No sooner do I get finished chipping away at Reunion to get it down to time, than the director’s cut of This Mortal Coil comes in at two minutes under. Two minutes! And so, I had Alex print me up a copy of the script that I could look over this weekend and hopefully find a place for what, back on SG-1, we would refer to as the “Hammond orders the pizza“ scene. You know, that scene that, at its best, fits seamlessly into an episode (the whole golfing through the stargate sequence in Window of Opportunity for example), and, at it’s worst, well –


Hammond sits at his desk, deep in thought. He opens his desk drawer and shuffles through the papers therein. He searches, finally finds what he is looking for – some sort of flyer – and sets it down. He gives it a quick perusal, then picks up the phone and dials.


Hello. I’d like to order a large barbecue chicken pizza.
Yes. Extra onions, please.

Dr. Fraiser steps into the doorway, sees he is on the phone and turns to go, but Hammond stops her with an upraised finger. He motions her in. Fraiser approaches. Hammond cups his hand over the phone and informs her –

Care to join me for some pizza, doctor?

I’d love to, General. What are we getting?

Barbecue chicken with extra onions.

Fraiser grimaces. Hammond picks up on this. Back to the phone –

I’m sorry. Could you make that a barbecue chicken,
but with no onions.

He throws Fraiser a look who smiles back appreciatively.

Yes, that’ll be all.

Suddenly, Fraiser remembers something. She waves to get Hammond’s attention and loudly whispers –

Do they still have the Crazy Bread?

Etc. And, before you know it, you’ve got your extra minute-long scene that slips seamlessly into the cut. Just slip a bit of ADR into the episode tag where an O.S. Fraiser says “Thanks again for the pizza, General” and that’s that. Of course, we like to mix things up. It’s not always Hammond ordering the pizza and, occasionally, it’s not even pizza but meatball subs, spicy Thai and, if we’re really feeling bold, falafel.

Of course, this is really the eye of the storm. An eerie calm has settled over the writing department as we suddenly realize: no one is writing. Paul and Alan have just finished their producer cut of The Seer in which Richard Woolsey pops in for an impromptu visit. Martin has just finished up his pass on Miller’s Crossing and seen the war council convene for Be All My Sins Remember’d. Alan’s Spoils of War is almost prepped and ready to shoot, promising wraithy revelations. And Carl is putting the finishing touches on Quarantine, an episode in which an imposed isolation tests various relationships around the base. Off Reunion, I head into This Mortal Coil but not before…

We start the spinning. There’s the other Earth-based episode Joe F. pitched out. The return-of-that-character two-parter with its Fargo-esque first part, the big team-up eppy, and the puzzle piece. AND, Rob has promised us his director’s cut of The Ark of Truth.

Speaking of SG-1, I visited the Continuum set today. If you’re interested, check out the pics: Brad Wright and Martin Wood looking forward to that next shot, Golden Boy Teal’c, Brad and Jaffa reminisce about Chulak, Martin Wood and Alex Pappas discuss the next set-up, Ivon shooting VFX Supervisor Michelle Comens, Ivon shooting an insightful producer, Lawren Bancroft Wilson anxiously awaits punishment for screwing up our lunch order, not sure what the hell that is but it would look great by the fireplace, and the used car that was taken out for a test drive from a local dealer and, amusingly, broke down enroute (Salesman to client: “Well, since we’ve got a little time before the tow truck gets here, let’s talk price.”).

And the mail –

Anonymous #1 writes: “Is Quarantine one of Amanda Tapping’s 14 episodes?”

Answer: Yup.

GrapesofWraith writes: “On the chocolate front, have you ever tried See’s Candies down in the U.S.?”

Answer: I haven’t. Any good?

Anonymous #2 writes: “Do you know if there are any other script ideas for future SG-1 movies? Who would write them?”

Answer: The fate of any new SG-1 movies rests on how well The Ark of Truth and Continuum perform. When the time comes, Rob and Brad will be doing the honors.

Kirsten writes: “And cartoons went bad when Speedy Gonsalez was taken away from us…”

Answer: Yeah, poor Speedy. I never realized at the time but, looking back now, the symptoms of crystal meth addiction were pretty evident.

Zabadoo writes: “If one is a fairly talented writer that keeps getting better and finding fresher ideas, how hard might it be to find work in Vancouver? Would it be easier than LA?”

