The place has bee all too quiet the past few days.  I actually choked up eating roast chicken.  We need to get away for a while.

So we’ve booked our first Japan trip in five years for December and are looking to do a little more vacationing.  I put out a twitter poll yesterday –

New Orleans runs away with it.  Coincidentally, Akemi cast her vote for the Big Easy as well, eager to sample the beignets at Cafe Du Monde.  How many days do you think would be good?  I’m guessing somewhere between 3-5.  We either go in November OR early next year as we have also booked a two night trip to NYC.  We’ll be staying in Midtown.  Hit me with your Big Apple restaurant recommendations!  Also any other vacation destinations we should be considering.  Spain and Portugal are also top of the list.

At some point, we’d really like to adopt another dog or two, but it’ll be tough to do amidst all the travel, especially if we ended up adopting a special needs senior (or two) which is more than likely.

Today’s Yes/No…

Very much missing my girl

13 thoughts on “September 22, 2023: Getting Away!

  1. Hope your memories of sweet Suji will sustain both you and Akemi through these difficult times following her loss. It’s never easy to lose a fur baby.

    And best of luck on your travels. Haven’t been to New Orleans, but my sis went a few years back and very much enjoyed the food, the history, and all of the ghostly stuff. Maybe some writing inspiration there…

  2. Travel is a good thought.

    Good news here. Desired apartment at retirement community became available. We will move sometime in October.

  3. It’s going to be rough at your home without any fur babies. Trips are a great idea! Plus, Akemi hasn’t seen her family since before the plague hit. This is the perfect time with the writer’s strike still going on.

    A NOLA native told us about a breakfast place downtown. If you like large slices of ham with your homemade biscuits, try it out: Mother’s Place. Here’s the menu
    We did breakfast there and it was literally like my mom cooked it.

  4. New Orleans would be very interesting. Just watch the weather and maybe strap a knife around your ankle under your pants… New York would be EPIC but you’ll need that knife and a couple of guns hidden on your person. Akemi too. What about stopping in Hawaii on your way to or from Tokyo. No weapons needed, I don’t think. Just watch the pick-pocketers.

    I imagine it is very different without Suji. I’m sure you were consumed with her care and love you smothered her with.

  5. I’m back home from our vacation to Amelia Island, Fl. It was gorgeous but I had a bad case of sticker shock. There were restaurants charging $17 for a bowl of oatmeal!

    When we went to NOLA, we had a time getting into “the” Cafe Du Monde. The lines were out the door that day. We found a satellite Du Monde and had beignets. They were delicious! Get the hot chocolate as a side. I’m excited for you!

    Also, consider getting a few of those Apple Airtags for you luggage. Later, their effectiveness might be reduced but now they give you a bit of “insurance”.

    Well, I’ve got a ton of laundry waiting for me. Have a great weekend Everyone!

  6. If you come to NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) let me know. We would travel to see you (it’s about an 8-hour drive) if my pet sitting schedule cooperates (or with enough advanced notice I can tell people when I won’t be available)). Shirt & Tie (Paul O’Dwyer” came to Houston and really enjoyed the city. I went down to meet him. Lovely man. Houston has lots of stuff to do, and even Austin, TX which is a very quirky place to visit and that is only 3-4 hours away from us.

    Now, about New York City — I can share you a BUNCH of recommendations for food, etc. Museums, etc. And places to avoid.

    Definitely do not come to the southern states if it is hurricane season. Usually by the end of October it is safe to come here without worrying about a hurricane of major tropical storm; I’d have to look at the dates to see how many made landfall in November.

  7. Savannah, GA is a lovely short trip. Ashville, including the gardens at the Biltmore Mansion, is nice any time of year and that could be combined with Savannah. Consider an Appalachian Mountain B&B for Ashville. Make a week of it and throw in Colonial Williamsburg or even Washington, DC..As a foodie, a weekend in Chicago is another great choice. Perhaps a trip to Bulgaria to scout out shooting locations would be fun. No matter what you choose, this is a much deserved time to get away and allow your emotions to settle a bit. You need time to heal and process your loss before diving into your next pet commitment. Get out there and have some fun!

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