The U.S. Strawberry vs Canadian Strawberry Challenge!  Which is better?!

Ultimately it’s like trying to decide whether you’d prefer to be slapped in the face or kicked in the butt.

Awww. Suji is featured in the International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals 2023 Doggy Handbook!

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Have you been following my marathon spaceship quiz on twitter?  If not, head on over and play catch-up!  I have about 120 more ships to post (and these your sci-fi knowledge) before we kick off The Greats Spaceship Tournament!

Today’s Yes/No…

I like the cut of this frappuccino’s jib!

4 thoughts on “May 25, 2023: Meanwhile, on the home front!

  1. My mom has a few Amish farms in the town where she lives. Their Strawberries are fantastic! Here’s mom with two gallons of 🍓for me to take home (a few weeks ago). They were picked fresh that morning by an Amish farmer.
    It was like watching a gold rush seeing how many people came for these sweet red jewels. All the farms she frequents are out of strawberries now but she heard a rumor about one farm out in the middle of nowhere….
    Sorry, I can’t remember if I told you about the fruit but your video remined me of our berries. What does Akemi do with her strawberries? My mom freezes them in batches for strawberry shortcake. I freeze for smoothies or my strawberry lemon cake and I gave a few to my son/SIL.

    I’m waiting for the Amish corn crop next. The corn they grow in that area is so sweet, it should be considered dessert. They call that strain “Peaches and Cream”. Steamed, slathered with butter and it’s a meal.

    Thanks for the movie reviews!

    Have you seen “Fired on Mars” (HBO/Max)? It’s quirky and it’s all over the place. With that being said, I can’t stop watching. Maybe, it’s curiosity to see where they’re going 🤷‍♀️? My mouth literally dropped at the end of one episode. I didn’t see the twist coming and that’s a rare thing with TV these days.

  2. Way to go Suji!

    Do those little lemon cakes come with the Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino? If so, I’ll trade you my Frappuccino for your cakes. If not, then forget it!

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