A few that caught my eye this week…

Black Panther #1 – Mr. Garcin

Black Panther #1 – cover art by Rahzzah

Haunt You to the End #1 – cover art by Maika Sozo

Void Rivals #1 – cover art by Karen Darboe

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #140 – cover art by Rod Reis

Planet of the Apes #3 – cover art by Alan Quah

So, which were YOUR favorites?

4 thoughts on “June 14, 2023: Amazing Covers!

  1. I liked Void Rivals #1 – cover art by Karen Darboe. Nice!

    Did you solve the laptop problem?

    1. I was going to bring it in this morning and, when I turned it on, it had stopped scrolling.

  2. Quick question:
    My hubby would like your input, please (and Thanks). Avatar 4 has been filmed but the release will be delayed by the writers strike. He wanted to know why if the filming is completed the strike would affect the release? I “think” it’s because sometimes writers have to go back to reshoot some scenes but I don’t really know.

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