Oh, dear. How depressing. My three-week hiatus is almost over and what have I got to show for it? One script completed, less than 20 books read, and a peeling sunburn.

Speaking of reading, I’m just about to finish up on Terry Pratchett’s The Light Fantastic, a delightfully wicked read, and one sorely needed after the garbage book I got through yesterday. Another excellent novel I finished the other day was Thomas M. Disch’s Camp Concentration, a scifi classic (I’m embarrassed to admit it took me so long to get around to) focusing on a conscientious objector, Louis, imprisoned for protesting an ongoing war. He is sent to Camp Archimedes, a prison whose inmates are part of a state-run experiment. Through Louis’s journal entries, we discover that his fellow inmates, once ordinary individuals, have been transformed into geniuses by a compound called Palladine. Ultimately, it turns out that Palladine’s source is a horrifying as its side effects. A wholly engaging and brilliant, brilliant read.

On the Stargate front, I’ve been in touch with some of the guys and Nora O’Brien over at Sci Fi who is working with her people on putting together that Atlantis season four sneak peek. Marty G. has taken his birthday festivities on the road – Vegas to be precise, where he reports he is 15 pages into his next script which still has no title, but does have Rodney driving Carter and Keller absolutely crazy. After taking time off to do a little fishing, Carl is heavy into Midway. It’ll be great to finally see the big men spar. It’ll also be nice to have Kavanagh back. Unfortunately, he won’t find his return quite as enjoyable. Alan is plugging away on Kindred II which is an episode fans will no doubt be looking forward to. No pressure, Alan. Paul, meanwhile, phoned me up to discuss some of the changes he wants to make to Kindred I. The fact that wraith ships don’t possess shields certainly complicates matters, but I’ve always loved Paul’s idea of giving them limited regenerative capabilities. And, if it survives the polish, we get to find out where Lorne grew up. Any guesses?

We’ll be back in the offices on Monday at it looks like a week of meetings for yours truly as we head directly into prep on Kindred I, to be directed by SG-1 alumni Peter Woeste. Damn. I’ll miss spending quality time with the dogs.

Last night, Fondy and I went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Don Francesco Ristorante, the site of many a Stargate cast dinner. Although I was still suffering the effects of that killer sundae, I did manage to polish off my squash-stuffed agnolotti with black truffle butter appetizer (if I was to put together a list of the top 10 dishes in Vancouver, this would definitely be one of them) as well as an incredibly tender and delicate sea bass. Special mention should be made of Fondy’s rigatoni, served with plump, spicy Italian sausage, eggplant, and a marinara sauce bursting with basil. The pasta was perfectly cooked, nice and al dente, and I had to demonstrate significant restraint to keep from “sampling” her entire plate. This place never disappoints.

What’s on your respective minds…?

Alipeeps writes: “Lulu? What happened to Kobe? Change of planned name or change of planned pug?”

Answer: Fondy has her heart set on the female Frenchie, who is more of a Lulu. That said, I still haven’t moved on from the black male pug, our prospective Kobe.

PG15 writes: “Have you ever seen the TV show Invader Zim?”

Answer: I haven’t, although the look of the show interested me enough to pick up the first season on DVD – which I have to get around to. Right now, I’ve just started on season one of Extras. I still think Ricky Gervais would make a great foil for Rodney. Anybody got his number?

Jason writes: “So now that you and Paul are in charge of the “How Come Room” do you find that you are more conscientious of the different choices the directors make and have more questions or do you guys let the directors have free reign?”

Answer: We’ve always had the utmost of confidence in the jobs our directors are doing, many of whom have been with the Stargate franchise since its first season. They know both shows inside and out and any “free reign” they’ve been granted has been more than earned.

Anonymous #1 writes: “If given the opportunity, I was curious if you would ever have the desire to go up with the Canadian Snowbirds?”

Answer: No way. But I know Brad would jump at the chance.

Rac76 writes: “What motivates you to write? When did you start writing and why? What was your writing like when you were in elementary school? How would you motivate a 9 year old to write?”

