The sad thing about trying to correspond with scammers is that you rarely hear back from them after the initial missive. More often than not, they just give up and try their luck elsewhere which makes for a depressingly empty junk folder. And just when I figured Ali was a delightful exception to the rule, I was thrilled to discover an email awaiting me from Patrick Chan this morning. Patrick wrote:

“Dear friend,

Thank you for your response, just to prove my integrity; I have attached to this mail a copy of the certificate of deposit that was issued to the late General on the day he deposited the funds in my bank. I will at this very point want you to confirm your seriousness and willingness to follow up with this project along with the requested information.


Patrick Chan.”

Alas, I didn’t open the attachment, but I did respond:

“DEAR FRIEND sounds so constrained. Loosen up. I think we’ve moved past formalities. How about I call you Patty Cakes and you call me Fancypants (as my various trousers are nothing if not fancy). Great.

Well Patty Cakes, thanks for the certificate. I’ve had it framed and it now adorns my bedroom wall right between auntie Lucretia’s macramé owl and my autographed poster of Erik Estrada. You’ll be happy to hear that your little memento will be the first thing I see when I open my eyes every morning (provided I am not staring straight up, lying on my back, or facing the window). I would like to send a little something your way as well and I was thinking either one-bite brownies or my high school certificate of merit for missing the least number of sick days. Do you have a preference? Let me know.

Also, I noticed you didn’t answer my tree question (If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?). I think we can both agree that if we are going to take this relationship to the next level, we need to get to know each other and that means opening up, so, I would really appreciate an answer to my tree question.

In the meantime, here are a few more interesting things you might like to know about me:

I am a long-time yoga enthusiast and so, despite the fact that I am in my late sixties and weigh in excess of 300lbs, I am extremely pliant (if you know what I mean…wink, wink).

I am violently allergic to banana skins and, as a result, must have the fruit peeled for me.

Three years ago, I had a near-death experience after choking on a piece of whitefish. I found myself on a giant skating rink where I was reunited with my deceased uncle Rolf, H.R. Pufnstuf, and the late Otto Von Bismarck. I asked after my father but uncle Rolf told me that he couldn’t be bothered to make the long trip (which, incidentally, was typical of my dad so I knew he was telling the truth). Then, as I was about to strap on the skates Otto had brought me, I found myself back in the dining hall at Scurvy Pete’s Seafood Emporium. My doctor insists I imagined the whole thing but, just between you and me, of course he would say that. Doctors don’t want you to know how pleasant the afterlife really is because, if you did, no one would bother with their services anymore. It’s all part of a larger conspiracy involving the world bank, UFO’s, and that guy who played Mr. Belvedere which I’d be happy to tell you about in GREAT DETAIL in my next email.

My collection of wood ear mushrooms shaped like the state of Wisconsin is second to none.

Counting the hours until you write back –

Yours in the spirit of The Great Old Ones,
All Hail Shib-Niggurath,

Percival H. Lintmuffin”

I had to actually scour my alternate email’s junk folder to dig up this other potential pen pal who wrote:


To which I responded:

“Of course I know! David Kojo! It’s me, Merton Castrati. I used to sit behind you in Mrs. Haversham’s Geology class! Despite being such a loser dink in high school, you’ve obviously done very well for yourself. Last I’d heard you’d settled down with Imogene Carruthers and were raising llamas in Tupalu. What happened?

Your former classmate,


Onto the day’s Q&A –

PG15 writes: “Which episode in Season 4 thus far has used the most CGI?”

Answer: Hard to say given the various stages of development in each case. Given the early episodes, I’d have to go with Adrift.

Bex writes: “Could you pleaase send some positive thoughts all the way over to york uk?”

Answer: Done and done.

Majorsal writes: “Besides ‘THE SEER’, is there another sam centric storyline for a sam fan to look forward to?”

Answer: I’m reluctant to suggest any specific episode as there are stories in which she plays an important part but may not be the point of focus. I’d say Reunion is a good episode for the Carter character. Is it a character-centric episode though? I’d have to say no.

Anonymous #1 writes: “So you think certain literary criticism and theory regarding Julius Ceasar is intellectual masturbation, or you think literary theory in general is intellectual masturbation?”

