“Being a pirate would be great,”our office assistant Lawren heard a five year old proclaim as the early evening screening for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment let out. “You can just go around stealing stuff and never get in trouble.”

Thank you, Disney.

In all fairness, my pal Carl, a Disney veteran, did once tell us about the time Pocahontas helped a little girl save her brother’s life. Apparently, a boy had almost drowned but was revived by his sister who performed CPR on him, just like she had seen in the animated movie. “Pocahontas saved a kid’s life,”Carl, who happened to co-write the movie, proudly informed us. “Sure,”countered Martin, “but what about all the unreported cases of kids getting mauled after trying to strike up conversations with raccoons and beavers?“ Touché.

But the truth is that modern kids are alarmingly well-insulated against the potentially bad influences of t.v. and film. As someone who worked in the field for many years, I am all too aware of the saccharinization of animation. Remember the good old days when shotguns, cannons and dynamite were both deadly AND hilarious? When plummeting off a cliff resulted in little more than a bruised ego and an accordion body? When electrocution was an acceptable means of getting back at someone? Geez, when did we get so uptight as a society? Somewhere between the 1966 finale of The Flintstones and the 1981 premiere of The Smurfs, television animation lost its soul. Yogi Bear is a perfect example. The original was an arrogant glutton who spent the greater part of his day stealing from unwary picnickers. Fifteen years later, he’s riding around on a magic ark with his buddies “searching for a paradise to call home, a place without pollution or crime” (Wikipedia). I mean, what the fuck? I’m surprised they never did a series about Electro and Doctor Octopus from the old Spiderman cartoon joining forces to travel the globe and teach underprivileged kids the merits of proper hygiene. Along the way, they’ll search for the true meaning of love. And Christmas. And non-GMO soybeans for the big-ass friendship cake they’re going to bake for all the world’s children to enjoy, including those with food sensitivities that preclude them from eating anything containing refined flour, sugar, chocolate, nuts, or any other flavor-possessing ingredient.

Oh, so Evan it is. Evan Lorne. In all fairness to Alan who was anoint everyone’s favorite Major with the Wesley moniker, no one could remember naming the character. But after some not-so-gentle fan prodding, Alex Levine dug up the truth. He was never actually called Evan at anytime, but in First Strike, he did wear a flight suit and said flight suit did require a name. So, Evan it is. Or, rather, Evan it still is. Hey, I can’t recall, but did we ever give Ronon a last name? I’m thinking Vanderberg. Does anybody have a problem with that?

Pics: Yesterday’s dinner of broiled arctic char with a tequila-lime marinade and baked halibut with crispy caper butter sauce, drone schematics, the top secret design for that wraith bench, and (What’s this?!) another script!.

Fire away –

Amy writes: “Have you ever tried Organic Oreos? They are quite delicious!”

Answer: Seriously now. Do they taste any different?

Lorr54 writes: “I am very happy you enjoyed them! Thank you!”

Answer: They truly were delicious. You should start up your own shop. Thank you for sending them.

Anonymous #1 writes: “1. How did the Wing Commander (Flanagan) come up with the script for “Epiphany?” 2. Following up with your last answer, I understand what you mean. I just wish there was a way. 3. My friend is interested in Sailor Moon. If it is your cup of tea, can you recommend any episodes?”

Answers: 1) Actually, Joe was credited with the story, not the script. He came up with an idea that Brad spun out in a different direction than the original idea. 2) ? 3) Not a Sailor Moon fan.

Anonymous #2 writes: “Just thought I’d let you know that there is now an “appreciation” thread for you over on Gateworld. Doesn’t it make you feel special?”

Answer: I always feel special. Now I feel extra special.

Lisa Gabi Marie writes: “How to you feel about livejournal? Do you have a secret blog there? Have you seen any of the Stargate communities?”

Answer: I don’t really know much about live journal.