Answer: Simply based on the number of ongoing productions, I’d say L.A. is the place to be.

NowIWillDestroyAbydos writes: “Have you bought the Scrubs Season 5 DVD? Have you seen any of Season 6?”

Answer: Fondy and I didn’t watch past season four.

PurloinedKitten writes: “I was just wondering if you had happened to have seen Le Chevalier D’eon yet?”

Answer: I haven’t. Is it anything like Gankoutsuo or Utena (both of which I loved)?

Ben Johnson writes: “What do you recall as the most frustrating order mix-up you’ve encountered?”

Answer: We were once served a pear sabayon that was inadvertently topped with salt instead of sugar. From my original review: “I tried a spoonful of the sabayon (whipped egg yolk and sugar) and was immediately transported back to my youth, a long-ago visit to Italy when I waded into the ocean on a hot summer’s day – was blindsided by a wave, and involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of brackish sea water.”

Scifi Fan writes: “ It seems to me that Sheppard does a majority of the rescues and getting himself out of trouble. Are you going to have a ep where he has to totally rely on his team to rescue him?”

Answer: Yup. Something like that.

63 thoughts on “June 1, 2007

  1. I’m sure I won’t be the only one asking this but…I thought Joe Flanigan’s pitch has been pushed to Season 5? Has it been “reinstated”?

    Oh, and thanks for today’s entry. Those of us who’ve already seen the latter halves of Season 10 and Season 3 have definately had our spoiler hole quinched.

    Huh…that sounded wrong.

  2. It’s “Wimzie,” not “Wimsey,” isn’t it? I think I had Lord Peter on the brain there.

    Saturday is “Operation Put The House Back Together And Buy Some Healthy Food Before Dad Gets Back.” My husband is under no illusions about what goes on here when he’s away, but he appreciates not having to actually witness any of it. Even I had to admit things had gone downhill when I found GeekBoy eating cookies & cream ice cream for breakfast today. At noon.

  3. Hey Joe, I’m going to go to L.V. this week and was wondering if you could come up with an upscale place to eat, especially if the have foie gras. Desserts are a plus too. Let me know if you can

  4. Since you occassionally do the burger and fries option, have you eaten at In-and Out while in California? If not I’m sure the Californians among the cast and crew can rhapsodize about the joys of a double-double animal style.

  5. Fucking Awesome. No, really. That whole thing is fucking awesome. I can’t wait for Continuum.

    Thanks, Joe. Fucking Awesome.

  6. Hi Joe.

    I can’t believe I am going to ask you this (my first comment and it is this!) but I have to know, given that “tech guy” has a name ‘Chuck’ and even Lorne has a name ‘Evan’.

    Will McKay call Sheppard, John in season 4?

    If it is a no, why? Is it a case of not caring, an over-sight on the part of the writers? Or something about McKay and Sheppard’s relationship that makes McKay unwilling to call him John?

    Yes, I do think about this stuff way too much.

  7. Huh, that was surprisingly easy. Let’s try another.


    Is Travellers one of Amanda Tapping’s fourteen episodes?

  8. Hi Joe,
    Saw Sunday and loved it!
    Question: Has the clue to “his” return been shown yet in the US?

  9. Le Chevalier D’eon is more similar to Gankutsuou than Utena. But it actually does take place during the French Revolution rather than in the future. The Animation alone is a great reason to watch it but it also has a great script.
    Here’s the wiki link if you would like a little more info


  10. So in what sense is the 1st part of “that” 2-parter Fargo-esque? A fake kidnapping gone wrong? Sociopaths with bad teeth? A leg in a wood-chipper? Hard to see how Fargo relates to “that character”. Hmm…

    On that note, you might want to tell the mail room to gear up for a fresh influx of Carson protest letters. It seems many people had no idea what was coming in “Sunday,” and it’s fair to say they’re not taking it well. Sorry!

  11. Hey, I love your blog and check it everyday (Although your food pics alays make me hungry)
    My question(s): Do you find it easier to write for the main characters or new characters? Is it easier to script with lots of characters or one with just a few? Who is the hardest character to write for?

  12. I must say, you’re all looking splendidly tan and I’m a bit jealous. We haven’t gotten much sun around my area lately.