Answer: Depends on the literary theory. For instance, I find historical and social interpretations of the text interesting while I find a process like deconstructionism an essentially hollow exercise.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Ooh, I don’t know, Joe. Torri said at the convention that she was awfully blindsided by you guys with First Strike.”

Answer: Sorry, I don’t follow. Are you trying to make a point?

M writes: “ How’s the holiday so far? Have you caught up on more Pratchett?”

Answer: Yup, I read Reaper Man. Certain passages had me laughing out loud.

Firefly827347 writes: “have you ever seen the show Dexter? The character which gives his name to the show reminds me a bit of you. Okay, so he’s a serial killer in his spare time…”

Answer: I watched the first season and bless your heart.

Susan the Turtle writes: “Did your Pug (Jelly I think) lie in that very ladylike pose just for the photograph?”

Answer: Actually, that’s Bubba who bones seem to be made of jelly.

Crazymom writes: “Are we going to see Wolsey in Atlantis anytime soon?”

Answer: Woolsey will be dropping on for The Seer.

Jenny Robin writes: “My kitty is still very ill, and I’ve decided that darker forces are at work. Are you sure you didn’t Super-Evil-Villain-ify her?”

Answer: Impossible. My dark forces are animal-friendly.

Anonymous #3 writes: “We will know the father of teyla’s baby in the first or the second half of season 4?”

Answer: We will know very early.

Windshieldbug writes: “By the way, I have a new recipe up on my blog. Try it out! YUM!”

Answer: Shrimpy Vulcans! To quote Teal’c – “Yum indeed.”

Mackenziesmomma writes: “QOTD- Anymore sushi recomendations?”

Answer: If you’re feeling a little braver, try the spicy tuna maki or the unagi nigiri.

Fishbaum writes: “I don’t know how to pronounce your name. Is it Mal-OH-zee or Mal-OT-zee?”

Answer: The latter.

Talitha writes: “Will we see more of the Wraith worshippers in season 4?”

Answer: It’s an element we will be exploring in season four.

Alipeeps writes: “So what did you think of The Wasp Factory then?”

Answer: I’m really enjoying Player of Games.

Anonymous #4 writes: “Since season 4 is already planned out, I assume you mean for season 5 or for the character to be added at the very end of season 4.”

Answer: Not necessarily. All I said was that I was thinking about it.

Joe Bucket writes: “All I ask would be a small fee of $10,000,000(US), in order for my family to be re-housed.”

Answer: Your check is in the mail. Let me know when it arrives as the postal service has been most unreliable of late.

69 thoughts on “July 10, 2007

  1. Alipeeps writes: “So what did you think of The Wasp Factory then?”

    Answer: I’m really enjoying Player of Games.

    ROFLMAO!!! I don’t know if you meant that the way it sounded, but you made me laugh as The Wasp Factory is one I’ve made a point of avoiding. Too bloody depressing sounding by half. However, Espedair Street is quite possibly my favourite book (I’ve had 3 copies borrowed and never returned by other people, must buy a fourth and lock it in a safe somewhere) and The Crow Road is also very, very good. Mostly though, I stick with his Culture novels and Player of Games is fantastic. Hope you’ll feel the same at the end too 🙂

  2. I have to say this is the first entry of your blog I have read and it is hilarous! I love the show and will definately be back for more!

  3. Whatever happened to AU Weir’s ZPM list from “Before I Sleep?” We haven’t heard about it since “The Brotherhood.”

  4. Alipeeps writes: “So what did you think of The Wasp Factory then?”

    Answer: I’m really enjoying Player of Games.

    Hmmm… an interestingly evasive response – not your cup of tea then?

    I loved The Player of Games. It was the first of his Culture novels that I read and it utterly sucked me in and had me seeking out more of his books.

  5. Salut Joseph! je vient vous passez le coucou^^! a se que je vois vous n avez toujour pas répondu a ma question X(
    Bon c est pas grave, je vous souhaite une bonne journée a demain!!

  6. thanks for the vibes. its a strange thing acting, you spend all your time learning lines before spending every waking minute going to rehearsals, absolutely cacking yourself when it comes to the show praying for it all to be over. You have the after show party (or two in our case) then the next day you spend twiddling your thumbs not knowing what to do having gotten your life back before realising you have no life or rather acting is your life! Do you have moments of this with writting/producing/show running/being all round god?