Primate-Studios writes: “Is there a new direction that you’d like to take with Stargate?”

Answer: The Stargate franchise is Brad and Rob’s baby, so this is a question for them.

Arctic Goddess writes: “As a Canadian writer/producer, is it harder to get accepted as a writer for U.S. television, or are you accepted as easily as an American writer would be?”

Answer: At this point in my career, it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

Anonymous #2 writes: “IMDb claims that Season 4 will air in July. Is this true?”

Answer: Nope.

Jen, the cow hugger writes: “How is all this chocolate getting to you? Where are they sending it?”

Answer: It’s being sent to The Bridge Studios.

Rrmf writes: “ Any suggestions for a 16 year old voracious sci-fi/fantasy reader (my son) looking to cross over from books for “young” readers to more adult concepts?”

Answer: As always, I recommend John Scalzi. Have him check out Old Man’s War and The Android’s Dream.

SueKay writes: “Is that the story where they take the Pig to the Blarney stone so he’ll start to talk and then he won’t shut up?”

Answer: That be the one. Oink!

Atlantisfannew1 a ecrit: “Quel est votre patisserie préféré??”

Response: J’adore les mille-feuilles, les éclair au chocolat, et n’importe quoi avec de la crème de marron.

Stargate groupie writes: “Do the actors have much say regarding clothing or props that their character might wear or use? For example, did Joe decided that Sheppard would wear the black wrist band or was it you guys, also, the stuff in Sheppard’s room like the Johnny Cash poster, was that Joe Flanigan or the set design guys?”

Answer: On occasion, they do. That Johnny Cash poster in Sheppard’s room was a Joe F. request.

Anonymous #3 writes: “Did you do some work for Seinfeld?”

Answer: No, you misread. My writing sample was a Seinfeld script.

Anonymous #4 writes: “I’m better at chicken and sausage gumbo to be honest.”

Answer: You’re in luck! I love gumbo! I’ll let you know when I’m in town.

Anonymous #5 writes: “Do you ever garden or grow your own foods?”

Answer: I don’t but, every year when I accompany Fondy plant shopping, I do pick up a bunch of packaged seeds (ie. Garlic, various basils) that I fully intend to plant and nurture – but never do.

Paula writes: “I’m actually suspecting the green onions at Bishops. They’re notoriously hard to clean and the timing would be about right for the stuff that usually infects green onions.”

Answer: I don’t think it could have been Bishops as that was fully 60 hours after the fact. For much the same reason you’ve put forward, however, I suspect it was the raw sprouts I had with my soup. That’ll teach me to go for the salad.

Tanis writes: “I want to try if it is possible to send my resume to Stargate series, but I don’t know, to who and where I must to send my resume… do you know it? Are you sure that the “gatekeepers” will read all the resumes?”

Answer: It depends on the gatekeepers. In the case of Stargate, however, the gates are locked because we already have a full staff.

Smiley_face06 writes: “Any chances that you’ll make your facebook account so that it is not private?”

Answer: Hmmm. I’m already regretting this Facebook thing. I didn’t realize it would require all this attention and decision-making. I take pride in being friendless and Facebook actually works against that.

Anonymous #6 writes: “What are your thoughts on the craze of foams and molecular gastronomy? Lately I’m of the opinion that while they can create some really interesting tastes and textures, it is just too much hoopla. In the end there is just something missing from the dining experience.”

Answer: If the entire meal were to be made up of foams then, yes, it would certainly be missing a certain je ne sais quoi. No, wait. I sais quoi. Food. I think foams work best as accents to certain dishes.

66 thoughts on “May 31, 2007

  1. Hey Joe,
    Have any clues been left in previous seasons as to who the father of her child is?

  2. Hi Joe,
    I miss the old days of television. It seems like lots of children oriented shows are getting dumbed down, and the ever uptight society isn’t helping.
    Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie aren’t shown together because of complaints they were gay… (I take it somewhat personally, as Ernie was my favorite character as a young child)
    On the chocolate front, have you ever tried See’s Candies down in the U.S.?

