Last night, Fondy and I had dinner at Feenies. Not long after beating Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto in the infamous Battle Crab, chef Rob Feenie incorporated a couple of his winning creations into the standing menu. Alas, those selections are long gone, but many of Feenie’s favorites remain including his calamari sandwich, Feenie Burger and scrumptious but silly-sounding Feenie Weenie. There have also been some new additions to the menu since my last visit and so, rather than going with what I knew, I decided to gamble on the great unknowns. More specifically, in the case of my appetizer, a squash-stuffed ravioli with pine nut butter and just a hint of citrus. Tiny but tasty. Fondy adored both her Caesar salad appetizer and her pan-seared crispy-skinned trout dinner. I’d ordered the pork chop with potato gnocchi and rapini and was having second-thoughts about my choice as I awaited it’s arrival, wondering whether I should have gone with the chicken schnitzel instead. “What does the chef usually have when he eats here?”I asked our waitress between courses. “He has the schnitzel,”she informed me, causing me to question my decision all the more. But when my main course arrived, all those concerns were put to rest. The brined chop was tender through and through, the dish out and out delicious. “Next time he eats here, tell Rob to order the pork chop,”I advised our waitress.

Today, I celebrated the Summer heat wave by overindulging in a Ben Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Cookie Dough, Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche, Purely Decadent Peanut Butter Zig Zag ice cream sundae with melted Michel Cluizel milk chocolate hazelnut and Monde Chocolat white chocolate and almond bark bits. I think I may skip dinner tonight.

Hurray! I found a brand new scam letter sitting in my junk folder this morning. It starts:

“I know that this mail will come to you as surprise since we have not known or met before now, but please, I would like you to treat it like blood brother affair and with the urgency and secrecy it requires. I am Dr. Emound Daukuro, the past chairman of OPEC and the Head of Delegation of the World Bank in Middle East. I am the linkman between the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the World Bank in Middle East….”

And goes on to offer me a business proposal of a lifetime. I replied:

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to receive your email, Dr. Daukuro, as my standing physician has retired and I am in desperate need of a medical opinion. Over the course of the past few days, I have developed a rash over my nether regions. The rash is a pinkish-purple, I guess you’d call it mauve, prickly to the touch, and sort of looks like Alabama (although my next-door neighbor, Mrs. Ackerman, swears it resembles Idaho. I took an impromptu poll at work and these were the results: Alabama – 5, Georgia – 5, Iowa – 4, New Mexico – 3, Utah – 3, Indiana – 3, Nevada – 2, Illinois – 2, Minnesota – 1, Idaho – 0. This is just a preliminary sampling of my home office. I‘ll have more data available soon as my sales duties will require me to visit several more company branches over the course of the next few days).

I’m a little worried. In your professional medical opinion, what do you think it is? I’d be happy to send you a picture if you think it would help with the diagnosis.


Doogie Chapadapalopolous”

Also, heard back from my old high school buddy David Kojo (see yesterday’s blog entry) who, perhaps assuming I had confused him with someone else, writes:

“How are you today? I am in receipt of your mail.

I will also like to introduce myself once more to you. I am a staff in charge of courier department in our Apex bank in Ghana…”

And proceeds to pitch me the same scam. I replied:

“It’s great to see you’ve done so well for yourself. Back in high school, you were never the sharpest knife in the drawer and I know that most of the teachers had written you off as a lost cause. What was it Principal Epstein used to call you? Dodo Kojo, dumb as dirt? Remember that year you failed gym class because you couldn’t understand the rules of soccer? You kept picking the ball up with your hands and throwing it into your own goal. Wasn’t that the same year the school started making you wear that helmet so that you wouldn’t hurt yourself? Are you still wearing the helmet? As a bike courier for your bank, I’m sure you must be.

Well, it’s great catching up and, again, I’m happy to hear you’re doing all right and especially surprised you’re able to string two sentences together. Not so bad for a former idiot. By the way, where is Ghana? Is it close to France?

Your former classmate,


Pics: The Feenie highlights, my recent book purchases, the dogs work on their tans.

Mailbag –

Shippychick writes: “I have to say this is the first entry of your blog I have read and it is hilarous! I love the show and will definately be back for more!”

Answer: Welcome aboard. Tell your friends and don’t forget to leave a dollar at the door.

Alipeeps writes: “I loved The Player of Games. It was the first of his Culture novels that I read and it utterly sucked me in and had me seeking out more of his books.”

Answer: It was a great book. I stayed up late last night to finish it.