Answer: “Write about what you know” is very good advice as is “Write about what you want to know”. As a kid, way back in elementary school, I wrote short stories, mainly horror and science fiction because those were the types of shows and movies I enjoyed. Find out what your nine year old enjoys reading and watching and steer them in that direction, have them explore the genre in creative ways. He may not necessarily become a professional writer, but it will certainly prove a worthwhile exercise.

Yasmin writes: “ 1) If I wanted to ship you some Bengali sweets (…) would you be interested? 2) I was talking about your blog to p-diddy again(yes my friends have nicknamed my hubby that); and he wondered if you liked maple syrup. He also felt the need to start something by the following statement and asking me to post it “Vermont maple syrup is the only REAL syrup”.

Answers: 1) I’m always interested when it comes to sweets. 2) Tell p-diddy them’s fighting words.

Squall78 writes: “Also, isn’t production cost down by more than half, since SG-1 is no longer airing?”

Answer: I wish but, alas, MGM won’t give us the SG-1 production budget in addition to our Atlantis production budget to work with.

Lorr54 writes: “Have y’all been able to create some interesting Sheppard backstory, and is there any possibility of us seeing it in season 4?”

Answer: It’s possible. We’ll see how things develop on this front after the hiatus.

Johnny E! writes: “Oh, and my wife says thanks for the Read suggestions. They are helpful in her time of sickness. Could you dedicate your next blog to her, she has a sinus infection, bronchitis, and a 19 month old (child that is).”

Answer: Yes. Consider this very special bog dedicated to Mrs. Johnny E!

Kdvb1 writes: “I’m a teacher and a lot of children have problems with writing. If it doesn’t come naturally it is really about practice…”

Answer: Great suggestions.

Vikitty writes: “What happened to Uni?”

Answer: Uni was just a name. But, apparently, the Frenchie is more of a Lulu. I don’t know.

Anonymous #2 writes: “One of my favorite SG1 races is the Gadmeer and as it turns out, they are the brain children of you. I read @gateworld, in the original script, Lotan blewup the ship and killed the gadmeer. Was the script changed to keep the race around or to have a more up-lifting ending or something different? Did you consider writing them into another episode?”

Answer: The script was changed because it was felt the original ending was too downbeat. It didn’t have anything to do with a desire to revisit the Gadmeer who, while cool-looking, would be a challenge to bring back as actual alien characters.

42 writes: “Which publisher printed those Terry Pratchett books you bought?”

Answer: Corgi Books. They are quite nice.

Linzi writes: “Have you filled all the episode slots for season 4 yet, or is there still a gap?”

Answer: We’ve all been on hiatus and so the gap remains.

Anonymous #3 writes: “I think your name is getting out there to the scammers as a possible mark.”

Answer: Sadly, quite the opposite. The yahoo account I’ve been using to respond to them is now annoyingly devoid of any spam.

Dorothea writes: “I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but what is the price range of the dishes at Feenie’s?”

Answer: Depends what you order. Expect to pay between $20-30 for dinner.

Toni writes: “I don’t know if you read the New York Times or not, but in case you don’t, they had an interesting article on the superiority of British chocolate in today’s edition.”

Answer: I’ll concede the Kit Kat and Mars Bars division to the Brits. But when it comes to the higher end chocolate bars, I give the nod to the Italians.

77 thoughts on “July 12, 2007

  1. Why do you think that you probably won’t ever write a novel? Do you think there are different skill sets required for novel writing vs. script writing? If so, what do you think those are and what do you consider your writing strengths?

    BTW, there is a good website, http://www.lspace.org about Terry Pratchett’s books, including a great guide on the reading order and different strains of the Discworld books if you are interested. (http://www.lspace.org/books/reading-order-guides/the-discworld-reading-order-guide-1-5.pdf)

  2. Speaking of chocolate superiority…have you ever tried a ‘tim tam’…and if so, dipped it in hot chocolate and sipped through one??

    Do you think the world would be an entirely different place without chocolate? I for one would say we would probably be thinner but far grumpier!

  3. “Marty G. […] where he reports he is 15 pages into his next script […] but does have Rodney driving Carter and Keller absolutely crazy.”

    ooh, sounds fun! 😀

    i wish i had something more to say, but nothing’s coming. just excited by seeing more lovely sam.

    sally 🙂

  4. Now now Joe, don’t fret; Sure, you only got through 1 script and more books than I can read in a year, as well as a sunburn that all Vancouverites would have now due to this blazing weather (which changed today; hooray!!), but don’t forget, you also delighted thousands of fans who read your blog with your HI-larious scammer responses. They were classics Joe, and they will be remembered in the annals of your blog. Yes.

