Our office assistant, Lawren Bancroft Wilson, has a tough job. He has to manage meetings, coordinate correspondence, put out various impromptu fires related to missed award show deadlines, wayward furniture deliveries, and eccentric producer requests. But perhaps the trickiest part of Lawren’s job is handling lunch. Now, on the surface, it may seem like a fairly simple task: in the event that the show is on location (and the catering truck with it) lunch needs to be ordered. Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as it sounds since, on any given day, you’ll have 5-7 producers with very different opinions on what everyone should be eating.

Despite his fairly adventurous palate when it comes to dinner, Martin “egg-salad sandwich on white bread” Gero can prove a little fickle when it comes to the midday meal, giving the thumbs down to both Thai and Indian. Brad “gravy” Wright’s tastes tend to be fairly straightforward as he demonstrates a strong appreciation for both Swiss Chalet and Szechuan Chong Qing. Carl “Dominos Pizza” Binder is pretty open-minded, although he avoids lamb like the plague and occasionally voices his displeasure every time we order from Lombardo’s Pizzeria (they of the “no pepperoni” fame). Even though I tend to go all out when it comes to dinner, I prefer to make lunch a healthy alternative (like both Alex “side of salad” Levine and Lawren “no mayo“ Bancroft Wilson) and generally don’t’ hesitate to grouse whenever we order from places like Lombardos or Swiss Chalet whose healthy options taste like, well, crap. Lawren can’t eat mayo so his lunch orders are fairly easy to deal with in principle. Too bad for him most of the sandwich shops in the city find it next to impossible to honor a simple “no mayonnaise, please” request. Rob “duck and pork” Cooper, Paul “Rigatoni al Porto” Mullie, and Alan McCullough are pretty easy-to-please, especially when we’re ordering from Anton’s, an Italian eatery that serves up starving-student-sized portions of pasta that prove more effective than Nyquil in conking us out for the entire afternoon.

And then there’s the politics that go into paying for the lunch order. We take turns picking up the tab, but apparently Lawren finds it incredibly awkward to have someone cough up the funds for a lunch they didn’t want to order in the first place. As he confided to Alex on Friday: “There’s nothing worse than asking Joe to pay for Swiss Chalet.”

Friday’s lunches – heaping helpings of pasta: Tortellini a la Panna, Rigatoni al Porto, Herb Rigatoni Genovese with a side of spicy chicken.

Friday’s dinner – princess portions of Japanese tapas: diced tuna tartar and avocado on wonton crisps, Big Eye tuna carpaccio with white truffle oil, deep-fried spicy tuna roll, Meguro avocado crepe roll, and Tanaka-san’s roll of the day (rolled yam tempura and avocado topped with tuna tartar, unagi sauce, and garlic chips).

Watching: One episode to go on Gankoutsuo and then I’ll need another anime to watch. I’m also working my way through Domino, watching the movie in twenty minute installments over the course of the past week. I defy anyone to sit down and try to watch the entire movie in one sitting without having it incite some sort of epileptic seizure. I suppose Fondy and I should get back to Dexter which we left off sometime after episode three or four.

Reading: After Octavia E. Butler’s “Parable of the Talents”, I read Brian W. Aldiss’s “Earthworks” (an interesting premise dealt with all too quickly), A.E. Van Vogt’s Rogue Ship (the political infighting on the generational ship is very interesting but, like Earthworks, treated so quickly that it comes off a little comical), and am reading Joanna Russ’s “The Female Man” (none-too-subtle feminist scifi). Next up, I’ve set aside Leigh Brackett’s “The Long Tomorrow”. I also dropped by Chapters today and picked up a copy of The Ghost Brigades (I gave away my last two copies as birthday gifts to both David and Brad), and Terry’s Pratchett’s “Hogfather” and “Reaper Man”.

Let’s field some questions –

PG15 writes: “I thought Joe Flanigan’s pitch has been pushed to Season 5? Has it been “reinstated”?”

Answer: Nope. Different pitch.

Bugguy writes: “ I’m going to go to L.V. this week and was wondering if you could come up with an upscale place to eat, especially if the have foie gras.”

Answer: For a great upscale treat, check out Michael Mina in The Bellagio. If you really have a hankering for foie gras, as for their foie gras platter.

Karen writes: “Since you occassionally do the burger and fries option, have you eaten at In-and Out while in California?”

Answer: Yup. It was very good. Although I think I prefer Carls Jr.

Anonymous #1 writes: “ Is Travellers one of Amanda Tapping’s fourteen episodes?”

