The day got off to an exciting start when, at a little after 5:00 a.m. this morning, I scooped up the puppy to hurry her outside for her morning pee only to lose my footing on the darkened landing and take a crazy carpet ride down the stairs – sans crazy carpet. As soon as I hit the ground floor, Lulu hopped out of my lap and happily bounded off and into the kitchen. She was just finishing off her morning pee by the one of the leather couches by the time I caught up.

Thankfully uninjured but more than a little spooked (I’m not superstitious, but I clearly started the day off on the wrong foot and my bad luck seemed to follow me through my morning work-out routine when I almost took out an overhead light executing a standing shoulder press). Still, I made it out of the house in one piece and vowed to be prepared – for anything. Especially bears. By the time I got my camera out yesterday, the cute little furball was long gone, so I made a mental note to myself “On the drive back home tonight, remember to have the camera handy.” Just as I was making that mental mote, my driver Larry hit the brakes and pointed – at the black bear sitting on the side of the road. Crap! I reached into the back seat, pulled out my camera, turned it on, and swung it around to snap – too late. It was long gone.

I finally made it to Widgen Park where Will was setting up the only scene we’d be shooting that day: scene 29, a seven and a half page complex monster. Arguing, stunning, fixing, shooting, running, jumping, falling. And that was just the behind-the-scenes goings-on. By the time lunch was called, we were running a little late but Will assured me he’d be making up time in the afternoon. Of course the best laid plans of mice, men, and determined directors can be completely undone by something as simple as an airplane flying over the location and ruining three successive takes.

Still, a good time was had by all, especially those hanging around the director’s chair as I had brought along some Zotter’s chocolates for those in need of a pick-me-up. The flavors providing the pick-me-up on this day included Dark Chocolate and Green Veltliner Wine with Long Pepper, Milk Chocolate Sunflower Seeds and Rye Bread, and consensus favorite Dark Chocolate Coffee Plum with Caramelized Bacon.

Tomorrow’s the big night shoot so expect my blog entry to be a little later – say, midnight-ish. Set your alarms!

Pics: David waiting for something to happen, Will psyche’s himself up, Joe’s alternative to bug spray.

Video: Click on the date. Oooh, spooky!

47 thoughts on “August 30th, 2007

  1. Hey Joe! ^^ LOLS Nice DH vid! tehe! You guys are awesome! I hope you get a picture of a bear evencually! Anyway Please check out my story arc idea. I think you might like it! I’m working on a draft of the script right now ^^
    ~Danielle Swantek

  2. Holy Joseph Moly,

    I mean, I’m not a fan of cigars, but it looks like Mr F is celebrating something. Or are Cuban cigars legal in Canada?

    Oh no – not the leather couch!!! Are you going to send her to doggy school?

    Take care and nice pics Mr M.

    Sat in Sydney tomorrow so I can easily catch your blog.


  3. I’m thinking about giving up coffee – would you say that falling down a flight of stairs is a more effective way of waking up in the morning? Not only would you avoid pesky caffeine, but you also get in a quick aerobics workout. Glad you weren’t horribly killed, because you know, not good!

    And an actual bear sighting! I think you need to apply for hazard pay.

  4. I’m so sorry…plse forgive me? I think I caused a little ruckus on your previous entry with my comment…Still, IMHO, more viewers being attracted to the show, for whatever the reason, should make SGA’s fans happy no? More viewers, therefore more ratings = a better chance for a S5!!!

  5. Thank you for posting it Joe, god bless all SGA team.

    Greetings from Uruguay 🙂

  6. tell JF – “BAD alternative to bug spray!” Do you know how wrinkly your mouth gets suckin’ on cancer sticks?

    Here’s a truckload of effusive praise for your blog. If i had the inclination to write back to spammers, I’d wish to be as creative as you! Keep up the good work, my sides are still aching from laughing at your hy-larious commentary!

  7. btw, that last comment was from me, dana (too lazy to create a new identity and I pressed “send” too soon!)


    x d.

  8. Hope all goes well with your late night shoot, Joe.

    Remember…wear those bells to keep the bears away!


