A big thank you to all of the well-wishers and concerned fans who responded to my last blog entry with words of support and great personal anecdotes. To be perfectly honest, yesterday was really no better or worse than any other day but thanks for the words of support nevertheless. In retrospect, they have made me a better person. And inspired the following scam email responses.

To one of the many scammers who sent a winning notification to my melvinskidnappers account:

“Automated Out of Office Reply:

The kidnappers you seek will be out of the office from August 27th to September 14th. In the meantime, please feel free to make use of our automated response system. The heading of your email –

Congratulations… Lucky__Winner

– indicates you are inquiring about the following kidnap victim:

Melvin Quibble
In his heyday, retired ad man Melvin Quibble was responsible for such memorable commercials as Suckeo Vacuum’s Harriet the Henpecking Housewife, Sugar-Frosted Sugar Cubes Cereal, and the Only Sissy Kids Don’t Eat Pork campaign. He was a resident of Florida’s Heaven’s Waiting Room Retirement Community, where he lived with his Margaret of 40 years, before his sudden disappearance twelve years ago.
Date of kidnapping: November 8, 1994.
Ransom demanded: Negotiable.

Status: Accidentally abducted in a case of mistaken identity, Melvin Quibble elected to remain with his kidnappers rather than be returned to his wife Margaret. Although his cooking and bookkeeping skills have proven invaluable over the years, his increasingly tangential musings have given us pause of late. A very pleasant fellow who makes a wonderful Chicken Kiev, but it’s time for the old timer to go.

If this is the correct kidnap victim, please leave us a detailed message including your name, your counter-offer (if applicable), and an email or phone number where you can be reached.

Thank you,

The Kidnappers J”

Also, received an email out of the blue from David Kojo (do a search on my blog and that should get you up to speed on my correspondence with this guy). Essentially, he’s trying to convince me to send him my personal information to collect some mystery winnings while I, Merton Castrati, seem to have him confused with an idiot I went to high school with. In his last email, Kojo apologizes for not getting back to me sooner:

“Sir, Why I have not contacted you is because, I was told that the package have been confisticated by the British Government, since then I have been doing all I can to make sure that I claim the fund in the package…”

Ah, Kojo, Kojo, Kojo. You poor inept yet lovable idiot. I wrote back:

““Hey Kojo,

Back in high school, you could barely spell your last name so I’m not all that surprised you’re having trouble using the postal service. After all, to master the fine art of mailing, you need an I.Q. somewhere between Spanish onion and pony. Seriously. Who ties your shoelaces in the morning?


Merton Castrati”

Poor Lulu. She’s developed something called “cherry eye”, a condition common in puppies of certain breeds in which their third eyelid prolapses. Despite the alarming-looking red swelling beneath her right eye, she is in exceptionally good spirits. Still, this has to be treated and so, tomorrow, we’re off to Bellingham for the eye surgery.

Today’s blog dedications got out to mon ami Martin, David, and Pauline‘s son.

Pics: On the set of Trio.

Video: Click on today’s pic for a video of Amanda questioning my ability to read and film behind-the-scenes footage at the same time.

Mailbag –

Nathan writes: “With all the dogs on set, I’d be happy to be a dog minder during the day.”

Answer: Believe it or not, we have already employed a guy called Nathan to mind the dogs.

ZoniDuck writes: “I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for A Dance With Dragons, Joe. GRRM is still working on it…”

Answer: Well, if you happen to swing by his blog, could you tell him to pick up the pace. I’ve already started A Feast For Crows.

Smiley_Face06 writes: “The first Sunday of the NFL season is over. My Cowboys played an exciting game and didn’t disappoint in the end. Hooray! 🙂 Did you catch any games today?”

Answer: I had Carl over for the (not-so-big) LSU-Virginia Tech match-up Saturday night. The game turned out to be a bust, but we ended up having a grand time watching South Florida upset Auburn. Then, on Sunday, I watched as much football as humanly possible – flipping back and forth between every game (I subscribe to an NFL package). Boy, those Detroit Lions look strong! Hahaha! Just kidding. My Raiders were terrible. It looks like another long year for the silver and black.