  3. Answer: Seriously now. Do they taste any different?

    They do taste different but they are still tasty! My Mom said that they remind her of the Oreos from when she was young. Now if only they would make organic double stuffed, chocolate creme Oreos!

    Check your local grocery store and if you can’t find them I can send you a box.

  4. Joe,

    Thanks for the pics and the humorous commentary on children’s shows.

    Also, thank you for the “sneak peek” at Carl’s new script. Is this the relationship episode? Will Torri be in this one?


  5. Do you know if there are any other script ideas for future SG-1 movies? Who would write them?

  6. Evan….my nephew’s name. I like it.

    Regarding Richard Scarry…My father used to read to us (my two sisters and I) from Richard Scarry books when we were very young, then we would read to him from the same books a couple of years later.

    Ah, I also remember that my grandmother made us large Lowly Worms out of felt and stuffing.

  7. Dex, Ronon’s Last name is Dex, “Specialist Ronon Dex.” Although I think that Vanderberg is better, it is unexpected. Plus, unlike “Dex”, it is not the same name as one of Sheppard’s friends that died in Afghanistan.

  8. If you want Carl Binder to feel better about those animal maulings, you could tell him that my friends and I used to spend all day running through the woods near home, pretending to be Pocahontas et al, and about how I had the biggest childhood crush on John Smith. (I have since grown up and moved on to Aladdin.)

    Alternatively, if you want him to feel bad, you can tell him that that the Pocahontas battle scene in Walt Disney World’s “Fantasmic!” is widely hailed by Disney fans as one of the biggest theme park cop-outs ever in comparison to Disneyland’s Peter Pan battle from their own version of the show.

    And cartoons went bad when Speedy Gonsalez was taken away from us… 🙁

  9. Oh, I forgot to add – in regards to LiveJournal, it’s a haven for fanwank. You’d find hours of entertainment there!

    //Spent the day laughing at “Strikethrough 2007”

  10. If one is a fairly talented writer that keeps getting better and finding fresher ideas, how hard might it be to find work in Vancouver? Would it be easier than LA? How easy did you find work?

  11. Will the Entity Known as Doppelganger John be the father of Teyla’s baby?

  12. Joe,

    Have you bought the Scrubs Season 5 DVD? Have you seen any of Season 6? If so, what’s your favorite episode for that season? Are there any Stargate fans within the Scrubs Cast and Crew? Last Question, Do you think J.D. and Elliot should be together when the Scrubs ends?

  13. Is Luttrell preggers in real life? Will Don Davis be in both SG movies? NOAS (Noxious Odor Advisory System)??

  14. Oh, the agony! Carl Binder, who has written some of my favorite Stargate episodes, co-wrote Pocahontas?? Pocahontas, the movie I’ve never been able to actually sit through (history major here) because of the pounding in my head that starts with the idea of Pocahontas wearing an off-the-shoulder mini-dress, gets worse with the appearance of young, handsome John Smith, and pretty soon I just have to lie down. I know, I know, it’s a cartoon (hence the dancing woodland animals), but it just hurts my brain! When I did daycare, we never watched that movie because I just couldn’t stand it. We did watch “Wimsey’s House” a couple of times, though. There’s no accounting for taste.

  15. Joe, I’ve seen you say a few times that the Stargate team is fully staffed (a good thing no?). I was wondering, what about the VFX folks? Rainmaker for example. Do you personally have a lot of contact with them? Or any of the teams?

    The reason I ask is that I’m a computer animator and graphic designer (specializing in 3D modeling). I’m currently working in the PC gaming industry, doing models and graphics for computer games.

    Ultimately I’d like to branch out professionally towards cinematic visual effects. I’ve done quite a bit of it on my own, and for various freelance projects, corporate and educational DVDs, television commercials, etc…

    So I’m just curious how much you personally interact with the VFX guys? (They wouldn’t happen to be short handed would they?)
    Do you know a lot about the computer side of creating the visual effects?

