I’m thinking about doing a twitter (X) Spaces next Saturday (afternoon?) where I’ll field question about Stargate, Dark Matter, screenwriting, and pugs.  Have never used it before, have no idea how it works – so that should make it all the more fun.  Will keep you updated!

We’ve locked down NYC, more or less.  Here’s hoping the flooding abates before our arrival.  Shortly after our return, we’ll be traveling to L.A. for a couple of days to visit Pug Nation of Los Angeles.  The plan was to wait for the new year to adopt a new (old) pug, but I hate the thought of that future adoptee (or two) languishing those extra few months.  No new addition to the family will ever replace Suji, but here’s hoping that opening our home will be a fitting tribute to our dearly departed girl, and offer a wonderful second life to some needy pug.  Or juggle.

7 thoughts on “September 29, 2023: This and That!

  1. Here’s hoping the trips work out well! 🤞🏼

    It was very difficult losing my three kitties a few years ago. I knew Lucy was sitting in a cage, probably for the rest of her life. It would have been easier adopting a couple of kittens but I kept thinking of Lucy. Adopting this little mercurial calico was the right decision. She’s happy and I’m happy knowing that we are giving her a good life. https://twitter.com/jertam/status/1681039366297210880/photo/1

    However, it would be nice if she would stop ambushing me as I walk down the hallway… I often joke that it’s because she likes my A-, as opposed to my hubby’s O+. 😉

  2. I can’t wait to meet your next rescue. Suji would be happy another brother or sister was getting the same opportunity she did. Hopefully the next one or two will be more agreeable to a babysitter. Lucky dog. This is gonna be fun!

    Your pugs are so ‘addicting’! Lol 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Suji passing. I know she was a special character and a much loved member ofyour family.

  4. Things I Hate:

    People who take advantage of other people
    Weird food
    Natural disasters
    People who betray confidences
    False friends
    Snakes and other creepy crawlers
    Being on a train and not sitting the same way the train is going
    People who are rude
    People who are duplicitous
    People who hurt animals
    People who abandon their animals
    People who porch-pirate
    People who are rude.
    People who have parties that last until 1 am who are screaming obscenities along your mutual fence line and make you worried that a bullet is going to come through your house soon.
    People who rent to people who do that.
    Most doctors (but there are gems in there who are remarkable)
    People who abuse their children.

    I think there is more, but those are the ones off the top of my head. I do see a theme here — I hate a lot of people. It’s not so much “hate” but more like “I can’t tolerate any more.”

    I do hope you have a wonderful time in NYC. I can’t wait to see where you go to eat and how it was for you. And what else you do. Yes, I am worried about friends and relatives who live there in the city. Jeff’s nephew, in Brooklyn, told us they were fine.

  5. The new Office will probably be as bad as the new Ghostbusters. These days everything is offensive to someone. There won’t be any funny jokes because someone will “cancel” the show. So no, I won’t be watching the new Office.

    I bought Liquid Smoke once and it spilled in the refrigerator. It took months to get rid of the smell. I’ll never buy that stuff again.

    I’m not hopeful for your NY vacation. The news reports look bad. 😟

    Have you seen this report? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-06-10/cloud-seeding-carried-out-over-tasmanian-catchment-before-floods/7499226

  6. PBMOM’s Hate List spurred my memory. These are things I hate:

    High Winds
    People calling and asking if I want to sell my house. It’s all day every day!
    People calling about Medicare because I’m turning 65 next year.
    Repair people trying to sell you extra stuff while they are there.
    The IRS
    My probate attorney.
    People telling me what to eat… (Not just yogurt but GREEK yogurt. Not just lettuce but ORGANIC lettuce. Not just oats but STEEL oats. Not just 1% milk but SKIMMED milk. I love bananas “but bananas are the most fattening”, cut the fat watch the sodium increase the protein more fiber less cholesterol ,and on and on and on!) Shut the F up! I’ll figure it out!

    1. Glad I spurred some more items. I love your list. I would like to adopt most of those except…”probate attorney.” ??? Boy when I don’t keep in the loop there are lots of things I miss out on. Please accept my apology for not knowing. I don’t get people calling though about selling my house; just things in the mail.

      Yes, I’m hating the IRS but not as much as the situation I continue to be in — behnd filing. Like the due date is Oct 16 after I filed that I needed an extension. And why is this? Because of the asshole woman who hit my car in 2018 and set up an awful time after that with two spinal surgeries (but the “doctors” couldn’t say “for sure” if my emergency cauda equina syndrome surgery a month later was related–of course it was related! One of the causes of it was what happened to me. But thank GOD my insurance company went ahead and paid for it. It was $500,000 just for the hospital’s fees (not all the “doctors” who want their portion). And then multiply that a second time because of a problem that arose from the first surgery. I lost about a year of my life to that “B” And that is how I am continually behind with my tax returns.

      So, I would officially like to add: People who drink, brush their teeth so the police won’t do a Breathalyzer test, and run from at a high rate of speed a left turn light that was solidly red to hit my car so hard. that it gave me a traumatic brain injury, cauda equina syndrome, the complication that came from it, a car that was paid for crushed, and ruined the pictures of Patrick’s autism school graduation because my entire body, including my face, was bruised, and I was a space cadet because of the concussion (as it was one week after that happened).

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