Elizabeth writes: “Are there going to be any Jack and Sam moments in either Atlantis season four or the movies, Ark of Truth or Continuum?”

Answer: Jack will not be making an appearance in season four of Atlantis.

Anonymous #1 writes: “I want to thank you for introducing John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War to beginners (like me). It’s my 1st SF book and I absolutely loved it. I’d pay to watch the movie if one is made. What would you recommend after that?”

Answer: Check out Iain M. Banks’s The Player of Games.

Allison writes: “When the first episode shows, what are you going to be doing? A big cast get-together or something a little more family like?”

Answer: Chances are pretty good I’ll be at some restaurant having dinner.

Anonymous #2 writes: “has cookie monster receive any mail lately? Me Miss cookie monster, cookie monster one funny mofo, Cookie monster de bomb!”

Cookie Monster answers: Cookie Monster no hear from James Williams in long time. Maybe he mad or dead or incommodo.

Yasmin writes: “P-diddy and I are planning on attending the con next year, and thought to make it into an anniversary trip. We’d like to go skiing, and I wonder if you know of some good areas?”

Answer: Whistler, B.C. is the place to go.

Scarym writes: “Have you read anything by Guy Gavriel Kay?”

Answer: I haven’t. I’m not familiar with his work but when it comes to fantasy, for this reader, the less magic the better.

Ben writes: “Seven days of shooting, does that mean you shoot even on the weekends?”

Answer: No.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Is there going to be any episode this year like Disclosure, where the team look back on what have happend in the seasons before?”

Answer: You mean a clip show? Not this season.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Will we get any evil or whumped Carter in Atlantis this season?”

Answer: Whumped Carter? Oh, yes.

Elizabeth writes: “1) Did you mean three pregnancies in Stargate Atlantis season four? If so,who?”

Answer: Rachel, David’s wife, and, of course, Jason became a proud papa this season.

Yasmin writes: “Also, you’ve not been posting any food pictures – not like you’ve been busy or anything, right?”

Answer: Fondy and I went to a terrific restaurant with Jewel and Matt last night. I’ll try to have a write up and pics for you tomorrow.

Chokoloaj writes: “ Are there any resources you can point me to regarding information on Chocolate shops and such in Vancouver? Are you aware of a premium (dark preferably) chocolate bar made with whole cocoa beans?”

Answers: I’m your best resource. Fire away. Re: the chocolate bar. Not with whole cococa beans but Michel Cluizel does a great dark chocolate bar with cocoa nibs (noir au grue de cacao).

Nathan writes: “ So. Whatever happened to Ben Browder? I know this post wont make it to the published list, unless you want to edit that name out..”

Answer: No need to edit the name out as I’ll field the comment to make a point. Ben is presently working on a project for SciFi, a mini-series which he wrote. In my time working with him on SG-1, he was nothing if not professional, easy-going, and incredibly amiable. He would hang around the set, even after he’d wrapped, to see how the ensuing scenes played out or stick around for his off-camera dialogue. In this business, it’s really hard to figure out who is genuine and who isn’t. Well, the easiest way to find out is to go to the source. Forget the actors and the producers and the directors. Ask the crew who work on the show day in and day out. They’ll tell you who the genuinely nice guys and gals are. And I can guarantee you that our crew will tell you Ben Browder was definitely one.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Your entry today makes me wonder, has any actor not been considered for a role because of his/her personality or known/reputed inability to get along with others?”

Answer: Oh yeah. We have a term for it: “LTS” – life’s too short. Why waste your time on someone who is going to make everyone miserable if you don’t have to?

Anonymous #4 writes: “Please I tell me this Champagne scene was not the one in “Aurora”.”

Answer: Put your mind at ease. It wasn’t the one in Aurora.

Anonymous #5 writes: “But having said that I loved “City of Pearl” YOu’re not a Jane Austen Fan are you?”

Answer: Loved City of Pearl AND Jane Austen.

