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3 thoughts on “September 23, 2023: Unusual Deaths!

  1. I don’t believe that “they carried six-guns so they could shoot their horse” story. Nope. THAT my friend is a Tall Tale.

    I’m right handed! Whew! I could use those extra 3 days. For something.

  2. Assassin bug? Yikes!

    My dad was a lefty and I never heard him complain about tools. That generation just “embraced the suck”.

    One cool story that my dad told my hubby was that his teacher made him learn the alphabet backwards AND forwards. He proceeded to recite the alphabet backwards for my hubby. The thing is my dad never told any of his kids that story or even my mom. My hubby told me years after my dad had passed away. “I thought it was common knowledge.”

    {{{Hugs}}} today!

  3. Yep, as a lefty sometimes I’m suave like Bond but then suddenly my fork will fly off my plate in a restaurant, I’ll spill my drink, I’ll flip 3 pancakes onto a plate and 1 will go behind the stove. Buttons for stuff are never on the left and I’m forever tripping over power cords.

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