Happy National Beheading Day! I’m sure you’re all celebrating in your own special ways. For my part, I feted the event with chocolate, a good book, and FilmFocus’s Top 10 Movie Decapitations: http://www.filmfocus.co.uk/specials/topten.asp?id=decapitations
I also made the time to get back to some email scammers. I have been remiss –

First, there’s Martin Holme who contacted Margaret Quibble to inform her that the $950 000 he was offering couldn’t go directly toward her kidnapped husband Melvin’s ransom payment. According to Mr. Holme: “… you are the only person who has the write to claim the payment because the payment belongs to you…”

No problem. Margaret Quibble wrote back:

“Dear Mr. Holme,

Well wouldn’t that jar your preserves! I suppose we’ll have to go the complicated route!

I’ve contacted Melvin’s kidnappers and they’ve agreed to a three-way exchange at your offices. I will pay you the transaction fee and then you will issue me the certificate while the kidnappers will present you with Melvin’s ear as a gesture of good faith. They will deliver the rest of him once I pay the ransom at which point I will need you to pretend to be the kidnappers for when the F.B.I. break down your door and “rescue” my husband. Once the real kidnappers have contacted me from their hideaway in Aruba, I will contact the proper authorities, inform them they have the wrong guy, and have you freed.

I hope this will work to everyone’s satisfaction.


Margaret Quibble”

Interestingly, the email that Margaret provided Martin Holme so that he could deal with the kidnappers directly (appropriately, Melvin kidnappers@yahoo.com) did receive an unexpected email from a Mrs. Jasna Fernando with Lotteria Shop National 2007. Apparently, Melvin’s kidnappers have won 150 000 Euros! Sadly, they were not in to receive the good news. The following response found its way back to Mrs. Fernando:

“ Automated Out of Office Reply:

The kidnappers you seek will be out of the office from August 27th to September 14th.

If this is an urgent matter, please phone our head office and leave a message in the mailbox dedicated to the appropriate kidnap victim.

For Lady Dorina Hightower, Press #1

For the Hornfinger twins, Press #2

For Melvin Quibble, Press #3

For the San Bonadito Ladies Choir Featuring Hazel Dumply, Press #4

For Count Ludovico Amaretto, Press #5

For Mrs. Wenley’s Fifth Grade Class Mascot, Sid the Hamster, Press #6

For other miscellaneous queries or matters related to more recent kidnap victims not reflected in the listings, Press #7.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Kidnappers :)”

Today’s pics: A little more Harmony.

Today’s video: Click on the link for Gary’s fashion tips.

Let’s field some questions and comments:

PG15 writes: “Which episodes have yet to be filmed? Are all of the episodes being written/finished being written?”

Answer: Outcast is being re-written as we speak and there’s a first draft out of the season finale, The Last Man. We are partway through filming Harmony and will be moving on to Trio next. Outcast will follow Trio and then we’ll be finishing up with season finale.

Teyilia writes: “1) I can see that you guys are gonna be (possibly) rushed for the finale as you guys are gonna film it AFTER the season goes on the air? 2) is that good or bad? 3) how long does it take to flim one eposide? and the last one has been a bit changed… 4) If you see Rachel can you pass on a “hi” from her counterparts kitty please?”

Answers: 1) Why would you assume we are rushing anything? The season premiere has no effect on our shooting schedule. 2) ? 3) 7 days. 4) Sure.

Promogirl writes: “So does Fondy’s new store have a website, yet?”

Answer: Not yet.

Crazymom writes: “I’ve just about mastered the art of writing reports in cop-speak rather than English.”

Answer: Congratulations. I hear that next to Mandarin, it’s the toughest language to learn.

Seahen writes: “With college football having kicked off recently, this all important question comes to mind… Do you have a favorite college football team?”

Answer: Since I live north of the border, my loyalties are fleeting when it comes to the college game (unlike Carl who is a rabid USC grad/fan). I’ve always enjoyed watching Texas play. The same can be said for those Horned Frogs of TCU.