80 thoughts on “September 11, 2007

  1. “…an I.Q. somewhere between Spanish onion and pony”

    Gah. A fine return to snarktastic form, sir! 😀

  2. So you watched our great victory, huh?? I go to USF and was actually among the few people that went up to Auburn to watch our team kick butt! 😀

    I had the best time ever!

  3. “…to master the fine art of mailing, you need an I.Q. somewhere between Spanish onion and pony.” love this. more please. – Eliza

  4. We have a term in midwifery (unofficially of course) ‘F.L.K’
    It stands for Funny Looking Kid well not all babies are beautiful.
    My son David thanks you for your blog dedication.

  5. Glad to see that you are back to your old self. Unfortunately for me, the phone wasn’t ringing off the hook with job offers come the new day. As always thanks for making me laugh. Who made that fabulous directors chair for Martin? I love it!

  6. Even though the character of Elizabeth Weir is being drastically changed, are you excited about where her character is going and hope to have Torri back now and again in later seasons? Or is this more of a write out for her character and her storyline will be pretty much wrapped up (as much as can be on sci-fi, there is always that what if, of course)?

  7. Glad to see that you are back to your old self. Unfortunately for me those phone calls for job didn’t come with the new day.As always thanks for making me laugh. Who made that fabulous directors chair for Martin? I love it!

    Oh – and my Giants sucked this weekend too so I feel your pain.

  8. hi, joe,

    1- *loved* how you answered (by what you ‘didn’t’ say) to the s/j question.

    2- i had no doubts that ben browder was a wonderful guy.

    3- sam whump you say? YES!!

    sally 😀

  9. My goodness, whumped Carter, whumped Sheppard, whumped Rodney, whumped Teyla. . .and I can only assume from this trend that Ronon will be whumped as well. Season 4 must be the whumpiest yet! And now, another whump question: Who will be the most whumped, and next most, etc. out of the people listed above? Thank you much Joe!

  10. Sorry, maybe you can’t see the flyers very well, can you?
    Well, it says “SAVE ELIZABETH WEIR”
    -Elizabeth pic-
    -Atlantis pic-

    Thanks! 😉

  11. Wow! It’s great to hear that a guy loves Jane Austen. If you remember, I had to read Emma (along with some other classics) over the summer. Emma got me hooked, and a couple weekends ago I got Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion. I’ve already devoured Mansfield Park and Pride and Prejudice and really loved them. Can you rate your least to most favorites?

    It’s funny that you mention that you’ll probably not even watch the series premiere. It’s strange, from the fan perspective. After all, we’re the ones waiting with baited breath for it to come out! 😉 On a side note, who is your favorite person out of the cast, and favorite person out of the crew to critique food with?

  12. I am so unconscionably behind on your blog, d’oh! Yesterday’s LuluHarassingBubba video was priceless! Lulu seems well schooled in the art of pug-of-war. But she is not a Jedi yet…. 😉

  13. I am glad to hear you had a better day. The pictures are a hoot – I don’t know exactly why, but every time you post a picture of Carl Binder, it makes me smile. Not knowing one thing about him, in his pictures he gives off a very nice aura.
    Thanks for the Whistler recommendation. I have hope that you will do a panel at the con next year, so p-diddy and I can wave hello.
    Looking forward to those pictures!
    Have a great night Mr. M.

  14. I hope Lulu’s eye surgery goes well tomorrow!

    When I was watching the ComiCon video on SciFi’s website, I noticed you were recording with your camera. Do you think you could post some of the video footage on your blog sometime?

  15. When I read what you wrote about Ben Browder I smiled because that supports everything I have ever heard. It’s great to hear about the nice ones.

    Thanks for clarifying about David’s wife Jane. I hadn’t realized they got married.. I knew they were engaged. When was the wedding.Congrats to David for all the great things coming up. I bet it’s a girl!

    Have a good one

  16. Jedi writes: “ Will we ever get to see Sheppard use the stick fighting skills he’s acquired from Teyla, other then just sparring?”