Atlantisfannew1 a ecrit: “Je vient vous passez le coucou…”

Reponse: C’est quoi un coucou? Est-ce que c’est dangereux?

Bex writes: “…Do you have moments of this with writting/producing/show running/being all round god?”

Answer: Yup. At times it feels like you’re on a giant treadmill. Slow down even for a second and you’re screwed.

Mackenziesmomma writes: “Have you tried Theo Chocolates out of seattle?”

Answer: Yes. Their 3400 Phinney Chocolate Bread and Chocolate Dark Chocolate Bar is among my favorites.

Susan the Tartan Turtle writes: “ Are you not getting a male or female puppy?”

Answer: Sigh. Looks like we’ll be getting Lulu, the French Bulldog pup, in early August.

Yasmin writes: “Why the aversion to rose water?”

Answer: To be perfectly honest, the essence of rose water triggers my gag reflex.

Anonymous #1 writes: “1. Will Teyla be diving into her Athosian culture more in season 4? 2. Will she ever go to Earth? 3. Will Ronon ever be ready after his lady friend went boom?”

Answers: 1. Her Athosian roots will certainly become an issue in season four. 2. Possibly – but probably not in season four. 3. Ronon will open up a bit about his past this upcoming season.

Firefly 827347 writes: “How long does it take you to write up responses to your penpal emails?”

Answer: Not that long at all. Unlike a scene for a script, I can whip out one of these responses in one quick sitting.

PG15 writes: “How are you dealing with the unseasonable warmth of Vancouver lately?”

Answer: The pugs and I are only venturing out for 15-20 minutes at a time before retreating back to the air conditioned comforts of home.

Wynterblue writes: “What are the chances of Ben Browder showing up this season on Atlantis?”

Answer: Sorry, not this season.

Anonymous #2 writes: “So, why didn’t you advertise RDA’s guest spots in The Shroud and The Return?”

Answer: I’m not in charge of advertising the show on Sci Fi so I can’t answer that question.

Anonymous #2 also writes: “Further, why not have him guest a couple of times in season four??”

Answer: It’s always a pleasure to have Jack put in a guest appearance. On the other hand, we only have so much in our production budget.

Atlantisnewfan1 a ecrit: “Vous lisez mes commentaires?”

Reponse: Je lis tous les commentaires.

Mary writes: “I have just finished reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I was wondering whether you’d ever read it, and if so what you thought of it?”

Answer: I liked Ender’s Game a lot. I also enjoyed Speaker for the Dead which was very different.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Joe, if you have to ask viewers to give your show a chance because they’re pissed about the changes you’ve made (…) And you need to beg fans to get their family and friends to watch the final three episodes (as you did) to get a fifth season, you really don’t deserve it.”

Answer: Past experience has proven that making assumptions about episodes before they’ve even aired is, in the majority of cases, an overreaction. As for the latter part of your statement, this is a matter of personal interpretation. For instance, when I asked fans to get 1000 of their friends to tune in, I was being sarcastic and didn’t really intend for them to track down and convince 1000 people to start watching the show. Still, if a doofus such as yourself feels that this equates to begging, then I certainly respect your simpleton reasoning..

Anonymous #4 writes: “I was watching season 1 last night and I noticed one or two of the expedition wearing a green stripe. What does this indicate?”

Answer: They work in Atlantis’s Library Services Department.

73 thoughts on “July 11, 2007

  1. Lol ahah XD!
    nn un coucou se n est pas dangereux, c est comme dire bonnjour! alala ! ^^
    Merci pour avoir répondu a ma question!! je suis trop trop heureuse!!
    Bon je vais me coucher^^
    !Bonne journée! A toute a l heure!

    ps: Mais toute les pays se trouve a coté de la france XD!! FRANCE POWA!! lol

    Aller je vous fais de gros bisou, vous êtes génial!

  2. Anonymous #4 writes: “I was watching season 1 last night and I noticed one or two of the expedition wearing a green stripe. What does this indicate?”

    Answer: They work in Atlantis’s Library Services Department.

    Seriously?! Thanks for answering my question – which is very ironic as my summer job is in a library!!

  3. Oh yes, AC is where it’s at. Although, having no pets of my own, I am perfectly content on staying at home all day long and cool off.

    Have you ever seen the TV show Invader Zim? If so, did you like it?

  4. a oui aussi, je vient de m aperçevoir de quelque chose ^^!

    hier dans un de mes commentaire je vous avez parler d une video avec RDA, je suis désolé j avais oublier de vous donnez le lien, le voici:

    je ne sais pas si vous l avez deja vu, mais moi je la trouve trés drole^^!