DanI&Megan writes: “You were at Monde Chocolat today?!?! We were at Monde Chocolat today too! I can’t believe we almost met you.”

Answer: You should have told me when you’d be swinging by. I see you checked out the Zotter offerings. Have you sampled anything yet?

Becky S writes: “In what episodes of season 4 will we see David Ogden Stiers appearing?”

Answer: You’ll be seeing him early in season four.

Charles Schneider writes: “What influenced your decision(s) in choosing the breed/color/sex of your dogs?”

Answer: My wife.

Amy Lynn writes: “Ah I was wondering if Fondy’s store was going to carry anything cat related (cat lover here).”

Answer: It will cater to both cats and dogs.

Anonymous #1 writes: “oooooh genii jerry is very good looking!! Can we expect to see him regularly? Please?”

Answer: Jerry? Is that you?

Charlie writes: “I really want to know if David.H and Joe.F are democrats or republicans.”

Answer: Feel free to ask them at their next con appearance.

77 thoughts on “September 2, 2007

  1. Joe-

    Guess Charlie doesn’t know David H. is Canadian? Last I checked, Canada is not part of the US and had their own political parties and system. This is of course ignoring the fact that those questions shouldn’t matter. So now I’m wondering, what is the dumbest question you’ve ever been asked here?

  2. Gary is the man! He is such a hilarious guy…and wazzup with Teal’cs clothes??? LOL

    I love the pics and vids, thank you so much for all the time and effort you take to give us your blog! You are very entertaining and are really whetting my appetite for season 4. I can hardly wait!!!

  3. Hey, Joe, only have time to ask a quick question today. When you’re writing, which characters are the easiest to write for any why?

  4. Thank you so much for the pics and vids! Much appreciated.

    Good to see you haven’t had any run-ins with bears or cougars yet.

  5. I had no idea it was National Beheading Day! I think I’ll let someone celebrate on my own behalf.

    Here’s my question: Which episodes of season 4 will Amanda Tapping not be appearing in? Thanks!

  6. Whoa….

    I log on and see wonderful pics…

    and a slanging match. Commenters bashing other commenters… holy macaroni!

    Nothing intelligent to say except, nice pics?

    And the weekend seems to bring out your enthusiasm for spam mail!!!

    So have you guys now finished filming Harmony? Will you move on to the next ep?

    I really like seeing the three actors… though no bears!


  7. Oh ho ho…”The Last Man” eh? I love it. Will it have anything to do with David Hewlett being aged through make-up? A yes or no will be fine… 😉

    There’s a thing I do whenever I try to make up a story, and that is to get the hero ship/station/whatever REALLY damaged. I mean, SO damaged that you have hull-breaches all over the place, only 1/4 of the systems work, falling wall panels and wires and sparks flying everywhere, even when nothing’s hitting the ship, etc. Can we expect exteme damage for one of the Atlantis vehicles in the near future?

    Oh, and I’ve asked this before but…any on-location shooting near Metrotown any time soon?

    Thanks Joe!

  8. Hi Joe,

    Love the new pics of JF and DH on location. And Gary’s vid is really cute.

    One question…will we find out if Sheppard has any siblings in S4?

  9. Thank you for all the Harmony pics, Joe! I’ve really been enjoying them.

    I was wondering, is it common for a producer to go along on every location shoot? Did you volunteer this time, or was it simply your turn to supervise? Did you have any responsibilities while on set or were you simply observing?

  10. Your blog posts continue to amuse me.

    I should go and check out Fondy’s shop… the photos look really neat!

    Is there a chance that you’ll open up a chocolate shop in the future?

  11. Joe – being the anal producer and dedicated Raiders fan that I am, I went back to the beginning, tracked down your Raiders’ quote. Safety for the Raiders, huh? I love it. But how did you end up being a Raiders’ fan?

    So, we’ve got to do better than 2 and 16, right?

    And it is a pleasure to find someone who loves scifi, reading, food AND football.

    Ever read Rachel Cain? More Fantasy/SciFi.

  12. hi, joe,

    how much chocolate would i have to bribe you with to insure those 12 outtakes of the ‘grace’ kiss would make it to a video?