    Answer: Not this year.

    So if there is a season 5 will we see it happen?

  17. Is the Ark of Truth trailer on the Atlantis season 3 DVD going to show actual footage of the actual movie? And possibly some visual effects?

  18. Umm. In the pictures you posted… is there any particular reason Martin Wood looks like he’s gonna cry in the last one? Or is he just being a goofball?

  19. Awesome picture of Carter, Keller, and McKay. The set looks fantastic behind them. Was the shot taken on location or at Bridge Studios?

    Carter gets whumped as well, huh? Is there an episode in particular you’re hinting about? 🙂

    Hope Lulu’s trip to the vet goes all right!

  20. Me again. Just saw the season 4 cast photos up on Gateworld. LOVE Carter’s new uniform. Everybody looks great. Hats off to the wardrobe department! The group shot is awesome. I know what my new desktop wallpaper is going to be…

  21. I volunteer at an Oxfam book and music shop.

    I found a book called “How to Be a Canadian” in the self-help/medical section. Some other member of staff obviously considers being Canadian something that is bad and should be you should be cured of your affliction.

    Have a nice day and I hope Lulu gets better soon – it is a nasty looking infliction.

  22. Hi Joe,
    1) Does Teyla or Ronon ever get the ancient gene?
    2)Your take on Yorkies?
    3)Rieslings – what kind if you like them?

    Hope your having a great day.

  23. Hey Joe,

    Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I read your post when I got home this evening. Glad to see you are in a better frame of mind.

    Anyhow on another online community we were asked which four famous people alive would we have dinner with and I said Oprah Winfrey – cuz she’s interesting, Mike Rowe, cuz he is funny, Patricia Polacco, fav children’s author (third grade teacher here) and you, cuz your funny and a foody and eat some interesting things.

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the blog. I have always been interested in the behind the scenes stuff (which is why I love commentaries) and it’s great that you take the time for the fans. So thanks again.

  24. I have a silly question… (because I’m a newbie to your blog) What is “Whump”?

  25. Hi Joe, I am glad you are feeling better today. I was happy to be part of the group hug for you yesterday. I belong to 4 forums that I visit every week (sometimes everyday) and have many penpals in these and privately. I know I can rely on any of these ladies (and a few gents) to set me right with advice or virtual hug, and vice versa.

    I have just finished Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy and honestly, I found the end of Amber Spyglass desperately disappointing. Any comments??

  26. Fantasy that doesn’t have a lot of magic, huh? Hmm. Ever take a look at Christopher Rowley’s Broketail Dragon series? I mean, it has *some* magic, but for the most part it’s about a young man who is a dragon’s squire, and their life in the military. 6 books, if I recall correctly, all of them fairly lengthy. Despite all the talk of strategy and battle (which normally puts me to sleep) I found it pretty engrossing. Same goes for Steven Pressfield’s Gates of Fire, about the battle of Thermopylae (historical fiction, not fantasy, I know, but still) — I hadn’t expected to enjoy it at all, but I did.

    Have I mentioned these before? I swear my menory is shot …

    And now for something completely different.

    I have an itch to do Utena art. Who and what would you want to see in an Utena drawing?

  27. Just saw Teryl on Eureka. Her deceased husband’s name was DANIEL!!!! I have a strange feeling that Teryl may have had something to do with that. She has mentioned at numerous conventions about her and Michael playing a very subtle Janet/Daniel relationship on Stargate.

    I can only think of one more thing to add. You better get out your earplugs Joe. Here it comes. Are you ready?


  28. Hi Joe — thanks for all of the neat photos and vids (especially AT).

    Regarding the AT and JS photos of the “harness” secenes – it looks lke both are in street clothes, do they have to practice the harness scenes many times in order to shoot or were the photos you posted from actual shooting of the episode?

    Thanks a bunch. (and a double thanks for confirming Carter whump, can you give us any episode names we should watch out for in the case of Carter whump?)

