Things are settling in on the honor film front.  Spoke to my line producer and my director today.  Tomorrow, I chat with a contact in Bulgaria.  Next week, it’s a sit-down lunch to muscle through the budget and then, the week after that, it’s a lunch/dinner Tax Credit 101!

A few more Stargate behind the scene vids…

“The Last Man” sandstorm sequence…

One of my top 5 favorite Atlantis episodes.  Kudos to my former writing partner, Paul Mullie, who did most of the heavy lifting on this episode while I was working on Kindred.  The sand by the way, was not, in fact sand, but an oatmeal mix.

Halfway through the fourth act of my murder mystery pilot and hoping to have a first draft by top of next week.  Who’s a fan of mysteries and would like a sneak peek in exchange for some honest feedback?

Today’s Yes/No…


2 thoughts on “May 30, 2023: Slow Progress and Stargate vids!

  1. Well, that taco looked at first to me like a mouthful of mummified teeth, so that’s a no on that one.

    Although I still have an account on Twitter, I now seldom use it since it has become such an absolute shitshow, and those tweets/DMs only confirm my decision to leave it behind.

    Good luck on the budget convos!

  2. I very much like mysteries and would be glad to give you constructive feedback. You’re welcome to email me.

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