  5. Does this mean Teyla will have some substance finally? At the moment her monotone diatribes, “I do not think this is a wise course of action, perhaps we should partake in the cultural traditions of tea and cake before we exploit them for their ZPM, Rodney”, and amazingly boring demenour, either need a major overhaul or the most boring character on Atlantis needs to go.

    It’s good to see you got rid of Weir. She needs to be charged with incompetance — letting a wraith queen on Atlantis .. hello??.

    So Teyla will somehow be experimented on by Michael and be impregnated with a human/Athosian/wraith hybrid harcesis..umm child or will this be a “normal” pregnancy where she does the wild thing with someone from Atlantis and they have little monotone children running around?


  6. You said it would be too expensive to have RDA do guest appearances… how about bringing back Jack O’Niell by moving his kid-clone to Atlantis? Plenty of opportunities for Jack’s humor and knowledge, yet, he’s a kid. Different actor (one I thought was quite good) but the same old Jack.

    There would be lots of possibilities for conflict and growth between the characters if you did this. And what else is a teenaged Jack going to do — work in a fast food place? He would not be content with a ‘normal’ life on Earth.

  7. hey joe
    glad to see i am not alone in this estimation, just wanted to let you know i should be putting up some pis tomorrow on my blog from the rehearsals of the play and the set on my blog, feel free to check them out if you get 5 mins, right now i have just got in from the 2nd dress rehearsal and the second half is over 3hrs long! ah well people are getting their moneys!

  8. Joe,

    So now that you and Paul are in charge of the “How Come Room” do you find that you are more conscientious of the different choices the directors make and have more questions or do you guys let the directors have free reign?

  9. Hi Joe,

    Love the pug pictures. I have a feeling that they’re probably spoiled. Wasn’t Lulu one of the characters in the “Little Dot” comic book? I use to read a lot of comic books when I was a kid, and “Little Dot” was one that I really enjoyed.

    I have a question. If given the opportunity, I was curious if you would ever have the desire to go up with the Canadian Snowbirds?

  10. I actually have a question for you:

    First, a small background story for you to understand. Here in the states there is a national test called the CRCT that all elementary and middle schools take at the end of the year to determine the quality of education in that school (have you heard of it?). Anyway, my son’s teacher told me that his weakness is writing. Granted this past year the reading section of the test was the make or break the deal for continuing onto the 4th grade. He did very well in that section as he’s reading almost 2 years ahead of himself (so yes, he passed the 3rd grade). Yet, the writing section of the test was his weakness, and in the 5th grade its the deal breaker for continuing onto the 6th grade. I’ve tried my hardest to get him to write. I’ve given him ideas with no luck. He says he doesn’t know what to write about. So my question(s) for you are: What motivates you to write? When did you start writing and why? What was your writing like when you were in elementary school? How would you motivate a 9 year old to write? I would love to “hear” your suggestions. I know that he could do it, its just getting him started.

    Thanks for listening, Joe!

  11. Are you a Danny Elfman fan? Not his Oingo Boingo stuff, but his compositions, like his short symphonies or his film scores?

  12. Yummy pictures as usual. Any chance of more yummy Joe F. pictures? 😉

    Couple of things tonight –

    1) If I wanted to ship you some Bengali sweets (since your rose water aversion, I can only think of 2 right now), would you be interested?

    2) I was talking about your blog to p-diddy again(yes my friends have nicknamed my hubby that); and he wondered if you liked maple syrup. He also felt the need to start something by the following statement and asking me to post it “Vermont maple syrup is the only REAL syrup”. I am temporarily not gonna claim him as mine ;-). Extra clarification – he’s a Vermonter, and his family (grandparents on Dad’s side) is French-Canadians.

    Hope you have a great day. How’s Fondy’s store coming along? Almost done?

  13. Hey Joe,

    I have really high hopes for next season and am really excited. I really want to see a season 5 as well. Do you think 2 million plus viewers is enough to convince the network to renew for a 5th Season? Also, isn’t production cost down by more than half, since SG-1 is no longer airing?


  14. I love your foodie pictures (even if just looking at the slabs of meat make my colon twinge :-))

    I have a question … I’ve just had a South African SGA fan come to visit me here in Australia. As part of her visit I took her to the local geek shop (SciFi/Comics etc), as she doesn’t have one where she is from. Amongst all the talking Dalek paraphernalia we found the SG:1 action figures. (Here comes my question …) Any plans for a McKay doll??? I want a Rodney doll! And a Sheppard! In fact, I want two of each – one set for work, one for home. Can’t you imagine the hours of fun??? My own scientist superhero action figure … is my dream to become reality?