  29. Hey Joe,

    What the Hell is up with the complete and total leakage of the first two episodes of SGA???? Half the stargate fans I know (5 of ten) have already downloaded and watched Adrift and Lifeline…my stupid dial-up pretty much cans that option for me. I told them not to talk to me for three weeks b/c I’m afraid of being spoiled. Was this intentional? Do you guys at Bridge know about it? Are you mad it happened? I’m just confused because if it’s “all about the ratings” then how in the hell did the entire first two episodes get published THREE WEEKS before the seasons premiere date??

    Confuzzled Gate Lover

  30. What’s you favorite comic book character? After seeing your army of cartoonish villians you use to play with scammers I’m interested to know.

  31. Cheeky, thanks for the wave–I’ve updated for you. I’m going to go to bed now and dream about traffic laws. The test is Friday. What day is this? Sleep….

  32. Its cool to see what kinda episode Trio looks like

    my question is

    during filming of SG1 or Atlantis, at any point have you ever felt the need to say, “hey this scene doesnt work” or “hey if you do this, this scene would be better”?

    question obviously applys if you had the time to visit the sets between being busy or otherwise

    and its cool to see your feeling better, you shouldnt let work get to you

  33. ‘..Spanish onion…’
    Your rapier wit slashes the tires of another one, M’lord. A fine job. And Amanda must have most certainly been awed by your many powers of awesomeness.
    And wow, props for Paul M. at Dragon con. By the looks of those youtube videos, he’s quite the smooth operator ;D *rofl*

  34. I was wondering why the people on the Atlantis expedition drink from bottled water when they are in a city that is floating in a whole ocean of water?

    I would have thought that the ancients would have had the technology to convert seawater into perfectly drinkable if not downright delicious water coming out of water fountains etc.

    Will there be any more discoveries/explorations of the city in season 4?

  35. Hi Joe,

    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your entertainment, both on your blog and on TV. It’s been a rough few years, but I find that turning on the TV (to programming I genuinely enjoy) can make the problems fade away for a little while. My brother and I don’t always get along so well, but one of the things we’ve bonded over in the last few years has been watching Stargate together. And on Fridays (when I’m not at school) my whole family sits together and watches Stargate. In fact, there have even been times that my father has come over to watch with us. These kinds of moments mean the world to me, and it’s not everyday that you get the chance to thank the people that bring them to you. So whenever you’re having a stressful time at work try to remember that while the entertainment industry can be disgusting at times, you are still in a job that makes a difference in somebody’s life somewhere in the world.


  36. Props to Amanda Tapping for what looks like excellent ventriloquism, in your video.

  37. Do you think you could ever have a line where Rodney calls Sheppard:

    “John T. Sheppard Space commander”

    My husband keeps calling sheppard that and I think is hilarious, a very Rodney thing to say considering his Kirk coment and the suicidal missions Sheppard seems to go for is not far fetch.

    I also love how he has name Gary Jones Character as: “chevron 7 encoded guy”
    as in “Look! Carter didn’t even acknowledge chevron 7 encoded!” lol

    I just introduce him to stargate SG1 this year, he is enjoying it and is funny hearing his little comments.

    Loved the video and emails to spammers.

  38. What is with all the leather in the show this year??? Did someone in the costume dept. save a lot of money at a leather warehouse going out of business sale?? When did SGA become a haven for biker costumes??? Too bad the actors seem to like this change since they requested it. Very poor choices in my opinion. Its bad enough all the medieval and leather wardrobes most of the Pegasus Galaxy inhabitants are forced to wear including this new, “advanced” race or the “hot leather aliens” as DH calls them, but the expedition too?? I hope the other changes this year are nowhere near this bad!! Yuck!!

  39. Cookie Monster must be lonely no pen pal, cookie monster eat more cookies when lonely?

    Me think Cookie monster email James Williams anyway, harsh reprimand for keeping cookie monsters money?

    May be threaten to send Big Bird, show James Williams cookie monster turn bad.

  40. Ah! poor Martin Wood, having a bad day too?
    or was it a reaction to Carl Binder opening a tear gas pipe on set?

  41. Oh yeah. We have a term for it: “LTS”.

    Hah! Fun with acronyms.