    It’s great to hear about the status of the scripts, and personally, I love the idea of Hammond ordering pizza. I must admit, I’m rather curious why Earth seems to be the only place that has established chain stores, billboards, cars, and food that will clog your arteries. You’d think there’d be one planet in Pegasus that developed delivery. Ah, the great mystery that is Earth. No wonder everyone else wants a piece of it.

  13. Have you ever had a computer crash/lost a notebook that erased months of hard work on a script/idea?

    How did you deal with it?

  14. HI. Can you plz explain how the SG-1 iris works. I mean how is it fitted and what makes it open and close.

  15. Hey Joe,
    Have you ever gone to Australia?

    If not are planning to go sometime in the future?


  16. hey there! I’m a huge stargate fan, just recently found your blog, and I really enjoy reading it. The stargate stuff, and the foodieness. But it does make me wonder: how do you have the time to write such an entertaining, somewhat lengthy blog almost every day? I’m pretty sure (as a college student) I have fewer responsibilities, and *I* don’t even keep up with mine well. but! then again, you do write for a living… that might help :).

    So, I just watched “Sunday”… loved it!! (even though it still makes me sad that Paul McGillion is leaving, I thought it was done well. and I loved that last shot of him amid the flames…) I love the episodes with the characters interacting as normal people – love downtime on Atlantis. I have many questions, but I think I’ll just start with: Who was that new guy who wants to date Weir?? and can we have more of him? because he’s perfect for her. and it was fun to see her in a new light… *she* was bossed around a little for a change. 🙂

  17. will we be getting an explanation as to why the lantians built new types of gates in pegasus? (other than the reason that someone wanted the gates to look different) thanks

  18. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the movie piccies and the information on the spinning of new episodes. They sound intriguing!

    You mentioned TMC came in 2 minutes under. I’ve read before this does happen from time to time, and you obviously have to be prepared…shame there aren’t any pizza places in the Pegasus Galaxy…So, any idea why it came up short?

    Also, can you give any more clues about ‘the other Earth-based episode’ Joe F. pitched, and is the episode likely to come to fruition? I’m presuming this isn’t the one he originally pitched that’s been shelved?

    Thanks…and, ahem, how’s the Sheppard backstory coming along? 😉 (Not so subtle reminder!)

  19. Picture no.7 – A device for measuring the height and weight of growing Ancient children. (ancient children??) children of the Ancients.

    Picture no.9 – How the heck did a picture of my car get on your blog??

    Also, I’d have to go with Hammond on the pizza. Loads and loads of onion but he could leave the BBQ chicken and have lots of garlic instead. What can I say – I love stinky food. Stinky = Tasty.

  20. Can we please have at least ONE pic of Claudia Black on “Continuum” set?

  21. It is a pity that SG1 is finishing…

    I still remember when I became a Stargate fan…

    First I saw in theater Stargate movie (1994), and then, some years later here in Catalonia a catalan channel (TV3 and K33) began with SG1 series…

    I was surprised because the movie I liked but, when I saw the first episode of SG1 I though:

    “Is it Stargate movie? It is not possible, the movie was different… in this planet there are trees, Abydos was a desert planet… here there is a new alien member in the team and also there is a woman in the team, in movie there wasn’t any woman,… and Daniel Jackson is different who is? Hey! Wow! here the Colonel O’Neill is McGyver!!!…”

    Since this moment I became a gatefan… Always I will miss the original SG1 team.

    Now, I am fan of Stargate Atlantis too, and I am sure, I will be a Stargate Univers fan too…

    Stargate Forever!

    When we have news about “Stargate Univers”?

  22. Cheers for the photos Joe, I thought for a minute there you’d put in one of my car, I seem to spend more time with the bonnet(hood) up than driving it at the moment.
    Loved the “Hammond orders Pizza” scene, gonna keep an eye out for those in future.
    You got me thinking though, if Daniel came back from the dead, Carson is about to do the whole resurrected scene and since you mentioned ol’ Doc Frasier whatever happened to Teryl?
    On another note I’ve just found and am rereading Harry Harrison’s Planet Story, I’d forgotten how damn good it is I mean whoever would’ve thought of naming a planet Strabismus?

  23. Hello Joe !

    A few months ago you said “We’ve made it a point to give each of our main players their own character-centered episode along with a number of team-centered stories in the first ten.”

    Will Weir have a character-centered episode in season 4 ?