  9. Sounds like you had a fantastic spill this morning!

    My husband once left a magazine at the bottom of the stairs. Keep in mind it is usual and customary for me to run up and down the stairs as fast as I can. You see where this is going.

    I ran down the stairs and not only stepped on the magazine, but slid on it and somehow managed to cut my arm AND my leg on the fresh new door casing I had just installed.

    It was spectacular! And my scars prove it!

  10. GYA! -flail- I’ll come save you, David! *jumps into car and revves into forest*
    FRIEND: “Do you know where you’re going?!”
    ME: Notta clue!
    *continues driving at top speed*

    Glad to see that you are unharmed. For the season 5 dvd, they should make a section for you and have all the videos you’ve recorded on it. Call it an easter egg or something, all hidden-like >D.

  11. Tell Joe that those cigars may keep the bugs away but I’m told they can attract Wolverines.

  12. Hehe David’s funneh.

    I remember I woke up once and went downstairs without my glasses on (I’m quite blind without them) for some reason… I had a nice trip down the stairs… I even managed to keep going after I’d turned the corner!

    Good thing no-one was home to witness it. It was kind of funny, seeing as I came out of the stair-battle unscathed.

  13. Hi Joe! Thanks for all the great pics and vids over the last few days.

    Now, I’ve read that if you are attacked by a bear, you need to roll up into a ball and play dead. Hopefully, they get bored and then wander off. If you encounter a cougar, you need to spread your arms wide and make yourself look as big as possible. Don’t know how accurate that information is but I’m thinking it would be best not to get those two plans of action muddled up!!

  14. OUCH. I’m glad you weren’t hurt. That would’ve sucked (understatement, yes?).

    Ooh, I like how you hide the videos behind the dates… sneaky. Loved today’s vid though… poor David looked so scared. I hope you gave him a hug after.

  15. You’d think actors whose faces and voices are their fortune in a lot of cases would be smart enough to know smoking is a bad idea.

    First we find out the gang from SG1 are all smokers, then Torri’s spotted with a fag in her hand, and now Joe.

    Then again maybe smoking’s seen as acceptable in your part of the world. It’s seen as a disgusting habit in mine.

  16. Wow sounds like quite a tumble. Glad to hear you’re okay though! Hope tomorrow goes heaps better than today did.

  17. Salut joseph!!
    Vous avez encors passez un journée
    bien remplit^^!

    Merci pour ces belles photos!
    Mais que fume joe ? oO De l herbe magique?lol
    La video de David aussi est trop génial!!

    Je n est pas trés bien compris …vous avez vu un ours?? Mais cette fôret est dangereuse!
    Il y a quel autre genre d animaux dangereux dans cette fôret?..Hmmm bah il manque plus que le bigfood ….je ne vous souhaite jamais de la rencontré lol …qu en même on c est jamais gardez votre appareil a porté de main^^!

    Alala les chiens et leurs pipi du matin…je connaîs sa^^!

    Bon bah reposer vous bien, c est pas grave que vos mise à jours soient tardive, je suis sur que vous faite un super travail! Je pensserais à vous a 2h00pm en france car je sais qu il sera 5hOOam chez vous et l heure de vous réveillez^^!

    Aller gros bisou!Passez une trés bonne journéé, je vous adore!Merci

  18. Hi, Joe.

    Just read online that NBC cancelled their contract with iTunes to sell digital downloads of their shows.

    The article:

    doesn’t mention the SciFi Channel, but they are part of NBC/Universal.

    Hope this does NOT affect the sale of SGA season 4 episodes on iTunes.

    Best wishes, Morjana

  19. So Joe – did you slip or were you pushed?

    As long as Lulu was okay!

  20. Can you catch and send me a furball? Actually a breeding pair would be nice. Scotland is devoid of bears, might be a good time to rectify that problem.

  21. If you smear honey over Joe Flannigan (maybe replace his hair gel with honey — it will do the same thing) and put peanut butter sandwiches in his backpack, the bears will certainly leave you alone.

    Just a thought.

  22. Hi Joe

    Your new puppy must have enjoyed the new way to descend the stairs, but I would say your sore,strained muscles will be talking to you tomorrow!!! To bad about the bear.. he was probably on the way to the shoot too , but he wouldn’t have made the cut anyway .. too camera shy.