    *drools at thought*

    sally 😀

  13. Heee. I’m loving the new video additions to your blog! What with the pics and the videos.. you are really spoiling us of late! (In a good way, of course..).

    Do you ever start to feel like this blog is taking over your life? I have visions of you having camera in hand wherever you go these days, viewing all of life through a lens… “Must film/take pictures! It’s for the blog!!” 😉

    P.S. It’s September! Season Four starts this month!! Yaaaayy! 😀

  14. Let us know when Fondy gets a website up. 🙂

    Quick question for you. How many episodes will Michael Beach be doing this year? He’s always been outstanding in everything I’ve seen him in. I’m glad to see he’s joing Atlantis even if it’s just for an episode or two.

  15. Hey Joe

    Why is “Outcast” being rewritten? Is that the one we meet Shepherd’s ex wife and parents? The wiki at Stargate Solutions has it being aired in the 14th slot.. is this correct?

    Are you filming out of air order? What are the last five titles? Is this order correct?
    Kindred 1/Kindred 2/Midway/Trio/
    Tecnically difficult/Harmony/ The Last Man

    Thanks for all the vids and pix. Does Joe F really smoke stogies?

  16. Love the photos, videos and info (because, hey, love the show) and thank you for them, but the spam emails are in a class of their own. Hilarious!

  17. Joe:

    I was sitting in bed watching the director’s commentary of “Two Towers” when this popped into my head….
    You talk about lunch and dinner. I happen to love breakfast foods. Are there any breakfast foods you enjoy? I know you mentioned some kind of healthy cereal, but anything else? I love Belgian waffles with strawberries.


  18. Fishbaum and I will be spending a week in Victoria at the end of the month: Anything you recommend that’s so terrific (in addition to Fondy’s new place) that’s worth the ferry ride over to the mainland to visit?

  19. So what makes Keller better then Carson, other then the fact shes a woman and hes a man..

  20. Hi Joe:
    There were a few comments the past day or so about all the piccies of the “boys” at play and work (getting to shot-em-up, etc.) how about a few of the girls. It would be great to see Amanda and Rachel at work, and at play especially AT with Carter’s grit and kick-ass abilities so how about some of the girls? BTW will we see any kick-ass Carter getting to fight and shoot, etc. or will it be all the boys?

    Thanks very much.

  21. By Texas, you of course mean the Longhorns, and not the Aggies, right? …Right? Not, y’know, that I’m biased or anything, going to UT and all, just… right??

    Great pics, though. Thanks! 🙂 Hey, was the fog natural or did y’all use machines? I know the machines we stage monkeys used back in HS productions tended to smoke up the place pretty quick, but I don’t know how effective that would be outdoors.

  22. So it is Texas and TCU for football, hmm?

    My sister and brother-in-law met at TCU while completing their masters and doctoral degrees. I have yet to see a true horned frog, or horny toad.

    Because my Honda Element is tangerine in color, people periodically ask me if I attended UT. Um, no. Their color is burnt orange. Tangerine is another color entirely.

    I attended the University of North Texas, which then had a modest enrollment of 28,000. I was in marching band throughout my school career and have seen enough live football games to last me a lifetime.

    And in case anyone is wondering, (and you should because my life is terribly interesting), I played French horn during concert season, mellophone (a type of marching/bell-front French horn substitute) on the field, and was Drum Major of my college band for my Junior and Senior years. Now THAT was a rush…to stand in front of that wall of sound.

    Go Mean Green!!!

  23. Since you and your wife are obviously animal lovers, why don’t you have a cat? No family is complete without a cat.

  24. Hi Joe,

    Congratulations to Fondy and her business partner for the new shop. It is hard work getting things running to schedule. I am currently working with the Red Cross in my town, and the opening of our new shop has been delayed (again) due to tradesmen not completing work on schedule 🙁

    Thanks for the videos and pictures. Reading the Hogfather for the second time is proving difficult – it doesn’t seem as funny as before :S

  25. Not Sid!!!

    Do you think the kidnappers would take my gekko houdini in exchange for Sid”s fuzzy little life?