  7. Afternoon Joe, had a wonderful lunch at the Olive garden today(well except for my 16 month old deciding that it was okay to spill a whole bowl of salad over my lap)

    QOTD: Have you tried Theo Chocolates out of seattle? I hear they ar just divinde!

  8. Susan the Turtle writes: “Did your Pug (Jelly I think) lie in that very ladylike pose just for the photograph?”

    Answer: Actually, that’s Bubba who bones seem to be made of jelly.

    Is Bubba a boy? He/she obviously knows how to make itself very comfortable.

    Are you not getting a male or female puppy? I have sibling kitties – the male is pretty laid back and the female is feisty, she packs one hell of a punch, usually with an ‘armed’ paw.

  9. Hey Joe I think your doing a great job on Stargate. I have a some questions though.
    1. In “Unending” Thor called humanity
    the “fifth race”. Does that include all humans across the galaxy or just earth?
    2. Are the Ancients considered to be humanoid in their pre-ascension state
    or full blown human?
    3. If humanity is considered to be the continuation of the Ancients, why do the Asgard refer to them as the “fifth race”? Do they see modern humanity as distinct and seperate species?
    4. You have strayed away from using certain modern religions in Stargate mythology. Why some (Buddhism, Native American, Hinduism) and not others (Christianity, Judaism, Islam)?
    5. If the humans in Pegasus are descendants of the Ancients, then why do only a few have the ATA gene?
    6. Were the Ori representative of a particular modern religion or in fundamentalism in general? ( I am a
    Evangelical Christian)
    7. Is Ascension considered an or the afterlife?
    8. Why did the Asuran Stargate Weapon have only 8 chevrons? Did the CGI team make a mistake?

  10. Just reading those email leaves me exhausted. Writing them must be extra fun for you 😉

    I was really surprised you even knew what I meant by Bengali sweets. Not many people even know about the Bengal region. I had forgot to ask you in my last post- why the aversion to rose water? I agree that too much of it can be hard to take, but done well it adds a nice aroma.

  11. Hiya Joe,

    I’m sorely tempted to copy your responses to junk email and respond to my own junk too – given that it appears to generate interesting responses!

    Reaper man is a favourite of mine, as are most of his novels. Funnily enough apart from the Thief of Time, I think that I liked the earlier ones more.

    Do you buy all your books or borrow them from a library? I imagine that you must have many books at the rate you read (which appears very fast!).

    Take care,

  12. 1. Will Teyla be diving into her Athosian culture more in season 4?
    2. Will she ever go to Earth?
    3. Will Ronon ever be ready after his lady friend went boom?

  13. Answer: “Not necessarily. All I said was that I was thinking about it.”

    Sorry Joe. I knew you were just thinking about it, but I guess I didn’t make that clear in my post. Instead of looking at today or tomorrow I have a habit of looking a year or two into the future, especially when it involves a show that I really enjoy. I guess I got a little ahead of myself and was thinking down the road about the Stargate franchise…..having a Father that worked in the business has rubbed off on me more than I realized.

    BTW, the picture that you posted of your pug yesterday was adorable. Such a cutie. I would give anything to have one, but we live in the country and have to worry about turkey hawks.

    Another funny blog entry Joe. Thanks again for your response.

  14. Thank you for answering my Dexter question! (I’m almost addicted to him as I am Stargate. Almost.) And for blessing me. Now I am grinning like a weirdo.
    How long does it take you to write up responses to your penpal emails? It would take me hours to come up with something half that good.

  15. Hi Joe, next time you (or Percival) see HR Puffenstuff tell him I say hi. & ask what Witchipoo is up to these days. Thanks for the Saturday morning nostalgia!

  16. Reaper Man is a particualary good one from Terry Practchett. I love his work because his style of writing is so clever due to the way he puts a spin on the most ordinary of ideas. On that note, if you haven’t read Maskerade, The Wee Free Men, or Guards! Guards! I highly recommend them. Hope you enjoy them!

  17. Hi, Joe. I’ve got two questions:

    1) What do you think of literary criticism of sci-fi/fantasy shows? Do you think Stargate is worth studying in a college lit class?