  15. Now that someone has mentioned the uniforms in atlantis, I have tried to figure out who wear the different color jackets and why, but can’t seem to find any logic in it. 1.Is there a logic to what color people wear? 2.If yes, could you please explain who wears what?

    Thanks =)

  16. I laughed out loud when I saw you’d written “doofus”, I don’t think I’ve heard that word since I was about 10.
    Wow, two of my questions in a row answered! I feel special. Shame I can’t think of a third…
    Maybe this will count: What did Marty G get for his birthday?

  17. Joe, do pugs and French bulldogs play well together? Will you have to provide diversity training?

    I have a small SGA question or two. You mentioned we will be getting more of Teyla’s culture and Ronon’s history. We already know a bit about McKay’s past and have a whole 10 year’s worth of Carter’s past. I know you can see where I’m going here. Have y’all been able to create some interesting Sheppard backstory, and is there any possibility of us seeing it in season 4?

    Muchas gracias!

  18. Hi, Joe.

    Have you seen this blog?

    Adventures of Ed Rocker

    He’s a background actor in Vancouver (apparently has worked on SGA too!).

    His blog also contains critiques of restaurants, thought you might be interested.

    Looking forward to season four!

    Best wishes, Morjana

  19. They work in Atlantis’s Library Services Department.

    Where do I sign up?! Seriously, I was wondering why such a large, complex expedition like this didn’t have a project archivist/information manager. Although, I guess if I was part of Team Atlantis, I’d avoid people at all costs and just stay with the collection. I can just imagine what a nightmare McKay would be for the reference librarian who had to help him.

    For my question(s): wouldn’t a French Bulldog upset the Puggy feng shui of Chez Mallozzi? What made you decide to go with a different breed this time — was it Lulu’s insane cuteness? And will you start singing “To Sir with Love” whenever she’s in the room? (Okay yes, that last question was stupid.)

  20. I an glad that ya’ll are going to have Sam over on Atlantis. Why did it take so long to get her over there, And will she be staying a few more seasons?

  21. Errr, Joe…. I know you probably have nothing to do with the selection… But WTF is up with the new cover art for the season 3 boxed set?

    Here’s the previously released art: Season 3 Art, version 1.

    And the newly released replacement: Season 3 Art, version 2.

    I mean, far be it for me, a digital artist and graphic designer to criticize someone’s artwork, as i have degrees in graphic design and game art and design i’m obviously unqualified to do so. But the new art looks like a step back to me.

    David looks like a midget (no offense to any LPs out there), Jason looks like D’Argo from Farscape, Joe looks like he’s stared in a mirror so long he’s become one, Rachel’s all breasts, and it looks like they just stuck Torri’s head in the middle of them. Don’t you have people that do an overall check of these things?? 🙂 The previous one looks far better, in my humble double degree graphic designer opinion..n

    Any comments? Come on, you know i’m right.

  22. Hi Joe, are you a fan of Tee-shirt philosophy?
    These are some of my favourites.

    ‘If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving isn’t for you’.

    ‘I feel like I’m diagonally parked in a parallel universe’.

    ‘Whatever hits the fan will not be evenly distributed’.

    ‘If you are driving at the speed of light and you turn your headlights on, what happens?’

    ‘Earth is the insane asylum for the universe’.

    ‘If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments’

    And my personal favourite.

    ‘Your village called they want their idiot back’.

    And finally

    The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people suffers from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends, if they’re okay, then it’s you.


  23. hey joe,

    QQ, did you grow up in canada? I assume so, since you seem to be fluent in that dirty launguage (the french and i aren’t on good terms.) If so, then you have taken the number one spot on my favorite canadians list, knocking Denny Crain himself William Shatner to number too (after he won’t responde to my myspace emails, hmmph some “friend”). Oh, and my wife says thanks for the Read suggestions. They are helpful in her time of sickness. Could you dedicate your next blog to her, she has a sinus infection, bronchitis, and a 19 month old (child that is). Thanks!

  24. Hey Joe,
    I thought I would give you a break and not ask a question today. In fact I will help you out by answering a question from rac76….but please give your opinion also as I’m sure that’s really why he wrote to you!
    rac76 said…
    “I’ve tried my hardest to get him to write. I’ve given him ideas with no luck. He says he doesn’t know what to write about.”

