The package arrived on set today compliments of MGM, a little thank you for my participation in the Comic Con Stargate Atlantis panel. Inside: a glossy 2007 Stargate Atlantis calendar (still good for the last four months of the year!), and a cool Stargate Atlantis mug sporting the following warning “This product contains or may contain a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm”. Good thing I prefer dogs over kids!

Well, today’s late call meant I could sleep in past 5:00 a.m. and not have to roll onto set until 11:00 a.m.-ish. They were just setting up the scene with special guest star and Extra correspondent Jerry Penacoli, a.k.a. Genii #3, a.k.a. Genii Jerry. Jerry was all smiles and laughs but the second Will yelled “Action!”, he was IN character – tensing up, quavering, and then hitting the dirt like Sir Lawrence Olivier as an after-sticked Julius Caesar. He even threw in a little finishing leg kick. Masterful!

We finished up the scene at the ruins a little before 8:00 p.m. at which point I was informed that we were moving. I packed away my camera, slipped my laptop into its case, tossed out my empty pudding can, then turned around…. Everyone was gone. And they’d taken the equipment with them. I was alone in the woods. Bewildered, I looked around to see if I could see which way they’d headed. A rustling in the brush behind me could well have been a meandering A.D. – but my first thought was “hungry cougar” and that was enough to send me quickly off in the opposite direction. I finally found a path that led me out of the forest and over to the trucks and trailers where the next scene was being set up: the late night search and sniff.

I returned home sleepy yet satisfied in the knowledge that this episode will surprise fans not unlike that enormous dead branch Techy Chuck leaned up against and sent crashing down onto the forest floor, mere inches from where I was standing.

Chocolates sampled on this day: Milk Chocolate Pistachio, Milk Chocolate Elderblossom Cream and Apple Brandy, Dark Chocolate Beetroot with Galingale, and ultimate winner Dark Chocolate Lemon Polenta.

Pics: Ready to roll, the Genii lie in wait, the Genii effect repairs and kick back, checking out the onscreen action, Ivon and Linda-Lisa, my still usable 2007 Stargate Atlantis calendar, my sterility mug warning.

Video: Click the date!

52 thoughts on “August 31, 2007

  1. Re: the third pic…My first thought was, “Who are the cute guys in leather?”

    Re: the video…Ah, the magic of television. I’m sure that scene will be riveting when it airs. Meanwhile, what cute little pop guns. No wonder they don’t appear to give much of a kick.

    Re: the late post…I had a feeling you were exaggerating when you said midnight.

  2. Hey Joe,

    Awesome video, love the action.

    For when ever the mailbag comes back…

    …how is Joel’s score for the episode “Adrift”?

  3. LOLS! That sounded like fun! Chocolates are good lols! ^^ i can’t wait until season four comes out! ^^ I pray for a season five!

    If there is a season five…please take a look at my story arc! be sure to read the Updates as well. This is the only way possible for me to pitch a story idea to you. Please comment it if you have a chance to, i would really like to know what you think about it.
    ~Danielle Swantek

  4. Oh, I almost forgot, send my congradulations to Martin Gero for his Gemini nom. Hope you win.

  5. Genii, cougars, and bears – oh my!

    Thanks so much for the videos and the interesting pics Joe! Your blog is the highlight of my internet lurking. Can’t wait to see “Harmony” when it’s completed – Genii episodes are always good to see.

  6. Fun stories (hmm, wonder why they keep leaving you behind when they move on?), fun video — love Hewlett’s wave at the cameras during reloads!

  7. Joe,

    Thank you SOOOO much for the lovely photos and the awesome actiony video clip with Joe and David.


    Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

    Hi to Lulu and friends.


  8. Oh my God, Hewlett’s little wave at the end of that clip is priceless. Was he waving at you, Joe, or Will?

  9. I used to work in a hardware store and we sold garden hoses with that warning on them. I guess it was okay cause we weren’t in California? Seems weird anyone would make something you would drink out of with those same materials. It is a crazy crazy world.

  10. Chuck goes off-world and leans on a branch? And that’s the character with the least evolution? 😉 I’m so excited by S4 I can’t even say. Instead I just *flail* and send cast/crew/writers much virtual chocolate (not quite as tasty, but a lot less fattening).

  11. Salut Joseph!!

    Merci beaucoup pour les photos!
    Alalal magnifique cette video! je l adore!

    Super le calendrier j ai le 2008^^ lol!Et la tasse doit être cool^^!

    Ah c est pour sa que vous n avez pas d enfants! vous préféré les chiens!!lol moi j aime les deux!

    Quoi Quoi?? oO Un si un puma vous fait du mal, j arrive je ne sais pas comment et je le tue! Graa personne touche à mon jojo!!!

    Sa doit faire bizzard d utiliser son ordinateur en plein milieu de la forêt?

    Le tournage dans la forêt est bientot finit?
    Vous devez vraiment tous êtres trés fatiguer!