    2) Are Woolsey and Michael ever going to meet? Because the thought of that amuses me greatly.

  18. Sweet! Looks like “Adrift” will open Season 4 with a bang must like how “First Strike” closed out Season 3.

    Say Joe, how are you dealing with the unseasonable warmth of Vancouver lately? I hate it. Give me rain clouds any day.

    That was not sarcastic.

  19. Joe, love your blog. Any chance of a Rodney less episode? I need a break from Rodney after Rodney intensive Season 3.

  20. Did you not eat out today or did you just forget your camera? I have come to depend on your dining suggestions (loving sushi the way I do…)and am always anxious to hear what was a definite ‘thumbs up’ and what can be passed over on the menu of any given restaurant. I think you should have your own show on The Food Network…

  21. Will the character of Elizabeth return fulltime in season 5? Any possibilty of this happening? Pretty please?

  22. Joe, I have decided the Barnes and Noble closest to me fails miserably. I searched for all the authors you’ve recommended lately (Banks, Scalzi, etc) and sadly, they didn’t have a single one of the books I was looking for! Granted, they had the second and third after Old Man’s War, but what good is it to get those when one hasn’t read the first? So instead, I picked up an unread book by one of my favorite authors, but I was disappointed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy your suggestions soon.

  23. Bubba is adorable. Looks like a little brown seal.

    Have you read the Hitchhiker series? If so, which was your favorite?

  24. Joe-

    Unagi nigri is my absolute favorite sushi. But its also what makes my friends shudder the most when they find out what it is. Convieniently, you didn’t say what your recommendation was. And to inquiring minds, Unagi is not referring to the state of awareness Ross from ‘Friends’ learned in Karate.

    But it awesome stuff.

  25. Hi Joe,
    Been reading your blog for a while now. Got a quick question. What are the chances of Ben Browder showing up this season on Atlantis? Some of us fangirls love the idea of a Mitchell/Shepard centric story.

  26. If I’m counting correctly, you only have 5 main characters on SGA and maybe another few recurring characters that people could actually name. I was wondering why you have so few main characters and what constitutes a main character? Is is due to financial constraints that you don’t have more?
    Many of the Star Trek series had more than that and were able to produce some wonderful diverse shows with the extra characters. I can quickly count around 9 characters that I think were main characters and another 6 that were recurring in The Next Generation. I love Atlantis(my favorite show) and don’t mean to compare it unfavorably to Star Trek, but it seems you would have even more things to write about if you had some more great characters to interract with each other.
    Thanks so much for answering my other post. I know I was a pest!

    P.S-Rodney is a favorite character of many of us, please don’t listen to anonymous and think we don’t want Rodney around….he is a trip and is SO funny! I love McShepp scenes and look forward to Rodneyisms in each show! You could do a Rodney-lite show I guess…it would give David a break.

  27. I’m loving your ‘spam’, sorry – ‘pen-pal’ – letters. Reminds me of what a bored McKay or Sheppard might have got up to during their 6-week stay on Earth!

    Do you think that there’s spam on the Atlantis noticeboard/email system?

  28. Joe, despite making five guest appearances in seasons ten and three, RDA was only advertised as a guest star in two of them: 200 and The Real World. Both episodes boast some of the highest ratings the shows have seen in recent times. Unending also advertised an appearance by RDA (even though he wasn’t in it, oh, and WTF?) and saw markedly higher ratings than the Gates are wont to get these days.

    So, why didn’t you advertise RDA’s guest spots in The Shroud and The Return? Further, why not have him guest a couple of times in season four?? If season five is in question, you should use him to bring up the ratings. Or at least stick him in commercials and trick everyone again, LOL!

  29. Re: your scific wire interview

    I’m afraid the only way may of us would be pleasantly surprise by season 4 of SGA is if it turns out the whole Carter in Atlantis thing was just a mis-timed April Fool’s day joke. Don’t you think 10 years of her is more than enough?

  30. Anonymous said…
    Joe, love your blog. Any chance of a Rodney less episode? I need a break from Rodney after Rodney intensive Season 3.