  26. Thank you for the pics and vid again today! I must say that I am a little concerned about Chris Judge, though. It looks like he may be taking wardrobe tips from Jason!

  27. Texas, eh? Well, that’s definately better than u$c. I’m a Washington fan/grad myself. Which means, I had a very hard time warming up to Teal’c when I found out Chris Judge played for Orygun. Do you guys ever tease him about the Ducks having the ugliest uniforms in the history of football? Seriously, all yellow? 🙂

  28. So Joe?? When you say you like watching “Texas” play -you mean of course, The Longhorns? Right?

    Hook ’em Horns!

  29. Just adding – I meant to say sledging at the top not slanging…

    And I love the Gary Jones vid. He’s such a funny guy 🙂

  30. I would like to know what were the repercussions the Asgard mass suicide had on the SGC?

    Was there another ending that could have been used?

    Did you expect the backlash from the fans from Thor’s suicide?

    Was the decision to have the Asgard commit suicide taken lightly in the writers room?

  31. Do you shoot multiple episodes on the same day or do you end up shooting for approx. twenty weeks?

  32. YAY beheading day! *gets out axe* Who’s first? This is how i celebrate! ^^ tehe!
    I was wondering…what kind of McKay character developments are we going to see if you can tell us at all?


    If you see David Please Tell him that “B-Day message girl Danielle S” Says hi! ^^

    ~Danielle Swantek

  33. Fondy’s store looks so bright and inviting, I’m sure it will do well. I’d somehow thought it was going to be a doggy spa, as in grooming, pedicures or whatever else is chic these days. Will that be offered as well? I imagine you’d be right in there shampooing pooches on your weekends. 😉

    Thanks again for the great pics and descriptions!

  34. Hi, Joe.

    Thanks again for the lovely photos from the “Harmony” location filming. I love photos with natural sunlight…

    And…I’ll also offer a bribe ala MarjorSal for the Grace kiss outtakes.

    Perhaps some delicious California wine?

    Best wishes, Joe.


  35. “I’ve always enjoyed watching Texas play. The same can be said for those Horned Frogs of TCU.”

    Just so happens that’s the matchup for Sept. 8.
    “GAME 2 TCU · Sept. 8 · 6 p.m. · FSN
    Austin, TX · DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium
    presented by Time Warner Cable”

    Know anybody with a long-range private jet? I KNOW we can’t get airfare out of Time-Warner Promotions Dept. — I’ve tried!

    *shrugs* Oh, well, I’ve not been interested in football since my college days, 30 years ago…!

    For Fondy, best wishes for success!

  36. Do you happen to know if Jonas was killed in season 9 when Kelowna fell to the Ori?

  37. Answers: 1) Why would you assume we are rushing anything? The season premiere has no effect on our shooting schedule. 2) ? 3) 7 days. 4) Sure.

    I guess you could say 1) I’m a confused feline on the wrong side of the Mirror 2) I’m just as confused as you 🙂 3) seven FULL days? don’t you take Sundays off?…wait why am I asking that question? 4) thanks muchly, and I wonder how Rachel is going to react when she hears her counterpart (Teyla) has a cat and it is saying hello?

    hehe, all in all, take good care of yourself and the puppies!…. speaking of puppies, what type of dog foods do you recomend cats not to eat? *self is currently staying in a house with a 8 month old puppy and wants to know what types of food not to eat as I am a cat*

  38. So, as I understand it, you and Paul Mullie are the show-runners. How come we almost never hear you talk about Paul in this blog? We hear and see lots on Gero, Binder, and all the directors….

    Does Paul work in another office, or deal with other stuff (network liaison), while you get the fun stuff like location shooting? How would you characterize your job as opposed to his?

  39. When the Atlantis team meets new civilizations, they’re sometimes categorized as: more advanced, less advanced, or as advanced, as the expedition/Earth in general. But I have yet to see or hear about cars. Am I maybe missing something? Do they all know better than us and decided it was a bad invention? Or have they (the societies that are as or more advanced than us) invented something better? Wouldn’t that make them automatically more advanced than us?

