the promo pictures recently put out that they are really bad. They have done so much better especially the early years of SG-1. They should take their cue from what has been successful in the past and what has gotten positive comments from fans. Change is good but not just for the sake of change like the recent years of SG-1 cast in civvies in odd positions and the Atlantis group, some in rather odd clothes, just doesn’t work, especially since it is painfully obvious that the majority of them were not together when taken and that they (or the Gate) were photoshopped in (notice that the Gate has a shadow while the cast does not). Poor quality to say the least, odd choices for attire especially Carter. What exactly are they tryng to do?

  29. Heh, I commiserate on the spoiled puppy thing. My bunny, Alice, wasn’t eating for a couple of days because of her tooth problem, so we started feeding her baby food. While I was at Dragon*Con, that was pretty much all she ate all week. She’s back to eating her regular food now, but anytime anyone opens the fridge, she comes tearing into the living room and stands on her hindlegs at the edge of the kitchen floor. Sometimes she even comes out there without any prompting, looking at us imploringly, standing on her hindquarters and sniffing the air and jumping on the couch, obviously wondering where the food is. Of course, she’s so darn cute, even when I won’t indulge her, her “grandparents” can’t resist ….

  30. Joe,

    Has Stargate become too hard to produce as a weekly show? It seems like there are so many more problems regarding production and the actual making of the shows than there ever was before. When the movies were being filmed everyone talked about how great it was to be able to get things right, to be able to spend enough time. Maybe the franchise should shift away from having to shoot 20 or 40 episodes of television a year to just doing movies or miniseries. Then all of the actor scheduling problems, ie Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, could be handled better. I think the franchise motto should become quality over quantity.

  31. So, no NY Comic Con, but…. Montreal World Con in ’09?

    (I only wish I could do more conventions, but alas, lack of income still… :p)

    Now, if you know someone who wants to hire a good MT who can also be one kick ass secretary/receptionist/clerk…. *laugh*

    Oh yeah, Miss Lulu is going to be completely spoiled rotten. As for the bed thing, I get that completely! My own furball, Lovecraft, was hogging the bed last night at my feet, of all places. Nothing like hitting a “brick wall” of fur at 3 in the morning! (As you can see here, he’s by no means a small animal: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/LadyNiko/Lovecraft%20Pics/LConaLazySunday.jpg)

  32. Can we have Rodney calling sheppard
    “John T. Sheppard space commander”
    PLEASE!! Instead of just simply Kirk.

  33. Thinking of you spooning a pug is quite possibly one of the most adorable things ever.

    Also, it’s my birthday tomorrow (I am now officially closer to 30 than 20). But I won’t ask you to dedicate your blog to me–I’m not that important. That said, if you really felt like dedicating your blog to someone, I’m available. Just sayin’.

  34. Is Sci-Fi going to be showing the HD version an HD version of the network? Or will it be on another network – such as Universal HD or HD Net. I ask because I can’t seem to find a HD version of SciFi.

    Also – will iTunes have an HD version of the episodes?

  35. I usually don’t comment, but I totally sympathize with the spoiled dog angle. My mom has a pug (oh yes, you know where this is going), and she is *hand fed* every meal. Out of a bowl. Because the dog won’t eat otherwise. Well, with her, cause I don’t play that. It’s eat out of the bowl or lose a 1/4th of an ounce. I love the brat to death, but there are limits. Same dog? Used to eat 15 dollar steaks for dinner, and if she wasn’t in the mood? Mom would cook until the dog ate. Yeah. It was a tad scary.

    So hey, at least you’re not like Mama. On the upside, as someone said, you can at least attempt training. Of course if Lulu is anything like pugs, you’ll be pretty much SOL straight out the gate. Pugs own your soul, and use that as often as possible. Lulu’ll have you wrapped around her paw in about five seconds flat. The next month is just her training ground in figuring out the best way to con you out of everything a pup could want. So never mind that attempted training her. You’ll never win that.