    Kindest regards

  24. Channel surfing the other day i noticed the leads on “Charmed” were producers. Would you ever consider making your actors producers?
    PS.Have your read any Jack Higgins books?

  25. Do you think you could tell us in which episodes ISN´T Amanda Tapping? Thanks

  26. Hey Joe, I have a question about Rodney and Shep. Will we see this year some friendship episode between those two? Some serious episode, like Defiant one or Trinity? Thank you for answer

  27. Hey Joe, is there any chance that you will keep development of characters? I mean, when Martin Gero writes McKay as normal person, can he stay that way in other episodes and not become comic relief again? Thank you

  28. In regards to “Sunday,” would you really deal your entire anime colletion, Dr. Mallozi, on a chess game with Zelenka?

  29. Has there been any talk about bringing back SuperFord’s storyline, or at least tying it up in some way?

  30. Wow, your very own appreciation thread? Now, whenever someone gets a little too full of themselves at work, you can just go “Yeah, but do you have an appreciation thread?” Yeah, I didn’t think so. It’s the ultimate way to feel superior!

  31. Happy ZATurday Joe!

    Thanks for the Continuum Pictures. Can’t wait for both movies to come out on DVD. I watched “Talion” for the first time last night. It was great to see Tony and Lexa back and I especially enjoyed the scenes between Chris and Tony and Michael and Tony. I did find the episode pretty violent for Stargate though… especially towards the end. It was a little hard for me to believe that Teal’c would be able to get up and fight after having a sword put through his stomach; however, besides the violence and the fight scene between Mitchell and Teal’c I really enjoyed the episode.

    Tell Brad thanks for allowing you to post pictures from the Continuum set. The fans really appreciate it.

  32. Hey Joe. I just recently got into SG-1 and I’ve really been enjoying season 10 so far. Out of curiosity, which episode of this season that you wrote is your favorite? For me, it’s a toss up between “Momento Mori” and “The Quest Pt.2.”

  33. ok, just saw “Sunday” last night and have to say.. if Rodney and Carson are best friends (which we’ve see no prior evidence of), then Rodney and John are lovers aren’t they? As we’ve seen much more of them acting all buddy-buddy (M&MM, ToR, The Game, The Ark)

  34. Can’t believe you all killed Carson! What a stupid idea. Take that person and boil them in oil for us, please!

  35. I just got a chance to read your last entry about Yogi’s Ark–that was comedy gold. I hope I don’t live to see the day when Doc Oc bakes a friendship cake for the entire world.

    Speaking of Hanna-Barberra schlock, have you ever seen the “Paw Paw Bears”? It was another 80s offering.


  36. Watched Sunday last night–fantastic job to everyone involved! I knew it was coming, but I teared up anyway (much to the amusement of my husband). Was it just me, or did I detect a hint of foreshadowing in Ronon’s “it’s too soon” comment? It has been almost ten years.

  37. hi Joe i was wondering since season 4 will not be airing in July in America do you think the delay will affect it airing in October in the UK?

  38. Picture #7 has me very intrigued Joe. Could this be where Daniel will be for a short time. It can’t be for Teal’c or Vala and IMO Mitchell has been beaten up way too much. Jack’s – been there done that in “Abyss” with Ba’al. Sam’s needed for a different part of the story sooo it has to be for *crosses fingers* Daniel. I mean really, who cares if a red shirt is tortured. Sorry for speculating Joe but I’m just grasping for any clues at all regarding Daniel in this movie. The fans still don’t know what is going on with Daniel in Continuum….small crumbs of info are always appreciated.

    Thanks Joe and *Hugs* for any crumb that Brad will allow!

  39. Love the ordering pizza scene – what do you think of Hawaiian pizza? As for the See’s candies, their website is:
    They’re a retail chain down here in the U.S., and have a large variety. I know they’re pretty popular here in Southern California too. I don’t think there are stores in Canada, but I’m pretty sure you can order them online and have them shipped there. (If you do order, you may want a box of assorted to start off with)

    Saw Sunday Friday night, and enjoyed it alot and eagerly waiting the return of the doc in season 4 as well. Hope you have a great weekend!

  40. Just a thought, but now that a certain Mr. Dominic Monaghan seems to be available, any chance of him popping up in Atlantis?…he’d make a great Wraith.

  41. What made you stop watching Scrubs? Curious here because I loevd it until S4 and then stopped and I cannot put my finger on why or what happened.

