Holy smokes!  The Japanese are building their own Atlantis!



Zoom call this morning with Team Bulgaria about that high concept, low budget horror movie I would love to film sometime before winter 2023.  They had some questions about the script.  We discussed locations, special effects make-up, directors of photography, crew and, of course, catering and the food in Bulgaria.  It all seems very promising.  The plan if for them to turn around a bells-and-whistles version of the budget for mid next week – and, hopefully, I can take it from there.

The third issue of my horror comic was well-received.  I’m holding off on starting my next pass until all the notes are in but, so far, this has been a surprisingly smooth, fun process.  I’ve started breaking issue #4 and, once I’ve completed the fifth and final issue, here’s hoping we have our next title lined up.  They’re a great team.

With the cozy mystery pilot done (for now), I move on to my next pilot, a comedic sci-fi procedural.  I was told there’s an appetite for these.  Hopefully that will still be the case when this strike is over.

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5 thoughts on “June 16, 2023: Projects update!

  1. I was watching a show on Peacock TV called The Geography of Bliss. it is hosted by actor Rainn Wilson (The Office). He travels around the world to diifferent countries searching for what makes them happy. Bulgaria is not on the list of happy countries, but he traveled there to see why they rank rather low on the happiness list. It was interesting as he interviewed different people which often includes food or drink. I thought of your project when Mr.Wison stopped in Bulgaria. (episode 2) Just wanted to share.

  2. Oh my, that Dogen video is amazing. No idea if it’s feasible, but they did a great job on the video production. Atlantis would be a cooler name for it.

    Congrats on all your project progress!

  3. Dogen City is an interesting concept, and not unusual for Japanese futurists. As a land-constrained nation, Japan has often sought to create space for infrastructure and habitability; as an example, Kansai International Airport in Osaka Bay.

    When it comes to these floating city concepts, I am dubious. I think of 4 words that the video did not address: Cyclones, Tsunamis, Rogue Waves.

    And those concerns would be just the start.

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