  36. I’m one of those people who’s eagerly awaiting season 4 to begin, so I don’t want you to take this as an accusation…but are you concerned by the fact that in a little over three seasons you will have axed 3 main characters? I would think it would be hard enough trying to get the fans to accept losing one character, but two in addition to that (one of them being second billing). Do you take into consideration fan concerns when making major decisions like this? Do you worry about whether or not fans will be able to accept such dramatic changes in their cast?

    Also, which character on both Atlantis and SG-1 do you personally find it easiest to write for?

  37. Hi Joe!

    Oh dear! Lulu is going to expect the extra special treatment all the time now isn’t she? Hope she gets better soon. Don’t let her out in the rain with that collar on!! 😉

    I’m not sure who recommended it on your blog but I’ve just finished reading “Chronicles of Amber” by Roger Zelazny. What an enjoyable romp that was. So thanks to the recommender!

    Ooooh, the various “objects” for Outcast look interesting. Looking forward to seeing how they fit in to the story.

    When you start filming Outcast can you post us some more pics and vids of Joe F please? Loved all the ones you gave us for Harmony!

    Thanks a bunch!

  38. Ah…just realized that some of that artwork may not actually be for Outcast. D’oh! See, that’s what happens when I post first thing in the morning and my brain isn’t fully awake yet!!

  39. Bonjour Joseph!

    J’aimerais savoir ce que vous préférez écrire dans les scripts, les scènes d’actions, les scènes avec du vocabulaire scientifique, les scènes sentimentales…?

    Et j’aimerais savoir si vous êtes un shipper ou pas du tout?


  40. hi Joe,
    Would you consider coming over to London for Wolf’s Pegasus 3 in Jan 2008? P2 was fantastic and really fun.


  41. Joe, since you were nice enough to answer Elizabeth’s question about Sam and Jack moments in Continuum, could you tell us if we will get any good (angsty) scenes between Daniel and Sam in Continuum?

    You let us know ahead of time for “Morpheus” so will we get any in Continuum? Alot of fans are really missing the Sam and Daniel friendship. Thanks

  42. Thank you for the lovely pictures and videos you have spoiled us with so far. I especially enjoy today’s pictures from the art department. Imagining and then making all those props must be incredibly interesting.

    I have a question. Since Rodney is obviously an hypochondriac, he rants and reminds everyone of his hypoglycemia and his allergy to citrus on a pretty regular basis throughout the three seasons we have seen so far. The fact that he’s paranoid about his health doesn’t make his allergy or hypoglycemia any less real or true. Will we ever see Rodney having an anaphylactic reaction or having any other health problem (one that is not the-aliens-want-to-kill-us related) in season four or any future seasons? All those little alien bugs… not to mention the food 🙂

  43. Hey Joe

    Loving Hogfather!!

    Anywho… Load of talk about neilson “magical” box. How do you know if you have one?? Are all “digital” boxes or satalite recivers capable of this function??

  44. Joe, I personally have gotten my husband to love SGA. I buy itunes versions if I have missed a show as well. First – thanks for answering my questions. I know your not into Rieslings, but I would suggest Columbia Winery or their Gerwurtzminer – with a dark bitter chocolate as an Apertif. Question: Will we see anymore ancients come back to Atlantis?

  45. Hey Joe, Is Marty from all the Wormhole X-tream eps an alternate dimension of you? Or based off someone you know? Loved the take on Season 10 with 200, what a great show!

  46. Thrilled to hear about the HD broadcasting for season 4. And now curious about the possibility of any HD DVD releases in the future. Would you have any ideas about that?

    By the by, those of us who are not official Nielson rating watchers, what can we do to help get a positive and considerable message to the powers that be that a season 5 would be a good thing?

  47. Just read the following on GateWorld:

    “She actually does have a love interest that she’s been hiding from everybody,” Lutrell said. “We haven’t met him yet — I haven’t met him yet. I hope I’m part of the casting process.”

    Thank you! Looking forward to shipping the beautiful Teyla and her new guy, hope he’s cute.*g*

  48. Joe,

    I know this is a longshot at best, but is there any chance you could slip a word in the ear of the MGM people letting them know there are a bunch of UK fans who would love to buy episodes from iTunes, but who can’t as they aren’t available on the UK iTunes site as yet?