  42. Can we please have at least one picture of Amanda on the Continuum set – I believe those you posted of AT are from SGA or AoT (please correct if I am mistaken) – but please, please, please give us one from Continuum – it’s so not fair that you haven’t!!!!!

  43. All the remaining s3 episodes are top favorites, so all my thoughts will be positive 🙂

    Now, about Sunday:

    I ADORE Sunday. Such a great episode with so many fantastic character moments. Congratulations to the cast, writers, director and all the behind-the-scenes crew for such a great job.

    I liked how the script was written in a non-linear way, going back in time several times and every time it ended in the same moment so you knew what everybody was doing when they heard the explosion. I also loved that some of the separate stories met, like Elizabeth and Dr. Branton having lunch at the commissary and Rodney going there and finding them. I had the feeling I was putting the pieces of a puzzle together as the episode went on and started to get the big picture. I think it was a great way of telling the story.

    I loved when John and Ronon find Teyla. Ronon, behind John, making signals to Teyla was so funny. Ronon trying to avoid golf lessons was funny too 🙂 And the actual golf lesson was priceless.

    John and Ronon in the gym… Absolutely hilarious. I laughed the whole time. I adore this scene. Ah, poor John. Got whumped.

    John and Ronon in John’s room. I adore this scene too. It starts funny, with Ronon smashing that thing into his forehead and then becomes more serious while drinking beer. This was a great friendship scene between John and Ronon. Love it!

    John being married at some point was a huge surprise.

    Rodney lecturing the two young scientists. It must be hell to have him as one’s boss 🙂 And his hair, like he had just gotten out of bed 🙂 Loved this scene. I like how Rodney shouts at them first (I think he does that because he’s worried about them more than anything else) and then feels sorry/guilty and gives them the day off, even if they already had the day off. It’s the thought that counts 🙂 I liked Dr. Houston. It would’ve been great to see her learning from Rodney. It’s a pity she was killed 🙁

    I loved seeing Katie Brown again, and I’d love to see Katie and Rodney dating in canon, as long as it doesn’t become the focus of any episode, just a little scene here and there, something mentioned from time to time, etc. Loved the scenes with them together and how Rodney tells her that seeing his sister so happy with her family made him think of marriage. It’s amazing how much Rodney changed since he stepped into the Pegasus galaxy.

    I liked the little tidbits we got about Radek playing chess and Lorne painting.

    From the moment the second tumor exploded and Carson was killed, until the end, I cried like a baby. And I don’t usually cry when watching movies/TV… Rodney packing Carson’s belongings and his conversation with Ronon, with Rodney feeling guilty and in tears. It broke my heart. I loved the scene with John and Teyla in the infirmary. It was a very sweet scene (and I mean as totally friendship only). When Teyla says that she feels a great sadness. I could feel her sadness. A short line but it carried so much emotion.

    Everybody gathered in the gateroom. Elizabeth’s speech. The guy dressed in traditional Scottish clothes, playing the bagpipe. John, Rodney, Lorne, Cole, Radek and Ronon carrying the coffin through the gate… I cried so much. What a great scene.

    And the end was beautiful and sad at the same time…

    A brilliant and emotional episode. Once again, congratulations for an extremely well written, directed and acted episode.

  44. Hi Joe,
    I hope you don’t mind my asking if Mike is O.K? He’s past do blogging and I’m starting to go through withdrawal. I love reading both of your blogs. You’re both so funny and snarky – Love it! You did let Mike out of your office after taking those pictures of him didn’t you? If he’s just real busy filming that’s alright but if not could you please double check your office …just in case!

  45. Saw “Sunday” last night. Bloody heck! For every character that gets knocked off the show, it makes me that less interested in watching anymore.

    And what I truly still don’t understand is why the producers felt the need to “shake things up a bit”. I can’t imagine continually playing musical chairs with main character unless there’s some pressure by either the studio (MGM) or the broadcaster (SciFi Channel), or both, to make changes.

  46. “There’s the other Earth-based episode Joe F. pitched out”

    So we finally get to see Teyla and Ronon on Earth? Not counting the time Teyla was there through John’s mind. =)

  47. When do they record the commentaries for the DVDs? Do the people doing the commentaries have to take time out of their holidays between filming or do they do it between breaks or at the weekends during the filming period?