    I’m a teacher and a lot of children have problems with writing. If it doesn’t come naturally it is really about practice. His teachers should be coaching him in how to do narrative and expository writing when given a prompt. Narrative is writing a story and expository is more about giving info. or explaining something. The prompt is what the child is asked to write about on the test…such as, what is your favorite day of the week and why? Maybe when school starts again you can ask his teacher for more info. about how to tell the difference between the two types of writing and how each should be set up. I really don’t like this kind of writing as I feel it is not very creative[a lot of teachers don’t like it…but don’t say so ;-)], but we are forced to teach it as the students are tested on it. It’s more of a formula way to write. It just takes practice and a good use of descriptive words. Also, we give the kids a license to lie as many of the students at our school are lower income and don’t have many experiences in life to use in their writing. If they have never experienced what the prompt is talking about, we tell them to make it up. If the prompt is asking them about their favorite thing at the circus and they have never been to one, we tell them to make up what they think would be their favorite thing and why. You can also google narrative and expository writing. He really needs to practice both. I hope that helps!

    P.S.-I love the last pic of your dog..he looks like he’s saying, “Watcha doin’?”

  25. Those pictures of your “kids” make me miss my neighbor’s adorable pug Marty. I took care of him everyday for 7 years, but he died while I was away at college. I came to love the breed because of it.

  26. Joe, how’s it going? Please correct my information where appropriate. S4 occurs chronologically after the SG1 movies but the movies are being released after S4 airs, right? Did the change in release date affect anything already written/filmed for S4? From the viewer’s point of view will it be weird with Carter a full Col in S4 and begins AoT as Lt Col? Thanks Joe keep up the the good work! Late


  27. Hey Joe

    One of my favorite SG1 races is the Gadmeer and as it turns out, they are the brain children of you. I read @gateworld, in the original script, Lotan blewup the ship and killed the gadmeer. Was the script changed to keep the race around or to have a more up-lifting ending or something different? Did you consider writing them into another episode?
    Thanks Joe. Keep writing and I’ll keep watching.


  28. you’re taking Lulu ???? youhou !!! awesome !! not that I don’t like pugs but french bulledogs are so sweet, you won’t regret it !!!!
    …and I can’t wait to see Lulu in a princess costume !! you’ll need to update your profile picture 😀

  29. This is a slightly odd question, but which publisher printed those Terry Pratchett books you bought? I’ve never liked the crazy animated covers that we get, but I’ve never found an alternative.

    Mort is the most brilliant Pratchett I’ve read to date. Enjoy!


  30. Lulu is a wonderful choice! I think I fell in love with her from the picture you posted here, so I’m not surprised she’s going to be a part of your brood. How could anyone not want to give her a good home?

    Question: Have you filled all the episode slots for season 4 yet, or is there still a gap?

  31. Sorry to spam again, but I missed the below post, and wanted to comment!

    LogicSequence said…
    Errr, Joe…. I know you probably have nothing to do with the selection… But WTF is up with the new cover art for the season 3 boxed set?

    Here’s the previously released art: Season 3 Art, version 1.

    And the newly released replacement: Season 3 Art, version 2.

    I mean, far be it for me, a digital artist and graphic designer to criticize someone’s artwork, as i have degrees in graphic design and game art and design i’m obviously unqualified to do so. But the new art looks like a step back to me.

    David looks like a midget (no offense to any LPs out there), Jason looks like D’Argo from Farscape, Joe looks like he’s stared in a mirror so long he’s become one, Rachel’s all breasts, and it looks like they just stuck Torri’s head in the middle of them. Don’t you have people that do an overall check of these things?? 🙂 The previous one looks far better, in my humble double degree graphic designer opinion..n

    Any comments? Come on, you know i’m right.

    Thanks, Logicsquence, I hadn’t seen the second cover art work before!

    I can see what you mean about DH, he does look a little vertically challenged in the cover art, which is bizarre – he still looks cute though! However, I have to admit it took me about 5 minutes to actually realise there were other characters standing behind Joe F. His biceps sort of distracted me and I’m ashamed to admit I had a complete fangirlie moment…I wish I could show my embarrassment here…

    Anyways, er, I like the second cover art better, even though I can see the technical quality might not be as good. What can I say, I’m shallow. *Hides head in shame* I swear Cheeky lil Devil is having a bad influence on me!

  32. “LogicSequence said…
    Errr, Joe…. I know you probably have nothing to do with the selection… But WTF is up with the new cover art for the season 3 boxed set?”