    Funny, i was thinking just the opposite. Can we have more Rodney in every episode? 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing the softer side of McKay in season 4 (though i will say curse you and your Katie Brown, he can do so much better… I still think my idea for an episode where Katie Brown is eaten by a plant would make a great 2 parter). And please, leave the Daddy McKay idea dead. PLEASE. Nothing ruins my image of McKay more than a baby on his hip. Funny? Not so much.

    Anyways, i think it will be really interesting to see him bond more with the team, i know he tends to push people away (i mean there’s brilliant and then there’s him after all), but McKay needs some (friendship) love too!

    So in short, i vote for MORE Stargate: McKay. And for him calling Sheppard “John” for the first time. So if you could get right on that, that would be great ;). Since you’re in the habit of taking suggestions and all. Hehe.

  31. Hey, thanks for answering my question, it made my day (which gives you an idea of how boring my life is)
    Anyway, a lot of fans (including me)believe that there is a stong connection between Sheppard and Atlantis (The city talks to him, hide him from the sensors etc) Is this something that has ever been discussed in the writers room or is just our over-active imaginations?

  32. Hey Joe, I’m chuffedyou enjoyed Reaper Man obviously as much as I did, I howled at the bit about the counting pines! I was extremely fortunate to meet Terry Pratchett about 10years ago when he came to the local secondary school to give a talk followed by a Q&A. He is very much how you’dexpect and seems constantly surprised at his success. I’d like to suggest along with Wee Free Men, Carpe Jugulem, Maskerade, The Last Continent and The Hogfather(but DON’T watch the BBC dramatisation of the latter as it doesn’t do the characters or indeed the story justice IMO)
    Keep up the good work.I’m off to see my solicitor today tolodge a formal complaint about my youngest daughter’s primary school so wish me luck,they really screwed her up!

  33. Salut Salut Joseph!!
    Tient il n y a pas de photo sur cette article aujourd hui^^c est rare!
    =}Je suis trop heureuse car pour mon anniversaire mon pére qui est patissier va me faire une piéce montée en forme de Porte des étoile! c est génial! je vous en verez des photos si vous voulez!(je précise que mon anniversaire c est le 4 aout!^^c est pas encors mais bon)
    =}Voici une video génial! trop drole! je ne sais pas si vous l avez deja vue, on y voit RDA chanter avec un groupe dans les année 70.
    =}J ai une autre question a vous posez:

    Vous lisez mes commentaires?sa ne vous embéte pas trop? car c est en francais, et ma vie n est pas intéréssente..donc je suis dsl si sa vous embéte.

    voila,Bonne journée, bisou, je vous adore, a demain!

  34. Man, Elizabeth and Carson are dumped, and lookie here, the SG1 fans are saying “Give us RDA! Give us BB!”

    Bah humbug to that! The two most human, sympathetic characters (IMHO) are gone. It’ll take a lot more than RDA to get me to watch again. Not even the prettiness of Joe Flanigan is enough to lure me in as a regular viewer for season four without Carson and Elizabeth.

  35. Ah, your blog is made all the sweeter by the mention of Mr. Belvedere (and what isn’t made better by the kindly british butler?).

    Anyway, I’ve been catching up on season 10 this week and I have to say that I loved “Memento Mori.” Not only did I enjoy how you wrote Vala, but I also thought it was nice to see how much the team cares about her. That scene between Daniel and Vala at the end was amazing!

    Speaking of those two, any chance of some good scenes between them in either of the two films?

  36. Joe, I have decided the Barnes and Noble closest to me fails miserably. I searched for all the authors you’ve recommended lately (Banks, Scalzi, etc) and sadly, they didn’t have a single one of the books I was looking for!

    I find that really shocking! I work in a pokey little airport bookshop and even we have Banks! Suggest to the staff that they order some; shops always like to know what sells well 🙂

    Joe, I have just finished reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I was wondering whether you’d ever read it, and if so what you thought of it? From what I can see, it seems to be either loved or hated…


  37. Hi Joe

    Have you seen Bruce WIllis’s latest? I really think it was great. He still can project the image…

    Can’t wait for September to see more of STA..

    Is there anyway you can give us any info on the third series? It sounds intriguing..

