Our boy is settling in nicely and, the longer he spends with us, the more we get to know about him.  Like the fact that it takes him approximately 30 seconds to eat his meals.  And the fact he doesn’t like water (rain, drinking it, but especially baths).  And the fact he likes small dogs but is freaked out by big dogs.

He also enjoys outings, especially visits to our local pet shops or coffee shops.  He is surprisingly chill.

He is also VERY food-motivated.  Surprise surprise for a pug!

Sharky trying to get around with the halo Akemi got him.  Frustrated!

Very relaxed…

5 thoughts on “November 12, 2023: Sharky Sunday!

  1. I really look forward to Sharky Sundays! I like to see him and how he is adjusting to his new environment/home. He looks great and if he sleeps on his back I think that means he is trusting and comfortable. Maybe that halo (though a good idea) is equivalent to a cone around his neck. Dogs hate those too. He is soooo cute.

  2. Sharky is adorable! Thank you both for adopting him.

    If you feel like backtracking, I found a horror/comedy film that works. “Tucker and Dale vs Evil”. It’s got both 🤣😱https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1465522/fullcredits/

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