    I don’t know whether you were serious or not, but I agree completely; Ricky Gervais would be absolutely perfect to play against Rodney. I won’t lie, I will sit through an entire episode of Atlantis of just having Ricky’s character talking with David’s. I really would. Seriously.

    Oh, and thank you so much for that huge hint drop there today. My anticipation of Season 4 just got boosted again.

    Finally, a question: what did you mean when you said “It’ll be great to finally see the big men spare”? Big men spare? What is that?


  5. Were your ears burning last night? My brother, Bob Lewis, was visiting, and dinner conversation revolved around the SG franchise and “Heroes”. We agreed…

    that the Asgard, sadly, will not be seen again. However, Bob’s convinced that their database was saved in the climactic scenes of “Unending”. Do you have any comments for him?

  6. Ohhh I love Extras! That is one brilliant show. You should definitely get Ricky Gervais, that would be so much fun. 🙂

    Interesting about Scorched Earth. I seem to remember reading somewhere that there was some controversy, but I didn’t know what about. I think I’d have preferred your ending. If well done, downbeat can be so much more effective.

  7. Joe,

    Lorne seems like he is a midwest type of guy so i am going to say Minnesota in honor of Jack O’Neill.

  8. Dear Joe:

    Can you provide any background on why all during Seasons 8-10 of Stargate SG-1 when the fans would talk about the fact that they thought both of the Stargate shows were hurt because too many of the same writers, producers, directors, etc., were trying to do 2 shows (particularly the writers) but it was never acknowledged and at that time everyone involved with making the shows continuously responded that they thought things were going well, etc., however now it seems that almost everyone who is involved with the Stargate shows who talks about it in interviews says how good it is NOT to be doing two shows because of the pressure there was and the fact there was not enough time to flesh some things out, etc.

    Seems like the fans were right but no one involved in making the Stargates was willing to say so then but everyone involved in making Stargate Atlantis is jumping on the band-wagon now and not once does anyone say “gee you know the fans were right when they were saying the shows were suffering and, yes, we did have too much on our plates in Seasons 8-10 of Stargate Sg-1 and 1-3 of Stargate Atlantis” instead of just using it as an excuse now to justify “well it’s a relief there is no more Stargate SG-1 since now we can really pay the proper amount of attention to Staragte Atlantis and make it better”.

    It kind of makes me wonder what else the fans were, are and will be right about after Stargate Atlantis ends and you finally start talking straight about both shows.

  9. 1.)Have you ever thought about directing?
    2.)SG-1 can pretty much be divided into four chapters:
    -Chapter 1: Seasons 1-3, where everyone is introduced and the show gains its footing
    -Chapter 2: Seasons 4-5, where everyone has been introduced, thus more fun and non-storyline episodes are around although the storyline episodes are bigger and better
    -Chapter 3: Seasons 6-8, where most of the storylines and characters are developed further leading to a big climax
    -Chapter 4: Seasons 9-10, new characters, new stories and new everything

    my question is, do you consider the fourth season of Atlantis to be a new chapter in the story?

    3.)Are you planning on answering a lot of long wondered questions this season of Atlantis or do you plan to just develop the questions further?

  10. It’ll also be nice to have Kavanagh back. Unfortunately, he won’t find his return quite as enjoyable.

    I hope you aren’t kidding about this. He is totally the guy I love to hate. Can’t wait to have him back. Can you find Bates while you’re at it?

    And, if it survives the polish, we get to find out where Lorne grew up. Any guesses?

    He doesn’t have much of an accent so not the northeast or the south. I’m going with Seattle. Beautiful scenery for that art teacher mom of his to paint.

    What story would you really like to tell that you just can’t find a place for?

  11. I go back to school on monday as well. Wanna swap? I’ll go to work for you and you go to school? Mind you, you’ll have to finish my holiday assignments (physics and business studies) which I havent started yet…..