    OMG! I hadn’t seen that before. You’re right. The second one looks like crap. It’s like they’ve made each one of them look like their ‘stereotypical’ character. Except Weir. Is it just me (and yes, Torri almost does look just like a head there.. she’s too little to be hiding behind Joe!) but is Weir with a gun… just a little wrong? She does have a gun, right?

    The initial one looked great. This one? Like some 12 year old with no sense of proportion has put it together.

  33. Joe, you are the only person I know of who responds to scam e-mails. When did you start tormentin–I mean, responding to these people and why?

  34. i see you’re enjoying a heatwave whilst we in England are in danger of evolving gills and flippers in response to all the rain we’ve had although I shouldn’t complain as it stayed dry enough yesterday to finally get the grass out back cut thus rendering a whole tribe of pygmys homeless. I also managed to empty the kids paddling pool which had been left so long to the elements that there were organsims evolving and beginning to develop language skills,strangely some of them resembled executives,civil servants and politicians so now we know where they come from.
    Todays burning question is are you now not getting TWO puppies? and having dogs myself who cleans up after them you or Fondy?

  35. Verrons-nous une nouvelle classe de vaisseaux Spatiaux dans une éventuelle saison 5 ? Ou vous pensez peut-être qu’il est encore trop tôt pour nous montrez une nouvelle classe. Nous avons déjà les F-302 et les BC-304.

  36. Salut,Salut joe^^ ah j ai bien dormie^^!
    Merci bc d avoir répondu a ma question c est trés gentil!!
    Vos chien sont trop mignion!vous allez en avoir un nouveau en début Aout c est génial!Moi je préfére les gros chien^^! Mon chien est un batard à moitier Setter et Golden Retriever! Trop beau XD!
    =}Il a l air de faire trés beau et chaud chez vous!ici non, mé le soleil va revenir! enfin jespert! car la pluit sa fait déprimer!
    =}Quoi, demander a 1000 personne de regarder Stargate?!lol moi sa va je converti les gens a la serie et sa marche 😉
    =}Vous avez été voir Harry Potter au cinéma? moi je n est pas encors eu le temp=(
    Bon aller j y vais,Bisou, bonne journée, je vous adore, a demain!

  37. Gateworld just unveiled the ‘new’ cover art for the SGA DVD season 3 boxset. Why has it been changed and more importantly, why has Beckett been removed from the cover? Was he not a part of the main cast for season 3? Its bad enough the character was marginalised, now its like they’re trying to wipe out the memory of him. Not to mention, IMO (as a professional graphic designer) the previous artwork was far better then this new, over unbalanced and clumsy version.

    Who do we contact to complain (not that it will make any difference)?

  38. Oh man. Feenies looks delicious. I’m angling for a trip to Vancouver to help with the Winter Olympics planning (yes, already) and think I’ll add this to the long list of restaurants to try.

    Congratulations on Lulu. I hope she doesn’t feel too out-of-place amongst the pugs.

  39. Hi Joe

    I think your name is getting out there to the scammers as a possible mark.. You actually respond and it gets their hope up.. It’s nice to give them a taste of their own medicine. Aren’t you afraid of UV rays affecting your pugs? They should be wearing sunglasses and be covered in protective lotions.. or at least have little sun umbrellas to shade them….


  40. Whats the temperature at the moment? Whats classfied as a heat wave?

    Love the pics of the dogs. Cuties!

  41. Although there’s probably no legitimate reason to bring Vala over to Atlantis, would you at least think about it? Her interactions with Rodney and Sheppard would be priceless!

    Another Vala-related question, what can we expect from her in Continuum (now that you’ve seen it)? Any juicy moments?

  42. Well, this is the topic of much discussion on some fan threads… why is it that writers can develop background for McKay, Ronon, and (hopefully Teyla) but you guys have such a difficult time giving the viewers some good backstory on Sheppard?

  43. “It’s good to see you got rid of Weir. She needs to be charged with incompetance — letting a wraith queen on Atlantis .. hello??.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I’d take her to court too. What on earth has she been thinking!?! Seriously, how soon can you press charges?


  44. Oops…sorry Joe, was slightly miffed this morning when I saw the new s3 DVD boxset cover on Gateworld and may have been a little harsh (think I got out the wrong side of bed)!

