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And a reminder that THIS is happening next Saturday.  Swing on by!

Today’s Yes/No…

We’re all set to head to NYC on Wednesday.  And, just in time for our trip, one of the farmers at our local farmers’ market this morning warned us about the dangers of the city, Manhattan in particular (where’s we’ll be staying).  Apparently, a friend of his was robbed in broad daylight.  “Seriously be careful,”he warned.  “And they don’t like Canadians.”

What’s not to like?

Our girl is finally back home. She now rests between her adoptive sister Lulu and Maximus who I have a feeling she would have really liked.

8 thoughts on “October 7, 2023: The Saturday Report!

  1. “And they don’t like Canadians”??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    My experiences have been quite the opposite. Or perhaps I was just oblivious. LOL

  2. Well, I hope you have a SAFE, awesome time in NYC. Is your old buddy Golden Boy Martin Gero still in NYC? Maybe you can have one dinner with him. I’m sure whatever happens, it will be memorable. I can’t wait for all the pictures. (Just try not to look like a tourist while taking them )(and keep your wallet in your front pocket)

  3. No one is going to know you are Canadian unless someone comes barreling out of nowhere full speed and knocks you over as they race down the street .. and instead of throwing up your hands and initially reacting with HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!!
    you gently say … “sorry for being in your way I didn’t see you coming”.

    As far as broad daylight muggings go … this also happens in Chicago, SF, Amsterdam, some areas of Paris, and many busy cities across Asia.
    It really is no better or worse in Manhattan.
    Just remember to follow a couple rules and you’ll be fine.

    New Yorkers for the most part tend to bubble themselves in public.
    They don’t make much eye contact with strangers on the street or in the subway or say hello as they pass their fellow melting potter.
    If either of you carry a shoulder bag on your walking tours, just remember to walk with one hand on the bag, with the strap positioned diagonally across the chest and keep the bag positioned slightly in front of your body instead of to the side.
    Don’t travel down empty side streets where you don’t see anyone else walking or driving. You are far less likely to be mugged walking down 5th , 6th, 7th or Park Avenue because there is always some foot and vehicle traffic and there tend to be too many hidden window and door cams.
    Don’t carry a wallet in your back pants pocket or take your wallet out of your bag or pocket while walking on any street or in the subway.

    There. Problem solved.
    Enjoy your trip. xo

    Don’t forget to snap and share lots of pics of all the sweet treats you try!

    1. by the way. Fanny packs, the kind that you belt at the waist, with the bag facing outward from the front of your body, are much safer than shoulder bags.

  4. Those deviled egg burgers look amazing! I would make them with bacon bits in the yolk filling, bleu cheese on the burger, and a schmear of mashed avocado (not guac!) – a Cobb (Salad) deviled egg burger!


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