Answer: Nope.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Have you ever had a computer crash/lost a notebook that erased months of hard work on a script/idea? How did you deal with it?”

Answers: Yup. I got a new one.

Breeze writes: “Have you ever gone to Australia? If not are planning to go sometime in the future?”

Answers: Never been. No plans for any future visits.

ChevronSeven writes: “Would you really deal your entire anime colletion, Dr. Mallozi, on a chess game with Zelenka?”

Answer: Probably not since Zelenka would undoubtedly kick my ass.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Can we please have at least one picture of Amanda on the Continuum set – I believe those you posted of AT are from SGA or AoT (please correct if I am mistaken) – but please, please, please give us one from Continuum – it’s so not fair that you haven’t!!!!!”

Answer: Sorry, I don’t take pic requests. Who or what I snap is wholly dependent on: my mood, who or what is within camera-range, and a willingness to have one’s picture taken.

Anonymous #4 writes: “So we finally get to see Teyla and Ronon on Earth?”

Answer: Ronon, yes. Teyla, no. Changes were made after the first draft.

Jbpiggy writes: “Was the organic origin of Wraith technology inspired by the new foes in the star wars galaxy?”

Answer: Doubtful. I was present when Rob and Brad came up with the idea for the wraith and there was never a mention of any particular source of inspiration.

42 thoughts on “June 2, 2007

  1. Wow, you are awesome. How about a trifecta, Joe? Is Miller’s Crossing one of Amanda Tapping’s fourteen episodes?

    ETA: And if it is, will it have some of that smarmy Sam-lust from Barrett?

  2. Answer: Sorry, I don’t take pic requests. Who or what I snap is wholly dependent on: my mood, who or what is within camera-range, and a willingness to have one’s picture taken.

    Does this include Pug pictures or their famous friend and superstar Mars?

    Who brings their dogs to work? Is there doggy day care at the studio?

    Have you ever thought of writing a Sci-Fi book yourself?

  3. Well, if you’re looking for something sort of like Anime, I’ll once again recommand “Avatar: The Last Airbender”; my opinion of it has only gone up since the last time I mentioned it.

    The first season is now out on DVD, along with 3 volumes (out of 4) of Season 2. Each season has 20 episodes.

  4. Hogfather and Reaper Man? Awesome! Hogfather was the first Discworld novel I ever read and at 11, half the jokes probably went straight over my head. Oh well, any excuse to read them again. Although at 19, I suspect half of it still does. Yay!

  5. When I first read your blog, I was surprised by so many “anonymous” comments. Since the system says it won’t accept my password, I now understand it. Anonymous (from Ohio) it is.

    Simply, please pass along my appreciation for “Sunday” to those responsible. I never was much of a Beckett fan (loved the actor, but not the character). “Sunday” gave me the chance to see the character that Weir described in her eulogy. And the last scene with Rodney and Carson was priceless.

  6. hi, joe,

    i love sam carter. she became my fave character by season 1’s ’emancipation’. with all the hoopla about ‘sunday’ and what happened to a much loved character… this is a plea to please NOT ever kill off sam carter! *frazzled sigh*

    just thought i’d pass that along. 😀

    sally 🙂

  7. GeekBoy says: “How can you have pizza without pepperoni?? Don’t give them any more money!”

    He has only poked his head out of his cave for a moment, to grab more of the chocolate chip muffins I baked for breakfast this morning. I expect that’s all we’ll see of him for a while, since his Dad bought him an XBox 360 today. He’s says busy killing zombies.

  8. Okay if Teyla doesn’t go to Earth in MC, is there a chance of her character going to Earth in the second half? Or unsure as of yet?

  9. I really enjoyed Dexter, I hope you get a chance to see the rest of the episodes.

    Ronon on Earth sounds like fun. Does he get addicted to soap operas and fast food?

  10. I am consistently amazed (and impressed) by the sheer volume of books you seem to go through on a weekly basis. On average how many books would you say you read a week?

  11. I have to say, but the pictures of lunch don’t look particularly appetising… I sure hope it all tasted better than it looked.

    I think you mentioned previously that you’ve enjoyed the past coupla seasons of new Dr Who – I believe the next Season (currently showing in the UK) is due to air in Canada in just a couple of weeks. You planning to watch? (Gotta say, I’ve been loving this season so far… tonight’s ep…. wow!)

  12. Hey JM,
    Do you cook your food (As seen on the pictures you have posted up) or do you always have take out?

  13. Hiya Joe,

    Just browsing through a couple of days of your blog.