    My mom works in management at a “Luxury” mall here in Northern California. The management office staff have defined a term, or rather, a condition common among all of the trophy wives in the area. Said condition is known as “MES”, aka “Marin Entitlement Syndrome.”

    Those with “MES” have nothing better to do than come into the management office and complain and make demands of how the management office can serve them.

    Mindy for instance found a pin sized door ding in her ’07 Mercedes C-class and demanded a $500 gift certificate to The Pottery Barn for her troubles.

    Gidget felt put out when she found the child’s play area was moved to the other side of the mall. She threatened a personal injury suit when her corns flared up while walking all that way in her $400.00 pumps. Poor, poor Gidget.

    However, My favorite complaint to date was when a woman walked in demanding they turn off all the fountains in the mall. They were apparently “wasting water” because there was “a drought”.

    This was an Interesting if not totally incorrect observation. Not only does the water pump which drives the fountain pull water from its own reservoir, but last time I looked, all the local reservoirs were full.


    And don’t you get any ideas, we are SO all over this script.

  42. Hi !!

    I second that question :

    “Anonymous a dit…
    Even though the character of Elizabeth Weir is being drastically changed, are you excited about where her character is going and hope to have Torri back now and again in later seasons? Or is this more of a write out for her character and her storyline will be pretty much wrapped up (as much as can be on sci-fi, there is always that what if, of course)?”

    The new promo pictures are great, it’s just sad that Torri is not even there, she may be in only 4 episodes but she’s still there !

  43. Hi Joe thought i would inform you in-case you didn’t hear about it yet but the first two episodes of season 4 adrift and lifeline have been leaked by someone on the Internet.

  44. Poor Lulu. Sucks about the cherry eye. I’m sure she’ll be much happier after the corrective surgery. (Ah, the joys of parenthood.)

    Glad to see you back in good form. I’m convinced that this past week has had some strange astrological phenomenon associated with it as everyone I’ve spoken with has had to deal with jerks.

    I hope that one guy keeps writing back. Your snark is hilarious!

  45. Hiya Joe,

    I’m curious…as someone on the inside, do you notice this apparent trend to shorten seasons to 12 or thirteen episodes? It seems obvious to me that this means a network gets two seasons for the price of one. On one hand, I guess, that’s good for them, perhaps it could save a show that might otherwise be canceled, although I don’t see evidence of this. Do you think that this is the wave of the future with network television, or is it something that is only happening to smaller shows like Eureka, or Monk. Personally I’d seriously more the loss of a good 20-22 episode season.

    It’s impossible for me to comment without thanking you for the work you do with this blog. I look forward to reading it everyday…and I’m not an avid blog reader of blogs in general.

    Cheers Joe!


  46. I just left a note at David H’s site and wanted to leave you one too- CAN’T WAIT for SGA s4!!!! looks to be the BEST SEASON YET. I’ve been devotedly reading this blog for the past few months THANKS so much for your pix & candid comments!!! I just saw some official SGA pix on Gateworld, they are excellent but I LOVE your behind the scenes ones.
    I’m going to do all I can to see that SGA gets a s5, this show is just too good to stop!! take care! drldeboer

  47. Well, I just watch Adrift. Nothing spoiler, just I want to say that is, really, a big-big-big episode. If the fate ot the five season depends of this episode, I’m pretty confident on it. Great job, guys!!

  48. Joe

    You are the sweetest.. to say such nice things about Ben Browder, was so so cool of you. I’ve always got the impression that he was a genuinely nice guy .. as you are too, except for the snarky bits which of course you only do when it’s warranted..

    And you do like Jane Austen!! Well, you have really gone way up in my estimation. Man you are the greatest..


  49. Salut joseph! =D

    Merci pour les photos et la video!!

    Oh la pauvre Lulu, je lui souhaite bon rétablissement!