  40. When you first started working in televisin did you begin as a full writer or as a PA? How did you break into the business?

  41. Hi Joe,
    I had posted a few times before (I was the one who felt the need to comment on the German flag being upside down :D) but anyway, I just wanted to thank you very much for the short videos you include now. It was really great to catch a glimpse of Carl in the last one.
    Take care,

  42. Salut Salut joseph!!

    Wouaaa vous avez répondu a ma pupuce Charlie!! elle va être surper heureuse^^!!

    Les photos d’aujourd hui sont FORMIDABLE!
    Et la video me fait beaucoup rire^^!

    Hier j ai vu Nothing! Trés bizzard ce film lol! Vous l avez deja vu?

    Je suis sur un projet avec un ami, mais pour l’instant c est une surprise, je vous le montrerez plus tard, je pensse que sa vous plaira^^!

    Demain c est un jour horrible pour moi!! c est la rentré des classes!
    je suis trés stréssé! Bon bah souhaitez moi bonne chance et bonne rentrés!

    Donc évidament je vous laisserez moin de commentaires!

    cette atrés midi je vais essayé de vous envoyez un commentaire en anglais, vous verez ainsi l’étendu des dégats lol!

    Je vous poserez les même questions qu’hier:

    1))Pourquoi on ne voit jamais Fondy sur les photos?
    2)L épisode tourné en forêt vous satisfait t’il?
    3) Rachel sera abstente dans quelques épisodes à cause de sa grossesse?
    4)Vous regarderez la diffusion de la saison 4 a la TV?

    Bon aller, je vous fait d’énorme bisou, je vous adore,Merci,a demain!

    ps:Yaou j’ai enfin d’épasser les 15000 commentaires sur mon blog^^!

    pss: Demain ayez une pensser pour moi.

    psss: Vous avez deja vu mon blog qui vous est consacré?

    psss: dsl pour tout les psss !

    A bientot!!kis! =)

  43. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for your answer.
    “next con” ? “Convention” in french? It’s that? But, I have never can go there…I’m not lucky, lol!

    I’ll ask it to David in his blog! Et toc! loool ! I know he’s canadian, but…he could be intersted by it, he work with americans, no? Why not?

    Well…I really love these pics!
    Do you speak french quite well? You can to manage it…It could be fun…lol! Me I tried to speak English and…it’s…bad^^ lol !!

    Encore merci !!
    Bonne continuation, bisou!

  44. How, I forgot: What is the “National Beheading Day?”

    Ben quoi? Je n’y connais rien, ce n’est pas ma faute! lol !
    Et je suis curieuse aussi…je me cultive! Et toc! lol !

    Cette fois pour de bon: bisou! encore une fois, Vous êtes génial!

  45. Ha! Again!

    In your personal pics, your dogs…the princess is a femal?



    loool !!
    Okay I go out…

    Kissou kissou !!

  46. Answer: Outcast is being re-written as we speak and there’s a first draft out of the season finale, The Last Man. We are partway through filming Harmony and will be moving on to Trio next. Outcast will follow Trio and then we’ll be finishing up with season finale.

    1)Will be filming any of Rachels sences for the remaining episodes of season 4 as early as you can due to her pregnancy or has Teyla’s role in these episodes been reduced?
    2)Dose Telya’s pregnancy have anything to do with the Wraith DNA and/or the Wraith Michael?

  47. bonjour bonjour comment ça va moi bof demain c’est l’ecole lol. sinon finit de m’appitoyer sur mon sort.
    je peux me permettre une question:
    vous qui aimez les chiens faite vous parti d’une association qui les protege? comme Torri.H.
    Au revoir.

  48. Oh, Gary Jones! I’ve never watched SG:1, but I loved his commentaries on SG:A – he’s a crack up! I love him 🙂 Thanks for the pics and vids – you’re a geek’s dream come true, Mr M.