    Besides the fact Beckett has been ditched off the cover, which I think is highly unfair…I mean what was the point in promoting Paul to main cast if his character was never going to be treated or seen in anyone but the fans eyes as a reg (aka missing of DVD covers, promotions etc)? And a pro did that work? Dodgey blatantly flipped images (everyone is now left handed???), stuck on heads…badly stuck on heads to different bodies (so bad it makes me laugh). And sudden Weir is the action hero and Teyla is the demure alien damsel???? I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but shouldn’t the cover reflect the contents and therefore the characters properly? And as the DVD are so kickass, its a shame the packaging is so…well crap.

    Anyways, /rant!

    P.S. You know, I never was a small dog fan but damn those pugs are adorable!

  45. Hello Joe,
    Those junk mail replies are hilarious. But very time consuming I assume.

    Wow I checked out Feenie’s restaurant’s website and the place seems very neat.
    However seeing how it’s a more upscale place they didn’t put any prices on their menu.
    So, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but what is the price range of the dishes at Feenie’s?

    Thank you

  46. Hi Joe,

    Can you tell fans where (or who) they should complain to about the “new” S3 boxset cover for Atlantis?

    The new one looks TERRIBLE! The old one was gorgeous.


  47. Dear Mr Malozzi,

    Please help me to get some rest and tell me when we will know why Black BDU Mitchell told to Cam Mitchell, in Ripple Effect ep, “When the time comes, cut the green one “? In Continuum? In The Ark of truth? OR in SGA Season five when Cam Mitchell and Vala will pay a visit to Sam?

    And there is a special offer for my sweet buddy Johnny e! I translate for free and just for him my question in my so native and so dirty language:

    “S’il-vous-plaît, aidez-moi à gagner un peu de repos et dites-moi quand saurons-nous pourquoi Black BDU Mitchell dit à Cam Mitchell dans l’épisode Ripple effect…” Dans Continuum? Dans L’arche de vérité? OU lors d’une visite de Mitchell et Vala à Sam pendant la 5ième saison de SGA?

    Aren’t they dirty enough those poor french speaking people!!!

  48. At times it feels like you’re on a giant treadmill. Slow down even for a second and you’re screwed.

    I keep seeing George Jetson flopping on his treadmill and yelling for help!

  49. Any reason why Beckett’s not on the new season three box set cover? I know you’ve dumped him, but shouldn’t he be there, given the fact he was in almost every episode of season three? It seems a little disrespectful to Paul, IMO.

  50. We’ve heard lots of talk about what season four has in store for Teyla and I think it’s great that she’s finally getting the character development she deserves but what about the other characters? Can we expect some kind of character “arc” for each of the main characters during season four?

  51. cher Joe, je voulais savoir si vous comptiez laisser Weir de coté (comme vous le faites avec Ford) s’il y a une saison 5 avons nous une chance de la revoir à la tête de la cité

  52. Is there a reason why Vala was excluded from SG-1’s box set and Beckett was omitted from SGA’s? Isn’t there someone who should be checking on these things and making sure that the entire cast is shown!?

    I’m not a major fan of either character, but they deserved spots on the covers. Once is a bad call, twice suggests a serious problem. I’ve never cared about DVD covers until now. I know it’s not your call, and you’re not designing these things, but surely there’s someone you could talk to about it?

    Oh, and could someone calm down with the air-brushing? It looks like the “200” spoof for young SG-1, unless that was the goal. In which case, kudos!

  53. You want to know why no one seems to take Stargate Atlantis seriously? It’s because of things like the season three cover art. I tell you, Joe, the show is teetering on the abyss of Andromeda territory. The show has become that campy and the story has become that choppy. It’s impossible to take the Atlantis characters seriously as they in no way have fleshed out personalities. They’re constantly reduced to the sum of the roles in episodes, and their physicality is the only thing that is ever stressed. Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c were always allowed to be real, three dimensional people. They had personalities, lives and traits outside of their functions in episodes. Atlantis fails in that regard. It’s always just going to be SG-1’s spin off. And something that is cheap knockoff of the original.

  54. Joe, There has been some discussion about the actual “level of technology” the Travelers have. Some of the writers from the Press Tour two weeks ago have said that the Travelers are far more advanced than the Atlantis expediton. Was this just a bad interpretation on the part of the writer? Everything else I have seen points to them having just about the same level of tech as our expedition/Earth. Also, is there still a chance the Travelers will appear in a third episode near the end of the season?


  55. I have to join the crowd here and say that the second version of the DVD cover art is indeed ugly! Regardless of how any one individual looks (or doesn’t look, if they’re not there), it’s just ugly.