    Je n’est pas trop d’inspiration aujourd’hui…donc je vais vous dire comment je vous trouve:

    Joseph est :

    a l’écoute
    bien habillier

    ….bon bah pour moi vous avez toute les qualitées du monde =D

    Je vous adore fort!! Vous êtes ma “stars” préféré!!<3

    ….mais bon je pensse que vous le saviez^^!

    Bon gros bisou! passez une bonne journée, a demain!!! <3<3<3

  50. There HAS to be a funny explanation behind Martin’s chair? Has it always been that way or is it new?

    I’m a Notre Dame grad and a big football fan, I share in your pain of enduring a “rebuilding season” this year

  51. Hi there Joe! Glad you are having a better day than yesterday.

    Have you read any books by Arthur C Clarke? I just read “The Light Of Other Days and 2001 those are great books. I am pretty new to Sci Fi and did read “Old Man’s War” Did you know that book will be put into an “AudioBook”? I love AudioBooks.

    What other books have you read and any suggestions for a newbie to Sci Fi reading?



  52. So Joe, how do feel about the fact that the season premiere of Atlantis has already found its way online somehow (though without music or sound effects)? Hopefully people will wait for the “real thing”, but surely it doesn’t bode well?

  53. So excited about the new season, and Amanda Tapping joining the crew. In regards to ratings, does it matter if we don’t watch the commercials, and just watch the show live? Or do we have to watch the whole thing beginning to end commercials included to count?
    Thanks for all the pic sneak peeks!

  54. Joe, It’s not just the season premiere but also Lifeline. I accidentally read details about both episodes on Gateworld. They’re being talked about in numerous threads. That’s really too bad. People are forming opinions (good or bad) before the show has officially aired anywhere.

  55. Promo pics. *flail* I think my roommates hate me now because I was surfing online right before leaving for my 8:30am class and couldn’t help but squee rather loudly >.> … It’s a good thing they’ve agreed to watch the season opening with me otherwise I would cry ;D.

  56. hope all goes well with Lulu tomorrow , and i was thinking , as a non Pug will she be barred from the Pugs PIcnic?

  57. Nathan writes: “ So. Whatever happened to Ben Browder? I know this post wont make it to the published list, unless you want to edit that name out..”

    Answer: No need to edit the name out as I’ll field the comment to make a point. Ben is presently working on a project for SciFi, a mini-series which he wrote. In my time working with him on SG-1, he was nothing if not professional, easy-going, and incredibly amiable. He would hang around the set, even after he’d wrapped, to see how the ensuing scenes played out or stick around for his off-camera dialogue. In this business, it’s really hard to figure out who is genuine and who isn’t. Well, the easiest way to find out is to go to the source. Forget the actors and the producers and the directors. Ask the crew who work on the show day in and day out. They’ll tell you who the genuinely nice guys and gals are. And I can guarantee you that our crew will tell you Ben Browder was definitely one.

    Thanks for the nice words about Ben. I’ve heard that about him from other people and other projects, so it’s good to know he hasn’t changed.

    But why in the world did the original poster think you would edit out Ben’s name? And why would you leave it there just to make a point? Are you trying not to talk about actors in your blog or something?

  58. Je vient de voir une dizaines d’extrait du premier épisode de la saison 4…

    Mais quesqu il va arriver a Lizzi???
    Elle est vraiment dans un mauvaise etat!!

    le suspence reste entier! je suis impatiente de voir l’épisode en entier!

  59. Speaking of promo pics, you might want to slip David some miracle grow. Apparently he’s shrinking……. ALOT!


  60. Not only is LTS but people take it way too seriously. Life is a game – you win some, you lose some.

    But if LTS why are working days so long?

    And why are there so many morons in the world? And how could anybody be cruel to animals? And I think that all human children are FLK, well apart from my niece and nephew – they are almost human.

  61. Just thought I’d let you know, as you’re more than likely already aware that two episodes are online. Snippets of adrift are available on dailymotion.com if you’re interested in trying to find them to get them removed. I’m not watching them because I haven’t waited this long to only see chunks of the episode. Not to mention I’m a big fan of the tv, not my computer screen.