    If not, do you know of an address where a letter detailing such concerns might be sent?

    If not, well, never mind. I’ll figure out a way… 🙂

  49. Salut joseph =) <3

    Merci, merci pour la video et les photos!!

    Oh vous b�rcez Lulu chaque soir!! que c’est trop mignon!!!!^^

    j’ai une bonne nouvelle aujourd’hui:

    C est le week end!!! =)

    Voici mes questions:
    1)Que dejeun� vous le matin?
    2)avez vous remarquer que dans stargate atlantis on voyer tr�s souvant le boxer de Joe?
    preuve ici:
    3)Ce week end , vous voulez aller au restaurant avec moi ? c est moi qui paye!

    lol XD

    Bon bah bonne journ�e!! GRos bisou!!! je vous adore!! merci! je fait de gros bisou de r�tablissement a Lulu!^^

  50. Joe!
    What good dog parents you and Fondy are! Our oldest Golden gets the privilege of sleeping in our bed most nights. She chooses my side. This morning I woke up curled up at the top of my side of the queen size bed and she was curled up at the bottom. Did I mention that she likes to run full speed in her sleep? Hubs bears the brunt of that though. So, since Miss Lulu is not getting to run too much in her daily life…look forward to it in her sleep.
    You know you could put Lulu up on a table, take her cone head off and let her eat her own food…then put it back on… just a thought…

    Have fun and thanks for the cool blog goodies!

  51. Dear Mr. M,

    Third time is the charm in posting comments here (hopefully; first time, blogger ate the comments, second time, my comment was never posted, so maybe this time I will get lucky!).

    Anyway: what is your take on iTunes not picking up the new season of NBC hence Sci-Fi shows? They’re not picking them up because of, among other things, piracy concerns. Does this worry you at all about reaching your audience? Does anyone on the SGA team crunch numbers and figure out what portion of the audience watches which medium? (Sorry–budding statistician here.)

    also: did you ever try cevapcici? gross, aren’t they?

    and: could you give me a shout-out? I just started my PhD in criminal justice and public administration, and also brought two beautiful beagle puppies into my life, Princess Molly and Apollo Paco Zalenka. Thanks! 🙂
    PS how often during the night do you have to let Lulu out?

  52. Thank you so much for answering my questions!

    Sorry to hear about the cone having to stay on so long.

    Please answer these questions. 1) Will the girl in Sateda be in any more episodes? 2) Will Carter get the ATA gene? 3) What episodes are Weir in?


  53. Ola qué tal ?

    Mon nom est Charlie, si vous pouvez voir ma photo je suis un chien. Un Bouldogue Français. Mon Maître qui regarde de temps à autre ce lien, à laisser par inadvertance votre page ouverte…Ma surprise fût de taille en voyant votre Lulu…De la même couleur que moi…Son oeil m’a boulversé ( comme cette affreuse pâté que me donne ma maîtresse !)Si je viens aujourd’hui, ce n’ai pas pour aboyer…je me suis permis de regarder les autres photos de Lulu ( sa beauté ne cesse de me perturber !)et une image m’a particulierement atristé. Elle apparait comme sur une assiette… vous allez vous demander mais de quoi parle ce chien…mais après reflexion, je me suis aperçu qu’il s’agissait d’un collier protecteur…Whatever (oui je connais quelques mots anglais..)ma question est la suivante : Monsieur acceptez vous de bien vouloir me laisser la pate de votre chien pour une soirée à paris ?( en tout bien tout honneur !)
    Je vous pris d’agréer Monsieur, l’expression de mes sincères salutations.

    ps : pardonnez mes fautes, avec mes pates, ce n’est pas toujours facile !

    Charlie (c’est moi sur le lien.)

  54. Hi Joe i wanted to ask about the new season 4 intro is Rachel’s name going to appear before or after Amanda’s name?

  55. Your leaked episodes seem to have stirred up a lot of controversy on GW.

    Personally, having seen both, I’m extremely disappointed you’re not keeping Torri Higginson around. She was incredible.

    What’s the problem? Can’t handle three women in the cast? Her character could have stayed on for more than four episodes, for crying out loud. She could have easily been in as many as Keller or Carter.