    Great to hear that you’ve picked up Hogfather and Reaper Man. I’m guessing that you’re a fast reader? Do you get through a book a day or less than a day?

    Also, the first three pics of pasta makes my arteries weep of cholesterol. Wow!

    And Evan Lorne – cool. I think it was Kavan who implied that he might have been given that name in an interview. Personally I reckon you could call him Octavius and I’d still say cool.

    Finally – love the previous on set SG1 pics. Does Martin Wood ever wear “wintery” looking clothes? He seems to be perenially in shorts and tshirt?

    Well, have a good weekend.


  14. Was re-watching “Window of Opportunity” for kicks and almost ruined my keyboard…again. How many Stargate (sg and a) have you managed to slip your name into(Sunday and WOO starting the count at two)? And since you’ve humbly given yourself the title of ‘Dr.’, what would your area of study be then? Something to do with Latin, I’m guessing ;).

  15. Any more news on Carson making another appearance or two before S4 is up or will it only still be scheduled two this season?

    PS: Hope you guys see sense & get the ‘True Doc'(Beckett) back on Atlantis again for S5!


  16. Some of the pictures of the food are quite intriguing. The presentation of food can be quite an art that I almost fear to eat it because of ruining said presentation. Thoughts? Other than the obvious choice that, one is hungry and shall eat what is presented in front of them.

    Yes facebook can be a little interesting at the best of times. Some of the weirdest people from my past keep adding me. Of course there is the benefit of declining and/or ignoring the friend’s request, but at the same time you have got to wonder why they were so enthused to add you in the first place.

    Unfortunately I would be the last likely candidate to recommend anime, my friend however is uber obsessed by Naruto. Is that a good or bad thing?

    Until next time,


  17. I’m thinking with those names you could become:

    a) a super hero team fighting the evils of unhealthy food be it fried chicken or bacteria-ridden food from China

    b) wrestling competitors for WWE

    c) the mafia.

  18. Morning(well with me) Joe,

    so what I would really like to know.. Ever tried Cevapcici?
    So, good night…

  19. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    Just out of curiosity:
    If you can’t accept a freelance like me, then what should I do?
    About the Lieutenant on the enzyme, what happens if you inject him with the retro-virus?


    P.S. About that sailor moon answer; meh, I wasn’t a fan right now neither. Thanks anyways.

  20. Our office assistant, Lawren Bancroft Wilson, has a tough job

    If he ever wants to give up that “tough job” (yeah right I know)-give me a call. I work cheap. 😉

    Still everyone there is lucky to be working on something as great as SGA.

  21. Salut, Salut!!
    Joyeuse fête des mére!!
    oui aujourd hui nous somme le 3 juin et c est la fête des maman en France!!!^^

    Trés belle photo encors!trés apétissante^^!

    Oh je suis triste de ne pas voir teyla sur terre! j aurais tellement voulu la voir!
    Dans les prochains jour vous pourrez méttre une photo de David sur votre blog??
    s il vous plait, s il vous plait, s il vous plait, s il vous plait!
    car j adore cette acteur! je le trouve super sexy, drole ,charmant!!

    Voila, Voila !merci beaucoup salut a plus!!

    ps:oublier pas mon idée d un personnage francais dans stargate atlantis, sa serai cool ;)^^

  22. Uh oh, you’re watching Domino? What’s your opinion of it so far? People seem to either love it or hate it!

    I liked it but I have a girl!crush on Keira Knightley so…

  23. I’m currently reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan. Have you read it? Good stuff, though you may never eat corn-fed beef again.

  24. Awesome, Reaper Man was the first Pratchett I read and I loved the whole counting pines idea it tickled me no end.I’m still pissed though that a former friend borrowed my personalised autographed copy and never returned it. *considering contacting rent-a-wraith to organise a hit!*

  25. Joe, I don’t know how you manage to do so much each and every day, its amazing you find the time. So, I was wondering if you could dedicate one of your blog posts to a typical “day in the life”. You know, a hour by hour, what a typical day is like for JM?

    Lastly, any desire to pick up the new Paul McCartney CD coming out on Tuesday, “Memory Almost Full”?

  26. Has it occured to you and the gang that the cast changes could kill what’s left of the Stargate?

  27. Thank you for answering that, its been bugging me for awhile.

    off to the bookshop now to find a few of your recommendations.

    Take care, J.