  16. When you eat at restaurants does the china plates matter to you or when you are doing reviews?

  17. Disney already taught us that lesson with Aladdin and Robin Hood (not that they can entirely take credit/blame for those, of course, but they made them fluffier and included cute animals…speaking of which, was I the only one thinking “Aladdin” with the whole monkey-and-parrot thing?) Jack Sparrow is this generation’s Robin Hood, only he’s crazy and skips the “giving to the poor” part.

    I like Wesley. You should go with that. He could have been wearing someone else’s flight suit, after all. Then if you ever reveal his middle name, it could be something like Angel or Doyle…and then he could start fighting vampires.

    Boy, I’m rambling a bunch of nonsense lately, aren’t I?

  18. Joe…

    Rather than us periodically asking you when Season 4 will begin, are you able to and could you tell us when you expect to find this out?

    MB 🙂

  19. Shawna said…
    …speaking of which, was I the only one thinking “Aladdin” with the whole monkey-and-parrot thing?

    Definitely not. 😛 Speaking as a member of the Aladdin fandom, it was quite widely noticed back when the first movie came out. I should note here that almost all of the Aladdin fans I know are also big Pirates of the Caribbean fans. 😛

  20. Dear Joe:

    Evan is cool but Warne Lorne would have been MUCH cooler!
    Also, are you a fan of the juice-bar trend?

  21. Jack Sparrow also promotes drinking – yey for rum.

    logicsequence: you should check out Sanctuary. i hear they’re still looking for talented people to join their team.

    What’s your goal as a writer, Joe?

  22. Hiya Joe!
    As an anime fan (and a rabid fan of Gankoutsou) I was just wondering if you had happened to have seen Le Chevalier D’eon yet?

    It’s the Japanese take on the Legend of D’eon de Beaumont and is one of the most beautifuly animated show I think I have ever seen. It’s currently being released by http://www.advfilms.com if you wanted to check it out.

  23. Awesome blog today…So awesome in fact, that I had to read the intro out loud to a friend.

    Is the Kelowna in Stargate named after Kelowna the city here in British Columbia–and if so, was there a specific reason for this?

  24. The best episodes of the entire series (Before I Sleep, Echoes, Sunday) are ones which develop the existing universe while telling a story around that. My lesser favourites are the ones that strictly don’t, or worse still, are comedic (Irresponsible, Duet, Phantoms).

    Ignoring sci-fi here, do you reckon Atlantis would benefit from having a “British” styled 13-part TV series as opposed to 20?

  25. What do you think of British cuisine? Sheppard’s pie? Toad in the hole? or have you ever sampled any types of ofal? liver and Bacon? Black pudding etc?

  26. You can’t have watched enough Cartoon Network! Have you ever seen ‘The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy’? Ed Edd and Eddy? and the last time I looked Scooby Doo and Shaggy still enjoy far too much food without getting fat.
    Re-editing the classics to remove smoking (at least in the UK) WAS a step too far I think. With that in mind I thought Id share one of my favorite Youtube clips to remind everyone how far we’ve come:

  27. Ronon vanderBerg, hm? Well, it does have a certain ring to it. :chuckles:

    I meant to ask, and I believe it was Linzi who asked about this before but at the time nothing had gelled yet, have you guys come up with anything for Sheppard’s backstory yet? If not, do you think it might still come up in one of the remaining S4 eps, or have all slots already been filled?