  49. Hey Joe,
    I will be heading over your way in the coming months for a Contiki tour of your fair country. Any tips on some sites to see on the west coast (Vancouver in particular) and what kind of weather I am looking at? (We have had some 30C days here in Sydney lately)

  50. OMG! You noticed the Horned Frogs of TCU! TCU alum here! Go Horned Frogs! Not many people have ever even heard of my college and always say “Horned Frogs?” like I’m a nut.

    Very cool pics and vids! Love the emails to the $$ guys. Chocolate advice, as I am a chocoholic. And of course the dogs are great! Thanks for sharing!

  51. 1)Will Carter find any onscreen resistance to her taking command?

    2)Does Sheppard do anything this season that would be categorized as out of character?

  52. Hey is again me^^! Version English =D! it s historic! and for you^^!

    good,today is the my dog birthday(oula il y a un probl�me dans ma phrase la?)
    he is 2 year! Happy birthday My dog dear!

    attention! I attenpt a question in english!

    ******Silence in the room*******

    When you go in france? tell me^^!

    bsiitttttt���(changont de langue)

    Alors? c etait nul!hin! ..je sais!

    Bon aller je vous fait d�norma kisss! je vous adore!!! Think you very much!!! Je vous adore!

  53. Okay, jusz finishid reading the entries of the last three weeks (was in the middle of nowhere). Really missed your blog.
    Thank you for the picks and videos.
    One question. Will we ever see some Christmas scenes on Atlantis? Came to my mind last week.

    Take care of you.


  54. JM said: “Jerry? Is that you?”

    No it’s not! My name is Kady Kelly and i’m from (North West) England. I’m such a fan of the Stargate franchise! One of my earliest memory of stargate (was only 10 when the series started) was watching the episode, “Hathor” and having to endure listening to my dad making, ahem, rude comments about Hathor and me going: “Daaaaaad, do yer mind?!”! I wish i was deaf THEN as i am now!! LOL. Which bring up a question: Why do i get the feeling that you producers/writers etc, would give anything to be completely deaf like me?! Teehee! Thank you for answering my question.

    Keep the faith,


  55. Hey, I was wondering. What do you think about all this 1-18-08/Cloverfield stuff? What do you think it’ll be about. I have no idea personally. ^^;

  56. Bonne nouvelle!! ma rentrée des classes n est prévu que jeudi!!
    Mais j ai qu en même un penssé pour tout les petits francais qui vont reprendre le chemin de l’école!

    Vous aimiez l’école ?

    allé zoubi zoubi! a demain

  57. I’m really loving all the Harmony shots. It sure is beautiful in the wilds of Widgeon Park. I’m looking forward to Season 4 in a way that might be described as withdrawal if it related to a substance. Luckily, the S3 DVDs are coming soon.

    Are the scripts exclusively writer-edited and tweaked by performers, or is there somebody who does a copy pass for proofing errors? I know there are a lot of writers in the room and they all have input, but is there somebody whose job it is specifically to look at grammar and syntax and continuity?

  58. When an actor pitches a script like Joe Flan did for “Outcast” once he makes a suggestion, is that all the input he has? During the writing and re-writing process is he allowed to read the screenplay and add suggestions?

    Just curious since this episode has to deal with the back story of a character he’s played for four yeas.

    Thanks for your time.


  59. Thanks for the pictures of David and Joe and the crew on location. But what was up with David looking so blown out in some of the pics – was the sun that bright in certain areas or is DH just that pale? (photography geek here)

    A number of people have been asking about which episodes particular actors will be in/won’t be in. These question are somewhat related to that.

    Will the Amanda-less (for want of a better term) episodes be spread out over the season – or more in the first half(when Amanda was working on the SG-1 movies). This has nothing to do with how I feel about Carter – I am just wondering how the scheduling was worked out when the movies were being made.

    I was wondering when an actor/character is NOT in an episode is that always do to story driven reasons or is does it ever have to do with actor availability?