    Have a great day


  38. Regarding this comment from you:

    Mallozzi urged fans to give the show a chance to prove itself before dismissing the changes. “I, more than anyone, am well aware of some of the negative fan reaction to the changes in the show,” he said. “It’s something I’ve noticed in the past, where, for instance, spoilers will get out, and fans will always assume the worst. Now, I’m not saying that when it airs certain fans won’t be upset, but I think the great majority who have adopted sort of the doom-and-gloom, worst-case scenario will probably be pleasantly surprised by what they see. In fact, I’m very confident of that.”

    I take it the Weir fans will be unhappy. Would I be correct in assuming that?

    What you fail to take account is that there are many people who are against the decision to dump her who aren’t ‘rabid’ Weir fans.

    You lose them at your own peril.

    The ‘great majority’ of doom and gloom people you speak of are pissed off about what you’ve done with Beckett and Weir. If you lose them, as you seem to be doing, the doom and gloom types aren’t suddenly going to be happy because you’ve told them to ‘wait and see’.

    Just for your information, since you seem to think the majority of fans would be okay with Torri being dumped, I found a link to the scifi wire article (complete wiht sad face) in the Sheyla thread at GW. Yeah, there are even some Sheylas who think your dumping of Weir sucks.

  39. Joe, if you have to ask viewers to give your show a chance because they’re pissed about the changes you’ve made
    And you need to beg fans to get their family and friends to watch the final three episodes (as you did) to get a fifth season, you really don’t deserve it.

    Creative control is all very well, but if you get the fans so angry they won’t watch, you’ll have nothing to have creative control of.

    If the show dies at the end of season four, it’ll be down to three things:

    Dumping Beckett
    Dumping Weir
    Bringing in Carter

    You’ve alienated so many people. I’m seeing people I’ve never come across in the anti-threads on GW. I’ve seen Teyla fans, Ronon fans, Shep fans, all angry about what you’ve done to Beckett and Weir. There are thunkers, slashers, shippers, all angry about what you’re doing.

    You’re banking on SG1 fans to come over and fill the void left by any fans who decide they’re not just going to sit there and watch you discard characters and actors that have nothing wrong with them.

    Good luck with that, because there are plenty of SG1 fans who are sick to death of Carter, and would be quite happy never to see her again. I’m one of them. She’s the one SG1 character who’d turn me off the series. Any of the others I could have coped with. Carter? No thanks. I can do without the blonde poster child for all things perfect being on SGA. I like my characters with flaws. It makes them so much more interesting.

    Um, and before anyone attacks me, that’s my opinion, and I’m entitled to it!

  40. Joe, been really enjoying your emails to the scammers, some made laugh out loud. Thanks!

    Question: Where can I get a detailed answer concerning the ancients timeline? By that I mean I remember seeing a title in “The Rising” (?) that gave the scene a date of some 6 or 7 million years ago, and then its been clear that the ancients left Atlantis a mere 10,000 years ago. I can’t get it straight in my head. Is there something about this on any official website or in any book. I’d really like to know.

  41. Weir fans and Beckett fans will never be happy with you cutting those characters, so no matter what you tell reporters, you will be losing fans.

    You said “wait and see” with Beckett when we all knew before it screened in the US that he’d been killed off. How stupid do you think we are? You’re staying the same thing about Weir now. We’re not going to be fooled into thinking we’ll like what’s in store for her, just because you say we will. We ‘antis’ actually have minds of our own, you know.

  42. Hey Joe, I was watching season 1 last night and I noticed one or two of the expedition wearing a green stripe. What does this indicate? eg blue=sciece, white=medical, black=military, red=command, green=?. Thanks!

  43. Answer: I’m reluctant to suggest any specific episode as there are stories in which she plays an important part but may not be the point of focus. I’d say Reunion is a good episode for the Carter character. Is it a character-centric episode though? I’d have to say no.

    Poor Joe, you really are stuck between a rock and a hard place aren’t you? Name Carter centric episodes and the Atlantis fans will be jumping all over you, say there’s none and the AT fans will be sharpening their poison pens… Didn’t Brad tell you it’s tough at the top? 😉

  44. Can you let us know yet if the IP (it’s possible) for Daniel doing a guest spot in eason 4 has changed to a YES or no? Please be YES.

  45. Joe, your ongoing conversations with these sketchy folk remind me of the legendary P-P-P-Powerbook! story. Are you familiar with it? A bloke was trying to sell a laptop, suspected the buyer was a scammer, and sent him a self-built P-P-P-Powerbook instead. Priceless.