  28. We apologise for the not-so-gentle fan prodding, but thanks for clearing up the Lorne situation. Any chance you can have him called by his first name some time in S4? *prods gently*

    Ronon Vanderberg? Sounds fine to me 😛

    Disney has its faults but it gave us The Lion King and Mulan, for which I am eternally grateful. 🙂

  29. Hi Joe!!! 🙂

    I just wondered is Quarantine the epsiode where we finally get Sheppy ‘fevered, restrained and nekkid under the infirmary sheet’? LOL! 😉

  30. G’day Joe, (hmm how very aussie of me..)

    I’m not if this has been asked before, but I’m thinking it has… Have you seen A Dog’s Breakfast? What did you think?

    Also, is there anyway to persuade you to give us a small hint of who the father of Teyla’s baby is (I know you won’t but you have to ask! ;-D)

  31. Bonjour Joe,

    Tout d’abord merci pour ce blog et cette grande générosité dont vous nous faites part à travers ce blog.
    Ensuite ma question concerne le départ d’Elizabeth/Torri de la saison 4. J’adore Sam/Amanda, mais est-ce que Torri quitte définitivement Atlantis ou la reverra-t-on en cast régulier dans la saison 5 ? Encore un grand merci et longue vie à Stargate !

  32. Joe,

    Any chance of more SGA submarine adventures in season 4? (I blame Frank Schatzing’s The Swarm, which I’m reading at the moment, for this request).

  33. Hey Joe.

    I completely agree about animation loosing it’s soul. Cartoons today are just so silly. Give me the Flintstones or the Jetsons any day! I have yet to see any of the new Yogi Bear. I’m thinking I shall avoid it at all costs.

    I am also glad to hear that Evan is gonna stick as Lorne’s first name. =]


  34. Joe

    “You take pride in being friendless” !! You’re getting more like House every day.. but of course like Yogi .. You’re smarter than the average bear..

    Have a great weekend.


  35. Hi Joe

    Thanks for the pic of the script.. Is the back 10 running order “be all my sins remeber’d”, “Spoils of War” and now ” quarantine”? Are they following an arc or are any of them stand alones?
    Next time you’re at Chapters you might want to take a looksee at Rosemary Kirstein’s “The Steerswoman”. Excellent fantasy about a character who, if she is asked a question must answer truthfully and if she is refused an answer, puts you under ban and she will never answer you again.

  36. Good morning Joe,

    Alex Levine posted a new blog yesterday and said “Shooting for the second Stargate movie, “Continuum”, began this week …”. So, were those pictures you posted of Michael and Don last week from their costume fittings or were they filming some scenes ahead of schedule, or did Alex lose a week?

    Also, as a favor to the spoiler-starved SG-1 fans can you give us an itty-bitty clue as to what Michael was talking about when he said, “In the second movie, we get to see a completely different side of the character. We get to see him vulnerable in a way we’ve never seen before. I won’t give away specifics, but something he’s never had to go through before, but be alive, which is different.”

    take care,


  37. Happy Friday Joe!

    Thanks again for your response. I can so relate to the seeds staying in the packet. Good intentions aside, I realized it was time to stop gardening after one spring spending hours picking out the best seeds only for them to remain in the package.

    Reading your thoughts about cartoons brings back alot of memories. I loved Yogi Bear, The Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, and who can forget Popeye. I can’t tell you how many cans of spinach I consumed as a kid because of Popeye. If I remember correctly I think Popeye was taken off the air years later because of too much violence. Give me Popeye and The Road Runner anyday over Smurfs, Care Bears and *shudders* Teletubbies.

  38. On the way home from vacation yesterday I stopped at a small-town bistro/coffee shop for lunch, and wanting something lite I ordered “The Veggie,” a sandwich composed of lettuce, tomato, dried tomatoes, onions, provolone and American cheese , all smothered in a delicious home made pesto and nestled between two fresh, soft slices of bread. However, once I received my order, I noticed that something was terribly wrong. I lifted the top slice of bread and noted one leaf of lettuce, a solitary scrawny tomato slice, and two tiny rings of onion. Nothing else. At all. What do you recall as the most frustrating order mix-up you’ve encountered?