  12. In regard to where lorne is from…. taking the ‘polish’….did he grow up in poland? or am i reaching a little too far?

  13. Hey Joe,
    Great to hear the sneak peak is moving along. It will hopefully provide impetus for people to tune-in in the fall. I know I’ll be there. Just make sure Sci-Fi actually does a decent job. The Battlestar sneak peak in Eureka the other night was awful. Isn’t the idea about a sneak peak to make you want to tune in and watch the show by raising some interest? The one for Battlestar just seemed like some random flashes. Hope Atlantis’ turns out better.

  14. Oh, by the way, I think Lorne is from Arizona. Perhaps Flagstaff. Nobody’s ever from Flagstaff.

  15. I love Extras! Seriously, if you got Ricky Gervais on the show, I would be overjoyed. The idea of him and McKay…that’s gold. They could be the only ones in the whole episode and it would be great.

  16. P.S. I’ll throw my guess in on Lorne’s state of origin as Washington. I’d prefer it was Oregon, but no one’s ever from Oregon.

  17. joe wanted to let you know that i enjoy reading your post each day. if ive had a bad day i can always count on your to give me a smile


  18. hi, joe,

    you guys covered the atlantis mystery, but what about the bermuda triangle mystery? an ancients outpost perhaps? a downed alien ship? when sam went back in time, she forgot to turn off a device? :p

    sally 😀

  19. Oooh Kavanagh, he reminds me of a person I work with. They think they are so very slick, yet their calculating ways are so very apparent.

    Should I wait a couple of weeks when you are back at the studio to send you the goodies?

    P-diddy is thinking of a response to your response. You might have to wait a bit :-).

    Have a great day and enjoy the last few days of your vacation.

  20. Answer: We’ve all been on hiatus and so the gap remains.

    Is there also a gap in the directors schedule? Is there a chance Amanda might get to direct again?

  21. More of ‘lovely Sam’ for majorsal? Barf!

    What’s more important is that BECKETT has been dumped from the season three cover. Appalling.

    Who do we complain to to get it fixed? The cover art is a joke and looks like someone with no basic skills has done it.

  22. Answer: “No way. But I know Brad would jump at the chance.”

    I wouldn’t go up either Joe. I’m afraid of heights. I don’t even like roller coasters. Too high up in the air for my tastes. Flying upside down (and other stunt formations) makes me feel green just thinking about it. In other words – not enough money in the world!

    However, my Dad went up with the Snowbirds and loved it. He was able to take a lot of pictures. I hope Brad will get the chance to go up too someday. I bet he would really enjoy it.

  23. And, if it survives the polish, we get to find out where Lorne grew up. Any guesses?

    I’m feeling Kentucky. Lorne just gives me the impresion he’s a horse man. I can picture him painting a picture of the Kentucky Derby. He’s a country boy, definitely not city—I know city. Plus, I found the historical significance of Kentucky in the US extremely interesting.

    Ruffles told me you brought back Kav!!! Oh thanks for bringing back Kavanaugh, does he still have his ponytail?! ^_^

  24. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Lorne grew up in Kansas; possibly even went to high school with Mitchell?

  25. I’m sending my thanks for the suggestion for helping my son write. We read your response together in hope that he receive some encouragement. Hopefully, soon I will be reading about “World of Warcraft” or some other type of fanasty story.

    Thank you,

  26. Congratulations! Your the first person to ever make me sad that I don’t get any spam mail. It seriously bums be out that I can never form one of these lasting relationships . . .

  27. “Marty G. has taken his birthday festivities on the road – Vegas to be precise, where he reports he is 15 pages into his next script which still has no title, but does have Rodney driving Carter and Keller absolutely crazy.”
    Thanks but no thanks! Less Rodney in S4 please!
    Do you watch “Dead Zone”?

  28. Joe, when ou get a chance to, read Kristin Britian’s “Green Rider” series. It is an excellent diversion from Terri Pratchett. She seems to be a newer scifi-fantasy writer who I’ve enjoyed so far.

    Dinner looks fantastic. Mine was simply Dominos Pizza. Long hard day at the resort dealing with tourists.

  29. Marty G. has taken his birthday festivities on the road – Vegas to be precise, where he reports he is 15 pages into his next script which still has no title, but does have Rodney driving Carter and Keller absolutely crazy.