  46. hey joe, how’s your day going?
    Q:Is there ever going to be chance of meeting a race that is more technologically advanced than the ancients?

  47. Can you tell us if Weir and Carter will have any scenes together?

    Thank you!


  48. So, re literary theory. I completely agree. Reading Shakespeare (or any work of literature) outside a historical context makes absolutely no sense to me. I take it you are not a fan of Foucault or, say, Derrida? What is your take on semiotics?

    So, I’m not a huge fan of fantasy – but a BIG sci fi fan. Do you ever re-read the stuff you’ve already read? I ask, because I’m on my fourth time through Frank Herbert’s Pandora series, and my take on it changes every time I read it. Does this happen to you as well?

  49. Hi Joe,

    congratulations for you and the whole SG-1 writing team on the Constellation Awards for The Best Overall Science Fiction Film or Television Script for “200” episode and for Claudia Black for The Best Female Performance In A 2006 Science Fiction TV Episode” (“Memento Mori”)! :)))

  50. I for one, love the fact that the cast is small, I hate it when a series adds more and more characters until its bloated. I wish more shows would stick to a small core, I think thats part of the reason that SGA has such a great vibe and chemistry between the characters.

    Please stick to the Team vibe.

  51. Will Carter ever find out that McKay named a whale after her?

    And if so, can we watch? 🙂

  52. Unless I am mistaken, you weren’t the show-runner this killing off Beckett wasn’t your call, right? I’m not a fan of losing either of those two characters (and I didn’t like HOW Beckett was killed), nor am I a fan of Carter…BUT, I am willing to give season 4 a chance. I fell in love with the show, not one or two characters, and I think that it at least deserves a chance.

    From what you’ve said so far, this season sounds pretty interesting. It looks as if you’re going to address one of my key concerns about the show: character development. I’ve been waiting for 3 seasons to get some juicy character moments, so I’m certainly hoping that you and the other writers deliver.

    Question: Before Weir disappears, are we going to get any scenes between her and Carter? It would be nice to at least see them acknowledge their history together at the SGC.

  53. Teyla02 said…
    why there is no french in stargate?
    you don’t like french people?

    Gee…why the French? How about Germans, Norwegians, Irish, Italians, Liechtensteiners? Not to mention people from continents other than Europe. Nope, it’s always about the French.

    My dad was on vacation in Acapulco and was talking to a French Canadian…they are both in Mexico and yet the guy asks him, “Don’t you speak French?” My dad answers, “No”. The other guy says “Don’t you think it’s time you learn?” My dad answers, “No I don’t”.
    I could see asking my dad if he spoke Spanish, as they were in Mexico…but why would he need to speak French?

  54. I’ve two questions. 1. What is SGA’s season 4 premier date. 2. Will there be some Sam/Rodney clashing? Because that’s always fun!

  55. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, did you say that you still had one slot to fill, ep wise? If you have, can I be cheeky and ask who’ll be writing it, and if that person is open to some serious bribes. 😉

    If it’s you, don’t worry about the bribes thing as I know you can be bought with some nice chocolate. 😛

    On a seperate note, how did the passover of “The Kindred” gone? Or won’t you hear back until you get back to work? So, did you decide to go with Shirtless Shep, or hot and sweaty Shep whumped to oblivion, for that special scene? 😛

    Oh and while i’m here and rambling, I need to put in a request for a sick friend of the whumpers. She’s not ill, just nutty as a fruitcake. 😛 Since you appear to be taking request today, can I may be extra cheeky on her behalf? 😀 The ‘sick one’ would like Shep intubated, hot, feverish and nekkid under the infirmary blanket. I’m sure the whumpers could arrange for Lorr to send her truffles as trade. 😛


    *Disclaimer* I’m at the dentist tomorrow and therefore i’m on valium, so please free to delete if you think i’ve lost the plot… Obviously more so than normal* 😛

    Thank you Mr M you’re a very wise and kind man.

  56. If you could be a Smurf for a day, which one would you be and why?

    I’m looking forward to the season 4 preview!