    How often is that an actor is contracted for a set number of episodes at the start of the episodes? (that is other then the number of episodes in a given season)

  60. Hello Mr. Mallozzi, I’ve been following your blog for just under a month now and very much enjoying it. Thank you for devoting so much time and effort to your fans (and your scammers, some of whom, I’m sure, must also get a kick out of your responses).

    I read in an answer in your ‘mailbag’ section (previous date) that you cannot read or accept fanfiction or fan-submitted story pitches. This is very understandable. My question is, are there any official channels by which fans or other members of the public might submit an idea or even a script that you *could* read it and/or use it if it has merit? Is there a particular address or person to whom such could be sent, or a way of disclaiming ownership that would make it possible for you?

    All that said, I’m sure you probably have lots of ideas of your own and that by the time a fan sends in a pitch it could probably no longer fit into the canon as episodes are filmed and plotted so long before they are aired. I’m just curious, really. 🙂

    Again, thanks for the great blog.

  61. Joe,

    Can you tell us if any episodes are fully complete and ready for airing? How far in advance of airing are the episodes due at Sci-Fi? How do you determine if an episode needs a “previously on” segment and who makes that decision the producers or the writers?


  62. Will Sheppard ever be in a situation off Atlantis where he can use his stick fighting combat skills?


  63. Hi Joe.

    Thanks yet again for putting up more Harmony pics. I’m really looking forward to seeing it on screen, in…er, goodness knows how many months!

    You said Outcast is being re-written. Is that just a sort of polish, from notes and suggestions, or is it a major re-write? Also I was wondering if you are able or willing tell us anything more about the story yet? I’m really desperate to hear something about why Sheppard is going back to Earth, and what he’s going to be doing there.

    Thank you! 🙂

  64. *waves*

    Sorry Joe, couldn’t resist, and it’s been a while since I did anything Lemming related. Hehehe.

    “Anonymous who i’ve no idea what who they’re blaming what on, but it was fun to guess said…
    It’s all your fault.”


    Au contraire…

    Thanks for the yummies. 😉 They’re always appreciated, and thanks to PG15 for helping me with html link.

    *hugs for you and PG15*

    *fingers crossed, Jonas style that the linky works* 😀

  65. Are you a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fan? If so, which one is your favorite?

  66. Hello Joe!

    Happy Labor Day! Sorry I missed National Beheading Day, but I was enjoying a 10 hour, 16 wine bottle dinner party. And I kept my head the whole time! Go figure.

    Congrats to Fondy and her business partner(?) on Petits Fours!! It looks like a very neat shop and I wish them all the success V’ver can offer! 🙂

    Y’see what happens when you mention UT? Texans come out of the woodwork like crazy!! LOL! I didn’t go to a Texas school. Instead I went to a university with a really modest enrollment (approx 2500).

    Once again, great pics! I like the title of the last ep, The Last Man. Oooooooh!

    Do you have any plans for September 19, International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

    Thanks, g’night, and take care.

  67. Bonsoir Joe,

    Tout d’abord un grand merci pour toutes les photos que vous publiez.

    Moi aussi j’ai quelques petites questions à vous posez, enfin 2

    1) Quelle scène ou cascade a été la plus difficile a réaliser ?

    2) Quelle séquence a nécessité plusieurs prises avant d’obtenir le résultat voulu ?

    Pour finir une petite question gastronomique.

    3) Est ce que vous appréciez les pâtisseries françaises ?

    Encore un grand merci de prendre le temps de répondre aux questions chaques soirs.

  68. Hello Joe

    Did you have a nice day at work? Can we have more doggy photographs – your doggies and other Atlantis people’s doggies.

    I like dogs – they are easier to get on with than people. People are complicated.


  69. Joe,

    I enjoy this blog and LOVE the SG/SGA shows. I am looking forward to the new season by watching all of season 3 (I recorded through the season).
    My question for you is of chocolates dark/white/milk? How did you and Fondy decide on smaller dogs? What do you think of Yorkies? Have a great day and thanks for the videos!! A Bientot.

  70. Hi Joe,

    I have to ask…what is going on with Teal’cs new do? His hair is now slicked back! What happened to the white streak?

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