    BWAHAHA! Priceless. 🙂

    Can you give us some assurances that should McKay finally push Sam too far and she ends up popping him in the nose a la Ba’al that he’ll be okay by the end of the episode. Or at least that he’ll heal before the next one airs.

    Mary Beth 😀

  30. You only get three weeks off for the summer hiatus? Wow..that’s not good. I thought actors/writers/movie people got a long hiatus. I thought it was a couple months. How long is your winter hiatus? I guess I am lucky to have the summers off as a teacher. Of course there are plenty of small people to deal with throughout the year and that can make the time we work seem very long indeed.

  31. Kdvb1 said…

    I think Lorne grew up in Chicago and is a Cubbies fan.

    Bite your tongue! He grew up in St. Louis and is a lifelong Cardinals fan!

  32. Lulu is a nice name – does that make three females in the house and three males (counting mere humans)?

    The good thing about canines is that you can’t share your chocolate with them.

    Enjoy your new ‘baby’ when she comes. It is making me broody.

  33. Kavanagh’s return promises to be… interesting. 🙂

    (Are we ever going to see any fallout from “Critical Mass”, where Our Big Damn Heroes were willing to torture him? Or because it didn’t actually happen, is that just being dropped?)

    As for Lorne: Kentucky.

  34. Thanks for the publisher info, I’ll look at ordering those next time I need some Pratchett!

    I’ll concede the Kit Kat and Mars Bars division to the Brits. But when it comes to the higher end chocolate bars, I give the nod to the Italians.

    Have you tried Belgian chocolate? I know that it seems stereotypical to say so, but it really is the best chocolate in the world!

    Hmmm, it transpires that Ender’s Game is actually being filmed as we speak… with Wolfgang Petersen at the helm no less.


  35. Why not name Keller……Kelly Keller? XD


    So how many episodes will Keller appears? Please say all 20.

  36. The yahoo account I’ve been using to respond to them is now annoyingly devoid of any spam.

    I’ve got a bunch you could answer. Why, just the other day, I received one from an Alfred Kabore. He’s from the African Development Bank.

    Your dinner looks amazing.

    I must say, you are a terrible influence on me. I saw a puppy pug today and just about squealed. He was so cute. Before I started reading your blog, I’d never have paid attention.

    I must also say, I am looking forward to this fourth season for many reasons, but one of the top is the concentration that seems to be on Lorne. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for him and am rather glad he will be more prominent this season. As for his roots…I’d love it if he were from up north (Minnesota would be lovely), but I’m going to guess more southern east coast states like Virginia, N or S Carolina, perhaps. Something to explain his vague accent.

  37. Have you considered a tighter plot arc similar to how Doctor Who (and by extension, Torchwood) done it in Season 3?

  38. I told you I would give you the results of the other fave ep as they finished here’s Daniel’s
    Voted by GW Top 5 Daniel episodes

    1st – Memento Mori (50)
    2nd – Crystal Skull (50)
    3rd – Unending (50)
    4th – There But For The Grace Of God (50)
    5th – The Quest II (50)

    My personal Top 5 Daniel episodes
    1. Crystal Skull
    2. The Torment of Tantalus
    3. Secrets
    4. Scorched Earth
    5. Enemy Mine

    I know you watched Friday Night Lights who was your favorite character or characters? Mine are Tyra and Julie. Can we look forward to some good scenes between Sheppard and Weir in season 4?

  39. hey salut salut joseph!!
    bah dit donc il a l aire vraiment appétissant ce restaurannt italien!!
    =}Vancouver, c est une joli ville?
    lol vous saviez qu il y a 7700Km(4784miles)entre chez vous et chez moi? waou c est baucoup!
    =}houch la femme de Johnny.E a une infection des sinus et une bronchite, oh la pauvre jespert qu elle se rétablira vite!
    =}Waou dés l age de 9 ans vous écriviez, vous m inprésionnez!
    =}ma question d aujourd hui:
    Quel est votre fond d écran d ordinateur en ce moment? ^^

    Bon aller bisou, a demian, je vous adore!Merci!