  39. Ronon Vandenberg and Amy Dex. These alien mating rituals are so entertaining. Just don’t tell Cameron. ;o)

  40. I know I’ve been striking out on the SGA questions so I’ll try for simple questions. Will we know who Teyla was talking about in the beginning of Sunday in season 4?( Was this question already asked? I don’t remember?)
    It seems to me that Sheppard does a majority of the rescues and getting himself out of trouble. Are you going to have a ep where he has to totally rely on his team to rescue him? I know he’s the hero of the show and he’s almost died on several occasions. But even in Common Ground, Sheppard already got himself out and the Wraith restored his life to him. Sorry, went on a little rant.
    Last question. Are you and the writers really going to make Ronon wait until all of the Wraith are gone before he starts looking for love again? Thanks.

  41. “lisa gabi marie said…
    When you eat at restaurants does the china plates matter to you or when you are doing reviews?

    May 31, 2007 9:42:00 PM PDT “

    I bet he eats with ‘plastic picnic ware” like Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets. Anyone who’s that fastidious and dresses in a suit all the time when they don’t have to… seriously, Joe, there’s something obsessive compulsive going on!

  42. Ronan Vanderberg?? I vote no. Sounds like someone from the local prep school that I would have hated. Personally, I don’t think he needs a last name – sort of like Cher, Madonna, Britney, you know – the classics!

  43. héé salut!!!
    Je suis trop heureuse mon blog a atteint les 5000 commentaire hier alors qu il exitse depuis hier!!c est gténial!!
    Merci beaucoup pour m avoir répondu!!
    Oui c est vrai que toute ces patisseries sont trés trés bonne moi j adore les éclair, les religieuse, les baba au rome et les fraisier!!
    =}Quarantaine! trés intéréssant se titre!! je suis impatiente de voir l épisode!!
    Ah,oui j ai une question!
    Est ce que Rodney va ambrasser une fille durant cette saison??

  44. Regarding the pablumization of animated series in recent years, I totally agree with you, Joe. I was raised on the old animated shows of the 1940s, ’50s & ’60s, which were, without a doubt, violent, racist, anti-Communist, pro-war and homophobic. I was very disappointed when the next generation of shows came along in the 1970s and ’80s. Care Bears, Smurfs, Muppet Babies…thankfully we still had the edgier stuff like Transformers and X-Men, and more recently, Gargoyles, Reboot and Spawn. But the trend is still leaning toward “Let’s all join hands and sing kumbaya!”. It’s like the networks and studio executives are trying sooo hard to cover their asses, so as not to be held responsible (and sued) for some wacko kid who attempts a stunt he/she saw a cartoon character do. You know, when I was a kid, I used to pretend I was Wendy (from Peter Pan) and jumped off a second storey roof once.


    It’s absolutely ridiculous to blame cartoons when what it really boils down to is the parent’s inability or unwillingness to teach their child about the difference between fantasy and reality. If you set that foundation early enough in a child’s development, by the time they hit 8, 9, 10 they can totally differentiate between what is real and what is pure fantasy entertainment — and it’s the parents who should be held responsible for any bonehead stunts their kids pull, like pointing a loaded gun at their best friend, putting a kitten in the microwave or setting fire to their bed.


    P.S. I think his name should be Ronon P. Fairweather

  45. J’adore les mille-feuilles, les éclair au chocolat, et n’importe quoi avec de la crème de marron.

    Mhh les mille-feuilles… 😀
    Vous connaissez la charlotte à la crème de marron?

  46. Yay for Evan! And Vanderberg, hm? I like it >). Goes very well with the whole glasses image ;D.

  47. Ronon Vanderberg?

    Eyes widened in something akin to horror… But he “kan nie die Taal praat..”! (Can’t speak the language)

    Vanderberg and variations thereof are either Dutch or Afrikaans.

    Keep him a Dex.

  48. Hi Joe,

    are we going to see the Doci in The Ark of Truth or in the future movies?

