3 thoughts on “March 26, 2023: Suji Sunday!

  1. Here, in order of the pictures:

    Adorable Cute!!
    Sweet Cute!
    Pretty Cute!
    Awwe Cute
    Nappy Cute (who sleeps like that???)
    Stealing my heart SUPER SUPER Cute!!!

  2. “The Many Moods of Suji”. Great pictures!

    I’m uncertain about the Amazon Stargate project. “Reacher” was a fun ride but “LOTR” was a hot mess. I hope they have a few legacy people involved.

    I finished “Orphan” and loved it! I was convinced she was some sort of trained assassin and didn’t see that twist coming. I ordered the sequel. Thanks for the recommendation!

    “Pearl” and “Cocaine Bear” are on my wish list. When they go on sale, I’ll grab them up.

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