    It’s such a waste of a great character and a fantastic actress.

    Then again, the NCIS people are probably glad you didn’t want her. Seems she’s got work there, which is huge for her.

  56. Hey Joe, a suggestion regarding poor li’l Lulu,for all your sakes get a puppy crate. I found one invaluable and have had one (now two) since I got my German Shepard(8years), I couldn’t be with her the whole time when she was recovering from being spayed and the crate was marvelous and she recovered in record time, she regards her crate as her bedroom and when we got our Staffie we got her a crate too so we now have a two-dog-bedroomed house LOL. Good luck with the rest.

  57. *waves*

    “Joe says:Well, if this hypothetical person was, hypothetically speaking, going to hypothetically watch the downloaded version anyway, I would suggest they watch the September 28th premiere on SciFi so that they can be surprised and blown away by the unexpected – story, revelations, visual effects – and then check out the rough cut in their possession as a sort of behind-the-scenes/in-the-making featurette to give them a better appreciation of what goes into the making of a given episode.”

    Joe, let’s talk patience! 😀 Put yourself in our shoes!

    Picture this. Right in the middle of your living room, sitting there in plain sight is the most exquisite, and sought after piece of chocolate known to man. And it’s just within your grasp! You’ve been waiting for this piece of ecstasy for months… oh that didn’t sound right! Um, you’ve been savouring this delight for months, knowing that it was beig made with lots of love and affection, the recipe is just right and know it’s being shown to the world. But you’re lucky, you’ve got a pre-taster right at your fingertips! It’s so close, you can almost taste it. The smell of the delictabily tasting chocolate permeates the air, calling to you like a long last friend. As you walk past this piece of chocolate, you stare at it longingly, barely resisting the urge, because you know you can’t have it, not yet. The chocolatey aroma each mornig fills the air, making you drool and squeel with delight as the day gets closer to your devouring it in one go, but that day is still 14 sleeps away? Do you resist, or just give into temptation?

    Hehehe, me, i’m pathetic and weak and couln’t resist any longer. But, without spoiling it for others, it rocked! And you’re right, it gave me a greater appreciation for everything you guys do. So thank you very much, it made my toes curl!

    Cover your ears Joe!


    Can’t wait until the 28th, to watch it again in all it’s glory.

    *hugs and penance will be paid by way of chocolate*


  58. Hey Joe!
    I love to read your blog, I’m always wondering what I will learn when I read it. I’m curious to know if Weir’s departure is related to the replicators and if so will there be a connection to the episode “The Real World”? I’m also wondering how does filming the episodes out of order work besides making your life complicated? Wouldn’t it make Rachel’s pregnancy look further along in earlier episodes compared to later ones. Another question I have and I’m not sure if you have already answered it, but with Carter being on Atlantis does that mean the movies are set in between SG1’s finale and SGA’s premiere? And if so will there be references to events from the movie on the show?

  59. PS: Please ignore my spelling. I had a job interview today and the interviewers fried my brain. In response my brain (what little I have left) is now rebelling and refusing to play.


  60. ooooouuuuuuuéééééééé super le titre de la video en français ^^
    ça fait plaizir.

    today je vous poserez unz seul question à laquelle j’espere vous repondrez ça me ferai très très très plaisir:

    => est-ce-q’un jour, il y aura une convention en FRANCE à PARIS peut-être? merci d’avance and vive joseph THE BEST PRODUCTEUR ON STARGATE ATLANTIS. LOL

    see you soon

  61. Sorry, something that just occured to me… Whatever happened to the time-travelling Jumper that was found in the Milky Way? After the events Moebius played out, it wasn’t used to travel back in time, and so, wouldn’t have been lost. Right?

  62. Hi Joe

    Given the ‘bumby ride’ and the year you have had are there any of the decsions made over the change of direction that you wish you could unmake. Or are you still certain that every decision is going to benefit the show (Just to clarify I’m not asking what you might want to do differently just if there is anything you wish you could do differently) An odd question I know but I was just wondering given that before long someone somewhere will use the phrase ‘with hindsight…..’