  40. Oh please, please, please include the Lorne scene, you have no idea how many people you will make happy. The secondary characters are important too!
    And in your listing of fantastic British chocolate, you forgot the wonder that is the Cadbury Creme Egg. Those things have helped me through many a traumatic event.

  41. Bonjour Joseph,

    Je suis une trés grande fan de Stargate et j’adore votre blog, je le regarde tout les jours, votre blog est génial

  42. I’ve always thought that Lorne reminded me of many of the guys I knew growing up in Texas.

    Yes. I realize that his lack of a stereotypical Texas accent will probably preclude that, but that’s my thought.

    So. Second choice? Arizona. (Don’t even ask me why. I have no clue.)

    And today you send me off on a craving for Italian food. (A scene sadly lacking here in Atlanta.)

  43. Have you read The Old Kingdom Trilogy by Garth Nix? It’s a good read.

    Good luck with your scripts 🙂 IM sure their going to be great! Cant wait!

    Any idea when SG1 season 10 and SGA Season 3 DVDs will release in Australia(region 4)?

  44. Hey Joe:

    Just wondering what the perfect day in the life of Joe Mallozzi would consist of?

    Have a great weekend!

  45. I’m guessing the Lorne is from the Central States — Nebraska or Kansas, Maybe one of the Dakotahs. (I adore Lorne, BTW!)

    I am delighted to hear that you are bringing Kavanagh back, if only for one ep. Promise me you aren’t going to have him capped?

    Ruffles asked about Bates and I’d really like to know as well… we’d love to see him again, too.

    You’ve given us so many juicy bits of info in this post! Thanks ever so much!

  46. Hi Joe, I understand if you don’t approve my comment but it is your fault because you started me thinking and in my defense it is raining here in Liverpool and I am on annual leave and bored!
    The fact that wraith ships don’t possess shields certainly complicates matters, but I’ve always loved Paul’s idea of giving them limited regenerative capabilities. And, if it survives the polish, we get to find out where Lorne grew up. Any guesses?

    With the Wraith ships having organic looking fixtures i.e. the furniture that looks like bone I always thought that the ships would be an on going evolution of different species.
    They could be mosaic ships for example If like certain sea creatures the ship could quickly regenerate amour and hull plating but in the mean time like the human body it could use something similar to fibroginagin to stabilize the damage from that net work the hull could be repaired. The Wraith being a parasitic species there understanding of other parasitic species would help them to develop this system.
    With cloning each ship would be able to have the benefit.

    Wraith ships having computers with a hybrid system bi neural circuitry

    Yoshiaki Ohashi, who led the study at Keio University in Tokyo, said that bacteria have the potential to store vast quantities of data and are more resistant to the kinds of damage that could wipe modern hard drives. “Information storage using DNA is robust for more than one hundred million years,” he said.

    A bio-armour that can grow expand and repair it self based on the iratuse bug gene. The carapase can be pliable when in its inert state but when hit by a blast can become hard.
    As the blast hit the ship the energy is taken and distributed around the organic parts disapating its effects of course this would have a derogatory effect and after a couple of blasts the hull would be damaged then hybrid eratuse budgs would assemble and weave or spray a second carapase hull to repair the damage

    Bug names the Idaxon bug

    Advantages light weight repairable blast would be nullified over the cells and help the cells of the carapase to reproduce there fore with each blast the cells regenerate

    Need to use a virus to kill the cells?

    Total bio intergration with the rest of the ship exoskeleton lysis bug

    Regeneration and repair pus stable


    The ship itself could be a mosaic of living organic matter and inorganic. The ships need not be constructed but rather cloned. The hull would be made of a super protein formed into a carapace type of material It would repair itself by exuding a similar substance to one used in the human body called Fibroblasts which provides a structural framework that fills the damaged areas hardening for an immediate repair and preventing loss of life support. As the Wraith are on first name terms with insect species they would have for example ‘Idaxon bugs’to repair the damage to the ship.
    The raw material would come from the bugs own bodies and the damaged ships hull. Ingesting the damaged hull and passing it through their bodies they would use their mouth parts to reform the damage areas (even the Wraith recycle). The greater the damage the more insects would be put on the repairs. When not in use the bugs could be packed into stasis.
    I also like the idea of the Wraith computers having a bi neural hybrid feel. Research from Japan has indicated that information stored using DNA could last for more than one hundred million years.
    As far as Lorne goes I think he is from Ontario Canada.


