Top 5 Kpop Songs of September, 2023….

4 thoughts on “October 6, 2023: Kpop MV drinking game – and the September Top 5!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREA!!! Wishing you another good year of improving health and happiness!

    1. Thanks Ponytail. xo

      How are you doing?
      Were you finally able to replace your car??

      1. DREA, yes I did finally get a new car in April. Have a little over 500 miles on it now and just filled it up for the 2nd time! (I don’t drive as much as I use to) It’s a Honda but I sure do miss my Toyota. 🙁

  2. @Joe
    Regarding Kami. Akemi may be onto something. I was thinking pretty much the same thing, as well. Muscle relaxant meds and injections combined with some kind of alternating botox therapy and better oral meds than what the rescue is currently giving him. They can probably do that at the vet college you had taken Bubba to? Might be worth at least looking into??… Also, checking to see if, in the meantime, your sitter is okay with hand feeding a dog via blender food in a funnel or dropper??

    The reason I’m thinking Sharky will need an immediate sibling to bond with
    is he probably barks a great deal anytime a human is not close enough to him,
    due to his blindness.
    Albeit, if he has a constant sweet puppers to snuggle up next to at home
    it would likely take the pressure off You and Akemi a bit and you’d have a slightly quieter household when you need to focus on writing and zoom calls and such. Though, he probably will still bark sometimes, due to lack of visual cues, when he wants food or to go outside.

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