  63. C est encors moi ^^!

    3 choses:

    1) Ohh ma charlie, c est adorable ce que tu a écrit dans ton commentaire!!
    2)Oh, je n’avais pas vu le titre en francais^^!!Merci beaucoup!^^
    Pour répondre a votre question..
    “Qu’est ce que c’est?”
    Réponse: C’est l’oeuf de Pâques en chocolat que j’ai toujour rêver de retrouvé dans mon Jardin ! =D

    3)Bon je vais me coucher Snif ..moi aussi je veux être bordé lol!

    aller! Bonne aprés Midi!!! Enorme Bisou!!! Je vous adore!!! a demain!

  64. Answer: Well, if this hypothetical person was, hypothetically speaking, going to hypothetically watch the downloaded version anyway, I would suggest they watch the September 28th premiere on SciFi so that they can be surprised and blown away by the unexpected – story, revelations, visual effects – and then check out the rough cut in their possession as a sort of behind-the-scenes/in-the-making featurette to give them a better appreciation of what goes into the making of a given episode.

    I think that, hypothetically, if I were to er, accidentally, spy the incomplete eppies, I’d, hypothetically, of course, say that the eppies were so awesome that I’d be even MORE hypothetically excited about watching the eppies in 40 inches of HD LCD TV on Sky One HD, on October 9th than I was before…

    And, if you can make sense of any of that, you’re more clever than me…

  65. Sorry Joe. I had to comment on this, because I’m a bit confused…

    Anonymous said…
    Your leaked episodes seem to have stirred up a lot of controversy on GW…

    They have? Hmmm, must have blinked and missed that then, because from what I’ve seen there’s been an overwhelming positive reaction to them, the magnitude of which I haven’t seen in quite a while on GW…

  66. So i know i am a bad person… but i couldn’t wait!!!!! You cant expect me to have the eppisodes on my hard drive and then not watch them!!! well i suppose you can expect that.. but i have no self control.

    I just wanted to say how fantastic they were even though they were not the finished article. It just shows what great writing and acting is being done, that it was still exciting to watch even without the music and finished visuall effects.

    I will of course watch them again when they are finnished and i will be buying the DVD. Unfortunately i can’t get the channel that they are broadcast on in my country (our area isn’t cabled and the building is in preservation area so no satalite dish..grr) Not that my viewing would count towards your ratings anyway.

    Thank you to you, and every one else that works on stargate! I can’t wait for the rest of season 4! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

  67. @Cheeky Lil Devil
    Thanks a lot…now I have to go buy chocolate cake!!!

    Dang, I can almost taste and smell it from your description. You need to get a job writing a food column or ads for food….man I want chocolate cake!!!!

  68. oh and I will not be watching the leaked videos. I want the full SGA experience!
    Also, can you Joel Goldsmith to release some Stargate scores on CD?
    and if we was to visit Vancouver, is there a way of touring the studios?

  69. Hey Joe, I have a question about soundtrack. I know that you probably don´t make those decisions but I will ask anyway 🙂 Is there any chance that we will get Atlantis sountrack from S1-S3? Until now exists only soundtrack from Rising. Music in S2 and S3 was amazing and I would be happy to have it at home. Thank you.

  70. Then again, the NCIS people are probably glad you didn’t want her. Seems she’s got work there, which is huge for her.

    She has? That’s FANTASTIC news!!! Now that SG1’s done, that’s pretty much my favourite show! We were all telling Torri at the Vancouver con, among the hugs and tears, that even better things would head her way soon. I’m so glad we were right!

  71. well…6 days late but there is a problem I’d like to point out. About Sci Fi broadcasting in HD, well, the only thing I heard a while back was that this would be on sattelite, if thats the case, it not really going to look THAT good. If MHD on dish network is any indication, it will be a paltry 6 mpbs (DVD movies max out at maybe 8.5 mbps) and will not be true HD, it will be anamorphic 1440 x 1080. so, improvment..yes, but hardly. the only difference is a better codec compared to DVD. even worse, and more likely, it could possibly be just upconverted if Scifi doesn’t have real HD capability yet. simply put, directv doesn’t have a good track record among those who know what REAL HD is.

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