    Has there ever been any talk about visual guides are encyclopedias for Stargate, kind of like Star Wars does? Books with cross-sections of every class of ship, official timelines, et cetera? I think that would make many fans explode with delight. I have the Stargate SG-1 visual guide or whatever it was called. It was alright, but wasn’t very extensive and felt lacking. Not that it was bad though.

  57. David Hewlett said at his Twitter:

    “Miller’s Crossing” will see two different shades of McKay thanks to my 5 days in Hawaii 😉

    Home again! Hawaii! Helicopters, active volcanoes, moray eels and giant sea turtles…now I face the “inbox”! about 4 hours ago from web

    So…. lots of makeup to hide the sunburn? or a lab accident to explain the red? 😉

  58. Kdvb1 said…
    Gee…why the French? How about Germans, Norwegians, Irish, Italians, Liechtensteiners? Not to mention people from continents other than Europe. Nope, it’s always about the French.

    I guess it’s partly (in the case of SGA and SGA fans) due to the popularity (and screening schedules) of the show in different countries – it’s very popular in France so there are a lot of French fans – and partly down to the history of France as a nation and a culture. French used to be the international language of business and that importance of the language is still a big part of the French national identity… despite the fact that English has effectively superceded French as the international business language. Plus I guess people just have a natural interest in their own language and culture… just as I would love to see a Welsh flag on a uniform in SGA (hey, if Carson can have a Scottish flag then there’s no reason not to have a Welsh one as opposed to just a Union flag! ;)) and I got ridiculously excited (even if only momentarily) at hearing Daniel speak some words of Welsh during the Merlin/Orii arc – btw Joe, someone should compliment Michael on that; Welsh is an *ahem* interesting language with pronunciation that baffles most English people, let alone folks from farther afield, but he made a pretty good job of it. 🙂

    McKay’s_Alter_Ego said…
    1. What is SGA’s season 4 premier date.

    28 September 2007. 😀 *counts down the days*

  59. Anonymous 1 said…
    4. You have strayed away from using certain modern religions in Stargate mythology. Why some (Buddhism, Native American, Hinduism) and not others (Christianity, Judaism, Islam)?

    Nurti is a Hindu goddess.
    They did have Native American’s too, only for one Episode sadly, but Tunani was cool!

    5. If the humans in Pegasus are descendants of the Ancients, then why do only a few have the ATA gene?

    I cant remember exactly who explained that, but the general gist was, after returning to earth from Pegasus – some ascended, some went out into the galaxy, and others lived among the humans of earth. (As I said, the exact wording is fuzzy, so my timelining would be too). Basically we can take from that, that those with the ATA gene are descendants of those who remained on Earth.

    8. Why did the Asuran Stargate Weapon have only 8 chevrons? Did the CGI team make a mistake?
    I thought it had the whole compliment.

    Anonymous 2 said…
    Um, and before anyone attacks me, that’s my opinion, and I’m entitled to it!

    Then perhaps the next time you decide to share your opinion (which I wholeheartedly agree you are 110% entitled to) – you could only speak for yourself. Thanks.

  60. hi, joe,

    i’d like to say i’m SOOOO happy that you guys are delving into sam in command!!

    as a sam fan, i never thought you (ptb) would go in a direction of sam actually having her own command. i was very pleasantly surprised it was thought up when you guys gave sam command of sg1 in season 8. that’s one of the reasons some sam fans were disappointed with season 9, because it was giveth and taketh away on that issue. but with sam coming over to atlantis and her *leading* the base; this sam fan is VERY happy! 😀

    i just wanted to say that i’m thankful for this storyline. i can’t wait to see sam in action! (and reading on three different sites has caught me up on the mythology of stargate atlantis)

    counting down to september! 😀

    sally 😀

  61. Weird question… but do your dogs snore? I was looking at some baby pugs the other day, and they seemed awful ‘snort-y’ and stuff… not sure if that would bother me if I was to buy one…

  62. Salut joe, tu peux repondre à cette question stp!! sheppard a t-il des sentiments PROFOND pour elisabeth? (je veux dire plus que de l’amitié)THANKS!!!! tu sais que tu est craquant en costume!!!

  63. Joe, just to let you know that a lot of fans do not like the character Katie Brown. She is so wishy washy and is not for McKay. He needs a strong woman, not someone that looks at him with doe eyes. Can’t you develop McKay without Katie?

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