    9:53 pm!!! waou! vous avez du donnez vos derniéres forces de la journée dans votre blog, merci!

    Allez Gros Gros bisou!! a demain!! Passez une bonne journée!! je vous adore!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  12. Oooooo. I want black duct tape pants too! So stylish.

    And Hah! I always love Mr. Hewlett’s deer in the headlights look when they get into firefights.

  13. I hope “Techy Chuck” is okay after his run-in with the branch!

    Loving the set pictures.

    Re: the third pic…My first thought was, “Who are the cute guys in leather?”

    Me too. And any particular reason for the tape being applied to their outfits?

  14. Very nice video, Joe. It’s fun to see a bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Thanks for the pictures as well.

    As for the 2007 calendar – well just have another little contest of some kind. Sign it and give it to some lucky winner as a prize. Granted, it isn’t the same as the flocking was, but still I think it would be a good prize.

  15. Hiya Mr Mallozzi,

    Gorgeous lovely fantastic pic and I love the video – it gives me an insight into the filming. Those gunshots sounds louder than I ever thought they’d be.

    I guess the actors will have to ad lib later?

    Thanks for sharing this with us and hope you have a restful and lovely weekend!


  16. I love it how Joe stays in character right to the end whilst David, on the other hand, waves to the camera like a five year old waving to his mum in the middle of a school play. lol.

  17. Ohmygosh, the Aschen are making the SGA coffee mugs?! Any chance of a photo of the actual mug so I know what NOT to buy?

  18. I liked the video. My daughter wanted to know why they had to switch toward the end. I was amused by the way the prop ‘wall’ kept wiggling while Joe was leaning on it and shooting — they just don’t make ruins like they used to!

  19. Sadly, ‘200’ didn’t win the short form Hugo (Dr Who, ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ was the winner).

    I didn’t win fanartist either (I have two Hugo’s, where would I put a third? 🙂 ) but my friend’s Geri, Lee and Randy won for their fanzine, Dave won fanwriter (as per usual) and Patrick won editor, so it’s not all bad news.

    FF, who has friends texting her from the ceremony in Japan and it’s now up on the Worldcon webpage too.

  20. Ooo, abandoned in the woods, possible B-Movie moment….watch out for the Rabid Breakfast Squirrels

  21. 1)Can we expect Teyla’s pregnancy to have an emotional impact on the team’s dynamic?

    2)Will we be surprised at the truth behind the Athosian’s dissapearance?

  22. Ever had a Thai massage? I had one the other day and it was great. After all your harrowing experiences (obscenely early mornings, heartless abandonment in the woods) you deserve one.

  23. Hi Joe!

    I must say reading your blog has given me a new appreciation for what working on a TV show means. I was one of those unfortunately dumb people who didn’t know they filmed scenes out of order and then later put them together. It gives me quite a stronger appreciation for the people working on sets. Now I find myself watching episodes and thinking to myself ‘they must have filmed all of these scenes in the same day’. Yup, I’m cool.

    I had a question concerning your end of things. How do you guys manage to stick to your budget when you’re writing scripts? In other words, how do you know if you’re writing a story that will go over the budget?

  24. *waves*

    I’m loving the behind the scenes vids! Thank you so much for doing that for us. You do realise, we’re going to be like Oliver Twist from now on, don’t you? 😉 Had to laugh at David’s wave to the camera, lol, reminded me of the foster kids school plays, and them waving to us in the middle of their performance. Hehehe. I’ve noticed a few times the P90 keeps getting jammed, does that cause you problems on set?

    As for leaving you alone in the dark. Maybe they thought you were feeling creative and fancied doing The Blair Witch project II. ;)Glad you lived to tell the tale!

    Sorry, I know you said no questions, but i’m being rebellious for a change. ;D


  25. ======> Me revoila =D

    Simplement pour vous dire bonne aprés midi! jespert que vous n’ êtes deja pas trop fatiguer, car encors une longue journée vous attend…….!

    Je pensse fort a vous! Faite nous de belles photos^^! Gros Bisou! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  26. I feel for you getting deserted in the woods by your colleagues. I hate when that happens!

    Why did you go on location anyway? We’re very glad you did, but was there a particular reason?

    Yes, living in California, I can tell you it’s not comforting when you see the “known to cause birth defects” sign in the elevator of the maternity wing of the hospital. I kid you not. All this a result of another whacky Proposition (number 65 to be exact!) the populace had to vote on down here. This one had a nice enough name: The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. I mean, who would vote ‘no’?

  27. Where you wearing suitable attire for your trip to the ‘wilderness’? Or did you just don a suit and take great care not to get it stained, torn or duct taped to death? Or were you too wearing leather?

    Why didn’t you drive there yourself instead of having a ‘driver’?

    You should have taken the pack for the day trip – remind them that they are descended from the Wolf.