  28. Please convey my thanks to whomever is responsible for another interesting Friday in sci-fi. Talion and Sunday were each interesting in a number of ways. For me Sunday, in particular, will sort of always be special (as far as Stargate goes), like Meridian, Heroes, and Seige 1.

    I’d be interested in picking up your sci-fi novel, if you ever get around to it.

    Lovely food pics. And just in time to think about brunch.

    Hope all is well.


  29. I watched “Sunday” twice on Friday night. Wow. Just wow.

    I did know in general what was going to happen, but not the specifics. I thought that would make it easier to watch, but not so much. To me, the scene Carson walking off with that cooler was much like Spock leaving the bridge for the last time in The Wrath of Khan. Tissues were necessary from then on.

    Leading up to that, the banter between Carson and each of his otherwise occupied friends was priceless. I think he still would have shared his not-quite-trout dinner with them, don’t you?

    Given the opportunity, I would still argue that Carson didn’t need to go in the first place, and I definitely want to see him back full-time, but if he had to go, that was an excellent way to do it.

    Well done! Please pass on my compliments to everyone involved in the episode.

  30. Instead of continuosly answer is X one of Amanda Tappings episodes, could you just say out of the episodes that have been writen so far which ones is she in.

  31. Whoever was responsible for making Teal’c look “bloodied up” in his whumping scene in Talion did a wonderful job! I found myself thinking, “Wow, that looks really good!”

  32. Hi,

    In season 2 of Atlantis, there is an episode which has a french title : Coup d’Etat. Why do you have used a french title ?

    Did you have opportunity to watch an episode of Stargate in french

  33. Hello Joe was wondering what type of stick fighting does Rachel do in Atlantis? The name of the technique.

  34. Could you describe the episode of SG:A season one that was abanded? Was it called “Human Error?”

  35. I’ve always wondered…
    How many people originally went to Atlantis? Where there more civilians or military personnel?

  36. Hi Joe,

    For the record, I don’t need to know which episodes Amanda will be in. I can wait.

    Just watched “Thank You for Smoking,” which I moved up my Netflix queue after your recommendation. Loved it! How relentlessly true to itself it was all the way through. Not a wasted line or shot. I didn’t know Cameron Bright is in it — he did a great job! He looks younger than he did on SG-1; he must have filmed the movie before The Fourth Horseman.

    Any decision on a new ride yet? For myself I’m thinking Lexus Hybrid SUV next. Too cliché perhaps?

  37. I’m catching up again, please forgive the length.

    First, sorry to hear about the Pistons. That was a hard-fought series. Besides, I was going to offer another bet…*grin* The crochet offer I sent to the Yahoo address still stands.

    Does anyone do needlework on set? If so, I’d like some yarn shop recommendations, please. I’m coming up for Timeless Destinations con at the end of July, spending 10 days. Hope to get out to Van or Bainbridge Island and back to Granville Island.

    Enjoyed both SG1 “Talion” and “Sunday”. Both dramatic, but “Talion” felt like a “to be continued”. Kudos to Chris Judge and to his stuntman!

    I may have asked this over at GateWorld, but it would take forever to find the old post, so please bear with me.
    What are the general guidelines and procedures, and who is responsible, for clearing character names?

    BTW, if you were not being facietious, I recall that the character’s original name was Ronon Dex.

    “I’m already regretting this Facebook thing. I didn’t realize it would require all this attention and decision-making.”

    Have you tried LinkedIn.com? It’s a professional networking site. I’ve already found a contact that may be helpful for ChimaeraCon.

    “that I fully intend to plant and nurture – but never do.”

    Sounds like the wildflower packets in my kitchen drawer. I SWEAR they will go in the ground this fall. Texas wildflowers are one of the best reasons to live here.

    “He throws Fraiser a look who smiles back appreciatively.”

    There’s some fodder for the George /Janet shippers! But it’s probably in character for Don and Teryl…*grin*

    “you’ll have 5-7 producers with very different opinions on what everyone should be eating.”

    Auntie Gilder says: rotate the responsibility! Brad chooses on Monday, you on Tues., etc. The tortellini looks delicious. Tell Lawren I sympathize on both the ordering and the food intolerance.

  38. Loved Sunday, but I’d sure hate to be an MD assigned to the SGC…they have a very short lifespan. Having said that, could you please identify the mournful Scottish air that the bagpipe played as Carson was being carried back to earth? Thanks!

  39. Joe, Could you confirm when the filming began on Continuum for the cast? Do you know when filming will be over?

  40. I’m really looking forward to having Sam on SGA next season!

    Will Sam be going on any missions in the field in the second half of season 4?

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