  47. Hi Joe!

    I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, and in case the plane crashes and I never get to see the SG movies or another episode of SGA, would you please answer this one question for me:

    A few months back you said there was no plan to ship Carter w/anyone in Atlantis. Is that:

    a) Because there really wasn’t a logical spot for it in the S4 storyline;
    b) Because SGA is not about ships (we’re not talking the flying kind here)and you just don’t want to deal with that whole aspect of the character(s);
    c) Because Carter is already in a well-established relationship with someone and really there was no need to dwell on it further (thinking pictures in her office, here…)
    d) All of the above.

    Thanks so much!

  48. Let’s see…Lorne…Mom’s an artist and he (Kavan) said in an interview somewhere he (Lorne) plays the violin. So you could go far out and make him from Berkley, CA, but then again he does see to be a Midwest boy perhaps Iowa.

    I look forward to seeing Rodney give Carter lots of grief!

  49. Hey Joe…

    A friend of mine wants to bet me that Michael is the father of Teyla’s baby…should I take the bet?

  50. Since Lorne doesn’t have an accent, that eliminates a lot of places. I’m going to say California.

  51. So sorry to hear the scammers have left you Joe. If you’re truly lonely I could forward you some. A lovely girl named Edwin McDonough just e-mailed me wanting to chat. Of course I have everyone wanting to offer me the job of Admin Assistant for the latest and greatest online [insert scam site here], and it’s great because you telecommute, meaning you really don’t do anything…

    Actually, did have a few questions (two… two questions).

    I’m sure you’ve answered this, and I just missed it, but something has been puzzling me. Are the timelines of Atlantis and the SG-1 movies going to diverge, since Sam is going to be at both places? (Or does the first movie take place before season 4, or does Sam just shuttle back and forth?)

    Number two concerns the music. I was listening to the Suite from Cold Lazarus the other day on my iPod, and realized how much I enjoy the scores from the show. Would you know who us fans could get in contact with to let them know we would like more music released?

    I’m a lover of TV soundtracks, and find it very sad that so much music never becomes available to listen to other than in an episode. I’m sure there are legal and cost reasons for that, but still, very sad.

  52. How stupid do I feel! I cut and pasted every thing including my thoughts. So sorry Joe and every one else I’m not mad just slightly insane and very red faced at the moment. The world can see my ramblings. How bad is that? And no little bin symbol thing so I can delete it. (Hangs head in shame)

  53. Joe, have you and your Stargate comrades read the letter from Maureen Parker about the mess that the CRTC and CTF have made of things? It spells certain doom for us in the industry, don’t you think?

  54. I recently got my brother to start watching Atlantis. He’s seen the 1st 2 seasons on DVD so far but ever since ‘Before I Sleep’ and ‘The Brotherhood’ he’s been annoying me with ‘when are they going to visit the other planets on Weir’s list?’ I’ve tried telling him Atlantis as a series would have to come to an end if they had visited all the planets. I’ve tried telling him stupid Rodney lost the list. I’ve even told him I don’t care but he wont shut up about it. Please tell me the team will visit one of the planets in season 3 or 4 or if they haven’t yet PLEASE!!!! write one.

  55. Hi Joe,

    I have a Comic Con question Joe. When the fans ask questions, do they have to stay strictly with questions about Stargate? I would love to know more about Chris and Michael’s ‘Rage Of Angels’ project, but I didn’t know if it would be rude to ask.

  56. So happy to hear Kavanaugh will return! *rubs hands in glee*

    Hard to tell on Lorne. He could be from anywhere and any bit of an accent he has wouldn’t be a clue. Ben Browder has a distinct North Carolina accent, but the writers had him coming from Kansas. Go figure.

  57. Now that there are only a few episodes left to write for season four, are you able to tell us yet if Daniel will be in any episodes?

    I know that somebody has already asked before, but Daniel is the only SG1 character that you haven’t given a yes or no answer on yet.