    Have a great long weekend..


  23. Great shots, again. Ah, all guys says cigars are bug repellents 😉

    Curious. If you meant you saw a small bear, like a cub, those are the ones you avoid like a plague, cuz then mom bear comes out of nowhere and eats you…

    Glad to see you’ve got the video stuff working. I suspect you’ll see an increase in traffic to this blog 😉

    You know, if you’re videotaping, why not videotape a bear if you see one? From a safe distance, of course 🙂

  24. Hi Joe,

    2 quick questions for ya.
    Will we get a chance to see Teyla verbally lash out on any of her team mates this season, and if so will she be the one to initiate it?


  25. I hope Joe Flanigan doesn’t inhale the cigar smoke. If you get a chance, say hello to Joe and David Hewlett from a gal in Indianapolis.

  26. Please, please, no more pictures of Joe Flanigan (or anyone) with a big, fat, stinky deathstick stuck in his face. I prefer to keep my illusions.

  27. Urrrrggggg this annoys me, in England there is a smoking ban, why can’t canada be the same. JF is gonna ruin his lunges. He’s gonna ruin his georgoes body that everybody loves.

    JM do me a favour if he does that again please stick something sharp up where the sun doesn’t shine for me.

    I love Joe he’s my knight in shining military boots.

    much love

  28. Hey Joe, very cool video! I see your getting better at posting videos!!
    Hopefully it’ll be a better day for you tomorrow. looking forward to your blog (noted it mat be out later, confusing for me seeing as i’m in the UK, hmm)

  29. When you post pics of the actors PLEASE don’t post shots of them smoking.

    It’s a disgusting, filthy habit, and makes pretty much anyone — yes, even someone as pretty as Joe Flanigan — look like they have no class.

    Tell him to think about the toxins he’s inhaling, and think about his kids. Why anyone who has kids thinks it’s okay to smoke is a mystery to me.

    I’m speaking from experience. My father died of emphysema at 50. Gee, that’s ten years older than Joe is.

    While you’re at it, tell Torri and Amanda, who are apparently smokers as well, just how badly smoking will age them. Maybe they don’t care about their lungs, but I’m sure they’ll care about their faces.

    God, it’s revolting. I’m so disappointed that Joe’s a smoker, I don’t eve know if I want to stick around here to see what you’re going to reveal about the actors next.

  30. Sorry you took a spill down the stairs. I bet that was something to see! lol! Sorry. I haven’t fallen down stairs since I was a kid (knock on wood), but I remember the ache of suddenly hitting the bottom. Ouch.

    Good luck catching a bear on film! I’d like to see that. Hope no one sees a cougar during the night shoot (tonight?) Watch for a set of glowing eyes.

  31. smoking is a choice made by adults – if Joe F wants to smoke I say let him. I resent the laws of countries and US states trying to impose the will of others on perfectly capable adults who can, and should be permitted to, make their own choices. Last time I looked it was a free country (US) and other countries pride themselves on being free democracies so don’t try and tell me or any other clear-thinking adult whether I should or should not smoke.

    Just as long as Joe and others who smoke don’t then turn-around and try to blame anyone else if they contract a disease of some sort that may be related to smoking – choices are made freely – no one twisted anyone’s arm. People need to go back to the days of taking responsibility for themselves, their decisions and choices even if it turns out badly or not as expected.


  32. C est Moi =D

    Alors le tournage ce passe bien?
    Pas trop fatiguez?
    La fôret est calme? lol

    Waou je penssais aux incroyables journées que vous passez, se que vous vivez est extraordinaire, peu de gens ont une vie aussi intéréssante que la votre!! Donc il faut vraiment que vous en profitiez au maximaume!!!!

    aller bisou! a demain!<3<3<3<3<3<3

  33. Hi Joe,
    I just got an email telling me I won $1 million in the Belgium Euro Lottery. I was a bit surprised at this since I haven’t been to Belgium or Europe lately and don’t remember signing up for a contest. Hmmmm….well I’m supposed to contact Mr. Rudd Van Bochem per Mrs. Adline Haack’s intructions (adline hack…funny name, eh?)
    Any suggestions on what to tell them? Was thinking of calling myself Morticia and my husband Gomez…etc, but wondering if it would be too oblique?