  62. In a recent online interview with Conner Trinneer he stated that he was returing to film two episodes of Atlantis, is this true? If so would the episodes in question be The Kindred I & II?

  63. Joe, as usual, thanks for the daily entertainment. My pets asked me to forward along the following message. Would you mind seeing that this gets to the proper place? Email here has been finicky. Thanks.

    Dear Kidnappers,

    We are concerned for the welfare of our cousin Sid, the hamster. Alas, we can not offer any reward money as we are guinea pigs, but we would like to provide a few things that might make his captivity a more pleasant experience.

    Our intended care package will include such luxury items as fresh carrots sunflower seeds. In addition, his needs include some kind of hidey hole to disappear into during those times when he doesn’t feel like being on public display in front of the other kidnap victims. Therefore we would like to send him a small cardboard box, one that is soft and comfy on the inside, and of course with air-holes. Please ignore the international mailing address and un-cancelled stamps on the outside. Sid should know what to do about that.

    We would also like to include a plastic roving ball. We tried one in his absence, but, even though we got inside of it and concentrated with all of out might, the silly thing wouldn’t go anywhere. As guinea pigs, we must not be close enough cousins to hamsters for us to have the “roving ball activation” gene. Anyway, we know that he likes them. We hope it will keep him dry when he makes a break for it – um – runs around the living room.

    We would appreciate a quick response with a physical mailing address as these carrots smell temptingly delicious.

    Screech and Scamper

  64. I knew that Ben Browder is a nice person,and so Claudia Black,Amanda Tapping, RDA, Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, and many others in the Stargate universe etc. and …Joe Malozzi of course !!

    Thanks for your blog.

  65. If SGA is picked up for a S5, will TPTB be siging Tapping on for the rest of SGA’s series life?? Or is she just going to be in S4 and that’s it?

  66. Cookie monster might want to send James williams the following image to proof cookie monster not messing around

  67. does elizabeth die in season 4?? cause you mentioned if i remember right that somepeople die in this season. i could be wrong though.

  68. also is their anything you can drop us on the lines of mcay dieing and comming back to life? or how you plan on playing rachels preg. into the movie? are you going to do somthing simular to sg-1, or somthing new?

  69. Yeah! You answered my question! Thank you!

    Cool pictures and cool blog.

    Here’s some more questions. 1) In Sateda, did the girl that Ronon was holding survive [in the scene with the exploding window]? What happened to her? Does Ronon have any children? 2) Is Jack going to be in season five of Atlantis? Who’s going to be in season five? 3) Anymore details on the engagement scene? 4) Any Jack and Sam moments in Stargate Continuum?


    If you are ever in San Luis Obispo, California you should eat at Jaffa Cafe [It’s not named after Teal’c’s buddies, I think it’s named after the city in Israel]. It’s a mediterrean cafe with excellent soup, falafel balls, and baklava.

  70. Which book do you like more: Sense and Sensibility or Pride And Prejudice?


    What episodes have Carter whump?

  71. Now, I’m really no good at science so I may be way off in this, but isn’t a gate address that gate’s coordinates in space? If so, does that mean, that with the city drifting out in the middle of nowhere, that it’s gate address has changed?

  72. Well, sir, if it’s success you’re after, you ought to subscribe to -my- Silver and Black. Unfortunately, we’d then have to alter the rules of football to allow for a large, spherical ball. And a court. And hoops instead of goal posts. And get rid of those pesky endzones. Cheer up though, you never know— the Raiders may do better with time. 🙂 Failing that… go bait a scammer. You’ve practically made that a sport by now. ;D

    Thanks for saying that about Ben Browder— it’s always a relief to hear that the actors you admire are really worth that admiration and respect, especially when it’s harder to get the measure of them… because they lack, say, a daily blog. ^_^

  73. So, you prefer “American” football (as opposed to soccer) to basketball?

    Obviously, you’re a Raiders fan. Which college teams do you like this year?

    Not into sports myself, just looking for your team colors…still have a lot of scarf-suitable yarn in the stash.

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