  28. Hi Joe!

    I made a little promotion about your blog again on our Hungarian Stargate website, so won’t be surprised, when the number of Hungarian visitors will rise. 🙂

    Keep up the good job and make more SG season! 😀

  29. Sleep good, Joe? Those cougars can be nasty. Empty chambers bad for guns, backups good. Nice to see David acknowledging the crowd, er, camera. (in Homer’s guise): MMMM…….., chocolate….. Have a good weekend. Can’t wait for the mailbag to come back.

  30. Great video! I liked David Hewlett’s wave to the camera.

    I’m glad the cougars and bears didn’t it you.(Being eaten alive has got to be one of the worst ways to go.)

  31. Will Teyla’s baby be born before, after, or during the season 4 finale?

  32. Is Teyla in the episode Harmony at all?and is there any Great Emotional episodes for Teyla towards the end of the season at all and who will she share most of them with?

  33. Awesome!!! Just awesome!! what else is there to say? 🙂

    send on my congrats to Martin Gero for is gemini nod!


  34. Great vid – thanks Joe! I was so excited to see that! I’m not saying anything about Joe F. looking so cool firing his P90. Nope, not saying a word…

    Is it me or is the gift from MGM a bit, er, mean? As for the chemicals in the mug possibly causing fertility problems…okaaay, nice gift!

    I’ve really missed the Q & A section here. I hope it returns soon!

    So, I’ll ask a whumpy question, just in case you’re feeling generous today. Well, it was my wedding anniversary yesterday, after all!

    So, in the back half of season 4, will there be any Sheppy whump? Oh, come on, you know I can’t help myself and have to ask every now and then!

  35. I seem to hear ‘Have you ever seen the rain” all the time now and it always makes me cry with sadness at Unending.

  36. I think I know why your blog has been quiet lately. You’ve killed off the whole fanbase with the vids of the Boys playing with their toys. SO all the fangirls are currently ‘thunked into oblivion’. I know this, as I speak from experience, and have just become coherant enough to say! You’re a realy good egg! A little scrambled sometimes, but we wouldn’t have you any other way!


  37. Thanks for the video. That said, I hope that David wasn’t on the show’s camera at the time.

    Just wondering – when filming on location do you have do a lot of work with the sound in during post production?

  38. California Prop 65 is an utter joke, you have to put that warning on just about anything that is breathable or edible, or even comes within striking distance of either hence the idiot warning on the mug. It is the most utte3rly annoying, stupidest, irrational mamby-pamby law from the ultimate in mamby-pamby states – California and it figures. No offense to some who live there but come on are you guys out there really serious?

  39. Yeah Joe you have the boys playing how about Amanda and Rachel playing and kicking ass (at least Rachel before she got too far along) and AT in action kicking ass is always wonderful). Fair is fair you know, we do not want the sexist remarks rearing their ugly head now do we??

  40. I am so happy to see you returned from the woods in one piece. Thank you for the pics and vid! While watching the vid I noticed one of the techs was wearing headphones and it made me think of hearing protection. I’m sure that even the blanks used in the weapons cause a lot of noise. Do the actors have any kind of hearing protection?

  41. They left you? Hmmmm, that’s not good! Glad the shoot’s going good. LOVE the video – so cool to see “our guys” kicking some butt. (Nice wave at the end, David!) I’m sure the cute guys in Photo 3 are bad, bad, bad, but they are kinda cute, so if they could survive and see the error of their ways, that would rock! 🙂

    Hmmmm, MGM thought you might need a 2007 SGA calendar and a Death Mug 2000? They do know you work on the show, right? Just wondering!

    So…what are you going to do with your Death Mug 2000?

    Today’s chocolates sound good except for the beetroot one.

    And like Luke, I have been mentally hearing that CCR song lately. (I just watched Unending again. Yup, tears.)

    Take care!!


  42. *waves*

    Only me again, i’m trying to keep out of trouble. So far, so good, and I was wondering if we will see Atlantis ‘speak’ to him on some level because the strength of his ATA gene?

    Okay i’m done rambling now. 😀

    Just one thing before I go!

    Linz, totally PORG you! Don’t worry Joe, it’s not rude or anything, lol.


  43. Gotta love these wee video’s! Looks like it’s going to be a great series, by the way! Loved David waving to the camera at the end! Ha ha!
    Looking forward to next blog

  44. Hey Joe,
    I don’t suppose you have been to Atlantic City recently? I’m going for New Years and am looking for a good restaurant, especially for Foie Gras…mmmmm. Any help from any of your fellow foodies would be appreciated. Thanks

  45. I loved the video and the pictures! Would be wonderful if we had some pictures and videos about episodes that will be aired in the season 4’s first half, that way, we would be as excited to wait for it as we are to see the second half…

  46. Just got back from Dragon*con. I am now catching up on five days worth of your blogs.

    Love those video clips!!!! You ROCK!!!!!!!!

    Would love to see you in Atlanta next year. You could come with D. Hewlett. He said he was considering showing up. : )

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