Dear Child (2023)

A mysterious woman’s escape from her harrowing captivity points investigators toward the dark truth behind an unsolved disappearance 13 years earlier.

My thoughts: Sets up an intriguing premise but fails in its execution.  This one demands too much of a suspension of disbelief for this viewer.


Lupin (2021 – ) Season 1

Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, gentleman thief Assane Diop sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family.

My thoughts: Sure it’s fun, but as another reviewer has effectively pointed out, it’s not that Lupin is so brilliant as it is everyone else around him is so dumb.  And that makes for less than satisfying viewing.


Guilt (2019-2023)

Second season Really enjoyed season 1, but season 2 was not for me. Disgraced lawyer Max McCall is released from prison into a world where nothing is what it seems and everyone has a hidden agenda.

My thoughts: Lacks the elegant simplicity of its first season.  Too convoluted.


Mr. Inbetween (2018-2021) Season 2

Ray Shoesmith is a father, ex-husband, boyfriend, brother and best friend, tough roles to juggle in the modern age. Especially when you’re also a criminal for hire.

My thoughts: I had some issues with the season 1 finale, but season 2 is fantastic, darkly humorous and poignant.


The Devil’s Hour (2022)

A woman who wakes up every night at exactly 3.33AM, in the middle of the so-called devil’s hour between 3AM and 4AM.

My thoughts: Great set-up and an ultimately satisfying conclusion, but the road in-between is long and ponderous.


2 thoughts on “September 28, 2023: The Crime Binge continues!

  1. Thanks for the input! I’ve enjoyed exploring the non U.S. made mysteries. I have a theory about U.K. TV. There seems to be only a handful of U.K. actors. Nearly every show has actors I recognize from Harry Potter/Downton Abbey.

  2. I haven’t watched much TV as of late. We are in the middle of the second season of Foundation on Apple TV; Star Wars: Ashoka on Disney+; trying to finish up Manifest and Orange is the New Black on Netflix; I introduced Jeff to Outlander on Starz so I’m re-watching it with him and I’m finding interesting clues that foreshadowed what was to come. Then

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