Kicking off our Treehouse of Horror marathon discussion.  Who’s watching and what did you think?

Today’s Yum/No…

2 thoughts on “April 20, 2023: The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Marathon, I-VI!

  1. Oh, darn, Joe. Missed all but Season 2 episode. sigh. I’ll enjoy them on my schedule.

    Meanwhile, it’s raining & hailing in South Texas.

  2. I felt the Treehouse of Horrors series started a lot weaker than I remembered but improved quickly. I thought The Raven adaptation was very well done, though.

    I’m a massive fan of parody (I saw Weird Al Yankovic live in concert last month and watched the two Hot Shots! movies last week) but it needs to be smart parody, not just a recreating scenes from other movies and TV shows with different characters. And that’s what a felt about several of the episodes so far. They’re not doing anything new, they’re just taking an existing idea and replacing the characters with Simpsons characters and hoping it will be funny.

    I laughed at the bit where Homer is in Hell and being force fed an infinite number of doughnuts and still wanting more. I feel seen.

    And I remember the gremlin Twilight Zone episode vividly so enjoyed the version on a school bus.

    I loved the 3D Homer episode when it first came out. As a computer nerd with an interest in computer animation this was right up my alley! The animation looks very clunky by today’s standards but it was state of the art at the time!

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