  58. Hi Joe, A couple of days ago (I’ve been on vacation – I’m just catching up.) anonymous wrote:
    “Not even the prettiness of Joe Flanigan is enough to lure me in as a regular viewer for season four without Carson and Elizabeth.”
    Just to put my 2 cents in the “prettiness of Joe Flanigan” could lure me to watch just about anything!

  59. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, are you still going to keep up with your ‘pepals’ when you go back to work?

    I’m going to be a lemming today and just echo the sentiments of the blog! Kavanaugh back? Woohoo, I love that he gets under everyone’s skin and keeps people on their toes with his snarky comments. :o) Did you model him after yourself? 😉 So any chance Bates can come back for an episode or two? I love the playoff between him, Teyla and Shep. :o) One of my favourite scenes in S1 was when Teyla decked Bates. :o) Do we get to see that kind of friction in S4?

    Ooh so much yummy stuff to thank you for, but I won’t bore you needlesly. Same time tomorrow then? Hehehe.


    You’re a very wise and kind man Mr M, thank you very much for the tidbits they’re appreciated.

    Thank you for the goodies on the Stargate front. I’m looking forward the trailer next week and

  60. I am not opposed to replacing characters, nor am I an undying Elizabeth fan, but I have to wonder: If SG1 hadn’t been canceled, would Elizabeth still have been written out and someone else brought in to lead the expedition? If so, would that person have been a member of the military, like Carter, even though one of the big gimmicks of the show was that Atlantis had a civilian leader?

  61. oops did I have a brain freeze and forget to finish my sentence? That’s so unlike me. It usually only happens when I talk of whump or shirtless Shep.. 😛 Or it could be your blog just hiccuped on me.

    Sorry anyway *blushes*

    While I am back 😛 I meant to ask you if you’d ever drank coffee, hot chocolate or tea through a twix? It really is quite disgusting, and it gets incredibly gooey, but very moreish. :o) You have to bite the ends off first and suck the hot liquid through the twix, and it melts all the insides of it and then shove it in your mouth really quickly so it doesn’t drop on your desk. 😛 Then lick the chocolate off your fingers. 😀

    Okay i’m gong now, before people think i’ve completely lost the plot!

  62. hello Joseph!!

    Simplement pour vous dire que demain, le 14, c est la fête national de la france!!

    Vive la France!!^^ yééééé!!!!
    Alala queque j aime mon pays XD!!
    Fraench powa!!! lol

    aller kiss a demain^^!

  63. This is probably a silly question, but I’ll give it a shot anyway…

    Is it possible for someone who has Wraith DNA, like Teyla, to have the ATA gene as well, either naturally or through the gene therapy?


  64. Nice to see Lorne get a little backstory (possibly)…..how about Chuck (nician) getting some too?

    Oh, and Mars bars in Semolina is quite possibly one of the best choccie treats ever.

  65. When the fans ask questions, do they have to stay strictly with questions about Stargate? I would love to know more about Chris and Michael’s ‘Rage Of Angels’ project, but I didn’t know if it would be rude to ask.

    Since the SG1 cast are no doubt appearing for MGM this time round rather than Sci Fi and MGM is backing the boys’ pilot, I suspect that no one would probably mind.

  66. Hi Joe,
    How would you like to see the Sam/Jack Ship resolved? Thank You

    I don’t know about Joe, but for my part I’d like to see it resolved with an automatic weapon. 😉

  67. “Anonymous said…

    Hi Joe,
    How would you like to see the Sam/Jack Ship resolved? Thank You

    I don’t know about Joe, but for my part I’d like to see it resolved with an automatic weapon. 😉 “

    Don’t you think that they are both a little too old for a shotgun wedding?

  68. A bit eccentric perhaps but as a pet love, you might understand …

    There are two fans worth mentioning by name. Ms. Bud E Byrd and Gil A Gehn are two lady conures who spent their entire lives (until I had to leave them at a pet store when transferred to Atlanta with the military) watching McGyver, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. They were quite adept at learning words and using them quite proudly …. over and over … a lot ….. “indeed”.

    RDA was Bud’s “wanna be” mate. She “yes sirred” him every time he was on the screen.

    I have never before or since witnessed birds actually pay attention to a TV program and expressing their preference of program. and apparently, peanut crunching during the episodes was a sure fire indication that they knew a good thing when they saw it.

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