So what kind of Stargate series does Amazon have in the works?

Nobody knows, but we DO have a firm sense of what Stargate fans would like to see…

Time will tell!

And a little trip down memory lane…

Rumble in the Jungle

First Impressions

Alien Outtake  (courtesy of VFX Supervisor Mark Savela)

Suji’s awesome new blanket c/o CrustyCowboy!

Today’s Yes/No…

11 thoughts on “March 25, 2023: Stargate and such!

  1. sigh
    I don’t play on Twitter any more, or I would have answered those polls. (Essentially dropped off years ago, long before King Elon got involved.)

  2. I’ll try the Baña Pudding cookies when they appear at HEB stores (no doubt they will, as a “Texas product”).

  3. Alien outtake: I STILL want to know why you named them the Ursinii.

    My alma mater:
    Ursinus .edu

  4. Disappointed Amazon not using the original team and may go into a different direction. 🙁

  5. Fair bit of nostalgia in those responses, but I can’t say I disagree with those majorities. But are there ANY current shows that have 20+ episode seasons? That’s one thing I don’t see happening at all.

    Still love that alien outtake!

    1. Alchemy of Souls has about 20 eps iand 2 seasons so far, I like that K Dramas have such long seasons but someimtes it feels like they’re padded out too to stretch the stories out.

  6. Love the new Suji Blanket. xo

    Were these from the VHS tapes you had sent off to have converted to digital?
    Awesomeness! They turned out surprisingly clear.

    Ok Here’s another fresh SG update.

    All I can say is, after seeing the awful trashing that was done to the widely beloved
    Lord Of The Rings, via not involving the original creators in the new development,
    I am not at all looking forward to what is to come, even if Amazon has managed to get a couple original cast members on board to do the occasional, brief, guest appearance as attempt to appease existing SG fans.

  7. Those Magnolia cookies are almost distracting me from the even more awesome survey, the voters got it right even tho with streaming we’re gonna get 10 eps spaced 2 years apart. I just hope it has Athosians, Satedans and the occasional mischivious Wraiths. Maybe Michael survived that fall and is now living quietly in a small town teaching English Lit and runnig a book club at the local coffee shop. Because in my head Michael now lives in that town from Gilmore Girls.

    I’m reaching the end of Ruby Dixons drakoni books, can’t resist stories about dragons, tho her Corsair Brothers books were way goofier fun.

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