  48. Hil. arious. I’d like to learn more about the follow-up scene to “Hammond Orders A Pizza”. You know the one. The little praised, but much debated scene where Hammond takes pictures of said pizza and then blogs about it.

  49. That last scene in “Sunday” has caused a lot of chaos in fandom – We’re told that Rodney thinks that Carson was the closest thing he had to a best friend, while we’ve been shown that Rodney and John are best friends – all the time they spend together, all the interactions are a lot more friendly – especially during this past season. While on the other hand most of the Carson and Rodney interactions had Carson snarking at Rodney or seeming to not take him seriously when he should (though a lot of people seem to be ignoring the fact that Rodney could be just as bad to Carson). Basically, Many people feel that there’s no way that Carson could be Rodney’s best friend because of the way Carson has been treating Rodney.

    Any thoughts on this? Are people just totally not getting the friendship between Carson and Rodney? Were they supposed to assume that the friendship already existed prior to the start of the show (so we missed the development of that friendship)? Or are people right that Carson was mean to Rodney all the time and Rodney was delusional to think that Carson was his friend?

  50. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, some of us were discussing antagonists and wondered if there were any plans in the pipeline to bring either Bates/Kavnagh or someone else in S4 to disrupt the status quo?

    I’d love to see someone coming in to ‘stir the pot’ shall we say in Atlantis and I wondered what your thoughts were on this.

    Thanking you Mr M for your time and your patience and for bringing us shirtless Shep in season 4.:o) How’s that coming along by the way? You know, if you have a couple of spare minutes that you need to fill in the ep, i’m sure I could suggest some fillers… Just so you know, i’m not averse to complete nudity, as long as it’s done tastefully ala Duet. 😉


  51. It is so all about Continuum!! Any word on when the DVDs will be released, Joe?

  52. The return-of-that-character two-parter with its Fargo-esque first part

    “Fargo-esque”? You mean he comes back all “funny-lookin”?

  53. *waves*

    Only me again…sory just wanted to put my pov spin on the Sunday issue *sniff* Fantastic episode btw, I loved that Carson got his chance with everyone. Thanks for that.

    To Anon… i’ve lost count, lol.

    Any thoughts on this? Are people just totally not getting the friendship between Carson and Rodney? Were they supposed to assume that the friendship already existed prior to the start of the show (so we missed the development of that friendship)? Or are people right that Carson was mean to Rodney all the time and Rodney was delusional to think that Carson was his friend?

    From my own point of view, I saw Carson and Rodney as best friends as they’d been working in the Antarctic for a year befor they were shipped out to the Pegasus Galaxy. In the pilot and right the way through you can see their friendship evolving until the last ep. My friend and I are exactly the same as Carson and Rodney, we don’t stand on any airs or graces, purely because friends accept each other ‘as is’ and that’s how I saw their friendship. I see Rodney and Shep’s relationship more as siblings, but definately more family than friendship. Whereas I see Carson and Rodney as friendship more than family…

    Shutting up now. 😉

    Thanks for letting me hijack your blog for a minute…or ten, Joe.


  54. Hi Mr Mallozzi, just discovered your blog via ADB website and so far i havent stopped laughing for more than 5 minutes all night.
    i’m sorry to hear about your food poisoning been there done that and never wish for a repeat performance. Also wanted to say we share the same views on Dumbledore’s mortality ^^.
    Love the show and can’t wait for season 4.
    The food pics are great and if i ever make it over the pond i will have to check some of the restaurants for myself.
    I do have one question which will label me a scifi geek but was the organic origin of Wraith technology inspired by the new foes in the star wars galaxy?

  55. Anonymous said…
    Can we please have at least one picture of Amanda on the Continuum set – I believe those you posted of AT are from SGA or AoT (please correct if I am mistaken) – but please, please, please give us one from Continuum – it’s so not fair that you haven’t!!!!!


    i don’t know about fairness, but i’ll second that plea for some photos of amanda on set of ‘continuum’! 😀

    sally 🙂

  56. Hey Joe!

    Quick question, are you planning on going to Anime Evolution at SFU this year? Either as an official guest or just an anime fan?

  57. “i don’t know about fairness, but i’ll second that plea for some photos of amanda on set of ‘continuum’!”

    Thanks for seconding this but it was meant to be sarcastic – hopefully Joe got that – I tend to give him a lot of credit for getting things and hopefully he deserves that level of credit.

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