  56. *waves*

    Only me. :o)

    Well, i’ve been to the dentist, but alas my bravery was limited only to sitting in the chair, lol. Maybe next time i’ll be brave enough to actually let them do something. 😛

    So, while i’m here and still rambling, a quick question if I may be so bold. When you write for characters that are ‘inherantly heroic’ shall we say. Do you enjoy writing a different part of their psyche? Such as the vulnerabilty aspect or having someone ‘lose it’ when they’re pushed to the edge of their limits, or do you find it hard to write? And will we be seeing this in SGA?

    If so any hints who? If you want to answer crytpically i’m all for mind games, it’ll keep me out of trouble until S4 airs. :o)

    Thank you Mr M you’re a very wise and kind and generous man.

    And Lulu looks so sweet. I hope she doesn’t live up to her name too much. 😛

    Oh btw with regards to your penpals. I got offered $153 million the other day. If I were you i’d hold off for a better offer. 😉


  57. **********
    “You want to know why no one seems to take Stargate Atlantis seriously?”

    Thats one of the things that bugs me about the cover art, it makes the show look like a cheap b-movie. All that hard work goes into creating a quality DVD and you get a butchered cover that does not reflect the contents or the characters and leaves out one of the main cast…Beckett (unforgivable!). They have all those great promo shots to work from and yet they choose to badly frankensein stuff together, not even decently together??? Fans do it better and they dont get paid!

    And thats an opinion from a professional…who wouldn’t be caught dead signing my name to work of that poor quality!

  58. Guys, Joe has no control over the artwork cover. Blame Fox for it. In fact, you can send your opinions, concerns and rage to This is their email account for all upcoming releases.

    Sorry to hijack your blog Joe, but maybe this will help alleviate some of the backlash you are sure to receive.

  59. Hi Joe!

    Louisiana Culinary Correspondent reporting in. I love the pics of the sunbathing pooches. Verry cute!

    Are you guys still on hiatus? If so, when are you going back to work?

    Believe me…..I’m not going outside. It’s too darn hot and humid here. It’s just me and the AC right now….and I’m a happy SGA fan.

    Take care!

  60. Hi Joe

    I just wondered if the budget for SGA has changed for season 4 or if it’s the same as previous seasons.


  61. Joe,

    We’re dying here of non Stargate stuff, any chance you could throw us a bone? We’ve got exactly *counts down to Stargate S4 day* 78 days until it airs. The fandom is about to explode, or implode whichever way you look at it and you could be just the person to save it. What do you say?


  62. Mr. M – is anyone there ready to admit the mistakes made and failures made with not having carter in charge of SG-1 by herself in seasons 9-10 and is the fact that she gets command of atlantis your way of saying hey – we screwed up (and screwed the character and many fans) in S9-10 and it failed like a parachute pack with no nylon so let’s try and make up for it with this.

  63. Anyone who dresses like JM would never choose such ugly cover art–we know that, jen kirk! 😉 Clearly the responsibility for that cover lies with someone at Fox who is wearing an extremely ugly sportcoat at this very moment.

    Whose idea was it to have the bus run over Daniel’s would-be assassin in “Bounty”? I know some people didn’t like it, but I was thinking we were getting set up for something complicated, and then BAM! I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. In fact, I missed parts of the next scene.

  64. I know some of you realize this, but do the more vehemently angry bloggers realize this is just a tv show – and that Carter/Weir/Sheppard/Teyla/Ronon/
    Mitchell/O’Neill/Jackson/Teal’c/Vala are fictional characters who actually do not have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

  65. Anonymous said…
    I know some of you realize this, but do the more vehemently angry bloggers realize this is just a tv show – and that Carter/Weir/Sheppard/Teyla/Ronon/
    Mitchell/O’Neill/Jackson/Teal’c/Vala are fictional characters who actually do not have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

    I just had to respond to this drivel that anon is now dishing up. What do you mean they’re fictional? Next thing you’ll be telling us is that the Stargate’s not real. I suggest you get your facts right, before sprouting this nonsense in future! What’s under cheyenne mountain then? Are you seriously implying that the little grey men known as Thor and Loki are not real? And that there weren’t ships flying around the Antractic a few years ago, and there wasn’t a space battle in the antarctic or that people have mutant genes? Really, i’ve never heard anything so absurd in all my life. You should be ashamed of yourself anon!

  66. *blushes* Sorry for the spamming Joe, that was me who replied to anon… I didn’t realise the blog thing had logged me out. Oops. Sorry

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