  49. A Terry Pratchett book that I would recommend after “Going Postal” is “Guards! Guards!” and the whole line of books that goes along with that.

    And I agree with your sentiments on children’s television. People are speaking out against the Harry Potter books because they’re shown as children’s books, and yet they have several hard-hitting deaths in them. Is it really so horrible for children to understand that people don’t live forever?

  50. Has it ever been established that Major Lorne is anything special within Atlantis’ command structure? Or is he just a random officer who has an awesomely dry sense of humor and is freakin’ hot?

  51. So, Mr. Mallozzi. Re your comment about cartoons, welcome to the State of Nannyism.

    May we assume that Cameron Mitchell got Amy Vanderburg pregnant in high school and Ronon is the offspring? There’s a story in that, eh? Of course, he’s not that much younger than Dad, but he lives in another galaxy, relativity and all that, wot?

  52. Bonjour Joe, j’ai aussi vécu à Montéal. I SO miss the food back home (in Ontario now).

    I just wanted to let you know that the Jason Momoa Forum are very thankful for your snapshots and stories… You’re our number one source! Merci énormément! ;o)

    humble thought from a fan: wouldn’t it be cool to see McKay fishing at some point (obvious connection to Becket). Bon apétit!

  53. Do the writers and producers plan more SG-1 movies in 2008 or won’t you have enough time next to Stargate : Atlantis season 5 and Stargate : Universe season 1?

  54. Hi Joe, with BSG ending this season do you think it will effect SGA chances for renewal? Should we expect an announcement about season four being the last too?

    Eric the Blackhand

  55. hi, joe,

    can you share tidbits of spoilers for those of us that are *sg1* fans? (‘arc of truth’ or ‘continuum’ spoilers fer sure.)

    sally 🙂

  56. Anonymous #2 writes: “Just thought I’d let you know that there is now an “appreciation” thread for you over on Gateworld. Doesn’t it make you feel special?”

    Answer: I always feel special. Now I feel extra special.

    Ahem…yeah…I made it… Didn’t want to tell you in case you freaked out or something… *blushes* Glad you feel extra special though, you have a lot of hits 😀

  57. Do you like horseback riding? Will we ever see a beach party or the team surfing on the mainland? Will there still be a mainland?

  58. *waves*

    Hiya Joe, thanks for the concept art and a new script! Is that drone shot from ‘This Mortal coil’? ;o) Does the script focus on any particular character or will it be a team ep?

    Sheppard’s Delight with her wonderful words of wisdom said…
    Hi Joe!!! 🙂

    I just wondered is Quarantine the epsiode where we finally get Sheppy ‘fevered, restrained and nekkid under the infirmary sheet’? LOL! 😉

    Personally i’m with Sheppy D on this one. I bet when Carl wrote this ep, you were thinking to yourself that this is the perfect ep to have Shep shirtless. ;O) Hot, sweaty and Semi Nekkid Shep… Ooooh and I was thinking, when you have to put someone into quarantine, they have to have all contaminants removed from their person… So again perfect opportunity for that shower scene. 😉


    Thank you Mr M, you’re a very wise and kind man.

  59. I’d just like to say that I just finished watching “Sunday” in the U.S. and… that was the most beautifully done Atlantis epsidoe yet. Kudos to everyone who worked on it.

  60. Hey Joe,

    One of my favorite aspects of Atlantis season one was the familial feel, and after losing five of those family members in the last few episodes (Markham, Grodin, Bates, Stackhouse, Ford) I feel like it has diminished.

    Is there any hope of seeing our favorite (presumably) living secondaries such as Stackhouse or Bates again?

    Bates was a fantastic character, and, though his role was not too far in the forefront, Boyan Vukelic’s portrayal of Sgt. Stackhouse was excellent, and made an impact on the audience.

    Any chance one or both of them could be brought back or at least mentioned?

    – Matt

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