  34. To m_ and the others,

    I’d guess that Joe smokes a Romeo et Juliette Robusto Special edition 2000 something and I’m quite sure that it is a cuban(Joseph could you confirm ?)I
    It is very legal and delightfull in Canada. A real connoisseur never inhales cigar smoke.
    There is the proof that Mr Flanigan is a great guy.

    And Mr Malozzi, you like great food, great chocolate ,I am also guessing that you are secretly a cigar aficionado.

    A cuban cigar,a good cognac, and a Farscape or SG-1 episode with Mrs Claudia Black or an episode of SGA with Doc. Hewlett what could we ask more to life, can you tell me? Mmmmh OK maybe a good chocolate too.

  35. Do any of the other cast/crew you work with share your love of blogging, and do you think their blogs are as good?

  36. David is a hoot in the video. Tell Flanigan to pack bug spray and bear traps, just in case. Can he stay away from the cigar? If not, Joe F will be a walking health hazard for the rest of the location shoot. Watch out for bears and cougars tonight!

  37. Hi Joe!

    Sorry to hear about your spill down the stairs and almost electrocution! Glad you and Lulu are OK, but bummer about the indoor peeing.

    Great pics again! Funny “scary” video, too! I’m sure lots of fangirls want to follow allison up to Widgen to “help him.” LOL!

    I hope the night shoot goes well, and no one is eaten by a bear. :O

    Sheesh, what’s with the attacks on JF? He’s seen smoking one cigar and is branded pariah. Whether you, I, or that guy who doesn’t live in “[our] part of the world” likes it or not, JF can do whatever the hell he wants. (FYI, one does not inhale cigar smoke, so his lungs should still be pink and pretty. 🙂 )

    Hope Leslie, you didn’t say anything wrong in your post yesterday. You’re right – more viewers is good. 🙂

    Be safe, Joe!

  38. *waves*

    *looks at pics and vid*


    Nuff said! 😉 See I can do succinct on occasions. 😛


    *still singing the Teddy bears have their picnic theme tune* LOL

  39. Thanks for the great photos and the video…David is just so funny! Have a great weekend!

  40. Nathan said…
    If you smear honey over Joe Flannigan (maybe replace his hair gel with honey) … the bears will certainly leave you alone.

    Just a thought.

    Then Joe F would have more than bears to worry about!! Sorry, it has been a week of exceptional spring weather here in Kiwiland.

    Dear Joe, hope you are not too bruised from your early morning encounter with the stairs. I am amazed that you still found time to write for us. Thank you.

    I will be sending you some NZ confectionery that has a Stargate “flavour”.

  41. This is purely my opinion and in no way a derision of the characters, actors or your writing.
    If we take the characters as having the following traits (in my opinion) then,
    Dr Weir is the conscience of Atlantis
    Sheppard the heart
    McKay the brain
    Teyla and Ronon the strength.
    But Atlantis lacks a strong leader one who possess all or a combination of these qualities.
    Weir the character was too insipid too indecisive. Her expertise lies where it always has in negotiation and brokering deals. Not in trying to run a military/science outpost.
    Is that why Carter will be brought in, to try and bring these qualities together?
    Please if you feel this comment isn’t appropriate or if you think I’ve over stepped the mark in anyway then delete it. I won’t be offended. And I don’t want to offend the serious and dedicated fans of SGA but merely to continue a dialogue of possibilities for SGA 5.
    Many thanks Pauline

  42. I hope you night shoot went well. The night scenes in Stargate always look great, so it’s yet another thing to look forward to!

  43. Thank you for the pictures and video, especially the picture of JoeF – nice cigar, I hope it was a successful method of keeping the bugs away 🙂

  44. Joe, next time you decide to spam my blog with an “anonymous” comment about me being a thickhead it might be an idea if you, you know, PUBLISH my comment first so other people apart from you might know about this blog and “anonymously” post comments there….

    Enjoy posting anonymous comments on your own blog. It seems to be the only way you can generate attention and controversy.

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